Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel Doesn’t Trust Porsche, Brendon says don’t worry Porsche’s a useless spineless floater **updated**

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3:06pm Rachel and Porsche Porsche is eating watermellon with salt on it says it taste delicious. Porsche asks her if they have figured out if they can get the votes. Rachel says not yet (They start to whisper Rachel mentions something about Adam and Prosche says something about Jeff being pissed.
Rachel: “I wish she would of put up Jeff” .. Shelly comes in from outside..

Rachel: “What did Lawon say to your”
Porsche: “I can’t tell you it’s part of the dance”
Rachel: “Ummm what do you mean tell me”
Porsche: “It’s not game talk it’s about the bachelor party tonight.. I can tell you if you really want to know”
(I think Porsche is going to do a dance for the “bachelor party” lawon is doing the music)

3:10 havenots rachel and Brendon Rachel is freaking out about Porsche she thinks that she cannot be trusted. Brendon urges her to take a deep breadth and think about things clearly. Rachel explains her reasons. When they were all outside lawon went to porsche and they wishepred for awhile on the hammock, when rachel got close to them they were silent. Rachel: “I don’t think I can trust Porsche… Who can I trust in this game”.. Rachel adds that she asked Porsche what did lawon say to her outside… and POrsche answered it was about the dance tonight lawon wanted to know the song.. rachel: “Oh oh really you think i’m stupid” rachel points out that Prosche did her thing that she does after she comes up with a “cleaver” answer. Brendon tells her to relax they will find out who she can trust in time. Rachel is super worried that Porsche is flipping on her and she thought that was her closest allies.

3:17pm JJ Jeff tells Jordan that he has just talked to rachel and she said that she going after dani, “If she wants a war i’m going to give her a war”. Jeff adds that it appears Rachel is not going to team up with Dani and will stick with them. Jordan: “That is good as long as she doesn’t go with dani”. Jeff brings up that they can let rachel win the HOH and fight her battles they don’t need to get involved. They start talking about dental work…….

3:32pm Brendon joins them

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Brendon says that Rachel is getting vibes that maybe Porsche and Lawon are a team.
Jeff: “what kind of team is that”
brendon: “it’s not a team its a joke”
brendon: “Lawon and Kalia together is something you need to keep in your mind… if I end up going”
Brendon: “Lawon is with Kalia 100% you can probabaly throw dani in there to and they probabaly have something going with Porsche”
Jordan mentions that Kalia has said that Porsche has been hanging around the HOH alot lately.
Brendon thinks that is becuase Kalia is jealous the HOH is her room right now.. “at least until theres another HOH then she’ll move to them”
brendon says he’s going to slam Kalia hard in his eviction speech…

brendon gets called into the DR..

Jeff asks Jordan if she thinks that’s true about Lawon and Porsche. Jordan doesn’t know she’s been talking to Kalia trying to figure out where the house is but hasn’t learnt much. Jordan thinks Porsche was hanging out in the HOH because she was scared of getting backdoored. Jordan: “I think it’s lawon + Kalia + Dani maybe Porsche she’s a floater so I dunno.” (Whats up with these people and their hatred for floaters… FLOATERS FTW YO) Jeff asks her if she has Lawon’s vote. Jordan is pretty confident she does.. They are both a bit nervous about the situation becuase they don’t know what is going on with these so called “Floaters”

Jeff changes his mind says they have nothing to worry about Kalia is spinless and will only do what Dani wants her to do and if dani wanted to hurt JJ she would of put Jeff up. Jeff counts the votes, Kalia + Jeff +Shelly + Adam they have enough votes. Jordan wonders why Brendon did it. Jeff says he wants to be the hero but in order for him to come out as a hero he’s gotta go home. Jordan is worried that Rachel is going to go nuts in the house.. Jeff thinks she will for the first couple weeks.. if she lasts that long.

4:00pm Random Backyard Talk all 4 cams

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4:10pm Team Bacon, Lawon and Porsche practicing for the dance tonight.. (In rachel’s mind they are plotting to kill her)

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Allison Grodner doesn’t trust Porsches either. Even the Porsche Hummers are way too small to fit in, let alone drive. However, she’s a firm believer that spines are meant for floating: she uses them in stew and soup all the time.


porsche hummers? are you referring to the cayenne or her oral skills?


ha! i love that brendon called dani egotistical. talk about the pot calling the kettle black.


A little bit off topic: Charlie Sheen is to join Celebrity Big Brother in the U.K. That would be real cool if the U.S. had a celebrity cast or Survivor, Amazing Race All Stars vs. Big Brother All Stars:


the UK no longer has a big brother show or celebrity big brother. they aired the last show “ultimate big bother” last year which featured former BB HG’s from all seasons including celebrity big brother. Don’t believe me Wikipedia it.


Well shit, if it’s in the book of knowledge it must be true.


Not true. It’s coming back. It’s on a different channel. You can wikipedia that, because it’s on there as well πŸ˜‰


Thanks for sharing the link, but he’s only rumored to be in it, and it’s actually been updated saying he denies he’ll be in it. Celeb BB would definitely be cool, although I still prefer the Celebrity version of The Mole. Hell, I even prefer The Mole to Big Brother these days.

Anyone else see the commercials for the new private detective TV show that starts Tuesday? If you can hide money from private detectors, you keep it. Could be a lot of fun!


I will def be watching that det show. I love the amazing race, survivor and it looks like those combined.


it’s called TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN. Will definitely watch


Hmm sounds like a bank robbery LOL


you are correct apparently ch 4 dropped show last yr but ch 5 is picking it up. thanks for the info. love BB UK


Charlie Sheen’s rep said that it’s not true. He is not going to be on BB UK.


Mad grenades about to be dropped on Thursday when Julie reveals that Jessie comes back for a third time with a golden key to the end. Jessie’s finally gonna win BB.


Jessie aka MR. PEC-TACULAR, is busy with his wrestling career. I don’t think he’ll be walking back in. Maybe Dom or Brenden


Yeah I know he is I was just jokin, I really want Dom to come back yo.


Bahahahahaha. That would be awesome.




SIMON! Time is up! Time for you (and Dawg!) to both make your final 4, final 2, and winner predictions! Here are my picks:

Final 4: Jordan, Porsche, Adam, Dani
Final 2: Porsche, Dani
Winner: Porsche

(My changes from last time were swapping Porsche in for Jordan as the winner.) Obviously if BB pulls a lame twist where one player comes back into the game then we’ll redo picks.


You’re green with envy Simon. πŸ˜‰


Dani is leaving next week so i don’t see how she’s gonna be in final 4 maybe in another game but not this one πŸ™‚


Hmm, my reason for picking Dani over Porsche to win was because JJ would be pissed at Dani for being somewhat (or entirely) responsible for them leaving before final 4, thus she’d never get their vote. If JJ are in the Final 4 with Dani though, then I could see Dani getting the votes since pretty much anything goes from Final 4 onwards, but that’s why I don’t think Dani (or anyone) would let a couple make it that far.

If someone comes back (I still say they should never do that) then hopefully it’s Cassi. She won’t win, but seeing her/Dani/Porsche/Rachel power struggle would be interesting. Sadly, it would probably allow Jordan to get to final 2 and win πŸ™


final four dani,kalia,jordan and adam dani and kalia for the win


Dani will not win this game


Ok, Jackie, so who do YOU think will win this game? Come on guys, grow some balls and make your predictions.

Porche's Gut

porche has to be on the Allison Grodner diet.

Cant wait for Rachel to have a breakdown. Only good thing about letting her back in the show.

nobody special

Love your handle. Very creative.


Yeah, Porsche is like the 2011 version of Jun, a previous Big Brother winner. However, it’s worth point out that Jun won. I think she’ll go far since she won’t be the first target when they want floaters gone, and even when she is a target she can probably out perform Adam / Kalia / Shelly / Jordan / Lawon / and maybe more.

nobody special

They should do an International Big Brother…have past contestants from the other shows be on one show together.
That, and more alcohol for the guests – need more tits.


Watching Adam and Porsche’s dance in the purple room is so funny. Luckily Rachel is the one who’s staying because Porsche would definitely try to steal Brendon from her. From the looks of her dance there may be a Rachel breakdown tonight.


The funny part is that the floaters, float up to the top for a reason. The thicker the shit, the more it sinks. Trust that the shitty players will sink by covering each other and themselves in excrement.


Oh yay. Porshce is going to do a lap dance for the groom tonight. That should send Rachel right over the edge.

I hope once Brendan leaves, the others start saying “skype” every time they walk past her.


Yessss!!! That would be so funny πŸ™‚

nobody special

I so enjoy watching Rachel accuse others of holding grudges and playing personal (which is actually not really the case with Dani)…and then a few seconds/minutes/hours later says stuff like “if she wants a war, I’ll give her a war”, or “nobody comes between me and my man”.

It amazes me they don’t see the hypocrisy in pretty much everything they say.

I am going to enjoy watching her meltdown this week. I rarely wish pain and anguish on anyone…but this beyotch deserves every agonizing, paranoid delusional minute.




While I agree on the Rachel not seeing that she only plays with her emotions, I do not get why people think Dani is not playing emotional. The only reason she put up BR is because they said mean things to Dom when they knew he was leaving, that is not a direct quote, but she said that. That’s personal. Now she’s aligned with Lawon and Kalia, MAYBE Adam. That’s smart, sound gameplay?

Even Dick has said numerous times that Dani is playing a terrible game and that she is going to need luck (Kalia & Lawon winning stuff) to get out of it. She was sitting pretty and not a target, if she’d have stayed that way for a couple more weeks she could have played BR into putting up JJ (or vice versa) and took credit for it later on. She didn’t need to wait to final 5, she could have done it once they were down to 8 so not all 4 of the couples were in the jury.

She’s not playing with her head. She had a crush on Dom and let that fuel her.


How in any way is she playing a personal game she taking out the only COMPETITORS in the game one by one dom was just a side thing for a couple that she knew eventually was going to be evicted she also knew that they vote personal on the jury so she decided to take them out early.


For supposedly being such an intellectual, Brendon relies on insults you would normally hear from a ten year old.


The only people who believe Brendon is an intellectual is Rachel and Brendon. Nobody else is fooled by that badly executed ruse.

BB Fan

I agree


These people are projecting. Sorta like the holier than thou types who RAGE against homosexuality, but it’s those same people usually caught in a bathroom trying to solicit homosexual sex.

Everything in life is just a mirror. You see everything from your perspective and your experiences. What you ‘hate’ in others, you actually see in yourself. What you constantly accuse others of doing is probably, more than likely, something you do yourself.


HELP!!! OK wait – will the “twist” come during Dani’s reign as HOH?? I guess they wouldnt need to do a ‘twist’ now since there is alraedy tension and drama in the house, right? I dunno.

When is this TWIST coming??!!!


Julie called this HOH the most important of the summer so yes I think that means that the twist will come this week.


In Jeff quoted, Brendon, you got gotted. Floaters my ass.


It just came out in the Las Vegas newspapers, why Evil left how can a father do this to a person


You mentioned this in a couple threads, details please.


I can’t stand Brendan who in the hell do he think he is I wish he would threaten me like he threatened Dani he would be sucking on his own balls…freaking jerk he needs to go ASAP!! Jeff is a little annoying @ times he’s changed from his season he says mean things about ppl I believe brendan has rubbed off on him Jeff ass doesn’t need the money hell he won $25,000 from his season $ $10,000 from this season , Jordan just sits there & stares into space she’s not going to last much longer , Kalia talks too damn much she drives me nuts, Lawon btr step his absent game up he just sits there l& listens, Porsche is just there hoping to be discovered, I really haven’t figured Adam out yet but if they don’t watch it he will be in the final 2, & Shelly she is the most annoying person next to Brendan…integrity..honesty & don’t LIE that’s part of the game u dummy, Rachael is a lost cause I will not waste my breath on her ass!! Now with all that being said is there a Twist coming up this thurs. I remember Julie stressing to the houseguests that the Twist are far from over & find how Ameraica can play a part in the next Twist?


TYPO “America” & there’s not supposed to be an “L” in front of the & sign. LOL


why is lawon’s forehead always so shiny? lawon pull thru buddy..”floaters ftw”


Ugh. That pic of Pacer’s rear end made me gag. What if the twist is a choice of previous houseguest or a surprise — Brendon in a box– like from BB9? Or another scab from BB9 being the front door is locked and a siren goes off when Brendon tries to leave??? Uuggggghhhh!!!


Is it wrong that I want Pacer, and spread watermelon all over herself and some lick it off? You know how us black folk loves us some watermelon. ;-p


OMG! Yes, waaayyy wrong but I have to admit that I busted out laughing when I read your comment.

The Meow Meow

Rachel’s garbage and full of shit.. She and Brendon are the only people taking it personal this year. Rachel needs to be heavily sedated and institutionalized..


^ This x10000


I would love to see a second time winner “Jordan” but I don’t believe the Jury would. Yes Dani & Porch have a big shot! Dani will win, she will have Adam,Lawon, Kalia, Jeff , Jordan & Rachel award her…remembee Rachel does’nt like FLOATERS!! and DANI is playing her cards!!! GO DANI!!


BB Fan in Canada

4:10pm Team Bacon, Lawon and Porsche practicing for the dance tonight.. (In rachel’s mind they are plotting to kill her)



Great! Goodbye Needledick NeanderTall. Brenchel are the sorriest pair I’ve ever seen. They talk about Dani playing on emotion and revenge. Look who’s talking. Last year Rachel evicted every pretty girl except Brit out of jealousy and insecurity. At the finale, they voted against Hayden not based on game but on petty hurt feelings because they found out he called them names behind their backs.

This year nothing changes. Cassie committed the cardinal sin of being pretty and classier than Rachel. Of course in Rachel’s twisted view, Cassie was the ringleader AND a floater. Then they talk about how they never break a deal. Really? They screwed Andrew over pretty good last year and then this year told Dom he was good, told him to throw the veto and then sent him home. And they think Dani is the evil person that breaks deals. I really do think Dani wanted to work with Dom and BR. Brenchel would always have been a bigger target and Dom would have helped her go deep because he is the only newbie that seemed strong enough to win competitions. To do this, she wanted to sacrifice Jeff and Jordan because she doesn’t want to be sitting next to them at the end, and Brenchel would have had the blood on their hands. The plan failed because Dom blabbed and it came back to Jordan who took it to Rachel and Brendon. The problem is that when Brenchel is HOH she does what she wants, and it is usually based on some petty insecurity and not smart game play. When someone else is HOH, Brenchel expects them to do what she wants or the HOH is a traitor. They seem to have forgotten all of the mean things they said about Jordan when she put up Dom instead of Rachel’s pick, Cassie. And Brenchel stirred it all up to force Jordan to put her up. If JJ had tried to do that to Brenchel when they were HOH, JJ would have been backdoored.

The only thing Brenchel has going for them is they can win stupid competitions. But this will never win them the money, and winning competitions doesn’t make anyone more or less deserving than people that never win. Look at Dr. Will. He never won anything, but he won the grand prize. Would Rachel dare say Will was a floater and didn’t deserve to win?

The only way Brenchel could have won it all was by making it to the end together. The jury would have to vote for one of them, just like Dick and Daniele in season 8. Now that is not going to happen. The best Rachel can hope for is second place, but without Brendon to control what she says, who she talks to and how much liquor she drinks, Rachel will be lucky to last a couple of weeks. She might win HOH next week, but after that she is a sitting duck and she will have completely pissed off everyone in the house. I think Porsche will jump ship. Imagine Rachel’s state if Brendon walks out with just one vote. She will know she is utterly alone. I hope Porsche gives Brendon a sexy X rated lap dance at his pathetic mock bachelor party and makes Rachel crazy, perhaps calling off the mock wedding and saving us feedsters the torture of watching such a debacle.


Pacer got a BIG booty yo! LOL


Kalia is a hottie

Kalia is getting more and more gorgeous each day! BB is doing wonders for her. She should never go home.

Not Meg

Who’s this her husband? You sick of her too?


Whoever writes these spoilers cant spell watsoever…


We genuinely and honestly love, love, love you Simon and Dawg, truly, truly, truly! πŸ˜‰



lol! You crack me up, Simon. Great job on this website, by the way. I rarely comment, but I read it faithfully. Appreciate your hard work.

Uncle Cool

First, a lot of people can’t spell the word ‘whatsoever’…

Second, who cares how anything is spelled as long as we understand what they write. I can understand perfectly.

Third, I hope to hell no reason is found to return any of the ousted house guests.


Thx God America is not choosing the winner it would have been a BIG HOT MESS


So, when does the Brendan shun start? After the wedding? I bet money BR tried to squeeze BB for a real wedding, and this is the best they got.


They talked about that the other night how they think CBS should pay for and televise their wedding because they met on BB. Rachele’s so vain, she probably thinks this post is about her πŸ˜›


How long has Rachel been on slop and does it end on Thursday night? It should be an interesting night if Brendon goes home and Rachel is able to drink again.

Not Meg

Oh man that will be GREAT! She will either get trashed and cry or get trashed and have the time of het life without her man watching over her. Maybe she’ll hook up with Adam. Poor Adam, I’m sorry that was mean.


dom just gave an interview to zap2it tv today so I am not sure if he’s in sequester. do they still get interviewed if they are?


They get interviewed via the interwebs. No one that’s been evicted has gone home yet.



Week 1 – Noobs allign against the vets. Rachel wins HOH. Regulators agree to keep each other safe. Dick vetted out the non-regulators to work with the vets. Dick leaves, Dani gets golden key. Keith & Porsche nom’d. POV won by Rachel due to everyone throwing it (keith, porsche, jeff, jordan). Noms stay the same. Vets + Kalia & Shelly vote out Keith. Rachel rubs the loss in the noobs faces making an instant enemy out of Cassie and Dom. Dani playing it cool by talking to both sides of the house. Shelly alligns with JJ, Porsche alligns with BR.

Week 2 – Rachel gets to pick the order of the players in the next HOH (tells Kalia and Shelly to throw it). Jordan wins HOH. Jordan noms Adam & Dom. BR upset at JJ for not nominating Cassie. BR distrust JJ because they think JJ might backdoor them with the help of Shelly and Cassie. BR try to win POV to take Dom off the block and put Cassie on the block. Dom wins POV, Cassie and Shelly go on the block. Jordan wins luxury comp to see the tv show Same Name, picks Shelly and Kalia to watch it with them because they haven’t won anything yet and to ensure that they stay on the Vets side. BR want Dani and Dom on their side so they can backdoor JJ next week. BRDani talk about backdooring Jeff, BRDom talk about backdooring Jeff. Cassie voted out.

Week 3 – Rachel wins HOH. BRDD continue to talk about backdooring Jeff. Dom and Adam get nominated. BR telling both Adam and Dom that they are safe and to throw the POV. Dom tries to get Shelly in on their bd plan. Shelly tells Jordan. SJ go talk to BR about DD’s plan to backdoor Jeff. BR blames it all on Dani. Vets turn on Dani, Dom and Kalia in a House Meeting. Dom voted out.

Week 4 – Dani wins HOH (endurance comp that lasted an hour and a half with Kalia and Dani as the last two standing). D immediately tells J that JJ are not her targets. Jeff wins $10,000.00, Jordan/Lawon/Brendon are have nots and Adam who lasted 9 minutes has to wear an elf costume all week). Nominates BR for stabbing her in the back, voting out Dom and strategically splitting up one of the power couples. JJ agree to not put Dani up next week if she keeps the two of them safe this week. Brendon wins POV, uses it on Rachel after telling everyone that he plans on using it on himself. Dani puts Jordan on the block as a pawn to ensure Brendon goes home (JJ agree with the decision). BR threaten Dani saying that if she does not keep BR safe, she will lose the vets jury votes and they will all come after her next week. Brendon goes home.

Hope this helps in catching everyone up on what’s been going down in the house so far. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on any of my info.


Jordan won the lux comp in week 3 when Lachel was HOH


Right you are Ken! I stand corrected on that one. Thanks and baba ganoush!




I hope it’s Jeff or Rachel or Shelly or Adam.. Dani needs 2 go nxt wk then kalia then lawon then Jordan


I wish the twist is brendon stays! Kiss ass floaters make me sick. Any sports wants players who can win. Not lazy, kiss ass players! People who are cheering 4 the floaters. Was weak asses in life.


Someone needs to learn to spel “Thrusday” in the poll question…


If Dom doesn’t get voted back in over Brendon then I smell some serious BULLSHIT on CBS’s part. I mean honestly yo there is no way in hell Brendon can get more votes to get voted back in then PT. Team Dom Yo!!


If anybody desereves come back into house its probably Cassi and Dom or Keith his chances, she got evcted because of Rachal’s jealously against her, I can’t wait until Rachel’s as gets evicted, she allways has to be the centre of attantion.


Porsche getting to look a little chunky,


You know I am not a Porshe fan but she has a lovely body (went a little overboard with the boobs though) and her hair color is fantastic. Gotta give her props.