Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says its pointless to be in an alliance with Jeff & Jordan ..they’re useless!

11am Shelly and Jordan continue to talk about their personal lives on the backyard lounger. Brendon, Adam and Rachel are working out and talk about Brendon’s experience outside of the house. At 11:10am Big Brother lets the houseguests back inside the house. All of the houseguests but Jeff head inside. Adam check the storage room and tells them that they restocked it. Then he goes back out into the yard for another smoke. Shelly comes out side. She complains that Rachel won’t be doing any more cleaning now that she has her toy back ..

11:20am In the candy room.. Kalia is telling Porsche how Rachel said earlier that she was just laying watching Brendon sleep. Kalia says Barf! Kalia says I am happy for her …that he is back for you ..but seriously … she worships him! Kalia says and the fact that he cheated on her twice … thats BLANK! Kalia keeps going off about how annoying Rachel has been. Kalia says that she seriously wants to punch Shelly. Kalia says that I can tell she is a good person but she used some serious conversations that we had to use me. Porsche tells Kalia about how Shelly had told her that Kalia was throwing around the racism card. Kalia sits in silence with her mouth wide open… then says are you serious ..why didn’t you tell me earlier?! Porsche says because I forgot till now ..sorry. Kalia says what a complete jerk .. that’s so rude. Porsche says that she heard her and Shelly talking and her asking questions about being black …and then after she totally turned it around saying you were pulling the racism card.

11:40am Meanwhile, Brendon and Rachel are on the hammock talking about the nominations. Rachel wonders what nominations Big Brother wants. Brendon thinks they (Production) want drama same thing as the fans. Brendon explains that they need to talk to Daniele and explain that Daniele is the biggest target in this game and that we (brenchel) will win Head of Household next week and we will keep you safe. Rachel says we just have to tell her that she can’t nominate us or back door us. Rachel says that we can say that I am less of a target this week …because I haven’t been winning lately ..I’ve been off my game. Rachel says that we will says that certain people are saying things. Brendon says that we won’t mention any names. Rachel says that we will say we will have a deal for 3 weeks …and after the double eviction we will talk again. Brendon and Rachel both agree that it would be great to work with Dani. Rachel says that its pointless to be in an alliance with Jeff and Jordan ..they are useless! Brendon tells her to be quiet. Rachel says that Jeff and Jordan don’t win anything and even last week I was a bigger target than Jeff. Rachel says that if Brendon hadn’t come back into the house .. Shelly, Adam, Jeff and Jordan would have nominated her. Rachel starts talking about how Shelly never wanted to talk to her and that she would leave the room if she came in. Brendon and Rachel leave the hammock and go to sit on the couch with Jeff and Shelly. Jeff heads inside.

11:40am – 12pm Rachel, Brendon and Shelly talk about what the others have been doing since Brendon has been gone. Shelly asks Rachel if they had told Jordan that they have a final 3 deal. Rachel and Brendon both say no. Shelly says that Porsche came up to Kalia and told her that Shelly, Rachel and Brendon have a final 3 deal. Shelly and Rachel talk about how Dani was telling Shelly not to comfort Rachel when she was crying. Brendon asks really?! They talk about past competitions. Brendon says that he is glad they were busting their balls.

Brendon says that they can put who ever they want up …but we control the votes and decide who stays. Brendon says that I still can’t believe that Kalia put up Lawon. Shelly talks about how she was the one campaigning to keep Rachel. Shelly says that they kept telling Lawon was the pawn and he didn’t even get a pity vote. Brendon says that the good thing that Dani is can’t win HOH next week. Brendon says that he is happy that they all made it to the jury house now. They wonder if they will have a have/havenot. Jeff says maybe it will be a night one.. they can do whatever they want. Brendon asks Rachel if she has still been working out… because 100% the next HOH is going to be physical. Brendon talks about how no one has found the chess pieces yet… Brendon says that it was definitely Dani trying to BLANK with people… they are the ones staying up late.

12:20pm Adam, Rachel and Brendon are talking about the POC competition where Rachel kicked Shelly’s ball. Brendon asks so you really kicked her ball? Rachel explains that she tapped it lightly over to Shelly’s lane so that she wouldn’t trip on it.

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182 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says its pointless to be in an alliance with Jeff & Jordan ..they’re useless!

    1. Oh, Simon, I have to go out for awhile but I had to stop first and let you know that I will pick up a bottle and join you later! Luv ya!

    2. Simon, between this, the word floater, and the Dani bashing. I’m going to get alcohol poisoning!
      BUT YAYAYAYAAYAY @ BR slowly startign to turn on JJ.

      See ya BIG JEFF.

      1. Don’t forget to drink when someone says they quit watching! You might want to see if you can get on the liver transplant list now.

    3. Its fixed unless you work for CBS/BB or have some inside information. You or I think it was you predicted Brendon being voted in winning and getting back in the house, Dani winning HOH, and now the makings of a BR and JJ split! Who are your sources?

    4. Well we straight shooters (not even including Shelly in this at all!) know when we see rigged and we call it out appropriately…lol BTW, all Reality Shows are rigged to some degree. Pretty much all of TV for that matter. No show can let things happen naturally because that unknown factor could be ruinous!

    5. It is funny, every one claims it is rigged because Brendass was voted back in. But it is not rigged when Dani when win HoH. Doh! *drinks twice* * burps*

      1. its also rigged making B face L in an athletic competition. could of been a quiz or endurance. wonder why it was an athletic comp. btw veto is so gonna be a big brother zoo so whoever is on the block will win it.

        1. In fairness, it didn’t matter what the contest was (unless it was a dance off) Lawon wouldn’t win. He just was not cut out for BB competitions.

  1. You made a mistake. Rachel didnt say that if Jeff, Jordan, Shelly or Adam won HOH they would have nominated her. She said that if anyone other then Jeff or Jordan won HOH they would have nominated her even Shelly or Adam.

    1. Everyone in the house lied at some point hell even sweetie pie Jordan told a huge lie on Rachel she told her to her face that she had “prefect” skin. I was horrified on how wrong she was. I was still laughing though.

      1. Worth seeing Dani’s after Rachel left her room last night. Should be a portrait. Oh and the game is rigged. Tip head back. Dani has HOH and Rachel has HOB.

      2. Exactly! Everyone in the house is lying, though some more than others. S is the worst, but simply because she lies the most, and then, in the same breath, professes to be on some high moral ground, and occasionally even mentions wanting to set a good example for her daughter. I can feel it coming though; someone is going to call her out for all the lying she’s done and I just hope I get a front row seat for that one! Everyone’s already on to her, except perhaps JJ, who wavered in the trust in her but seem to think she “really” just wants to help these two make it to the finals and win, which makes JJ morons if they truly believe that & S the lying, leather face snake we know her to be.

        1. I agree with everything you said, except they need to tread lightly with that snake Shelly, since every votes counts for these fragile alliances. Granted time and time again she has done dirty work on behalf of the dummy duo of JJ. But if they (JJ) alienate her affections, she could easily exact revenge by going with team Dani. Which is the only way I’d even consider saying something nice about her.

  2. I can’t stand Kalia or Shelly. I will jump for joy when they both get evicted. UGH!!! I am hoping Adam will will start to get smart and go to Team Dani<3

    1. You and me both, Kathy. They are ruining this season – Kalia is as dumb as a box of rocks and Shelly uses her daughter and “honesty” to lie and screw with everybody’s weaknesses. I hope Dani hooks up with R & B (never thought I’d say that) and makes a final 3 deal.

      Go team Dani!

  3. -yes dani won hoh : ); but what was the hoh comp, trivia?
    -Also jj romance is soo fake their trying to play it up now i bet production on them about it they seem more like brother/sister but if it getting you money why not…
    -and I do think that brendon coming back and getting more than a million votes is fishy but I think production screwed themselves cause they were hoping to get br together to help jj but in reality this just ruined jjs and production game completely (not that I mind) because dkp will probably make a deal with br to keep them save and gun after jjs for the next two weeks

    -all in all the straightshooter/jejo alliance is screwed and after jejo is split shelly is screwed cause no one will work with her except adam. Br position in the game is hopefull if they make a deal with dkp and suprisingly porsche is the best position in the house.

      1. hmm I dunno really it just seems like that on the show this season I dont really follow them outside the show so I wouldn’t know, but I do think that production tells them to play it up for the viewers

        1. i didn’t know jeff lived in LA till yesterday…lololol i couldn’t stop laughing bc that explains it, he is NO DOUBT sleeping with a different girl every night and NO FRIGGIN DOUBT he has another girl….this explains it, are they kidding…and jeff is talking about having a family…for the love of God please let this woman rethink the decision to have children

        2. Jordan said in the beginning you won’t see her and Jeff have sex or hang all over each other. Out of respect for their family. I give her props for that. Could you imagine J&J being like B&R. Ick! BB would have to change their name to BB soft porn. It is bad enough we have to watch Brendon and Rachel. Just Sayin!!!

          1. Hi Kat, Iam the other Kat ( Tx) We dont always agree but sometimes we right now..I agree. I bet some people think we are bipolar. Sometimes we disagree clear across the board with our statements, and sometimes we seem to agree right on.

  4. I want to choke Ratchel, now that B is back she wants to hate on JJ, does she not remember who babysat her last week and along with Shelly kept her in the game? Ratchel needs to go and I hope Dani goes after her with a vengeance. JJ to the end!!!!

  5. One an unrelated note. Are any of you surprised that Ragan and Rachel are now friends? I swear I could not have seen that.

  6. JJ seem to be laying low this week. DKP seem to be complaining about and/or criticizing BR and Shelly right now. Let’s hope it stays that way and JJ get through another week and finally win an HOH.

    1. You know I love you, too, Rocky. I don’t know why we seem to be missing each other this season. I always look to see if you have commented. I’ll be back on tonight. Want to have a girls night out?

    1. Dani and Kali took the chess pieces and a bunch of other stuff that is missing.
      It was part of their “Kalia DUH hut” reign as hoh.
      Stupid is as stupid does!

  7. This week’s twist: Whoever wins POV can use it and name the replacement. Making sure that B/R/J/J are safe for another week. This show is rigged, isn’t it?

    1. whoever came up with that idea should be shot in the face 100 with a paintball …dumbest twist ever, the twist should be whoever wins POV can nominate one of the producers for bringing back Brenchel before All-Stars, evict them form the show.


      1. I can do you one better. Since they came back AGAIN and AGAIN, no All-Stars Season for them. We’ve had enough of B/R to last a lifetime.

  8. Rachell you dumb ass bitch if it weren’t for JJSA your ugly ass would of had to face off aginst that dumb ass boyfriend of yours and then we would have to listen to another hour of your whinning. Go back to LV and do what you do so well and it isn’t serving drinks, no cocktail waitress makes as much money as you were claiming you had to be selling something else and lets just say it left a snail trail

    1. really rich? I mean I dont like the throwing stones. Im sure you are quite the looker, but its really rude to constantly say mean things about ones looks.

  9. I think I’m on my period because I’m really emotional today.. This BB website is AMAZING. Thank you to simon and Dawg for being wicked guys who allow us all to come here and go nuts. Thanks to all those who have fun with me, those I consider friends, those I want to strangle and even the Jeff and Jordon fans. I love this place so much. It is my guilty pleasure every year. Please donate and keep ‘er going.. You can use paypal, credit card, you can even contact the guys and send a money order or cash through the mail. Every little cent helps pay for the server and domain crap..

    1. very very well said .. and you know i have never made a donation but have used this site for two years ( this year also first year i joined the conversations ) so tonight when i get off work I belive i will make that donation .. and challenge all of ya who love this site to do the same ..

      SKOL team dani

    2. ROCKSTAR, I am a frequent donor and will be donating sometime next week. I’ve even donated when BB season was well over.

  10. Marking today on the calendar, I am about to agree with something that Rachel says. JJ are worthless. It’s a crazy season, when two I pitied last year and didn’t like this year are starting to look good compared to two I really liked on BB 11. Go Team Dani. But I won’t lie, as long as someone beside Jeff, Jordan or Shelly wins, I will be OK with it. Even Kalia over those 3, yeah, I said it.

        1. Don’t worry ifcomplaindntwatch about those 5-6 moronic Dani fans/JJ haters,everytime they touch one of thier keys,it’s something dumb and ignorant…all they do is talk BLANK and at the end of the season,they do nothing but cry thier lil eyes out and claim it was all rigged.seen it for 3 yrs now from these BLANK. It’s only rigged when it’s against thier fav player,never rigged for them.I seriously think thier the same person and just like to stir BLANK up here.Watch them flip when Dani get’s sent home,thier like the floaters of this sight,though they cry wolf every other week about how their gonna quit watching the show,they never do.I mean c’mon these guys liked the Brigade,who had a member that actually said when his wife is in the shower,he opens it up and pee’s on her or when she’s on the toilet,he makes her spread her legs so he can piss too.Now you see why every yr they like the most disgusting,caniving,back stabbers in the game.They remind them of theirselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. BBXposed – agree as well, except ……. with your BR “are starting to look good” comment! Hell bro, I know we weren’t separated from birth twins, like BB4ME & I are but, shit, after reading and texting back and forth this season I thought I knew ya. My illusion of you is shattered! ;-)

      I don’t care who BR are compared to, they will NEVER look good! Their codependent, over-the-top relationship is back in the house, and therefore, on my TV and, it’s looking anything but good! Anyone checked their sheets yet ????? Yikes!

      Dude, don’t get carried away like that again. Shit, you’re freaking me out!

      1. Looking good might have been a poor choice of words. But the point I was trying to make was, that JJ’s actions this year has me liking them less than Brenchel. Somehow Brenchel, at this at this moment in time, is the lesser of two evils. Is that better?

        1. Seriously? BR now are the same BR who sobbed in each others arms, had sex in the house and then practically bragged about it to their fellow house guests (let’s not forget their sheets, which their HGs had to double wash – ugh!), said things like, “I can’t live without you, you’re my world, I love you, no I love you more, you should leave me (R to B) as America hates me (true!), which is why I can’t get a job (true!) and I’m going to ruin your life (mutual destruction!)”, etc, etc, etc…… All this as well as their gloating when they win competitions, sulking, bullying and threatening when they don’t win competitions or get nominated………….. Need I go on?!!

          JJ are not the JJ from season 11, that many of us knew and loved but, they PALE in comparison to BR. The sooner BR are gone, the less I’ll feel the need to drink! ;-)

      2. I ignored the ‘BR looking good part’ my mind just can’t even comprehend that possibility. They only look good to me when they are off camera, no where to be seen or heard.

  11. I can’t believe how ungreatful Rachel is after Jeff, Jordan and Shelly all had her back and worked to make sure she had the votes to stay, in spite of Rachel telling Brendon she was saved because she was such a big bad target, the fact remains, JJ&S worked to ensure the votes were there to save her ungreatful ass. How quick she forgets whining, crying, moaning, having one pity party after another, and getting pep talks from Jeff and Jordan, and then telling Brendon how mean Jeff was to her, too damn bad, he was trying to wake her up and keep her from self destructing, Jordan spent hours, literally hours letting Rachel cry on her shoulder, and already Rachel is planning on stabbing them in the back. What a disgusting human being Rachel is, as much as I ddetest Dani, I hope she turns down any deal with Brenchel, and makes this week a living hell for them both, because I am sure Brendon is believing every tib bit Rachel is spoon feeding him.

    1. Are you really surprised by her self-centeredness? She’s been this way since forever. Nothing is ever good enough for Rachel unless she’s the shot caller.

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think if there hadn’t been a twist last week JJ woulda made a deal with Dani last week to vote Rachel out.

    3. Your name calling is extremely rude… you do not know these people!! Comments such as yours need to be censored!

      This is a blog about a reality show, treat it as such! Your not in a bar with your buddies…

    4. Anonymous, I believe what you’ve just experienced is called……………………….. an epiphany!!!! Well done my child! ;-)

      Now, as a team Dani fan, I’ll ignore your “I detest Dani” comment, and say that her “making this week a living hell for them both” is something we agree upon! Cheers!

    5. I completely agree with you. I admit, I’m a total J&J fan….have been since the beginning. I don’t think they are the best BB players ever, but I think they’re generally nice people and I like to see decent people win sometimes.
      Rachel is a nutball. She is arrogant and nasty when she is in power and a whiny, needy pain in the ass when she’s in trouble. She begs for pity and sympathy and she gets it. Then her beloved Brendan comes back and she’s back to being an arrogant brat.
      She was also the one who was entertaining the idea of abandoning her alliance with J&J VERY early on in the season.
      I realize the game is to get to the end, but it would be nice to see someone be even remotely loyal to another person. I think J&J are the only ones who show any consistent loyalty. They would NEVER backdoor B or R.
      Unfortunately, I think J&J need them to get further in the game.

  12. May I just say… Yay for Brenchel!
    Now, after this, since they are members of the jury house, I will see them until the show ends! :)
    If they talk very well with dani, they can stay one week more.
    Maybe it’s shelly or jeff who goes home.
    Porsche and Adam = super floaters

    1. Sorry to break this to ya but Porsche has actually aligned herself and has come in second the last Cpl comps. No floater status on her anymore. Didn’t like her up until turning on the power cpls. Go team dani

  13. Rachel is right. Jeff and Jordan are useless. I’m still sick of the lovefest and Shelly has gotten off way too easily. They need to mess with her. Get inside her decayed skull just for kicks since we know she can’t win anything.

  14. this is why no one likes rachel, so JJ are useless?? regardless if you like them or not, they sat around all week to baby sit her plastic butt, she is one of the ugliest people to ever play bb, she is the one that is useless and stupid…

  15. God shelly if your so sick and tired of Rachel then why didnt you evict her? Umm you had the chance didnt you? Shes a dumbass. She talks the most shit out of everyone here(or close to the most), shes really two-faced as well. So much for being a mother, older, and more mature and classy lol. I understand that everyone talks shit, but own up to it shelly instead of bullshitting and lieing about that you never lie.

  16. It would benefit Dani more if she stuck with JJ. She can beat them easily in competitions. Dani should take Jordan to finals, who would vote to give her the $$ again except Jeff?

  17. OMG! Why every time I go to watch the feeds Adam has his mouth surgically attached to Brendon ass. I expected this from Rachel, but not Adam. She should be jealous and going off on by now. I hope Adam knows what he’s doing talking all this crap about Dani.

    And who told Adam that he’s with BRJJ? Didn’t he turn on them? I don’t think DK bashing and voting with them 1 time constitutes him to be apart of the BRJJ.

  18. I knew it wouldn’t be long but geez, Rachel is such an ungrateful woman. JJSA worked their butts off to keep Rachel safe and calm all last week and now she is telling Brendon how useless they are.

    1. From a game perspective, JJ are useless if you think about it. I normally don’t agree at all with anything coming out of Rach’s mouth but how many comps have JJ won combined? Two. That’s how much Dani won by playing individually. In the JJBR alliance, BR are carrying JJ mostly.

  19. How can you all say JJ are worthless. Establishing relationships, communicating with people, having emotions, and being a little humble (Jordan Only) takes you longer on this game then winning a few games and putting a target on yourself. Haven’t you all learned anything? Why do you think JJ went far last time? Why do you think JJ are on other show? Why do you think they aren’t being targeted. There is more than life than being a black widow. Sure, that takes courage .. but its blind courage that ultimately gets you out. Hear my words, JJ will go farther then Dani. I know you are all in love with this ‘robot’ but she will not go far.. in this game or life.

  20. I really think what is overlooked in dani’s stupidity, and kalia’s…is just how far it went

    they brought brenden to jury

    they handed brenden lawon

    and now, when dani loses by a vote…this one move will come back to end her game vs most likely a jordan

  21. Would it be good strategy to put Brendon and Jeff up, force the split and make them campaign against each other. That seems like the best route to go. The second one of them starts campaigning, I bet we would see some good fights and arguments.

  22. I think that Dani will reshuffle and I hope she forms a solid alliance with BR. She should put up JJ and if Jeff wins POV send Shelly home. The only way it will be successfull is if she can truly convince them that she will vote KP out before them and be in a solid final 3 alliance. If they trusted her they would do it. On a side note – Rachel needs some serious co-dependent therapy. She works my last nerve but I feel so bad for her.

  23. the amount of shit shelly talks about porsche tries to throw her under the bus is insane. I think shelly realizes that porsche is in the best position right now and just wants to turn everyone against her. Also shelly said she would be pissed if porsche made it to the final two and won money; I would rather have dull hg that hardly gets any airtime win some money than a two faced liar whose probably the most dishonest person in bb history and arguably reality tv. Man I hate shelly so much whats even more infuriating is the striaghtshooter comments shes throws in when shes talking (lying) to people. I dont know why it took the hgs this long to figure out her game and thats one of the reasons I really hate it that dick left because he would have called her out on it in the second week and made her life hell in the house.

  24. It is interesting how Brendan moves back in and Rachel already is throwing JJ under the bus! It seems like just a mintue ago she was telling Brendan how they really helped her through her ‘cry-solation’ (as Regan put it) and really supported her…oh well, now that Dani is HOH alltheir plans are F.U.B.A.R. now anyway…

    If I were RBJJ I would go to DAni and say if you want to pick each one of us off that’s fine, but we are 4 fours that you won’t have in the Jury House…

    That might shake her, she’s all about the Jury Votes..

  25. Poor Dani! She’s an amazing player, but her team is sad… when you have a plate of shit the best you’re going to get from it is a shit pie.

  26. If Dani decides to target Jeff and Jordan, then she is doing a Kalia. Brendon and Rachel are stronger players and they will surely go after her if they win HOH.

  27. “Rachel says its pointless to be in an alliance with Jeff & Jordan ..they’re useless!”

    It’s starting already now just put up Jeff and Brendon and watch the fireworks.

  28. rachel is an ungrateful bitch! After everything that her alliance did for her last week she is bitching about them. I was almost a Rachel fan but the bitch is back.

  29. Jeff was tied with Kevin in season 11 for total competition wins, and he is currently tied with Jordan for all-time wins if you combine both seasons (POV’s and HOH’s only). He’s not useless but he is very, very, very, very, very overrated.

    1. We have to distinguish between Jeff BB11 from Jeff BB 13. Jeff BB11 was undoubtedly the best comp player in the house. Jeff BB 13 is a one hit wonder. Combined JJ are equal to Dani this season and Dani is playing individually.

  30. I just signed onto to live feeds for the first time, and now I see what people are saying about Khalia always eating. Damn! Does the woman ever stop? All I hear is CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH, BLAH BLAH BLAH, CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH! Damn it is ANNOYING!

  31. Five of us in the room watching. No one believing that Brendon would be “America’s Vote” to return. It hit me during the commercial break before Julie announced who won. It was an epiphany from on high. Of course Bren would return. Bad pennies are always popping up on BB! Ratings!! When I mentioned I was sure Bren would come back, everyone thought I was goofing on them. A few bets were made. A few minutes later I had an extra 40 bucks in my pocket. We all think BB is rigged now. Production tipped their hand and we saw the cards. Shame on you CBS!! Too coincidental and I stopped believing in coincidences at least 10 years ago. I am no longer a fan of BB. I will leave this show for those that still hold out that reality TV is real.

    1. Realfan I hate to break it to ya but it was not rigged myself and million others voted for brendon I spent 100 dollars in text to vote for brendon 100 times for a total of 300 votes all together. I renewed my live feeds when Brendon returned!!

  32. Rachel is Jeff really useless he won the POV and took himself off when you couldn’t. All you did was have temper tantrums and FAIL! Hope your boy toy goes back out this week – priceless.

  33. I can’t believe how so many ppl in here are as emotional as Racheal. Calling folks out of there names. Granted BR get on my nerves and production giving them more air time but they’re aware it’s going to agitate ppl which equals ratings. Kalia and Lawon were a disappointment to me. Selling out your own but not surprising. I didn’t remember Jeff’s mouth being that foul in his last season but he definitely has a filthy mouth that gets on my nerves as well. Jordan whins so much that she should use that energy to win a comp. LOL Dani it is what it is she’s a good manipulator but alittle to cooky. She thinks in the moment and what will happen afterwards. Shelly is just mad(crying) because her game plan has backfired and she could shoot herself in the foot for campaingning to keep Rachael. Porsche is weak and everyone can use her in anyway they want. She just a shield until whoever will become the final 4. In actual hindsight it really doesn’t matter which of the remaining houseguest win becuz whoever cbs it’s going to be. You know they give them pieces to the puzzle when they are in the DR and it’s up to you to put the puzzle together. The world is about control and that’s how most ppl roll being controled by someone. Whether it’s at your job, household, government, friendship, family and etc.

  34. This would be pointless and just create a much larger target on her back.

    If she said this to me, my response would be: “Ok. You know what sucks? You can’t play for HOH next week. And do you really think that fat slob Kalia the Hut is going to win another HOH? No. You can only evict one of us this week, so enjoy that. And at the same time, enjoy knowing you’ll be on the block next week no matter who wins HOH.”

    1. But here is the thing .. sure it puts a target on her back .. but hell she already has a huge target on her back .. what this does is it make them have to think of tyhe other as the enemy and we have all seen that the two hotheads will go full out temper tantrum war mode ..essentially ending the partnership and splittng the other allies votes as they have to pick a side ..

      1. Just putting them up next to each other will pit them against each other. Giving them a stupid ultimatum like that would give them reason to NOT turn on each other.

        If Dani was smart, she’d put them both up against each other and then make a deal/alliance with one of the couples. This way she wouldn’t have as many people coming after her next week. Threatening BOTH couples would be the stupidest thing she could do, because it would give the two couples a common ground to rally behind again after the eviction this week.

  35. If you think about JJ are useless I realized Dani has won more comps by herself over the course of two years than JJ combined.

    JJ-4 HOHs and 2 POVs
    Dani-4 HOHs and 5 POVs

  36. Wow some of you guys in here are to funny. Matter of fact some of you are just as emotional disturb as Rachael. Tell me this why is it if you don’t like someone why do you have to call them out of their names. Secondly you really don’t know these folks personally. Third it amazes me that women of all ppl down there own gender but get offended if someone would call you that. We all know Racheal is insecure and Brandon really doesn’t know what he’s getting into by marrying her. It will get old so I give them 3 years of marriage after they spend the cbs allowance and the two will not be together. Porsche and Dani will get alot of hits because of them devulging to much of there personal life on BBAD. Guys will feel they are a easy fish to catch to get in there pants and drop them like a hot potatoe. LOL Adam to be 40yrs old he surely hasn’t used his rt brain to play the game. Now he’s trying to play suck up. Wow Poor Lawon no words for him he just should have kept is floboyant mouth shut. He set bait and got bit. lmbo Dani needs to put in check but really they all have cocky attitudes including the sweet Jordan as ppl say.

  37. Sorry if this has already been addressed, but does anyone know who the friend is that Danielle was mentioning last night? She was complaining that there was no picture of her in the HOH room. I believe the name was “Envall” or something like that. I only care if it’s another BB HG from seasons past.

  38. I think its a myth how good Ratchel is at competitions when Brendon left all she did was LOSE and she LOST HOH yesterday, the B/R need to go up thing is way overrated, shes not that good at comps.

  39. Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. Personally, I think she should put up Je and Jo, and if by chance one of them wins POV, put up Shelly. Either way, one of the three will leave.

  40. if Im dani, I make a deal with B and r, simply because they =one jury vote, whoever of the two doesnt make it final 2, will vote for the other…thats IT…maybe big jeff would toss a vote if it was vs dani or kalia….but they are who you take to final 3 because they simply cant win it all, or at least top 5. keep them around for that reason…you will eventually piss them off, might as well be later when you have one of them next to you for the jury vote

  41. I’m surprised one of the other netorks NBC ABC FOX haven’t copied this show yet. they all copy each networks shows. Last night was the final “fixing” with Brenda winning Americas vote {ya right} Come on other networks you would get alot of fed up BB viewers to switch channels

  42. I was a huge JJ fan in their last season. But they clearly have let their ego’s get out of control. “Big Jeff” needs a taste of reality. Rachel is right. JJ are…for the most part useless this season. Those who say that Rachel is ungrateful for JJ helping her last week are forgetting that JJ only did it to further their own game. Their goal was to keep a bigger target around. They we’re using her!
    I’m not a huge fan of anyone this season. I’m hoping that someone has been secretly living in a closet somewhere in the house, and will emerge and dominate. Come on out….who ever you are.

  43. Slightly off topic, does anyone else who has watched Dick at Night find it funny that Dick has “frilly” room decor behind him? lol

  44. How is Rachel ungrateful? JJ were using her. They had a final 4 deal with Shelly and Adam. They wanted to get rid of her after Dani.

    Besides, JJ made a deal with Dani 2 weeks ago and nobody was bashing them because of that.

    1. Exactly no Rachel fan but they said as soon as they got rid of Dani Rachels next. The only problem is they can’t win shit.

  45. All the unofficial BB blog polls showed Brendon as the winner – Team Dani had more people vote for them, but their votes got divided between Cassi and Dom. I doubt Lawon would have won any comp against Brendon but I think that comp was geared for Brendon. I honestly think BB thought it would be Rachel vs Brendon – but then Lawon volunteers to be evicted – not just a pawn. Even CBS didn’t see that one coming.

    I said a couple weeks ago I would like to see BR join forces with Dani and go all the way. Who could stop them? I want to see Big Jeff and the southern dumb-belle throw some major hissy fits that even CBS can’t edit to make them look like the golden couple.

  46. k missed her chance, she should have put up jordon. break up the eSTABlished couples. she should know, based on BB history, she is toast anyway.

  47. I don’t think that Kalia realizes how many viewers can’t stand her constant blabbing and eating. Totally annoying person.

  48. Oh, Shelly Shelly Shelly. You’re shoving everyone under the bus to make yourself look like a saint. If anyone believes you, they’re the fools.

  49. Shelly: “I’m very honest, I don’t lie. So when someone lies to me, I take it very personally.”

    Seriously bitch??

  50. Can anyone clear this up for me. Is Brendan…..Rachels “love of her life” “soulmate” “prince charming” the same Brendan that cheated on her

    1. sadly yes he was, this is how pathetically needy Rachel is, she would never ever find a man who is such a pussy as Brenda is

  51. JJ is NOT useless. The are worth two votes and two jury votes. BTW, I know they won 2 comps together, but that is still 2/11 of the comps so far. Thats about 20% of the comps they have won, so I disagree that they are useless. Not only that, so far they really didn’t need to win comps, since they have a good social game that puts them in an extremely good position. Rachel is the useless one. I know she can win comps, but look at how pathetic she was in the last couple of comps. Buzzing and saying the wrong answer against PORSCHE, not able to control herself when doing th rolling ball comp, etc. She CANNOT COMPETE UNDER PRESSURE. SHE HAS A MINDSET where WINNING IS the ONLY important thing. If her social game had been decent from the beginning she wouldnt need to win everything. JJ is not useless, in fact, they survived longer then BR did(before the twist) b/c there SOCIAL GAME IS FAR SUPERIOR. BR wants to turn on JJ? go ahead, I doubt dani will truce with BR. She will backstab th mofoin crap out of Brendon and Rachel will explode like a fireball. Jordan wont be there to console her. GO CRYBERNATE RACHEL. I was feelin bad for you, but your ingratefullness will destroy you!

  52. I am soooo not down with Team Bacon, mostly due to him being in cahoots with Shellyn..and his blatant disregard for the fact that Dani pushed for him to win POV when he and Dom wason the block cuz she knew for a fact they was tryna get him out initially…and noooow he acts as if is so “down” with the vets…in a way, I almost wish Kalia had put Adam on the block and if they decided still to get rid of the “pawn” it would have been him instead of Lawon

  53. Me and a couple of buddies going to have a few drinks tonight .. thinking I would like to Introduce them to OBB and the live feedds drinking game .. I have seen many rules but is there anyone out there witha comprehensive list of the rules …. the reason I chose this game tonight is because last week we played the jersey shore drinking game *hangs head in shame *

    1. Jeff needs to be backdoored. He wants it, we all know he does, so I say, let’s give him what he wants. I’m so kindhearted!

  54. Dani should put up Shelly against Jeff or Jordan. If Jeff win veto, then put up Jordan. If Jordan win veto then put up Jeff. If Shelly win veto (highly unlikely); then put up one of the power houses either one of JJ or BR or better yet….put up Adam….and sit back and watch how they stab each other in the back to get votes (cuz SA are supposed to be with JJ). I like how Shelly’s manuervers her game coming ahead without winning NOTHING…she has a certain mental skill to play this game….it is true …..but ……Putting up Shelly is a MUST. Just do it. I want to see how Shelly manuervers her mental skills while on the block next to sweetie pie Jordan who Shelly confesses to love till the end. What will JJ think when they see Shelly sneaking in and out of the HOH room trying to influence Dani. Will the house be team Jordan or team Shelly? Dani, Just Do it! Putting Shelly up will shake up the game for real. If Dani puts up BR….then that is going to force those two to kiss and hug all the more while they comfort each other….and I will really throw up. Please put up Shelly and Jordan….that will make stuff pop in that house which is slowly getting BORING!

    They can take out Kahlia the next round. K. began to disturb me when she started caring what JJ thinks. JJ made her so nervous….mabye that is why she is eating so much….emotional eater. Most players lose lots of weight in the BB House. I think K. is the first player who is actually gaining weight in BB history. Who cares what JJ thinks? Play to win. If you lose, at least you know you played hard.

  55. Yep. Brenden and Jeff on the block is a strong move for Dani. I agree with that chose.

    I still want to see Shelly squirm. I just want to see how she would talk her way out of it (w/out making any enemies).

    How about back door Shelly instead of Rachael?

    Although Dani seems to struggle a bit without her dad, the show would be boring without her. Without Dani, there is no real heart in this game. All the power in the house would definitely shift to one side and no one in the house would have the heart or courage to fight it. At least Dani has courage.

  56. WHOOHOOO !! SO GLAD BE Brendon is back . No matter the outcome this week the power will shift and next week is Dani Birthday what an awesome time for her to be on the block and a very happy birthday by getting the boot!! looking forward to next week

  57. Wow! Why are so many people against JJ? Ya know, if there were better newbies in there I might have others to root for, but with the given picture JJ are the better ones. Rachel will win and use her 500,000 on bigger boobs and booze. That’s who I want to have the money. Come on, give it to someone who deserves it and needs it. Rachel can compete, but there are too many other factors.

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