Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff tells Rachel that he is NOT using the veto on her! Rachel laughs.

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1:45pm – 2pm Rachel and Jeff come out into the backyard. They talk about the new grill they got. Jeff tells Rachel that he is not using the veto on her! Rachel laughs. Adam asks who do you think is going up? Jeff says that it doesn’t even matter because someone is coming back. Rachel says that she is not going to be sad any more. Jeff says that he is convinced that who ever is going home this week will be coming back! …especially if its you Rachel! Jeff starts talking about what Julie told them about how to be careful about who you eliminate ..because someone will have a chance at coming back… Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When the live feeds come back, they are talking about the POV competition. They talk about how each of them played. Jeff says that if he had dropped it he would have smashed everything in the backyard. Adam says yeah I would have thrown my ball at the window if I had dropped mine. Rachel says that one day maybe I’ll be ambidextrous. Jeff asks WHAT?! They laugh! Adam says yeah maybe when I’m 40 I will too… They laugh.

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2pm – 2:30pm Kalia and Jordan join them out in the backyard. Kalia goes back inside. Jordan congratulates Adam on how well he did today. Rachel agrees. Rachel asks Jordan if she is going to talk to Kalia. Jordan says no ..I think I said enough yesterday …and I don’t want to say any more to make me look bad. Rachel says BLANK Dani really wants me out of this house doesn’t she. Rachel says that she didn’t do anything to her. Adam says I just think you didn’t do what she wanted you to do. Rachel says well I am not a sheep ..and I’m going to do what I want to do. They talk about how Dani was in the best position and didn’t need to do anything. Adam says that he thinks she just felt like she needed to do something. The camera switches to Kalia and Shelly inside talking about Rachel. Shelly says that Rachel has split personality disorder or something. Back out in the backyard, Rachel is saying that evicting her would be the dumbest decision ever … especially if the evicted houseguests gets to compete in the HOH. Rachel says what would you think if you were Kalia ..if you saw me come back and be able to compete for HOH and you couldn’t. Jeff says I would be like oh BLANK! Rachel says that she is going to go up and talk to her again…and warn her again… that now I am not going to be nice I am going to come back with a furry. They decide to go check out the grill. Jordan is shaving her bikini line out in the backyard. Lawon is playing the bean bag game with Rachel. Rachel is asking a ton of questions. Jeff asks what is wrong with you (Rachel) today.. you are asking a million questions …like when an alien comes to earth and asks is this a cup??

2:35pm In the kitchen Shelly and Porsche are talking about how big brother said they are not responsible for anything missing. Meanwhile Dani listens from the kitchen counter and smirks (She and Kalia hid all the stuff in the house). Rachel goes up and talks to Kalia and tells her that she has a huge opportunity to get her on her side by putting up the right person so that she will stay. Kalia asks who should I put up. Rachel says I don’t know know ..everyone comes and talks to you …you know. I’ve been told you are thinking of putting up Adam … I will go home if he goes up. Rachel says that if she goes home …she will be the one to come back… I came back last summer .. and I will again. You have an opportunity to make a deal now. Kalia says that she will think about it. Rachel says that this will be your opportunity for you to go really far … you can make a deal with Jeff and Jordan too .. I am telling you that this is your opportunity to go far. Rachel says that you have to be ready for anything… and to expect the unexpected. Rachel says that she will come back guns blazing!! ..and I am not going home again… I had an off week …brendon going home… but now I am back. Kalia says she knows… and that she has no idea what she is going to do…
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The Meow Meow

Is Rachel really that convinced she’s gonna walkout, put her bag down, and Julie says “Okay, go back inside?” I hope Dom smashes her face in if he gets voted to compete to comeback..

Rachel Is Boy George

Shes not convinced at all thats why shes trying to cut deals with Kalia, just like Jeff he was talking big and bad about how he was coming right back in the house but yet he snapped at Kalia for putting him up, neither one knows whats gonna happen, they just keep telling themselves that there coming back so they feel better about being on the block. If Rachel was convinced she wouldn’t care who gets put up against her.

Ms Jaxon

I TOTALLY agree!! 🙂


Even better it will be Cassie


I’m not sure how things are in the house right now, so I’m not sure if this would be possible with the current situation. But what if Kalia put up Jordan and got rid of her? Kalia and Dani could form an alliance with Rachel. They would show their allegiance to Rachel by keeping her in the house.
To keep Rachel – Dani, Lawon, Porsche
To keep Jordan – Jeff, Shelly, Adam?
In the case of a tie, Kalia could evict Jordan.
Jordan will float to the end and win again because she’s never perceived as a threat. And the chances of her coming back in aren’t the greatest since she’s not that great of a competitor. Also, Kalia would be splitting up the couple. So in the jury house, only 1 of them, not 2, would be voting.


Ummm, I find it highly unlikely that Dani and Kalia will team up with Rachel. They all despise each other.


We’ve had enough complaints about personal attacks on the site so from now on I’ll ban people right off the bat. If a comment comes through that is a personal attack just send me a message and i’ll IP ban them.

With everyone’s help we can get rid of the trolls.

Vote Keith


You tell em Simon, power to the people yo!



Simon, what do u mean by personal attack? like on another visitor of the site? not that I do that or anything, I was just curious

The Meow Meow

Simon, I thought you were “Vote Dom”. What happened yo?


i’m still Vote DOMx10


Vote Keith HO! At least use one of your ten votes to do it so it looks like I have friends helping me vote.

Fed up with JJ

I hope R does come back and beats whoever we pick to bring back. She has to pull it together and focus. I want her to win this but she has to stop all this craziness and get her head back in the game. Team BR. ps that is gross Jordan go in the bathroom or something.


I just cant believe how much bullying has gone on this year. CBS needs to keep the new folks with the new folks and reruns with the reruns. Notice I didn’t say all stars cuz non of this returning group was all stars with the exception of dick and dani. Jeff needs his ass kicked to bring him back to the realization that this is a game. Hope Kalia ‘s Boyfriend goes to the wrap party and puts a knot on that piece of shit


was that diected at me simon?


I hate to say this because I really don’t like Brendon, but I think I’m going to put some votes in for him. I’d LOVE to see him replace Rachel.


i think it would be quite funny if some how Rachel stayed and Brendon came back in. The entire house would be in a uproar, it would make for some great tv


ill. anyone else> rachel > needle dick.


simon, vote Keith? Too funny, team Danielle!!




You’re not really Team Keith HO! Are you? 🙁


Oh please! Kalia is just shootin shit just like everyone else. I actually think she is the smartest player in the game thus far. That’s y she nominated Jeff cause she knew bb wouldn’t let him play a veto comp for a fourth time. She needed someone that would fight and beat Rachel at the same time.


Last time I remember Julie didn’t say the next person evicted is coming back.


Julie said “be careful who you vote out , they may just come back. she did not say they will come back.


hope dom comes back


Something tells me Jordan is gonna go all the way again. She should be target #1, she won already!!!


is considered a troll. eeeep!


Perfect Simon because People are getting more personal than the players themselves.


What is with Kalia????? She is really enjoying all the attention she’s getting and now, all of a sudden she is an expert on how to play Big Brother?????
She’s a joke. She talks about how upset people are when she when they are on the block. She has no idea – not yet what it is like. She seems so needy for attention. Also, someone should tell her that Valley Girl went out decades ago. I find her the most annoying to listen to in the house. She doesn’t know anything, but thinks she does. She fancies herself the gueen bee. Doesn’t she know that when she has no power the rest of the house won’t give her the time of day. She keeps saying, that Julie didn’t say that the person returning would be back in the game. Well, she should have listened. Oh yeah, I forgot, Kalia knows everything about Big Brother. What a joke she is. I want to be watching when she is put out of the house.

I hope Rachel stays in the game. Of course, she is sad. She has no one in the house she can trust – that is on her side. That would drive anyone nuts.


I agree 100% w/ everything u just said about kalia. Dont care for her at all.


I hope Dani talks some sense into Kalia and makes her nominate Jordon. If Adam goes up, it is a darn good chance he could be voted out.

Scallywag in Canada

Well said as usual Rockstar!!


Thank you Scallywag. I try. I don’t often succeed but I try. haha


She should niminate Shelly to take away one of JJR votes which assures R goes home. I just can’t understand why everyone allows themselves to be snowed by SSS.


Vote Brendon

Scallywag in Canada

I find it very amusing and entertaining to see how whoever has the HOH can be twisted and turned by the other house guests. Kalia should not make her decision based on the speculation of what the twist is. The house guests really do not know the details, so if Kalia wants to get Rachel out she should but up Jordan and let the cards fall where they may in regards to the twist. She should give the twist little consideration in making her decision. Kalia Rachel is offering you the Kool-Aid…..don’t drink!!!!


I agree Scallywag. I would never go along with the HOH unless we were in an alliance and I agreed.


especially if the twist is a comp that requires thinking. Jordan would lose. However consider the J/J edit. I’m thinking CBS may tailor the comp for Jordan if they bounce her. I think that’s what Jeff and Rachel mean they think America is rooting for them and know that CBS is.


Wow, Jordon has become Super B*tch! When did she turn into Rachel?? And when did you get so comfy that you wouldn’t go home? Jeff gets himself off the block and you go up… there is no guarantee you don’t go home especially with that attitude. I hate Kalia but she’s playing a game and she is keeping her promise to you so far. Jeff won Veto everything is working for you. Why become the Ass that everyone else.

Midwest Fan

“………Jordan is shaving her bikini line out in the backyard.”

Why not? Don’t most women shave their bikini lines in public?
This woman is as dumb as can be ……………
She may be “sweet” dumb but dumb is the operative word. Can’t wait for her to exit the game.


Jordon likes the attention and her fans think she is sweet and innocent. Gag!


Well, for those who like’m dumb as toast she’s their girl!!


True turbo. Some guys like their women dumb and unable to engage in conversation. While there is nothing wrong with that, we need dumb girls in the world just like we need girls who strip and girls who run big companies. I’m all for it but admit what you are and own it. Stop playing games.


Was thinking almost the same thing. Who the hell shaves their bikini line outside for all the world to see? Where were you raised, in a barn?? Class act Jordan!


If you believe her hard luck story, she was raised in a back alley without 2 quarters to rub together but she still had enough money for fake tits. I would like to have a roof over my head and some grub in my belly over fake titties.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Is that her story for real? HAHAHAHA Yea all a poor women dreams of is fake titties & a life supply of cookie dough…


I would love to make that story up ILL WILL but I’m afraid it came out of her mouth on live tv.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

and Her validation for America’s Sweetheart drops even further…. Jeff and Jordan a.k.a Douche Bag & Dumb Hoochie are Production’s Sweethearts


I could take or leave Jordan, but to be fair must girls who are havenots have done that.

BB Fan 5

Exactly. She can’t take a shower and shave because its too cold. Many girls have done this in the BB house when they are have nots. If Dani were doing it you would see no problem with it. She has shorts on, it isnt even a big deal, get over it


Why does everyone on this site have to say something mean or hateful about anyone? The girl is a have not. WHich means cold showers, which means shes not going to be able to shave until she is off. Im sure shes not pulling her bathing suit down for everyone to see. Its not the most appropriate thing to do, but Id do it also if it was between that or walking around with hair growing down my leg!


Did you guys hear Shelly last night on BBAD claim that she has no idea what candied yam, sweet potato, soy sauce, beets, jalepenos (in fact all peppers), or martini onions were or what they taste like? She had no idea that jalepenos were hot. GMAB. Apparently she’s never heard of seen a Thanksgiving dinner, eaten at or been aound people talking about mexican food or chinese food. These might be the comments one would expect from Jordan but from Shelly? Come On!


I have never ever seen nor tasted a candied yam before. I only know what a yam is because I saw it on tv. I didn’t even know what grits were. We don’t eat them nor speak of them. However we do eat something called Bang Belly.


Well, what is Bang Belly?? 🙂


boiled pudding that you tie up into a bag and let it sit in the hot water for a couple hours. It sounds gross but tastes delicious.


It is understandable that not everyone knows what yams taste like, however, I’ve never met anyone that did not know that jalepenos were hot. I’ve never eaten one, yet I know they are hot.


she is a fake assed liar. I said it before is she gonna say shes never seen an egg (what’s that? dah!) or oh it says chicken of the sea, is it chicken or tuna (dah)


I think Jeff and Rachel are overrated as players. So far over the course of both seasons Jeff only won 3 comps and I’ll give Rachel credit she won 5 but the puzzle Keith and Porche threw it and J/J were the other people playing not exactly masters at puzzles. Plus Dick and Dani gave herbthe first one. They’re not strategic players either Rachel plays personal and Jeff is too ducking paranoid.


Is she doesn’t put up Jordan she is an idiot. Rachel needs 4 votes. If she can get J/J then Porsche. I think Shelly can be persuaded by J/J. I don’t think she understands the depths J/J’s hold over the spineless jelly fish. Adam would go. She needs to put up Jordan and make sure Jeff votes out Rachel then have lawon and dani vote her out and break the tie if need be.


I agree Jack. Jordon needs to go but I know she won’t if she goes up against Rachel, it would just be wise to put her there to ensure that Rachel were to leave. I don’t understand why this concept is so hard to grasp.


Porche isn’t going to vote for her to stay she already said it.

Ms Jaxon

Hey Jack,
Lets look at it this way… If Kalia were to put up Adam, she would have the votes of the people who are tired of Rachel’s pitiful attempts at attention and vote for him. Voting for Adam to stay could be LaWon, Dani, Porsha, and Shelly…Voting for him to leave would be Jeff and Jordan. Even in the highly likely scenario that the Staight Shooting liar votes with Jeff and Jordan, Kalia would have the tie breaking vote. Rachel would walk out the doors and see…PT!!! Or even worse Cassie!!! LOL This is gonna be an exciting Thursday!!
I just feel it is time to get the bullies out of the house. You can’t run a muck in the house, threaten me (on the low-low), throw temper tantrums, and then have a Pity Party and expect me to want to look at your ass another week!! Bye-Bye Rachel…looking like Boy George and Howard the Duck’s love child!!
AND FINALLY…how funny is it that she is giving Brendan video diaries when he can’t even see them right now!! HILARIOUS!!

Karen Downen

I love reading you guys who through hate this one, hate that one. If it were not for the vets this would have been the most boring year BB has had. They made it exciting and by the way not everyone in America hates Rachael an Benden. I, and a lot of my friends, like them and want to see them win. So keep througing your hate remarks and after their gone, see how exciting the show is.


Jordan doesnt even want to talk to Kalia, yet Kalia is saying “I would NEVER put up Jordan”. The fact the Jordan refuses to even speak with her should scream voulmes to Kalia. Kalia’s thinking is so off. How can she be so naive to keep someone off the block who doesnt even want to see her face. Does she really think Jordan will keep her off the block next week, or even TALK to her next week? SMH…..I hope Dani can reason with her and get her to see whats really going on.


Kalia needs Dani to rough her up a bit. Put the fear of god into her and tell her not to be so stupid.


If Rachel doesn’t walk out the door on thursday, its because Kalia’s did something really stupid. It will have nothing to do with the twist. Kalia had her head on right yesterday when she said she had to play the game that is right before her now and not what the game “could” be after the twist. Maybe Dani will Pimp slap her and get that hoe back in line.. haha


Simon, make sure you vote Keith. TEAM KEITH!!!


Oh Hell Yeah. don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel. LOL

In all seriousness, I couldn’t agree with you more.


What will make the best tv drama is if Kalia nominates Dani, cos later Dani will get rid of her as she plays this game coldly. Dani being up for eviction with Rac. :), then somehow the house realizes they have the chance to get out the strongest competitor (Dani) since Rac is a bit useless now. And CBS helps direct the votes Brendon’s way. Then the hottest battle yet: DANI vs BRENDON, omg that will be the shizzle.


For the most part, Jordan is a sweet girl but come on, she IS human! Because of her “sweet” reputation, people expect her to be perfect. It’s kind of ridiculous. She gets crap for being a floater because she’s “the sweetheart”, but when she speaks her mind or has a non sweet moment, she gets crap for that, too. Girl is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Sheesh!


same goes for Dani then correct, by your logic. However, it’s not the way it goes. Jordon lovers post over and over and over and over and if you back and see the comments a few years ago, they come out in droves screaming their love for Jordon and no one else could get a word in edgewise.

BB Fan 5

Completely agree! Ppl on here just hate her, doesn’t matter what she does.

Ms Jaxon

Me Too!!


BBX rules! I agree. I want to see them cry, feel all defeated and try and hatch a plan. The gloating drives me insane.


I just think jj are overrated…. They can’t win unless it’s handed to them….. They talk bad about people and stab people in the back too yet cry when it happens to them…. What goes around always comes back around… They shouldn’t say Dani has a black heart when they are playing just like her… They are no better and they don’t know her outside the house… I could never be a fan of hypocrites… I just want Rachel or Jordan to go home and dom to come back…. Things could get very interesting…. Nothing exciting bout watching cry babies…


really likes Priscilia!!!


Everyone thinks that once JJR are gone it will be the best season ever but this season would get old really fast w/out tension in the house I can already predict the boot order Adam, lawn, porsche, shelly with Kalia and Dani in the f2. Please Kalia evict a boring HG.


Jeff is an ass, yet thinks inaccurately that America is always in his corner
Jordan is naive (not in a good way)
Brendon is an ass (proven twice to have no social game)
Rachel is a bitch (proven twice to have no social game)
*all have let the power trip go to their head*
Adam is the superfan/armchair quarterback/backseat driver (always has a history of screwing up their own game)
Porsche happily plays the floating pawn game
Dani stays fluid so she can be the bitch or good at the social game when necessary
Kalia is annoying yet tries to play the game with whoever is in power while trying to retain previous friendships
Shelly’s game is to lie to everyone and play everyone in the hopes that she will slip through to the finals


Kalia is an idiot and a kiss up to Rachel. She seems to believe that Rachel actually has “respect” for Kalia as a fellow competitor. What a joke. She seems sooooo excited that Rachel actually talks to her now and respects her – she is totally delusional. I thought Kalia was smart and mature, but this HOH thing has really given her some power trip, and is kissing up to whatever Rachel says to her. I am totally convinced that Kalia will fall for whatever Rachel is telling her to do, and will put up whoever Rachel wants so she can be “in” with Rachel. These people are actually like high school idiots! I am on Team Dani, but Kalia is a wackadoodle and is digging her own grave. Dani has her hands full trying to talk sense into Kalia this week. Dom just has to come back, then I see a Dani/Dom vs Jeff Jordan final 4. Go TEAM Dani !!


If Kalia is smart (and this is a big ‘If”), then she would put up Jordan when Jeff uses his POV. Then, Rachel will be evicted for sure because you definitely have Jeff’s vote going to evict Rachel along with all the majority of HG’s (if not all the house). If she puts up Adam, Porsche, Shelly or Lawon – they could be wild cards since they are not huge threats and can “float” to the finals and Jeff and Jordan would vote to keep Rachel. Then there is a chance that Kalia would be needed to be the deciding vote to evict Rachel if somehow it comes to a tie. Then if Dom comes back, he will compete against Rachel and and has the best chance to eliminate Rachel in a comp and he’s in, and Rachel out for good.


Do not want DOM to come back, but would love for Cassi to come back this week. That would be fun!


LOVE Jordan and she is entitled to have a bad day, but she is such a sweetheart, but would love for Kali to put Dani up and for her to get evicted and then see the showdown between Dani and Brendon. Now that would make for some good television!!!!!!


Vegas Rachel knows a few things about odds. She knows that its heavily in her favor that she will be returning. BB is just trying to soften the blow of their rigging by giving viewers the false hope that they can effect the game. As much as I don’t like it, she will be coming back in. However, that would not stop me from booting her right now.


that whould be fun to let Barnd back in the game. that whould be so cool to do. i not like to whach that much at all. it is geting not cool at all. who do u like in this show?