Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says that she wants to just go pound Porsche in the head and knock some sense into her..

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12:40pm Adam and Brendon are talking about past seasons of big brother and about manipulators in that had good game like Dr. Will. They talk about how Dani tried to manipulate people week 3 …which was a bad move… if it had been week 6 or 7 would have been a good move. Rachel comes out and starts saying that I know no one like Porsche but I like her… Brendon stops her and says that they’re not talking about Porsche… we’re talking about Dani. Rachel and Brendon head up to the HOH room to talk to Dani. Dani doesn’t answer the door, so they head back down stairs.

1:15pm Out in the backyard, Shelly talks about how genuine and kind Jordan is to Jeff. Shelly tells him that she is an angel. Brendon joins them in the backyard. They talk about bad Rachel’s cooking is …and Brendon says that he will be doing the cooking from now on. Rachel joins them. Brendon tells Jeff that they all need to go up and talk to Dani later. Jeff says yeah I know. Rachel says yeah but the dictators sleeping all day.

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1:35pm – 2pm Kalia and Dani are talking in the HOH room. They are wondering when the have/havenot competition will be. Kalia says that she was talking to Porsche…she says that she is never wrong about people .. and she is wrong about Shelly ..she says that Porsche was telling her stuff that she has said and done. Kalia tells Dani that Porsche said that Shelly was telling people that she pulled her into the lounge room and that I said that everyone was racist. She sasy that Shelly also lied about the Dominic vote. Dani says I think she probably got things a little twisted. Dani says that she apologized to Porsche the other day about how things went and that she feels really bad about it. Shelly comes up to ask them if they want burgers or chicken on the BBQ. Shelly then asks to talk with Dani alone. Shelly asks what Dani is thinking about doing? Dani says she really isn’t sure. Shelly starts talking about Lawon and how she really wanted him out because he was lying and doing nothing. Dani asks how did it make sense to keep Rachel. Shelly says Kalia came to me and said don’t be hung out to dry, don’t vote to keep Rachel, if you don’t believe me, call Kalia up her. Dani says that Kalia told me she told you the votes were changing. Shelly says well bring Kalia up here and lets talk about it. Kalia comes up and they all start getting into it. Shelly says that she wants to make sure we are clear.. you came to the bathroom and told me the votes are changing. Shelly says make sure you don’t get hung out to dry. Kalia says no, I said the votes are changing.. let me know what you are going to do so that I could make sure Dani isn’t hung out to dry. Shelly says that she has always been honest and open with everything she has said and done. Shelly says that she really takes it personally when someone lies to her. Big Brother keeps cutting the feeds in and out.
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2pm – 2:20pm Kalia explains what was going on with having Lawon and Rachel up on the block. Shelly and Kalia are arguing about when and why Kalia and her talked about putting up Lawon. Dani says that either way it doesn’t matter .. being HOH is not about the house its about furthering your game. Dani says that she always says go with your instincts … and do what you think is best. Dani says that what she does in this house and with people. Dani talks about how she protected Adam. Shelly says that she wants to express some of her concerns. Shelly says that she doesn’t trust Porsche… and Kalia said that she is with you. Kalia says that I absolutely never said that Dani is with Porsche. Shelly says that Porsche came up here and told you guys that I have a final 3 deal with Brendon and Rachel …. and Brendon wasn’t even here any more. Shelly says that she wants to just go pound Porsche in the head and knock some sense into her.. Dani says that she is sorry if that ever made her feel uncomfortable. Shelly asks Dani how she guessed the twist? Shelly says that logic says as a business woman …why would you pay people 28 days to sit on their asses. Dani says that she told her dad day one that someone was going to be coming back …and that she even told Keith that he would have a chance to come back. Dani says that after her dad left she knew someone was coming back… and then Julie told us the twist and so I absolutely knew someone was coming back. Dani says that CBS is there to make money they get the fans to pay and vote …that way they benefit and the fans benefit. Dani then explains how she realized that Brendon or Dominic would be the ones competing to coming back. Dani says that she knew is Rachel left she would be coming back. Dani says that Brendon is a huge threat in this house.. he has probably won 80% of the challenges.. he is ridiculous. Dani says that she just used logic and figured it out. Kalia says that having a mad Rachel leave and come back is no different than the Rachel that is already here. Shelly asks Kalia to leave so that she can talk to Dani alone.

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2:25pm – 2:45pm Dani starts talking about how they have literally no control over what production does. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back, Shelly says that she has a problem with the fact that Kalia had a chance to get Rachel out talked to Shelly about it and then totally changed it. Shelly says that it is impossible to talk to you without Kalia being around or getting upset that someone wants to talk to you alone. Shelly says that Kalia is very protective of you .. and people downstairs are way more annoyed at her than you. Shelly says that she feels bad that what happened let Dani down and that Kalia had a big part in that. Shelly says that she doesn’t trust Kalia like she trusts Dani. Shelly says that you have her ..but she is playing both sides of the aisle. Shelly says that she apologizes that she felt left down. Dani says that we were here two weeks ago … and all that was for nothing .. its just hard. Shelly says that she should have listened to Dani more. Dani says that when she has feeling about something she doesn’t want to push things on people… and maybe she should have. But its big brother its not easy its hard. Shelly says that after the last nomination ceremony it bothered me that Rachel came after you and I pulled her off and asked her what she was doing… Dani talks about how it was hard knowing that she would have to work with her dad .. but at least she knew he wasn’t going to sabotage me. Shelly apologizes for yelling and says that she appreciates being able to talk things out.. They hug and Shelly leaves.

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157 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says that she wants to just go pound Porsche in the head and knock some sense into her..

      1. I would put Jeff and Brendon, that way the two girls argue over campaigning. If one goes off the block, then put up their chick. Let Shelly think she is still hustling them, stay pretend cool with her and when she least expects it, cut her. She hates being lied to but yet she has no problem telling lies to others’ faces. She can go smoke another cig, 41 years old and she looks 65, nasty lying bitch.

    1. Me too LOVE this site…the best BB site out there ~ Great work guys!!! As an avid reader your updates & efforts are very much appreciated:)

  1. Are you kidding me? That snake Shelly is overplaying her part big time. She’s getting a little too loose with too many lies. We all know Dani is not stupid enough to fall for it. If nothing else ever happens in this game, they need to all just confront her,not just for the sake of the game but because she needs an intervention. I think she believes her bs.

        1. Oh, it will. The question is, whose going to be the one to call the Snake out …. of her hole?!

          Popcorn ready & waiting!

  2. And the straight shooter just keeps on lying more and more. She will throw anyone and everyone under the bus.That woman really makes me sick. I know Dani should keep her around a bit longer and take out BR/JJ but I can’t wait to see the back of Shelly’s ass as she leaves the house. Go Team DANI!!!

    1. I hope someone tells her she has no character, and her kid should be ashamed of the way she behaved in this game…lying, and treating people like spit.

  3. Shelly makes me sick! i cant stand her. seeing her makes me wanna stop watching the show.. Straight Shooter my ass! :)

    1. I’m 100% with you. I want to see her get nominated and freak out,especially if she’s sitting next to her darling Jordan.

    1. Can you give us some insight. I had a hard time following the blog…is dani buying this bs?.. She lies about everyone. Please say that D will call her out during nominations,,,

      1. The recaps on this site is on point. she keeps feeding dani bull telling her that dani is very intelligent and how awkward and intimidated she feels with (she used the word awkward a lot) dani because kalia and pinto is always around and she can’t talk to he privately. she twist and turned everything that kalia had told her in the past. it seems like she is trying to make dani doubt kalia. dani is being nice to her and hearing her out. dani is not letting anyone know who her noms are going to be, not even kalia. she’s basically trying to make dani doubt her self in the game and doubt her alliance. i hope dani is not buying this.

    1. I agree- the Dani worshippers are in full force today trying to do Dani control. If you think Kkong is dumb than you also think dani is dumb. She could have gotten to kalia but said she didn’t care and gave up. She will b gone soon don’t worry.

  4. wow Shelly just keeps taking it up a notch, I wanna see her on the block so bad, she will go nuts for sure, great tv

  5. Ok first clue to everyone in the house ..she never wants to tlak when there is a group of people around you think dani and dunce cap dont see what she di there .. frick I hope these people truly stop falling for her bull plop .. call her out and when they do it ..make her swear on her family .. ask her if this is the example she wants to set for her daughter .. ask her if this behaviour is something she wants her bosses to see .. her clients to see .. yeah maybe Iam a bit of an ass for wanting them to call into question her character and bringing her personal life into it .. ok I admit it Iam an A$$Ho1e but you know what she needs to be called out and I think as indignant as she gets you do it in this fashion she will throw herself under the bus as she has a breakdown. ( I would last about twenty minutes in this game before pissing everyone off )

  6. shelly is a despicable human being someone should knock some sense into her like arn’t you afraid of the impression our going to leave on your daughter if she watches what your doing? I absolutely hate this bitch but you can tell what ever shes tell dani now is going in one ear and out the other. The best decision dani can make at this point is to put up jj and if one of them gets veto put striaghtshooter up as the replacement

    1. Totally agree. Put up JJ – Jeff might win POV then it’s bye bye straight shooter. But first I want it all to explode in a Ronnie/Russell style house meeting. Shelly would bust out crying and Jordan would run over and rub her back. Ok – I’m the a$$ho!e now!! LOL.

  7. Calm down everyone, Dani had her clocked from the moment she walked into HOH! She’s just humouring her ;-) GO TEAM DANI

  8. if BRJJ wasn’t still in the house I would say putting up Shelly is good idea, LMFAO @ her lying ass trying to pin her plan all on kalia

  9. I wish Danni just told Shelly straight in her face that she knows what she;s up to and that she’s trying to play the same mind games that she did to Kalia only this time Dani’s not a weak minded person who can easily be influenced by anybody.

        1. You’re right about Jordan waiting for her CBS lifeline, but she isn’t
          keeping quiet due to her pride; she is lazy.

          1. She kinda behaved the same way with Kalia. Even though she should’ve been the replacement pawn,she refused to schmooze with Kalia to avoid it. Now she’s doing the same to Dani

    1. I think she will put up Brendon and Jeff, with Rachel and Jordan as re-noms if either get off the block. I don’t care which of those four go home this week, as long as one of them does. Although — Jeff is sure easy on the eyes, lol!

    1. I don’t think it will matter who she puts up between Jordan, Jeff, Rachel, Brendon, and Shelly. If I were her, purely based on who is “strong” at competitions, I would try to get either Rachel or Brendon out.
      I think it’s so funny that Jeff is looked at as “strong”… he barely ever wins anything (both seasons included). Anyone else have any ideas why people think he’s strong? He’s strong willed and opinionated, but who’s not???

    2. I don’t think it will matter who she nominates between JJ/BR/S. If I were her, purely based on who is strongest at winning competitions, I would try to get either Rachel or Brendon out. I also think it’s funny that Jeff is always looked at as “strong”; strong-willed and opinionated, yes, but not strong at winning.

    3. Not sure of course but I like the idea of Brendon and Jeff so both Rachel and Jordan can cheer their man on during the veto,hahaha!!!

  10. Shelly is always talking about how she doesn’t trust kalia or lawon and she was asking kalia is the past about racism, I believe deep in my heart that shelly is a racist.

    1. I agree with someones previous post Dani should put up Brendan &jeff and tell them if you pull your self off for Pov I am putting up your girlfriend to replace you than see what the guys do.

      1. Brendon already told Rachel if they are both up, and he wins pov he is using it on himself. Frankly, I think Brendon and Jeff wish that both of their girlfriends were already in the jury house, that would free both of them up to play a much better game.

    2. Jeff and Brendon. In her speech she should point out that there are two true couples in the house and that’s an obvious advantage. If either take themselves off the block there partner will take their place. That will force a division between the couples and make the floaters declare.

    1. But she has a way to get people to listen to her. She i pretty good at it. I saw her do it to Kalia, and now she is working on Evil Dani. I will be surprise if she is pick to be on the block.

  11. Omg get this snake out of the house! She’s so disgusting. If I were Dani I wouldn’t have even given her the satisfaction. Don’t let her run your HOH the way she Owned Kalia’s! I wish they would call a house meeting & air her ass out.

  12. At least Shelly is making this show interesting….. Without her – each group would be keeping to their side of the house and working the game in pieces… Someone has to stir the pot!!!

  13. Once a snake, always a snake! I’m waiting for the next update on what Dani did after the snake slithered out of the HOH room. Put her finger to her head again & pulled!! If Dani falls for S’s latest BULLSHIT then I’ll be surprised. I’ll also reach into the TV and throttle her. However, I’m fairly certain D isn’t falling for anymore of S’s bullshit. Better late than never!

      1. In S’s case, one look and D would turn to leather!

        Good to see you know your Greek mythology though bro! Mom would be so proud! ;-)

  14. So Brendon comes back just to jump right back into his ‘father to Rachel’ role.

    What the hell at him feeling the need to redirect her back to the conversation. “No ones talking about Porsche”, “BITCH, I AM”. Rachel needs to find someone better.

    Everyone this season disgusts me. Dom and Dani being the only ones excluded.

    Ok, and maybe Rachel [I’vebeenexposedtothevirusandnowtheresnohelp]

    1. Shelly can be taken care of later, she can’t when comps. Dani is on to her. She needs to get rid of a big threat. Put of Jeff/Jordan or Jeff/Brendon.

      Either way she can 100% get rid one of JJBR. They can’t do anything about it. Even though Brenda says they control the votes. IT DOESN’T MATTER! She can send one of you four home, PERIOD!

      1. Controlling the vote means that they can choose which of them will go but only 1 will. Of course Dani is going to put up 2 “enemies”.

    2. Yeah, they should start cuing in George Micheal’s song Father Figure when he does that . I think a girl like Rachel makes Brendon feel good.He can “handle” her and feel like a big man. I seriously think there is some type of complex going on with him. I wonder if he had a good relationship with his father himself. Because on the surface he seems to have more going for him than he acts. Maybe I’m wrong and they are the picture of normalcy outside the house. But I doubt it. They seem to be obsessed with each other and not in a good way. They are nauseating to watch together. Apart from Rachel he’s seem okay and reasonable at times.

  15. Seems to me like Shelly just told another big bunch of lies. She can’t even keep up with her lies. I could have sworn Shelly said that Porsche said something about a Final 3 with JJ not BR. I’m glad everyone knows she’s full of shit now. Now they should make some interesting TV and call her out in front of everybody.

    And have BR talked to Dani yet?

      1. What is the point of calling anyone out? It seems to me that you play nice with everyone so that when the tide turns, you don’t have a bunch of people that hate you for calling them out. You can still not trust people without making it a big issue.

    1. I don’t think JJ is legit. Jeff is still in ‘backdoor paranoia’.

      He’s never gonna let what she did go and he’s never gonna not think she’s trying to backdoor him. Big Jeff trust no one.

      I could see BR really working with her though, if she were to turn them against JJ first, but look how well that worked out last time…

  16. I think she’s attempting to do the EXACT SAME THING she did with KaDumbass the Hutt….trying to convince Dani that it’s actually in her best interest to nominate the two people in her alliance. The thing is, Dani isn’t stupid. She saw right through it the minute her lips started moving (that’s how she knew she was lying, lol).

    Personally, I think Dani should throw Je and Jo on the block, and if one of them happens to win and remove themselves, replace them with Shelly. That way one of the three would go home (preferably Jeff). Unless, of course, what I read earlier was correct, in that the winner of the POV also gets to pick the replacement nominee. That would suck, and prove further that the game’s rigged.


  17. funny thing that the face of a “catchers mit” (Shelly) is saying others have done nothing this year. What the hell has she done except ride coat tails.

  18. Someone asked the question who should Dani put up?

    I agree with whoever said, Jeff or Brenden.
    Because Shelly is going to talk stuff about one of them….probably Brenden….and that will expose her to BR.

    Best scenario. Brenden or Jeff win veto…..then Shelly is put up. Then we will all see the sparks for real.

    I still like the idea of Shelly and Jordan being up. I want to see if Shelly will turn on Jordan and then it ALL comes out.

    This all leads to the fact that the BB house is not that big, but yet in such a small space where everyone can hear each others conversations for the most part; Shelly seems to be able to fool them all. I like it when people play the game to win….but it is time for her to get exposed. When she is exposed….we gonna see a lot of tears….get ready.

  19. dani is really scare of jeff she won’t even consider putting him up when she wasn’t hoh he was a target now that she is hoh he’s not on her radar

    1. If she is scared of him. Why not try to take him out? She know Jeff is gunning for her, no matter what.

    2. The JJ fans that voted in Brenda, could actually have screwed JJ. If DKP joins up with BR temporarily, then JJ is done.

    3. I disagree.
      Dani is not afraid of Jeff. lol
      She is more concerned with Brendon because he can actually WIN
      competitions. However, IMO, she is willing to form a temporary alliance with
      Brendon and Rachel to get Jeff and Jordan evicted. Sure hope I’m right.

  20. shelly is disgusting. if Dani belives here , dani deserves the dunce cap.
    and how is shelly going to ask someone ( especially a person of color) if they have ever been discriminated against?.oubviously they have at leastonce in their life and then states that the person thinks everyone is racist,,
    either shelly is stupid or shes stupid
    shes also stupid and possibly racist.

  21. @ Brandy, I agree. They called Kahlia out. They even called Dom out.

    It is now time to openly call out Shelly.

    If they do this, then it will make up for all the airtime that I gotta watch BR kiss and hug and talk goo goo to each other. Blah!

    If Shelly is a strong player, then she will be able to strategically maneuver around being called out OPENLY. As much as people hate Kahlia, when they called her out…she handled her business and still stuck with Dani…….although she later screwed it up with her HOH decisions.

    I vote to call out Shelly! If she got mad BB skills, she will be able to handle it.

  22. Dani should put up Jeff & Brendon, then if one of them gets taken off put up Jordan or Rachel. A win-win that one of a pair will leave. Regardless of which side you’re on, it’s smart to break up alliances…within the JJBR alliance they each have their partners back.

    Also, Shelly drives me nuts but she is working what “game” she has, she sucks at comps but is obviously great at playing mind games with people.

  23. I’m really starting to think Dani should team up with BR. I don’t see how Dani is going to get through with Kalia and Porsche. I just can’t see them pulling their weight in this alliance. I think BR are having the same difficulty with JJ. So, I think they (BR & Dani) really should call a truce and work together and get the rest of these people out. It just makes the most sense. I don’t see how Dani is thinking about this. She has to be thinking about how she will get through the next few weeks. She may not make without BR.

    1. Agree!!!!

      Dani should put up Jeff and Shelly. If one wins POV put up Jordan. Send jordan home( before she coasts through the end on jeffs coattails again). Hopefully Shelly will have been exposed to the rest of the house and she would be the number one target after all is said and done.

  24. Kalia is such a punk. She’s letting that snake Shelly wipe the floor with her in this argument. She doesn’t own up to any of her lies!

    1. Shelly has a mental problem for sure this just proves it. She has been discovered but she never owns up to anything. She actually believes she’s blameless and has been nothing but a paragon of virtue.

  25. Shelly seriously acts like she has a crush on Jordan. Or maybe she’s just starstruck. Jordan isn’t evil but she also isn’t an angel. But I think Shelly either has hearts or stars in her eyes for her. I could see Shelly living a lie in real life for the sake of her image or liking both men and women without maybe acting on it. Shelly is so deceptive it’s almost comedic. I hope it bites her in the ass while she’s in the house. Clock is ticking I guess for that to happen.

  26. Friday Night Fireworks may happen – get the beer and popcorn ready.

    Lying Snake Shelley vs Kalia
    Lying Snake Shelley vs Porsche

    1. And the snake slithers away again, unscathed. She outwitted both Kalia and Porsche with her wounded,innocent mother routine. I’m questioning the intellect of both Kalia and Porsche more and more.

  27. How is shelly despicable or evil or sickening? It’s a game, a game where EVERYONE LIES. Quit being so hard for Dani and her stupid “team” Just watch the show people!

    1. She’s despicable, sickening and evil because she used her status of mother to lie her way through the house. To me, that’s almost no different from those mothers in some parts of the world, sell their daughters for prostitution. I’d have had no problems with her saying I’m a SSS because I’m a CEO, I’m a refugee, I’m a whatever-you-want but not the mother “I miss my daughter so much” card. That makes her repugnant. Just my 2 cents!

  28. Why does everyone think Jeff is a “strong” player???? He barely wins anything!!! Brendon and Rachel would be my targets purely based on their ability to win competitions. C’mon, Jeff is not strong competitively. I don’t get it. I can see breaking up couples, but then break up BR, because again, they actually can win things…

  29. Shelly wants to “punch Porshe in the head”, yeah, I said that bitch was gonna turn nasty. Dani get an alliance with BR, put up Jordan and Shelly. It would be fantastic to watch Shelly throw Jordan under the bus.One gets get POV, backdoor Jeff. I think BR know deep down that they cant win against JJ, I think Rachel is savvy enough to want to get JJ out now.

  30. Here’s what Dani needs to do:

    1) Nominate Jeff & Brendon.
    2) If either of them wins the Veto, throw Rachel on the block.
    3) If Rachel wins POV and takes Brendon off, throw Shelly’s ass on the block against Jeff.

    Since Shelly’s been up JJ’s ass all game, it’ll be great to see Jeff and Shelly campaign against each other. And when this happens Shelly’s game is gonna be completely exposed, and evicted unanimously.

  31. I don’t see HOW Dani can make ANY move other than putting up Brenchel–in her mind–wrong move though. Any other move alienates her REAL alliance, Kalueless and Pacer. Putting up Jeff and Jordan makes good sense too, but she will not. She COULD agree to this sheet that’s on the feeds right now with Rachel and Brendon–make it believeable py putting up one (Brendan)–let him win POV–he prolly will–then backdoor Rachel or Jeff.

    She cannot put both up at the same time. That would be dumb IMO. She dwindles her options at that point. It’s gotta be one or the other. She puts up just one and either that goes home OR the other via a backdoor–that would be smart and leave a hole open (proilly)– for anyone (maybe Shelley) if Dani feels as though that “other” person is a bigger threat. She needs to keep her option plentiful and she needs to NOT tell Kalia what she’s really thinking. That girl CANNOT keep her mouth shut..

    Also, keep in mind, that JJBRSA HAVE the votes. Dani can only nominate. She has NO control over who goes home–NONE. She can only nominate. This HOH will make or break Dani. She’s not going to win HOH again in the next two weeks–I truly believe that. A newbie will win next week or the week after and either J or J wins the other HOH of the two. She NEEDS to make the right move here–for HER game ONLY–not her alliance.

    Loving it.

    If Shelley is not sent home this week, she is going to final three IMO. If she does NOT get called out this week, she will never be. Her lies are OUT THERE FOR SURE. So why not call her on the carpet.

    BTW–I still stand behind Jordan and Shelly making it to final three. Dani will not. I really think Rachel or Brendon makes it too but not so sure about that one. Shelly makes it through this weel–she’s in IMO.

    1. I think it’s smart to put a couple up together. Otherwise, you have the potential for the non-block part of the couple to win POV and then remove his/her partner, therefore saving them both. So if she really wants BR or JJ, she needs to put BR up together or JJ up together. That way she’s guaranteed one of them gets the boot. But if it doesn’t matter to her between them who goes home, then it doesn’t matter who she nominates… ultimately the BRJJSA team will decide who goes home.

  32. I actually like the idea of Jordan & Shelly on the block together, but still the pairs need to split up. As for Jordan “riding Jeff’s coattails” seriously? They both haven’t dominated anything except the ability to whine, bully and delude SA into believing that they are nothing without them.
    Dani joining up with BR is not gonna happen. Once they get a little power the disgusting arrogance will be back with a vengeance.

  33. The problem is Shelly can get info from Kalia and Porsche because neither is real smart. They have already said (after getting burned last week) that Shelly will go where the power is – but who had power last week? One or the other will spill Team Dani’s plans because they will be convinced Shelly is now on their side. If Dani makes it to the end, she deserves it by having to align herself with such idiots who can’t keep their mouths shut.

    1. posted it earlier. was laughed at and was told D cant trust them. BUT its her best if not only shot to get to the money! make it daniele.

    2. I hope so but, why are they not pitching jeff and jordan. That would definitely let Dani know they are serious. She originally wanted to work with them.

  34. Idk why, but I’m liking this proposal of a secret BRD alliance. If you can’t beat them, join them. Dani needs to get rid of either JJ or SA.

    1. I have said this a few times on here- but I’m not a fan of anyone in the house. But I do like the idea of a BRD alliance. They seem to be the only ones actually playing the competitions to win. For whatever reason, Jeff and Jordan are getting on my nerves this season. I hope next season they have a much better cast. Kalia drives me insane talking so much about absolutely nothing.

  35. Why do I get the feeling if Shelly tries to pull some shit confontation with Porshe that she will not win? After all, Porshe was the first one to be onto Shelly, so she’s no dummy folks. I also have “gut feelings” about people, and I dont think I’d want to tangle with Porshe (or Dani). I hope Dani nominates Shelly and Jordan. I wouldnt call Shelly out as being a liar, I’d just say “It’s your turn”, and then tell Jordan what a threat she is to her game, afterall she’s a BB champion! If one of them gets POV, put up Jeff and backdoor his stupid ass. I can’t stand Brendon, but I absolutely hate Jeff’s bully ass. Adam or Shelly can be a twofer next week. Here’s hoping! GO DANI!

  36. I like Shelly b/c she helpin JJ wouldnt mind seeing B/R up thats the whole reason I voted B. Also Shelly has been upfront with JJ sayin g she was the trojan horse going to the other side finding inf. She is a straight shooter but maybe just to JJ lol!

  37. So much hate going on! Really Shelly is a despicable human being for trying to win the game? Come on. This is for money FOR her daughter and her family. She is playing a sound game so far. I love the keyboard warriors attacking Shelly. It’s quite funny. You all must be extremely perfect people if your so upset because she LIED. WHat a horrible person!

  38. OOOh_Fukn_Kay! I am not happy with the outcome. How the hell did Dani pull that off?…has she made nominations yet? or is BB still trying to figure out what to do next?

  39. These girls, DK are plain dumb! They still believe SSS!!! some lessons I learned from BB:

    – I f you keep repeating to ppl that you don’t lie, they will never see you as a liar even when it’s blatant

    – If your gut tells you someone’s a liar, go for it! Doesn’t matter how offended the person seems! You’ll apologize later if you are wrong. In the meantime, make the person crap her pants!

    Why are they afraid of her? She isn’t their mom for crying out loud. Jeff had no qualms making SSS cry. Call her out on her shit and move on!

  40. I think you’re totally right. I have watched BB from the beginning and everyone lies in it. This is probably her strategy to get further in the game. As far as, JJ goes I don’t think they are useless. I happen to be a big fan. They have each won competition and it’s only the beginning of week 6. What about P, A, S, PT, Cassie and Keith. The first 3 are still in the game and haven’t won a thing.

  41. Wh.y is she telling Mouth O Mighty about her plan to backdoor Jeff. Have we learned nothing. Loose lips sink ships and Kalia could sink the entire Spanish armada

  42. Please somebody call Shelly’s man looking ass out on all her LIES (true lying is part of the game) but she is taking it too far she is really getting on my nerves!! Adam doesn’t know which side he wants to be on he has 1 lip glued to J&J’s ass & 1 lip glued to B&R’s ass he’s getting just as bad as Shelly last night after Dani won HOH both lips were glued to her ass for a few minutes then he realized she wasn’t buying anything he was saying these 2 are freaking annoying as hell & too dumb to realize B&R & J&J are only using them, If Dani was smart she would put the best competitors up which is B&R she needs to take Brendan out now because if she doesn’t he will steam roll to the end & Rachael is a beast @ comps as long as Brendan is in the game, J&J are ass holes this season I’m sure Big Jeff won’t get Americas’s favorite player this yr ( but then again Brendan got voted back in so it wouldn’t surprise me if he did) Jordan will probably be gone soon who the hell would give her another $500,00 or $50,000 for doing nothing like she did in her season, these people better watch out for Porshe she’s come pretty close to winning HOH 2 wks in a row, Kalia talks to damn much be quiet sometimes she talks a mile a minute!!! GO TEAM DANI!!!!

  43. It better not be Nominations taking place now….if JJ didn’t get a chance to talk to Dani, how’s that fair to them? Dani’s plan is to nominate SA and backdoor Jeff….that is a bunch of BS…..if she does that, I hope that BR go back on their word and get that f’ing scheletor outa there next week!!!!!

      1. I didn’t see that he chose not to go….I read that Brendon said the all need to talk to Dani in HOH and Jeff said “I know” Did I miss something?

  44. I’m not sure I understand everyone’s thinking about Dani allying herself with Brenchel. NO. ONE. LEARNS. ANYTHING. ON. THIS. SHOW.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Rachel tell all of America that she would tell anyone whatever they want to hear? Right and now it’s okay for ANYONE to trust her? Seriously?

    I agree with someone above who said no one on this show is worth liking (or something like that) and IMHO not one single one of these assholes deserve to win any money at all. They’re all liars….I know….”welcome to BB”. (I’m a total newbie, only two seasons under my belt….can ya tell?)

    The next thing you know we will be watching the Brenchel show all over again….oops, we already ARE! One of them will probably get HOH next week and I’m seriously thinking it’s not worth my time anymore. GAG GAG GAG….and the Brenchel wedding show….Oh I just can’t WAIT for that. Sunday can’t get her fast enough for me. Probably be my last time to watch. LOL I hear that this show really used to be worth watching. Maybe I’ll rent me some older seasons. Oh well…

  45. come on now if you get rid of shelly you still have to look at kalarda and planet of the apes extra dani…they all need to go …one is as worse as the other!

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