Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Baking, Operation Sleepover, and Dog Worms

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9:45pm Kitchen Rachel and Porsche Rachel is making cinnamon buns They are talking about Shelly being potentially very good at competitions.

Rachel points out that some of these people go around saying they throw comps but can they even win them if they were trying. Porsche says she thinks Adam really tries in the comps he’s just not good at them. Rachel thinks Adam really feels bad for how his performance has been.

Rachel asks Porsche of all the people to be friends with why did she start being with Shelly. Rachel can understand Kalia and Dani but not Shelly.
Rachel: “She lied to our faces multiple times” Porsche knows Shelly was lying very early int he game but they thought Shelly was at least a vote.

Shelly briefly joins them says the cinnamon buns smell good.. She tells them that Adam has a bromance with BJ so they should let him be with his boys in the jury house. They laugh. Shelly offers to make the icing for the buns.

10:30pm Kitchen everyone enjoying the cinnamon buns. Shortly after Rachel and Jordan head outside where they figure out they need to become Best Friends with Porsche and Kalia. rachel wants to call it operation sleepover. The goal is to make PK think they have a final 4 so if they win HOH they will put Adam and one of them up instead of both JR. rachel will chill with Porsche and Jordan will chill with Kalia.

10:40pm Kalia trying to work on Jordan making her think they want to stick with the final 4 deal. Jordan trying to work Kalia to make her think they are still in a final 4 deal

10:40pm POrsche trying to work on Rachel making her think they want to stick with the final 4 deal. Rachel trying to work Prosche to make her think they are still in a final 4 deal

(Basically KP and JR are trying to do the same thing to each other, Both sides think they have Adam and want to take him to final 3. JR call this operation sleepover KP don’t have a name for it.)

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11:00pm quad Adam trying to get away from Kalia talking everyone else on the couches. Kalia is telling them about high end hair stylist and how you can tell when a haircut is top of the line. Kalia says she knows hairs stylist that charge 500dollars a cut. She went to a “dope” stylist and it cost her $90. (Kalia is killing the feeds right now)

Kalia brings up her sisters dog that had worms. Kalia: “It’s like angel hair pasta weaved in the poo.. I will never forget seeing that it was soo gross..”

They start giving Kalia a hard time for tossing her dog against the wall. Rachel: “Kalia that is so mean” Shelly: “It probably has brain damage” Kalia: “It doesn’t have Brain Damage.. it bit my hand”
They start to give her advice on how to train a dog, Rachel suggests verbal commands shelly thinks a whistle works. Rachel starts sharing a story about her giant dog that jumped on her lap.

11:45pm chit chat and Jordan goes to bed

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99 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Baking, Operation Sleepover, and Dog Worms

  1. BBAD: K admits to having thrown her dog against the wall because it bit her ….. WTF?!! Can somebody in L.A. call the SPCA (equivalent name in states??) on her. Holy shit, who does that?!! I vote to evict K for that reason alone.

      1. Kalia really is a piece of work isn’t she? GO BIG RED! Right now I see the show not so much as wanting someone to win but NOT wanting someone to win. I don’t want Shelly, Kalia, Porsche, Adam, Jordan and Rachel in that order, to NOT win. GO BIG RED!

    1. That’s disgusting, throwing a dog! Hungry Hippo Kaila needs to keep her mouth out of the dog food then, I’d bite her to…..

      GO PETA!!!!!

    2. Yep and then Kalia went on to say, “Haha, my friend, giggle, dropped a BOWL of mashed potatoes, heehee, on her dog’s head.”
      Rachel, “Oh, was the dog okay?”
      Kalia, “NO, haha, he DIED!”

      This woman is SICK! She shouldn’t own pets and I hope she never reproduces.

  2. I’m pretty sure Rachel is trying to make Porche fat. Every time they bake together, Rachel mounds on the butter and Porche comments on how much she adds and how they don’t need that much, but Rachel just comments with “Oh well” or “It’ll be fine”.

    Kalia is driving me crazy on After Dark tonight! I do not blame Adam for hanging out alone of the hammock.

    1. Oh no, Shelly hasn’t left the house and the fans are already turning against a new archenemy: Kalia (the Hut). Team Adam, FTW, yo!

    2. I actually left AD last night because of Kalia and that rapid fire talk, those gutteral song sounds she throws out, and her fake Valley girl accent.

  3. Why does everyone love Jeff? I think he has turned pretty nasty this season and he thinks alot of himself!!! There are other more deserving people than him open your eyes people !!

    1. Jeff is a cool guy, he’s confrontational yes and for good reasons, he played the game and everyone that his left here minus P&K are still in the game in large part thanks to him. He also was trying to make an impression on great ass cutie Porsche! XD

    2. Jeff’s no longer in the house….. New topic please…… Maybe we can discuss one of the more relevant houseguests, dang, Kalia is annoying!!!!

    3. I can’t understand the obsession with him. I didn’t watch season 11, but from watching him this season alone, he didn’t seem that impressive. I was expecting him to be some super nice dude.

      1. Jeff is a good player, people are complaining because jeff was an a-hole lol, wow i think everyone in that show was, except jordan up until the shelly fight ( which i agreed with). personaly being a fan of jeff that i am i still think that dani and adam were prob only 2 that did not play with personal emotions in the mix. being locked up in that house and dealing with the drama of going back n forth would make anyones mind snap. the only diff with this season is that those flipping between sides and got busted caused some of the biggest arguments/fights in the house, and thats when it was really just going awry. my opinion is ~ K= is just plainly annoying and high on herself ( with hint of trying to be dani in the mix lol ) ~P= is a follower to whoever holds the power, that chick would lick shit off the ground if it meant an alliance( not to mention making moves saying dani would want her to, though she is not in the house, like really????) ~S= not bad game talker ( GAME TALKER) she has won absolutley nothing in the game, so u know everytime she opens her mouth its a lie( hmmm, reminds me of a politician lol) not to mention she was the centre of mainly all disputes, and personaly is a butch that walks like a gangster lmao, u know her husband wheres the skirt in the family eh.
        ~ JR= well they do whine alot ( but its to be expected spending all those days not seperated and only truly having a partner that they can trust,talk to, and just having shoulders to cry on). most women do that and prob would react the same way, boohoo. i think these 2 should just make it to final 2 and split the cash…. nothing about adam cause really he is just there for the game and has not done any dmg/crowed control, just fly’s low which makes him in best spot, let the others take themselves out with all the bickering and BS…. at the end of the season when the show is done and the cameras are gone, they prob all nice down to earth ppl…….. well maybe lol.

    4. I agree with you. Jeff has been really,really nasty this season. He has really turned me off. Poor Jordan she is sad. What happened to her brain? Jeff got exactly what he deserved for backdooring Danielle. He was afraid of her. She should have won the game in my opinion.

      1. dani would have won if she did what she does in real life and suck off the producers to get ahead… wait i think porche did that already lol

    5. I agree with you! Jeff was awesome, but he became nasty when he realized it was him playing against a bunch of newbies. I still like him, but not as much as before! This season as he and the gang was after Danielle, he became more childish and bullyish towards Danielle. I guess it’s ok for him to lie to Danielle to backdoor her, but it wasn’t ok for Shelly to lie to him and backdoor him. It’s all karma karma! I enjoyed it so much watching him beg for Adam’s and Shelly’s vote (the newbies) who are kicking his butt! I do feel sorry for Jordan though – I still consider her my main favorite, but I love Danielle the most!

    6. Totally agree. I liked JJ in their season. Wish they were both out this season and will be disappointed if Jordan makes it to the end. She is the biggest floater in there.

      1. You should use your terms correctly. A floater is someone is floats from alliance to alliance going to where the power is. Jordan has never been a floater in season 11 or 13. She may be a terrible game player but a floater is not. Also for all the people saying Danie got “back-doored” by Jeff. You can not get back-doored if you play in the veto.

        1. In season 13, floater has taken many definitions.
          Season 3 and other seasons floater meant a house guest who does NOTHING. They win no comps (or hardly none) and don’t start no mess. They fly under the radar undetected and amazingly make it the final 2. Everyone else becomes a target, but not the floater. They can win BB with not much effort while the blood is on everyone else’s hands. Enzo last season was a floater. He started the brigade….but did nothing else.
          Like a log at sea that “floats” to the shore with no effort… is a floater in the BB house. Dani, Rachael, Jeff, and Brenden are not floaters. Dom, Dick, & Cassie probably would not have been floaters.
          I can’t say floating is a terrible plan. If it helps you win 500K then why not.
          I never thought it had anything to do with changing alliances or flip flopping (because that takes work); and in BB history when someone is nominated to be evicted…alliances have become blurred as HG say what they need to say to stay in the game.
          At this point, Adam is a major floater. If he makes it to the final 2, the JH will have major questions to ask him as to why he should win 500K….and he better have some major answers other than…”I was loyal to Jeff” …because even Jeff won’t think that answer is good enough for 500K. It happens every year….opinions change in the Jury House. *This is why Kahlia wants Adam with her in the final 2. For you Racahel fans…if you really want want Rachael to win…you better hope she takes Adam with her to the final 2. If she does, then she WILL win 500K.

        2. I season 3 and beyond floater was a house guest that was like a log that floats to shore (no effort on the part of the log…but in time (doing nothing) the log floats to the shore. In season 13, floater has taken on many definitions.
          I still hold on to the old defintion…that a floater is a house guest that flys under the radar, hardly wins comps, does not cause issues in the house; and amazingly makes it the final 2…by doing nothing but sitting back and watching others become the target; and sit back & watch others argue with each other. Floaters never become the target because there is always a BIGGER target. This is why BR wanted all the floaters out of the house…so that in the end they could do battle with real competitors. If they lost, then they had the satisfaction that thier lost was to a worthy opponent. This is what BB has always been about: 1st place money to a competitor and 2nd place money to a competitor.
          Non floaters would be: Dani, Jeff, Brenden, & Rachael. If Dick, Cassie, and Dom had stayed in the house they probably would have been competitors. Everyone thinks floating is good until they get to the end and they see that the Jury House wants to give 500K to someone who was loyal (yes); but who also played hard. This is why Kahlia keeps emphasizing that she kept her word to NEVER put up Jordan(loyalty); and she wants to take Adam to the final 2; because she knows that whether the Jury House likes her or not…they will see she played harder than Adam.
          For the people that want Rachael to win….you need to hope she gets to the final 2 with Adam. If Rachael does this, then she will win the 500K.
          Here it is:
          AP=P win
          AK=K win
          AJ=J win
          AS=A win (done-S is going home)
          AR=R win
          *There is no one in the house that Adam can plead his case (to Jury House) to win against if he is in the final 2. Everyone else (although somewhat floaters too) have played harder than Adam. Unless something wonderful happens …and he starts winning comps. Please know that it does not matter that Adam was in the alliance with Jeff & Brenden who are in the Jury House. In BB history, people change in the JH…and they start thinking …who REALLY deserves 500K….and then you think you have a vote, but then you don’t….and your alliance no longer matters.

          1. Oops,
            I posted as “Anonymous”….I’m at a different computer and did not notice my user name was missing. ….so then you are reading the same post twice…just a different summary.

  4. Man I love that KPJR are all trying to do the same thing with each other, I wonder if either side will fall for it? lol
    Adam is probably better off just staying out of all of it.

    1. i agree, they all lie, but thing is shelly lies all the time, its like everytime she opens her mouth she lies, and what is with her walk omg, i get it!!!!!!!! since when does BB let in trannies lol

      1. Shelly has steel rods in her back and that might be why she walks funny. I was hit by a hit and run driver and broke
        my back and sometimes I walk funny too but not all the time. I’m not a Shelly fan, she brought her woes on herself.
        The way she started yelling at Jordan and pointing her finger at her, even Mother Teresa would have lost it. I think
        since Jeff is gone Jordan’s personality has come out and she’s not so flat anymore. This is the Jordan everyone
        fell in love with. I think JJ and even BR came back into the house to try and win the money, but once they got
        there found it wasn’t fun, new or exciting like it was the first time. However, Jeff leaving brought out the fight in
        Jordan and now she seems to be actually enjoying herself and no matter what happens I think JJBR will be
        friends for life.

        Team Rachel! but I’m good with Jordan too. Anybody but Shelly or Adam. You can’t win big brother without winning
        some comps which is in a way not fair to the “older folks” but not all of them are physical and they still haven’t
        been able to win, just one POV for Adam.

        1. Why would “anyone lose it”?!? Jordan was laying down talking to her friends….Shelly decided to come in to but in and Shelly is the one who raised her voice first. Shelly knows she was wrong. Jordan was hurt because she truly believed Shelly cared about her – I think she looked at her like a mother figure.

    1. Why are you asking if she’s related to Michael Vick? It’s because she’s black, isn’t it? I bet it is you racist!

      NOTE: Before everyone get in a tizzy, I was making a wonderful joke that parodies the loser race-baiters like Jessie Jackson and not-a-reverend Al Sharpton.

  5. Cowlia is a brainless bitch, anyone who would hit any animal is a waste of life, to bad he didn’t bite her mouth then maybe she would stop talking all together, I hope they evict her next please big brother God!! then the Porch. All The Porch and Cowlia do is eat eat eat, there asses are getting as big as there mouths. Good Luck R and J and I like Adam as a person, but please Shelly has to GO! GO! GO!

    1. After watching a few minute of BAD last night I know someone would post something about that shit, I agree throwing the little dog against the wall was extreme, but you will react violently and nothing sort of killing the dog would be wrong because at the end of the day a dog is a dangerous animal and can do major damage to the skin, and it hurts like hell,. Let me ask you something if a dog whether your own or a stranger bit your kid and was trying to kill your kid, would you strike it or would you play nice?

  6. See now I really want Porsche to win, and to have F2 with Rachel, I can’t stand Jordan, I have nothing against her… wait yes I do, she claims she hates floaters, and the only competition she has won was one where Jeff AND Brendon threw so she could have it, yes she may have a heart of gold, but she doesn’t DESERVE to win, she doesn’t do anything at all, I don’t particularly like Rachel either, but she has been playing a hell of a game, so I would at least like to see her in F2.

    1. @Tom – I think it’s the definition of floater. I always thought it was people who “floated” through the game, but I just read another viewers definition. They said that floaters were players who “floated” from side to side, and never picking an alliance. In other words, playing both sides. I guess you can look at it two ways.

      1. i agree anon jordon not a floater niether is anyone in house except adam whio switched once recently and shelly who switched every conversation or so.

    1. Knowitall, we were meant for each other***!!! Jeff is a loser and a poor sport.

      ***(This only applies if you are single, female, 18+, white or hispanic or from Austrailia, and finally, I know you in person.

    2. yeah and dani was like what.. all the vets had their time in spotlight, so newbe should win, and only decent 1 left is adam, i would vote just for that fact lol

    3. i get why he got fan favorite in season 11, but he for goddamn sure didn’t earn it this season and if he did, it;s just people who are stupidly obsessed with JJ nothing more, JJ this season is just a much nicer version of Brendon and Rachel

  7. I am so tired of “TWISTs”!! – “TWISTS” are just guises to allow BB production to help whoever they want to help in the house! – STOP withe the so-called Twists and let them play w/o interference! – Every Twist this year has greatly benefited the Vets! – where was Pandora Box when Jeff was HOH! . WE Should All Send in Complaints to BB / Julie Chen! – I AM TIRED OF IT !!!

    1. I pnly want to ask Production one question.

      If Shelly/Adam won POV and used it to take down Rachel/Jordan. Who goes on the block?

      That is all I want to know.

    2. Big Brother producers, Allison Grodner in particular, need to be aware that the viewers are not impressed with how they try to save their own favorites while us the viewers who really count are disgusted by their
      “all of a sudden twists” – – I don’t mind the twists that we aware of, but when they did the “dual team-up” to save Jordan and Rachel, I felt it wasn’t fair to Kalia and Porsche, who happens to be doing ok alright on their own. Grant it, they didn’t get started winning until later in the game, nonetheless, they are kicking butt so why let their hard work go down the drain just to save “sweetheart Jordan” who does nothing except “be sweet”. Darling, sweetness gets you no where in the real world – that’s why Big Brother is a “FAKE REALITY Show”! Come on Allison, keep it real!

      1. First of all, Porsche didn’t have to open the Pandora Box, they told her not too, but noooo, she just had to open it. Second of all, they got to pick who they wanted to partner up with. Porsche immediately picked Kalia. She knew what the outcome was going to be. But, she wasn’t smart enough to figure it out. So, Rachel and Jordan won it fair and square. Get over yourself.

    3. even though twists might be BB way of interfering with game and steering it where they want , the thing is though porche was stupid enough to open it lol, so players still have choices, just alot of em make stupid ones.

  8. Kalia just won’t shut up … Talks over everyone, monopolizes every convo … It’s not anything new, but its so much more amplified now that there are only 6 HGs left. Wish someone would just duct tape her mouth shut for a day. She talks just to talk. Constant, babble, rapidly … Annoyingly. Ok, that’s all just had to vent.

  9. Listing her occupation as an Outdoors Industry Executive, I want to applaud Shelly’s efforts in BB13 for bringing her real-world skills into the Big Brother house. She might not be good at comps, but she’s been applying a business-like approach in her dealings with the other HGs ever since the show started. She did that by wheeling and dealing with everyone. She’s also used her status as a wife and mother to good advantage and managed to have the other HGs carry her to the final six. Once the show is over and she’s back at home, Shelly will be able to review her game moves more clearly, and I’m sure she will come to the conclusion that she made an error in judgment by voting to evict Big Jeff and that she should, perhaps, have followed her heart, if her tears have been any indication as to her real feelings.

    Now that Jordan has perked up following Rachel’s POV win, it would appear that it is Jordan who has started to bring the remaining HGs together by delving into the confusion Shelly created among the others. Jordon, Adam, Rachel, Kalia and Porshe have pow-wowed and it seems Shelly will be voted out with the other five in agreement.

    Adam has got to be the ultimate BB fence-sitter — and he’s doing it with his own peculiar style of Hoboken aplomb. He talks to the cameras, he talks to himself, but he’s thinking through all of his moves carefully, keeps his cool, straddles which ever alliance is currently in power, and tip-toes through the tulips. He might even manage to fence-sit all the way to the final three, but that’s where his game will end because I don’t believe he will make it to the final two, whoever they may be.

    Rachel will continue in her role as the house wild card while Kalia and Jordan continue to give the other three a run for the money.

    At the point that Shelly leaves the BB house this Thursday, it will be anyone’s game and and what happens afterward should prove interesting. I also can’t wait to see what’s been going on in the jury house!

    I want to give my kudos to Dani and Big Jeff for their excellent efforts this season! They were great to watch and I already miss their absence from the BB house! I also applaud all the other HGs, even quirky Lawon, for bringing their own dimensions into the game play, although many viewers and fans disagree with the outcomes.

    Big Brother is what it is with dissension at its core. Complain as we might about its various aspects, the BB13 is enjoying huge viewer ratings this season. It’s nice to see everyone in the BB house sharing stories, drinks and cinnamon buns.

    So, we may as well sit back — take a swig of our favorite drink every time something annoys us about BB13, the characters or the producers — and enjoy the show. :-)

  10. Even though Shelly lies a lot, I want her to stay over Adam. He is boring compared to Shelly, and I can’t like the guy after he kissed Jeff’s ass and evicted Dani.

  11. .vonney has it exactly right. bb and many reality shows have all the earmarks of being fixed to garner ratings. consider the way vets are repeatedly brought back on many shows. and twists are just rules made up in mid season to alter outcomes. we viewers are not as stupid as the producers and networks think we are.

  12. oh my goodness … you all talk about the twist and production rigging this for vets ummm … the golden keys remember those!!! the only vet i saw with one of those was dani and she was on the newbie side!

    1. Um and why was that…because they were the ones always in power and were basically choosing out of the pairs who they were keeping to then vote their way! Looks like the twist was in their favor the whole time. And Dani got a key becaujse Dick left not because they wanted to give one to her.

  13. Hmmm, Kalia is extremely annoying. As Adam stated, she definitely does not have a filter on that mouth of hers. I truly hope that she is a different person in the real world. I also hope that her family and friends, who watched this season of BB, sit down and have a nice long talk/intervention with her about how she portrayed herself. I know if I was a family member or friend, I dam well would! You know what they say, sometimes you can dress a person up but you can let them out of the house.

    With that said, if Porsche and she happens to win enough competitions between now and the final, then I for one do not begrude them or her the prize money. Because at the end of the day, its not American vote for its favorite player. It’s only game and other seriously flawed HG have won in the past seasons.

  14. I still think Julie Chen has a shot at the 500k…her and Allison Grodner are gonna split it….”And the winner of Big Brother 13 and 500 thousand dollars goes to….Me! Myself! And Allison Grodner!” You see both women running for the exit door. Crowd just sits there in stunned silence, mouths hanging open. Then they say what the hell??!! They were the only two people that deserved to win, Julie, for putting up with the houseguests and their lack of substance, and Grodner, for rigging the entire show. America won’t care…maybe next year they will have 14 people who haven’t been on the show before so it will be interesting and worth watching past week 6

  15. (Basically KP and JR are trying to do the same thing to each other, Both sides think they have Adam and want to take him to final 3. JR call this operation sleepover KP don’t have a name for it.)

    Simon – I agree with this 100% but who do you think actually has Adam?

    I’m leaning towards JR but that may be because they have the numbers advantage in the next HOH and that’s where he’ll float to anyway.

  16. I believe if shelley did not alk with someone in production (spending 2 hours in dr) and then coming out and trying to get Adam to flip his horse in min stream, shelly ould still be here and be in a good position. Just like dani she pull the tgrigger to soon and it backfire

  17. I really want Rachel to win BB13, I think she deserves it the most. She fought so hard to get there, won competitions, and managed to stay in the house despite being a huge target. I just don’t think she could win against Jordan in the f2, so I hope she’s gonna make f2 with a newbie. This is what I think should happen so that she wins:

    – Shelly gets evicted on Thursday.

    – Final 5: Adam, Jordan, Kalia, Porsche and Rachel.
    Jordan wins HoH, nominates Kalia and Porsche. Rachel wins PoV, keeps the noms the same, and Kalia gets evicted.

    – Final 4: Adam, Jordan, Porsche and Rachel.
    Rachel wins HoH, nominates Adam and Porsche. Adam or Porsche win PoV, takes himself/herself off the block, Jordan goes up (as she is the only other houseguest remaining), and Jordan gets evicted.

    – Final 3: Adam, Porsche and Rachel.
    Rachel wins the final HoH of the season, brings whoever to the final 2 (I’m honestly not sure who she has a better shot at winning against..) and wins BB!

    What do you guys think?

    1. Dear Etienne pretty good but rachel wont dump jordon and niether will adam it will be adam jordon and rachel in three and rachel jordon F 2 and rachel wins first jordon second and im happy and rachel deserves the win yeah i disliked her too at first but honest to god she is a better person with jordon she’s almost likable she s been protective and pulled jordon away when jordon was losing it she was angry but patient about the dog quackers ? really she is probly a decent person outside this house i’d vote for her especially if she has to win veto to go forward .IM JUST SAYING ONLY FAIR

    2. I’m not sure if Jordan will be evicted but what if Rachel wins POV and keep the nomination the same of Porsche and Adam on the Block? Probably Porsche will be evicted as well because her cockiness cost her to lose. I just want to know Etienne. And Final 3 of Adam, Jordan, and Rachel. I would love to see exciting, because as right now. The Veterans w/Jeff, Brendon, and Jordan (Adam depend on the flipped if Porsche will go to Final 3). The newbies w/Dani,Shelly,Kaila,Adam (depend on the flipped if Porsche will go to Final 3),Porsche (depend on either eviction or remain the game). So, I’m trying to be nice but Be care because the newbies plus Danielle will vote for Porsche and the Veterans will vote for Rachel. The newbies have the advantage.
      Here is another way
      Rachel wins part 1 as endurance
      Jordan wins part 2 as mental, endurance (either rolling ball, past event of HOH wins)
      Jordan wins part 3 as Question Jury (A&B) (Rachel never been the A&B Question Jury Before)
      Jordan takes Rachel into Final 2
      Adam Evicted as 7th and final member
      Scenario 1
      Jordan to win:Jeff,Adam,Kaila,Shelly,Dani
      Rachel to win:Brendon,Porsche
      Jordan wins 5-2
      Scenario 2
      Jordan to win:Jeff,Adam,Kaila,Shelly,Dani,Porsche
      Rachel to win:Brendon
      Jordan wins 6-1
      Scenario 3
      Rachel to win:Jeff,Jordan,Brendon,Adam (Depend on the flipped)
      Porsche to win:Dani,Kaila,Shelly,Adam (Depend on the flipped)
      Either Rachel wins 4-3 or Porsche wins 4-3 depend on either Adam has a decided vote for newbies or Veterans
      Scenario 4
      Rachel to win:Jeff,Brendon,Jordan
      Adam to win:Dani,Kaila,Shelly,Porsche
      Adam wins 4-3
      Scenario 5
      Porsche to win:Dani,Kaila,Shelly
      Adam to win:Jeff,Jordan,Rachel,Brendon
      Adam wins 4-3

      So, I don’t know about that, but I have to warn you. Either the Veterans has to control the Jury Votes or Newbies has to control the Jury Votes.

      1. Additional: Rachel never been Final HOH competition with 6 Jury member question before She watch the finale last year when she was part of a Jury. She probably study the tapes if she goes into final 2. In other hand, Jordan been Final HOH competition before and had a tiebreaker with Kevin which she won by default. She also probably study the tapes as well to make sure it will not make the mistakes again. Probably Jordan has advantage to win Part 3 HOH final competition and takes Rachel to the end. This will give an opportunity for Both of Rachel and Jordan go to the final 2. It will help of both Jordan and Rachel will go to the end with hardwork and Strategic moves.

  18. They Dani, Dom, Por are going to the LAS vEGAS REAKITY BASH SPT 16-18 THERE WILL BE OVER 100 REALITY BB AND SURVIOR CONTESTENTS THERE TO STROKE EACH OTHER,,,,,,i BET IF YOU ASK ALL 100 TO NAME WHO OUR VICE PRESDIENT i bet they could not, I know jeff and Jordan could, thay dont go to these things Jeff said I work for cbs and I need to keep a marture profile,,he aklso said thes are for the wanna bes like DANI

    1. BB13 – Jordan didn’t know Jimmy Carter is a former President of the USA.
      Good luck betting on her knowing the name of our current Vice President. lol

      CBS – Shouldn’t Jeff’s recent CBS employment have disqualified him to be a contestant on
      BB13, a CBS game show?

  19. ohthatjim your right kalia is the worst to watch listen or befreind stab me here she said jordon ha ha would love rachel to go off on kalia

  20. Okay, BB since you like to mess with the game, here is your chance. Make it so Adam is evicted and Shelley stays. Adam is a zero+zero factor in this game, other than being-boring, annoying, predictable, incompetent-physically and mentally, hard on the eyes and ears, bacon head, wanna be rock fan-need i say more??
    He needs to go ASAP. on the other hand, if Shelley stays we never know what’s going to happen next. She is full of mischief and surprise. She thinks and acts and is not afraid to make bold moves. That’s what we want to see. The last two weeks the BB house gets really boring-hard on the feeds viewers-we need Shelly to spice it up.

    Please BB consider a twist that keeps Shelly and sends Adam packing. We want to see an all girl battle to the end.
    Those of you who agree go to the CBS site and let them know what we want to see happen.
    if you don’t agree with me-that’s fine, too.

  21. Here they go again Big BROTHER AFTER DARK ALL OOF THEM EXCEPT Adam are using the operative “like” out of thier moouths, they all pick this up from Jordan, it si a…. they don’t realize they are saying this it will wear off when they leave the house

  22. I don’t know….
    I mean, if a dog would have bit my hand, in the heat of the moment I would have done the same that Kahlia did to get rid of him and the pain…..
    If she did it afterward, by revenge, then this lady really has some serious problems and needs help…..

    My opinion.

  23. I think it is funny that the newbies got hardly any votes for fan favorite, none of them will win it. This season will be just like BB 11, Jordan will win and Jeff will win fan favorite, lol. I’m hoping Rachel wins the 500k though and Jordan comes in second.

  24. it sounds like K’s dog isn’t very big….sorry I don’t believe in violence with animals. Usually for animals there is a reason. I hope breeders seriously screen her before letting her buy a bulldog. They are a lot of maintenance and need lots of TLC!! All pets do actually!!

  25. As far as Kalia is concerned I believe that for the most part,there are no bad dogs just bad owners. Treating a dog like that is just as bad a picking on a baby. They can’t defend themselves. That dog probably bit her because of the bad owner. It really bugs me.

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