Big Brother Spoilers: Dani stirs the pot a little more and tells Lawon that Brendon and Rachel tried throwing him under the bus..

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12:15pm – 12:30pm Rachel starts to get upset in the kitchen and Brendon tells her to stop it! Out in the backyard, Adam and Lawon are talking about how Brendon used the POV on himself. Adam says that he hates to say it but it is better for him and Lawon ..because by taking him out …she will break down. Adam says that she is not going to do well …if he goes home ..she is going to be upset and not going to do well in the competition. Dani comes out and the conversation ends. Adam heads inside to change his mic. Dani and Lawon talk about how they were surprised that Brendon took her down. Dani tells Lawon that just before Brendon and Rachel tried to cop a deal with her to put up Lawon. Dani says that Lawon was the only person they mentioned. Lawon says oh yeah .. okay.. well my game ain’t changing …I want her out ..just so you know! I want her out. Dani tells Lawon that he needs to win HOH this week. Lawon says oh I know, I’m going to try for it.

Dani goes and sits out in the lounger with Kalia. Dani tells Kalia if anything this makes Shelly not trust them. Dani tells Kalia to just keep reminding Shelly that they lied. Dani tells Kalia to just give Shelly time and let her come to her. Meanwhile in the bathroom, Rachel is in the shower and Jordan tells her that Jeff would have done the same thing for her too. Jordan says that was good it makes for good tv. Jordan tells her that she thinks this next HOH will be knockout.
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12:40pm Out in the backyard, Dani and Kalia are talking about what they will wear for the live show on Thursday. Dani says that she will wear her black dress. Kalia asks if she is going to wear a black dress because she has a black heart? Dani says no ..I’m wearing a black dress for Brendons funeral. Dani says that she hopes Julie Chen apologizes to me. Kalia says she’s not going to ..because she’s not your friend. Right then big brother cuts the live feeds. When they come back, Jeff and Adam are talking on the couch. Adam wonders if they did that because they have some master plan to save him. Jeff says no … I just think he wanted to do the honourable thing. Adam asks don’t think the struck a deal with Dani to get out Jordan do you? Jeff says no!

1pm Jeff and Jordan talk in the candy room ..they talk about how they want to make sure that Shelly is cool with them. Jordan says that Adam gave her the thumbs up. They talk about how they are a little nervous and want to make sure Jordan has to votes. They talk about how surprised they were that Brendon did that. Jeff says that he thinks he just wanted to do the chivalrous thing. Jordan say that she thinks he would do the same thing for her too. Jeff says I’d like to think so.. Jordan jokes that they are broken up now. They head out into the backyard to lay out in the sun. Meanwhile in the bathroom, Rachel and Brendon are talking. Rachel is crying. Brendon says that he and her play the game in different ways. Brendon says that he knows she is going to miss him… I’m going to miss you. Brendon says to Rachel how about this? Everytime you win HOH you yell out that this is for you Brendon! …This is for you baby! Rachel asks Brendon if Dani was surprised. Brendon says yeah ..everyone was surprised. Brendon says just remember it was his decision not Rachel’s to use the POV on her.

1:10pm – 1:30pm Jeff, Jordan and Kalia are in the pool talking about high school and other random things. (I guess they forgot about how Kalia pee’d in the hot tub) Jeff and Kalia talk about the Salem witch trials. Jeff says that if they would throw them in the river and if they floated away they were a witch and if they drowned they were like wups! The conversation turns to talking about movies and actors.

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my god its been soooooo boring watching the live feed the last few days …even brendon saving rachel didnt do anything,as if nothing as happen……


Rachel you just gotta win baby on thursday nothing else which will happen


Cause Julie tried to make Dani say “I love you” and made it extremely awkward when Dick left?


Rachel will be following Brendan out the door very soon. and I couldn’t be happier. Watching her leave will be the highlight of the season.


WHAT YOU SAID!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!


I agree Rachel is really annoying and must make her exit very soon, but who i find even more hideous is SHELLY. Her name should be “Shelly- the-manipulating- arse-Kisser”. She goes to JJ and tries to sound genuine while kissing up to them, telling them everything they want to hear to gain thier trust, then no less then 5 minutes later she is doing the same with BR. She cant be genuinely on both sides, but that is how she is coming off. I know its a game of lie, decieve, and cheat but those hgs truly believe she is this great person, not realizing that Shelly is playing them. She does it so well, and it comes so natural its impossible that she just gained these cunning skills in this game. She has been using them in the game of “life” for quite some time no doubt. When the hgs see the episodes they will know how much they got played, and if they hand her the 1/2 million, they will look foolish. People who take advantage of others by playing off of thier emotions to advance thier own personal gain are evil.. game or no game.


okay I must have missed it…why does Dani want Julie Chen to apologize to her??


Last week, Julie Chen ask Dani didn’t she want to tell her dad she loved him. She was really embarrassed about it.


If that’s the reason then Dani need to get over herself. That’s a harmless question. I don’t think her and her dad don’t get along like they want everyone to believe, I always felt that was good game strategy for them so no one would view them as a couple and they wouldn’t feel threaten by them.


Yeah I’m confused too!! Was it the whole saying I love you to her dad thing?

Karen Downen

I, also, would like to know why Julie should apoligize to Dani.


Look at all those sad/ confused faces, then at the bottom tig ol bitties……… BEAUTIFUL


“Look at all those sad/ confused faces, then at the bottom tig ol bitties……… BEAUTIFUL”

What, the boobs in the first three pics didn’t do anything for you????


I saw those after LOL


Well, there goes my theory that the final three would be all guys: Brendan, Jeff and Shelly.




Actually I doubt that Jeff would’ve used the POV to save Jordan.


Because unlike Brenda he thinks with his brain.

Rachel will be an emotional wreck this week the chances of her winning this upset is very slim, but like i said next week she will be alright and get her head back into the game with brenda talking down to her.. Big Brother just got REAL enough with the playing personal time to spill blood and guts to win that half a million…..


no your wrong actually Brendon is doing something smart for Rachel she doesn’t have a job so he uses the pov on her of course jeff wouldn’t do it because is a dick he only thinks about himself and thinks that jordan is a idiot and your saying he has brain hummm in what planet


Rachel doesn’t have a Job because she thinks her mediocre big brother fame would bring her celebrity work…….


Brenda had the best possible chance of winning big brother, by this idiot move he gave Rachel a chance at winning comps, but no chance at winning this game.. Tell me how is this move smart?

Rachel fan

How come you call Brendon Brenda?


Because he acts like a women when he’s upset…


Why because he actually cried when he and his woman were fighting. Hell if more men showed their emotions or evem had a soul then the world would be a much better place!!!


Lawon oh yeah listen to dani you can do it win HOH next week good luck with that plan Dani


Why does Dani want Julie to apologize?

Dark Horse

Dani’s wearing a black dress for Brendon’s funeral…haha LOVE IT!


Simon – if you want to get more posts on this site all you have to do is post a pic of Kahlia in that 2 piece she’s in LOL

omg do it it!!! Shut your eyes folks.. it’s gonna be brutal

BB Fan 5

Jeff definitely would not have used it on Jordan. Jordan wouldnt have let him – she has zero self esteem even though she has already won this game on her own merits. For some reason, she thinks Jeff is like the BB god. She would have made him keep her on the block. And truthfully, Jordan could beat out almost anyone for votes, so there would be no reason for Jeff to save her. No one takes her seriously anyways. If I were JJ, I would cozy up to Rachel and make sure that alliance is strong come Thursday ha. Porsche really throws this all for a loop though. I am not really sure how she fits in. I wonder, if Porsche votes Brendon out on Thursday, will Rachel ditch her. I hope so – i think if Rachel and JJ team back up they could be pretty good. Dani isnt going to go after JJ until after someone gets voted back in. Once that happens, her main goal will be to get Jeff out!


Oh boo fu cking hoo, the whiny red headed beak nosed walking STD has no place to go. They should just send her to the Jersey Shore, those girls will rip her and new on in about 3 seconds and then she will have something to effin’ whine about. She needs to be up against somone that she can’t intimidate or whine to and those are just the girls. They will make mince meat out of her in about 3 seconds. LOL Poor bitch has no where to go, ‘cuz even her effin’ family can’t stand her.



The Meow Meow

If JJ wins HOH Dani will go up and go home… Just wait and watch!

Karen Downen

Dani is a back stabing bitch and Kalia is a sex crazy mad woman. What a pair.

The Meow Meow

Everybody needs to stop being so damn angry at Dani for the exact same thing Leatherface (Shelly) does and gets by with… But if Kalia wins HoH and it possible she can watch out.. Rachel and her lap dog(Porsche) are going up..


I dnt even think dani cares atleast she’s actually playing the game JJ and BR are just coming into the house to the house for vacation, like who does shit like that?! Dani was the only person in that house who had the balls to stand up to Brendon and Rachel! So who cares if she goes home atleast she can walk away knowing she got out Brendon! =)


Actually if anyone BUT Kalia or Lawon wins, Dani is going up. I think Kalia and Lawon will be nominated and Dani backdoored. They might not want her to play the veto. And Dani plays, wins and drags off Lawon, you still have Adam as a safety and u cut Lawon loose. I still think no matter what, even if Brendon leaves Thu, we haven’t seen the last of him. He’ll be back.


Yea is Rachel wins HOH and they bring back the every so corny pandora’s box and have Rachel leave for 24hrs and have brenda in the house instead… BORING…. Rachel IS DRAMA Brenda is just her BITCH

Ms Jaxon

ILL WILL, if I didn’t know better, I would think you were my twin who had the inside scope on my thoughts!! I LUV IT!!


Unless Lawon or Kalia wins I think everyone else will put up Dani and Kalia, because everyone else has deals with the vets. Adam, and Shelly has deals with JJ, and Porsche has a deal with Rachel, the only person left is Lawon, and right now he doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar. Therefore Kalia, and Lawon will have to win or Dani will find herself in more trouble because even if she wins pov her alliance is dwindling that’s why I don’t know why she broke away from the vets unless production stepped in to save teh newbies from being wiped out in a pecking order.


This weeks twist: an evicted houseguest gets voted back in the house, guess who: BRENDON. Do you think that Big Brother would allow Rachel and Brendon’s summer to end that soon. If that happens: then we all know how much Big Brother is rigged.
OR: Brendon gets to votes to stay and Jordon goes home. Which I honestly think that is what is going to happen. I think Rachel, Porsche, Adam and Shelly are going to vote for Brendon. I think that Brendon and Rachel are going to make a deal with Shelly and Adam, which would make them flip their votes for Brendon. But, if you do think about it: Brendon and Rachel have won the most HOH’S and POV’S. So, why not stay with the power couple.
Just hope I am wrong and Brendon goes and doesn’t come back and then Rachel leaves next week. FINGERS CROSS.


Maybe BB can move the Jury house to the east coast, so that next week when Roachel get voted out, she will meet the Jersey girls and really feel the pain. HAHAHAHAHA


I can’t understand how people can root for br. It’s pretty much dani and kalia vs the house -lawon and I’m pulling for them.

Rachel fan

Hi JC- I am a fan of Rachels. I just have liked her since last year. She is really good at playing the games. I can’t respect players like Lawon who don’t even try to win things. I sometimes feel bad for Rachel cuz it seems like Brendon is always making her feel bad with whatever she does. Kinda sucks.


Interesting quote from today’s papers:

A Good Night for CBS in the Ratings

CBS scored another ratings victory on Sunday night, beating out the other broadcast networks in total viewers and in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic. “Big Brother” is particularly starting to look like a ratings juggernaut on Sundays, doubling every other show on the broadcast schedule in the 18-to-49 group except for a repeat of “Family Guy” on Fox. It also accumulated more than 8 million total viewers, up from 6.9 million last week.


There’s nothing else on at 8pm on Sundays…. What else are we gonna watch? LOL


People are tuning back in to see BR get what they deserve. Nothing more, nothing less. Clearly confirms that America hates BR and wants team Dani to send them packing.


For all the Dani supporters, being on Team Dani means you’re on team Kalia too. That can’t make you feel good.

At least Brendan is finally gone. Holy shit I couldn’t take another one of his rocket science sayings or anytime he tried to defend Rachel. Now Rachel can win HOH the drama levels should go through the roof. Make it happen CBS!!


I am an AdaM supporer, however right now I am fully behind Dani because she is at least smart enough to realise you have to break up the power foresome now before they get any further. That and I cant stand anymoe of the bi-polar relationship that is Brenchel


For the vet supporters, you have to support Rachel and Brendan. Which also means that you support their actions. Umm, suddenly Kalia doesn’t look so bad. She may suck at this game, but B/R suck at being human beings.


Will JJ figure out that BR were lying to them about who was staying on the block because BR don’t trust JJ (not that they ever did before anyway)?

So long Snapple Cap! Porky is on a sinking ship if she sticks with RacHell but she’s covering her bases by pretending to both sides that she’s with them because she doesn’t know who will win HOH next.

Dani needs someone on her side who will get Jeff out so she will retain JJ’s vote at the end (Dom can do it if he comes back but best case senario for Dani is if Rachel is the one who noms J)

Rachel is already in ‘check’. With a bit more munipulation she will have her in checkmate. BR have no one to blame but themselves for their own bad gameplay.

Simon, when is the finale? How many weeks are left? I’m guessing they planned a double eviction for this season because they started out with 14 so if they brought back Dom then there would still be a DE night down the road.


I think Cassi would be back before Dom. I bet you somehow Brendon will be back. CBS won’t pass on that chance.


No way Bendon will ever be voted or production munipulated to come back in. It’s never gonna happen.

Cassie would come back in blind because she’s been away during all the drama.

Dom got mad applause when he was voted out because America sympathized with him and Dani getting screwed over by the bullies. CBS will definitely play up the underdogs vs the bullies which means bringing someone back who will help Dani.


B/R are the most hated couple in BB history. In order for Brendan to come back, he would have to get more votes than Dom or Cassi. If Brendan walks back in by “Americas Vote”, BB will have lost all credibility in the eyes of their fans and critics alike. Actually, that would be all the proof the critics would ever need and there would be nothing that anyone could do to argue their very valid point. The only way that Brendan could win, is if his critics voted for him, and that wouldn’t happen.


I hope DOM-PT comes back, I want a great game to watch!! Enough with the crying, mean, passive-agressive Rachel, good Lord, get them both out!!


I thought Jeff was supposed to be educated? They may have thrown people in the water in europe to test if they were witches, however that never happened in Salem, they did crush one old man to death under a pile of stones though

Rachel fan

I heard about that crushing the man with stones before. Sick.

Rachel fan



Knowing the facts about the Salem witch trials doesn’t mean you are educated.

Rachel fan

GO RACHEL!! I am cheering for you. You can come back after this and get Dani and Kalia out. You DO have fans out here cheering for you and hoping you win the game. Good Luck Rachel=)

Not Meg

I think Julie should keep her nose out of Dani’s family business. It’s obviously a sore subject.
I honestly don’t think Jeff would give Jordan his POV. No way. He’s not as smart as he thinks. Did anyone see them on The Amazing Race? He was pretty clueless. He’s just as arrogant as BR but I think Jordan makes him likeable. I hope R cries a lot tonight on BBAD. AHHHHHHH HAHAHAHA!

Rachel fan

l don’t like Dani but I do think it was messed up that Julie put her on the spot like that. Why do that on national TV just to embarrass her and make her dad think she doesn’t love him. NOT COOL.


in all fairness to julie chen, all she did was ask a question. dani and dick are the ones who spread their family issues all over national television saying that they haven’t talked since the last bb, and that bb is the only thing in their relationship that they can deal with each other enough to speak to one another. they put it out there so what is the problem with julie asking a simple question about it that most people would ask. if it’s such a taboo subject they should’ve not been talking all that crap about each other in the diary room sessions. they sign a contract saying that everything they say can be used on t.v. if you’re gonna hang you’re dirty laundry outside, everyone is gonna see. if you noticed, dani wasn’t concerned if dick’s feelings got hurt, she only cared that it might make her look bad on national t.v. she said something to the effect of great, now i’m gonna look like an ***** on t.v. and she still talks crap about how she’s mad he left early cause she wanted to be the one to get him out of the house to some of the other houseguests.

Rachel fan

ok, fair enough. Good reply. Yea, I guess she was worried mostly about looking like a $$$$$$$ on TV now that you mention it and I think about it. Must say I like Dick better than Dani though.

Anom :)

Being respectful, what traits of Kalia do her fans really like?


Not a fan of hers but maybe it is her no stop yaking about everyone in house or her know it all ways. Or maybe it is just her fabulous orca looks.


sorry meant to put *non stop. by the way does she remind anyone else of Brittney? Not in looks but in attitude.

Rachel fan

I wonder the same thing. I don’t like how people call everyone names on the blog.. Everyone is entitled to like who they want but me personally I don’t see what Kalia brings to the table. She doesn’t do anything. She is just following around whoever is HOH. I don’t respect that game play. At least Rachel is a strong player.


I actually like Kahlia. She has verbal diarrhea and is a lousy conversationalist (u talk, I listen. I talk, u listen Kahlia!) but, I find her pretty funny at times, and other than Dani and Jeff, she’s the only other person in the house with guts enough to stand up to BR at times. Loved her sticking it to Brendan this past week. Need more of that on BB.


Kalia is s walking contradiction and a disgrace to women- especially women of color. One moment she is saying how no one can call a black woman a bitch and how bad it was for anyone to do that, but the next day her convo with Dani she said she calls her good girlfriends bitches and hoes. Everything is about color and race with her. I know her family has to be embarassed, she claims to have had a great and privileged upbringing, I’m not buying it. She really is a waste of space and I hope Dani finds an ally that could actually help her in the game and not one to eat her entire HOH basket!

Rachel fan

I couldn’t of said it any better than you did. Love it


It looks like Brenden is classified as v61.10 Patner Relational Problem


dsm says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

August 1, 2011 at 3:39 pm

We now have Dani with a 301.6 Dependent Personality Disorder


dsm says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

August 1, 2011 at 3:41 pm

Just in LAW has a 301.22 Schizotypal Personality Disirde



it would be funny if twist was added – after all the house guests voted – Julie Chen would say the person with the least amount of votes would get to stay and the other leave the house…..that would priceless. 🙂


Poor dumb Jeff, can’t even tell the story of the Salem Witch trials correctly. I guess I’m surprised he even knew of the story in the first place.

As far as Little Richard Lawon winning HOH– or POV for that matter, get real. He’s useless, unless of course people enjoy the buffoonish responses of his in his DR sessions.