Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says that Brendon & Rachel made their bed and now they can lie in it..

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1:30pm Brendon tells Shelly to be carefully of the people that are making deals behind her back. Shelly says oh I know …you know who I am going after! Brendon starts singing and the feeds cut out. Rachel starts putting sun screen on Brendon. Brendon and Rachel head inside to the bathroom. Brendon shaves his nipples. Rachel says in case anything does happen you need to tell me what to do. Brendon says that we will wait till it gets closer to the end of the week. They talk about how they will start studying tonight to get prepared for the upcoming HOH. Rachel asks Brendon come he is so chivalrous and nice. Brendon say he isn’t ..he’s far from it. Rachel tells Brendon that he is sexy and that his little bookey wants to touch him all the time.. Brendon and Rachel head back out into the backyard.
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1:50pm – 2:15pm Rachel and Dani are laying out suntanning on the lounge chairs talking about working out. The conversation changes to talking about the spider bites they are getting in the house. Dani starts talking about being called into the diary room late last night.. Right then big brother cuts the live feeds. When the feeds come back, Rachel and Porsche are talking about animals. Meanwhile over at the backyard couches, Jeff, Jordan and Shelly are talking about how Brendon used the POV on Rachel. Shelly says that they made their bed and now they can lie in it. Shelly says that Rachel is an emotional player and that she is emotional about the wrong things. They talk about how Rachel will now flip flop to Dani to try and get on her side. Shelly says that if Rachel takes one step to that side ..she will put her up. Shelly says that she is thinking of putting her up anyway but… Shelly says that it was a dumb move and that he took himself out of winning the money. Shelly says that us four (Jeff, Jordan, herself and Adam) are the only ones of us that I 100% trust. Jeff says yeah no shit!

2:15pm In the kitchen Kalia is talking to Jordan. Jordan asks if Lawon will vote for her. Kalia says yeah 100% he is voting with us, you are okay. Kalia says that they have the four votes, herself, Lawon, Dani, and Adam. Kalia says that they don’t know where Shelly is at. Jordan says that the only thing she is thinking is that maybe he did it because he has some kind of deal. Kalia says yeah I don’t think so because he could have done that from the other side too. Kalia says that she would have been shocked and surprised if he didn’t save her. Kalia says that he just gained a little more respect from her for doing that. Kalia says that when it comes down to the jury …she is going to vote whoever she thinks played the best game …and not vote on a personal level. Jordan says yeah. They talk about how Porsche completely flips stories and how Jeff told her to not tell Porsche anything. Kalia says that she doesn’t think that Porsche has a back bone. Kalia says that as much as she thinks she is going to win on Thrusday … she really wants to see a Lawon or Shelly win. Kalia asks if Jeff and Jordan are going to super duper fight for HOH.

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2:30pm – 2:45 They talk about how they wonder what Rachel is going to be like on Thursday when he walks out. Kalia says that she thinks Rachel will be crying and a mess for a week… and so that they only have a week to get her out or call some sort of truce with her. They talk about people leaving and how its just what happens and people have to leave. Jordan talks about its good being in the jury because then you at least get to decide who wins. Kalia says yeah and you get paid until the end of summer. Jordan asks who Lawon would put up. Kalia says that she hopes he would put up who ever her and Dani told him to. Kalia says that Lawon doesn’t know anything about this game. Kalia is working on trying to trust him again. Kalia says that Lawon is a good person to keep around because you know you could beat him in the final two. Jordan asks again …are you sure there aren’t any deal with them? Kalia says not that I know of… the only person I don’t trust is Shelly … she has been pressing Dani for information this week. Dani comes into the kitchen and they talk about their hair. Jeff joins them in the kitchen. They talk about tanning and Jeff is super surprised to here that black people tan in tanning beds. Adam comes out of the hoh room after listening to Dani’s cd. Dani says that she feels like there is a cat in the house because of the bells on Adams costume..

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69 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says that Brendon & Rachel made their bed and now they can lie in it..

  1. Jeff is super surprised to here that black people tan in tanning beds.

    Yea light-skinned black people… can’t see a dark skinned persona tan, wouldn’t make any sense nobody would be able to see it ;-p

    and before someone starts whining YES I am Black.

    1. I had a friend back in high school that by the end of winter would get what he called “white blotches” all over his chest and back.

      1. I met this dude who was black, but he had Melanocytes really bad, and he had white patches all over his face and arms, and I was only 10 at the time when I met him so that shit was scary as hell to me.

    2. As much as I liked Russell on Survivor, he may have played well to get to the end, but he failed to remember that to win it you have to get the votes, and it is up to you to figure out who will vote on game play and who will vote based on liking you or even disliking your opponent.

      1. Yep, I agree. It’s more important to play the game to ensure that you win with those who are voting. A great gamer with no social skills will never win a reality based game. America will never want the assholes of the world to win.

    3. Sorry Simon – I am having issues clearing the reply before new posts…

      As much as I liked Russell on Survivor, he may have played well to get to the end, but he failed to remember that to win it you have to get the votes, and it is up to you to figure out who will vote on game play and who will vote based on liking you or even disliking your opponent.

    4. “Yea light-skinned black people… can’t see a dark skinned persona tan, wouldn’t make any sense nobody would be able to see it ;-p

      and before someone starts whining YES I am Black.”

      You go to tanning salons? Well, stop it! How can we ever catch up if you’re going, too??!!!!

  2. I love how Dani and Kalia talk and then Kalia repeats whatever Dani says to other people as if it is her original thought. Dani was just saying that they only have a week to get Rachel out before she will have her head on straight and now she is repeating the exact same thing…the same thing happened multiple times yesterday.

    1. I noticed this too. She wants everyone to think she is the mastermind behind everything. She has been doing this since she aligned with the vets. I cannot watch her or Porsche they disgust me!

      1. That would be awesome. Unfortunately, it’s really the only chance we have at a BR/JJ fight. If Brenchel played it right they would have a chance, but I do not think there is any turning Shelley. She’s in love with JJ.

    1. i’m sure Jordan is safe. She’s been looking really sickly lately, and not just because of slop, but ever since she came into the house — her eyes are sunken in and she looks ‘off ‘ .

      I hope Dani rules the roost and knock out Rachel even though she doesn’t get to play for HOH next week. Rachel and Brendon can take themselves..and their egos elsewhere.

      1. She’s sick of people trying to force feed her. Every freaking night 4-5 people bombard her with ‘you need to eat something’. She’s a grown woman and if she wants to suck on a pickle instead of eating slop, let her!

  3. Serious question for the BR fans who keep posting here (I suspect that there may be only 2 max).

    Are you willing to admit that BR’s bad game play is the reason they were both nominated and Brendon is going home?

    1. There’s more than 2 , about 6 I think, but only 2 that thinks logically and not on the support brenchel no matter what Train.

      1. Don’t be so sure about that. Sock puppets are very common online, especially if they think they are in the minority.

    2. Yes of course lol!
      I use to be a BR fan.. but they really effed up their own game by not evicting Jeff or Jordan the previous week..
      Doing that to Dani.. was the most stupidest thing, ever. She was bound to win, and now that she won, they’re willing to forgive..

      Why does everything have to go the way they want it? They totally effed it up.

    3. While, I’m not a brenchel fan, I’d have to say they just got screwed. They aligned correctly from the beginning. Dick leaving made Dani act like a retard and go hang out with Dom the entire time (which Dick has mentioned he would have nipped in the bud if he were in the house). Dani then had the plan to backdoor Jeff, which BR decided was not the best option. In reality, it’s tough to say if they were right. BR did not trust Dom and thought that if Dani is turning so quickly on JJ they would do the same to them. There’s no way to say Dani and Dom would not have done this. From there, Jeff & jordan called the big house meeting where they called out Dani and Dom, BR acted like idiots and helped to create the great divide, but had JJ not called the meeting, BR would have tried to patch things with Dani, although she’d have still been upset since she only plays emotionally.

      I do not see where BR made a big mistake. If anything, they didn’t want to screw over their alliance. While they pondered backdooring Jeff (Just as JJ pondered the same for them) both decided it was too early for something like that.

      They are not good social players, but they’ve done WAY better this year than last. I’m curious as to what mistakes you think they made?

    4. Brenchel did not have bad game play, they just had a weak alliance with JJ & Dani. JJ called the stupid meeting to get everything out in the open and guess what….. everyone seems to be playing a game!!! Well now that the air has been cleared and the lines been drawn they have absolutely screwed Brendon and Rachel. Dani’s poor game play has also sent her on a fast road to the jury because she wanted somebody to play with because everybody had somebody and she had nobody…. boohoo. Yes Rachel is an a@@h*le and Brendon is a neanderthaaaal but they are very strong competitors and would have been very trustworthy partners to be in an alliance with…. unfortunately they play with their hearts too much and not their heads.

      Jordan and Jeff are a couple of spineless jellyfish who do not deserve to be on the show…. Jeff is funny and adds some good humor to the show but Jordan (as Jeff tells her many many times but doesn’t make the edit) is STUPID!

      Go Lawon!!! hahahaha

    5. Ok let’s not be stupid here the only reaon they got nominated it’s because Dani’s plan got backfired she was really on the side of B/R but she just decide to turn on her alliance just like that and B/R got mad abt it that’s real reason……and some people who post here needs to shut up they sound very immature (not you Deanne1233)

  4. Kalia says that when it comes down to the jury …she is going to vote whoever she thinks played the best game …and not vote on a personal level.

    That’s how you should be required to vote, it;s not fair that pathetic people hold grudges, this game is about backstabbing and doing whatever to get to that 500k, but people like Brendon, Rachel, Jeff & Jordon only play personal they could care less who made the best moves to get to the end they would hold a grudge.

    1. sHELLy is a huge jeffdon fan. no way would she go against jordon. her lips are chapped from kissing jeff -jords ass.

    1. I’m with you on that, but I kinda wanna see the pre-trash wedding since the real trashy wedding won’t be televised.

      They need to go to City Hall and get it done that’s how crazy people like them do it….

    2. I’m actually looking forward to that train wreck! The irony of them wearing trash bags is too much!!! I just hope the other HGs have good ideas like sabotaging the wedding: a couple of holes cut out of the gown, garbage thrown at them instead of rice, or everyone hides and there are no-shows at the wedding!!!!

  5. Simon, when is the finale? How many weeks are left? I’m guessing they planned a double eviction for this season because they started out with 14 so if they brought back Dom then there would still be a DE night down the road.

  6. There she (Shelly) goes again. Oh hell, this chick does more flips in this game than Nadia Comanici (or Mary Lou Rettin for the newbies the world) did in her whole career as a gymnast. A 4.0 is given to her by the Cdn. Judge on her execution. “Hypocrisy” thy name is “Shelly”!

      1. You forget she started telling newbies she was on their side, turned on them and lied to them and her partner (Cassie). She’s been telling BR she had their back this past week in particular and JJ and other house guests are doubting her as well. Shelly’s out Shelly but is playing all sides.

  7. They should have Boxing match Competition when there are no more males left in the house, that would be an AWESOME comp….

  8. I am a BR fan and the reason they are on the block is because they got screwed it really should have been Jeff and Brendon on the block, they were the ones that put Dani out to dry but beause Dani did’nt want to split up JJ thats why Jeff got a pass. I hope Jordan leaves she already won and she needs to leave. Team BR to the end.

    1. I agree completely. I have always liked Brendon and Rachel. I liked Dani in her season, but I am hoping that Rachel wins it all.

    2. If the vets had stuck to their plan then it should of been 2 news up. but when rach got rid of dom dan was not having it. she IS playing the game personal.

      1. Dani isn’t playin personal, B/R screwed her so that means she can’t trust them, and since they are the best competitors and they arren’t on her side anymore why would she not put them up. That isn’t personal it’s strategic.

    3. Not entirely true but I’m not surprised that BR fans won’t face the facts even when they are smacked in the face with them.

      BR talked about backdooring JJ during week 2 because Jordan dared to put up Dom as a nom instead of Cassie. They talked to Dani and Dom about backdooring JJ as soon as their HOH was done. Let me repeat that! Week 2 BR talked about backdooring JJ to both Dani and Dom. Rachel’s fury, jealousy and paranoia over what JJ did with their own HOH caused JJ to consider backdooring BR (although it was not given a lot of serious thought because they knew it was too early to consider it). Rachel’s thought: How dare JJ not nom Cassie and how dare J not pick her and B for the tv show viewing. They planned on winning the veto to take Dom and Adam off the block. Dom wins veto and Rachele gets her way with Cassie being evicted.

      Next thing you know, BR decide to run with Dani and Dom to backdoor JJ because they can’t trust them to do what BR tell them to do. Dom made the mistake of telling Shelly, who agreed to the plan to Dom’s face then ran to tell Jordan who in turn ran to tell BR. BR then dumped the entire plan on Dani and Dom then lied to Dom claiming he was safe if he threw the veto comp then voted Dom out. BR never took any responsibility for their plan to backdoor JJ and Jeff was stupid enough to believe them when they dumped it all on Dani (because now they all had a common enemy).

      BR kicked the noobs in the face when they were down, stabbed their own alliance in the back and then have the nerve to pretend like they are innocent victims when they lose the HOH (7 against 2) to Dani and emd up on the block? Not to mention that after all this happens they go to Dani and threaten her twice (no jury votes and if she doesn’t save them they will all come after her).

      Hell, even the lying, backstabbing Shell Shocked Shelly said that BR made their bed and now they have to lie in it. They are totally to blame for their own demise.

    4. Why hasn’t there been any repercussions from JJ for BR’s move to make a final two deal with Dani? Maybe they feel the eviction is enough, but I would certainly disband the alliance all together. Who couldn’t see the power of veto being used on Rachel, even though they tried to convince the house otherwise? They made that too obvious. And if Brendon leaves, is there a way for him to relay information to Rachel? He said he would tell her who to trust.

  9. Wish I could find out who designs the BB house, If I ever have a home built I want my game room to look like one of the Big brother rooms

  10. It looks like Brenden is classified as v61.10 Patner Relational Problem


    dsm says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    August 1, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    We now have Dani with a 301.6 Dependent Personality Disorder


    dsm says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    August 1, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    Just in LAW has a 301.22 Schizotypal Personality Disirde


  11. Do men shave their nipples, or just Brendon?

    It is seriously something I have never heard of or even thought about…

    I think it’s ridiculous.

  12. i’m sick of hearing about personal play versus strategic play and floaters versus competitors. HELLO, it’s a game period. It doesn’t matter how you advance yourself in the game. Only that you do advance in the game. Getting yourself to the end is pretty much all that matters because you can’t control how the jury is going to react or perceive the final 2. Just saying =)

  13. To: ILL WILL
    For a true game that is a fight to the death you need to read Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins… It is an awesome book where two candidates from each district get locked in an arena and fight to the death. Loved It! Finished it in the middle of the night and ran around town looking for book 2 just as soon as the store opened.

  14. I wish Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly would go make a bed and lie in it for the rest of the show. Preferrably on the outside of the BB House. She’s such a snake. She’s far worse than Kathy was last year. The only way she’ll win any competition is if it’s just her and Little Richard Lawon in it.

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