Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says she immediately felt sick after the decision she made this week and that she is embarassed of what her family thinks.. *Updated*

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9am – 10:10am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Adam and Shelly are out in the backyard talking about sports games and ticket sales. After Adam finishes his smoke he goes back inside to go back to sleep. At 10am Rachel wakes up and goes to the bathroom and then heads out into the backyard. Rachel complains about having the worst stomach pains and cramps. Rachel says she just doesn’t know whats going on. Shelly says yeah your either pregnant or its your period. Rachel says that it wouldn’t be the worst thing if we were pregnant ..I don’t think we will wait 5 years though. Shelly talks about her experiences while pregnant. Shelly says that Rachel must have been freaking out. Rachel says no.. I have my degree and it wouldn’t be the worst thing. Rachel says that she she’s been feeling sick and nauseous for a week now. Shelly asks maybe you are pregnant?! Shelly tells Rachel to just rest today.

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10:15am – 10:40am Shelly says just 16 days left and you can see your man. Rachel says I know. Shelly tells Rachel that she has a good chance to win this thing. Rachel says I don’t know.. Shelly says you are the strongest competitor here.. Rachel says I don’t know… Dani is too. Shelly says ..she ain’t here! They continue to talk about past competitions. Shelly says that everyone has said that Adam is a rockstar at questions… but then he goes out first. Shelly says that she thinks he is throwing competitions. Rachel says she thinks so too. Shelly says that no one is going to beat you in the end.. not Kalia, not Adam, …not Porsche.. Rahcel says that she can’t do a skill to save her life. Shelly says that Rachel’s advantage is being more relaxed going into the competitions. Shelly says that outside this game she is the first person to help someone and that in here it is different. Shelly says that she is so embarrassed about what she did. She says she has a really hard time watching people get hurt. Shelly says she immediately felt sick after the decision she made this week and that she is embarassed of what her family thinks. Shelly says that she is going to have to explain it to her daughter. Shelly says that sometimes game imitates life. Shelly says that you can’t beat people up for their actions in this game. Rachel says that people definitely act different when their back is up against the wall. Shelly asks Rachel what her greatest lesson is in this game. Rachel says to keep her emotions under control and to think before she acts. They start talking about the jury votes. Rachel says that she would have liked to compete against Dani in the end. Shelly says that she had a dream that she asked Rachel if she had made her decision and that Rachel said yes and pushed her in the pool and told her to stay in there till Thursday…

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10:45am Rachel says that she doesn’t think she will get the votes in the end …that she will be second place no matter what. Shelly asks why would you say that.. I think you will have a lot of votes in the jury .. the vets will vote for a vet for sure ..they want a vet to win. Rachel says not necessarily. Rachel says that she is doing this and fighting to get to the end for Brendon. Shelly tells her to use me .. if you want a pawn …use me.. why wouldn’t you use me to get to the end. Rachel says well why do you want to be here then. Shelly says that she loves the game and the experiment and wants to get to the final three. Shelly says that she has everything in life that she wants. Shelly says that she will tell everyone that she is in the game to help you and Jordan. Shelly says that it would have been nice to have someone help her out all game and that she is made a big move, and it came back to bite her. Shelly says that she doesn’t want either of them (Porsche or Kalia) to win. Shelly says she can’t stand Kalia ..she is a arrogant woman. Shelly says that Adam will not …absolutely not protect them… once he starts winning he WILL put you up. Rachel asks Adam will go after me and Kalia correct. Shelly says yes …he won’t go after Porsche or Jordan because of Jeff.

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11am – 11:15am Rachel explains that Adam thinks he deserves this because he fought so hard to be here… but I fought to be here too I went to open casting calls too. Shelly says that it would be a shame to have Adam win this thing. Shelly says that it will eat the shit out of her if Adam wins. Shelly says that will also be hard for you and Jordan to go to the end …because then the vets split the votes .. but you know that better than me think 12 steps ahead. Rachel says that we don’t care about that. Rachel says what do I have to believe that if you win HOH wouldn’t put me up. Shelly says because I told you.

Rachel says come on girl. Shelly says she will not win HOH and even if she did I would put up Kalia and Porsche. Rachel says that you played the newbies and the vets … and you have a great argument against the others who have not played the game. Rachel says be honest with me …you talking to me right now is game.. Rachel starts explaining her game, how she had to switch it up and work on her social game … to keep herself in the game longer. Rachel says that she has been considering keeping you …and even more now that Kalia and Porsche are so against you right now. Rachel says that the reason she didn’t keep Dani is because she told the entire plan to you when I told her not to talk to anyone. Rachel says that she was only going to vote for Dani if it would be a mystery vote. Shelly says wow ..I never understood why. Rachel says that she has more respect for Shelly for being a manipulator than for someone just sitting around. Shelly and Rachel talk about Jeff throwing the veto. Rachel still doesn’t believe it. Rachel tells her the whole situation with Dani and why she voted her out. Rachel tells Shelly that she 100% thinks Shelly is playing the best game in the house ..she lied and manipulated people. Shelly says you just made me feel like a $100 bucks .. Rachel Reilly says I am playing the best game.

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11:35am – 12pm Shelly tells Rachel that she will give Rachel her diamond ring that her parents gave her …and if Rachel goes up …she will not go out that door. Shelly tells her she can hold it ..keep it …I will not let you walk out that door without getting it back. Shelly tells her it will give you piece of mind.. that is how freaking serious I am. Shelly says as god is my witness Jordan and Rachel will not go on the block. Rachel tells Shelly not to throw the competition.. if she can win it ..she should. Shelly says that the only physical thing she can give her is the ring .. take it …I am not letting you walk out that door. Rachel says that she is not matter what voting out Jordan. Shelly asks if Rachel will take her to the final three and Rachel says yes. Rachel says that she just doesn’t want Shelly to make a fool of her. Rachel says that taking me to the finals is not signing me a pay cheque. Shelly talks about how when the vets walked into the game she had to totally change her game to fight with the super star players.

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189 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says she immediately felt sick after the decision she made this week and that she is embarassed of what her family thinks.. *Updated*

      1. “Shelly tells Rachel that she will give Rachel her diamond ring that her parents gave her ”

        Sure, and shelley just wants to take jeff and jordan to the money because she has enough money and wants to see a young couple win. Cmon!!!!

        1. yeah really give me a break……especially after her big speech why she had to get rid of Jeff because she had to look out for her family. She didnt put her family first but now she has to she is doing it for her family. Now all of a sudden againnnnnnnnnnn she is saying she doesnt need the money that she just wants to see a young person in the final two.

          Honestly she is a piece of work. You know I wouldnt mind her as much if she just told the truth in the dairy room. But she doesnt even tell the truth in there. At least Will would lie to everyones face but at least get a good laugh at it in the dairy room.

          and just a week ago she said she has nevered hated anyone in her life but she hates every bone in Rachael’s body……oh but what cause your on the block now and you need Rachael vote you want her to win the million……..

          I can go on and on

      1. me too! bc they have both improved as the game went on and became stronger as players (whether in comps or socially – or both)…rachel has been tested more but porsche just has a more cavalier, breezy approach and it’s nice to see someone who isn’t so tense and stressed out do well too – there is more than one way to skin a cat you know!! so Rachel or Porsche for the win!!

    1. “Shelly says that she will tell everyone that she is in the game to help you and Jordan.”

      … just like she was in the game to help JJ. This woman truly has no shame. I gotta admit i was not a rachel fan, but her social game and strategizing is 100% better since brendon left. Shelley is the master manipulator, but I think that rachel is pulling one on her here……well played VIP cocktail waitress!

    2. I definitely agree 100%. She has worked her butt off. She is the only one left who has totally played the game all the way through. I don’t want to see Jordan win another 1/2 million even though, I think she is a likable person.

    3. rachel seriously you can stop whining now about being pregnant k cbs isnt showing that garbage on tv so theres no more need to continue with the attention seeking.

      1. Yes, lying is part of the game, however, strategy should be limited towards the game and not make up lies Rachel said this, Rachel did this and not destroy one player where in fact she was making up all the lies. She just got too confident on her lies because it was working at first but it finally get caught with her.

      2. I fully agree they all have lied like dogs Jeff and jordan was gonna back door Brendon , so that is no different than what Shelly did it was a Game ove like htey all would of done also , I cant stand Racheal the whining brat , I will never watch BB again if she is on it again , I fully mean that ….

      1. Dr. Will had charm and sex appeal with the women. Lieing is ok with those traits. :) That was Ronnie’s downfall – he had neither charm nor sex appeal with women so they came down hard on him for lieing.

        BTW, I think Gnatalie lied the most in BB history.

      2. Dr. Will lied to everyone, but he did it strategically. He was purposefully manipulating people. He had a plan. His lying was part of that plan. Shelly on the other hand is just a huge floater that lies to keep herself in the house. Her lies are personal and hurtful because she tells people “I love you” to their face, then stabs them in the back. Dr. Will told people “I hate you all” and “I’m lying to you all” so anyone who was his friend was his friend at his/her own risk. He was loyal to Mike Boogie, so even though he lied to every other person, he had more integrity than Shelly. I love Dr. Will and I miss him because he made BB so fun and interesting. This year – BB 13 – is the WORST in history. It is so boring. There is no game play, there is no strategy. I couldn’t care less who wins. Whoever at CBS picked the houseguests this year should be fired. I think BB 12 or else BB All Stars are tied for the most interesting years because the best players actually had strategy. The Brigade was the best alliance ever.

        1. I agree at least Dr Will had the balls to say it to their face and if not he admit in the diary room what he was really up to. Shelley doesnt even know what she is up to she is just a stupid floater who to me has been the meanest player to everyone. She has the nerve to talk about Rachael not being able to control it she is just as bad if not worse. Im sure they didnt show us everything with her and Jeffs fight but from what they did show she is the one that lost her temper. Just like she did with Dani, with Rachael and with Adam and Im sure Im forgetting some

          oh they better not buy into her BS and get rid of Adam……she better be leaving this week

    1. Do you not understand the whole game is about lying
      and deceit? The morals of the outside world do not apply in the house…it’s a tv show based on lying. Just b/c someone lies in the game means that they are a bad or “evil” person outside of the house. Shelley actually was playing the game. She got caught (which happens). And will soon be voted out. I hope people will stop attacking her as a person. Attacking gameplay/ strategy is fine. But the personal attacks based on a couple weeks of watching her on a tv show is bizarre.

      1. So Fer Sure, are you really Mr. Shelley?!?! She’s a bonehead!!! I didn’t care for her since day one. Sorry, but I think there should be a shred of integrity in the game. She has gone against everything she said in the DR, where no one in the house can even hear what she’s saying. She got so screwed up with her own lies, that she started believing them herself.

        1. I assure you I ask not related to anyone on this cast. This is not church. You are just to dumb to understand the concept of this game.

    2. It’s not that she is a liar…that’s part of the game…it’s that she played on peoples emotions and she makes really harsh and wicked comments about people behind their backs and then says to the whole house what a ‘straight shooter’ she is. She completely played on Jordan’s emotions…that is way worse than just lieing to people.

      1. Playing on people’s emotions IS the game. It’s how you get them to do what you want them to do. Jeff and Jordan took advantage of Shelley’s crazy devotion to them for weeks. Then they would have tossed het aside in final 4 or 3. Shelley had a moment of clarity and realized that there is no prize for 3rd place. She took her shot (something Adam would never have the courage to do). It’s going to be her downfall, but she took a shot at a big move.

        1. It is part of the game, but could she not just admit in the diary room what she was doing? I would have respected her play much more if she would have just admitted to herself and the viewers that she was playing a sneaky and conniving game. Instead, she bashed and judged others when she was the worst of them all. Her strategy was not bad, but her twisted view of herself was.

          1. Maybe Shelly did admit to it in the DR. We do not get to see these sessions, so you can’t hold that against her–yet. Never have I had such a hard time trying to pick a winner. As soon as I saw the vets come through the door this season, I had major misgivings. If JJ had acted more like they did last season, I would have remained on Team JJ. Now I am rooting, very weakly, for Kalia, despite her early mistakes and constant talking. Rachel hasn’t really done much to change my opinion about her, though she has been been better, with constant babysitting since “her man” exited the house. (And all of you who criticize Kalia for eating, must not be watching Rachel attack everything that moves and shove it in her mouth. I thought it was because of pregnancy cravings, but now it doesn’t seem like that is it. Plus I have to mute when she chews with her mouth open.) Porsche just started playing. Adam has yet to make me see how anyone could have even cast him, superfan or not. Jordan won already and has done nothing to deserve another $500,000 or $50,000. Last, but not least, is Shelly. She has made lying an art form right up to the end. I accept that lying is a strategy in BB, but the constant fawning on her part has been too over the top for me.

      2. what I find disturbing most about Shelly is that she doesnt even confess in the DR. She really believes her lies. And she is full of BS when she professes ignorance of fruit and veggies. She specifically spoke one day of how much Josie likes fruits and started naming tons of them……but then she didn’t recognize a pear and asked what it was. C’mon!!!

      1. agreed. there is nothing wrong with lying in the game. u have to do it. but you have to know what kind, and how much, and to whom – and be very adept at talking your way out of and around them. shelly’s lies got too big and too messy and too inconsistent. that was her downfall.

        i am reading what she is saying to rachel and at one point in the game it might have been interesting but at this point, it’s old hat – like are you really trying the standard “compliment, ass-kiss, seed-plant, then manipulate combo again”…too transparent at this point. need to be more versatile and change up the strategy!

      2. He wasn’t better at it he was honest about it. He told them he was going to lie and then lied and they still believed him. Shelly just lies.

    3. I am glad Rachel told her (shelly) she was a manipulator and liar when Shelly was trying to campaign for her vote the same way she Jordan and Jeff saying she is just there to get the young people further and her and her family have enough money if it came down to final 3 she would just hand it over to young people. I mean REALLY after she just got through crying last week about Jeff stood between the money and her family. SHE IS A PIECE OF WORK.

  1. Simon, If you had a poll of most improved returns (I can’t believe I’m going to say this) I would vote for Rachel. I would be interested in others opinions.

    1. Agreed. Out of everyone left, it should be Rachel who walks away with the money (and I was NOT a rachel fan going in to this season)

    2. !!Rachel!?!? .. What about that porno she did with Brendon!.. knowing that BB staff was watching her and filming it!! ~ what type woman would do that??

    3. I think that one is a no brainer. The poll I would be interested in seeing is which Big Brother HG has hurt their image OUTSIDE of the house the most, with their behavior INSIDE the house?

      I would think that Shelly and Jeff would top that list, but I’d be interested to see what everyone else was thinking.

  2. Yes Shelly will have to explain to her daughter about how she has acted. Fortunately Jeff and Jordan won’t have to their family and friends they know that they will do anything for the money. Jeff + Jordan +Captain and the rest of their fans = the lowest common denominator. It is obvious that their fans can over look their actions because like JJ people don’t try and earn anything they just demand charity.

    1. OMG stop being such a b***h we get it you don’t like jj move on already. I know this might be hard for you but not everyone shares your opinion and if we don’t doesn’t make us stupid or on charity. You may not agree with their fans but they are entitled to their opinion stop with the personal attacks in the end it only makes you look uneducated and errogant. I actually want rachel to win as for the second person i am on the fence to be honest i don’t think any of them deserve it but for rachel to be at the end it will be either adam or jordon

      1. Hooorr RAH!! Hallie, nice, I am also very tired of Name to keep repeating this crap. Go on with your life Name, stop hating.

      2. Confucius said “to take offense when none is intended is a fool, To take offense when it is intended makes you a bigger fool”

      3. I totally agreed! Everyone has entitled to speak their own opinion. I respect your and I got my own opinion. That why, Squabble has no life at all. He just a moron and no educated background. Squabble hook up with Porsche and Kaila boyfriend. Oh yeah HALLIE, Game on Rachel vs Jordan Final 2! What you say?

  3. I’d like to put a bid on Porsches purple bikini…I’d use them as a sleeping mask… WHAT???
    Hey its a done deal, Shellys leaving, I dont hate anyone on the show… Its insane how emotional some of you get about people you dont really know. Just think Porsches a hotty with a plump rump.
    Go Simon & Dawg!

    1. I agree!! However, I was watching after dark and I think Porche is now the queen of saying “like” all the time. Drives me crazy!!

    2. She might actually talk like that…you speak pretty much similar to the environment you were grew up around…nothing wrong with being black and speaking like a valley girl. It might be annoying…but she probably can’t help it.

    3. i hate her too, everything about this woman annoys me. And I find so ridiculous her strategy sessions!
      “Time out” Jordan CANNOT put me up. She is delusional , in fact I hope Jordan does!
      Will be the greatest move she can possibly do.

      1. but why does she always has this high inflection after every sentence, like every sentence is a question… . Didn’t Stewie from Family Guy make fun of Brian’s girlfriend for talking like that? Also why the fudge is she always talking about her vajayjay. I mean seriously…. no one wants to see or imagine or want to know anything about her under regions. I also hate the way she acts like she’s the next Dani…. let’s face it. She’s the worst thing to happen to Big Brother… ugh.. at least Shelly was a character you love to hate

    4. I totally agree with you. Kalia drives me nuts. I change the channel when she is on and really… how many time does that girl say “LIKE”…. and she’s a writer. I would think she would have a better vocabulary. OMG, I sure hope she goes next!!!

      1. I would rather talk with Kalia then dimwit jordan & skank ho rachel anyday, those disgusting bytches make my skin crawl.

        1. Good luck, because aggrogant Kaila will be gone and so is Porsche. Bother are bunch of cockiness and done nothing but talking trash. I rather have a good competition like Jordan and Rachel than two newbies loser. I’m sure you love Kaila and Porsche as well. Please they all talk but they didn’t bring the competition. So, Kaila and Porsche are gone.

        2. I totatlly agree with you Jeff, dimwit & skank ho are terrible players & liars, crying and acting like the stupid bimbo’s they are because their loser boyfriend/fiance wwere kicked out. At least Kalia & Porsche’s personalities are real and not fake like JSR.

          1. me 2 I totatlly agree with you as well, Ms. Floater Barbie & hungry hippo are terrible players & liars, crying and acting like the hungry like going to McDonalds which made them cockiness and aggrogance they are because their loser mentor Danielle is kicked out. At least Rachel & Jordan’s personalities are real and not fake like KP. Yes, I know I get it. Kalia and Porsche personalities are faked! I get it Both KP are idiots.

  4. This couldn’t possibly be Shelly lying again, could it? Feigning concern for Rachel. So embarrassed about her behavior. Sure Shelly, you’ve convinced me.

  5. Boo hoo Shelly, you made your bed (& others!) and now your embarrassed about your actions, wait to you find out about the threats made by JeJo fans upon your family & your place of employment. You didn’t just become this person, let BB-13 document what kind of person you really are! Straight Shoot That!

    1. Every single person on the cast has lied. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Some people need to get off their high horse of morality. You want a summer of good deeds and honesty…go join the peace corps. Obviously there are people out there too dumb to understand the concept of this stupid game.

  6. Rachel took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, but she still could be… IF your too early into the pregnancy it won’t show up…
    Shelly is worried about her family…hah! Wait till she finds out the news of the death threats. I wonder if Julie will tell her right when she walks out of the house on TV.
    Go Rachel….Jordan can take second.

    1. This makes me wonder if BB has said something to Shelly re: her family. She has brought them up alot in the last few days & has been talking about America’s view of her. I guess maybe it could be her conscience too.

      I swear once I heard Jordan (right after hurricane irene) that BB had talked to her mom & right then they cut the feeds. It leads me to believe that they feed them info in the DR. I’m sure Danielle found out exactly why Dick left.

      1. If it is information that doesn’t affect the game, is it really a big deal? If I they were to tell Jordan, “Hey, a hurricane hit the east coast, but your mother says that everyone is fine.” Would that really be a big deal?

        1. If someone told me that my family was receiving death threats. it would certainly matter. If my family was in a hurricane, I’d be worried sick. They could walk right out the door like ED & then this season is really in the crapper!

    2. News flash…Shelly knows about the threats…did you not hear her earlier tell Jordon they had either 1 or 2 lil dogs and a mutt,now the other day she says they have 2 Rotts and a bodyguard and they are never alone when they go anywhere.As conniving as Shelly is,I say this is a bullshit story her hubby made up so America will feel bad for her.BB would not tell her about it,just like the HG’s we’rent told about the hurricane…but why now is Shelly saying they have guard dogs and bodyguards? Makes me think this was a plan and her and her hubby knows the game she was going to play and decided if she got to final 6,make up a story to save face.

  7. i dont know……all i know is i dont want Shelly or Adam to win thats for sure, Jordan is growing on me but Kalia, Porsche, and Rachel are my top 3 players and i think they deserve to win. which ever one i will be happy…as long as its not Shelly, or Adam.

  8. I am cheering for Rachel.. have from the beginning … even with all her crazy stunts… mind you i have also like Shelly’s play .. we all know that she lied… yes that is part of the game … back stab .. yes part of the game …… BUT … stealing is NOT part of the game .. Dani started that crap and the dummies followed through .. let us not forget the taking of Rachels property by THE CAR AND THE COW … sorry still cant say anything nice about those two .. I hope Shelly once in the jury room realize that Rachel is a nice person .. We all know Shelly truelly turned on Rachel when Rachel confronted and busted her with a lie .. RACHEL TO THE END AND WIN … :-)

    1. If by “best player” you mean irritating slob who has no manners and is a self-centered egomaniac, then I’ll agree with you that she’s the best player.

      But I want her gone right after Shelly. I can’t take someone talking 500 words a minute and never saying anything interesting or substantive.

  9. Rachel probably suffers from PCOS — her skin issues an menstrual irregularity are symptoms. She may have trouble having babies unless she gets treatment.

    I hope Rachel wins this thing — there is no one else in the house who deserves it more.

  10. I don’t think anyone will want to against Jeff and Jordan in a game anymore, for fear their fans are going to ruin their lives lol

  11. Holy crap! that’s how Rachel looks in the picture above. Man it’s amazing how fake this woman look, he just puts on make up to hide all that crap in her face.

    1. That pic is the true story she got the name Boy George we weren’t trying to be mean we’ were just making an opinion of who she looks like. The cakes and cakes of makeup is the only way she look good.

  12. I hope Rachel makes it to the end and wins. She does tend to let her emotions get out of control, but she is a competitor and she has fought to stay in the game. I really don’t want to see a floater win this season.

  13. Shelly’s only regret is getting caught. If she could have kept her shit together she would have been a force to be reckoned with.
    Don’t get me wrong I am overjoyed she is leaving, good bye and good riddance to the straight shooter. She shot herself right out the door.

    1. If Shelly would have owned her lies in the DR, America would be rooting for her.

      Rachel FTW!!!! But on one condition… Rachel has to leave Brenda (they’re not good together), move back to Vegas & be that girl we love to hate again!!!

        1. Everybody lied and jeff and jordan was just talking about cutting shelly the night before he got evicted she just beat him to it

    2. I understand a bit more now, why they stepped in with the bad thing in Pandora’s Box which clearly wasn’t planned, because this entire seasons was catered to the Vets which is a FACT but because the Vets member Dani started going against the group everything unraveled, and slowly production had to get things back on track starting with them getting Shelly to turn the house around saving Rachel preparing for Brendon getting voted back in the house, then when Jeff which was supposed to win that last POV accidentally threw the clown shoe out,

    3. i agree if you are going to back stab someone why confess to them before you do it her down fall was telling rachel jeff throw the comp did she not think rachel would confront jeff. That was the begining of the end for her and then she made it worst by telling jeff there was a plan to keep dani mistake two trying to shift blame to adam didn’t help her cause she should have just let adam and jeff talk. Adam wasn’t saying anything but instead she over reacted and everything came out she was her worst enemy she is leaving because of her

  14. Here is my question, If Shelly just want a young person to win, then why did she vote Jeff out he and Jordon are both young players as well. She is lying just to stay in the game. Thank God Rachel is smart enough to figure that one out!!

  15. Sometimes it’s important to step back and be objective. Almost everyone’s lied at one time or another, making them even, regardless of who is a fan favoriete and who is not. The object of the game is to take each other out until there is only one winner left. People seem to be pissed when their team gets screwed but when the same happens to the enemy it’s okay. I don’t hate Shelly, but Jeff and Jordan were the only couple left and it seems logical they had to be seperated. When they(JJ) voted out Brendon they seperated BR but suddenly they;re seperated and somebody’s pissed? Team JJ has taken out people from the other side and Team KP have taken out people from the other side. Shelly screwed JJ, Dani screwed Jeff, Jeff screwed Dani, Rachel took out Dani’s Dominic, Dani took out her Brendon. If you think about it, everything makes them even. It’s understandable though that people will be biased towards their team.

  16. I was watching bb after dark. Porche now hold the record for saying “like” all the time. She says it about 3 time per sentence!!

  17. Did you think about what you posted before you hit submit? JJ don’t pick their fans just for the record…and I highly doubt either would approve, you are making this just as personal as the looney “fans” issuing threats to Shelly’s family…smh

  18. Yes everyone lies in bb, its part of the game for some people but with Shelly it was more then just lying. She was sneaky and lied about what others were doing. Also i think a lot of the Shelly hate is not justthe lies but the way she acted. Like saying some of the cruliest things about Rachel and talking about her possible pregnancy(we know shes not). Shelly would say she hates liars yet she did the most of it. I also think Shelly doesnt even realize how much she does it. I figured that out when she said in Dr that” Im telling Jeff what i want him to believe and what i want to believe”
    Between Dani and Shelly i think that there behaviour went way past gameplay and the hours and hours they spent bashing rachel PERSONALLY as Dani always says “i dont play personal” Well they were bashiong Rachel as a person not a gameplayer. Dani and Shelly and pk should be ashamed after the show as yes its a show with lying and shelly is still there so she isnt that bad a player but the stuff that i heard coming out of there mouths about Rachel was uncalled for and extremely pathetic. I switched from a Dani fan to a Rachel fan after i saw Danis true character.

    1. Nobody bashed Rachel more on a personal level than Brittney last year. Her ugly comments were rewarded by America wi $25,000. If you are a good looking person like Brittney, Jeff or Jordan then you can say whatever you want. You look needy like Ronnie or older like Shelley then you are a bad person. If you’re good looking you are just considered witty. For the record, I don’t hate jejo…I’m indifferent to all the cast members b/c they will all be out of our lives in a few weeks.

    2. Thanks, just glad that people are realizing that Rachel might be annoying but she play good in this game, not as cruel as the mean women and among the house guest left, my opinion is that she is the most deserving to win this game. She might have been annoying but by far not as cruel as the DKPS alliance.

  19. I hope Rachel is OK she has been feeling sick for a while now.I hope nothing serious is wrong. I didn’t like Rachel last year, but I really like her this year. The way all those girls have been mean to her they are the Rachel from last year not her… Rachel FTW!

  20. I don’t think a lot of people are annoyed with Shelley b/c she lies, I think they have a problem with her believing her lies. If she ways lying and then going into the DR saying how stupid everyone is, people would respect her game play however shady. But she goes in and cries and talks about how she’s so honest. Then when she got into the fight with Jeff, she threw Adam under the bus and pinned the Dani thing on him and acted like Jeff was crazy for thinking she was lying. I don’t know, the lady just doesn’t seem right in the head.

    1. I do think she believes her lies. In order to be believable she stays right in character and almost thinks she is telling the truth.

  21. I know everyone is calling Shelly a master manipulater, but I honestly think that she has no idea the effect she has had on the entire house. It seems to me by the way she talks and her dr sessions that she genuinely believes other people have lied their way through the house less than she has. She is playin everyone and she doesnt even know it!

    That being said, Simon I know you probably have already said before who you are rooting for, but would you care to repeat?

  22. Shelly is not the biggest liar in BB. Do you guys remember Matt from last season. He said that his wife had a bad disease. At the end it’s a game, people will lie to get by. That’s how the game was intended to be played.

  23. Simon, I have to apologize, my opinion on Dani is pretty flimsy I know, but I can’t stand the T-shirt response “Shocker” that she repeated over and over ad-nauseum. I had hoped that after she was voted out it would go away , but now it is spreading like a virus. I am still recovering from Marcellus “Amazing” slogan. ugggh!

  24. I still have a feelin since this week they brought back the duo twist that both Shelley & Adam will walk out the door thursday leaving the final 4,,, Theres just not enough time left to leave 5 people in the house,,, I maybe wrong but dont see there being enough time left til finals =)

      1. I believe they said the 15th of Sept,,, So that leaves this Thurs,,, the followin Thurs,,, Then the Final Thurs,,, If thats the case how are they gonna get out 3 more people basically in 2 weeks,,, Just not addin up to me,,, but lik I said Could b totally wrong but would make sense w/ BB bringin the duo twist back this week,,,

  25. Shelly is not embarrassed by what she did..She did it for more air time and was so delusional she thought it was a good game more but what did it do for her except expose her as a backstabber..scumbag.and the biggest liar in the house. It did not benefit her one little bit to flip, she needs to be voted out .she is the worst BB player in history. i don’t condone the threats on her or her family but she did it to herself with the actions and her deeds in the house.. Lying and betraying are simply part of Big Brother – being a nasty, crude, mean, disgusting b!tch is not. If Shelly had kept her lying towards the game, maybe promises you will keep them but not, that is OK, however, when you make up lies that this person did this, this person this that, make up stories, I am not a supporter of that kind of strategy..She doesn’t give a rat ass what her family thinks or she would not be play this type of game..Lies. lies and more lies and she is still lying now..

  26. Does anyone know if that rumor is true that Dani and Jeff didn’t go to the jury house and will back for Thursday’s show? It may actually give me a reason to watch. Someone said they were coming back to vote but not staying (not sure what the purpose of their vote would be though). I agree with Rachel though, the 3 jury members should still be in the house instead.

    1. no that makes no sense and wouldn’t be very fair we might see them thursday if they show the jury house but it is to late in the game to bring anyone back and it wouldn’t be fair. Also america would vote for something like that I would say they are on their way to the jury

  27. I agree this is a game and should be taken to that level but there are a lot of crazy people out there as for shelly feeling embarressed because of what happened i am not sure i believe that. I think this is her last attempt to get rachel on her side i think that she trying to convince RJ that she is sorry so they won’t vote her out the same tatic she used on kaliah to get her to put one of her own allience up. I doubt it will work on rachel she is not as dumb as kaliah was

  28. The show is not about lying. For those of you who think it shows your moral compass and intelligence. The show is about socialization and getting an advantage through your communication skills. Same as in life but through a microscope. Do you have to lie and be deceiving to advance in life? No! Do you have to lie and be deceiving to advance in BB? No! How good can you communicate, influence and socialize to advance your own agenda. Thats what the game is about. Thats why people like Jordan have won and continue doing well. Thats why people like Dani are out. The ‘Will’ story happened once.. it will not happen again. Quit idolizing him. Liars and deceivers are eventually flushhed out (Dani, Shelly) and they don’t advance.

    1. No, I think it’s all about being able to adapt with any given situation or challenge. To be able to roll with the punches, be it someone badmouthing you, or stealing a stuffed animal.

    2. I disagree. The show is about Big Brother manipulating HG’s and events and the HG’s having to do whatever they can to not get evicted, despite having no control over anything that happens. The motto is “expect the unexpected” not “communicate your way to the top”.

    3. I disagree with you and you’re playing with words because Shelly’s been using actually good communication skills. EVERYONE lies in that show: “Jorda, o you have a final 6 deal with Shelly?” “Euh, I don’t know, Jeff doesn’t want me to talk about the game”. It’s called lying by omission. People lie in BB through their thoughts, their acts, their words, their attitudes and above all, by omission. Besides, this isn’t real life under a microscope. I don’t know what life you’ve been living but in real life, you don’t always have to put up with a bunch of strangers who have a say in your chances of reaching a goal. Most of the times, you have an exit so you don’t even have to badmouth people behind their back: you can tell them to f..k off in their faces and move along with your life, as long as they aren’t grabbig you by the cajones

  29. why do PPL believe that jordan should win, in my opinion she has already been awarded half a million dollars and she has not won any comp. this season, except for one!! yes she is a very nice girl but in the BB game you have to have more than JUST that.

    1. I think it is just because everyone loves jordon do i believe that jordon deserves to win probably not but if she can make it to final 2 then she has done something right but i don’t think the fact she won her season should have any barring now

    2. You don’t have to win comps to win this game….alot of past BB winners won 0 comps or 1-2 comps….the game is to align yourself with the right ppl ,while staying off your enemies radar and like it or not…Jordan is one of the best,if not thee best player at doing that.Sure we want players that win comps to go final 2 and win,but nowhere in the BB rulebook does it say…Must win comps to win BB.As you see the players that won comps,Jeff,Dani and Brendon are in the jury and Shelly (liar) and Adam (floater) could be joining them as well.As the saying goes…Don’t hate the player…Hate the game!!!!!!!!!

  30. It is so nice to see Rachel calming thinking through her moves and not being the old “spitefil Bitch”. I am now pulling for her. Hope she wins. If she goes up against the remaining house guest she should win. Even Jordan would want her to win!

  31. I flat out wanted Rachel gone earlier this season

    now I think shes the most deserving of the win.

    kalia? adam? jordan? no no no….and porsche with that speech to jeff, give me a break

    just not positive rachel gets the votes unless its F2 Rachel Kalia, or F2 Rachel Porsche

  32. The feeds are making me sick. If Shelly blows any more smoke up Rachel’s butt, she’s going to get cancer of the rectum. And of course Rachel is falling for it and talking about what would happen if they didn’t eliminate her this week.

    Jordan needs to wake up and pull her in for a talk. WTH is Rachel thinking?!!

    1. Maybe she is just playing a good social game and pretending to listen to Shelly’s crap … just because she is listening/nodding/agreeing doesn’t mean she believes a word of it. Time will soon tell :)

  33. I think the best arrangement would be: Adam- Porsche -Kalia for final 3
    Adam would get knocked out in five minutes of an assuredly endurance comp cuz he”s a fat loser. He just constantly gets taken out!
    Porsche and Kalia-that would be a tough jury vote.
    Leave in Rachel for final three, she definitely will win the comp and make it to final 2 and against Porsche or Kalia, she just might win the jury.
    Leave in Jordan against any of them and she wins Sweetheart vote. MAYBE she would lose against Kalia.
    Shelly goes home this week. That’s practically a given. Even if she made it to final 2, her bad blood and lies ensure her a jury loss.

    1. Here’s why Jordan will win Jury if up against, say Kalia or Porsche:
      Jordan will get ALL the vet votes except for Dani.
      Adam lusts after Jeff, ergo Adam will vote as does Jeff.
      That means the other one will have Dani’s vote and Kalia or Porsche’s vote.
      If it’s Jordan against Rachel, Jordan still wins because only Brendon will vote for Rachel. MAYBE Shelly.
      I just can’t forsee Shelly making it to final 2, but maybe I can understand why coackroach wants her up there because she thinks she could actually win jury vote against her. It’s quite possible!


  34. I was glad to hear Jordan tell Rachel that she was prettier without so much makeup. I was a big Dani fan but now I hope Rachel wins the big prize. At least she tries to give it her all and does not give up. Can’t stand yakedy, yak Kahlia………wish she would shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Do you honestly believe Shelly is being sincere? Everything that comes out of her mouth is meant to manipulate and you can’t trust anything she says.

    It’s nothing but b.s., like everything else she says.

  36. I feel sorry for Porche. She FINALLY wins an HOH and doesn’t get to enjoy the piece and quiet of having a room and bed to herself. I understand they are playing in pairs again, but really, why does Kalia have to sleep in that bed with her. Maybe it is because they are back in pairs she feels she deserves that bed as much as Porche. I almost think that she (K) just wants to make sure that she (P) doesn’t talk to anyone with out her (K) being right up her A$$..LOL.. just my opinion.

  37. I think that Porshe could win against any of the newbies, and I think that if it came down to f2 with Rachel and Porshe, Adam would vote Porshe; Adam would remember that he was a newbie all of a sudden. If Jordan is in the f2 with any newbie (not Adam), Adam will vote for Jordan, saying that JJ had his back, friends, blah, blah.Shelly will justify her flip by sticking with the newbies.

  38. She’s such a habitual liar, it’s hard to believe she genuinely feels bad. The true reasons she’s expressing this sudden guilt are probably the following:

    1. She got caught in her lies and betrayal and it’s getting her evicted, so of course NOW she feels bad, because it ruined her chances at money, not because her behavior has been disgusting (not just the betrayal but her comments and behavior regarding Rachel, Jordan, etc).

    2. She probably thinks that a huge mea culpa could save her butt, and like anybody, she’ll do whatever it takes to stay in the game, including feigning remorse.

    3. Production probably told her that she’s coming off really bad to the public (not getting specific about what’s really going on with the threats though) and should show some remorse ASAP for the good of herself and her family when she gets out.

    If she really felt bad about her actions, she’d be apologizing to Rachel and giving her stuffed animal back, she’d be apologizing to Jordan for yelling at her and betraying her, she’d be in the DR owning everything and saying she screwed up. But she’s not doing that is she? And that says a lot. Smh.

    1. Shelley has apologized to Jordan.
      She, also, said she was making a game move and it wasn’t personal but understands
      how it hurt both Jeff and Jordan.

      You do know that Jeff and Jordan were going to dump Shelley and Adam, right?
      IMO, no one in the BB Game comes across as anyone I would like to know on the
      outside, however I, also, do not believe that the HGs behave in their real lives
      as they do while in the BB House.

      1. Shelly only apologized to Jordan after Jordan brought it up and apologized to her, and Shelly didn’t even try to be specific about what she did, nor her behavior afterwards. Jordan gave Shelly an out remember? Like a day or two before it all went down, Shelly said to her how she can’t win against them and Jordan said she should feel free to play for herself and break their alliance, and Shelly’s response was “Oh NO NO NO, I’m with you two 100% you’re my best friends, blah blah blah…” and then less than 48 hours later she betrays them, lies to Jeff about it just before despite being caught, and then after he’s gone Shelly had the audacity to get in Jordan’s face and yell at her as if Jordan had done something wrong. So a simple, general “I’m sorry.” after Jordan apologized (even though she had nothing to apologize for) just didn’t cut it, and made it totally insincere.

        1. Shelley was the one who asked Jordan for the one-on-one conversation and not vice versa.

          IMO, Shelley truly likes Jeff and Jordan and hated to change her alliance, but she decided to play
          the game for herself. Nothing wrong with that.
          BTW – Jordan “giving” Shelley permission to play her own game is beyond ridiculous.
          No one there needs to ask for permission to form or to leave any alliance. It is a personal game to win and
          each player has to decide upon their own actions.
          How can you chastise someone for changing their game plan in 24 or 48 hrs when the game
          is constantly changing?

          Too often, people forget that J/J were lying and deceiving others in the game.

  39. MEL, I don’t know about that. What did Porsche do? Seriously, Porsche doesn’t have a chance of making that far and since her aggrogant mouth of hers will cost her to get the evicted. What will Porsche do if she wins 500K? She probably buy more clothes and some other things. Kaila, are you kidding? She know what she did to evicted Jeff. That’s a stupid move. She knows that she eats, sleep, and what? She hopeless like Porsche. Adam is okay and keep his calm and don’t get into drama. Rachel will get the shot at final 2 and came little bit short. Jordan, she will have a chance to go to final 2 as well and be the first woman in Big Brother History to win Back to Back 500K. Even though, Jordan is cute and nice but she is a strong competitor. I’m speaking my opinion. Beside, if you put Rachel and Jordan at the Jury House. I have to warn you, the Veterans will control the Jury votes which who will deserve 500K. There no way Porsche will not get the votes from the Veterans, neither is Kaila. So, my suggestion that did Porsche know Janelle lately? Because Janelle finish third and does it help to Porsche advantage. I don’t. Look at Jordan, her strategy helps to keep calm and do what Jeff tells her. She won in BB11 and she will do it again. Rachel other hand. She got the evicted in BB12 which she finished 9th. So, Rachel has a chance to make that far. In fact, Rachel is doing fine without Brendon. She thinks and focus than catiness. Kaila, her cockiness will also cost her to lose and because of a stupid move. She will end up in the Jury House. Porsche, well her biggest mistake ever is not using the Power of Veto which Jeff use the POV to save her. Her other mistake that even though she won HOH and open the Pandora Box, she cost her and her partner to lose the POV as Duo Twist. For the reason, I think that Jordan and Rachel will go that far. Be careful, because if Rachel and Jordan goes to the Jury house and Porsche & Adam goes to the final 2. The veterans will vote Adam to win. So, probably should rethink the strategy of the newbies and the veterans. As for yet, Rachel or Jordan wins HOH next week. Porsche and Kaila will go on the block and Rachel will win POV and keep the nomination a same. In fact, Porsche planned of getting rid Rachel and Jordan would not work. Rachel will probably take out the strongest threat. That would be Porsche.

  40. I am saying this comment a little early because it all depends on Thursday if Shelly gets voted out (which I am hopeful) but a good game move is one that doesn’t hurt you in the long run. Dani had a bad game move when she opened her mouth about back dooring Jeff, then not trying to work with Brendan and Rachel, or Jeff when he had the power…bad game move. Jeff (even though I truly love him) bad game move going so heavily after Dani at that point and trusting his alliance (also the clown show didn’t help which really pisses me off)…Shelly, I have to give her credit to try to do something but if that action sends her home this week then it wasn’t a good game move to go against Jeff, she would have been sitting in final 4…(My scenario-Jordan might have actually won that HOH on double eviction, then Jeff might have won HOH on the snake who never know….even so…Rachel would have been gone and Shelly could have lied again and stuck with her original 4 or jumped ship to KP who would have needed her too) So in the end, if she goes it was a bad game move.

  41. If Shelly goes I will have a celebration party. She should have been gone a long time ago. Same goes for Rachel and Kalia.

  42. Even Evil Dick had Dani on his season; one person to trust 100% and be real. You need to be real with one person, or you are just a psychopath who can’t tell lies from the truth. The season is called “Duos”, but Shelly played 50days and never got it. Pick one person, really trust them, and screw with everyone else.

    1. im hoping for that too. :) i love jordan, but rachels fought hard in both seasons and deserves it. and this game has made her such a better person. :)

  43. i know shelly has lied a lot in this game, and that she did a lot of wrong, but i think she knows now that she stands no chance and she wants to make it up to rachel and jordan. i think she wants to help push them into final 2, and get jeffs respect back. i also think shes desperate not to go to the jury house with jeff and brenden. i wont lie. i starte out the season wanting shelly or cassi to win if jordan or jeff didnt. and then i like, couldnt stand shelly towards the end when she sold out rachel. but i really think this is jordan and rachels best bet. i dont think shelly is a bad person, and i know she wont hurt jordan like that again. i really want adam to stay, but i am very skeptical if hell choose jordan over porsche. either way, i think rachel and jordan are sitting in a good place with either of them, and if they did keep shelly, theres a good chance if kalia gets HOH that theyll get shelly out and secure the final four deal. i just pray jordan wins HOH this week so rachel can compete in the most important HOH against kalia or porsche.

  44. I’m confuse is Rachel pregnancy back I though she said it pregnancy test is negative or she just using using this as a game play
    To get jury votes.

  45. If Shelly would have just stayed with Jeff/Jordan, they could have taken her to the final 3 and Jordan being Jordan would have said i won last yr i will go to jury u 2 duke it out, but now because Shelly back stabbed them she is getting NOTHING and nothing is what she deserves.

  46. “Shelly asks if Rachel will take her to the final three and Rachel says yes.”

    I’m hoping this means Adam is heading out the door this Thursday. Say what you want about Shelly, but She’s played a better game Adam.

  47. I think one of Adam’s best moves was voting to keep Jeff. No matter what Shelly says, and man she’s good, Jordan will never trust her again. Since Adam didn’t flip, that will keep him safe this week. Plus that vote will help him with jury votes if it’s up against a newbie in the final two.

  48. I say again, if Rachel and Jordan allow Shelly to stay, they deserve whatever they get. I have watched every season of BB and don’t remember anyone giving personal items, such as a diamond ring to stay (hey that darn thing might be a cubic zirconia, anyway, Shelly is very use to lying). Shelly is desperate to win. I have never seen anyone so desperate to win. Most have said they will do things, but darn, come on Shelly… sound pathetic. Based on my life experiences and knowledge, I can say, it is best to stay away from desperate people. Shelly needs the money and she definitely needs it in a really bad way.

    Kalia and Porsche decided to pull out their buttons/play dough/ jelly beans to strategize on Saturday. Shelly was in the room and both girls are so darn dense that they talk about Shelly’s eviction right in front of her. I believe Kalia even told Shelly that she was next to go. Shelly probably is upset with Porsche and Kalia and I believe, at that point, she realized evicting Jeff was pointless.

  49. For all of you thinking Rachel is buying what Shelly is selling, you’re crazy. Did you forget her Emmy worthy TV acting skills while interacting with Dani making it seem like, she was going to vote to keep Dani?

    Rachel is really savvy right now. She’s just getting last minute information from Shelly.

    I loved Rachel her season and I love her even more now. I’m rooting so hard for her. She truly became the underdog of this house. At this point, she deserves the win.

  50. The final 3 part HOH competition BB13 prediction:Jordan vs Rachel vs Adam
    Part 1:Endurance event-Rachel (Winner-Bye), Jordan (2nd-Round 2), Adam (3rd-Round 2)
    Part 2:Mental/Physical event-Jordan (Winner-Advance to the final Rd), Adam (Nominee)
    Part 3:Who says-Rachel vs Jordan: Rachel (4)-Jordan (4) correct tiebreaker-Jordan wins with the tiebreaker
    Jordan wins HOH takes Rachel; evicted Adam
    Same Scenario
    Jordan to win:Jeff,Adam,Jeff,Shelly,Dani,Kaila,Porsche
    Rachel to win:Brendon
    Jordan wins 6-1 Winner of Big Brother 13, Rachel finished runner up, Jeff wins America favorite House
    BB11-Jordan (Winner-BB11)
    Part 1:Endurance event-Kevin (Winner-Bye)- finished time automatic Natalie finished time-TBA (Round 2) Jordan finished time 3 hrs 27 minutes (Round 2)
    Part 2:Mental/Physical-Natalie finished time remain w/9 correct .02 sec, Jordan finished time remain with 9 correct .22 (Winner)
    Part 3:Question from the Jury-Kevin 3, Jordan (3); tiebreaker question about votes being cast for eviction: Kevin (80) Jordan (50): The answer is 51 cast-Jordan wins and evicted Kevin
    Jordan to win: America Votes (Chima expelled), Jessie, Jeff,Michelle,Lydia
    Natalie to win:Russell,Kevin
    Jordan wins 5-2 winner of BB 11, Natalie finished runner-up, Jeff wins America favorite Houseguest.
    BB12-Rachel Evicted 9th place
    Part 1:Endurance-Hayden (Winner), Lane (2nd, Round 2)-2Hrs 35 mins, Enzo (3rd, Round 2)-19:14
    Part 2:Mental/Physical-Lane Finish time 1:13 5 photos corrected (Advance to the final rd vs Hayden),Enzo-Finished time-Finished time 1:43 (Nominee)
    Part 3:Q&A from the Jury:Hayden vs Lane; Hayden (4) – Lane (4) tiebreaker question-HOH part 1 Rumble in Jungle-Hayden (91),Lane (55)-Hayden wins and evicted Enzo
    Hayden vote to win:Enzo,Regan,Matt,Kathy
    Lane vote to win:Rachel,Brendon,Britney
    Hayden wins 4-3 winner of BB 12, Lane finished runner-up, Britney win America favorite Houseguest
    So, how would Jordan don’t do well in the competiton? Seriously, did you see Jordan try to compete HOH or POVs. She will really good of mental except the puzzle part. Come on, how would Porsche can do endurance, mental/Physical, and Questions from the Jury? No way Porsche can’t do win competition by being so cocky. Kaila, come on how would she handle final 3 HOH with Endurance, Physical/Mental, and Q&A from the Jury. There no way both of them would go to the final 2.
    Jordan improvement: Focus on the Round 2 of HOH competition deals with Mental/Physical including remember the HOH winners or memorize the HGs face without any pressure. Also, need to finish faster time than BB11.
    Rachel improvement:This will be Rachel’s first 3 part HOH competition, part 1 have to stay longer with time remain and in part 2 just in case she didn’t finish the Physical. She has a perfect photo memory with HOH winners or HGs faces. Part 3 is also Rachel first Q&A from the Jury and if she and Jordan tied go for the tiebreaker question based on either HGs eviction cast, HOH or POV competition w/Endurance,Physical, or Mental which relates of evicting HGs or save the HGs.
    Jordan vs Rachel Final 2
    Porsche or Kaila can’t compete this one because of her cockiness and aggrogant. How would Porsche can be coached by former HGs Janelle. Both Porsche and Kaila doesn’t stand a chance of winning it. If you guys think that this a fanasty, well this is reality.

    1. SQUABBLE, if you don’t like my opinion you get it. You like your girlfriends Porsche and Kaila. You in love with them both. Seriously, get the life. Your in love with Porsche and Kaila, I get it. Beside, any morons like you would indeed go for Newbies who don’t win by coaching included Danielle or Janelle. No,Veterans have to fight hard and made that far. Veterans deserve to go that far. So, get a life and stop being like Porsche and Kaila. I get it. HALLIE Right. Everyone has entitled to speak their opinion.

    2. Correction:Part 2:Mental/Physical-Natalie finished time remain w/5 out 9 correct .02 sec, Jordan finished time remain with 9 out 9 correct .22 (Winner).

    3. Correction again:Part 2:Mental/Physical-Natalie finished time remain w/ 5 out of 10 correct .02 sec, Jordan finished time remain with 9/10 correct .22 (Winner). Why I’m keep correcting part 2 of HOH competition.

  51. Stopped watching! Stopped reading here! ever since CBS blantantly told the country that one of the vets are going to win…and Allison was gonna make sure that happens no matter what.

    1st and foremost, I don’t like rachel but respect her game play and perserverence, and if not Porsche then I hope Rachel wins.

    Absolutely HATE do nothing Jordo…I know she is Rachels only shot at $500,000….But hate that bitch.

    Adam, useless blob of a man…Gotta go and soon

    Kalia, Talks entirely too much, naive and stupid all at the same time, no wonder its hard to stay in an alliance with her.

    Shelly is going home Thursday!

    Porsche had a shot, but opened pandora’s box, knowing that CBS has been favoring the vets and manipulating the game. I.E. America’s vote for Brendon to return.

  52. I’m with everyone that this a a lye cheat and steal your way to 500 but shelly’s downfall is she us not smart!!! She lies in stupid ways that get you busted then even after she is busted she continues but just turns on the water works!!! She is dumb and her only game move was switching side and getting Jeff out which ultimately got her on the block!!! I don’t believe there needs to be integrity played In the house unless the player wants it!!! Shelly has done nothing but brag about what an honest person she is and even in the DR!!! She is stupid and I hope they show Jeffs face when she goes to jury!!!

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