Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia tells Rachel that a lot of what will or won’t happen depends on the conversation we have later..

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10:50am Rachel and Shelly are out in the backyard talking about how Rachel was having trouble finding a job out in LA. Shelly heads inside. Rachel is all alone in the backyard reading the bible. Kalia is in the kitchen cleaning up and eating. Kalia then heads out into the backyard. Rachel and Kalia talk about not being regular and needing to take fibre. They talk about how they are happy about getting catfish and coconut to eat. Rachel asks so what do you what to talk to me about. Kalia says well I really wanted to talk to you with Dani. Rachel asks so what was your thinking putting up Lawon. Kalia says that she really just put him up as a pawn ..and then he started acting all crazy. Rachel says that putting up Lawon was the only person that she had a chance against. Kalia says that she is really gassy. Kalia says that she just really didn’t want to make any more enemies. Kalia talks about how Lawon was acting all crazy and she had to ask him what he was doing.. Rachel says that even if she does get voted out …she will be coming back… Rachel says the way I see it ..I see it as a positive that you put up Lawon. Kalia says that I heard you going around saying that you have the votes. Rachel says that she never said that. Rachel talks about getting the floaters out of the game.

11:40am Kalia says that she understands that ..because they get by without having to do the dirty work in the house. Kalia says that you take out the bigger hurdles and when it gets down to the end you take out the smaller hurdles. Kalia says that she isn’t really talking about everything with Rachel because the plan is to talk to Rachel with Dani. Kalia says there is just no point in having the same conversation twice. Rachel say okay …and then keeps digging for more information. Rachel asks if it was her plan to put up Lawon so that she was safe. Kalia says that a lot of what will or won’t happen depends on the conversation we have later. Kalia says that she hopes that all is not lost with these nominations. Kalia says that nothing is set in stone. Kalia says again that she would rather have the conversation with Dani. Rachel says no one can hear you. Kalia says, it’s not that. Kalia says that it’s not an absolute, there are obvious things and others not so obvious about the nominations. Kalia says that the more obvious facts are the ones you can look at and the nominations are something she can look at. Kalia says it’s not a hopeless situation …all is not lost. Rachel says someone this week can come back. Kalia says that has always been in the back of my mind. Kalia says she knows sometimes things are super obvious but there is a chance that no one will come back too. They start talking about random things and boyfriends. Kalia talks about her and her boyfriend were only together for a month before she came into the house. Rachel points out that she has been in the house longer than she was with him.

11:55am Shelly joins them outside. Kalia talks about what she will write in her HOH blog. They talk about keeping parts of the competitions like the cards and shot glasses so that they have something to remember them by. The conversation changes to talking about facebook and twitter.

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Rachel has no clue when she’s even in an alliance. (Although you can’t blame her cause she may see that Shelly/Adam are with J/J which is true.) Watching the feeds she just told Kalia that everyone is going around saying it is 5-2 in the HOH competition. She is about to out the alliance that is planning on saving her, before she is even safe. She thinks that Lawon is nom’d because of her chats with Kalia and R is going to save Kalia for it. Meanwhile, Shelly is the one that mastermind that plan & Rachel doesn’t trust S or Adam. Rachel knows too much and is going to put the J/J/S/A alliance in jeopardy down the road. I don’t know that Kalia is making such a horrible move for herself if Rachel is showing that she is not truly aligned with the people that are planning on saving her. It does put Dani in jeopardy, but I think Kalia has done the best move for herself for this next week. She thinks Rachel, Shelly, Adam, Jordan, Porsche will not put her up & Jeff has said he will put up floaters. We all know Jeff is just saying that so really the only person Kalia has to worry about is Jeff winning. Yes, it’s a dumb move for Dani, but Rachel is showing that she could align with Kalia.


Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Shelly would all put DK up next week. They’ve even said.


Didn’t Jordan tell Rachel that Shelly practically spent a whole day securing Rachel to remain in the house? Rachel needs to back off the stupids (DK) and go sit with JJ. She took care of them and they’re obviously willing to take care of her for a while if she needs it.


ELLE I totally agreed with you: Dani has no clue when she’s even in an alliance. (Although you can’t blame her cause she may see that Porsche/Kaila are with J/J which is true.) Watching the feeds she just told Kalia that everyone is going around saying it is 5-2 in the HOH competition. She is about to out the alliance that is planning on saving her, before she is even safe. She thinks that Lawon is nom’d because of her chats with Kalia and R is going to save Kalia for it. Meanwhile, Jeff is the one that mastermind that plan & Rachel does trust Jeff or Jordan. Rachel knows too much and is going to put the J/J/S/A alliance alive down the road. I don’t know that Kalia is making such a horrible move for herself if Rachel is showing that she is truly aligned with the people that are planning on saving her. It does put Dani in jeopardy, but I think Kalia has done the best move for herself for this next week. She thinks Rachel, Shelly, Adam, Jordan, Porsche will put her up & Jeff has said he will put up floaters. We all know Dani is just saying that so really the only person Kalia has to worry about is Jeff winning. Yes, it’s a good move for Dani, but Rachel is showing that she could align with Kalia. Yes, we know. Rockstar says.


Why does Dani want a secret alliance with Rachel?


If fake. She doesn’t want an alliance. They want her OUT.

Ilyssa Lieb

So they are trying to trick Rachel?

Dark Horse

I really hope that Dani is playing us all…
if there is indeed an HOH comp she knows she BETTER win it…
she cannot think that these ppl are going to carry her to the finals…
not even Kalia!

Ilyssa Lieb

Kalia would totally carry Dani to the end in exchange for some hoh favors. Kalia would do anything for a showmance.


Dani screwed herself royally! She better win HOH, ( and I for one hope she doesn’t. ) or she’s Gone!

Ilyssa Lieb

Dani has zero game play. Why won’t she align with Jeff if she wants to go far? I’m very confused why she likes Porsche so much.


K can’t talk to R without Dani. Like really. dani is the one with plan.
I can’t wait until they get rid of team Dk!

Vote brendon back!!!

Ilyssa Lieb

Kalia is afraid that Dani won’t be her friend anymore. Or hang out on her hoh carpet.


Dani has Kalia afraid, that if she talks to Rachel alone…she will screw it up.


I’m confused…


No wonder. You’re watching a reality show being played out by a bunch of highly emotional, backstabbing, lying, cheating morons! You’re confused? So are they! “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”


Yeah, I don’t get it, Kalia wanted Rachel out and now she has secured her being in. Go figure…just when I respected her game she turns tail and chicken runs.


OK are you out of it…who sent out her man…Kalia and Dani so Rachel will tell them to her face “keep me safe” but I can bet who the two up next week are on a stack of bibles.


I was I was in the house so I could hold Dani’s hand during her terrible cramps. WTF were you thinking Dom, you should have made a move boy.




This who group is dumb, if they keep Rachel and send out Lawon. Brendon is not coming back the points show Cassi or Dom coming back in. Im not sure what J&J are doing but making things worse for a newbie to win.


where are the points shown that you are talking about?


Umm hi, do u work for CBS? No I didn’t think so, just because Dom and cass have higher poll numbers on this site means nothing at all. Bb producion won’t show poll results on CBS site because they have the true and final say on who comes back Alison grodner decides everything and they will go with the person who will bring drama, competition and above all else ratings. In my opinion they will bring back Brendan or Dom but I’m leaning more towards Brendon because Cassie is boring and dumb and we have enough of those on the show right Now, ie. Porsche and lawon. Can’t wait till Thursday


What’s up with Rachel and the bible? Trying to find inner peace?


Doubtful. the bible is filled with incredible violence and hate. Wait a minute… it kinda makes sense.


You have a problem with Rachel reading the Bible? Shame on you/

Dark Horse

Kalia not speaking until Dani is there is kinda weird…like she needs Dani to speak for her

Rachel saying that she IS coming back is funny…
I get the confidence but its like the DR told her that Brendon will be playing to come back into the game…
but Rachel knows he will throw it to her anyway…

Boy, if I could be a fly on the DR wall…thats where all the juicy gossip lays…

Kalias dunce cap

I wld love to see Rachel get evicted and have to play against Brendon LMAO


Rachel has done a good job of making them ( D/K ) believe, that she will be right back in. I love how frightened Kalia is. LOL


I agree! I’m voting Brendan!


Brendons dead!


Shut up idiot.


Is this the most idiotic cast of all time or what? Although I hate Shelly I can see her winning this game because she seems like the only one with brains at this point.


Brendumb???? WTF!!! Haven’t you been watching all of this season on BB? B & R back together again in the house????? OMG! I need a drink!


Rachel will for sure be gunning for Dani, but I believe Kalia doing this Rachel will not put her up and instead she will put up Porsche & Dani. My thing is that Rachel is going to give too much info to K/D about the J/J/S/A alliance when she already has the votes to stay from the people who are backing her and trying to keep her.


R u Watching same feeds as me? Rachel could tell them she is in an alliance with JJSA and DK would say “I am only 90% about Shelly”


Oh CoConuts!!!!

Dayton John

I’m am curious as to why they play this game as they do. I only really watch survivor and BB reality shows and think the rest are garbage. Solitary (cancelled) was a good show as well. Its seems to me that they play this game backwards. In any competition or reality show wouldn’t it be better strategy to eliminate the players whom are bigger threats to win competitions than the floaters? Why are JJ and R wanting to eliminate floaters? Wouldn’t it make the road easier to the finals to get rid of stronger players and leave the floaters alone? I’ve only watched BB for the last two seasons so my experience in being a fan is limited but has it always been like this?


because these people are backwards


I agree… before last year the game was played different. Brendon and Rachel started this whole “floaters” thing, and now it seems to stick. However look at Jordan… she floated her way to 500K before, and could again…


Part of what BR changed was the very definition of the term “floater.” Jordan wasn’t even close to a floater. A floater is not someone who doesn’t win competitions. A floater is someone is changes allegiance frequently base on power.


exactly. and to this day, i don’t think brendon or rachel have targeted one floater during their reign as hoh. monet, cassi, matt, ragan, britney.. all of them were openly against brenchel in the house. even kristen fought with rachel. dom might be an exception since he tried to make a deal with them.


Jordan did not float her way to $500k…..she played a very good social game and after Jeff got,got….Jordan won 2 outta the 3 comps including the one that put her in the final 2.Lawonda and Pacer are floaters,they have done shit in this game.


Your logic is sound and works in the real word, not to be mistaken with REALity TV (how ironic is that?) where a good percentage of the outcomes are pre-determined. BB is a prime example of how Production inserts its hands in quasi-game play to favor players they think have the most ratings appeal.

Eliminating big players early would tank their ratings as the weaker ones would be too easily decimated


100% AGREED!

Midwest Fan

The HGs should stop using the DR as their confessional/therapy room
and, instead, tell lies in the DR.
Lie to BB.


They wouldn’t let that happen, then how could production meddle in the game and make people change their minds, like they did this week with kalia


What would be interesting is, has anyone ever been able to manipulate the DR? If so, were they eliminated as a result or rewarded? I think the there are only a couple of HGs who are really smart enough to pull it off.


that used to be the way it was but for some reason rachel and brendon have this obessesion with getting floaters out. they cant think that it’d b better to have floaters at the end so they can win all the comps. in season 9 and 10 u can see they brought weak players to the final 3 so they could beat them. its just a BR thing.


i definitly agree…get at least one or two of the big players out if you can – which is what dani was trying to do except it backfired. In reality, BR should have been thinking along those lines bc Jeff could last a LONG time in this game. However, i do understand that in this particular game (can’t speak for the other reality shows) it helps to keep some strong players bc it lessens the target on your back and it helps to keep some weak bc you know you can beat them if you have to in comps and in finals as well as you can manipulate their vote. Juggling all of this on top of the social game and the twists is what makes this game so damn hard.


I believe it’s because if you go with the definition of a floater as someone who does not control anything in their own right (competition wins) and who vacilates back and forth between “sides” depending on who is in power, then the stronger players with alliances are constantly stressed about what the “floaters” are doing, who they are backing, who they are lying to, etc. They believe it’s just cleaner and less stressful to get the floaters out and then just go “mano a mano” against the real competitors. Just speculation on my part, but I can see the logic in that apprach.


This game is reminding me of the past Survivor (Redemption Island) where they kept the eliminated person by themselves, which was Matt, and he would compete against the outgoing players to get a chance to stay in the game and when he won so many, they would release him back to the tribes. Of course, they got rid of him right away. I think we would be in for some good drama if the evicted houseguest or the returning houseguest was automatically HOH. Hell, they should have Russell from Survivor come into the house to stir up some shit!!!


I AGREE–is k really that dumb put up jorden then she’s granteed jeff-dani porsa-lamon and she still has tie breaker if needed–shes worried about rachel comming back and getting her –everybody knows her #1 target would be dani –the newbies ain’t got a chance if don’t get rid of the vets and get this on a level playing field–and if rachel have to go up against dom. she ani’t comming back anyway and then where would the advan be????K IS DUMB-DUMB-DUMB


I agree! I’m voting Brendan!

Oh and Jeff is so hot!!!


Brendon’s dead!


I agree with you. voted for Brendon and Jeff is hot.


I don’t even know who to root for anymore


Root for the fish in the tank in the HOH. The catfish are fryed.


Rachel is desperate for her own Alliance now. She is calculating how to be at least second regardless of an old HG coming back. It’s actually a good move by Rachel. Now is the time to recruit K & A with Shooter to follow b/c she floats. She can’t beat JJ & D w/o an alliance.


Shelly is anything but a floater! She chose her side very, very early (J/J) and has been playing 24/7 ever since, ensuring her alliance is safe and propelled forward. Winning competitions is not the only way to be a “strong” player. Shelly is playing hard and is playing well! …at least so far


Oh that is so not true. When Brendon left, Rachel and Jeff became the targets. Shelly immediately went up to KD and made an alliance so that she would not get put up. Shelly even told KD that Jeff was going to put them up. Shelly stopped reporting to JJ about what KD was talking about and doing (for a day or so). JJ found out Kalia knew about him putting her up and also notice how different Shelly was acting so JJ assumed it was her that was informing KD of thier plans and confronted Shelly. Shelly then turns on the waterworks, never anwsering thier questions, just ran and cried to get them off of her back (brilliant). BUT THEN Jeff won the POV and Kalia started talking crazy, THEN Shelly flipped back to team JJ. SO NO! She is floating like everyone eles, she just has a awesome social game that makes EVERYONE trusts her, even when in the back of HG’s minds they know they shouldn’t. Lets not forget the Shelly Straight Stooter is shooting in all directions that ultimately benefits herself. Dont want her to win, but she probably will.


I really think brendon coming back would make the game so crazy…good crazy… Then again Cassi coming back would also make Dani and Rachel go off a bit.


Among the crazy Brendon will bring back to the game is Rachel. She becomes whinny and depressed when he is in the house. She had been easier to watch with him gone. I think it was the same way last year when Rachel left and Brendon stayed. Of course they brought Rachel back to stir things up a bit.


Really, rachel talks to Kaila and Dani is upset. Rachel will go home and comes back. Dani and Kaila is scare and Jeff wins HOH & POV twice. Dani is going home. Brendon would love to see it happen.


Bottom line, Lawon gets evicted. Rachel stays and Brendon potentially comes back in the house. Short of Dani winning the next HOH (which she now says she’s throwing) all others will nominated Kalia and Dani.


Yes! I agree with your theory.


Well Rachel was talking to Brendon(the camera) this morning and saying that she is considering working with Kalia. I think its foolish but what evs. Rachel belongs with the DK cause shes just as foolish. In the end, I doubt shell do it. Lets hope Brendon can get back soon before Rachel does too much damage, so they can get out D/K/P. Then JJ/A/S can get out Brendon and Rachel. And then boom Jeff and Jordan win.


My take, In the poll on this site Brenda is almost winning and this is a live feed site, so i think he is winning by a landslide with the majotity of people who just watch the CBS show, his edit showed him as a guy willing to fall on the sword to protect his FIANCE(LOL), and most people will eat that shit up and vote him back. However, i do think production will throw Dani a bone, Dani is one of their “stars” just like JJ and BR so they will make the next HOH an endurance comp and we all know that you might as well just give Dani the HOH when it is endurance, that is the one thing she excels at in this game.
I think Dani will then re-shuffle her deck though, she now realizes Kalia is as dumb as a bag of rocks and Pacer is well Pacer, so she realizes she is not going to go far in her current position and that will force her to cozy up to BR this time and put JJ up for eviction…just my two cents
This is coming from a JJ fan and someone who voted for Cassi to return, so this is not what i want to happen but what i think will happen…
The wild card in this is Rachel, she was not able to compete in the first endurance comp, and i forget if she was good at them last year but i do not think she can give Dani a run for her money, but if she does and wins it, then Kalia and Pacer go up as pawns with the goal to bacdoor Dani…


Depends what kind of endurance it is. Last season they did 2 endurance comps that were pretty much the same. And in result the order of people eliminated were pretty much the same. I hope they dont do the same thing this year and do a endurance comp where everyone has a chance. Like standing and holding a button. My opinion is the easier the endurance comp, the better. Cuz rather then 2 hours, they go 14 hours. And we really see “who wants it most”. They havent done anything like that in forever.


I can’t stand Kalia now! She has a chance to gain a numbers advantage and then throws it out the window cause she’s scared of JJ and doesn’t want to make “enemies.” Get a clue girl.

Honestly, Shelley has played the BEST up to now, even tho she’s a dirty rotten scoundrel. I hope either Cassie or Dom comes back. Brendon grates my nerves with his whinnying arrogance.

Rachel is now a wild card. Hopefully she finds a way to make new alliances and shake this house up.

Ilyssa Lieb

Kalia wants Jordan!!!!! Don’t people see that!!


It’s win-win. Rachel goes home and goes back. Dani and Kaila’s Think that they are totally screw of Jeff wins the HOH next week and POVs Twice. That’s Dani’s plan. Throw HOH Competiton and be nominated. Also, lose the POV which she is going to Jury House. Dani thinks of Rainbows and Unicorns. She also cries that Eval Dick leaves the game. That why Dani is going to Jury House. Shelly also make deals of Jeff and Jordan Final 3. Good planned but Shelly will go to Jury House as last member. Darn. Tony want to see it. Mommy made into final 3.


Kalia is so stupid to think that she has the power to keep or get rid of rachel. Rachel has the votes you idiot!

Ilyssa Lieb

Kalia said she is just going wild because jordon wouldn’t spend time on her hoh carpet. Dani said it was bad gamplay of Jordo. Dani didn’t realize what Kalia meant by carpet though. She thought it would be Jordo hoh 2.0 with them in the bathtub. Those days are long over when Kalia tried for a showmance with Dom. Now Kalia won’t even get a wedding invite.


I am having a hard time with this season. I feel I am watching BB Reruns. But, I do think that after the voting on Thurs and the comp between the evicted and the returning HG is over, you will see Dani come out of her fog. She won’t be throwing any comps.


I understand not wanting a “Floater” going to the end, You do all of the work, winning the comps and vetoes, get stuck doing all of the back stabbing, then you get to the end and instead of being voted the winner for doing a good job, people vote the other person the winner for being nice, that is not the way the game is to be played. I also watch Survivor and Shelly would never win the big cash because of all of her lies.


Okay, here is MY opinion for those of you who care to hear it. I think Rachel just wants to KNOW everything. So she is going to listen to every word DK have to say, and feed them any line of BS they want to hear. In the end, Rachel is still Rachel, and she is going to get vengence for her MAN. She is well aware that the whole house is voting to keep her already. Remember the high fives from Shelly and Jordan in the storage room the day Shelly convinced Kalia to keep Rachel around? I also think Brendon and Rachel idolize Jeff and Jordan, and even though they sometimes talk crap about them, they will have a very difficult time ever turning on them. Last season they talked so much about idolizing them, and how they wanted to be the new “Jeff & Jordan”.
Everyone keeps saying that they want to get out all these floaters, but they are going to be so busy getting out the big players out of vengence that all that’ll be left in the end are the floaters. It’ll be interesting to see what happens if Adam, Shelly, or Pontiac win HOH. I’m sure they’ll just put up DK, but with another player returning to the game, it MIGHT change things in that alliance. Anyways, that’s my 2 cents.


If Jordan makes it to the final 2, I think she should win the money. Think about it…. right when her neck was on the line she brought out her claws and defended herself well. Stupid or not, she deserves it if she wins BB13.

Now lets see if she can win another comp.

Midwest Fan

Jordan deserves a nice long rest at the Jury House…….with Jeff.


I’m with you Midwest Fan. Send Jeff and Jordon to the jury house, they can spend the summer together forever.


Here, here! Jordan is as clueless as Lawon. She’s only manage to be mildly in the game because of Jeff’s constant bullying and people being enamored with her country gal naivetee. Otherwise she’s useless .


I’m with you as well MIDWEST. Dani in the Jury with Kaila….This will Be BFF. Sweet.


The twist is messing with all of you here. It is too hard to predict shit until after Thurs is unveiled. Who wins 1on1 comp? HOH? are now the key to Alliances.


i want to read kalia’s HOH blog just to see her try to justify the absolute idiocracy she has pulled this week


sHElly is a train wreck she doesnt know how to behave like a female if it killed her. maybe her and alison grossdner can hook up and AL can school her on the “life” and to not be in the closet. after all when you are that obvious why hide it everyone knows the minute (s) he opens his (her) mouth.


I think the camera crew should get the 500K. Hell, look at the idiots they have to film day after day. I’d love to get their take on all “characters” in the house and endless amount of insanity that goes on.


too funny agree though. especially sHElly man you couldn’t pay me enough to film her for one sec let alone 3 months.


I agree DR. I would need compensation for having to watch that crap show..


“America Votes” who gets to come back and compete. Yeah, right-

BULL! That’s going to be SO freakin’ easily rigged for Brendon, I can’t believe I even bothered wasting my time voting.


this cast is a bunch of cowards, dominated by the vets. Not only are the vets there, they came in PARTNERED up already – huge disadvantage.

the newbies are star struck and dumb mf’ing Kahlia is so insecure she’s trying to suck up and be friends with the popular kids who obviously wanted nothing to do with her. they wouldnt even SPEAK to her. c’mon Kahlia, get a dang clue, lady!

this season sucks..seriously. Brendon and Rachel should go on Amazing Race – I think they’d be good at it.

jeff and jordan – aka DUMB AND DUMBER – are incredibly overrated. I’m Sorry, but they won’t get a pass from me because they are pretty people.


Cabbie – You might think they are pretty but I sure don’t. Yuk! haha


Please do not send them to Amazing Race unless the title has changed to ‘Amazing Race Over a Cliff’. I do not want to see those two ever again in any reality show I watch.


Amazing Race Over a Cliff would be best for them, then they’ll never be apart ever again


Watching Kalia on bbad, lying around, eating everything in site, talking into the camera is like being at the zoo watching the gorilla attractions. Only proves that you can teach an ape to act like a human.


I’m not a Kailia fan. But now she’s being compared to an ape? Hmmm. I’m speechless.


too funny go see rise of the planet of the apes. that’s exactly what they do.


Rachel thinking she is all alone is pretty comical considering what her alliance (namely Shelly) managed to pull off for her this week. Rachel really is clueless


dani is a tool, she has no game, its imploding all around her and i like it!!


I don’t know why everyone loves JJ so much. They are so stuck up and think they are so much better than everyone. The main reason Jeff wants Dani out is because she won’t suck up to him like everyone else in the house. Sorry Jeff but not everyone is stuck up your ass. Jordan is just a cry baby. When things don’t go her way, she cries that we have to work so hard to be here, while all these floaters don’t do nothing. Well, Jordan you’re not doing much more than the floaters. Jeff is the one that’s a target, not you.

I truly wish Rachel had another alliance to go to because I find it really hard to believe that she likes being in an alliance where two people talk shit to her constantly. (Jeff and Shelly) I think Dani and Rachel should call a truce and form an alliance. Maybe Porsche and Adam could be in it as well. We can let Kalia run to her beloved Jordan.


That is so true. The editing makes the stars CBS wants. I think Rachel is with JJ partly because she thinks it might help her image since she is worried how people think about her this year. Yes, she is still the same Rachel but does she realize it?


Jealous much? Jeff and Jordan are normal people. What is the matter with you?


has anyone thought how dani will act with her dad hosting this thrusday or have I missed something?


Kalia is a bloody idiot, being used by Dani and doesn’t even realize it. Im not sure why she even won the HOH for, cause she clearly can’t do anything without Dani’s approval.
Don’t worry Kalia, I see a slice of humble pie is waiting for u next week:)