Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says that she doesn’t think Lawon is smart enough to figure out how to fly under the radar.. *Updated*

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12:15am – 12:35pm Jeff wakes up and joins them in the backyard. Kalia heads back inside to take a nap. After she leaves Shelly mentions that Kalia is really trying to make an effort to be out there with them all the time. Jeff says ..her raign is almost over. Rachel says that she is super confused …about whats going on… she says that Kalia told her that she has the votes to keep Lawon. Shelly says that Lawon is tight with Adam. Rachel says that she hasn’t talked to Lawon for more than five minutes this whole game. Shelly says that she is either over thinking it or she is right. Jeff says yeah you never know. Jeff heads inside. Rachel says that Kalia told me that it all depends on what we talk about today. Shelly tells her to just go with it …just nod your head ..shut up and agree. Shelly tells Rachel that they will make you swear on Brendon. Rachel says I can’t. Shelly tells Rachel that they have her back. Shelly says just do whatever you have to do …and then break it after this week. Rachel says that she can’t swear on Brendon. Shelly says well then say its against your religion. Shelly says just say it in a way that you are not lying say that you won’t up them up … and then say next week when you put them up that you never said you wouldn’t nominate them. Rachel says that maybe I will just tell them they are not her targets. Shelly says that she hopes she isn’t wrong about Lawon .. how can he come into the game and do nothing if he isn’t part of a twist. Rachel says it happens all the time. Rachel names off a bunch of past BB players that got through the game not doing anything. Shelly says that she doesn’t think Lawon is smart enough to figure out how to fly under the radar. They talk about how Porsche is a way bigger threat. Rachel tells Shelly about her conversation with Porsche the other day. Jeff and Lawon join them in the backyard.

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12:40pm – 1:20pm Big Brother tells the houseguests they are on an out door lock down. Lawon, Jeff and Shelly are the only ones in the backyard at the moment. Shelly and Jeff talk about how Porsche keeps watching them and then running up stairs. Shelly talks about how Lawon lays in the hammock that way so that he can watch them in the mirror. Jeff asks why ..who cares?! All the houseguests slowly head out into the backyard. Porsche and Dani take their sweet time going out into the backyard. Porsche comes out with a bowl of cereal. Porsche tells Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Rachell that she isn’t going to sit with them because they’re on slop and she is eating. Porsche goes to sit by Kalia and Dani. After she leaves Shelly says to the others …no you’re going to sit with them to kiss their asses. Jeff laughs. Kalia and Dani talk over by the pool. Kalia tells Dani that she had a conversation with Rachel earlier. Kalia tells Dani that she had told her about needin to talk with her with Dani present …and that Rachel seemed afraid to have the conversation. Dani says that she just wants to push Rachel out the door! Dani says that she doesn’t want to talk to Rachel up there with everyone knowing that they are talking. Kalia says ..thats why I wanted to talk to her this morning. Dani says that there’s no rush to talk to her. Kalia says …well you said you wanted to talk to her soon. Dani says oh my god! have a bad attitude today!

1:25pm – 1:35pm The lock down is now over. Dani and Porsche are in the bathroom. Dani is eating cereal and Porsche is putting lemmon in her hair to try and make it lighter. Dani tells Porsche that she can see her nipple. Porsche smirks and fixes her bikini. Meanwhile out in the backyard Shelly is quizzing Jordan on life and business decisions. Shelly asks what Jordan’s 3 year, 5 year and 10 year plan is in terms of a career and earning money. Jordan says whoa .. this is an adult question. Shelly says well you are an adult.

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1:35pm – 1:45pm Lawon, Dani and Porsche go and lay out to suntan in the backyard.. Dani tells Lawon that he better be nice today. Lawon says that he is nice tony the tiger tuesday! Lawon says that he is very sexually frustrated …and that he is having very vivid dreams. Lawon gets up and leaves and Dani asks Porsche if Lawon is going to go J-off in the bathroom now.

2pm – 2:30pm Jeff, Jordan, Adam and Lawon are in the kitchen to making lunch and talking about random stuff. Porsche and Dani are laying out by the pool talking. Dani mentions not wanting to be in the jury house on her 25th birthday that will be in eleven days. Shelly, Dani, Porsche and Rachel are all sun tanning talking about the actors they have crushes on. Meanwhile inside the house, Adam, Jordan and Lawon are talking about how big Adam used to be and how he lost all the weight. All the houseguests are talking about random things .. no game talk..

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151 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says that she doesn’t think Lawon is smart enough to figure out how to fly under the radar.. *Updated*

    1. She’s managed to convince people that she’s a woman, when all signs point to “man” – so I think she can pull off anything at this point.

    2. She’s managed to do it twice already. Once with the house meeting and once by crying to JJ after the have not comp. Even she knows she won’t be able to juggle everyone for too much longer. I just hope when she is busted for not shooting straight, we see fireworks instead another fizzle.

  1. Why does Dani play the game SOO personally? She plays more personally than Rachel Reilly. Is that possible? Kalia plays less personally than Dani.

    Dani’s only mission was to make “power moves.” She said in her first confessional that she wanted to evict Dick. Dick beat her too it. Then she wanted off on Big Jeff, then Brendon and Rachel. Wow. Power player Dani. Now she has no alliances. Go Dani go.

    1. I think Kalia doesn’t play as personally bc she’s one of those types of people that desperately wants to be liked and to fit in. I don’t think it matters how much they disrespect her and talk crap about her, all she wants is to be in Jordan’s good graces so she allows it. There’s nothing commendable about that. You can be cordial to people for strategic purposes but to bend over backwards to kiss ass to people who have treated you like shit is sad and pathetic. But I get the impression Kalia has done this all her life. So oh well.

    2. she wants to prove to the world that she is as smart and powerful as her dad was. She has an agenda but she has already screwed up. Go Rachel Go. by the way Shelly has run this years BB from the very beginning and will propably win.

      1. Thank you for replying. :) What is the deal with Dani and Annie? And why does Annie say she likes Rachel? I don’t believe that all of these people like Rachel in real life.

      2. I agree with Shelly running the house. I have read so much about her career and how succesesfull she is. Shelly brought her business stragedy in the BB house and this young kids don’t know what’s going on. If she could only win on HOH to prove herself worthy.

        I would like to see Shelly & Adam final two.

        But bring brendon back, we want DRAMA, We wannt the best players to battle it at the end!!! GO BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Someone please expose shelly for the river rat she is! It’s getting real obnoxious. And if dani is voted out I’m no longer watching

      Drink anytime someone threatens that “IF _______ GETS VOTED OUT, I WILL STOP WATCHING!”

      1. When I was part of the Drinking Game last year, it was when someone said they weren’t watching anymore=drink. You can get pretty drunk that way.

      2. WTF! No need to come up with games to warrant taking a drink. Hell, watching these morans interact is reason enough. I’ve been drunk ever since BR entered the house on day 1. How the hell do ya think I get through this season of BB and all the inane characters and their asinine behaviour.

  3. Simon, why do I keep getting a message about slowing down with comments? I see tons of others whose comments are showing up only a couple of minutes apart.
    Re recent developments: Kalia goes down in BB history as a blindsided HOH! The only hope she and Dani have to salvage the situation is if Dom comes back in. Shelly needs to be outed. Someone send a plane overhead!

  4. Kalia wants Jordan to be her friend so badly. Dani should make an alliance with her. Then they gave a secret girl alliance like Kalia wants. And it will be some girl alliance like Kalia wants. Then Dani can get back in the game.

  5. Why is it that Dani constantly stirs up things then backs away when she gets included in it, like talking to Rachel. She’s a user and scaredy cat!

    1. ikr. dani changed her mind and didn’t tell kalia. kalia is doing exactly what dani told her they needed to do and because kalia told dani she was doing what dani said, dani tells kalia she has a bad attitude. dani is entirely too full of herself. she thinks her opinion is the only one that matter and that her people should just fly by with her whims and better never dare to tell her different even if she originally said it herself. and didn’t kalia put up lawon so she could show people she wasn’t dani’s puppet? but then she tells rachel like 4 times i wanna talk but not without dani just reinforces that she is. kalia is gonna let dani put her out like she did with dom. i think kalia could have a chance to work some deals IF she would worry about herself. she seems way more concerned with keeping dani there even if it costs her her own game. she has only known this girl a little over a month and this girl has only been nice to her for about 2 weeks. seems kalia is desperate for a friend. she seems to have forgotten dani already tried to backstab her own alliance, then when it didn’t work flipped on them to be alligned with dom, got him booted(even if she didn’t mean it) and only then became kalia’s bff. and everyone seems to have forgotten this isn’t summer camp, it’s a game where only one person can win and there is 500,000 reasons for dani to turn her back on kalia as soon as it benefits her. and even though dani is playing kalia’s bff, she’s always being mean and saying catty comments to her. rachel had it right when she said that ain’t the kind of friend i’d want. i totally agree

    1. And how they could care less about that fact. Part of me would love to see Jordan win HoH and put kalia up so that she can finally see how little worth trying to gain their regard is in this game

    2. What’s even more sad is people bullying, intimidating and threatening people to make others do what you want them to do. Jeff threatened to kill Kalia and Dani (behind their back this year instead of to their faces like he did with Russell and Michelle on his season). Is that the right tactic to use in the social game of BB? History says no.

      1. Whats more sad, the fact that certain ppl are being bullies, or that those being bullied are allowing it? Sorry folks but its survival of the fittest and DK is sinking fast and by their own doing. Everyone is jumping down Shelly’s back but right now she is playing a GREAT social game. If Dani and Shelly switched places nobody would be bitching and whinning about it. THIS IS A GAME, wtf would you rather she lay around and do nothing? Truth is, is its creating great drama and entertainment and everyones just PISSED its not Dani doing it. Get over it! Dani is an idiot. She will NOT win this game playing the way she is.

      2. I agree. Dani is a big bully. Team JJ can’t be intimidated tho. Next week dani or meatball K go. Jeff will win pov again. Dani shouldn’t threaten to beat up rachel. You’re right. JJ will split the money.

      3. Amen! Dani is a snake. She’s so vindictive. She openly breaks people down and then says ha ha just kidding. Her insults are veiled by her self proclaimed wit and sarcasm. What a joke?!! And how she bitches and whines about everyone else is insane. Every does it but she takes it to a whole new level…her attacks are so personal. Wow…the arrogance and hypocrisy is beyond bounds. She’s nothing but an insecure little girl who will ALWAYS be in Dick’s shadow. Not to mention her voice is like a rat getting raped. Please evict her now.

        AND dunzio is not a word. You didn’t go to Hogwarts…stop making shit up.

  6. my question when it comes to shelly is as simple as this:

    we have a woman who cries about her daughter in the DR(so its not an act in that regard), we have a woman who lies to no end during the game(im fine with that, its the game, you do what you have to do, much like russel hantz in survivor, its a freaking game, you are out for yourself to win money for YOU. its not a game of life) you also have a woman who seems to believe shes a straight shooter

    so the real question is: Does shelly know shes playing everyone, does shelly know shes a bit of a hypocrit in regards to what she says about honor etc, or is shelly just playing the game smart?

    I guess in other words, is she doing this on accident, or calculated w/ remorse, or calculated without remorse

    1. I think she parses the meaning of “honor” for the context of this game. Ultimately, she can defensibly lie, undermine, manipulate while simultaneously build people up, counsel them, and clean up for them without any contradiction because “it’s a game.” Saying you’re a straight shooter while shooting un-straight is OK too.

    1. Just curious why that’s a shame? I don’t have one but haven’t heard anything like a ‘tra?p stamp’? Lol
      Team JJ or Team Bacon (with a beard!)

  7. I am sick of Dani’s attitude. She is never just happy, the only time she laughs is when she is making fun of people and she only hangs out with the same 3 people at a time and then doesn’t talk to anyone else.

    1. She’s always up someone’s ass or mocking someone like a bitch. I rooted for her at the beginning, but that was residual admiration for ED

    2. Thats part of her down fall. She wines, cries and acts a spoiled only child brat UNLESS she is in control.
      Peterbilt is getting to
      big for her clothes, its dum funny. Kalia gonna have to give her some soon.

  8. Im really confused, from what im reading, Rachel IS going home?..

    In tiebreaker, kalia is evicting her? or no.

    1. That is correct.

      Votes to keep Rachel: Jordan, Jeff, Porsche
      Votes to keep Lawon: Dani, Adam, Shelli
      Tiebreak: buh bye rachel

      Kalia is the best hoh ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. No. IT will be either 6-0 to evict LaWon or 4-2 to evict LaWon right now. Dani and Porsche will vote to keep rachel if she will make a deal. Shelly and Adam are voting with Jeff and Jordan no matter what.

      2. But a lot of people are saying Rachel is safe (which i wanted), but im so confused, because stupid Shelly is f’ing unpredictable, and same with Adam. And I thought Kalia said on after dark “if there’s a tie-breaker, i need to vote to keep rachel, otherwise if she comes back, and wins HOH, she’ll target us”?

        Really confusing

        I thought:

        Jordan, Jeff, Shelly, Adam vote to keep rachel

        Dani, Porsche vote to evict rachel.

        1. Kalia doesn’t realize Adam and Shelly are really with Jeff and Jordan (keeping Rachel)…She thinks only she and Dani can save Rachel..thus buy her loyalty…but they are so dead wrong….

        1. Shelly, Adam, Jeff, Jordan Definitely keeping rachel.
          Dani, Porsche are questionable right now.

          Shelly pulled a fast one on Kalia…and that side of the house may pay the price

          1. If you are so smart then what is the question? Why on earth would Porsche vote to keep Rachel? She said she hates Rachel Reilly

  9. It is pathetic!! The thing thatn kills me the most is when Shelly tells the NOM “dude go out there and fight for yourself, go talk to the HOH!” but really Shelly already knows where the votes are. So she knows who leaving she has to rub it in a little bit more!

    1. What are you talking about? It’s hilarious. The amount of insane B.S. the “straight shooter” is firing down range is hilariously entertaining.

      Cannot understand people that say “Oh I like Dani because she’s the ‘good guy’, she’s playing fair and she’s not emotional and her daddy left her and oh all these meanies are such bullies.” So nauseating, go watch a Disney cartoon.

      She won’t but if Shelly gets away with all these lies then kudos to her. Oh I hate her because she lied to Cassi and that’s just not fair in this game, she’s two faced, Cassi looked at her like a mother and trusted her, she has a responsibility… Are people serious with this stuff?

      1. I know it kills me in laughing too, but it is poring salt on an open sore! But shelly is not name calling or stealing.

  10. I swear BB needs to do a ‘Vote-A-Fan’ into the house, if only for 15 mins. I’d choke the hell out of Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly. I wish somebody would wake up and get hip to her game!

  11. First of all………………….why is Lawon laying out by the pool…..tanning ? Does he really need a tan ? Why is Porsche so freakin’ dense ? Why is Dani
    such a bitch ? How is Adam or Shelly still there ? They do nothin……have won nothing…….and seem to be useless…….although….I do like them both !

      1. lol i thought rach had a puzzle face, you know just connect all the dots tihey form an answer to the puzzle. LOL

  12. I can’t say it enough but shelHE has to go. she constantly talks shit outta her mouth. her ass must be jealous of her mouth cause of all the shit that comes outta it. ( and pubic hairs) :)

    1. OMG. I laughed so hard at your post…. I literally LOLed and am tearing up.

      I used to hate ShelHE for all the BS lies she says to everyone in the house but I’m starting to think it’s a great strategy in the game.

  13. I can’t stand it when Dani makes snide comments to people when they say something she doesn’t like. Like telling Kalia she is in a bad mood etc. Gets on my nerves she is just as bad as big mouth Jeff but not as good to look at.

  14. I find it amusing that people don’t see that Dani is a miserable person, she has just as many flaws as Rachel, the only difference between the two, Rachel lets you know, Dani saids nasty things but saids she joking. There’s an old saying “many a truth is spoke in jest”, Dani means what she saids, she is not joking.

  15. Had to laugh at Shelly today in interviewing mode. “What is your greatest weakness, Jordan?” Yes, by all means, everyone tell Shelly exactly what motivates them. hahaha

  16. What sickens me is that kalia said she would just never ever… In the whole wide world put up jordan. just STUPID. JORDAN ISN’T IN YOUR FRIGGIN ALLIANCE. Really jordan could care leds about kalia so for kalia to say that just proves her need to be liked by everyone. But after eviction thursday she’ll realize that she got screwed over by everyone BUT dani cause shes getting screwed too. kudos to shelly and adam for multitasking by playing both sides and being ‘ floaters’ hey if I could be in the good with everyone, not make any enemies, and not have to win anything, then get in finals or at least jury. Id want to play that game too. Being a floater isn’t all bad!

  17. To the person that said rachel is going home they are very wrong… Shelly and adam are voting for lawon to get evicted. But kalia is too stupid too the only people in her alliance after lawon leaves is dani and porsche. VOTE DOM if you care about bb. He will of course beat lawon. The vets are already unknowingly winning so they will just pick off team dani if you pick brendon. Cassi will be with jj and shelly and since they’ve been isolated she doesn’t know what a snake shelly is. So either way who even knows if she can best lawon?! But that’ll be boring and the vets will just pick off team dani until its just them. If you vote dom dani might have a chance to come back in the game and it wouldn’t be a total waste

    1. relax. needledick is coming back and team dani (what’s left of it) will be goners.
      i have a feeling porsche will make it far, unless jj wins hoh.

        1. What is up with Porsche, last week she was upset because Jeff won’t look at her. Now she spy’s on him through the mirrors? Does she have a crush on him? Now she is pissed, because he did not give her any attention! Is J&J still together? They seem more like BFF then boyfriend and girlfriend!

          1. The J/J $howmance was for money and public relations.
            Real friendship but no romance.

            Regarding Jeff and his thoughts about Porsche looking at him through the
            mirrors – he is paranoid.

  18. I disagree… Once the vets get the idiots (dani,kalia, porsche) out, it’s game on with rest of the houseguests. What will be boring and bad for BB is watching Dom and Dani lay in bed together the next 6 weeks. Go Brendon

    1. There will probably be more sizzle between Dani and Dom than there
      is between J/J.
      I wonder when BB/CBS is going to tell J/J to kick things up a notch?
      Perhaps BB/CBS has finally given up on this charade.

  19. Wouldn’t it be soooo funny if Lawon DID win the challenge? It could happen, some challenges are won simply by luck. We won’t know until Thursday …….. eeeks, I can’t wait! :-)

  20. Oh, I cannot stand DANI!!! She takes everything so personally and just think she is mad because Brendon never called her back after meeting her. HAHA!!! Please lets bring Brendon back in the house so we can see Dani go totally crazy which she will.

    1. Dani doesn’t want to win. She just wants to be remembered. She wants America’s House Guest. In Dani’s world, everybody is just a bad game player but her. Let her try that strategy on all stars; she will be the first one home, even before Ragan.

      1. I disagree. Dani would do fine on All-Stars.
        J/J would not and, IMO, that is why BB came up with this lame idea of
        mixing the VETS and NEWBIES. One last favor for J/J……….

    2. Damn, she really shouldn’t have said this because now all you dani “haters” won’t shut up about it…
      I’m pretty sure there was more motive behind her getting Brendon out than him being a douche outside the house.

      1. Dani was with a group when Brendon said he wanted to join them at the bar.
        He left to park his car and never came back. Dani tried to call him to find out
        what was keeping him and couldn’t reach him.
        Brandon ticked off the whole group and not just Dani.
        She thought he was rude and I agree with her.

  21. Haha, kalia is stupid can’t wait til julie says the votes are 5-3 and kalia is having that sad/constipated look in her face.
    NotBeing mean cause I was in the team dani bandwagon, until kalia won hoh and decided it was more important to have friends THIS week even though they’ll put you on the block next week. Lol if i were the vets I’d be enjoying myself! JJ: what kalia put up lawon? When did she join our alliance! I guess that means we can just go and vote her our next week since lawons gone!’

    1. I’m thinking they are all voting to evict lawon now.. I’ll know more tonight, Like always it’s in flux the only given is lawon is going home

      1. Hey Simon, any idea of how the HOH will work Thursday…I’m wondering after the 2 evicted housguests battle it out will the winner be the new HOH or will they have to compete all over again with all the other houseguests….I was thinking that since Julie said be careful who u evict bcuz they could return..I’m thinking that person if they win would become the new HOH i have a feeling there’s something more to this twist….any thoughts??

  22. “When in the hell is Shelly’s straight shooting shit going to blow up in her face…”? When someone throws a Cherry Bomb in the outhouse.

  23. How old are you……….. So vial in your speech……… Don’t know how you are allowed to stay on this site…………

  24. Haha, kalia is stupid can’t wait til julie says the votes are 5-3 and kalia is having that sad/constipated look in her face.
    NotBeing mean cause I was in the team dani bandwagon, until kalia won hoh and decided it was more important to have friends THIS week even though they’ll put you on the block next week. Lol if i were the vets I’d be enjoying myself! JJ: what kalia put up lawon? When did she join our alliance! I guess that means we can just go and vote her our next week since lawons gone!

  25. JJ FTW! hell I’d be happy to see Rachel pull it off and win!! BTW, Simon and Dawg…I’m totally addicted to this blog! keep up the good work. wanted to donate, but you guys don’t accept cans of pork n’ beans (thats all I have) .

  26. Next all stars –

    Dani, Lane, Dom, Annie, Kalua, Nick, Jensa, Jesse, Zach, Michele (bb11), Ragan, Jase (bb5), Holly.

    Dani will totally win. All people who want to munch on Dani’s hoh carpet. They will throw it to her all the time.

    What’s the deal with Dani and Annie?

    1. Not that is so funny, allstarts, Dom and Kalua, are you kidding me, how in the heck could they be an all-star?

  27. Shelly may make it to final two but once those people in the jury house are sitting around comparing notes, they’re gonna be pissed. Of course they’ll say, “Well, Shelly herself said she was just on BB for the experience”, or “she doesn’t really need the money”. Ha! I think Shelly is very smart but she has a mean streak that slides out every now and then. I have a feeling that if thing don’t go Shelly’s way, nobody’s happy.

  28. TEAM DANI FTW!!! I hope she wins the HOH competition tomorrow. Black witch, black spider, praying mantis, black whatever, I have a soft spot for her.

    1. I I wish dani would be smart enough to at least try to win hoh. She should know she needs to protect herself, she shouldn’t care either, like she said ‘ she doesn’t mind getting blood on her hands’ if she was foreal snd not trying to sound cool #keepit100 dani… And shelly!

    2. I I wish dani would be smart enough to at least try to win hoh. But she said she was going to throw it. Yoi didn’t seee rachel throw any hoh comps. even though shes a little crazy she had people to back her up. She should know she needs to protect herself, she shouldn’t care either, like she said ‘ she doesn’t mind getting blood on her hands’ if she was foreal snd not trying to sound cool #keepit100 dani… And shelly!

  29. When are the nip slips, towel drops, and what have you gonna start?..Rachel was at least good for that (and Jordan). C’mon BBAD gimme something to look at!!..No offense ladies,I’m just not into the incessant whining, and game talk

        1. bb11 was a good year.. I remember Jordan would flash the cameras top and bottom , it was insane

          got some bikini pics comeing in my next post

  30. This is the exact reason straight shooter annoys me. She’s good at what she’s doing and all but the way she constantly stresses her integrity is everything and she would never lie and manipulate because her daughter is watching and she would never teach her that, that’s where it doesn’t sit well with me. Just lie and backstab and shoot crooked without being such a hypocrit to the viewers and we’ll root for you but don’t try to play us too!!!!
    But as easy as these idiots are making it for her, I’d have a good laugh to myself too.

  31. I dont even think Shelly realizes that she says so much bullsh*t. Kalia is sooo stupid, she complained about everyone being bullied by Rachel and brendan and JJ but she is being bullied by Dani. Whoever wins HOH needs to get them out, I though Adam and Porshea had to go cause they dont do nothing but lay around but K/D need to go. Happy Birthday Dani welcome to the jury house

    1. I wonder if the hate for Brendon and Rachel out weight the fact it would help JJ.

      Honestly have no clue who is coming back.

      If production rigs the results, I have a feeling they want Dom back in to help Dani. Production has been building her story line as of late. Especially having her father on last week to talk about her game.

  32. Very frustrating that Dani and Kalia aren’t picking up on Shelly’s game and conversations to the JJ’s. It must be a total mind bend when you have to actually live in the game, so isolated. Although I am not an Evil Dick fan, his focus was amazing and game play. Can’t help Kalia now. They’ve gone soft.

  33. Rachel is too stupid for talking to the cameras, she needs some common sense smacked into her, or maybe she just needs to be smacked?

  34. some of you are not very fair and take this too personal. its a game! plus we are not in the house and dont how it really is. you should not make fun of them on a personal level … yes laught about their game play etc…. but saying they are fat and so much more isnt nice. some of them read this stuff and it must be heartbreaking. rachel said the other night how this kind out stuffed really lowered her self esteem and was depressed for a while went crazy working out etc

  35. idk why the houseguests think it will be like a competition to get back in the house this season is alot like 9 and theyll prob do the same thing they did that season and have the houseguests vote for either a mystery houseguest to come back or the house guest they just evicted

  36. I think Kalia has to be the worst player, probably worst than Keith. I also think Kalia is a self hating black person who hates all black men because her daddy ran away from her mommy who is probably a crazy black woman like her. Kalia by far has been pushing for Lawon to go out the house and despite the fact that Lawon is a floater, she gains absolutely nothing by sending him out. She would be better putting up porsche who is also a floater but vote cannot be relied upon. Or shelly. did she forget that just 1 week ago brendon and rachel were cheering on shelly to win, and even danielle mentioned and kalia said she trusted shelly 22%. Doesn;t matter unless Daniele wins then Dani goes home, followed by Kalia. Its so funny that she actually believes rachel would keep her word and not put her up especialy after Lawon is gone, the one conceivable person who everyone hates more than her. I’m black, but now I now why black people never win big brother, they do not deserve to, too damn stupid!

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