Shelly says that everyone that loves Jeff & Jordan are going to hate her

12am Up in the HOH room Kalia is getting ready for bed. Out in the backyard, Adam, Shelly, Porsche and Rachel are talking about random things. They talk about Ellis Island, Atlantic City and LasVegas. Adam says that Atlantic City is such a dump. Adam says that when he went to Las Vegas he went to every casino along the strip. Shelly says that when she goes to Vegas she wants to go with Rachel to see all the cool spots. Adam says that when he was in college, him and his buddy would drive up and down the strip looking at the strippers and laughing at them trying to hustle in the freezing cold weather wearing small fur coats. Rachel decides to go to bed. Porsche heads inside to put her cookies away and says that she may go to bed early too. Adam asks put your cookies away …is that code? Porsche laughs and says no. Shelly then heads inside to take a shower. All four cameras switch to Porsche and Rachel putting away the cookies that are in the shapes of their initials.

12:20am Porsche and Adam are in the backyard talking. Adam says that he is stressing. Porsche says she is sorry she put him in that situation. Porsche says that after listening to Rachel it sounded like they were favouring Shelly because their whole argument is that you will be the POV Winner. Porsche says that Kalia was trying to put a rift between Rachel and Jordan by telling her that again that Jeff threw the corn hole veto. Adam says for the record during that veto …the only thing that I told Dani was that I made her tell Jeff that he was safe. Porsche says well that deal was way before anyways. Porsche says that getting out Brendon the all around player was a good move … and so was getting out Jeff. Adam says that Brendon was the much bigger threat. Porsche says that the fast forward happened at an opportune time for Kalia and I. Adam says you know Jeff he wasn’t going to throw the veto for me. Porsche says that she needs Adam to stay and that they are doing everything they can to keep him here. Adam talks about seeing Shelly run into the purple room and start pushing buttons and stuff. Porsche says yeah it was her last effort to try and get a power. Porsche says that Shelly has been running around offer final 3 deals to everyone. They talk about how Shelly made up Rachel calling her a bitch but that it never happened. Porsche says that Jordan said all Shelly is going to do is if she stays in the house is going to pit us against them. Porsche says that Rachel has a shot of winning she has been on rock bottom and then on top over and over again.

12:45am – 1:30am Porsche, Adam and Shelly talk about having fans a critics from being on the show. Shelly says that she is really worried about her husband or daughter reading or hearing something negative about her. Shelly says that her husband talked about how she would never come into the house if it would ever hurt her and his relationship. Shelly says that everyone that loves Jeff is going to hate me. Adam tells her to tell anyone who hates on you to go live in the house and see how they feel them. Adam says that there will be lovers and haters. Shelly says that none of us could have won the game against Jeff and Jordan … it was a good game move. They talk about the jury house and possibly being able to hear from and write their family members. Adam talks about how Brendon and Rachel are the only ones in two season that have both been evicted and brought back three times each. They talk about how Dominic was all over Cassi and they the day after he was all over Dani. Porsche heads inside. Adam tells Shelly that he told Fara not to talk to anyone but one person from CBS and that if anyone else contacts her to not talk to them. Adam knows how crazy the BB fans are. Shelly says that she doesn’t think anything negative like that would happen ..maybe I am naive. Shelly then heads to bed.

1:40am Adam heads to bed. All the houseguests are now in bed sleeping..

5:20am All the houseguests are still fast asleep..

9am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Adam and Shelly are out in the backyard talking about sports games and ticket sales. After Adam finishes his smoke he goes back inside to go back to sleep. Shelly starts folding the laundry, while all the other houseguests continue to sleep.

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Awwww, Porsche and Kalia love to sleep together in the HoH bed. They also both love to eat, sleep, and talk shit about Rachel. KP would make a really cute lesbian couple, they are both so alike.

Team Rachel and kitchen table, yo!


Hmmm Jordan and rschel does the same exact thing minus winning something


Rachel and Jordan don’t sleep in the same bed!!!!


Because their duo does not hold HOH.


So kalia and Porshe wasn’t a duo also give me a better reason


hmmmmmmm, they don’t? weird, I thought they won the veto that took power away from kp


Well but as you can see, veto doesn’t give them a king size bed where 2 friends can sleep without being lesbian.

Head of Household

Combined, Rachel and Jordan have won MORE competitions then Kalia and Porche.

Jordan: 1 HoH
Rachel: 2 HoH’s, 2 PoV;s. (POVS are week 1 and this weeks.)
Alltogether- 3 HoH 2 PoV

Kalia: 2 HoH’s
Porche: 1 HoH, 1 PoV

Alltogether- 3 HoH 1 PoV


HEAD OF Household, I have a question. I know, Rachel and Jordan combine HOHs and POVs. Does it including the past Big Brother season. Here the combine from past and Present:
Jordan BB 11
HOH winner: 3 (BB 11 & BB13)
POV winner: 2 (BB 11 & BB13)-Porsche open the pandora box gives an advantage of Veterans
Rachel BB 12
HOH winner: 4 (BB 12 & BB13)-Includes Brendon safety.
POV winner 2 (BB 13)-Porsche open the pandora box give an advantage of Veterans
7 HOHs 4 POVs

HOH winner: 1 (BB 13)
POV winner: 1 (BB 13)-Fast Forward
HOH winner: 2 (BB 13)-including Fast Forward
Total 3 HOH and 1 POVs

I agree with that one as well. Rachel and Jordan have an Advantage.


Have you noticed tho that 90 percent of the cattiness and nastyness of talking about rachel stopped since dani left the house? Dani is a nasty piece of work in my opinion..she was the ring leader in talking trash about was terrible all season..I actually felt really bad for rachel.


the cattiness stopped when the 3 witches realized they did not hold all the power after all. not a second sooner.


like all the shit abt R being preggers and kicking her in the stomach? now S tells her 2 rest…


As a service to my fellow BB watchers, I have compiled some relatively unknown details about the remaining HG’s. It took some effort to unearth these nuggets, but I felt that the truth needed to come out.

Jordan: What did she get on her IQ test? Drool.

Rachel: What was she doing when she was found passed out, topless, covered in vomit, and holding a fistful of Benjamins? Practicing.

Adam: What did he say to Jeff, in the bathroom, just before Jeff was evicted? Would you like me to shake the drops off of Fernando again?

Shelly: What is her motto? I do not lie, so help me, Satan.

Kalia: What is her Holy Trinity? Corn, pita, and potato chips.

Porsche: What was her worst nightmare? She dreamt that she was back to being a-cups again, so nobody liked her anymore.


Omg, LOL!!!! You’re awful!!!;)

Shelly's Left Nut



Hey!! No need to drag Satan into this. He ain’t done nothing to no one.


Shelly, You really are naive. Your family is getting death threats. I feel for your family but you’re lethal with your lies because you actually believe the majority of them. I really hope Rachel wins because she deserves it. And I don’t think if she takes Jordan to final two that she’ll loose because no one wants to hand over the money to her again.


She just stated she was “naive” another game play lie…she never stops lying! That is to save her own behind “playing naive” she thinks will take her off the hook…. She is in no way naive in anything in life as you can anytime she opens her mouth!


I still don’t get how Shelly made a good move. She keeps saying that but she actually was in a good position before. If Jeff made it to final two, he was going to win but they had time to get rid of him. If they would’ve waited an eviction or two everyone would want him out before the final three and no one would’ve taken him to final two (except Jordan). He wouldn’t have won out, they would’ve had a chance. I think Adam knew this and was planning on getting rid of Jeff but was just waiting til the numbers were down a bit. I have no doubt that Shelly wouldn’t be a target for anyone if she hadn’t flipped, so how was that a good game move?


Since Jeff had to go for anyone else to have a chance, there is never a ‘right’ time to evict. The double eviction presented an opportunity that could not be ignored. Also, Shelly wasnt the only one that voted to evict Jeff. Why is this monkey being put on her back? She is playing the game to benefit her as everyone is. If she would not have voted to evict him, down the line he would have made sure that she would have been evicted. That was his goal. Him and Jordan, final two. She simply got him before he got her. Just like Jeff did to Dani.

BB Baja Fan

Except that Jeff was supposedly in an alliance with Shelly – not with Dani


An alliance? If calling ‘Shelly going behind Jeff’s back to advance herself and Jeff’s planning to eventually get rid of Shelly to advance himself’ an alliance, then BB should have a Webster in the house so that both of them, and all the HG’s, can read the true meaning of alliance. What they had was a design, not an alliance.


From my bb observations, I’d say they are al familiar with the term alliance…just as you describe it.


You are right on the money. I have to say that I ‘like’ Jeff & Jordan as people, but nobody seems to get that they would have taken each other to the final two, no questions asked. Moves have to be made when the opportunity arises. I couldn’t agree with you more that an “alliance” is only as good as it seems in theory, until someone decides that another option will benefit them more! Ugh, have people um, watched this game before??!! Don’t be naive. Someone had to split up the power couples. Dani was absolutely right that she would have been 5th man out, Shelley saw her similar future, finally. I love how everyone forgets that at the end of the day – it’s a GAME!! lol

BB Baja Fan

You’re right – which is why all the Dani lovers have no basis whatsoever to be angry about Jeff backdooring her…


But a lot of alliances are broken during the course of the game. That’s just how the game goes.


If Shelly had stayed with JJ she at least had a shot at being at final 2. I think she was totally suckered
by Dani. I heard either K or P say on BB After Dark that Dani’s strategy to win Shelly over was to
make her feel like an insider by sharing inside jokes. Dani totally got into her head and Shelly started
thinking about the money and deluded herself into thinking that Dani, Kalia or Porsche would
actually bring her with them. They would have picked her off just like KP is planning to pick Adam
off. Jeff would have been evicted sooner or later and if Jordan remained she would have taken
Shelly with her. Nobody else in the house would have. Right now Shelly is doing everything she
can to get back in with Jordan because she really does want to be friends with her and it’s perfectly
obvious that Shelly hates Kalia. She was all nicey nicey to Kalia last night and then as soon as Kalia
went inside she started ripping her to Adam saying that Kalia is disgusting and arrogant. Let’s face
it Shelly didn’t know what she was getting into and the house has brought out the very worst in her
and her family is going to suffer because of it. I hope JR sticks to their plan and gets out Shelly partly
for Shelly’s family’s sake. The hate Shelly stuff will cool down after she leaves.


She knew exactly what she was getting into and still CHOOSE to do it…plain and going back to that crutch!


This: “Jeff would have been evicted sooner or later and if Jordan remained she would have taken
Shelly with her.”

I would’ve loved for Dani and Jeff to make it to the end b/c I thought they were both deserving and things would stay interesting, but I knew that would never happen. Jeff was going to go and then who would Jordan turn to? Jordan would’ve taken Shelly to the end just like Jeff would’ve taken Adam if Jordan was gone (b/c he knew he’d beat him). Even if the box wasn’t opened, I don’t see anyone else taking Shelly to final two and if she got there she wouldn’t win. If she wouldn’t have flipped, she had a better chance of getting to final two and a better chance of winning if she got there.

On a side note, I wish they’d just start showing the jury house b/c I think that would be 10x more interesting than watching the people left…


I am going to play devil’s advocate here but the reasoning is that shelly knows she can’t win and that opportunity presented it’s self and she took it and with all fairness it almost worked. If Porche wasn’t dumb enough she would have gotten out rachel and jordon would be next to go. Shelly’s stradegty is to use the person in power to get rid of the stronger player and with any luck they will kill each other. The problem is when you lie so agressively that everyone knows you are lying chances are you will go home. Even though this pains me to say lol I don’t think getting Jeff out was a bad move I think the bad move was that the rest of the hg’s knew and she lost all trust with them. When will manipulated everyone he was successful becasue no one knew he was doing it and he had their trust till the end also to win bb at some point you have to win


That’s more or less how I saw it. I don’t think what Shelly realized is that works when there’s 12+ people in the house, stops to work when there’s only 6. It becomes too easy to compare notes at that point.


getting jeff out was a good move, but the way shelly did it , was not a good move for her, and I know lying is part of the game, but when you lie about everything you really have a problem


“Shelly’s stradegty is to use the person in power to get rid of the stronger player and with any luck they will kill each other.” WTF… Shelly’s game plan is to latch onto back of whoever’s in power like the floate leach she is!!


Ok let’s face it everyone has talked about Jordan being slow but come on did Shelly think shed get further with dani or is she the slowest leak in bb all time Thursday can’t come fast enough


Oh, Shelley-how right you are about Jeff’s fans hating you. If you ever read this, though know that no matter what there will always be jerks in this world. I am not a fan of yours and your BB playing style, or lack of it. However, you went up in my scale of favorites when you stood up and voted Jeff out. That took courage. I do not like Jeff and Jordan. I think they are both arrogant and full of themselves-not their fault-blame Allison G. for that.
Jeff and Jordan may think they are America’s favorites, but they-along with their fans-should look up how many Americans make up the word Americans, then check out to see how many are Jeff and Jordan’s fans-a dismal fraction of 312,069,000 Americans-now how many out of 300+million are in love with Jeff and Jordan??? Please!!!!!!!


You call them arrogant! JJ do have a lot of fans I don’t think what shelly did had guts I think that move belong to Kaliah and i think she played an awful game. I am a JJ fan but i can see the avantage of taking Jeff out the problem is Shelly doesn’t make moves she lets everyone else do it for her. Now if she won something and then put jeff up it would be a great move but she didn’t all she did is make sure she didn’t win. If you are going to go after Jeff don’t let the entire house know you are going after Jeff. I think she had a good move up until she started getting paranoid about adam and basically telling jeff yes there is a plan to keep dani and once she allienated her allience they knew it was her. The dumbest thing she said was jeff stood between her and chair two but in reality no matter if jeff was in the house or not she was never getting that chair. If she stuck to jeff chances are he would have taken her to final three but i think shelly is looking for the free ride she thinks one of them should take her becasue she can’t win and hand her 50,000


To funny anon., it is funny, because Jeff and Jordan are most popular vote-receivers on this website, and on other websites, so I guess there will be many more people that favor Jeff and Jor, than the haters like yourself. I believe Jordan is very genuine, even though she might be missing a few things upstairs, I luv the sweetness country girl in her. Jeff is just a macho man that is very set in his own ways, but not a bully, just wants things to go his own way. I felt Dani was really bad when she was on the block and had her head of household, the things that came out of her mouth were as bad as Shelli’s. Rachel has improved herself immensely since Brendon has left, and the others are just there, and very boring. Just my opinion.


Jeff and Jordan are just like their fans useless eaters and breeders


Whoa….hold your horses…speak for yourself not everyone one else please…
It make for ugly reading!


Jeff + Jordan + their fans = the lowest common denominator


i agree


Still doesn’t add up…try again…HUH!


I bet you are a dani fan, yeah dani isn’t arrogant is she, oh no not dani little miss perfect

Head of Household

Mechelle couldn’t be more correct.

HOWW are Jeff and Jordan arrogant? And I can’t believe you said they think they are America’s Favorite-that is ridiculous! THey never uttered a single word like that. DKP are extreeeemely arrogant. Kalia and Porche think they are amazing when they havent done crap in the game. THey all said/say awful things nobody deserves…


Am thinking of Americans favorites are of viewers who watch the show not the entire population many of which know nothing. Of BB


Rachel & Jordan are keeping Adam but making the other side think they aren’t??? I’m a little confused!


My guess is that smart Rachel is trying to trick Kalia into saving Shelly (instead of voting with the majority – JR – to save Adam) to expose PorKa’s Final 3 alliance with straight-shooter. That way, Adam will stay with the JAR alliance, rather than the PAK alliance.

Either that or Production wants us to be confused to pave the way for another TWIST.

Go, Team Production, yo!


They are attempting to keep KP off balence they don’t want it to seem they are working with Adam and that Adam is still loyal to them.

Was bbfan, lol

Looks like comments have cleaned up a bit since last time I looked, Thank you. Looks to me like Shelly is going home this week.




Poor Shelly. If only she knew what her family was going through. No matter how much you hate how someone plays, their family (and them for that matter) are off-limits.

I wonder who’s side Adam is really on… I know he floats with the power, but given a choice, who does he think would be the bigger threat? PK or RJ?


If i has to guess i think it is Jordon side I think if it was just rachel he would stick with kp but i think he really trust jordon and will up till the end if it comes to choice between rj he will always pick jordon. The same way he was always loyal to jeff no matter what he tells the other side. It is hard to tell with adam becasue he is much more sudtle and keeps a lot to himself tbut i do think his loyalty is with jordon


Yes, what about Adam? Everyone seems to be hating on Shelly right now for her blatant flip and gameplay, but Adam is doing the exact same thing. The whole game he has never chosen a side. Before Thursday, we was with JJ and the vets, but then P wins HOH and he’s back with the newbies. He even said in his DR that he goes to the side where he has the most protection. He has been doing this all season, sticking with the side in power, but no one seems to be noticing b/c he votes with the side in power. He is being just as devious as S, but somehow a little more subtle. I guess he’s redeemed a little b/c he was clearly torn about who to vote off, and he was loyal to the alliance in power. But, once the power shifts he flips faster than anyone and the sad thing is that each time the other side seems to welcome him with open arms. Though I imagine most of that is not b/c he is a strong player, but they see him as one more vote for their side. I don’t know if that’s his game, but being the perpetual “one more vote” has kept him safe and in the game thus far.


The hatred for Shelly is not because of her flip. That can be looked at as game play(stupid move letting everyone know what you are up to). I believe the reason everyone dislikes Shelly so much is because of her evil mean ways. She says horrible things, steels destroys property then when she is caught, she blaims everything on Rachael. I feel sorry for Rachael because of all the way Dani,Shelly, Kalia and Porsche continued to make her the brunt of their jokes but, Shelly would not let it go, just to be a part of the group. I can’t believe a 41 year old mother would and could be so mean. The worst being the medicine ball to Rachaels belly ( if rachael were pregors)
then saying she will cut up the dog Rachael’s mom gave her and put the pieces in her bed one at a time. How would she feel if someone did that to a precious gift she gave to her daughter…SICK SHELLY!!!! I do think Shelly is sick & evil. When she went nuts cyring and then was biting on her blanket I got scared wondering what she may do. Oh well you get what I am saying…..just think of all the evil, crazy things that she and Dani did.


He will be on the side with the power. BUT that is a good question if he somehow wins HOH =)

BB Baja Fan

Adam is on whichever side will keep him safe and get him through another week…


I love jeff and jordan but i dont hate shelly people need to get over it yes shes a liar but shes a damn good one she’s an old woman and couldn’t win comps so she used lies and manipulation to get further in the game it may not hvae won her anything but most people who play both sides get discovered way before week 6 and get taken out quick so she still played a hell of a game for a person who couldn’t win shit


Shelly did a heck of a lot better than the BB12 Saboteur. She did what she can to advance, and BB “experts” touted her to be a dangerous player and a real threat to win. Too bad, production screwed her brilliant game plan (which was clearly working for a while).

Shelly was robbed. LOL. Team Adam FTW, yo!


Yes, lying is part of the game but Shelly brought it to the extreme that she picked on Rachel and all the lies that she made up which is really not fair. The lies that she was making up are directed towards one person and it was not something that should have been related to the game. She made up lies so that mean girls bash and pick on Rachel every chance they get. Rachel might have been annoying, however, among the house guest left she deserves to win this game. Week 2 and she already caught on Shelly. Also, give her credit that when Dani asked her to betray JJ, she did not. As for my opinion, I would like to see Adam, Jordan and Rachel final three. The mean girls need to go.


First off she is not an old women pls she 41 which means she is 3yrs older then adam and 8ys older then jeff and no one is calling them old lol Shelly problem is she wasn’t good at lying. Her moves were to aggressive she should have done it so no one know she was lying like dr will did


ps do you consider jennifer anisten, cortney cox, sandra bullock or jennifer lopez old women because all are older then her


i meant older woman shes not old but she’s older then the other woman and shelly looks much older than 41 and is in terrible shape from all of the smoking so she may be 41 in age but is about 50 in looks and prob around 60 something when it comes to her health she had to hang from something and her backs been killing her since


p.s being 8 years older then some one does not make you close in age and i would call adam old also because hes old looking and out of shape


I am a jj fan but i have to agree if jordon makes it to the final two with rachel then rache should win it all depends on who she goes to the final two with i think if it is adam she has a good shot of winning adam hasn’t done much in the game either. The problem is all the players that actually played the game well are no longer in the game so it will all depend on who is in the game. Right now jordon is playing it smart she only talks game to rachel and vs versa. I am not sure why people keep saying jordon lied i don’t remember her lying to anyone


41 aint old!! well unless you are living in 1760 or something lol

ffs 41 lol


I’m a jeff and jordan fan, but I don’t know shelly so I don’t hate her, but it doesn’t mean I respect her game play either, you can lie in this game everyone does it, but she lies about everything someone who does that has issues


Big Brother should really stop letting Shelly outside, She looks like a Cheeto wrapped in Beef Jerky.

BB Baja Fan

I think Shelly has a future in TV – making skin cancer commercials. Although it would help if she would lose that man-walk of hers…


I don’t care how many kids she has or how many times she gets married, no one will ever convince me that she don’t want to play for the other team. lol


Well Shelly I don’t like Jeff and Jordan, but I hate you. I don’t care that you are lieing to play the game. I care that you are lieing to play the game, but then are so delusional as to say you are playing with integrity, and everyone else is a liar. Your constant talking crap about everyone was getting annoying. I just can’t stand the person you are. However as much as I hate Shelly, I think it is immature of BB watchers to threaten Shelly’s family.


Seriously, “hate”????? How can you hate someone you don’t really know? I can see hating or being pissed with the way someone acts, or what they say, but “hate” and “love” get so over used that they lose their meaning and impact. Just say’n.

TEAM Don'tGet InMyFaceBish

DR…your joking right? Now your gonna play holier than now on here? Maybe you better read about 98% of your hate posts about JJ all season long.You have talked so much shit about JJ,especially Jordan on here,it pathetic.In your own words you say “How can you hate someone you don’t know” how ironic that you’ve been asked that same question all season long on here.Stop trying to play a Shelly on here,you have talked alot of hate this yr yourself.Like I said…all you Dani fans was quitting if she got evicted,but your still here,spitting your vile bullshit,just like Shelly,your word means shit!!!!!!!!!!!!


delusional, integrity calling everyone else a liar, are you talking about Jeff?

BB Baja Fan

Could be Dani too


You’re right. To be fair I don’t hate Shelly in real life, but in the B.B. house I do. I assume that none of these people are this gossipy, and snarky to people outside the house, but if they are then I would hate them in real life.


Shelly – Shelly, as Jeff said. Your in for a rude awakening when you go home. JJ fans won’t be mad at you for voting out Jeff (that’s part of the game), but for breaking Jordan’s heart in the matter that you did it. Rachel fans will be mad at you for stealing her property and then continuing lying about taking it. About laughing about “Killing” her unborn possible baby. About not being truthful in the DR about your BB plans and owning up to the lies as a part of that plan. You made ONE big move in the game (you talked Kalia into putting up LAWON and Lawon jumped in as well) and saved Rachel who is now sending your azzz out of the game. Other than that you did NOTHING but told a lot of lies. You may find working in China for a few years a good thing as time heals. You won’t be getting a Christmas card from the Carolina’s. I do hope nothing stupid happens to your family and I’m sure that Jeff and Jordan would make a plea for your safety and tell the (less than 20 nuts) to back off. I was a fan for you through the first 3 weeks then realized that you were nothing more than a Randy that would get crushed by both sides. Good luck with the iron lung.


Shelly’s biggest mistake is not owning her lies in the diary room. America would love like we loved Dr Will. Plus she hasn’t been edited to be the liar that she is. When she convinced Kalia to put Lawon up, that was genius but we never saw that on the episodes.


I voted Kalia in the fan favorite poll.


i really hope you r not being serious by saying that??? Sarcasim????

Team Porsche Son!!!!!


That will totally sucked! Big Brother already have a history with Brendon evicted 3 times (Kaysar Ridha ,BB6/7 (2) New BB Record), the controversal of Aftermath of evicted Jeff, and now for the first time in the history of Big Brother, Jordan Lloyd will be the first woman ever to win back to back Big Brother History (Sandra Diaz-Twine (Survivor: Pearl Island & Heroes vs Villians), win 1 million dollars (2)). In additional, Rachel will be the first BB12 Alumni Woman and second BB12 Alumni cast member to be runner-up (Lane runner-up last year). If Jordan comes back maybe, she will break all-time record to win three times of Big Brother.


I’ll give you two wins (even though she wouldn’t deserve it) but three?! Are you on purple haze? BB should be cancelled if they rig it in her favor again.


Maybe Jordan can compete in the Special Olympics next. Not sur what she’d be good at… Hair twirling, laying in bed and taking jeff’s abuse are not events.


Please don’t give her any ideas, I can hear it now “this is so unfair that blind kid is real fast Jeff go put a chair in his lane I’ll show him what fast feels like”


Jordan will NOT win this year, unlike her prior season where she appeared all sweet and innocent, this year she has been exposed as a liar, greedy and totally useless. Having a jury that is made up of Vets who have seen right threw Jordan’s phony persona, especially Dani and Brenda, she is done. If she does make it to the F2, the jury questions will expose her even more. Jordan’s only hope of winning the $500k this year will be if she is sitting beside Shelly!


Totally amused by Captain. (Unlike other haters, I don’t think Captain has anything to do with the death threats. Captain already denied it, and I think he’s a straight-shooter)

It appears that you and Jeff really went to the same school. Whether or not either of you graduated is another mystery. Ziiiiiiing!

If there were awards for best fan, you WOULD OF won. Oh my! I should stay away from the computer and TV.

Team Chicago, yo!


Actually, Jeff graduated from RHS when I transferred from Senn High School as a freshman. You know Jeff before right? Did you met him? Let see are you from California or other state? If you bump into Jeff (Former BB contestant) sign autographs. Ask him what High School do you graduated and do you know someone who goes that school? If you have FB, ask one of my friends that Captainwedigearchnemesis is me Angelo Alto.


You’re as dinky as Jordan if you think she’s going to win again lol


Dude, you need to chillout and relax okay. I’m trying to be nice but really. Knock it off. You need to check history of reality show of who won either survivor or BB more than once.Just keep your mouth shut and move on. The only Dinky is Porsche. Because of her stupid move.


Jordan didn’t win last year moron so how is this one going to be back to back? Seriously you need someone to proof read your diatribes, before you click submit read what you have just wrote if it makes sense to you it is most probably wrong.


lmao hilarious


yea adam is living proof it is not easy living in the house, he has not done anything.


I highly doubt they will bring Jordan back a third time, and she definitely would not win again

team no one

Yeah, Gollum is going home. She can take her “precious” lies with her.


I personally have a sneaking suspicion that ole Shelly was planted in that house by CBS to wreak havoc. I just can’t wrap my brain around any other logical explanantion for such a successful business and family woman to be in there doing what she’s doing. I mean think about it…it’s possible. Things that make you go hmmm…


I so agree with you. It’s a game people!!!! For goodness sakes,leave her family alone. All she did was play a game the way she thought would work for her. I like Jeff & Jordan too but, I would never ever use death threats as a way of showing my disappointment for Jeff being evicted. Shelly after all was not the only person that voted him out. It’s a shame that wackos are trying to ruin the game for the rest of us. Grow up morons, if you think that threatening a little girl makes you impressive,think again, all you are is ignorant and like one poster said I hope you will be prosecuted fully, wha a cowardly thing to do.


Please keep in mind that Jeff and Jordan didn’t put Shelly haters in place. That is their own choice and Jeff is not to blame for what other people choose to do.

Shelly did a lot of unthinkable things inside the house as we watched yet tried to present herself to America as someone different….

She didn’t seek haters – she just wanted air time… and that is one thing she achieved, good, bad or indifferent!

Big Jim

I voted Rachel in the fan fav. poll. She has had the hardest fight thus far and IMHO deserves to win.


So didn’t all the “johns” in Vegas, The only hard fight she has had is trying to count how many she was with on the night she woke up nude, in a pool of puke and a fistful of Benjamins.


I think you meant Washingtons.


I voted ED, he was the smartest of this crew, getting out when the getting was good. Dick’s personal goal this season was to get someone to self evict,he was greatly missed by me on this show. America’s Fav-ED!

anon anon

Agreed. Here’s what I have to say to those haters who threaten; ”Put yourself on You Tube and make the same threats you’re making when you’re anonymously sitting in front of your computer, nameless and faceless.Then we’ll see how tough you are when your face is displayed for all the world to see. Cowards.”


Seriously people, Shellys move did take courage. The winner will be a floater, you have to float to go with the bully Jeff. Do people not recognize a bully when they see one! And while I think Jordan is super sweet and would be a great friend, is she not the biggest floater in the game??? Hello, that is how she one the last time she didn’t rock the boat and this time she followed Jeff’s lead completely. I can’t handle much more of Rachel but at least she didn’t let Brendon do all of the talking and thinking for her.


You nailed it! Also, Rachel is almost tolerable without Brendon around.


People are confusing the meaning of the word “Floater.” It is NOT someone who “floats” to the end by not winning anything. It is someone who “floats” from one side of the house to the other, following the power from week to week. Jordan has not done that, and has made it clear she was in the Vet alliance from the beginning. SHELLY, Porsche, Kalia, and Adam, on the other hand, have floated back and forth with the power the entire game. Shelly has been the worst. I’m not saying Jordan has done anything in the comps (did win one HOH, that was kinda handed to her), but that does NOT make her a “Floater.” Some may say it is a strategy in its own right to not win any comps, Dan made his entire season out of it, and others may say she just isn’t strong enough mentally or physically to win comps. But my response to that is, How strong is she socially then to make it as far as she has in two separate seasons? Everyone likes her in the house, and she has a good chance of someone taking her to final two b/c they think nobody will vote for her. It’s not the prettiest game play style, but it has been effective. My point is that “Floaters” don’t choose sides and ride the waves of power back and forth, while Jordan chose her side week one, and has stuck with it. If Dani and Shelly were smart, they would have stuck to it as well. But, they didn’t, and now they are both in jury.



You are right, Jordan is not a floater.. She is a coattailer that’s all she’s been doing is riding Jeffs coat-tail & now rachel’s


Now that Dani is gone the season has gotten so boring. I don’t even read the spoilers anymore, I just read the headlines now. I wonder why CBS didn’t make a last ditch effort to save her like they did with Brendon, Rachel & Jordan.


Shelly ruined my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t changed my cats litter pan since she stabbed Big Jeff in the back and ripped out Jordan’s heart and ate it. You know the devil is active when someone like Shelly is allowed to decieve good honest people, especially one’s with adorable southern accents.


What ever Lucifer your poster children J&J have been exposed for what they are. Now you will have to start the whole Anti Christ thing over with a new couple.


sqbl, been reading most of your posts and they are always hate, hate, hate, why so much? you must have a troubled lifestyle.


Shelly thinks way to highly of herself. She is a scary person. She lies but then denies it. When she does admit it, she claims she is helping the others. She talks about how she was going from one side to the other to get information. But she was telling everyone everything. If she had lied to further her game, it would be gameplay. She lied because she is good at it. She is worst than Evil Dick. He owned what he was. She is the person we are warned about in real life. She enjoys lying and stealing, too much in the game to not be like that in real life.

When she is evicted her speech to Julie will be about how much integrity she has and how she only wanted to help others. Nobody will call her out on it. I hope she finds out. I think she needs some professional help outside the house. Her extreme dishonesty is not normal.

I also hope Julie asks her about what if she had won the money. First she claims she is giving her stipend to her work claiming she doesn’t need it. Of course if she is CEO she may has access to it. Then she claims if she wins at the end she is giving the money to St Jude. Then she says she needs the money for her family. All the while she claims she lives in a 5000 sq ft home and just wants to help the young people on the show. At least Dick could remember his own lies better than her.

She had a real shot at winning in F2 if she had not got caught in all her lies. Some peole saw early on what she really was like Rachel, and Dominic. The others fell for her “mom” image. Now they realize, she has no mom image. A mom that is worth being a mom is not a liar and thief.


I do not think Jordan will win at the end. I think Rachel has a shot. I like her with Brendan gone. When he was there, she played to impress him. Then she could get upset and he would hold her etc. Now she is playing and is more likeable. I hope she and Jordan stick together. I think Jordan will vote for her to win in jury and so will Brendan and Jeff. Maybe Shelly will be so desperate to be Jordan’s friend that she will also.

I wonder what the jury reaction will be when Shelly leaves the house on Thursday. Only a few times has someone gotten a bad reaction. The best reaction would be complete silence.


Because silence is golden…and booing is probably forbidden!
Like that uncomfortable silence when the talking stops and she doesn’t?


It looks like jeff is winning the fan favorite poll with jordon second but he is way ahead of everyone not even close but for the real fan favorite i think only the jury members are eligable


This hoh is the turning point for RJ of PK i actually hope Adam wins this hoh only because if he wins we will finally see without a doubt which side he is on lol because even though i am pretty sure he is with RJ there is a chance we are wrong


If Shelly had been able to persuade Adam to prevent Dani’s eviction, she’d have been hailed as a genius. I hope that they get out Adam, he’s such a schlub, saying that the waitress is always surprised when he asks for a drink menu? Because he’s such a manly metal head? Talking about the Foo Fighter concert he’s going to, and how he’ll get a shout out from Dave Grohl? Sheesh, hope he’s joking . About the only thing good about him is that any of the remaining HGs would win against him, well probably not Shelly.


no shelly is going both sides want her out at this point because no one can trust her


Adam is a Poser! He pretends that he is a metal head because nobody would take a second look at him if he looked like the regular dude. Remember him growling like a headbanger during the beginning of the season? What happened Adam? Your a disgrace to all the hardcore people out there. You kiss a jocks ass like nothing anybody has ever seen. At least Shelly knows what she’s doing & has her own gameplay.


You said it right here – jot it down everyone……naive Shelly knows what she is doing! You called her out on this one! She wants us to believe she is naive Huh!


Didn’t Dan G. float for a while after losing his ally on the first eviction vote. He did that before amassing wins later in the game. When You are in a game where it’s hard to trust your fellow HAs, and you know you can’t be HOH every week, you should develop the ability to deflect nominations and eviction votes with the changes in the holders of power. Whether that is floating, flying under the radar, or good old “likeability” is a matter of semantics.

Credit to Rachel for giving “floaters” a bad name. Team Adam FTW, yo!


Dani didn’t float, it’s part of the twist this season. Have you seen BB8? Dani together with Dick won like 2/3 of the competitions that season. So people saying that she is a floater & that she rode her dad’s coatails don’t know nothing. She was able to take herself off the block 4 times by winning the veto that season. If it weren’t for her Dick wouldn’t last long either.


Temper. temper.

I was referring to the brilliant BB10 winner Dan G.

Sit your arse down and check your blood pressure. I’m not attacking your precious Dani.
Team Shelly for life, yo!


JJ fans don’t use logic or reasoning. If they did they wouldn’t be JJ fans


you must be an X-boyfriend of Jordan’s., maybe Jeff’s?


lmao… NICE! High-five! 🙂


*HAs = HGs

Darn “auto-correct” feature of this darn touch pad. I wonder if the Captain’s computer has the same features. LOL.

Team Captainwedgiearchnemesis, yo!


Shelly’s lies are finally going to be her undoing yeah!!!!!! C YA Smokey.


Oh and Rachel for the win……..


My goodness, there can only be one winner so every single player must lie to at least one person before the end of the game. The fact that Shelly did it to Jordan before Jordan did it to her is inconsequential! Supposedly, if you are sweet and innocent in the whole game then you must be a floater but if you’re a game player then you must be a dirty liar. Some viewers are so judgemental! It’s a tv entertainment show, no need to get crazy over it. :-s


yes, some lies are necessary to win but usually you want to lie to the other side not your allience but at the end of the day lying is a part of it but not getting caught is just as important it is knowing when to jump and when to not i think her play for jeff came to early so if you get caught then you pay the price and that is what happened. To honest jj are so liked i don’t think it would have matter the fans would still of hated her. It is just both her and adam would have taken the blame but from adam’s point flipping made no sense dani was jsut as dangerous as jeff but it would be worse because dani would never trust you becasue u flipped


I like Adam’s flipping style, and the way he apologizes to HGs that he “went against” the prior week. It got him to Final 6 so far, and looks good to make the Magic 5.

BB is a game not a sport. Are HGs required to pick teams to win? History shows that team ringleaders are the first to go.

Team Production, please don’t let Shelly leave.


I agree with you! Its just a game!! and I am just stunned at how viewers are taking all this so seriously its becoming ridiculous!

BB Baja Fan

All Shelly does is lie. She would need a script at this point to be able to remember all the tall tales she has told this season. I do feel sorry for her family back home having to sit by and watch…


She will be one to go home and watch the show and as she is saying things she will say “I never said that!” She’s lying!


Has anyone watch RTVZONE evil dick is as much a j azzzzz as his daughter …lol…i think he is still pissed because dannie didnt go further in the game and is blaming Rachel and Adam for that … I wouldnt want his ego in the jury. His guest Matte and James both think Rachel deserves to win .. AS DO I .. As much as so many hate Shelly .. those are the only two left in the game at this time that has actually played the game .. different but both played… not hide nor ride …lol… I truelly thought evil dick would have a more open mind and yet here he is taking things personally …we all know that the apple dont fall far from the tree…. I am sure he would change his mind about twists and pandora’s box if they used it in his season and he needed to be saved… my thoughts .. Out of those that are left i really feel the only one really playing the game is Rachel… ps… egg on evil dicks face when he finds out that Rachel is not with child… dam he and dannie are so much alike… yuk


Evel Dick has always had a thing against Adam because he always ends up deciding what will happen voting wise.
Adam doesn’t deserve that option.


Rachel? How? Because Kalia blew her first HOH (putting up literally the only player R could beat on the block)? Because R was a wreck and has been unable to refocus since the first time B was evicted? And because with the money at hand P was convinced by production to open the box.

I am at a loss. Can someone explain what Rachel has done this season since week 2?


i agree that Rachel’s big mistake in this game were her meltdowns – but if that was it, then that is not too bad, compared to these other losers in the house…say what you will but the girl does fight and she is good at comps and has improved her social game dramatically this last half of the season – i have to hand it to her and i think she deserves to win by far

i don’t like shelly either, but personality aside, she hasn’t played a terrible game, but her huge mistake at this point is not realizing that she should be thankful her two timing got her this far and that now, with 6 people, there are simply far too few people in the house to get away with it in any sort of seamless or believable way – now the tracks are too messy and she is still lying – so that and not being able to win any comps have sealed her fate and are the main difference why adam will (and should) stay over her – social game is sooo important!!!

as for dick, he is allowed to have his opinion, and i would want my dad to root for me, even if it shows his bias, no matter what, even in a game – so i would be disappointed if he went against dani

Girls Ruled

I agree went it comes to playing the game Shelly did what any
other person will do to get further in the game if you cannot win comp you have to do what is
best for you in the game to get further even if is getting out one of your better player alliance. She fool Jordon and Jeff
not so hard to do is not her fault they fell for it. Now Let’s look at Adam what have he done beside taking a POV given to him, and Jordan getting an HOH that brendon and Jeff gave to her what have she done beside saying people are being brainwash by Dani, meanwhile Jordan is already brainwash by Jeff. (HELLO)


First off i wouldn’t take what dick says seriously he always like to stir the pot he did it in the house not sure why he would blame rachel she hadn’t won anything in awhile but i guessing he is refering to her playing dani and tell jeff the plan. If anything dani was dumb to trust rachel and tell her all that. As for dick comments about adam i am not surprise did onlys players he doesn’t like people who float or do not win anything so i am guessing his opinion of adam and shelly is because they haven’t done anything in the game but let other people do everything. As shelly i agree she did need to get through jeff it was just how she did it . It wasn’t smart because jj were going to take her to the final 3 once people started questioning her she broke down if you are going to lie don’t get caught jordon reacted that way becasue she trusted her. As for jordon hoh every says that brendon and jeff through it which did but what people forget is jordon already knock out everyone already maybe brendon or jeff would have gotten maybe not but it is not like she didn’t already knock everyone out before that so it not like she didn’t play well that game becasue she did and it tiring everyone going on about how they gave jordon that win because we don’t know that


i don’t like kalia. why is she still on this show.

Uncle Cool

Rachel can show Shelly all the best back alley’s and bathrooms Las Vegas has to offer!!


Hey Simon, I have a question? We’re making a good argument and fights correct. Does not includes Calling people Retarded? Because All people around the world are mental handicap and disabilities including myself. So, can you answer that one? Because I have a learning disabilities as well. post this one.


capt’n I can’t keep up with all the chaos that seems to surround you . . People shouldn’t call you a retard it’s not nice. Seriously though you post like 50 times a day I can’t keep up with you I have updates to write and other people to deal with i could spend hours everyday filtering comments and resolving fights.

the cat people keep me busy enough with their crazy ass theories about Shelly.


Jason played in Big Brother 3. He did not lie and even though he was evicted before F2, all the houseguests liked and respected him. Behind his back they called him Saint, but never liar or thief. Nobody would take him to the end because they knew he would win. He voted for the person who evicted him to win. The public and the cast liked and respected him and when he used the word “integrity” he meant ot. I hope I have this correctly since I knew it was an early “Big Brother”

Anyway when they all say, you can not play unless you lie I think of him. If he had won the last HOH, he would have won. They feared him because he was too nice but nobody had 1 bad thing to say about him so he won more than anyone

So if you really have good social skills and physical skills you can play and win. You make a good alliance that will not nominate you for bieng nice and play your hardest. JMO


That is not true jason had is share of bending the truth for starters the house was as divided in his season there were a few allience not one side or the other. Jason also had a secret allience with danielle who was in another allience his job was to make sure neither got on the block. Jason manupulated situations to keep danielle off the block so to say he didn’t lie is untrue he didn’t do it the same way shelly did but jason also won stuff and he had danielle to cover him and the key was that the house was unaware of it. I think the key is that they were unaware it wasn’t that shelly lied it was how she lied and how bad she was at it


You keep saying “Jason” who is he? Don’t you mean Adam?????


Last night on BBAD it got to a point I was screaming at Kalia to ‘SHUT YOUR MOUTH”!!!!!!! That girl just rambles on and on and takes over any conversation with her loud mouth. I was wondering if her mother while watching her is saying “Kalia, stop running ya mouth!!!” LOL She is really a talker and after everything is said, nothing was of importance. I believe this girl likes to hear herself talk. Wonder if she even talks in her sleep? Sure hope she doesn’t make it to the end.


all depends on the next hoh


I believe that the whole season is scripted by CBS. I think they made up the story about Shelly’s family being threatened so that when Shelly arrives at the Jury house they will have an excuse to send her home. Then, they will ask America to vote for the winner among the final 3.


Ok, the posts where people are talking directly to/seeming as if they’re writing personal letters to BB houseguests here rather than leaving ‘community’ comments I have to admit are freaking me out a little lately, given the recent circumstances. I realize that the overwhelming majority of you are NOT freakazoids, but when a post starts out saying something directly addressed at BB players, like ‘HG, you’re a piece of bat shit, and you should have done this or that instead of this and that, and I hope you burn in hell, HG’ vs. ‘I think this HG is, etc…’, it weirds me out, and I’m seeing alot more of that lately here.

If you want to tell Shelly, Adam, Rachel, Kahlia, Porsche, or Jordan something personally, maybe it’d be a good idea to send it somewhere else rather than post it here? Just my opinion.

BB Baja Fan

Shelly is my least favor HG but I agree – anybody who would take a TV show to that level (of making threats) has some serious mental/emotional/psychotic issues going on


One last devious plan for Rachel. Jordan and Rachel tell Shelly they are going to vote for her (hear me out) but she has to swear to throw the HOH and not vote to evict Rachel or Jordan and not use a veto to save P or K (Jordan makes her picky swear on their friendship) BUT, Rachel and Jordan tell P and K that they will vote with them to evict Shelly. At eviction, vote is 2 to 1 to evict Adam. Shelly sees that Kahlia voted to evict her, so she is now 100% with JR. Rachel wins HOH (production is surely scrambling to create an HOH that Jordan can excel at, I just don’t think it can be done) Kahla and Porsche get put on the block. If Shelly wins veto, she can not use it. bye-bye Kahlia.

One (and only) devious plan for Adam. He can’t help himself and wins HOH (that is taylor-made for him. adam has been getting called to Diary room quite often. Maybe they are getting him to tell them about events in the house so they can be sure he has the right answer) He puts up Kahlia and Rachel. If Jordan wins POV the group will convince her not to use it because Rachel will beat everyone. in final (an adam need a big (any) game move to jusify winning BB) Adam and Porche will come on strong about how much Rachel has lied to Jordan. Rachel goes home. Production will finally find an HOH Jordan can win, Adam and Porche go up (Jordan keeps promise with Kahlia to ensure her jury vote) Porsche wins POV, Kahlia goes up and out. Adam, Porche, Jordan: final three. Adam is a certain final two. No woman has ever won BB when she was up against a guy in final two, plus he got rid of Rachel- when nobody else could. Adam wins.


The fact is Shelly made the right move. It was on its way to succeeding until Porsche use Pandora’s Box which was not Shelly’s fault. EVERYBODY IN BB13 HAVE LIED MORE THAN ONCE IN THIS GAME EVEN JORDAN AND JEFF!!! If any of you would get selected to play in BB, I’m very sure you would lie too to further yourself in the “game”. BTW people should not unestimate Jordan, she is a force to be reckoned with. I personally adore Jordan and I think she is the funniest out of all the other houseguest. My opinion on who I think should win BB13 is anyone but Adam. He not deserve to win as he is horrible at competitions after Jordan and has a terrible social game behind Rachel.


jeff and jordan’s summer camp. jordan has done nothing to win the money, all she does is eat sleep shit do nothing eat shit do nothing. atleast rachel has the balls to actually do anything to win that money.

and as for shelly. i cant wait to see how ur life after BB is goin to be like,,, hell……………

Nick B

Not true Shelly, a lot of us loved JJ last season but got entirely too fed up with their sense of entitlement this season. I don’t hate Shelly, and I applaud her for actually playing this game on a deeper level than an “Us vs. Them” mentality.


Shelley will be home shortly and she will need to fix a lot of damage, it usually will come from the kidds in school who will get thier informmation from tv. this kid will suffer because mommy wanted to make a better worls for her family, bull she wanteed to be on bb because she is an obsessed fan


OMG the best two players in the house/ puppet masters, and most deserving final two- jeff/dani are out of the house and now none of these six tools deserve to win