Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says Rachel will name her baby Hammock, Purple room or HaveNot ..pulling and praying doesn’t work, use a condom for god’s sake!

1pm – 1:20pm Kalia comes up to the HOH room. They talk about how Rachel keeps coming up and thought it was her again because she couldn’t see who it was because the spy screen is broken. Porsche talks about how she told Rachel she hid Quackers in the toilet…and that Rachel said it was okay… Kalia says it’s not okay …trust me ..its just because you are HOH. They talk about what they think the POV competition will be… Kalia wonders if because there are bike parts all over the house ..maybe we have to put together a bike and then ride it. Porsche says I don’t think so because Adam has been pretty vocal about not being able to ride a bike. Kalia says that doesn’t mean he can’t sit on it. Kalia asks if they ever have had an endurance veto .. Adam says no ..because they need to show on the show who wins.. but maybe they could show it lapsed or something. Kalia tells them that Jordan was telling her that none of them would use the veto on her … Kalia says that she told her ..not necessarily true. Kalia says that Jordan was talking about how she wishes she could just get out of here… Kalia says I hope you want that because then you won’t try as hard for the POV. They talk about how Rachel complains about missing Brendon and yet the rest of us have been away from our significant others for way longer. They talk about how Jordan already won and shouldn’t win again. Adam says that if all goes well …in the jury house there will be 5 vets and two newbies sitting in the jury house. Adam says that he wants to win this more than anything ..because if I don’t I am on the block.
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1:25pm Kalia talks about how she will never ever work with Rachel. They talk about how each of them consoled her and wonder why they did. Porsche says they came in to the ready to play …game faces on! They begin to recount the events of the house. Shelly comes up and Porsche tells them that they are glad its her …everyone they like are up here now… you can lock the door. Shelly heads into the bathroom. Porsche tells her there is no toilet paper. Shelly says she will go grab some for her. Porsche asks for her beora strips are in there too. Adam says can I was your dick too sir. Porsche says the royal BLANK is clean. Adam asks if he should wear a thong and feed them grapes. Porsche says that it will possible be a physical competition because she heard in the diary room that we need to stay hydrated … Big Brother cuts the feeds. Porsche comments on how something must be up with it if they moved it from 1pm to 6pm .. it must be hot out there and it must be a physical competition. Shelly says that she doesn’t care if its hot or cold she is ready to go… Kalia says that she is tired ..Porsche say that she better be awake for the competition or she will be pinching her butt. Kalia says that will make me want to lie down even more.

1:40pm – 2pm Kalia says that if it goes our way …and Rachel leaves ..Jordan will be all by herself.. and no matter what people think one will just roll over and die. Porsche says that Rachel is already campaigning to stay.. she is always campaigning whether its for her or Brendon. Adam wonders if any one has seen the scissors. Porsche says tell Big Brother that they’re missing to protect our lives. The conversation turns to talking about random stuff. Shelly tells Adam that because he likes to lead and is good at instructions then he should do that if they need to in the competition. Big Brother says …that’s what she said. They all laugh. Shelly comments that Rachel has been peeing a lot …and that is a major sign that you are pregnant. Shelly says that if Rachel made up the story …that is not right. Shelly says that pulling and praying doesn’t work.. Adam says that its true you dribble before you shoot. They joke that Rachel will name the baby something BB related.. like Hammock, or Purple room, Blanket, HaveNot… Shelly says that when you are fighting to save yourself ..use a condom for god sake … Meanwhile, Rachel is reading the bible..

2:10pm – 2:30pm Porsche talks about her Pandora’s box and how she only had five minutes to decide. Porsche says that it never said that it was going to be good and bad for me. Shelly and Adam both tell her that it wasn’t bad for her because either way you get to keep things the way they are or you can change the nominations. Shelly asks did you know there was money? Porsche says yeah …there was a gold suit case ..there had to be money in there. Porsche wondered if it had something to do with have nots because that room still isn’t closed. Porsche says that she even wondered if someone else had gotten a Pandora’s box and didn’t open it … Adam says that curiosity will get you every time. Shelly says that the only thing that is bad for you is that if those two win …they can have the chance to take you out… Porsche says yeah. Adam and Porsche recount the events of the house and the golden keys. Adam and Porsche head downstairs. Jordan and Rachel are lazing around .. Jordan comments that she shouldn’t have had that coffee it makes me jittery.. Jordan and Rachel go to lay down in the candy room. They talk about how they have a great shot to win. They talk about what type of competition it might be. They talk about saying stuff about everyone in the DR (Diary Room). Rachel starts talking about someone she used to work with that would steal clients and tips. Meanwhile, Shelly and Porsche are making something to eat in the kitchen. Porsche heads back up to the HOH room.

2:40pm Porsche and Adam are in the HOH room trying to figure out the HOH spy screen TV by reading the instructions. Rachel is in the bathroom.. not much happening …everyone is waiting for the Power of Veto Competition to start… (Should start around 5 or 6pm tonight..)

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172 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says Rachel will name her baby Hammock, Purple room or HaveNot ..pulling and praying doesn’t work, use a condom for god’s sake!

      1. Hopefully something will turn around and Shelly will be sent packing. I mean, who could trust her anyway?

        Rachel is a good kid. She has the best personality in the house. The rest of them are BORING!!!!!! Excluding Jordon, of course.

      2. Shelly is not the best player so far. She is a disgrace to every wife and mother that I know. My kids would be so humiliated if they were to see me sneaking around, going back and forth causing trouble between different sets of people. She fell for Dani’s line about Jeff and Jordan not taking her to the final three, as if Dani would have taken her to the final three? I wanted Rachel out so bad. Not any more. I hope that Shelly is the next person out that door and I hope she walks away with nothing! In the beginning I was hoping for Shelly to win it all and planned to vote for her for America’s player. How dare her take that phone call from Jordan and then stab her in the back. If not for Jordan it would have been Shelly that would have been wearing that humilitard for a week and she sure wouldn’t have gotten to speak to her husband and daughter. She claims how upset she is that her daughter will hear Rachel and Jordan call her a bit++ on the feeds? I have heard HER call Rachel all kinds of things on the feeds including that! Shame on her! People calling Jordan “Jordumb”….. Let me tell you, Jordan is a sweet Southern girl that would give the shirt off her back to anyone if they needed it. I thought the same thing about Shelly in the beginning. Now I see that Shelly is just a proficient liar who has no decency or self respect. What a terrible shame!

    1. shelly is scum — i really hope rachel or jordan win the pov so she goes up and goes home. she is about the biggest liar, and worse game player BB has every had. At least Evel Dick was smart and laid it on the the line — she pretends to a “straight shooter” and is anything but!

      1. I guess it would have been ok if JJ turned on her first which they were getting ready to do since they gave her a phone call? Is a phone call worth half a mill? GTFOH!

    2. Big Brother please ask the players to stop making fun about the Rachels baby. Even if she is /not pregnant saying things is awful.

      1. No one should be making fun if Rachel is or is not pregnant. Every baby belongs to God and is precious. Rachel has never been one of my favorite people but since she is all that Jordan has in the house now I hope she and Jordan are the last two standing. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Adam in the final two. I will be happy if Adam, Jordan and Rachel are in the final three. Porshe is just an immature mean girl and Kalia….. What can I say. If it wasn’t for Dani she would have been gone long ago. Dani is a good game player. I think she played her cards way to early. I saw the interview with her dad and I think he is spot on. If Dani would have kept her word and worked like she promised until about the final 8, I think she could have won it all. In their season it was only because of Dick that Dani won anything at all. I have almost no doubt if Dick hadn’t had to leave, he probably would have won this time too. He is far from one of my favorite people but he really does know how to play this game. Also, as mean as he can be I can’t imagine him ever treating sweet Jordan badly. I would love to see Jordan win in the final 2. Like I said before, I would love to see Adam win too. Good people usually go far in this world. Some of this is very hard for me to watch since at the age of 20 my daughter was doing her first tour in Iraq to fight for her country. I see these girls that are 25 years old behaving this way and it makes me want to spit up. My daughter is now 30 and is doing her 3rd tour in Iraq away from her children. They don’t remember a time when their mother wasn’t a soldier. Now that is a mom to be proud of! Shelly? Not so much!

    1. she should name the kid dani. one day the kid will ask how he/she got its name and rachel be in the summer of 2011 we were on a show called bb. there was a bitch ass girl named dani that evicted your dad twice costing him $500k. in that summer i was pregnant with you which cost me $500k. i couldn’t get my botox that year. it was a sad year. i hate you dani.

  1. damn shelly really has it out for rachel LOL. It seems that R is a shelly wants to talk about. Was it stated that this pov was going to be on the feeds? I thought it was.

  2. Porche and Kalia are OBSESSED with poor Rachel. How sad those two really are. And, I just don’t get Shelly. Who is this demon from hell? She looks awful. She walks like a guy. I just don’t know why she’s so hateful!!!!!!!

    1. I am pretty sure I didnt type that.. at least I dont remember, but that is such a comment I would send..

      Great minds thin alike >:)

  3. Umm Rachel is pure scum. She thinks she’s pregnant and what was she doing last night? Drinking wine! That bitch is disgusting and BB should kick her out, I bet they have something in their contract about being pregnant. I can’t believe they haven’t given her a pregnancy test. I hope Dani went into jury and told Brendon that his girlfriend is pregnant, I know she’s probably giving him crap.

  4. I will lose all faith in Big Brother if one of these “newbies” win. They all JUST started playing the game and honestly make me sick. I know Jordan won the same way in her season, but atleast she was likeable. Those 4 just make me wanna barf. The only person I’m rooting for is Rachel.

    1. I hope the comp is endurance or punishments. I think Rachel and Jordan would hang in for as long as possible and would take any punishments. And Brendon was coaching them earlier in the season about how he won the punishments comp last year.

    1. Your cude!!!What is it with you wanting to pick on an unborn child…your as sick as Shelly the (ugly dog face). I Im shocked that a women like Shelly acts so stupid..What is it with her picking on Rachel so much. I was not a Rachel fan until now. I am sick of Porsch, Kalia, and Shelly constantly putting Rachel down..They sound like stupid little spoil girls. And what is this picking on a unborn child, she is probability not even preg. Shelly, Porsch and Kalia make me sick…..

  5. i hope it’s an endurance comp or something really physical and to ensure that (1) adam & shelly huff and puff and fall out since they’re both smokers and old as heck, (2) porsche loses momentum from dragging kalia’s butt around, and (3) jordan & rachel dominate and shelly goes home this week!!! plus, we haven’t seen an endurance comp in a while so it’s about time they pull one out!

  6. i heard shelly say that jordan came up to her and asked to talk later..does anyone know if she is making that up?? the way jordan was talking to adam in the bathroom about shelly sounded like she never wanted to talk to her again…

    1. I highly doubt it but u never know. maybe Jordan is now campaigning. but she doesn’t have too because she is not going home. Rachel is and that is unfortunate. These players are truly ridiculous. I mean Rachel is their only topic of conversation. wowwwwwwwww shockerrrrrr, awkwardddddddddddd I mean come on Shelly instead of wondering if Rachel is pregnant, how about wondering if ur lungs are ok cough cough

    2. That is just another one of Shelly, snake in the grass, lies. Please let this liar be sent out of BB Thursday!!

  7. Hummmmmm… Adam hasn’t tell PKS about the conversation he had with Jordan…. Playing sneaky??? I think that PKS trust him, I have my doubts…

  8. I don’t get this extreme Shelly hate nor all this crazy Rachel love…

    The best player deserves to win BB13 and in the end it’s just a game.

    1. Maybe you should develop a process where we can evict posters from the board. Especially those who aren’t intelligent enough to construct a sentence without dropping the F bomb.

    2. Preach it Simon!!!!!! Although I personally dislike Shelly and the way she chose to play i.e. lying she does have game.
      And for some crazy reason I have rooted for Rachel both seasons, I like her drama.

    3. I just hate hypocrites. They get under my skin.

      Lying is fine but don’t hide behind the integrity card if you’re going to be a liar. Have the balls to do it outright. My two fav winners Dr. Will and Dick lied as much as (if not more than) Shelly, but they owned up to it which made me respect for their game play much more.

      Shelly is too much of a pussy to own up to her shit, which makes her, IMO, more annoying than Rachel and Jordan combined. At least Rachel admits that she’s crazy, and Jordan knows she’s dumb.

    4. jj lovers didn’t complain about shelly when she was doing their dirty work getting info from the other side. shelly said she did this for her family. i do believe she loves jj because on her twitter page, people were posting pics of shelly’s twitter two years ago when she asked everybody to support jeff and change their twitter avitar to jeff for the win.

      1. Of course not, because it seemed as though she was with them. That she was loyal. And when I read on here, I read that many people could see through it, that she was a liar. JJ fans and JJ hoped that she would be true to her “straight shooting” words.

      2. dear have you lost ur f—–ing mind shelly lies so great that she has been doing it all her life and most of you girls on here gives women a bad name catty c–t at least men dont act like women . Its strange that women want repect put ready to tear each other apart and there’s not enought money to go on tv and act like a fool. you all have got to think that Shelly’s a grown women but the daughter will pay the price that’s the sad part of it .

  9. wow everything out of Shelly’s mouth is about Rachel. I think that Shelly is going to stalk Rachel after the show ends.

    1. I agree!!! Shelly is a sick F$&k..I cant believe she thinks that she is such a good person…Shelly(ugly dog face) needs to go..

  10. there are several reasons people are complaining about shelly.

    Agreed that you need to play a good social game in BB which includes deception. Shelly has taken it to a whole new level. She is the worst liar and yet she brags about having the highest standards and intrigrity. She shoots straight (her words) and yet she makes up stuff all the time. She has stooped to all time low by taking something personal from Rachel and hiding it. After several pleas from R to return it, she continues to lie and say she doesn’t know anything about it. One night she said it would be funny to cut off the ears and give the pieces to R one at a time.

    Shelly is a poor example of a business woman who claims to be successful not to mention a role model for her daughter.

    1. Amen! Shelly makes her “game play” FAR too personal. Daniele did it too, but I think that she has a heart. I think Shelly is a sociopath.

      1. So, I suppose when she lies to people she should remind them that she is in fact a liar.

        Give me a break. She’s no Dr. Will.

        1. Of course not. My point is that she lies under the guise of being a good person. A person who plays with integrity and honesty. And yes, I do know its a game.
          But she crosses the line between game play and viciousness. There is a line…even in Big Brother.
          She nearly lost her mind when Adam “zinged” her with a truthful and not nasty comment about not winning anything. She went on and on and on about it for days.
          What she did to J&J was FAR worse than a harmless zing in the diary room.
          She has very thin skin…..which is interesting considering she lays out 18 hours a day and smokes 3 packs of unfiltered Camels a day. :)

          1. jeff and jordan were obviously naive. if they used a little common sense it would have told them that everybody is here to win the game, not just them and don’t put your complete trust in anybody. i really felt like they thought that they were the only ones allowed to win and everybody should play their game and cater to them. jordan is not nice at all this season. she seems stuck up and snobbish. jeff has become a complete bully and border line narcissist.

              1. Jeff has a number of character flaws that shine through despite CBS’s generous edits.

                I don’t know if bully is as accurate as bull-headed. When Kaila told him he was going on the block as a pawn, he threw a fit and berated/threatened her. Does it make him a bully? Not necessarily, though personally I was raised to never speak to a woman that way, game or no game. Furthermore, going up as a pawn is part of the game. If Jeff didn’t like it, maybe he should have won HOH (as Rachel snobbily said to Cassi). Jeff doesn’t seem to grasp that the principles of the game also apply to him. Throwing a fit at the HOH when they tell you you’re a PAWN-not smart.

                His interview with Julie Chen further points out his stubborness if not downright stupidity. Evicting Dani was in fact the move that ended his game. All the women in that house hated Rachel, and would have been more than happy to target her over Jeff. The people who win Big Brother know to keep a bigger target than themselves in the game. Boogie had Will in All-Stars (season 7), Jordan herself won her season because Jeff not only carried her, but was a larger target that almost always kept her off the block. Jeff could have easily sailed to the end (especially considering he was one half of the only remaining duo), had he merely evicted Kalia. Kalia certainly wouldn’t have won HOH, and anyone that did at that point would have be gunning for Rachel. Furthermore, had Rachel won HOH, she’d have targeted Dani herself, and should Dani have been evicted, Jeff still would have got what he wanted, and Rachel’s target would have been that much larger.

                Jeff insists every time he plays this game that “he’s the only one doing things” That simply isn’t true. Jeff is brash, and impatient in his game play. He can mock Porsche and Kalia for flying under the radar, but just like Natalie and Kevin before them, Jeff was outsmarted by people more strategic than him.


    3. Shelly crossed the the line when she took personal property. Shelly’s secret to business sucess must be lieing, cheating and blowjobs

      1. I don’t feel anyone act out here in BB should get consequence in their real life. Having said that, I really doubt if a “I take my integrity very serious” picture of Shelly not showing up in their clients’ mind when Shelly try to strike business with them later on.

        1. It’s a game. I remember when people ran their mouths about Matt last year for his shady lie about his wife being ill. The moment you walk in that house, you need to leave the “real you” behind and become the Big Brother you. You should never take anything anyone in that house says at face value. There are plenty of fans of this show that interview to be part of the cast every year that know this simple fact and accept it. Those that don’t -shouldn’t play.

          I think Adam said on the live feeds that 80% of the people that try out to be on the show are from the same pool of people that apply every year. I guarantee many of those people wouldn’t be whining like Jordan right now about giving a phone call from home away to Shelly. You got played dear, just like you and Jeff played Dani. The BB house always repays you in kind. They especially wouldn’t be saying some of the things Jordan said after Jeff got evicted, such as, “This game is stupid.” and “I don’t want to be here anymore.” As far as I’m concerned, this is her 2nd chance, when most people don’t even get one. You don’t want to be there? Get out.

  11. I think the extreme hate for Shelly comes from the WAY she backstabbed Jordan. It was so blatant and so nasty….it was like kicking a sick puppy. Game play is fine, but to delight in being nasty is wrong in life and in a game show.

    I find it interesting how Shelly moaned for days and days about Adam’s “zing” toward her….something about not winning competitions.

    But when Shelly GENUINELY hurt someone, she downplays it and calls it a game. Funny how short the memory is for ALL of the houseguests in the BB house.

    The self-righteousness that flows through that house is almost comical. Everyone thinks that their lies, backstabbing and gossiping are justified, but when other HGs do it, its a mortal sin.

    Another reason why I could NEVER, ever be on BB. I’d be a vindictive bitch.

    1. How did Shelly backstab Jordan? Jordan been evicted? Are we dwelling on the phone call thing again, sheesh what has that got to do with Shelly booting out Jeff, NOTHING!

      Before making a comment do NOT forget Jeff’s original alliance was with Brenda and Rachel and JEff threw the competition that would have saved Brenda from eviction, opting for a PRIZE over an alliance member.

      Jordan and Jeff BOTH voted to evict Brenda instead of voting to save him and keep THEIR original alliance member in play and force Dani to vote Brenda out in a tie breaker.

      Oh could it be that Shelly lies, unlike MR and MS INtegrity who have lied countless times throughout the game, sheesh that is THE GAME, watch the ads, “someone next to you is LYING…….duh

      Oh but it is the Jeff and Jordan goody goody 2 shoe pair that does no wrong, except stab people in the back when convenient to them, break alliances to further THEIR game and lie to cover THEIR asses.

      1. Don’t be so dumb. Jeff could not have used that veto even if he had won it. If he did and took Bendon off the block Jordan would have been put up. As far as the voting they knew it would have been a tie and then Shelly would have been pissed. They had no way of knowing at that time that S would back stab them in a way that didn’t even make sense. Really S voting to keep Dani over K was a dumb move even if she was flipping sides. She says she wants a newbie to win but was willing to keep a vet over a newbie. She could have flipped sides and still had the appearance of being with JJ. But she was so dumb by trying to sway R’s vote for D. If she had flipped but voted for K instead of D then voted Jeff out she could have lied and said it must of been A who filpped. She has played such a stupid game that she did her own self in. If I was any player left in that game including J R I would not be gunning for S I would want her sitting next to me in the final 2. Even KP don’t like the way she has played

        1. Look dumb dumb, Brenda was not even on the block when the POV was played, he was backdoored, so the rest of your STUPID blabbering is mute because Jeff letting Adam win POV and Jeff as always grabbing the money like the “I don’t want to dirty my hands” player he is caused his alliance member Brenda to go on the block

      2. Whoa….its just my opinion. I’m not quoting it at BB Gospel. In MY opinion, what Shelly did was worse. I liked Shelly from the beginning. I thought her running back & forth between the sides was funny. But she really did claim to like Jordan as a friend. It seemed sincere and in MY opinion, I think that Jordan took it that way as well.
        I don’t agree with J&J not working harder to save Brendan, but at least they were UPFRONT about it to both Brendan and Rachel and I do think that counts for something.
        My understanding was that J&J WERE on board to make a final 5 deal with Shelly. Then they would fight it out amongst themselves. Shelly turning when she did was a good game move…I personally didn’t like it, but it was a good move. The WAY she did it was nasty and while I do realize this is a game, no one has been safe from Shelly from the get-go. I’ve loved other “bad” players in this game…Dick, Dr. Will, Boogie….but they were upfront about their treachery and it always felt like a game.
        For some reason, for me, Shelly’s “game play” seems to be rooted more in what kind of person she is as opposed to how she plays a game.
        I don’t judge any of you for liking Shelly…or Rachel…or Kalia…..don’t judge me for liking Jordan and feeling bad for how I feel she was treated. It is just a game after all….a little friendly disagreement is fine.

        1. Honestly, I don’t care for Shelly at all, since the start of the game, but I am not going to rake her gameplay over the coals.

          I will give her credit to last longer than Vets who started out with a built in alliance and honestly I’m glad Jeff is gone and the playing field is level, didn’t care for the automatic one vote going on with J&J for so long expecially as the numbers dwindled down.

  12. I’ll kill myself laughing if the competition is: You’re hanging onto your key (or whatever), BUT, if one teammate falls, the whole team is eliminated.. LOL Because then Kalia would fall (porsche’s out.) and Adam would fall (Shelly’s out)

    POW >:) Good job rach and jord

  13. Right now Shelly’s begging the fortune teller to give her a prize, like the diamond power of veto. Really? You think out of everyone in the house you’re getting something? She keeps saying throw me a bone lol.

  14. I think that Shelly turning on Jeff and JOrdan was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I know personally in the beginning I was a Shelly fan. She was playing both sides of the house and she was good at manipulating others with her lies. Her social game was pretty good and the whole time she was able to keep JJ on her side. I think the hate started coming when she started becoming a hypocrite. She lies and doesn’t even admit in the DR that she does. She calls Rachel evil because she thinks Rachel has been lying the whole time……Shelly has started making this game personal…lying isn’t just a strategy to get furthur into the game anymore. She makes personal attacks that are not at all necessary. She was the one who raised her voice at JOrdan when clearly Jordan was upset with Jeff leaving. She wants everyone to believe she’s a goody good when clearly she’s not. I think that’s prb what bugs people…if your lying and being manipulative that’s okay but atleast don’t get upset when people call you out for it. ……

    1. Shelly is just such a hypocrite and when she got in Jordan’s face and put her finger in her face and then acts like she is the injured party it just makes you hate her even more. Most player in BB at least have some morality but Shelly has none whatsoever. There have been some players I did not love in BB history but never has there been one that made me totally stop watching the show but Shelly has done that. She is just so low class and morally corrupt and love it that she has been apparently fired with her employer taking her photo down from their website. I believe that she would of hit Jordan if Rachel would not of pulled Jordan away. She just needs to go.

  15. Example of why everyone hates Shelly so much: Dr. Will who everyone still loves was a liar but he owned it and people at the very least had to respect his game play, whereas, Shelly is a liar and blames everyone else for everything. She is a thief, liar, scum of the earth, backstabbing snake who apparently now even her boss sees her for the snake she is and has apparently fired her. Shelly also is a mother and she gives a bad name to mothers everywhere. I mean did you see the disgust on her little girls face when she realized what a liar her mother is. Shelly thought of no one but herself and when you are a mother you think of your child first and not just financially but of her mental well being and this child will have to suffer because with Shelly being so hated in America her child will have to hear it. No amount of money is worth the lost of your child respecting you and Shelly has lost that. Also, she repaid a simple kindness that Jordan did for her with backstabbing her in the back and after witnessing her attacking Jordan like she did she needs to be literally thrown out of the BB house and then let the remaining players fight for the $500,000.

    1. There would be more respect for Shelly from everyone, if she would just admit that she’s lying… its almost as if she’s convinced herself that shes telling the truth. Kind of pathetic if you ask me, people should never judge there houseguests on a personal level thats why I hate it when people bash Rachel and Brendon. This is a game and people take it game as if they are actually living their lives this way, which is disgusting.

    2. I believe all the shelly haters were secretly JJ lovers and loved her until she turned on them. This infatuation with JJ is ridiculous…..If shelly hadn’t turned on JJ all the JJ fanatics would still like her……It’s not about a phone call or lying It’s about turning on the beloved JJ couple give me a break It’s a freaking game of lying

      1. Nope, I don’t think so. Her lies were spiteful. Then she went on to bro down with Kaiia after she won HOH. That was down right mean.

  16. Shelly needs to go, I’m not a Rachel fan but without her and Jordan I’m not watching Kalia eat and Porche’s stupid look!

    1. Rachel thinks she might be pregnant.
      I think she has taken a pregnancy test by now but hasn’t mentioned doing so.
      Perhaps she doesn’t know the results and the Fortune Teller
      will tell her the result. “Positive” or “Negative.” ?????

  17. Shelly and Kalia in the purple room. Shelly sounds like she is getting desperate for some sort of power. Kalia sounds nervous about the outcome of the upcoming veto. Don’t they get that locking everyone out of the room won’t do any good. BB has a purpose for the fortune teller and it is not going to work except for the purpose for which BB decides. I would laugh hysterically if the fortune teller told Shelly that she is EVICTED!!!!!!


    1. And when your employer even thinks you are morally corrupt that they take your photo down because they no longer want any association with you because of the person that you are that speaks volumes. She is an immoral individual.

    2. getting rid of Jeff was a great move actually, no one would of guessed that production would rig the pov this horribley to help ratchel & jordum.

  19. I agree %1000! People commend Jeff for going back on his word and backdooring Danielle, but they condemn Shelly for turning on Jeff and Jordan. She’s playing the game and she deserves credit for what she did, whether you like what she did or not.

    1. Nothing to do with backdooring, it’s all to do with that shelly has screwed up the game by lying so much that it made everyone become paranoid and talk shit about eachother. Shelly is evil for making Rachel the target of everyone’s hatred and keeping herself unnoticed.

    2. But Jeff wanted Dani out since Dani was plotting to backdoor him it came as no surprize. If u watch Evil Dick’s show even he said that both Jeff and Danielle knew the whole time they they were feeding each other bullshit. It was so obv. HOwever Shelly said she was with Jeff and Jordan from the beginning. She made a big game move and voted out someone from her alliance…..I guess she had to take the opportunity to take out JEff. However to act like she was the victim come on……….no need to put on a show afterwards the whole crying and feeling sad seriously

    3. Jeff never made a deal that he wouldn’t backdoor her! The only thing he did was say he wasn’t going to when she asked him. What was he supposed to do, say yes and then have her freak out? That’s just typical shit anyone would do BB house or real life. And supposedly it’s ok that Dani shook on it and said she would never put J/J up but then tried to get him back doored? Hypocrites.

  20. can we all stop hating on Shelly and Rachel like really!!! its fine if you don’t like either one of them, but Rachel and Shelly are human being just like all of you! Oh well, Rachel is going to have a baby, she will be a good mother. Oh well Shelly is playing the game how she wants. Its a game, get over yourselves.

        1. No, fun hate is fine, but people are ruining the game. I don’t want future HGs to censor themselves because they are afraid of getting death threats. That would suck. Jeff and Jordan fans ruined Big Brother. Good Job.

  21. For EVERYONE complaining about Shelly backstabbing and lying WHAT GAME DO YOU THINK YOU’RE WATCHING?!?!?! This is Big Brother! These comments about Shelly are hideous. Makes me sick and not want to have anything to do with this site. And remember, We haven’t seen what happened with Jeff and Shelly before Thursdays show. Shelly had to evict Jeff or she would have been out this week. Jordan wouldn’t even talk to Shelly after the HOH/Veto comp during the double eviction. Every story has TWO sides.

    1. Lying is a part of BB but the crap Shelly is doing is different. Like the previous poster said was that they believe she is a sociopath because sociopaths do not see anything they do as wrong and that is Shelly. Sociopaths are extremely dangerous and CBS should make sure that Shelly goes home immediately.

    2. He back stabbing isn’t why everyone hates her, it’s all about how she has lied and shit talked and caused hatered between the house guests than any player before her! Use your head donkey!

      1. Lieing is a corner stone of big brother so is getting all the sides to fight among themselves. It’s called playing the big brother game..

        In real life doing that shit is wrong but in big brother i consider it normal.

  22. I read somewhere the Fortune Teller is moving. What next? Production will wait for Jordan or Rachel to walk buy it and give them some sort of safety net?

  23. Lets make something clear. Another of Shelly’s lies. Jordan did not go to Shelly. Shelly went to Jordan and asked to talk

  24. Wow…. the temperature is currently 104 at the CBS studios. I hope no one passes out during the veto. Well, maybe Shelly, Kalia, Adam and Porsche

  25. I don’t understand why people are having such a hate for Shelly. This is a Game to win $500,000 and any player there that says it is not about the money is LYING.

    Shelly’s problem is that she will not likely get the votes to win if she makes it to the final 2 because of her poor Social Game. Kind of like
    “Russell” of Survivor.

  26. Really Shelly is so classy kinda like a few on here are. I never relized Rach had so many friends Because for some of you saying that you feel bad for her kid ( if she is prego) you must know her personally I am not a fan of her I can not stand her laugh nor her nobody comes between my man self.Some of you are saying why hate on Shelly look how she is she talks about Rach and others and gets mad when they talk about her she is she must have been the bully in school was fun to pick on people until some one stands up Do I think she did a good thing by getting Jeff out yes I do not because of what she said tho cause she has no chance in hell of winning Because K/P are not smart enough in my mind to take her to the finnal 2 for they can win the 500,000 But maybe they are who knows I did like Shelly at first and she was going to be my pick but her actions have made me rethink that. I now hope P wins because I think she is a good player and deserves the win. But if K wins want be as happy but as long as J/r does not win then it is all good. And for those who are bashing on Rach/Brendon and their maybe soon to be baby how would you feel if sonme one said the same things about you that you are saying about them Like I said unless you know them personaly we see them on tv and then it is what the producers want us to see we do not know how they are in the real world.

  27. I was a Shelly fan at the beginning, but not anymore. Lying effectively can be a great strategy, as long as the player takes responsibility for his or her actions. Shelly’s martyr/victim complex is ridiculous. I’d respect her gameplay if she simply owned up to the fact that she’s lied to further her own game. Instead, she blames everyone else for the consequences of what she’s done. It’s laughable to watch.

    As for the other houseguests, it’s a shame that one of them has to win the game at all. Between J & R telling their men to ‘kill Dani in the Jury House,’ and the newbies joking about how, if the upcoming POV involved throwing a medicine ball, they could hit Rachel in the stomach and save her $400, they’ve all revealed how pathetic, vicious, and vindictive they all are.

    That’s why I’m Team KYBP (Kitchen Table & Backyard Pool). They’re useful, quiet and twice as exciting as the HGs. :D

    1. That’s ‘KTBP’ lol!

      Though I guess with all the butt kissing going on this year, some KY for the HGs might not have been a bad idea.

  28. I was thinking about scenario…lets just say….what if Kalia wins POV and takes J/R off the block…..She is that stupid you know. Lets not forget that she was dieing to be liked by her….just sayin’ I will jump thru the screen and evict her myself…..I fear Kalias stupidity will raise its ugly head once again. Roach should just go ahead and name that baby Brenchel….there really is no other logical name….

    BTW J/J will not win BB13….take it to the bank

    Halfway there!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Good lord who can stand the kps&a gang of four……………their karping and constant harangue at and about RJ drives me crazy………..I would hate to see any of them win.

  30. This is a game. Shelly would have got 3rd at best with Jeff and Jordan if she stayed with them. Even if she goes home and is 6th at least now she actually has a chance to win money by being 1st or 2nd. Stop hating on Shelly because your butt hurt that Jeff left.

    1. I wonder if Shelly watches Survior if so then she learned nothing from Russell. She may make it to the end and win 50 g”s but she will have no shot at 500 g’s the only shot she may have at that is if R or J are sitting with her at the end and the newbies are serious about wanting a newbie to win. You will need 4 jury votes to win and she has 0% chance at a vote from JJ or BR. If she sits with J or R at the end Dani would be the deciding vote if the newbies vote for a newbie. If I were K,P or A I would be trying to keep S in game and take her to final 2 it would be a garented win. How poetic that her only shot and slim at best is taking J or R. But I think she is too emotional to have figured out the math.

    2. It is ironic that the only shot Shelly has of winning 500 g’s is by taking J or R to end. I think she is too emotional to have really done the math at this point. You need 4 jury votes to win this game and if JJ and BR are in the jury house there is no way any one of them vote for Shelly to win. If she site beside J or R and the newbies are serious about wanting a newbie to win. How funny that Dani becomes the deciding vote for who wins this game. HA HA She might be able to get 50 g’s but no way for a win. If I was K,P or A I would be looking to keep Shelly in this game and take her to the final 2. I wonder if any of them have been doing the math and keep eyes on the ultimate goal. The all seem too dumb to me!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Yes, she want the runner-up prize $50 K instead of the $500K, that’s why she always hopes for the f2. What better shot she can get if she didn’t even win any comp?

  31. It’s the hypocrite factor. If she hadn’t spent so much time bragging about her stellar ethics she wouldn’t
    be so despised. Brag, brag, brag, lie, lie, lie – plus she’s mean. She’s too old to be acting like a junior
    high school girl.

    1. Get over yourself. Like I mentioned from a previous post, Jordan may not be as smart as other people but she has her own smarts. In addition, she has a big heart. These are real people and you need stop attacking her and calling her names. This is a game yes –but you are dealing with real people who have real emotions. Calling her names is just plain mean. If you want to root for the other group fine, comment on her bad game play –fine -but don’t attack her for her intelligence when you don’t know everything that is to know about her.

  32. I don’t care for Shelly because you don’t bring you kid into the game. Maybe if your kid is 18 or something. As a kid you have enough reasons that you can be picked on at school. Now kds can ridicule her about how her mom. How Shelly has lied and schemed againt people who were loyal to her. I feel bad for her kid. It’s not the kid’s fault yea know.

  33. Wouldn’t it be sooooo funny if, as a duo, Shelly and Adam get penalty nomination if Shelly breaks the fortune teller? Then, they HAVE to win the veto to be safe! LOL

  34. Simon, or anyone! I’d like to subscribe to the feeds, and need to know if I have to download anything, and second, will it work on Linux?

    1. The web client needs flash to run but there’s a viewer called BBlite that is suppose to work under linux.. I use the web client in Chrome and it’s stable. I found BBlite to be highly unstable with Huge memory leaks.

      Dawg uses bblite

  35. Yall watching Shelly pulling and tugging at the fortune teller…looking for some protection (was it her talking about condoms)…love it.

    1. Which now that I think about it would be an interesting move for Adam….Shelly would get voted out and he’d keep JR in the game (they are still in the house as major targets) and they would possibly take out P or K leaving him still in final four. But he doesn’t know about the so called deal between JRKP. .

  36. Please get Rachel out of that house. She has been in there for 2 seasons in a row, why does CBS want it to be the Brendon-Rachel show.

    1. Possibly because the Jeff and Jordan $howmance is a bust and
      Rachel and Brendon are getting married.
      Just saying ……..

  37. Because Shelly claims to be someone and then does the opposite. Because she kissed JJ butts up until last week. Because she said she wanted to be final three and went back on it, and claims to be a “straight shooter” yet doesn’t do that. Her entire game is a fraud. Because she is not willing to fight for herself. Yes, she saw that she couldn’t win against JJ, but she shouldn’t straight shooted about it. She could have been more respectful about it. Then when Kalia wins, she wants to cheer and bro it up. Now, that’s just cruel.

  38. Honestly, Rachel and Jordan need to win because Rachel is the only person in the house who FIGHTS for what she wants. Don’t get me wrong, she can get annoying as hell, but Kalia is a sleeping fatass, Adam has FLOATED through the whole game, Porsche is an airheaded bitch who’s VIP cocktail waitress job is too “luxurious” for everyone in the house to know about, Jordan already won, and Shelly is a backstabbing bitch who hasn’t won one single comp and just floats between whoever has the power during the week. Rachel fought, continues to fight, and she’s gotten stronger. She deserves the money, and everyone who hates on her doesn’t realize that the game is for STRONG COMPETITORS. Not people who float through everything.

  39. To say that Jordan gave the phone call to Shelly to better her game is outlandish. She did it to be nice and you can see that. Boy, by saying she did it to better her game, you are giving her a lot of credit. Maybe she isn’t Jordumb after all.

    1. Phill, if you’d watched the feeds leading up to that POV Shelly was pretty much done with BB and was pretty much ready to leave, so yea Jordo did it to further her game and keep Shelly going and since she was on the block she didn’t need much to leave. And Jordo expecting devine loyalty to her and Jeff for it is pathetic after all, Jordo and Jeffy both evicted one of their alliance members in Brenda didn’t they, so where is the loyalty of J&J? Only loyalty they have is to win for themselves like everyone else in the place and boo hoo Shelly voted to evict Jeff.

      And BS to it being not going against the house it was to get rid of competition against J&J that they could NOT beat even on a fantastic day!

  40. Well, in my opinion, Shelly switched because she knew Jeff would not be able to compete in the next hoh comp and she, Jordan, Rachel, Adam probably were not going to win. She knew she was on her way out the door and since Jeff wouldn’t be able to help her stay, see ya. I don’t like any of the remaining people. Kalia = dani lover and is too stupid to realize that Shelly campaigning for Dani was also a campaign for her to leave. Jordan=what a sweetheart. She hasn’t done a thing either and doesn’t deserve the money. She is a sweetheart, though. Porsche = the dead has risen. If Jordan is dumb, well, she isn’t far behind. Adam = sailing, flipping, following. He hasn’t won anything yet. If Jordan and Porsche are dumb, he is right there with them. I do believe that Adam will surprise the girls by saving Jordan, if he can. Rachel = certifiable. Rachel is a very good competitor and she is smart. However, she has let the other house guest and her love for Brendon destroy her game. Shelly= psychotic. If you live in a glass house, you should not throw stones. I guess she thinks some one is going to carry her all the way to the bank to cash the winning check. If Jordan, Porsche and Adam are dumb, Shelly is a member of their club……..hell, she is actually the president. Jordan isn’t normally the first person that falls out of every comp……Shelly and Adam are. Jordan may not be as smart as most, but when you compare here to hgs left, she sure isn’t any dumber.

  41. Obviously you don’t understand, IT’S SHELLY’S HOLIER THAN THOU ATTITUDE!!!!!

  42. Shelly is playing a good game.. there was No bigger liar than Jeff! . Evil witch Rachel and Dumb-Dumb Jordan needs to go!!! -.. It is soo obvious that ajeff is not really dating Jordan. In bed his bacck is to her.. he tells her to stay on her side.. he treats her like the dog she is!..;Jeff wants someone else and Jordan knows it. Jordan notices the way Jeff looks at Dani!! .. Jordan is like a little sister to Jeff!.. Jeff wants Dani.

  43. I’m so sick of people saying that Shelly is horrible. Yes, she stabbed Jeff and Jordan in the back, BUT, that’s Big Brother! Rachel starts using the term floaters for the past 2 season and everyone thinks that the only way to win Big Brother is by winning competitions! No, it’s not! Big Brother is a social game, that includes being SOCIAL! Bottom line is, Shelly still in the house and Jeff, Brendon and Dani are gone. Shelly is hands down the best player this season, without winning any competitions, she’s made it this far, she’s used her social skill to advance her self. Big Brother is about lying, cheating, backstabbing, honesty, and winning competitions isn’t the only way to win the game.

  44. Why the Hell is shelly talking about something she is clueless about. Rach can be late due to stress also. Late does not always equal pregnant! and by the way shelly if she was why would you talk about an innocent unborn child. How about we call your daughter that Hammock, Purple room or HaveNot ..and known as the daughter with the lying, mother and the hen peck dad.

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