Big Brother 13 – Porsche says She wishes Keith was back, Dani: “For What S$X”

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4:02pm Jeff, Straight Shooter Shelly tells Jeff that she was visited by everyone while she was in the Havenots but is pretty sure that DKP were just trying to cover their butts with her. Shelly says her 2 biggest threats are now DK and those will be the ones she puts up when she wins HOH. Jeff thinks thats a good plan, doesn’t think backdooring Dani is going to work anymore.

Dani joins them
Shelly starts talking about rachel and how her emotions are going up and down like a rollar coaster. jeff and dani agree. Shelly adds that one minute Rachel is your best friend another minute she’s giveing you that dirty look.
JS are telling Dani how annoying Rachel is, Dani agreeing. Jeff brings up what he said in the DR: “Dude where is the instruction manual to interact with rachel.. Brendon left and didn’t leave us the manual…
we’re walking around on eggshells”
Shelly says you throw one tiny stone at Rachel and the whole house comes crashing down. Dani recaps a time when her and Rachel were friends and they would always go back and forth ripping on each other but it was all in good fun. Jeff mentions how he had to talk to Rachel and explain to her that he wasn’t mad at her it’s just his abrasive personality. Shelly brings up that rachel is over sensitive and she’s always in need of reassurance.

Jeff tells them the one thing he doesn’t understand is that Brendon is such a logical person how can he put up with Rachel’s constant emotions. Dani thinks that BRendon is just as needy as Rachel outside of the house. Shelly is sick about hearing about BR love story, “We don’t need to listen how much you love each other every fricken day” Shelly adds that BR do not need to get married they need to figure each other out.. they’ve already been broken up once because he j*rked off on the computer.

Jordan joins them and they start chit chat…

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4:50pm BR (outdoor lockdown to clean out Shelly’s porta potty) Brendon says that everyone in the house doesn’t understand their love. Brendon mentions that Shelly has a problem with them showing and talking about their affection, “if they don’t understand then screw them”. (Shelly made a comment to him earlier not sure if dawg caught it)

5:16pm quad everyone cooking and chit chat. Brendon and Jeff are chatting near the grill about the ocean. Brendon shares a shark story from someone at school. Jeff: “Dude there’s some crazy shit in the ocean”

5:35pm Backyard Jordan, Shelly, Rachel and Dani Shelly talking about her family. Saying Tony is a clean cut straight shooter, he has the kindest heart but is tough as nails. Shelly adds that her husbands father is the biggest manly man but inside he’s a giant teddy bear, “He thinks this show is ridiculous” Rachel says her parents think the show is stupid. Porsche, Adam and Jeff join them.. they go back to chit chatting..
(People in and out)
Shelly tells Porsche, brendon, Rachel about her phone call in the havenots and how it was the best thing for her to ever experience.

5:50pm Shelly still talking about her phone call

6:00pm HOH DP

Dani: “we have to be on the look out for alcohol”
porsche: “Totally”
Dani saying she needs a break from people especially Rachel says everytime she anywhere in the house rachel sneaks u beside her trying to prevent her from talking game to people. Porsche: “I’m getting tired of them calling a plastic duck colonel Quakers.. cmon these are suppose to be grown adults”
Porsche thinks that if Jrodan had won the veto she wouldn’t of used it on Shelly. Dani isn’t sure. porsche: “Jeff would never let her cuase that means Jeff or Brendon go up” Dani: “Ohh ya right”
They briefly talk about what Adam is going to do.. it’s assumed that he’ll use it on himself and really hasn’t been discussed in the house much. Dani: “Oh my God just wait Rachel will probably come up here … YUCK”. Dani mentions that it’s obvious that Rachel is getting pissed because she was talking to shelly. Dani: “I think it will be so funny if he (brendon) gets sent home and not in Jury… I would laugh so hard”
Porsche: “Look America she’s the bad one”
Dani jokes that during the POV ceremony she’s going to say lets have a house vote.. who wants Rachel and Who wants BRendon nominated.. “They will all say Rachel and I’ll NAH Brendon”
Dani says that BR want to talk to her and she’s dreading it, Brendon told her (Brendon’s voice) “Uhh I know you probaably have a list of people to talk to but BR would like to talk to YOU”
Dani: “The only thing they are going to do is sell Jeff out”
Porsche: “How”
Dani :”They’ll tell me some lies spread some shit about him.. then i’ll tell Jeff and he’ll be pissed and Brendon and Brendon will go up next week”
Porsche: “So that’s your clever plan”

They start going over the next HOH comp.. Dani explains what happened last year, she says they will know more on Wednesday if their in lockdown early.

Porsche: “I wish Keith was here for something different”
Dani: “Like for what … Sex”
Porsche: “Nooo just someone else to talk to”
Porsche brings up that Cassi never liked her, Dani agrees. Porsche doesn’t understand why casii didn’t such a “likable person”. dani would rather have any of the evicted houseguests back to replace who’s left.. expect for KP. Porsche would just like Lawon or Dom back.
Dani asks Porsche about Keith, “you guys going to hook up after the finale. ”
Porsche giggles says no.. dani: “Do you find him attractive at all ”
porsche no
dani “do you have a tinkle in your loins”
Porsche no …

6:34pm Quad

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She said she would get jeff mad and then send brendan home next week? Im confused, whos her target??


Dani is gonna put up Rachel and whoever wins HOH she’ll cut a deal to get Brendon out.


the editing on CBS is horrible. when shelHE is trying to make a deal with Dani her sentences are cut so badly they are never finished or addressed.


Yeah, but you had to love when Shelly was crying and saying in her DR that she never made a deal with BR, and then they flash back to 11 days before with her outside on the couch making a deal with BR…BAWHAAAA. Oh, Josie is gonna love how “honest” her mom has been. But what was sick in a sad kind of way was when she just keep going on and on about how she never made a deal. Even today she was saying it. So i dont know if she has lied so much that she believes her own lies now, or she had a “senior” moment and forgot she made a deal. Either way she needs to be on Meds just like Rachel.


You know, her little girl is 8 yo. Its kind of sick how everyone has to keep bringing her up here. Have at it at Shelly but geez, maybe you can leave little children out of the scenario. Seems really creepy on so many levels.


i agree, thank you, no need to talk about a little innocent child…and children love and admire their parents NO MATTER WHAT so it is pointless to say otherwise

Midwest Fan

IMO, Shelley’s behavior is creepy. She Lies and then Lies About Lying.
Also, SHE is the one constantly talking about her daughter. It looks like
she tried using her daughter as a foil against others figuring out her own bad BB behavior.
Shelley’s game of Lying is up.


What I believe is sick, and there are weeks worth of posts to back up that my feelings have been consistent on this, is Shelly using her daughter to deflect criticism from herself.

She’s using her child as a defense mechanism in this game when people question her honesty and integrity. If she never did that, no one would mention her daughter on these boards.


Perhaps she is but for the list to victimize her young daughter to “even the score” because they feel Shelly has opened the door for that behavior is more than twisted. Let’s keep in mind that at the end of the day, this is just a game show and we don’t need to be this little girl’s bully especially since we are the supposedly the adults here. Maybe we can rise above.


Her “senior” moments. She neVer lies or lied. Either she is a plant or Shelly has a schewed sense of reality. The other possibility is that Shelly is really O.J. in disguise.



Lennon's Ghost

No, the plant is Audrey II.


In the flashback Shelley asked if BR would consider taking her to the final 3. They didn’t show her making a deal. She may be lying but so what, it’s a game! They have all driven me crazy at different times. But to keep going after Shelley for lying just seems ridiculous in a game about scheming.


Shelly is goners. JJ won’t vote out BR and BR wont vote out JJ. Whoever Dani nominates is irrelevant.


Rachel needs to be put up instead of Brandon. I can’t stand her laugh. Porsche needs to wash that hair.


You’re so right, the only one in Rachel’s corner is Brendon. If she goes Jeff & Jordan don’t have blood on their hands, since Shelly is backing J&J they should easily back her. Shelly would be greatful and also help Dani. So if Shelly win HOH she will nominate Porsche and Kalia and then Shelly can backdoor Brendon

Kalia for life

so who going home simon?

Ilyssa Liebz

Your liberal arts friend, Kalia, who never stops with her fancy vocab


Watching the episode tonight was awesome because they would show shelly shootin straight then immedietly do a flashback to show she was lying through her teeth. I guess she will deny trying to partner with BR till she dies. Lying bitch.


all the BS shelHE said about Rachel being a liar and backstabber is really her talking bout herself.


Simon, not sure this messae will get to you but your site is acting all wonky on this end. When i click on comments it redirects me elsewhere, just a heads up, not sure if it is happening to others…


me too especially when the shows air this site keeps making me refresh it and the comments section don’t come up. πŸ™‚


πŸ™ that is when it is the funnest to post ( when the shows are on) it sorta loses it’s meaning when we have to wait 2 hrs after the fact to post but whatever.




Aside from the flashback, her edit was kind because they didn’t show the house meeting where she was basically called out on all of her lies.


Simon who do u think she will nominate?


I hope that dani is acting and is going to put up jeff cuz if she is not, her game is over. If any of RJJSA win hoh, then her game is over, unless she can win pov. She needs to evict Jeff. I would figure as good of a game player she is, she would see that. All she has to do is trust that BR will vote him out and that does not sound like a stretch.


i know, if she puts up Brendon, I understand bc that is probably best for the interest of the house – but her individual game is OVER and if she doesn’t see that, then honestly, she doesn’t really deserve to go much further….at this point it would not serve her well to keep a strong player who is a big target and has a growing alliance (Jeff) over a strong player who is a big target but has noone and is desperate (Brendon)


Porche is lying, being locked up for that long with zero sex would make me want to start humping furniture. For BB13 they did a good job of hooking up the most people who would have the lowest chances of ever being promiscuous. JJ are like neutered puppies, B doesn’t like R being the ho that she is(even though she still tries to dress skanky), and then you have Adam, Lawon, and Virgin Dom. Keith was the only dude who had a chance to get some action going.

Kinda wish Dani would take advantage of all that estrogen flowing in the HoH…. XD

Seriously, BB13 cast is lame and extremely PG13 for 99% of the time. But, I still watch it </3


Sound like Dani’s not falling or BR garbage. Jeff might be safe another week!


That would be so funny if Dani really did that in the pov ceremony! I would literally die laughing!


The Mean Girls Alliance are at again. Plotting on stealing the booze again. Two spoiled brats. I can’t wait for them to get nom. one these weeks. Just want to see them shit their pants and rattimg on eachother.


That is a great name for them!! Love it!!


I hate dani with a passion. I wish nothing but the worst for her. Shes not winning this game without brendon and Rachel. God she’s such an idiot. If brendon leaves again I’m sure the hoh will be catered to Rachel. So you think theyll do another “who can stay on the longest” thing?


no complaints here Simon, you are doing a fantastic job. Team Dani!!!!

Midwest Fan

Well except for one thing –
You could use your magical powers and tell us what is going to happen.

“Simon, Simon, King of the Grid,
Use your Supreme Purposefulness
and Tell Us Dani’s Decision.
Remove our Angst and Set Us Free.
Unlike Some, We Can Keep A Secret.
OUR Alliance is Sound.”


“Brendon says that everyone in the house doesn’t understand their love.”

No one in the world understands their relationship.


That’s because the Rocket Scientist/Biologist/Doctor/Bankruptcy Lawer/Physicist/Swim Coach keeps confusing psychosis with love.


Totally LMAO!!!!! Good one!


Those 3 girls are so catty. I think it is important to note that Porsche spiked the muscle milk with benifiber and got in trouble with production for it. I think she should have gotten a penalty for tampering with peoples food!


I think Brendon and Jeff also drank some, Brendon later said he didn’t feel good. I don’t think we will hear anymore about it though.


You can file a formal complaint on the CBS forum. They will not be gettig my support next season nor will I pay for the 24/7 live feed or BBAD. when enough people complain that they will not watch maybe they will kick Porscha off the show for what she did.


Kalia was devastated in the DR when Brenden came back. She was also crying to Dani also and pinto had a little smirk on her face on CBS show


Rachel is like that annoying willnot that you can’t get out of your hairy ass lol


How is Dani and porshe any different than shelliar and dumb jordan they are just as catty………..


I see the snake has awakened and is back to her slimy ways. She’s still trying to save JJ but she doesnt’ realize they are seriously considering letting her get booted.

It would be priceless to see a unanimous vote to evict her. She can go to the jury house and bawl her righteous eyes out. It would be almost as good as getting Jeff out the door. I said almost, but not quite.


I really think Dani is going to keep the BR deal. She hasnt spoke about it to anyone and neither have BR…..

I really think jeff is going up unless production intervenes(sp)

I think jeff is the smartest option because JJ is the ones keeping the supporting team together (AS)….without them they are worthless….

I think in the back of Danis mind is Kalia will run to jordan because jordan will feign the original friendship with kalia to get her to flip…

No one is really talking much and its driving me crazy…..with that said I think dani is going to honor the BR deal…

maybe im alone in that….


She said in DR tonight she would backdoor(drink) Brendon. A lot can change since that session was taped though…


it sounded to me she had started to say something else but was conveniently was edited out. Got to love those editors…..


You’re not alone, I think she will too. Plus tonight on the show, she said something like “if they (BR)screw me on this I’m done” …. Just sounded like she is taking a chance on them.

army wifey

I agree. I think she will honor the deal and if she doesn’t she is an idiot. They are the only ones she would stand a chance against in the finals. I’m not really going for anyone at this point. I just want people to start playing better games.

Team Dani

Yeah!! If she don’t BD Jeff!! Then it is productions fault. They told her not too. Yeah.. Production his Team JJ. I just know it. Unless Jeff goes up, BB13 is rigged. (drink)

Team Dani

Best quote of the day: β€œDo you have a tinkle in your loins” ~ Dani


No… best quote of the day is “If they don’t BD Jeff… Then it is production’s fault!”



For the record im completely sick of the editing given to the JJAS alliance. I mean I know “america loves JJ” but does anyone else think the editing has been unreal this season. They barely show anything shelly or jordan or jeff does that could be negative I mean true tonight they did show shelly lying but they completely cut 90% of her confrontation with dani and kalia.


I totally agree!!!!

but it was funny where shelly said she neveer had a deal with Brendon and Rachel – OMG there it was for all to see her asking them. I think shelly is getting all confused on who she said what to. then when kalia and porche were talking about Shelly in the candy room I didn’t even see her there. she just blends in with the furniture I guess. LOL


I think Dani is going to nominate Jeff. If I’m wrong, I’ll say I’m wrong but it makes the most sense. Why get rid of Shelly? It’s a major waste of an HOH.


Is the veto ceremony tomorrow?


yes it is

A lot of you have really bashing Jordan and the way she is playing the game. At least she is honest and not purposely try to hurt others like Porshit is doing. She has been contaminating the muscle drink the Have Nots are drinking with Benefiber. This has caused those have nots to experience diarrhea and stomach aches. How can she get away with that. Back in season two, one of the house guests used another’s toothbrush to clean the toilet. She was caught and made to publicly apologize. I did file a complaint with CBS about this. Why does Porshit think she can get away with it. Probably because dani and Kaliah saw her do it, the producers don’t want to expose the three of them for fear of more people hating them and hurting the ratings. I read this on another website, Big Brother Updates.


I remember them talking about it on after dark and I wasn’t sure if she really did spike it but if she did that is some crap and honestly she should have been kicked out for something like that.


Simon, who’s going up? Dani made in clear in tonights episode that if someone goes down, Brendon is going up :/

Lil Wayne

Im thinking that she is going to honor BR’s deal, but if you remember, their plan was to continue acting as if they hated eachother, so no one would suspect an alliance between the two? I think thats the only reason she has been telling people she was planning on backdooring Brendon. I hope BR and DKP work together for these reasons:

1. BR are the best people ever. (LOL)

2. If she backdoors Brendon, then Rachel will come after her, BUT if she backdoors Jeff, Jordan (aka a leaf on a tree) will come after her.

3. They will completely dominate the house.


Simon, Dani did put up Shel/Adam as discussed with BR, she did tell Jeff/Adam Jeff he was safe during POV knowing greedy Jeff would take money over POV keeping Jeff a sitting duck. Dani never talked with BR before so why not keep the appearance up that all is the same.

The DR talk Dani said of putting up Bren have no idea when it was taken due to editing.

And whocan Dani tell, Kalia? The whole house will know. Porch, she is still leary of her some. Shelly, Dani figured her out a week ago. Adam, he screwed her last eviction. BR, Rach will blurt it out.

It will be interesting if Dani manages to pull a ED and cause Jeff to act or say something stupid before POV even tho she doesn’t need it since she wanted him out weeks ago, plus he grabed the cash instead of the POV and has $15 grand to add to his winnings 2 yrs ago.

All pints to Jeff going up and the JJSA alliance to fold. And if BR wins next HOH they will target Shelly simply cuz Rach can’t stand her.


Simon, remember Dani only told Kalia minutes before the nom meeting because Kalia has a big mouth and babbles to feel important and Dani has called her out on it how many times! Porch is easy since she is still friends with Rach to some degree especially after the Shelly fiasco after noms.

Midwest Fan

I agree that Dani’s alliance with Porsche and Kalia might hit a bump in the road but
it will be more like a Surprise Hiccup which will be followed by AWE that Dani had the
stones to do it.


My guts says that Dani will talk alone with Bren and not let Rach know what is going on and Bren will keep Rach in the dark about it too cuz if she knows she becomes smug and will blow it.

Midwest Fan

Good Point.


it’s sooo true, it seems like she is going to nominate Brendon, but she is being so under the radar that i could see her making this big move (drop a grenade) and suddenly put up jeff – which means shes subtly manipulated him into not trying for the POV and then didn’t really light a fire under his ass to campaign bc i kindof think she is “letting it be known” that she is leaning toward B without saying much else

and then, she did say she was going to make everyone sweat it out, and she knows Kalia has a big mouth – i hope i am not looking into this it ‘s just that it really wouldn’t be good for her to keep Jeff so i can’t reason why she would do that


and i am sorry but how STUPID is Kalia to want to please Jeff and Jordan, what the hell does she want to give them another$500k. doesn’t she know the longer they are in the house the more she is a target and the harder it is to get them out – and Jeff is probably in the best position this week if B goes bc he will likely win HOH decimate the other alliance even further and will therefore be safe during double eviction. Someone needs to tell Kalia that this is BB, it stands for Big Brother not Best Buds. how stupid what a waste of her $100k education bc she is stupid.


You mean as stupid as Shelly and Adam?


DKPR team would run the house. I wish they would team up ! Im glad br is seeing through jjsa


Wow. Are there any non dani fans?


Sure there are….. But the BR fans don’t own computers and the JJ fans can’t figure out the keyboard. Sorry, you’re stuck with us intelligent Dani fans πŸ˜‰


I hope that shelly goes this week. I just hope that Jeff Jordan & Adam will not evict brendon if he goes up next to straight shooter.

Ilyssa Liebz

Adam wants Jeff to himself. Kalia wants Jordan to herself. Jeff and Jordan need to watch out.

BB Never Missed an Episode

If she doesn’t backdoor Brendan, she is an idiot. If you think for one second that Brendchal will honor a deal with her when they have backstabbed their original alliance with JJ, you are dreaming. JJ’s alliance with Shelley is the only thing that saved Rachel this week and Rachel is turning on them now that her MAAAAAAN is back in the house, telling him lies about Jeff. So Dani should tell Brendan that whole scenario is why she can’t trust them and put B or R up.

Team Dani

Well said!!! I agree!!!


they didn’t save rachel bc they wanted her in the house or to help her game, they did it bc it helps THEIR game and they have another vote….you all sound like shelly when you spin the story that way – they were not doing rachel any favors and they weren’t trying to help rachel

and why would anyone keep jeff who will be unbeatable as the weeks wear down? someone please explain this to me….just like dani, i honestly would have tried to get him out from the beginning – i am sorry but her idea was a good one i dont care about the whole too early thing, the odds for jeff to win comps and the game are just too high, overall he is the strongest player so why would you keep him if you have a chance to get him out? BR are only going to get so far and they have no chance of winning and if dani gets rid of B then she has no chance either so looks like Big Jeff for the win!


Brenchel is more trustworthy than JJ. Big Jeff has constantly says that even if Dani makes a deal with him, he will dishonor it the first chance that he gets. JJ hold grudges against people. The best thing for Dani is to back door Jeff. he seems to have a sense of entitlement and he is truly not humble.


I think Dani would be dumb to not take th BR deal. Apparently, it isn’t very hard for anyone in the house to put Rachel and Brendon on the block. So why not get Jeff out first, and use Brenchel to possibly get Adam out. Then Dani and her crew can get Brendon out and take Rachel to final 4. Whatever happens from there is up in the air. But if it were me, I’d take Rachel to final two. No one will vote for her to win. So, why the heck not take her.



Roll Dog

I know how Porsche feels. It sucks without having Lawon and the others who were evicted. Now she, Dani, and Kalia are stuck with mostly people they used to like but now dislike.

I am glad that Shelly and the rest of the people find out how Rachel is. She and Brendon treated Cassi like dirt. So, now they are doing the same with Shelly and a few other people.

Yeah, I do like Jeff and Jordan because at least they are not as arrogant as Brenchel. I would rather have JJ or Kalia, Danielle, and or Adam to be the last 2 or 3 finalists.


this is what i dont get . the alliance of JJBRAS they controll who goes home so it doesnt matter who dani puts up. If she puts up jeff he is not going anywhere Jordan Br and A will vote for him to stay. If she puts up B or R only thing jeff has to do is convince A to vote for shelly to leave and thats it. SO i really think SHelly is going home


Brenchel is not working with JJ anymore. Of course, JJ doesn’t know this yet. Brenchel wants Big Jeff out. So, they will not have the votes to keep Jeff


It’ll be interesting to see who Dani puts up. I really don’t think that she’d throw Adam a bone by telling him his final four alliance is safe. If she doesn’t put up Jeff with the intent to backdoor him, or Jordan to insure Shelly’s demise; then this whole game is fishy. I wonder if the vets are getting a bonus on top of their stipend for each week they stay in the game. I also wonder if all this Shelly craziness is DR manufactured, but Rachel didn’t bite by prolonging the conflict as they’d hoped she would. Could the DR folks have told Shelly how much hatred she’s incurred by being such a JJ sycophant? Because her outrageous ass kissing of JJ set a new standard for kissing ass today. You know they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, Shelly stirs up the drama; DR is gonna want to keep her, It all depends on viewer response.


I believe to my heart that all of the vets got an extra stipend to be on the show. I sure wish ED was here. Straight Shooter would have been the first one shot of the door


Simon again and again, great job on this site. I’m with you, I have no idea what she’s going to do (dani that is). I’m leaning towards her nominating Brendon but it could just as well be Jeff, then after this update (I haven’t watched the live feeds much this weekend) I just got a thought that maybe she has it in her mind to nominate Rachel and let JJ/BR fight it all out with her giving both sides ammo. She can tell brendon the target is Shelly and Tell JJ the target is Rachel. Tell Jeff that BR are trying to make a deal and tell BR the same about JJ. She can then secretly hope that Rachel goes homes and Brendon takes his anger out on Jeff and there you go she’s safe. All that is a big maybe!! only she knows what she’s doing.


Simon, you and Dawg are awesome. You guys make this BB13 more interesting. Thanks so much!



if Brendon goes up in Adam’s place, wouldn’t Brendon go home because of J/J’s deal with Shelly? So J/J would evict Brendon as well as Kalia and Porsche and Adam.

if Jeff goes up in Adam’s place, wouldn’t Shelly go home because Rachel and Brendon think they’re with J/J and Jordan would vote to evict Shelly so that’s 3, plus Adam’s vote.

Haven’t been on OBB for a few days and I’m all confused.


Well, she’s freaking me out also!!! LOL




Please get ride of Rachel! She is so annoying! Keeping Brendan would be better for now. I hope Jeff does not go up. What’s up with JJ?? Can they win anything?! C’mon! And I agree Porche needs to stop stuffing her face and wash hee hair, put some makeup on for the love of God!!


CBS totally edited out the Shelley melt down, and her spat with Raquel, Jordan, etc. People who don’t watch the feeds or read spoiler sites like OBB must be lost – and wonder what the heck really happen. Terrible editing! I’m still Team Dani πŸ˜‰ Love her or hate her – and even with her mistakes in the game – she is still smarter with her decisions, game play and strategy than the rest. Still wish Evel Dick was in the game – I would have paid to watch him destroy Raquel – she doesn’t realize how lucky she is that ED is no longer in the game. She would have self evicted the minute Evel started with his nasty name calling. I would have been EPIC!


Doesn’t anyone want to see the drama that will go down with Jeff on the block next to shelly. They’ll need a fleet of buses lined up for all the bashing/scrambling and the realization that they’ve been had. It’s about time. Jeff threw the veto, that’s karma baby.


I can’t wait for a Jeffery melt down. He’s going to be threatening everybody. The only person that would run scared is Kalia, and she will vote for him to stay because she loves Jordan so much.


Here’s Another Idea, put Porsche up. That way, JJBRSA will be safe another week. Porsche will be the First one. Let Shelly get HOH next week and have Jeff or Brendon wins the POV next week. Shelly will Definitely Backdoored Dani, Once and for All. JJBRSA Alliance stay Strong. Team JJ.


Are you serious captain??? WTF would dani pull a khalia and put up one her own? Her HOHs have already been futile. This one has got to count. She knows this. I think “her gut” is saying backdoor Jeff or brendon.


Although, if Rachel gets nominated and leaves Brenda will know his JJ alliance is over and he’ll be forced to play with DKP and will target Jeff more then dani b/c dani can just say I wanted to show you who you can trust. I think Brendan wants to play without Rachel. She’s an emotional liability.


Um everyone keeps saying br won’t honor their deal. Explain this to me because have they not honored a deal with jj from the beginning? Was dani not apart of this agreement from which she broke? They didn’t go through with the dom deal because it was only beneficial for dani. I think they will honor it long enough to get jeff and kalia out. Dani is stupid not to go with br. Take jeff out then the jjsa alliance is done for because they won’t trust br and will no longer have the majority.


DKP are starting to remind me of the Maggie/April/Ivette trio… they were so annoying (what was their stupid nickname for themselves???).


Ahhhh, Dani fans–I feel at home! πŸ™‚ Smart bunch! I just hope there isn’t any rigging like on the CBS website! I kept trying to post a comment about not being SHEEPED into cheering for Jeff and Jordan, but it would never post! It’s a lovefest for those two over there! CBS loves them and milks there little ridiculous duo for all it’s worth! RIDICULOUS! Anyone notice how CBS makes a villain out of whomever they choose?! Surely Jeff would be one of the most hated if everyone was able to see more of him being a jerk, but in my opinion, they are truly trying their hardest to set Jeff or Jordan up to win the money for America’s Choice! You can tell Jeff puts on for the cameras and although I don’t really dislike Jordan (I think she’s genuinely kind/soft hearted) I really feel that they lay it on extra thick to come off peachy because they’re keeping in mind that’s at stake. Neither of them deserve it! Can’t wait until they’re split up (Jeff goes home)! Ugh!


I think the deal proposed to Dani by BR on BBAD of going to the final three is one Dani should take. They may not honor it but just a couple of weeks but that is longer than JJ would honor any deal they struck and you notice JJ never offer any deals so I think Dani is coming around to that. I could not believe Shelley earlier tonight talking about how DK would be her targets after just begging them to stay and everyone consoling her (with the exclusion of porsche/rachel) to think anyone would be her target except those two is shocking. Straight shooters seeming ease in which she starts throwing all these people who she is seeking favors from right under the bus has me thinking she feels really safe as if the votes are out there for her, I hope she is mistaken,