Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly out of Isolation goes right back to shooting straight and s*ck!ng JJ A$$

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3:00pm Backyard Shelly, Jordan, Rachel, Brendon Shelly doing most of the talking. telling them she felt like she won the game after her phone call with her family. She tells them that They didn’t talk game on the phone, Shelly is in a real good mood says she’s been recognized.

3:03pm Backyard BR rachel points out to Brendon about how Jordan, Adam and Shelly are all clumped together talking.. She also mentions how Shelly goes on and on about Jordan and showers her with compliments. Brendon says he’s getting sick needs to rest. (Cam switch to Straight shooter)

3:06pm Pool Jordan, Shelly and Adam

Shelly asks her if they will have a hard time voting.
Jordan “why”
Shelly “they’re in your alliance” (Jordan and Shelly are assuming dani is putting up one of BR)
Jordan starts to explain but a plane flies over head and I can’t hear.. Shelly asks if Jordan has talk to Dani to try and get an Idea. joradn says no they are going to wait and see the nominations. ( I love how Jordan never goes to talk to the HOH she just hangs out looking surprised) Shelly thinks “1 million percent” that regardless that she is with JJ till the end. She spent a lot of time thinking about it tin the Have nots and she’s still true to her agreement with JJ. Shelly: “if you guys can help me out this week then you guys have me to the end” shelly says she feels like she already won the game so she’s just looking to help JJ out. (if talking to her family is winning Big Brother 13 then why doesn’t she shoot straight right out of the house and see her family it would be like winning Big brother times a million)
Jordan says it doens’t matter they know that Jeff is the target after Brendon leaves this week. Jordan is worried about playing this year alone. Shelly: “We need to win HOH this week.. nothing else matters.. don’t worry I have the power” Adam is lounging around in the shade says the power of jose?
Shelly :”The power of JT”
Shelly asks Jordan if she knows if Dani has a deal with BR . Jordan says” uhhh don’t ask me I don’t know anything”
Shelly: “I’m going to lay low this week .. well at least until the nominations”. jordan thinks it’s a good idea, Jordan is sure jeff will talk to dani tonight. Jordan makes a comment that Jeff is better at talking to other people. Jordan starts to complain about how hard it is this year she keeps trying and trying and still can’t seem to get up on her feet. Shelly tells Jordan she has nothing to fear they’ll be fine in the game, “I’ve been re-energized”. Jordan is worried that if Jeff goes up he’ll go home. Shelly says they have Adam, Jordan’s vote and they’ll work something out with BR.
Shelly: “Last time you won on your own don’t be worried if Jeff goes.. If I stay this week we still have Jeff and Adam and you we have numbers”
Jordan is worried that Adam will flip. Shelly tells her no way.

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Big Brother House Floor Plans

3:20pm Brendon telling her it’s coming down to who’s deal Dani can trust more, Jeff’s or Brendon’s. He says theres nothing more they can do they will have to go talk to Dani and explain their deal to her and hopefully they trust her enough. Brendon doubts Jeff will give dani even one week. Brendon says they need to make sure Dani knows how close shelly and Adam are to JJ. “Jeff will bully SA into doing whatever he wants.. thats 4 votes… We are 100% on our own and dani knows that… ”
rachel thinks it’s a good thing Dani will see us as more eager partners than JJ who already have an army of 4. Brendon thinks Rachel’s best shot is to team up with dani if he goes.. lay low and not get one anyone’s nerves. He’s sure JJSA will be trying to pick off DKP all Rachel needs to do is not get caught in the middle.

3:37pm Jordan and Adam Jordan wants to make sure Adam is with them to the end. Adam says yes. Jordan is worried If brendon goes home this week Jeff and Rachel will go up and Jeff will go home because they all know what kind of useless mess rachel is. Adam says once BRendon/Jeff are gone he’s the next target. Jordan: “yeah sure that leaves us with JSA once Jeff is gone”

Jordan says if Brendon stays then BR are the main targets, everyone will target Brendon first.. If dani can’t get BRendon out this week she’s going to keep trying or try to switch it up and get Jeff out (Jordan assumes that Dani will keep winning HOH’s till the end of the game) Shelly joins them and the game talk ends..

Jeff joins them and they start up some light rachel bashing focused on her bumming all the food that Jeff makes. Adam points out that the that one time Jeff did offer it. Shelly adds that Rachel does it even when Jeff doesn’t offer.

Jordan gets called into the DR, Shelly: “thats you cutie patootie”

3:52 Shelly and Jeff Shelly is shooting Straight to Jeff, talking about how wonderful Jordan is and how horrible Rachel is. (Shelly has a boner for Jordan). Jeff just listening to all Shelly shits..

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196 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly out of Isolation goes right back to shooting straight and s*ck!ng JJ A$$

  1. Not gonna lie, when I saw that first picture of Shelly out of isolation, the first thing that came to my mind was the phrase “release the Kraken!”

    1. Omg that is too funny!!!!!realease the kracken lmbo. I want shelly to go home I want to see the vets fight it out. I don’t think jeff and jordan are a real couple anymore they don’t show any affection to each other.

      1. I believe it will be a vets shoot out in the end. Just don’t know which combo it’ll be. Either B/R vs Dani or J/J vs Dani for final three.

      2. Watch BB afterdark they show lots of affection on there. They just aren’t all over each other like BR thank goodness. They are a sweet couple love them!

      3. I was just thinking the same thing. I think they decided they were better friends and kept up the charade for the sake of the “couples” twist. Other than a couple of I love you’s- nothing. If they are a couple they are hiding their “affection” pretty well from the live feeds…

        1. I don’t know how many longterm relationships those of you who are questioning JJ’s relationship status have been in… After a couple years- the friskiness fades, and you do become more like friends. Personally, I think that Jordan’s farting in front of Jeff is a HUGE sign that their relationship is for real (I don’t know any girls that will fart in front of a man they aren’t in a relationship with (or are related to.. lol)). As someone previously mentioned… they are affectionate sometimes – they just keep it PG for tv! Not everyone wants a sex tape floating around the internet! -Also, not everyone is an insecure nympho (*ahem* like Rachel)!

        2. wtf are you saying? couples who go out for 2 years don’t need to show affection 24/7
          idk what kind of relationships you have but obviously they are comfortable enough with eachother that they don’t need to smother one another on t.v.. you know nothing about them outside of bb so seriously everyone on here needs a life for trashing JJ
          you’re all probably single and alone so just stfu and stop hating

          TEAM JJ FOREVER<3 i love jeff and jordan!

          1. they’ve been together just under 2 years, i mean not that THAT long, and i was still in bliss at that stage with my bf – it wasn’t until the 4/5 year mark that it got to be more routine BUT these two only see each other about once a month – so that is not really even 2 years, you would think Jeff would be happy he could spend time with her but the man lives in LA, it’s a sure bet he has other women….aside from this jeff is not nice to her, yells at her, calls her fat, doesn’t listen to any words she says, has no conversations with her except about game, won’t touch her even just casually, AND SHE USED TO FART ALL THE TIME ON BB11 so you make no sense


  2. You have to understand why Shelly is so gratful to Jordan. We all know shes a bullshitter, but her respect for Jordan is 100% legit. What she says is true Jordan has a HUGE heart. Who cares if shes stupid. All the people who bash Jordan for being stupid on the internet really need to get more comfortable with themselves cuz Jordan doesnt need to change anything about her. A great person.

    That being said, hoping Shelly goes home this week, cuz with B/R around, there bigger targets. Although if Rachel went home it would be perfect cuz Brendon would work straight up with JJ. Rachel is always puting ideas into Brendons head to stop working with JJ and work with Porsche. Hopefully Brendon smartens up and sticks with JJ.

    1. Jordan is a sweetheart. But that doesn’t change the fact she is stupid. She even agrees she is not the brighest bulb.

      How does one get so stupid? Books smarts or street smarts, she is just clueless.

    2. she may have been a sweet heart her first season, even though she was an uber floater and only won in the end due to a voted wizard power to Jeff. This year she is just as whinyas Rachel at times, seems to have come in expected a vaca with Jeff and has turned into a floater hater despite her being one of the all time biggest. Pot meet kettle.

    3. I agree Jordan does seem to be a genuinely nice person. She may not be the most formally educated person but different strokes for different folks. Her ambitions (dental hygenist) do not require her to get a degree. She can get her certification from technical school. Jordan is also flawed like the rest of us. This season she is a little more entitled than she was on season 11. That being said TEAM Dani Yo!!!!!! Nice or not her boyfriend needs to go.

      1. Wait a minute I’m a dental hygienist it requires a degree and then you have to pass a very difficult national board examination as well as a state clinical examination. You can’t be stupid and pass any of the above

    4. She does have a big heart. And didn’t she also say in BB11 that all she did in school was suck penises? She must be good at that too.

      1. yep, she sure did say that’s what she did in school. So, she had the opportunity of an education, she just chose to suck penises. This is what jordan herself said in BB11

  3. Dani needs to get BR to swear on their relationship to vote Jeff out. Even it they go back on the deal. At least she has ammo and can reveal BR trying to sell out JJ.

  4. I’m so over Shelly’s hard on for Jordan. She’s not the god damn Dalai Lama. She needs to chill out she’s making hate Jordan.

  5. Trying to understand Rachel – If my man was cyber sexin’ on the computer I think it would be a bone of contention with me. Rachel doesn’t bring it up. The first time Brenden pissed me off and hurt my feelings or spoke down to me like he does to Rachel, I would slap it back in his face. Rachel doesn’t do this and I don’t understand why not.

    1. Both Jeff and Brendon need to stop bullying their partners.
      If CBS- BB shows Brendon bullying Rachel on Sunday’s show then they had better show Jeff doing the same to Jordan.

      I understand what Bendon was trying to do when speaking with Adam, but I, also, have a feeling
      that he never communicated his plan to Rachel.
      He and Jeff discussed it last night and I don’t think Rachel was there for the conversation.

    2. Rachel has very low self esteem and emotional problems and I am positive that Brenden blamed Rachel for his “Penis Gate”. He probably convinced her that it was her fault for whatever reason he can make up and she accepts the blame. I do feel sorry for Rachel and all women like that are emotionally abused

  6. “Jeff is better at talking to other people”: Either Jordan’s HDD needs to be formatted or an anti-JJ firewall is needed. She’s hopeless!

    1. Jordan has caused Shelly to get back in touch with her masuline side that she lost due to her operation long ago when she went by the name Shane! She shows more affection for Jordan than she does her husband. If the other HG didnt mention her husband I wouldnt have known she was married.

  7. It makes me laugh when people care enough to try to be first, and they’re not.

    Hey 100%…. drink!
    And what! A million percent?? Drank drank!!

  8. Jordan says” uhhh don’t ask me I don’t know anything” – how true Jordan, how true! I’m less enamored with Jordan this year. She’s not as nice (which, other than her looks is all that she had going for her in this game) and, she doesn’t really contribute a whole hell of a lot to the game. She rides Jeff’s coat tails and lets him play the game for them both. I’d be disappointed if she won the game again, let alone went to the final two.

    1. Jordan is hard to hate. I just personally think she’s dumb and entitled along with her partner Jeff. She’s kinda like Dolly Pardon in terms of demeanor. Both would do great hosting a variety show of some sort, but neither belong in BB House.

  9. Jordon isn’t DUMB. She making good grades in college and has spent her earning in a very wise fashion. She has also told Jeff that he will have to settle down into a very good job before she even thinks of marrying him. She makes very good reads of folks in the house as well (last time and this time). And Shelly, hasn’t done anything to get so much HATE from some comments. She has always voted with the house (even if you switch everyone of her votes= results the same). She saved Rachel (regrets it, but did it for her team of JJBRA). But, I got a bad feeling the final three will be Kalia, P and Adam. (Kalia wins).

    1. If Kahlia is in the final two with Portia and Adam….it is possible that she would win.
      The win would be based upon who floated *drink* (the least amonst the master floaters) and not who was the very best player.

    2. How do you know Jordan’s college grades?
      What classes has she taken?
      I can’t imagine Jordan turning in a passing College Level Paper on anything, including the topic, Big Brother.

      On this BB, Jordan asked if Jimmy Carter had been a President?

    3. If you go back and read past spoilers, then it alludes to the fact that BRD have a secret alliance…..see my cut and past below. ….but because things change in the house hour to hour….who knows. Dani’s best deal is that she has she the veto pass. ….at least if she sends Jeff packing, she will find out where BR really stand instead of having to wonder. …and since she has the veto pass, she might as well get Jeff out cuz if B or R put her up….she will use the veto, but then their hand will be exposed. ….since they know she has the veto pass; they probably won’t waste time putting Dani up anyway.

      Excerpt from a spoiler:
      “brendon: “all we need is 2 weeks to keep it quiet then we can tell everyone becuase we’ll have all the numbers”. rachel tries to tell her that Dani alliance won’t win the HOH next week it’ll be a physical comp geared towards jeff and Brendon. brendon: “Jeff wants to keep the blood off his hands he’ll let me win it because they want you taken out.. But I won’t put you up we’ll put up floaters (Drink)”

        1. Just cuz she has the pass. Doesn’t mean she will win the veto, not automatic. She just gets to play for it

  10. Adam is as stupid as Kalia I see. Why would he attach himself to that useless JJS alliance? J/J can’t win anything and neither can Shelly. What kind of alliance is that?

    1. Uhhh… Jordan won HOH week 2 and Jeff has won 2(?) POVs? People are letting their hatred for certain HG’s blind them to the truth.

      1. Uh hate is a strong word. I don’t care enough about any of the HGs to hate them. And Jordan’s HOH win we all know was handed to her. Jeff didn’t try nor did Brendon. After two seasons of seeing J/J compete,its pretty obvious this is not a game they would ordinarily win.

        Anyway,we are all entitled to our own opinions of who we want to see win. You like who you like and the same goes for me.

        1. You’re absolutely right: I don’t ridicule or put people down for liking who they like (but I may debate you)… I was just pointing out that you saying JJ hadn’t won ANYTHING was decidedly untrue (whether you think it was handed to them or not).

          At least you can argue more maturely than other posters on here who resort to name-calling and personal insults just for liking someone they don’t… :)

      2. Jordan won HoH when B & Jeff threw it to her. There’s a difference. Jeff’s POV wins will only get him so far. He has yet to win a HoH.

      3. Jordan’s HOH win wasn’t all that impressive. She took giant golf club and hit a giant ball and it ended up in the highest numbered slot. Jeff was up against fat ass Kalia and Adam in a running back and forth POV last week and I don’t know where I’m going with this but it wasn’t amazing or anything. Jeff got some game, but Jordan is completely clueless.

    2. they are the social alliance…..S & A like them because they feel they are super stars….that goes for Kahlia too. She was so hurt when JJ were mad at her, she blew her HOH because of it .

  11. why does the comment section look like crap in IE8. It looks fine in Firefox … is it just me?

    Its all in caps and really big.

  12. I hope Shelly comes off slop soon because Shelly is starting to look really hagard; someone make her a sandwich STAT!

      1. Just taking more time to comment. I have to click on the comment link on the side, then another page opens and then I have to read down through the comments and then try to respond but because wordpress now is showing the comments before they are being approved it is harder to respond to certain posts. – maybe it’s just me but I think there would be even more comments except that wordpress messed it up..

        – in IE for me everything is in caps.. when you click on the comment links, it open in another browser and everything is huge

        in Chrome – by the time I get to a certain comment, I have clicked up to 4 times, earlier I had to click 5 times because there were three pages of comments..

        is it just me? do I need to upgrade? if it’s the way it is, it’s okay but I didn’t know if I’m behind in the times and going somewhere I shouldn’t or there is a quicker way to go about things..

        1. hmm
          I’m looking at it in chrome, ie9 and firefox and it look sore or less the same. It must be IE 8, I’ll take a peak tonight.

          I can’t have 100+ comments shown each page it’s killing our hardware. I’ll have to look into everything tonight. Thanks for the info.

      2. Dani should make a final 2 deal with Brendon and convince him to let Rachel go cuz she’s hurting his game and if he wins Rachel wins by proxy. Then they could work to protect each other no matter who had power.

    1. Yea all the big hearts would choose to spend thousands of dollars buying big titties instead of putting that money towards family and the rent,, Gotta love those big hearts LMFAO

  13. It is obvious Shelly has a total stalker crush on Jordon. She is doing everything in her power for Jordon to win. I can understand her being one of these crazy super Jordon and Jeff fans but Shelly is bordering on creepy.

    1. Shelly’s fixation with Jordan is unsettling, to say the least. Shelly is more disturbing to me than Rachel ever was. Just wait til this crazy bitch goes up for reals.

    2. Jordan has caused Shelly to get in touch with those feelings that she has kept in seclusion for so many years so she could be accepted by society. She will probably be leaving her husband when she gets out of the house and try to pursue a relationship with Jordan and her Mother lol. She’s more focused doing something for Jordan and her moma than she is her husband.

  14. I’m officially in the ‘get Jordan out of the house’ club. She doesn’t campaign, she doesn’t talk to the HoH. She shows absolutely no interest in competing in this game in either comps or socially. She’s just a pretty little lump of uselessness this season. Jeff really is ‘playing for two’. I hope Jeff goes home this week and Jordan follows right after. They can spend the rest of the summer with each other in the jury house.

    1. Ditto. Jeff gets mad when he feels he is being back doored but that could just be an act. Of course he would not want to get the back door in the beginning of the game; because that would mean no jury house…..but at this point….I don’t think JJ really care…..they can now enter the jury house and enjoy the rest of the summer on a free vacation. ….I think this is what they truly want.

        1. they’ve already said that they just wanted to spend the summer together which is why they both wanted to make it to Jury House.. Jordan is’s obvious that she doesn’t care.

          If anything, Jeff wants the money. It’s kinda messed up that Jeff and Jordan didn’t think enough of their “relationship”to just spend money to spend time together and/or just move to be with each other. They waited until CBS said they’d foot the bill for them to go on a ‘vacation’ together.

  15. I’m convinced that Shelly and Adam are Jeff and Jordon super fans and knowing that BB put them in the house to help further Jeff and Jordons game. I call Shenanigans.

    1. I agree Rockstar. Adam’s man crush ED left, Tori Spelling isn’t on BB; so he had to transfer his tender yearnings to JJ.

    2. Don’t forget about Kalia, she’s a huge Jordan fan and she tricked up her HOH because she refused to put Jordan up against Rachel

  16. I don’t see this so called big heart that jordan has. A person with a big heart forgives others and does not hold grudges. Offering food to someone or washing dishes doesn’t make her special then anyone else in the house. Jordan sounds a hell of lot better when she keeps her mouth shut. Shelly I was really hoping your butt kissing azz would go home this week, you are such a phony person. You were mad a lawon because he lied to your face but yet when you lie it’s somehow okay. I’m team BB13 because I like how they make these fools turn into crying, angry idiots.

  17. I like Rachel and Brendon and even voted for his return. But the more I watch I realize that Rachel is either bi-polar or has borderline personality disorder (I am leaning toward bpd) and Brendon has aspergers syndrome (a form of autisim) So they can not help how they act and can’t even see that there is anything wrong with their behavior.

    1. I agree with you Sheila. I really like Brendon and Rachel. Rachel made a deal with Dani because she overheard the deal between Jordan, Jeff and Shelley. Jordan and Shelley already planned to take Dani out first then Rachel. What kind of alliance is that. I cannot understand what kind of fascination Shelley has with Jordan. She is constantly praising the girl. What is that? Is she playing for herself or Jordan? These house guest are really dumb if they let Jordan win. Jordan has won before for doing nothing and now someone crazy is doing her work. Shelley is a liar, she is the one going back and forth. She needs to go home. Three biggest targets Brendon, Rachel and Dani, these three need to team up and win the final three.

  18. Can’t blame BR for reshuffling and trying to work with Dani – they know their backs are against the wall and there’s not enough room in JJSA for both of them. It just sucks because if Dani does strike something up with them, Big Jeff is the one who will probably get railroaded. Even though Shelly has been exposed and (almost) everyone despises her now, Dani is smart enough to know that she’s the lesser threat precisely BECAUSE everyone knows she’s not the Straight Shooter she claims to be and has no sway over anyone anymore, AND she doesn’t win a damn thing in comps. Jeff is a competitor and has a chance at anything not requiring spelling.

    SO… sad to say but it looks like Jeff is in trouble this week…

  19. someone should tell jordan that rachel is a target bc she wins things and the reason why jordan is not a target is bc she is the useless mess

    1. Hi Gab, agreed. Why is Shelley playing? It seems that she is playing for Jordan. How crazy to constantly praise someone whom she has not known for a long time. She calls her an angel, so fascinated with Jordan. I am getting sick of her praising Jordan, she is like a salesman trying to sell something. Big brother needs to take this one out because when you are in big brother you play the game for yourself and not for someone else, but Shelley is so obvious that she wants Jordan to win.

  20. About Shelly… Why would someone leave their family they love so much for so long to help two complete strangers win half a million dollars?

    Three options

    1. The conspiracy option) She’s a CBS plant put in the game to help smooth the CBS sweethearts make it to the end

    2. The crazy option) She has a stalker level crush on Jordan to the point where she probably needs psychiatric treatment

    3. The straight shooter option) Shelly’s as full as shit to JJ as she is to everyone else and is just biding her time to turn on them

    I mean, does anyone have another option that actually makes sense?

      1. Yap and I cannot understand her fascination with Jordan, calling her an Angel. She needs to go. She is destroying the concept of the game. Big brother should make sure next time that all contestant that join Big Brother’s goal is to win the money for himself or herself and not for others.

  21. “Jordan starts to complain about how hard it is this year she keeps trying and trying and still can’t seem to get up on her feet.”

    Because she so used to floating and doing nothing

  22. Simon all of the comments are in capital letters and in extra large fonts its been that way for about 2 days now I thought it was me but its the site whats wrong.

  23. Btw why do people claim JJ are floaters and don’t win anything?

    Jordan won HOH week 2 and Jeff has won 2(?) POV’s now…? That’s more than Porsche, Adam, Shelly, Lawon, Dom (when he was there) ever won….

    1. Jordan was *handed* HOH in week two. Both Jeff and Brendon threw it (remember the golf thing?) so she could win.

  24. I can’t stand Shelly, she’s always kissing JJ ass, I don’t understand why? They don’t have any power….Shelly is such a snake, I am sick of her, she’s very manly….

    1. I have said since BB13 started, I thought Shelly was a dude…watch her…she walks like a dude, talks like a dude, has an adams apple…the other night on BBAD when she was crying, and snorting, she’s wiping her slobber and nose all over her sleeves….At the very least a transexual……..I agree, she gotta go!!!

      1. i’vesaid this same thing time and time again

        she’s like a post op transexual who hasn’t managed to have any female mannerisms. her entire being screams “man” I bet she has a wing-ding too.

        Why is she SO OBSESSED with Jordan??????????????????? She’s like a crazy stalker. She gives out 10 compliments a minute.

        And why hasnt Jeff or Jordan QUESTIONED why Shelly would say “i’m just here to get you guys further as a couple” or “I want to make sure you guys win this thing” .. who leaves their family for 3 months and go through all her so called agony of missing her cat..i mean daughter Josie.. just so two people (one who has already won) can win again???

        I dont understand why they don’t question that.. AT ALL . Anyone basically saying ‘i’m gonna get you to 500k and put it in your hands” ..i’d be suspicious of, especially in a game like BB

  25. I’m going to try and fix the comments bug for IE8 users.. If anyone notices it fixed please send me a message.

    I recommend using google chrome to view this site, it’s much faster and renders perfectly.

  26. Dani is doing the best she can with what she has to play with. I dont think anyone can disagree that Dani has game. I think her best move is to put up Jeff. Its way early in the game. I dont think Jordo will be as lucky as she was last year. Besides she came on strong at the end……Like I said its early. Dani should strenthen her deal with B/R……get her thru another week and atleast reduce the numbers on team J/J. Dani also needs to sure up her relationship with Porche, she has to get help any way she can….what if….I know it is a stretch….but what if Porche wins HOH? Dani needs to hope she will be safe. Kalia? Forget it…She is a lost cause. She has no game….has no clue……….. she has no plan…..She knows she has Dani to fall back on. Dani also has to know that Kalia has a hard on for J/J.

    Adam?…..who knows…I dont think this meathead has a plan either. He is way over thinking the whole thing. Superfan?….. meathead!

    Jordo is a good kid….She gets a lot of crap around here but she seems like a good chick. Is Jeff the wrong guy for her? probably. But how many of you woman out there picked the wrong guy once or twice? If it is for the money then I have even more respect for her. She is making money. She atleast has her financial situation on the right track. Love her …or hate her. She is the one with the $500 G’s she cant be that stupid. got herself on the show and won the whole damm thing. And if she is smart she could parlay that money that would last a life time. lifetime.

    Oh….BTW J/J will not win BB 13….take it to the bank

  27. I think it’s funny b/c people gripe about other people kissing the hoh a$$ but now people are griping b/c Jordan don’t go and kiss the hoh a$$… get over it! I love how Jordan isn’t like the rest of the a$$ kissers!

    1. Sorry but Jordan couldn’t suck up if she wanted to. What the hell does she have to offer to HOH? She won’t win shit.

  28. How far behind is the CBS schedule tonight? There is still golf on and it’s almost 8 pm on the east coast! Are they still showing 60 Minutes first, then Big Brother?

  29. Jordan isn’t that dumb? With her deer in the headlights look? Last time all she talked about was hiw her family was homeless while massaging her NEW BREAST IMPLANTS “so they don’t get hard” why no one asked why didn’t u spend that $3000 on rent instead of plastic surgery, is stll a mystery to me…..and pretty dumb idea, or am I the only one who thinks keeping a roof over ur head is more important than big fake boobs?

    1. EXACTLY

      no poor women decides to buy implants instead of putting that money towards her family

      “I know we’re broke momma , but I wanna spend this money on some titties.”

      1. OMG! WTF! when I read that…It came across in a Jordoesque/Sissy Spacek voice(from Carrie)…Effin Surreal and Hi-larious! Whoa I may be drunk

  30. BR made sense. dani has to see that jj has an army and she really needs to take the head off the snake. she keeps br in the house to be the big targets. Really i hope that is how it plays out cuz i am really interested who ASJ will align with.

  31. Sick of the comments about Jeff/Jordan fake relationship. Who cares. Jordan doesn’t talk game becuz Jeff has told her not to. Same as Brendan to Rachel. If they choose to listen, I would not, that is their choice. If Dani is playing, which I believe she is, she will backdoor Jeff. But does she have the votes. ?? If Adam is playing, he will vote Jeff out not Shelly. Shelly annoys the hell out of me, but Jeff is obviously the bigger threat. Can’t stand Dani but she’s playing the game. She was covering herself by talking to Shelly…She wants jury votes this season. This is by far the most ANNOYING cast ever, but what the hell can we do. No favs yet. Still hoping someone steps up. Miss the entertainment of Dick or Brittany/Ragan in the house.

  32. You all know that the past 7 posts have been about JJBR? For a group of people who love to complain about these 4, you sure are ‘hooked’. Sounds like my man has a crush on JJBR just like Kalia and Shelly.

    1. I think the posts are mainly about JJBR because what is there to say about K, P, S, or A at this point? If those 4 are mentioned, then it would be in direct conjunction of what they are doing as it relates to JJBR & D.

      Since CBS loves the vets, I wonder if they will consider a All Star game.

  33. I’m about to log off and eat some seriously good Tex Mex with the husband, but had to insert here before I go that in the long run, it doesn’t even really matter who hates who, who’s rooting for who…. I just really enjoy reading what the overwhelming majority of you have to say here about what you’re thinking. I crap you not, I’ve seen better game, strategy, psychology, quips, straight up insults, and brilliant overall observations more here than I ever have on Showtime or CBS. Thanks, Simon and Dawg, and thanks to the rest of you guys who take the time to post here and entertain me:) I’m still holding out hope that one of these days we’re going to be following a future season involving one of you in the BB house, tearing things up in ways that should damned near be illegal, every once in awhile looking up at one of the many cameras and yelling something like ‘YO, OBB!!!!’ or ‘SIMON AND DAWG!!!’ ;)

  34. I don’t think Brendan was trying to be mean to Rachel, I do think he is tired of telling her “she is her own worst enemy”, he wants her to chill out, and she is not listening. She wants to complain, and he is the one who will get tossed out of the game. I certainly know I am tired of listening to her complain. That said I think being a couple in big brother is very hard and both of the fellows are having a hard time getting things going and controlling their tempers they are frustrated with the things their partners say.

  35. I’m praying that Dani grows a pair and puts up Jeff. Lord knows she looks like she already has some.

    Shelly and JJ are starting to annoy the f*ck out of me with their holier than thou attitude and A/K/P are just clones of Kathy and Enzo.

    BR surprisingly are the only ones I’m not annoyed with which is unusual because usually they are. B made a lot of sense to R and the only question is if he does go home will she actually listen for once. If she does I think they will underestimate her and she will fly right under the radar and to the final 4 if not the final 2.

    1. Dani as a blonde was a softer look…….I’m not sure why she chose midnight black hair.
      ….but she came in the house with a attitude like, “I can do this right with or without daddy.”
      so we will see.

      I don’t see how aligning with K & P was a good move, but time will tell what happens to Dani.

      Her downfall started with her love fest with Dom, but it seems she is redeeming herself quite well. Putting up Jeff would be major for her.

  36. Wow, the new Sovereign Six was a major epic fail in the HOH. I’m more pulling for that side due to a lack of Kalia in their alliance, but it was funny how that comp played out!

  37. I missed a lot of these spoilers. Can someone answer these questions:
    1. Why did Dani put Adam and Shelly up?
    2. Is the JJBR alliance over?
    3. Are BR working with Dani now??
    Thank you!

  38. Jeff and Jordan might be biding their time so that they can be in the jury house. ….something seems different about both of them this season (they seem a bit nonchalant). Jeff blew up when Dom & Dani wanted to back door him (maybe) because leaving that soon meant no jury house.

    I think the next evicted person will enter the jury house,so him and Jordan are happy & good to go. They can now have their free vacation …tab on CBS. tab for making their very special guest appearance on BB13 (America’s sweethearts).

    BR on the other hand have not won any money; so then think about it….you see them trying to cut a deal with HOH a lot more than JJ. Also Dani came in 2nd, but I guess she wants to come in first without daddy’s help.

    I think JJ just want to be left alone and get a free vacation at the jury house. I heard the JH was like paradise. Of course if Jeff gets evicted or put on the block he will “act” upset; but I really think it will be an act. Next Jordan will do something crazy, so that she can join him soon after in the Jury House.

  39. Shelly bashers crack me up a bit. Don’t you realize that this tactic works so well when your 40 and you need to get a 20 year old to do something. The youngens believe someone could actually be fool enough to want to help them win the money versus just be using them to get further in the game. Much easier to fool them with niceness than outrun them.

    1. I agree. Shelly has a strategy or “had” a strategy. I admired her strategy at first (cuz at least she was doing something instead of the nothing that the other newbies were displaying), but then like most people do on BB when they tell too many stories and too many lies (to too many people)… begins to backfire.

      And now Shelly is on the block. If Jeff goes up, will she campaign for herself in such a way that puts her deeper in the hole? or will she say, “hey, I’m here for the young folks. This is a no brainer. Keep Jeff & evict me”

      We will see.

    2. I know everyone is watching BB right about now; but K was really getting on my nerves. If she was not so concerned with Jeff & what he thought; then she could have put up Jordan….they would have voted for Jordan to stay, then now either Brenden or Rachael would be gone. K was crying so hard in the diary room; but what happened was mainly due to her decision to put up Lawan (someone who was no threat to her at all).

      1. Kalia said she is a person of her word, and she promised Jordan that she would never put her up. Very stupid to do for somebody that could care less about you

  40. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. People in here who are bashing Jordon should look through their family tree because I’m sure not all were so damn smart. Let’s stick to who is playing the BB game the best.

  41. SSS has mental issues, it’s official!!! Her DR sessions about having high morals grounds are plain scary, scary like she needs a shrink: she’s convinced she isn’t a liar. She’s been looking out for everyone, everyone, in the house. How is that possible if you’re on JJ team? I think she has multiple personality disorder; her blessing is that all of her different alter egos are named Shelly so she can fool herself and other people.

  42. If Dani doesnt have the balls to put up Jeff, then I hope she puts up Jordan as a pawn to get that she devil, Leatherface, out of the game. Shelly is a psycho. I really do feel sorry for her family, she’s a nutjob.

  43. Do you think Dani is even lieing in her DR sessions, her last line “if i win the veto i can still backdoor Brendon”. I dont know but lieing in the DR doesnt make a whole lot of sense unless leing and realityt are one in the same for her…

    1. There’s always the possibility she’s saying it for productions sake to avoid any potential shenanigans from that faction… not saying that’s what’s happening, but it isn’t completely unbelievable… of course this could just be wishful thinking on my part

  44. Shelly was crying her eyes out because Rachel and Brendon supposedly lied. How many times have you lied Shelly? You’ve based your gameplay around lies, good job teaching your kid.

  45. Two questions, how many of you tried to get on BB? How many of you did? Its easy to sit back and trash talk people who are doing something you are unable to do. Every player has their own strategy in this game and im sure do things they regret, its easy for us to pick up on the flaws in their game. Comps are not everything and its obvious players like Jeff purposely throw comps, so to criticize his game play based on comps is ridiculous. If someone on here can honestly say they can go on BB and nobody will ever say a negative thing about them, id like to know why you have never been casted.

  46. I’ve been a lurker and thought I would weigh in with my thoughts…I’m team dani all the way…i actually like porsche…hope she can stick with dani til she gets voted out. I would much rather dani work with rachel and brendon than with jj…khalia is just a sad case…how humiliated she will be when she sees the big picture at the end of bb both with her hoh and with her imaginary friendship with jordan. Adam I’m not sure how I feel about him…
    JJ need to go. And Shelly gets on my last freakin nerve. There is my two cents worth. :)

  47. OMG! Since Sheliar couldn’t flush her shit down the toilette while in solitary confinement she must have stuffed it down her throat and now she is regurgitating it. She has not stop bullshitting everyone about how proud her husband is of how she is playing the game. All lies, I am sure.
    Who is she trying to convince???The hgs or herself??? She is so transparent I am afraid we are going to see a lot more bullshit until Thursday.

    Also, a note on Jordo. There is no doubt that Jordo did a nice thing for Sheliar. I applaud her for that. But she does have an agenda. America’s favorite award????Since she thinks Brandon will win the 25 thou , she needed to top him. She may be stupid, but not that stupid.

  48. Dumb. Stupid. Stalker. Crybabies. These are just a few words used to describe some of the house guests. How do any of you think you would do in the BB house for any length of time? Not knowing who you can trust, who is out to get you, if your are being nominated and voted out the door. It’s like you are a science project in a maze and you can’t get out until you are voted out. Those of you who have been making fun of Jordan and the others should be ashamed of yourselves. You must have been the bullies in school. Jordan has a heart of gold. She gave Shelly the phone call so she could talk to Josie and Tony. Due to everyone having their own faults, you might want to think twice before posting that someone is dumb or stupid.

  49. So… is it just me, or could Shelly exploit her phone call home to get inside info on the other contestants strategies (Diary Room stuff, etc) since her family is watching the show and the feeds?

  50. I guess I missed it but what did Porsche do to the protien drinks? Did she pot Benefiber in them? That’s not cool. It sounds like she got in trouble for doing it.

  51. All these people that have so much to say about Jeff and Jordan are very jealous people. Why people have alliances with Jeff and Jordan is because they are nice people and R,B and Dani are not that is why people want JJ as friends not how people portray them in there comments. It really shows what kind of person you are when you have to attack others.

  52. Here’s the thing, I assume BB/CBS do psychological assessments of potential HGs and then put those who failed or marginally passed into the house. Bringing back crazed co-dependent BR, estranged father/daughter DD and dim witted JJ… Then the newbies? Lawon? Shelly? No explanation needed!!!

  53. Adam, you better not Flipped. Jeff is expected to stay in the house to get rid of DKP next week. BR has deals with Dani. Please, seriously don’t trust Dani. She will continue to backdoor BR or JJ. Next week, Dani your HOH reign will end. Either JJ or BR wins the HOH to put Dani and Kaila. Please send Dani to Jury House. Sorry Shelly, your the first in the Jury House.

  54. I hate that Shelly is in danger of eviction. She was the one everyone loved in the beginning. Now, she is looked as the enemy of the Big Brother House.

  55. I wish Dani would put Jeff up, he and the bimbo have been there far too long, Jordan does not even want to be there, so help them out by sending them to the jury. Dani should probably take Rachel and Brendon up on there offer.

  56. I agree that JJSA are all floaters and when their backs are against the wall they never win any competions or POV’s. What makes them think they are entitled to walk around the house like they own it for doing nothing. Why is everyone hating on BR they are the only ppl playing the game. I am routing for BR to win they deserve a win because if you look they have played form day one and in this game you have to lie cheat and steal to get where you need to be and why is rachel getting such a hard time for doing the same thing everyone esle in the house is doing. BR should stay and dani should have the house evict Shelly that is one less fool on the side of JJ. I liked JJ in thier first season but now they are slackers and use other ppl to play their game.

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