The Fortune Teller Starts up for Shelly, “C’mon Lady I cleaned your room a 100 times give me a fortune” **updated**

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3:07pm Purple Room The Fortune teller has started up

Shelly says she hit the button to get it to go. Shelly was looking at it and the do not disturb sign is gone so she started pushing buttons and it started up. Kalia is shocked she keeps saying that this thing has been here the entire time and done nothing.
Shelly: “I hope this thing spits out a power”
Shelly: “Throw me a bone lady please”
Kalia points out that JR have been in the room a lot but never said the fortune teller was working. Shelly doesn’t think it turned on for them otherwise you would of heard them scream. The Fortune teller starts to move it’s head around it’s eyes light up. Shelly: “This is what it’s been doing”. After a bit the fortune teller stops. Kalia tells Shelly to start studying this purple room, She thinks there might be something important happening. Shelly doesn’t want rachel and Jordan in the room, Kalia agrees. Kalia says it’s no problem lets just tell them you need some alone time.
Kalia: “Give Shelly a power please…”
Shelly: “Throw me a fricken bone… Tell me my fortune”
Kalia is sure there’s a reason behind the fortune teller moving, they’ve been in here for so long and nothing has happened before so this thing turning on is a sign.
Shelly: “trust me I almost Shit my pants when it started moving”

Shelly really wants the fortune teller to say something, she been here for awhile now.. KAlia thinks they better close the blind on the purple room door. After some consideration they decide to open the blind because having it closed may draw too much attention…

Shelly: “Please says something.. what do I have to give you.. I think this is a joke”
Kalia thinks it has to be something important. The fortune teller starts moving it’s mouth.. Kalia: “Is this what it’s been doing… Looks like it’s glitched” (The fortune tellers head was move all around and it’s eyes are lighting up there are mechanical sounds coming from the box below it) KAlia: “Do you think they would say stop that if we are not allowed to touch it..” Kalia sticks her finger in it’s mouth.. Shelly isn’t going to try and pull anything off it..
Kalia goes to the bathroom.. Shelly: “Cmon fortune teller give me something before she gets back I don’t want her to know”
Shelly: “I’ve been good I’ve cleaned your room a hundred times lady”

kalia leaves.. Shelly stays int he room staring at the fortune teller..

3:50pm The fortune teller starts up again.

3:57pm Nothing from the fortune other than
a) mechanical sounds
b) eyes lighting up
c) handle on it’s base lighting up
d) head moving let to right
e) Mouth moving up and down

Do you think this will play a roll in Big Brother 13 or is Production trying to drive Straight shooter crazy?

4:00pm Candy room KJR Chit chat 🙁

4:40pm Chit chat and Shelly Still nothing going on with the fortune teller.

(shelly needs to study that room.. the camera keeps panning around at the pictures on the wall and other oddities littered around… it may have something to do with the comp)

5:12pm Nothing new from the fortune teller.. Kalia and Adam chatting. Kalia is telling him at this stage of the game when things are going good she would of never opened Pandora’s box. Kalia understands why Porsche though. Kalia brings up that week 4 week 5 she would of opened the box but it’s late in the game. Adam says he would of taken the money.

5:30pm candy room JR Jordan thinks the comp will be something like running.. she’s worried that she hasn’t eaten all day. They briefly talk about there being a twist. Jordan thinks there will be another twist she points out that Julie said “The twists are far from over” Rachel doesn’t think there’s anything else but this couple’s POV from the pandora’s box.

They leave to go to the kitchen to get food.. JOrdan says she’s really nervous she’s having trouble eating and she’s sweating a lot.

5:43pm Veto Comp has Started
6:40pm Trivia
7:11pm trivia
7:23pm Trivia

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yes the only way for Shelly to win anything is if it is handed to her.


Shelly makes me sick..


Shelly is the most horrible person ever in Big Brother !!


Why do you hate her so much? Because she used people? So did tons of other players throughout the years, including Dr Will, arguably one if the best. Is it because she’s a girl? Also I think Amber, Matty, or Adam are probably worse than her lol


yes but all of those people admitted that they were liars and they were proud of it. but with Shelly she is always preaching about her morals and she always talks bad about rachel and how she could never play some a nasty game like Rachel did. when shes doing 10 time worst. Shelly’s probably is that shes in denial and she is a hypocrit.


I hate her not because she is the biggest liar in the game, but because in the DR, she always says how she plays the game with integrity, shoots straight, blah blah blah…

I don’t mind that she lies… that is part of the game. But OWN YOUR DAMN LIES in the DR!!! The other HG’s can’t hear you, and you don’t have to lie to America. We are watching, and KNOW you are full of shit.


You say Shelly is a girl if Crocodile Dundee met Shelly he would make sure she is.


No don’t hate shelly cause she lies… Cause she won’t even admit it to herself that she lied. I truely believe she doesn’t think she’s lied in this game.. Cant wait till they throw it in her fac on the final show.. It will be priceless!!! 🙂 THEN WHAT WILL SHE SAY….!!!


Shelly’s going to jury!!! LOL way to go JR…..


Shelly needs to get kicked OUT!


I love you Fortune Teller !!!
Thanks for torchering Shelly.


I bet she needs to talk to it with her partner.




🙂 I agree


I was agreeing with 1.TJ


I wish CBS would make it to where the first two to lose the comps are automatically on the block(that’d stop the “floaters”) if the winner of the POV is on the block they can name their own replacement. I also think they should have to work for their supper, meaning food comps for everyone. keep these people busy all week, plus make the game ever changing and exciting. but I don’t know where to pitch this idea- as if it would do any good:) what does everyone think about this?


Sounds like some good ideas to me!!! Especially the first two losers on the block idea!!! I hate floaters.


Shelly says, “Hey, I saw the movie BIG and please make me young again.” Kalia was looking into the mouth for food crumbs.


Jordan is a goddess


of stupidity

dont mess with it

lol too funny and right…. stupidity and floaterism


with $500K from her season…boo hoo!

BB4ME true!


Totally agree!!! LOL


When are they playing the VETO???


6 PM Calif time. It was supposed to be 1 PM but So Cal is hotter than heck today.


is the veto going on now then?


i believe one of the cast member said it got moved back to 6pm


Of course the Fortune Teller isn’t going to talk to you Shelly! Allison Grodner doesn’t want you to win Big Brother, she wants Jordan or Rachel to win! So of course the Fortune Teller won’t say anything until Rachel or Jordan are in the Purple Room.


She went straight to that Fortune Teller from the DR….hmmm


Unless she talks really slow and use one syllable words, Jordan won’t understand her though.




give shelly something!!!!


Oooo fk NO! She deserves shit!!!!


i hope she gives her a push out the door and a kick in the ass for us




Yes Fortune Teller please give Shelly a foot in her back end to kick her out the door and out of Big Brother. Shelly is just such a loathsome creature!!!


For Shelly the best thing the Fortun Teller could give her is an iron lung. She’s gonna need it later.


Zzzzziiiiinnnnngggggg!!! Everyone is cracking me tonight on this post, hahahahhaha. Thanks all.


Shelly just looked into the eyes of her future.

A few more years of tanning and she and the Fortune Teller will be identical twins.




LOL — hopefully, it will give Shelly the power to into the jury house — you’re right about the resemblance…i guess she hasn’t heard about the link about smoking and aging…she’s looking really, really bad,


Too cute.




LOL!!! You got that right!!! (UGLY DOG FACE )Shelly..The straight shooter!!!LOL..That seems to be obsessed with putting down Rachel constantly. I think she does that because it makes her feel better about herself..She even likes to pick on unborn children..Rachel isnt even preg…She old women..hope she goes home to her her straight shooting home and family,and of course her straight shooting job..LOL.



Florida Babe



Lol. You hit the nail on the head.

Uncle Cool

I think it looks more like Rachel.


It involves a coin….. And it loves Porsche and it talks about Shelly ALOT


Great post.


Hey, maybe Rachel can be the host of 16 and Pregnant.

dont mess with it

good idea… but she was pregnant before she went into bb using if for publicity


And this is why you’re my fave

Midwest Fan

You’re such a flatterer.
Back at ya …………
: )



And Dani called Adam an idiot, and the worst player in big brother history. People that hate Adam are Dani lovers. I could care less about Jeff and Jordan and whoever else but Dani lovers need to recognize they lost, Dani cannot win in this game, she is done. She is both a failure as a daughter and a failure at big brother.


To say that Dani is a failure as a BB player is one thing. But to call her a failure as a daughter is something you can’t talk about. Dani’s relationship with her father is at best dysfunctional and that is something they both admit. BTW I am not on team Dani. I am really on no one’s team, but would like to see a newbie win. Maybe the next time that BB tries bring back former players they won’t bring them back as couples, but as singles.

Midwest Fan

Adam will not be shocked or hurt to find out Dani and others on her “Team”
called him am “idiot” or ” the worst player in BB history.”

Adam will, however, be completely crushed when he finds out about the lies and
awful things said to him and about him by Jeff and Jordan.

Dani and her father’s relationship is what it is.
Their family dynamics may be difficult but it is apparent that they do love each other.
Many families long for that connection and don’t have it.


I’m not sure….but i sure hope it helps the house guests out!!


Jordan will get coupe de tat.


My guess is if JR don’t win veto, the fortune teller will prob give them some sorta power. That might be why it doesn’t work for shelly.


the only special power shelley would get is the power to tell the truth………..


Bwah ha ha ha!! (cue the evil laughter)

If Shelly was granted the power to tell the truth, locusts will fall from the sky, Adam would turn into a pillar of salt (too late), Kalia’s jaw would magically unhinge and she would swallow Porsche whole.

Rachel would become a virgin and Jordan would become a charter member of MENSA.

I’m kidding about the Jordan part….I love that girl. 🙂

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

Makes sense to me.

JR not going anywhere this week, production is doing every possible making sure of it. If’s Jeff’s dumb ass didn’t throw that clown shoe out the bin during that POV, then Pandora’s Box would not have been brought out.


jealous much?

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

As i told the last idiot that posted that of course I’m jealous for calling out the obvious suspicious shit going on sirounding the vets ALL season, STFU and GTFO


I am glad I am not the only one who saw that… i thought I was going crazy


Porshe can’t change clothes because to one’s she brought into the house don’t fit her any more..


Aww, Shelly finally has a friend.


She found her twin. It’s like looking in the mirror to her.


That thing is creepy lookin, and so is the fortune teller


You’re just jealsous because Shelly is better looking than you


I got it. 🙂

everybody on here tonight got me ROTF


good one haaahahahaha


These women NEED to kick their emotions out the door; and truly once and for all FORGET about Jeff & Brenden. Stop trying to take revenge at this point in the game.
The perfect move is for the final four to be JRPK. They are too emotional to see this.
Get rid of Shelly and Adam. Adam won a veto because he begged Jeff for it; and Shelly has not won nothing.
Their emotions are going to make Shelly and Adam get 2nd place money because their game plan is based upon revenge and not (who does or does not deserve the 1st & 2nd place money). The fact that none of these women seem to be able to think beyond what happened to Jeff & Brenden is making my head hurt.

Rachael is so bitter because of Brenden until she would put Portia and Kahlia up in a heart beat…but they need to put the past aside and focus on the final four. Get Shelly & Adam out; and THEN it can be JR against PK…but these people are so emotional and so quick to strike back…until they can’t think straight. If they were thinking straight then JRPK would consider if they want S & A to come in 2nd winning 2nd place money.
Revenge & Hate are going to kill these players…….JRPK need to stick together and TRULY trust each other even if it is only temporarily.
Viewers want to see the expression on Shelly’s face when they stick it to her the way they stuck it to Jeff & Brenden….and viewers want to see the expression on Adam’s face when he realizes he is off to the Jury House, but he probably won’t be mad because he gets to see Jeff again.
When Shelly and Adam are gone….then viewers can see a true battle of the wits between JR & SP. Bring it on!

*No doubt as much as people seem to hate how Shelly plays, it got her to this point & yesterday I was team PKS, but when you think of that type of money they win… want someone to win who has really fought hard…and with the people left in the game; that would be RPK…Jordan can join them in the final 4…but then she would be the first evicted from the final 4 group (none of the final 4 should want Jordan in the final 2). *If they keep playing with their emotions (this anger about Jeff, Brenden, & Dani) and keep Shelly…then that is THEIR fault …Shelly will then deserve the money due to the dumbness of the house guests.


meant to say final battle between JR vs. PK …..not “PS”


Jazz you could use a journal


i doubt shelly will get a power no one likes her and she doesnt really need it production is probablly just messing with her head


i dont think it will be a power but maybe something to do with veto who knows in bb anything can happen


ugh i hope to god that this thing is just here to drive shelly crazy… and when shelly finally leaves the room it tells the next person something really important lol just so that shelly can lose her sh*t when she watches this back and finds out haha!


Yo if the fortune teller gives j/r a magical power than f#$k this game. They dont deserve help they shuld have to fight for the end not get helped from production.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

True, but they can’t do it, production don’t have any faith that they can fight everyone without Jeff and Brendon fighting their battles for them.


it should give them a power, because Kalia is so DUMB if she believes there is a power in the fortune teller why would she leave Shelly of all people alone with it by herself. Kalia is talking them to death in the candy room by distracting JR from going in the purple room, but Adam and Porsche are equally dumb, they have not wondered or asked where Shelly is, or if they find out why is she in the Purple room so long by herself.


I want the fortune teller to tell Jordan/Rachel that they have the DPOV.


J/R – DPOV would be AWESOME!!!


Yeah JR are the Dummies so they need a Dummy POV with a beany cap to match!


I want the fortune tell to tell Crypt Keeper that she has been automatically been 86’d.


LOL—That is just what just got done telling my son I hope that is what it is and I hope J/R WIN! the POV I don’t really care for Rachel when she is with Brendon but now that it’s just her and Jordan she is a lot better.


I agree, K,P,A and S make Rachel look sane and reasonable


Hopefully this drives Shelly nuts and Jordan and Rachel find Shelly in there as it starts moving.


I hope it kills shelly lol jk


It would make for the best BB ever!!


Or at least make her wear a bag over her head. So we can stop suffering. My poor eyes.


Maybe the fortune teller will blow smoke up her but!


shelly is the last person that will ever get a power


Why does Kalia put her finger in the fortune teller’s mouth? Does she think there’s food there?


lmfao! can’t stop laughing at this




Oh my God, that was fricken hilarious!!!!


Still laughing!!!!!! That was the best line of them ALL!


Cowlia probably thought there might be some chocolate in side and she has to have first dibs.


Not sure about this, but I don’t think they would have something this late before POV if it’s a special power or something to do with POV. I think it is curious though and has something to do with the house, but if it was for a competition or a power we would have had america’s vote like with the coup de tat or the power would have been given to the hoh and if it was for a comp everyone would be made aware of it like the snake game they all had the opportunity to practice.


Jordan will get coup de tat. She is best player in the history of BB and the smartest too

** Your about to get flagged as a spammer.. you know what you’re doing slow down you don’t need to post the same comment 30 times

Nicki Minaj

They’re going to call everyone to the room, and then it will announce Rachel’s pregnancy.

And then it throws the coup de tat at jordan.


omg some OBBers are freaking hilarious!

Shelly got stank?

I hate Shelly. K and P are pathetic. Adam is a monster. To joke about Rachel being hit in the stomach and miscarrying and hoping she loses the baby, so she can’t play in veto Is sick and twisted. Can anyone tell me what Rachel has done in the last twenty eight days to deserve being beat on twenty four seven by Shelly, K, P, and Adam?

The lies this season are twisted. Worst season ever. Worst people ever.


That is why they brought the old players back…this season is terrible and they didnt have time to do better casting apparently… go after recent fav players with strong dynamics.


Wish they would have either cast newbies or vets – but not mixed them- didn’t go over so great.


They shouldn’t have cast Jeff and Jordan for this season. Their fans really can’t take it. With all the threats against Shelly, they probably have ruined BB forever.


as far as i am concerned rachel has done nothing in the last 28 days to deserve the treatment that she is getting. those four are horrible for saying the things they are about her baby we dont even know whe is pregnant and to tell them the truth its non of their business if she is or not and in my opion production needs to get on to them about that kind of talk it is not nesseccary and its downright mean i think they all should get a mark against them so when they go up on the block they will already have a vote against them lol go rachel and jordon win this and shove it in their faces lol ok i said my spill for now lol


But it is alright for Jordan to tell Jeff to “Kill” Dani when he gets to the jury house in her goodbye speech huh, oh but it’s ok, it is Jordan the phoney angel




Could be waiting on someone else before it talks?

Midwest Fan

Perhaps a surprise visit by Evel Dick. He could scare the hell out
of the Fortune Teller and get her to talk.


The Fortune Teller won’t work for anybody but Rachel or Jordan. There’s a saying that God looks out for babies and fools. Well Jordan is the fool and Rachel seems to be with child, so the logical conclusion is one of them will get her to talk and of course spit out a special power.


I’m confused… the details under twist say JR is taken off the block SA go up, but I didn’t know they played the POV yet….???? Are you just guessing that SA would go up rather than SK or AK?


I don’t think the POV has been played yet. JR are a team, SA are a team and KP are a team. If JR win then SA are the only other option to go up because you play, win and get nominated as a team. K is safe no matter what because she is teamed up with P and she is HOH.

Shellys Cig

i bet u money that forturn teller gives shelly a power to where she can save herself from going up and adam goes home , im telling u… BB wants a all girl cast, because they want nothng better than house full of cats… nothing like a good ole cat fight


uh i guess BB would want an all girl cast to balance out last yr’s majorly boring sausage fest also known as the brigade lol


They haven’t it said IF RJ wins the pov then SA go up because K is protected becasue she is partnered with P


It reads jr wins off the block sa on the block the operative word is win which means it has not begunyet and they need to win hope it helps


The teller just told shelly to come closer, so she can whisper in her ear….and she said stop cleanning my room


Lol, I hope its main purpose is to drive Shemale crazy! I don’t want her to have any secret power.


agree, but it could mean all of them have to be present. Wouldn’t it be funny if it’s a party or luxery prize for all of them where they get new clothes, and Shelly and Kalia are so busy keeping it to themselves they miss out.

Who Knows

I think the fortune teller has hung around Jordan to long she is acting out Jordan’s dazed and confused blank stare.


LOL, yeah the fortune teller has the same blank stare as Jordan, but is playing a much better game.


What if the fortune teller relates every conversation in the purple room on tape. Put a coin in, hear a conversation they thought was secret. Lol


…..and then shelley lied to the Fortune Teller and blamed it all on rachel!!!


You know the fortune teller says, you and the rest of newbies are going to the Jury House. Fortunately, the fortune teller doesn’t like floaters either. The Fortune tellers says, Team Jordan/Rachel will win POV and you are going to the Jury House. Bye Bye Backstabbing Shelly. Oh one more thing! The Fortune teller says, the newbies has no chance of winning the POV and have Team J/R winning it. HAHAHAHA. OH yeah, The Fortune teller says, you will be out of your job and your family as well.


JJ are gods. Pray to JJ. We would be nothing without them


Will see, all the newbies (floaters) are going to be evicted one by one. Starting backstabbing (floater) Shelly, Hungry Hippo Floater Kaila, Ms. Barbie Doll floater Porsche, and Mr. Bacon floater Adam. Team Jordan/Rachel not a floater. All the newbies are screwed! They have to teamwork to win but all newbies. Two people w/smokers, Two people (one thinks about food and sleep and other is well clueless). For Rachel and Jordan-Domination.
Advantage-Team Jordan/Rachel.


The JJ fans never acknowledge the fact that they can be wrong. Like how right now every one of them are cheering for Jordan and Rachel. Not a single one of them were cheering for JR 3 days ago. It was all Jeff and Jordan, and occasionally JJR. But they are now acting as tho they were pulling for Jordan and Rachel from the beginning. The same people who couldn’t wait til JJ turned on Rachel. Hopefully they are the next 2 in the jury house because its quickly filling up with vets and they are gonna all vote for one of their own who do nothing and win nothing and make 0 game moves over any of the newbies, who may have done all around better than either JR.


And in your scenario, Jordan wins the $500k and Rachel cries because she only got $50K. And the name calling is childish and disrespectful, but then again you can say anything you want when your anonymous. Just like in the BB house, it’s just game play.


wow u j/j fans are fu#$ing crazy, u take things way to far, why don’t u stop idolizing a bunch of losers and get a life.

give me a break

Wow you Dani fans are stupid she made the most stupid move from the start so she did not deserve any trust and Dani fans give me a break she even said right after the somewhat deal she was not going to stick to it so dont call just Jeff out when she was going to do the same….


they sure as heck dont want the shemale to benifit from it………………….


I think it’s cool shelly heard it First.


me too petal! i’m glad there’s someone else on here that’s not obsessed with hating shelly 🙂


I don’t know Shelly, so I can’t hate her, but I do hate her actions. She’s atrocious!


She cleaned it enough but I am pulling for team Pajama Jam. (doing a cheer)


The fortune teller just told Shelly ” She just saved a bunch of money by switching to GEICO yo ”





Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!


no Simon don’t tell me you’re rooting for the new players to win.

Midwest Fan

ROFLMAO – “Kudos!”

Team Dani 4 Life – All Star!!!


Team Dani formed a fine alliance
They got Brendon out thru simple HOH defiance
(squeak “twice”)
We had to say goodbye to Dani because Jeff’s ego is as big as a ham
But then Jeff was given the boot by Team Pajama Jam


At least be honest with yourself. If Jeff hadn’t gotten Dani out and Dani got back into power she would have gotten Jeff out. Jeff isn’t stupid he knew that. It just so happened he got the power to do it first. He got sent packing because Dani’s side got the power back. No matter who you are hoping wins at least get it straight. The thing about all these players are that they are playing with emotions instead of brain. If you are team Dani the last person you want out the door is R. That is who you want to sit next 2 at the end. If you are team RJ the last person you want out the door is S. These players need to start counting the potential jury votes. Heck even the team Dani players should be wanting S in the game for the final 2. I don’t care how much I disliked someone at this point for 500 g’s I would have no problem tolerating them. I would just try to keep doing things to provoke the behavior that everyone can’t stand.


Shelly looks worse than the fortune teller with her old dried up leather face. That fortune teller should spit on her instead of spitting out a power for you, unless its the power to not be a hypocrite.


I the fortune teller gives Shelly a chance to turn from a frog to a princess I hope she takes it. She really
needs a makeover. Maybe she can get a new heart as well.


who won the POV


dude. that fortune teller is creeepy as hell. lol i hope it tips shelly off for the veto comp or something.

Was bbfan, lol

Whats going on?


what does the fortune lady do?


Hot in Los Angeles. 108 so that’s why they will play tonite. It’s dropping into 90’s but we aren’t having quakes or hurricanes.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

108? GODDAMN , that’s creeping up on Hell’s temperature.


Going on 50 days almost of over 100 here in Texas. Brutal.


Actually, it’s over 60 days now.


This is a little outdated but how did dani try to backdoor Jeff in week 3? I thought she only had a vote and no HoH. If it is because she tried to keep Dominic, then that is pretty lame reason for Jeff to try getting her out.



Can you go through the fight between jj and shelley that happened the day of jeffs eviction. didn’t see an update here and julie chen glossed over it.

Anonymous 2

It’s on YOUTUBE. Search: Big Brother 13 Jordan and Shelly


No, the question that is asked is refering to the fight between JJS. It happened right before the show on Thursday. From what I know it involved Shelly saying that she is flipping to save Dani, that is what I got from Julie Chen’s intro. No one knows what really happened because the feeds were down and they didn’t show it on TV.


Rachel was hoh at the time and she tried to convince BR to backdoor Jeff this is when the allience between BRJJD split


So if they are going back to pairs rules for the remainder of the week, does the surviving nominee get a golden key to F3 or 4? Just something I haven’t seen anyone speculate on…


what if Adam and Shelly take Rachel and Jordan off the block?


They can’t from what I understand. That would be stupid too lol.


I think they need to look at it closely, I bet there’s a diamond power or something in there. Look all around it shelly, look well..


i hope that JR win the veto then they will have some sort of chance to compete til the end but chances of it happening are slim to none.


Oh yeah! The Fortune teller says, “You will have a meltdown at the Jury House with Jeff and Brendon” The Fortune Teller says, “He doesn’t like hunger hippo Kaila and Ms. floater barbie doll Porsche as well”.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

Do Fortune Tellers really look like that? eww looks like Boy George’s Grandma, c’mon now she is manly looking, has to much makeup on, and has pimples too.


There is a famous ugly fortune teller machine kinda like that in Santa Cruz, I think.

Mad Hatter

I really like Shelly, She might not win BUT she’s really playing the game. She lies? I really don’t know about that. She went up to Jordan and told her she doesn’t think she’ll win with Jordan and Jeff in the Final3. Jordan told her that’s okay if she wants to back out of the deal. Remember?

Where was everyone last year when Brittany was being so mean and rude to Rachel? Nobody cared then. I would almost guarantee Shelly isn’t like this in “real life”. Everybody in the house has there moments, Shelly is no different. We all would act different then we expect if we were in the house probably.

I also don’t understand how everyone loves Rachel now but hates Shelly, I don’t get.


I don’t even remember Brittany. Once a season is over I only remember a few of the cast
members. Unfortunately I don’t think I will ever forget Shelly’s face. Ugh, what a nightmare.
I’m not trying to be mean, but she gives me the willies. I kind of feel sorry for her because
I’m sure she has no idea how many people outside hate her. She is extremely delusional.


Hi, I do not know if you have been watching BB. Shelly lies and she makes up stories and spread that Rachel said this, Rachel did this and that is why some viewers shifted to having compassion toward Rachel. Rachel has bee picked on and bashed almost every time the DKPS open their mouth. DKPS have stated horrible insults towards Rachel and never stop.


why is porsche saying talking to jordan is like talking to a ham sandwhich. and what is talking to her like


the pov will be gypsy/ fortune teller themed. The winners will get a coin or something that activates it as well.


I like your answer more than any, make’s alot of sense plus it could be the f. teller gives the power to save one of the losers from going home. say rachel and Jordan win’s they get the coin and get to save Shelly or Adam, they save Adam. He then joins their side for saving him.

Nick B

If I were Shelly I’d keep Rachel and Jordan out as long as I could. If BB is trying to rig the fortune teller angle for Rachel and Jordan, I’d at least make it as difficult as possible.

Good luck Shelly, hope you crack it.


the fortune teller should ask shelly if she would like a message from outside the house and then it should be a recording of her kid from a couple of weeks ago saying that she wants her mom to stop lying lol


Looool ok isnt it obvious that porsche lied about getting 5k? cause thats the stupidest reason to go for a pandoras box when everything is going her way. i think she got 1 of 2 things.
A. A golden key to F4 (since the duo twist is back, maybe the golden key twist is too?)
or B. She got a coin and is going to put it in the fortune teller when no1 is around and it will tell porsche something about the game/give her a power or something.

Thats what i thinkk