Big Brother Spoilers: Jordan says she is really going to try for the veto because none of you will save us. Kalia says you don’t know that.. *Updated*

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11:20am Porsche, Kalia and Shelly are talking up in the HOH room. Porsche says that Rachel is really stressed out can see it in her eyes.. all she wants to do is go see Brendon. Shelly says well go see Brendon. Shelly says that she doesn’t even care …I can say whatever I want now. Kalia says that it is good if Rachel and Jordan think they have a chance to work with you (Shelly) or Adam. Kalia explains that if they even think there is a shot that if they don’t win there might be a chance that they won’t go up if they are feeling safe with someone else. Porsche gets called to the diary room. Kalia complains about how tired she is …but that once she gets out there she will be okay. Porsche says better be ..because I am going to be harnessed to you. Kalia says she will be. Kalia says that she really thinks the POV competition will be one where we hang on something because of how long they have been building out there. Kalia heads downstairs and says that she is going to go back to sleep..

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11:40am – 12pm Kalia and Jordan are in the metal room talking. Jordan says that she is really going to try for this veto because I don’t think any of you will save us. Kalia says I wouldn’t say that … you don’t know that. (Kalia is trying to trick Jordan into thinking the veto isn’t life or death for her and that other people would have her back so that Jordan doesn’t try as hard for the POV.) Adam joins them and makes a suggestion about what he thinks the POV competition. Jordan and Kalia talk about how much they have cried in the house. Adam, Jordan and Kalia talk about how tough it is being in the house. Jordan talks about being on Amazing Race. Then Jordan says that if she goes to the jury house …she will have it out with Dani. Rachel joins them and they talk about music. The conversation changes to talking about Dick and Dani. Kalia says that when they asked her who she wouldn’t get along with she said people like Dick. Jordan says that its funny that Kalia became friends with Dani. Adam says they are completely different people. Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen …
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12:20pm – 12:30pm The live feeds come back, Rachel and Jordan are in the purple room. Rachel is talking about how nauseous she is and just doesn’t feel good. Rachel says that she was sitting in the metal room with them and just felt sick. Jordan asks her if she ever wears anything that gives her good luck? Rachel says she wears sequins. Jordan says of course you would. Rachel says that she needs to clam her nerves. Jordan says her too. They talk about random stuff… Kalia comes by and mentions that they are still building stuff in the backyard… They wonder when the POV will start… Big Brother cuts the live feeds again..

When the live feeds come back, Adam and Jordan are in the bathroom. Jordan tells Adam that she has always been honest that if something happens this week and I go ….just remember she threw you under the bus and will do it again.. Adam nods his head. Jordan says that she is a liar …I hope you don’t believe anything she says! Adam says that he is listening and also knows the source. Jordan tells Adam that Kalia was talking about how she has already said she will be getting rid of you. Jordan tells Adam that you can’t trust her ..she is going to throw you under the bus. Jordan says that she makes sure we aren’t near you so that she can work you. Jordan says that we are going to take our selves off the block and we will put her up. Adam says that he trusts Jordan …but not her buddy (Rachel). Jordan says that she is not voting for her …she got carried through this whole game. Jordan tells Adam that she doesn’t want you in the final four …she kept talking about how she didn’t trust you and wanted to get rid of you. Jordan says that if she doesn’t go this week …you will be the next target. Adam says that is why I need to start winning shit. Jordan tells Adam this is a turning point really need to do something. Adam says one quick thing …that really hurt that Jeff questioned me about voting for him. Jordan says that he was just confused and didn’t know what happened… Jordan says that she will talk to him. Adam says no I will. Jordan says that she is done and not talking to her any more.. Adam says thank you to Jordan. Jordan tells him not to tell anyone what we talked about.

12:40pm Jordan goes into the purple room and Rachel says that maybe I should take a nap if it’s (POV) going to be at 5pm… Rachel and Jordan start talking about how they both met their future husbands on BB. Rachel then starts talking about he wedding and wedding dresses.

12:55pm – 1pm Adam goes up to talk to Porsche in the HOH room. Porsche tells Adam that she is really happy with their final four. Porsche adds that Jordan already won …she doesn’t need to be here …let someone else win. Big Brother cuts the live feeds.. when they come back Adam is talking about his girlfriend Fara.

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ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

SUUURE they’re going to have to really try to win the veto, bad job playing off the obvious rig Jordan


jealous much?

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

“They start guessing what type of POV competition it will be… Jordan keeps saying that it has to be something tailored to us because it’s a twist to save us… Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen.”



I want Shelly gone!


I don’t know why they switched you have to be an idoit not to figure out the whole twist thing is to save them and their ratings lol I wish they would put us out of our missery and start the veto


And when Adam says Dick and Dani are different people BB cut the feeds, and when Kalia says when will POV start they cut the feeds, so your point being?


GoTeam production!


What facts? Why does Shelly or Adam deserve to win. Porsche won a POV and a PRACTICED HOH. I mean really. Why does Porsche even deserve to win. And Kalia has been doing whatever someone told her to do so what she should win for following. I mean seriously. Even Porsche and Kalia both said in their speeches to Jeff this is for Dani, but then talked about how everyone on the other side was following Jeff well what in the heck are they doing, and they deserve to win I know not. Team JR all the way, and for Porsche to say well Jordan won before let someone else win. Dani won 2nd place and she wouldn’t have voted for Dani to leave so why is she so hung up on Jordan, is it because she know Jordan would be her in the final 2, now that’s a fact.


Jordan and Adam are the least deserving people to win. Jordan was handed her HOH and Adam ws handed his POV so really they havent won anything. Kalia never said in her speech that it was for dani, only porsche did. as for Dani coming in second and Jordan in first, thats a $450,000 difference.. and the glory of actually winning, Dani didnt have that, your argument is irrelevant.

Kalia or Rachel deserve to win in my eyes or possibly Porsche.


Kalia did say in her speech when she nominated Jeff her exact words were this is what dani would have wanted. JJ was handed hers by her alliances it didn’t make a difference at that point if JB had won. Adam was handed his. As far as deserving to win the game. I think Rachel deserves to win, Kalia has tried hard and fought to be there and deserves to be in final 2 and if they vote her to win that’s on them, but Porsche even with her two wins one in which she practiced to win in my opinion doesn’t deserve it. She’s too cocky, and needs to humble herself. She’s a grown young woman afraid to let her father see or know she smokes. I can understand if you don’t want your parents to see that side of you, but to be afraid of him seeing you is another thing.


It’s not irrelavant when just last week, Porsche Kalia, and Dani were complaing about Jeff winning $15,000 since this season. Porsche made my argument relevant with that comment last week. She was concerned about Jeff winning $15,000, and Jordan winning the game, but has yet to mention Dani won $50,000, plus her dad bought her a brand new car with his winnings and took her on a trip overseas, and she has yet to even mention how Kalia has won a carribean vacation which she asked and was told yes she could trade for cash, as well as $5,000, so that gives Kalia $10,000-$15,000 in cash and prizes. So NO my argument is not irrelevant it’s only irrelevant to Porsche when it’s JJBR and not DK.


How does Rachel deserve to win? Her only HOH was given to her by Dani way back in week 1. She has been a non-factor in comps because she sucks too much.


Rachel deserves to win bb13 the girl has been a target since she entered the door and has fought to keep her self in the game ever since. kalia and porche are to pathetic and lazy they sleept for 55 days and finally won on the easiest competions. They say that rachel.adam and jordan followed jeff when kalias head was stuck danis ass and couldnt make a decsion with out porche saying jordan doesnt desrve to win its just pathetic she won on her season because she made it in the finale 2 and the jury voted for her it wasnt like she sleept half way trow the game like some ppl. by porche saying that about jordan she should of been saying it about dani aswell who mostly got carried by dick on her season. its halerious how porche and kalia act like they own the house now just cause they won the easiet competions in bb history, example finding ducks and answering qestions. porche should really think twice before she says jordan cant win shit when porche needed dani to carry her and kalia for this long in the game.


And Kalia did say that in her speech when she nominated Jeff. She said this is what Dani would have wanted. Not the exact same wording but the implication is the same and she did just what Dani told her to do. Was it a smart move YES IT WAS but it was not HER MOVE it was Dani’s


bottom line jordon won HOH, so she did something this year, and dont say brendon handed it to her, because people do that all the time in BB, P is hung up on herself and her fake boobs, K just eats everybodys food and talks over everyone, adam is spineless, shelly is a coke chugging chain smokin shemale….


That means Porsche and Kalia have done something this season as well.


i find it hilarious that Lil Jeff wins twice in a week and all you JJ freaks call him a god. Yet Porsche wins twice in ONE NIGHT and you all chastise her for it. gotta love the hypocracy and idiocy of some of these posts


If we’re going on your logic why does anybody deserve to win? What has Jordon done to win?


Jordan and Rachel PRACTICED as weel a lot and didn’t win, so your ‘logic’ that Porsche won because it was a PRACTICED competition not only is unfair but ridiculous. What’s next? that the ball was remote controlled by production????


“as well”


i agree with you Maricarmen, lol!!


Jordan couldn’t answer the question “what color is George Washington’s white horse” then she would blame that on Dani also, I have fish in an aquarium that have more intelligence than her, and are more exciting to watch.


We must be watching different shows. BB often gives them the opportunity to practice. Porsche won. She has consistently been the best of the newbs in competitions. She is always second or third. Whether you dislike Kahlia or not, and I do, I give her credit for winning two competitions on her own, and she stayed in the endurance competition until it was her and Dani. I’m not rooting for her, but if she makes it to the end, she deserves it. Rachel isn’t the great competitor she thinks she is. For two seasons she was playing with Brendon, so she doubled her chances of staying safe. Last year she won 2 comps. One was a lucky tie breaker. The other she won, but considering the Brigade was throwing the competitions like grenades, she was only playing against Ragan, Brit and Kathy. This year she won 2. The first was given to her. The second she was competing against Jeff, Brendon and the non key holders who weren’t trying to win. She hasn’t come close to winning anything since then. Jordan won her competition. I would say fair and square. Jeff and Brendon threw their shots, but there is no guarantee they would have beat her. I don’t like Jordan, I hope she goes home this week or next, but I look at the facts. I like Shelly. She is the only other person besides Dani that came to play. All the JJ fans that hate her because she betrayed Jordan are forgetting that JJ promised her final 3, but they really wanted to take Rachel. They expected Shelly and Adam to just kiss their ass and do whatever little jeff said so they could skate to the end with Rachel. Shelly told Jordan before Thursday that she knew she would never beat JJ in the end game and told Jordan that she needed to make game moves for herself. It went right over Jordan’s head, On the one hand Jordan complains that the newbs never did anything in the game, and on the other hand she complains that they betrayed her. Shelly has affected the game every week. She made a move for her game, and she told Jordan she was going to do what she needed to do, nothing personal. Jordan didn’t get it, probably because she feels entitled and expects everyone to help her and Jeff coast to the end. I want to see all newbs in the final, hopefully Porsche and Shelly.


Porsche was not the only one who practiced that HOH comp. Get over it.

Not a PHD student

after 57 days, bag of rocks Jordan is finally going to “try” and win something. wow, here I thought she was being extremely competitive by pissing and moaning and obeying everything douche bag jeff told her to do.

When Matt opened pandora’s box last year was he the first person to do so? He was given the DPOV. I think Pacer may have the DPOV nd is just saying she got 5 grand.

Did the live feeds show pacer open the box or was the feed cut?


Jeff and Jordan are gods

Shellys Cig

I pray the Jordan and Rachel rig job back fires on Big Brother productions… Because I give anything see that bitch Ratchecl go home


Why does everyone hate Rachel. I can understand last season, but Rachel has not done anything or behaved any differently than anyone else in the house this season. And of all people Shelly is the worst. They were all arrogant when there side was in power, and all sore loosers when they weren’t. They all talked about people, and got into peoples faces so why is it a problem when Rachel does it?


As far as I remember, the only ones grossing me out by having unprotected sex in front of the feedsters were Rachel and Brendon. I find it hard to like people that don’t have the decency to keep those moments to themselves. I don’t want to see it. Rachel is a skank and Brendon is a pussy.


Totally agree! Shelley is a liar a thief & a hater.


I can’t even recall what lies Rachel has said. The only thing I can call a lie is when she & brendon were put up on the block, BR lied about on which of them the veto would be used. Excuse me, should they protect themselves against all these rival for the very least. The other one is when R tried to strike a deal with Kalia when she was put on the block the second time. She tried to convince Kalia to put sb from the newbies up. When Shelly asked her if she had struck a deal with Kalia, R said NO. And Shelly straight-shoot R, if she see R went up again, she would her out. Can anybody here tell me he/she still would tell Shelly & jordon he/she had tried to struck a deal? As R said , she would like to keep Dom with their alliance, period! So, can anybody tell me what other lies she had said?


It must be selective memory. They have lied as much as anyone in the game. They lied about Dom being safe. They lied about throwing JJ under the bus. Rachel lied to Brendon when he came back, she said nobody talked to her, when Jordan was with her constantly and trying to be supportive. She never told Jordan about all of her convo with Dani, she left out the part where Rachel admitted to Dani that she wouldn’t win against JJ and they needed to be taken out. Not that I care about lies in the BB house, but to say Brenchel never lied is a stretch.


It must be selective memory. You too! They told Dom he would be safe, but Dom told BJ he would go with BJ 100%. Then, Dani kept pushing while stating in the DR that she would turn the table after Jeff gone. And BJ eventually decided not keeping their part of the deal when Shelly dished out Dom’s dirt of teaming up with her and turning Vs the couples. Seriously, would you keep that deal yourself? When did BJ throw JJ under the bus? Did you mean after JJ voted Brendon out the first time, and threw the veto to Adam the second time, and tried to strike a deal with Dani? BTW, did Rachel really lied to Brendon when she said nobody really want to talk to her? Did you see JJ constantly saying they’re tired of Rachel? I know JJ are trying to be supportive and might not be able to put up with R, but she might be exerggerating, but were she lying? She never told Jordan about all of her convo with Dani, she left out the part where Rachel admitted to Dani that she wouldn’t win against JJ and they needed to be taken out, so should anybody come into BB and tell her ally that “You’re my target #1 when it goes to f5?”. Seriously, tell me nobody would her an idiot if she said so!


I hope they get the POV and Shelly goes and Jordan kicks her in the keester on the way out the door. Her and her man walk make me want to barf.


Come on JR both I and production have faith in you!


Hopefully Jordan doesn’t drag down Rachel

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

Really? production has faith in them? Yea that’s why after Jeff got evicted they needed to plant pandora’s box that catered to JR, and this POV that Jordan confirmed that it was being tailored for them(which production immediately cut the feeds because the truth was getting out). and If PB was not opened a power would be planted in the POV in case JR lose, so much for that “faith” you speak of..

something wrong with this woman

I hope it is catered to Jordan and Rachel because CBS has cast some vile and, I believe, dangerous people this year. I mean Shelly is totally insane and crazy and they all are talking about hitting Rachel in the stomach and saving her $400 and making her miscarry if she is pregnant. People that say things like that have serious mental issues and should not be on the show. I mean since when is CBS letting people that make real physical threats against people stay on the show and Shelly would probably smother JOrdan in her sleep if she could get away with it. Jordan and Rachel are the only sane people left in the house and they need to win POV. If something happens to Rachel or Jordan would CBS be liable because they let “insane” people on the show and they caused them harm???


Agree. Dani, Shelly, Kalia and Porche have said some vile things about Rachel and I have seen on other feeds Shelly going after Jordan. I love it though, Jordan when confronted fights very well. She did not back down when Shelly put her finger in her face. Rachel was scared though. She pulled Jordan clear across the room all the while Shelly was following them and screaming like a maniac. Now, Shelly might be in for a big surprise when she leaves this place. Her employer removed her photo from their website. Her actions on have proven what she is really like, not who they thought worked for them. She is a bully and a liability.

Big Brother has been watching these feeds and they see how DSKP have consistently bad mouthed Rachel etc. Rachel never really bad mouthed them, she never really made it personal. These three vile slime buckets have and Shelly is the worst. The day Rachel said something (it was a true statement) of what Shelly said to her, (game not personal stuff) Shelly flew out of the chair. We’ve all seen people with their hands in the cookie jar and her actions were that of a person caught. Her actions are also of a person who when caught spends forever 1) not letting it go 2) trying to ruin the other person in everyone’s eyes and making up lies to prove it.

Now, if they did say that about Rachel and wanting to kick her in the stomach then BB needs to pull the plug because none of them deserve to win any money.

When I was in high school I saw this old man with a cane walking around the bus stop hitting people. I was in shock and when I told my mom, she said just because someone is old does not mean their nice. She said that if they were not nice when they were young, growing old does not make them nice. Shelly is a prime example 41 years old and acts like she is in high school.


She did say that and said it would save her $400 referring to I am assuming her getting rid of her baby if she is pregnant. I believe that she Shemale, Kalia and Adam were all up in HOH at the time too. I mean that right there is a reason that none of these newbies deserve to win because that is just PURE EVIL and Pure HATE. Wasn’t Shelly up there agreeing to it. When Shelly put her finger in Jordan’s face production should of stepped in and send Shelly home. I mean these people are horrid examples of humanity. Everyone lies in BB but the things that Shelly, Porsche, Kalia and even Adam have said and done should be reason for all four to be evicted. These four are just evil, evil, evil. There is just no other word for them, and I so hope that Shelly’s employer has removed her photo because she deserves to be fired. Where did she work because I never want to deal with a company that had her as an employee. HOpe Shelly’s actions cost her everything that she has, but the worst will be her child’s self respect. Do not feel sorry for them at all. They are horrible people.


I’m not a Shelly fan but I think it was Porche that made the save the $ for an abortion “joke”. I don’t get the live feeds but I’m surprised Shelly got in Jordan’s face like how it’s been described here. I see her as a bully too; she has a very unhappy mouth.

WiLL da THRiLL (Team Dani Dammit!)

My thoughts exactly! That’s like saying “oh I have faith ur gonna pass this test. Here is a cheat sheet!” Lol wtf yo


I feel the same way. And yes CBS would be liable.

I would think they would do a back ground check on these people, especially a MENTAL back ground check considering that having people would be locked up in a house for months. Which can make anyone a little crazy. But when you have recruited actual mental cases, those pyschos don’t need much of a push before they snap.


I agree. And while you’re at it, I think they also need to review Jordo sending a message to Brendon and Jeff to kill Dani! OMG! Who’d a thunk that the sweet looking little thing is into requesting hits on people! Or that Jeff and Brendon would turn out to be cold blooded hit men!

Really scary the folks they are bring onto reality shows these days.


LOL, yeah, lets hope these deranged people don’t harm Jordan’s fragile psyche. CBS should be sued.


These psycho bitc*es, Shelly and Porsche, need to not even wait for POV. CBS should evict them right now for their actions. CBS needs to get those two psychos out of their house and if Shelly’s employer took her photo down they even realize that something is wrong with this woman and that she needs mental help. How is CBS not evicting them both like they did that guy a few years back when it because obvious that he could be a danger to the house guests. You could tell that Rachel was very scared for Jordan and CBS had to see it too. Shelly should of been sent packing that night because JOrdan and Rachel should not have to lie worrying about their safety. CBS is wrong for keeping Shelly in the house.


i am not sure what happened with shelly and jordan because i don’t have the feed but in season two justin got kicked out because he held a knife to another houseguest throat


Pandoras Box is to get something good you release something bad……so for Porsche to get something good the $5,000 she released evil unto the house, going back to duos, and perhaps this gives RJ reason to have HOPE which is the one thing good that was given to Pandora as a result of her opening the box in mythology. So it isnt a “plant” its game play, Porsche didnt have to open the box, and then Jordan and Rachel would be playing as individuals instead of as a duo.

As for why the feeds get cut each time they talk about the POV and playing as duos its for those that dont read the BB blogs, dont read this site, view the live feeds, or watch BBAD.


ok I re-read my last paragraph, what I meant to say is its so there is still an element of surprise for those of us that read the blogs, view the live feeds…etc…so we will tune in and watch on Sunday to see what happened when Porsche opened the box…as for me I am curious to see if Porsche really got offered $5,000 or if it was more or something else….because $5,000 doesnt seem like that much to possibly get something good or bad…because there me another twist that we dont know about as a result of Pandora’s Box.


I saw on another site that P got $10,000 but had to give half to the other part of her duo K.


well, i think we all know this was done to keep RJ becasue since when does pb ever change a veto game it usually is something bad in the house like noise going all nigh not to mention pb is usually done earlier in the game and julie ususally tells us this is a last minut ditch for them to save JR and keep the ratings up


yeah just like they plan for kalia to win hoh when they could have just given JR the questions and answers that were going to be asked in the double eviction hoh and they could have saved themselves, by sending Shelly home. instead of Jeff then it wouldn’t have mattered if Porsche had won the POV. Really rigged. If that’s the case they could have rigged it Thursday and not wait until Fri.




GO J/R!!!!!


Yes we do. Since KP were saying last night it would be really funny to watch JR in the POV comp. It would be REALLY FUNNY if the are strapped together and Porshce has to lift Kalia or Shelly has to lift Adam in a challenge or carry them around like Lawon was doing with Kalia, now that’s hilarious to watch. I hope it’s something also like Rachel climbing the POV wall spelling Veto and Brendan was directing her, and hope Jordan can direct. And let Kalia and Adam have to climb, they will get tired quick.

Brendon V.

porsche has the right idea.

Should we start a donation account to raise the 400 for a good cause?

that is offensive

Saying that raising the $400 for an abortion is a good cause is a very offensive statement. CBS should of cut that out and told Porsche to shut her big fat mouth. Shelly and Porsche need to follow each other out the door for their cruelty and hate that they have directed solely at Jordan and Rachel. The two of them are really sick individuals.


I think a lot of the Vetos and HOH’s are set up for certain people.. I think Dani’s win for the ski slope was set up for people Dani and Kalia’s size. Lots of rigging go on in this show.


Um…. Dani and Cowlia are nowhere near the same size!

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

That’s why the argument that the ski comp catered to Dani is instantly thrown out the door.. I could understand if Kalia dropped early on, but she overweight and all stayed on just as like as super fit Dani..


Kalia said that she could hang on because of where the edges hit her. She said that she could lean against them. So size wise it helped her…


Size not weight…


What a jump in size. It looks like Kalia can make two Dani’s definitely 1 and a half. That may have been rigged for Dani, but not the both of them because there is no comparison in size between those two.


It was catered to Dani AND Kalia? They have completely different body types, so I don’t get how that makes sense.


DKP are the only ones on their long sleeves hoodie and pants. You can just tell who will win at the start! I don’t know why they would put on those outfit if they don’t know what comp r coming.


yeah i agree they do rig certain events to certain houseguest depending on who they want to win

Rachel Is Boy George, Adam is A Bozo

I hope the POV happens soon! can’t take the anticipation lol


not until 5pm. i hope adam confronts shelly about wanting him out, and i hope he does it in front of jordan so they can out shelly, maye KP will come to their senses and see shelly is playing them all, even after their prodigy Dani told them not to trust shelly

Rachel Is Boy George, Adam is A Bozo

thanks! way too far away lol but at least it’s not tomorrow, I hope Shelly gets called out too, I wish they could vote out Rachel and Shelly this week! I want them both gone but if Shelly somehow makes final 2 she should win because she played everyone in the house and she was really good at it, her only mistake was talking to Rachel about saving Dani


agreed, unless she is up against rachel. JJB and I think P will vote for Rachel in a final 2.


fingers and toes crossed and hopin’ and wishin’ that jordan and rachel win… anything to get shelly out!!!!!


absolutely — shelly the liar has got to go — if she gets any money out of this, i will never watch this show again. she complains about people lieing, when she is the biggest one of all — even her kid said “mom has to stop lying.” hope the money is worth it to you shelly, to know your only kid is ashamed of you.


haha that’s right! shelly speaks so highly of her daughter (which is fine) but i wonder what she would think if she were to find out that her own freakin’ kid even said that she wanted her mom to stop lying… and that was BEFORE shelly betrayed her alliance and voted jeff out when she swore in the diary room that she would never betray jj haha her kid must’ve been freaking out in front of the tv or something when that happened lol… i know that the house guests can’t have any contact with the outside world but i really wish someone would hire a plan and a banner that read HEY SHELLY EVEN YOUR OWN KID WANTS YOU TO STOP LYING haha just so we can watch her reaction!

i mean, i get that players have to lie in this game but c’mon shelly takes it overboard with the i’m a straight shooter and i hate liars crap. and plus, the diary room is the one place where they can tell the truth and she can’t even tell the truth in there! she has the nerve to cry and complain about how jordan is treating her now… well what the hell did she expect to happen? did she honestly think jordan would still adore her after that? you made your decision to go to the other side so just accept that the people that you swore to be loyal to are going to hate you! duh!

all in all, it doesn’t matter if someone’s a jordan fan or adam fan or porsche fan or whatever… i think everyone can agree that shelly needs to go! pronto!


So what if she lies. All she jas to do is explain to her daughter that it’s part of her game. I can’t imagine not doing everything to win the money. A college fund for her daughter won by lies is still a college fund for her daughter. Team production all the way!


I say these as a daughter, not a self-absorbed mother. The money can’t be paid for the college fee, if there would still be anything left after the medical fee for PTSD.

Jeff sucks

Let’s go RJ win the pov

Was bbfan, lol

Win that
Veto JR We still have hope over the floaters!


And how is Jordan not the ultimate floater?


Crazy JeJo fans, amirite?


About a week ago, I disliked Shelly very much. Go Dani!

But now it’s obvious that only Dani and Shelly were playing the game, with an honorary mention to Porsche.

The Sunburnt 2-Pack-a-Day Barbie, Shelly, is worthy of winning the cash, in my opinion. She did a game changer by stepping out from under Big Jerkoff’s shoe, and she deserves kudos for that. If she wins, it would not bother me. Everyone has lied, backstabbed, and been catty. She should not be held to a different standard than the rest. Oh, and I think she’s better hung that Adam.

Is it just me or does Adam (Lady Bacon) remind you of an older Chaz Bono, both in appearance and estrogen levels? When this nutless wonder finishes BB and reads what the online community has said about her, she will enter into the Witless Protection Program, never to be seen or heard from again, unless it’s beside Lawon so that she doesn’t look like the worst BB idiot of this season.

Air(head) Jordumb, our resident Barbie is appallingly transparent. May she find happiness in her forever job at the salon. She puts truth into the joke “If she didn’t have tits, you wouldn’t talk to her”.

I used to think you’d want to go final 2 with the crackhead Rachel beside you, but I don’t believe that now. With Needle-Dick and Big Jerkoff in the jury house, I can see this wackjob getting more votes than she deserves (zero), so why risk it? Dispatch her as quick as you can, followed by Jordumb, and then Lady Bacon.

If it can’t be a Shelly/Porsche final 2, then hopefully Kalueless will make it, only so that the other person will win it. I will never forgive her for the vag-shaving scene. Humanity did not deserve to have that foisted upon us, without a graphic warning of some sort.

Go Team Porsche! (Dani protege)
Go Team Shelly!

I think I just heard the sing-song voice of Dani, saying to Jeff “Mo-RON!”


I agree!

something wrong with this woman

Are you kiddin me??: Shelly has serious problems and she does not need to be in the house with people that are sane. She needs to be in a room with padded walls!!!!!!


You seem familiar with the subject – you have experience with padded rooms?


It is obvious that this woman has problems and that is evident to anyone that has eyes to watch. Just from parent viewpoint, you do not do the things this woman has done and sacrifice your child in the process, and that was what Shelly has don. She cannot go back and undo the damage that she has done to her own child who knows that what mom is doing is wrong. That simple fact is enough to let you know that no amount of money is worth that cost, but Shelly is so sick that she will sacrifice even her own child for this game. A padded room is too good for Shelly.


Rachel will be a better mom. Her child will even be able to watch the video of him/her being conceived in the BB house.


Shelly was never under JJ toes. She was using them all along. from day one she was going back and forth, she is with no one but herself. I don’t think anyone has a problem with Shelly as a game player, and no one has a problem with her winning. The PROBLEM with Shelly is if you’re going to say you’re classy, and have morals, then be true to that. Don’t use people and say you are a mother and a business woman so there are things you just will not do when that’s a lie. Yes the game is about lying, but you don’t have to loose your soul nor your self respect for MONEY especially when you CLAIM to have it. As for Dani HER FATHER said it best, WORST GAME MOVE. Now if her father says that then I take him at his word. And he is 100% accurate. Had she stayed with JJBR she would have been in a better position. I can’t understand to this day she had Dom why not make a deal with him to final 6 and let him be a replacement for her dad and still work with JJBR she didn’t have to do anything she could have laid low until then, but no she wanted to out shine her dad and do better then him, and it didn’t work. She’s dumber than Jordan. Anyone with a pea size brain could see she didn’t have to be 5th she could have partnered up with Dom and no one had to know but her and Dom until final 6, but she wanted to be in control of the house like her dad.

something wrong with this woman

hOW CAN you even put the word Shelly and the word morals in the same sentence. Shelly has no morals, morality, or anything else. She is a vile and sick human being who just needs to crawl underneath the rock that is her home.


Couldn’t disagree more. Yuck! Shelly is a nasty lady from the start. Lies, lies.

VA Vet

Your assessment of the house is classic and dead on target. For the longest time I could not stand Shelly, but having out played the JJBR at their own game was brilliant and she definitely deserves credit. Had she not flipped, Jeff would still be bulling everyone around and we would be looking at JJR as the final three.

Based on how BB needs to be played in order to win, Shelly in the final two for turning the house upside down with the biggest move of the season, along with Porsche for stepping up her game at just the right time.


Please explain to me how she outplayed JJ? Dani wanted Jeff out since week 3. All Shelly did was go along with Dani. Her plan to save Dani didn’t work, and had she not gotten caught JJ never would have blown up against her and Shelly would have voted with the house to vote Dani out. Shelly is not a smart game player at all now liar she is, but game player she is not. It was not her idea to get anyone out, but Lawon. It was all Dani to vote out Jeff, and it was Kalia that put him up, so what did Shelly have to do with any of that?

VA Vet

Jeff said all along that his final three would be JJR. Shelly outplayed JJBR by being the trump card to evict Jeff before he had a chance to evict Shelly.

In BB, timing can be the difference between staying and going. Shelly’s timing was perfect in that she flipped BEFORE the POV!


jdoe, You are dead on! I can’t stand the 2 pack a day, caffeine addict with a voice like nails on a chalk board. That being said, she is playing the game expertly and I have to give her credit for it!!

VA Vet

On second thought, Jeff is in the jury house due to Shelly flipping and Shelly is still in the game. What more do you need to know?


I agree with original comment….Shelly has played the game. They all lie…Jordan is lying to Adam right now saying she has always been honest with him (ummm except for the part he was final 3 with JJ and she and Rachel all week were saying he was next to go) Lying is part of the game, being fake is part of the game- it is all strategy. Shelly is no worse than Jordan- they have both lied. Shelly just beat Jordan to the ‘flip punch’! Shelly lasted this long on her strategy and Jordan only lasted this long because Jeff bullied everyone and she was along for the ride. Shelly is a good ‘social’ player, now let’s see if she can win a comp! Geaux ASPK win this veto!

something wrong with this woman

Sorry, but the only thing that Shelly deserves credit for being is the worst mom since Casey Anthony. She has lost her child’s respect and is an apparent pathological liar who does not see where anything she does is wrong but is the first to point the finger at other people. She does not accept responsibility for the bad things she has done and blames everyone else for everything. She is a sick individual who almost seems as if she forgot to bring her medication and she definitely needs medication and a padded room.


Hey, JDOE… Hahaha, Dani went to the jury house crawled into a back bedroom and started crying. Good chance J & B haven’t even seen her. Shelly (like DumbDom) jumped on Dani’s SINKING SHIP and lost 5 votes (JJBRA) so she isnt’ winning anything. Maybe, a picture on “America’s Most Wanted” for stealing. I’m not upset that she voted out Jeff, that was OK. But, ADAM is out playing her BIG TIME (I don’t even like him). I was for Shelly early on, but realize by week 3 she was just a bitttccchhh and as bad as Randy (previous season).


The only thing the newbs did right was to lay low and let the vets knock each other out. If the vets had checked their egos at the door instead of bringing them into the house, the newbs would never of won anything. As far as bullies are concerned. I think Shelly, Dani, Kahlia, and Porsche do very well in that department. It was not just Jeff and Brendan. Yes, lying is part of this game, but you do not lie to try to ruin someones life, those are unaceptable lies. There are no excuses for those 4 women. Anyone who feels that this is acceptable behavior has problems themselves.

VA Vet

There is little behavior on BB that I find acceptable. That said, am I disqualified (by your standards) to take a stand as to who I would like to see win?

Any rational analysis of the behavior on BB should conclude that all the participants could use a session or two on sensitivity training.

Most of the posters here see what they want to see based on who they are rooting for which affects their objectivity (yours included).


add yourself to that list

VA Vet

This might surprise you.

I agree. In fact, after I posted, I realized I should have included myself.

Syan Reacrest

I agree, but might move Shelly up a little as she has “played” each side and made the move to “the other side” & oust Jeff at the right time.


It really does suck that BB is making it so obvious that they are trying to save R&J. I will always love big brother and will never stop watching. But it makes me worry that others are going to get sick of the rigging and stop watching. Cause i never want this show to end of course. I bet they are going to make this comp a relay or something and porsha will be slowed down by kalia. My money is on R&J to win pov sadly.


I wish I knew exactly what the card attached to Pandoras Box said….What was so tempting to Porsche that she opened the box for a measly $5,000.

Anyhow go RJ!! Go get that Veto and take yourselves off the block, we want it to get exciting otherwise all that is left is watching Kalia the hut and Porsche with the BIG butt eat, Adam and Shelly smoking with thier thumbs up their asses.


I’m predicting that it’s going to be an OTEV-type competition. Maybe JR will be aggressive and tackle or throw something at Kalia or Shelly like Enzo did to Ragan last year. It would serve those cootchies right.


JORDAAAAAAAAAN AND RACHEL NEED TO WIN THAT POV. if shelly or adam win this game i will find them and slap them both




I really Hope Jordan will step up and win the POV, even if Rachel wins it will still help her and Jordan,all they have is each other,because no way will the others help them lol Kalia and shelly are bad at comps too. Porche must have been holding back all these weeks. I just dont want shelly to win anything at all!!!!


Are people really still crying that the game is “rigged”? Don’t you think if the game were rigged that Dani and Jeff wouldn’t have BOTH been knocked out in one night?

Team Jordan/Rachel

There’s no way Jordan would actually be stupid enough to think ANYONE would save her or Rachel or whatever right?
By the way Shelly/Khalia/Porshe are all suffering from one very bad thing: Cockiness. Being confident is one thing but being cocky is going to get you in trouble and I have a feeling they are all about to get bit in the ass from it.


i h0pe rachel leaves! I love rachel last seas0n, but n0w,..grrr.! I just want to punch her face! And j0rdan talking ab0ut h0w fl0aters sh0uld n0t win,i mean seri0usly j0rdan? You are the 2nd biggest floater in bb hst0ry! Next to adam

bbfan yo!

How is Jordan a floater? A floater is someone who goes back and forth between alliances….Jordan may not win comps but she has stayed true to her alliance the whole time. Not a floater at all. Shelly and Adam are the biggest floaters……not winning and going back and forth……


agreed…evel dick said on his twitter that a floater goes between teams, people without truly committing. He said jordan was a coat tail rider.



I like Jeff but with him around Jordan was able to just sit back and look cute. Now she’s having to step it up and I like her new, firm stance and determination. Go Jordo & Racheeeel!


treu, lets see what she does. Hopefully, she’ll pull herself out.


Does anyone think that Porsche is lying about the 5k? Maybe she got a big power, past HG’s have lied about getting something like this to save their asses.


Yeah I said that in an earlier comment, I want to know…..she is on course for $500k and she opened a box for $5,000, makes no sense. She may have been given and advantage of some sort………or maybe she did only get $5,000 and the advantage goes to R&J as a result…….cant wait to see!


btw, I read on another sight that interviewed Jeff abt the DUMBLEDORE thing after he got evicted and he said that he didn’t mean to say that it’s bad for little kids to go to a school with a gay principle, he was saying that it was not good for parents to just blindly send your kids to school in a magical land. It sounds like something Jeff would say lmao. And to think he got all worked up abt it too. He is hilarious!



SoCal Suks!

Here’s a question for you, what if Shelly and Adam win the POV, and take Jordan and Rachel off, what happens then?


hmmmm, could that happen?

bbfan yo!

My guess is if they win the veto as a team then they are safe and would have to decided if they wanted to use the veto on 1 player. They would probably not be able to remove 2, just one. But if they removed one then they could not be used as replacements because they are a team.


It’s similiar to when it gets down to final 4. The POV winner is safe but cannot take anyone off the block.


Am I the only one who a least happy that a girl going to take it home this year let’s face it Adam doesn’t stand a chance.As for Shelly you may not like her because she hurt Jordon, and went back on her word but let’s face it Jordon, and Jeff were going to do the same Shelly just beat them to the punch.As for Rachel she did a little bit better this season but she still played personal ex: Dani evicted Brendon twice so she helps vote her out perfect revenage and possible downfall. Then their’s Kalia who first HOH was a joke but she made up for it when she won the seconed time and flipped the house and voted out Jeff who followed Dani right out the door. Porsche who laid low for the first few weeks pulled one out when it counted not once but twice all in one night. For Jordon I thinks she needs to step up she can’t win this game holding on to Rachel if Rachel was smart she would ditch her because in the end she would get the votes why because Jordon doesn’t have any enemies.




ARGHHHHHH does adam realize he CANNOT win against any veteran?! ADAM IS AN IDIOT


…he can’t win against any newbie either. He’s pretty much playing for 50,000 dollars right now lmao.


Nah, I think he has a decent shot if he’s sitting next to Shelly in the final two.


I just read somewhere else that Rachel apparently asked production for a pregnancy test but that they won’t give her one. Can you confirm that simon?


I read last night on another blog that Rachael had her monthly on July 28th during the Ski Comp. If that’s the case she’s due NOW. SHE’S NOT LATE, she’s just miss-calculated the days. So everyone should get off the pregnant box and leave the poor girl alone. Let’s not forget that nature is that when women live together their monthly tries to cycle them all together, at the same time. That’s why always in this house the girls are all screwed up and getting it too soon or too late. Regardless, she may be pregnant, but not likely. That’s why BB hasn’t done anything.
But the others in the house with their malicious remarks are disgusting. It goes beyond game play.
I don’t care who wins now except Shelly, I just want Shelly out of the house with no money! She has lost my respect. It’s not about lies in this game, it’s about putting yourself in there saying that you are above that and You don’t do that, or pull your daughter into it as a reason not to, when all along that’s what your doing.
And to Jordan of all people!


Leave her alone? Rachel is the one saying she is two weeks late and may be pregnant…..don’t think any of the posts here are trying to make that up or be ugly to her about it. She just wants attention.


Give the ‘poor girl’ a break? Rachel is the one (on live feeds for the last week) telling everyone she is two weeks late and may be pregnant. Posters here are not making that up to attack R…..just sayin’ drama queen R is just looking for attention.


The show isn’t rigged, cbs just likes to control and push things in certain ways. It is big brother after all, look at what its based on in the book 1984. They dictate what happens and when if they choose, the players do play the game and control certain things but if cbs wants to use its power to even things out or make it more dramatic, they damn well can. They are Big Brother, and the houseguests are their puppets. Stop complaining and suck it up.


Rigged = control or push a certain outcome lol


Shelly, is pulling the wool over all of them! she deserves to go to the final 2 and lose!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


I hope not! I don’t want to see her win a DIME! She’s a jerk!




But she won the game and that’s what counts!!!


cmon jordon stop the smokin, coke drinkin shemale!!!!!!!!!


Jeff as well as Brendon told thier girls to keep thie mouths shut and they are still talking, production is doing them a favor , just as Jprdan ask for and now she is telling the whhole world the comp is beeing prepare for them.


Thats one of the reasons they lost amasing race she would not listen to Jeff


if Porsche was really smart, she would’ve picked either Rachel or Jordan as her partner for the veto. That way, Kalia would probably be paired with the other one of R/J and then it would’ve been Shelly and Adam.

Porsche and Kalia could’ve thrown the veto and let S & A win the veto. That way the noms stay the same.

Even if Kalia and Jordan won the veto, only Jordan would’ve been safe and they could’ve gotten rid of Rachel (just replace Jordan with Adam)


Even if Porshe thinks they will be harnessed together, I don’t understand why Porshe partnered them up the way she did at the risk of both of her noms being safe. But there has been so much dumb ass play this season. I’m not a fan of Jordan or Rachel but I wouldn’t be surprised or even upset if they removed themselves off the block by winning the veto.


They’re not just veto partners…they go up on the block together and come off…which means she’d have to nominate Kalia/ RJ…and run the risk of Adam going back to RJ. Although he wouldn’t do it because his whole being is a mangina.


No, it’s just for the veto.


No it is only veto but it is like it was the first half of the season they are nominated together, they can come of the block to gether but are evicted or saved indivualily


also since kalia is her partner porche can’t nominate kalia (not that she would) so if JR win the veto then SA go on the block


I don’t know how I feel now that Dani and Jeff have been eliminated… I will say that last season I HATED Rachel, but now, I think I’m rooting for her :S

Jordan pisses me off. She is the BIGGEST floater and therefore does not deserve to be in the final two. Ideally, I would like to see Porsche and Rachel or either of the aforementioned and Kalia (even though she is highly irritating).

I always forget about Adam, he’s more of a comic relief than an actual player. Sadly, he isn’t intending to be that way.

Shelly just creeps me out.


dude how many times does it have to be said that Jordan’s not a floater? A floater is someone who doesn’t pick a side. Jordan has always been with the vets.

Mad Hatter

Rachel and Jordan keep saying they hope Jeff and Brendon “kill” Danielle in the jury… I honestly think after the first few awkward moments they’ll actually get along.


Yeah, I feel like they’ll go over what they all did wrong in the game, since they were this season’s biggest competitors, and then laugh it off.

Who Knows

They really hope that she is not giving them the time of their lives. If I was Dani I would be all over them to to spite those whiners.


Goooo Dr. Will!

Oh wait…


This is my 1st time posting but it amazes me that so many people dont know the true definition of the word floater. For those of you who constantly say that Jordan is a floater; is just flat out wrong. She was in the vets alliance and one half of Team JJ. Jordan has never jumped ship from her alliance. A floater is someone who goes to where the power is every week. Adam to me, is the last official floater in the game. I can guarantee when Rachel wins HOH thursday, Mr. Ass Kiss lips will be surgically attached to Rachel’s ass. And for the love of God, please get ShelHe off my tv.

Team Rachel!


Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂


Rachel just confirmed the POV won’t happen till 5PM BB time, more fixes in having S&A on nicotine fits all day being locked down since 9:30 last night…

Rigging galore to advantage JR………..rotflmao


LMAO. You know they are nicing out




There are going to be a lot of psychotic fans raging when someone other than Rachel and Jordan wins Veto…


COME ON POV! Praying that J/R get the Veto & smash it in Shelly’s ugly face! I am saddened that I actually rooted for Shelly for sooo long. Now I can’t stand to look at her face. She has won NOTHING… only rode the coattails of those who trusted & carried her quite far in the game. She is not financially struggling in any way (you should hear her describe her house & cars to the others…) She deserves jack squat & her ass needs to be next sent to the jury house. I just want to see her & Jeff’s interaction on the jury house segment in the next episode. I’ve never been a big fan of Rachel, but as someone said earlier, I think Rachel has “grown” somewhat since she’s sitting on the bottom of the totem pole & Shelly is cracking & crumbling while she’s sitting on the top because everyone KNOWS how she is. Does she seriously think that she’s not the odd man out with Kalia & Porsche??? Delusional Bi%ch! Back to live feeds until the comp…………………………


Jeff and Jordan didn’t carry Shelly anywhere they didn’t want her to go. They were using her and she them, and Jeff was about to completely turn on her. I know some Jeff and Jordan fans get all upset when people go against them, But at least try to use reason. Shelly can’t win competitions so she used other tools to get her further in the game. Like it or not it is what it is. But I guess she was more likable when she was kissing Jeff and Jordan’s ass. Also, who cares what someone has or doesn’t have outside of the game.There doesn’t seem to be income requirements or cut offs in order to be part of the cast.


no i am a jejo fan and it wasn’t that she was trying to get a head it was that she was playing all sides and how she did it even if you are not the best player have some loyalty pick aside and stick to it


Love what your saying and I agree.

Also they showed Crypt Keepers house when she got the phone call home.
They has money and doesn’t need a dime. I think the reason she came on the show was to get recognition. Well the W I T C H got it. But in the long run life is going to suck for her.


Too bad Shellhell can’t just be sent home by-passing the jury house altogether! She is disgaceful and will reap what she sows.


She deserves it. That b**ch walked high and mighty for weeks scolding everyone who didn’t abide to her made up morals. She was the biggest hypocrite of them all. I would be embarrased if I was her husband and I feel sorry for her daughter. You all saw the clip. Her daughter was all happy she had paired with JJ because she knew they were ‘good’ people. Little did she know that her mom was a B**ch.


And some on here say Shelly is crazy! C’mon rabid fans…it’s a television show. Good grief! (and more than a little ashamed of some reality show fans).


There’s not really much point in waiting for the completion or outcome of the POV, so I think I’ll just post it now and say. “Oh really !JR are the winners”, SHOCKER!!!!!!!! Thanks BB Production for the rigged outcome in favor of the two whiners. Have to let them win or you feel the viewing audience will be gone. Thanks for all the anticipation of the “contest” LOL LOL

Mad Hatter

so It’s productions fault? It’s the crazy people who make those pages. Look at some of the comments on here. She’s playing a game and made a move that she thought was better for HER GAME. People need to grow up and stop being so hateful. People are so mean, Just because she went against the beloved couple Jeff and Jordan. AND Who said anything about production talking to her? I do think Production is making themselves look like idiots this year. Especially NOW with the Pandora’s box and Jordan saying the POV will be “Tailored” for them because they want to try and save them(Or something like that) BS!!


No people hate her for saying she never lies and has good morals, when all she does is lie and show poor morals. She did the right thing for her by evicting Jeff, but the way she acts is horrible. Taking Rachel’s personal items and hiding it, then talking mad shit behind her back. She does not deserve to win because she is a mean person


I agree. It is just a game. For them it’s for a prize at the end, but for us (fans) it’s just a fun show to watch during the summer. It amazes me how seriously people take the show & how protective they get over “their” player…..a person they will probably never meet.


Jordan is no floater, she just happen to have a bodyguard that kept the eyes off of her during the game and by not winning to many comps herself, she also helped to keep others eyes on her. She played an awesome social game.

Now all she has to do is step up like she did during her other season. If anyone watched, she didn’t magically win those last comps… it happened.

So all I can say is… GO Jordan! and GO Rachel!!

Yes indeed!

And maybe, GO Porsche if she can act with some dignity, cause her latest attitude is reprimandable.


Damn Big Brother, might as well had the curse of the PB be that Jordan and Rachel automatically win Veto, at least it’s out and open about how they want Jordumb and Rachel to stay, this is just low, to bring the duos back and then gear a comp towards them


Admitted it, the newbies are so scare. The veto is a dynamic duo twist. Face it, better change your strategy now. I know the newbies are so scare. Porsche, I know your scare. Jordan will win. Your just jealous that the veterans will embrass all the newbies. Don’t worry, all 4 of you are going to Jury House anyway. Hopefully, Danielle would be surprise that KPS would be crying and humilating of Rachel and Jordan just smoked you all. Don’t worry, you will have your chance either All-stars or even tv commericals.




Shelly said she is more mature then Rachel and Jordan. She also has told America in the DR that she is an honest, straight shooter, caring person. She knew that her family was watching the shouw. She said that she hopes Jordan’s family is not watching the show to see Jordan’s behavior.

I coach and I have always told my teams that “Actions talk louder then words”.

I have a problem with Shelly telling America in the DR that she is an honest player and judging every other houseguests in the house especially when she knows her daughter is watching the show. She is only getting what she deserves. You treat people how you want to be treated!


Shelly has lied and munipulated more then anyone in the house and she is condeming jordon lol and what about them hiding rachels stuff how muture is that She betrayed jordon how exactly did she think she was going to act did she think that Jordon was going to just forget it and go back to how they were before. She needs to except what she did and realise that there are consequences to actions. As much as you say about jordon she does keep her word she gave kalia her word day two and she has not gone back on it


Go Rachel and Jordan!! Can’t stand sHElly!!!!!


could someone please tell me why production has not made Posh, Shelly, or Kalia give Rachel back her stuff animanl yet when they made Rachel give back Dani’s and called Posh stop putting benifiber in the shake mix that made everyone sick, and these are good people that should win the money. What is wrong with these people?


Wow, and you think Rachel is emotional and takes things personal? You are an idiot,


I couldn’t have said that better my self


And if you think shelly had a great game move then you really are an idoit all she did was guarantee she won’t win bb13 no matter what happens there is nothing worthy of her she is has become the most hated player in all bb, Her game play was to strickly not win anything let everyone else take all the risks and jump from one side to the other and hope i go unnoticed