Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon says that Rachel acts crazy and needs to stop it. Rachel says she didn’t act crazy while he was gone.. *Updated*

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12:25pm – 12:30pm Brendon and Rachel are out in the backyard on the couches talking. Brendon is really angry at Rachel and she is upset. Brendon says that she acts crazy and needs to stop it. Rachel says that she did not act crazy while he was gone ..she was upset for two days … Brendon says that when stuff happens you need to just move on and go with it. Brendon says all we can do is deal with what has happened and move on. Brendon tells Rachel that she needs to mend things with Shelly. Brendon tells her to squash it. Rachel says guess what ..I am trying to squash it. .. but she is going around saying stuff and lying… I am tired of it. Brendon says well then vote yourself out then…. get yourself under control. Rachel says that she is.. Brendon says no you haven’t. Rachel starts to cry. Brendon tells her to get a hold of yourself lay on my lap …I dont want people to see that you are crying. Big Brother tells Brendon to change his microphone. Brendon heads inside and Rachel sits on the couch with her head in her hands thinking.. Big Brother then cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen.

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1:30pm The live feeds are still showing the we’ll be right back screen…

1:45pm The live feeds are still showing the palm trees..

1:50pm – 2:05pm When the live feeds come back, Shelly is out in the backyard. Her 24 hour lock down in the HaveNot room is over. Shelly is talking an crying about her phone call that she had with her daughter. Shelly says that hearing her daughter call out mommy ..was priceless. Shelly said that her husband even broke down. Shelly says that they said that everyone was watching. Shelly says that it was the fastest 3 minutes of her life. Everyone is listening and saying awe.. Shelly says that it was so great to hear her husband and daughters voice. Shelly says that she forgot stuff to ask them. Shelly says that it is better than an HOH …she got to hear them and felt like she could see them. Shelly said that she asked if she embarrassed them yet.. they said no. Shelly thanks Jordan from the bottom of her heart …that she promises she will do something for her and her brother.. that it means the world to her.. it was worth more than winning the veto.. Shelly says that she would wait in there for 48 hours just to get that phone call. Brendon, Jordan, Jeff and Kalia head into the kitchen to make lunch.

2:10pm Shelly continues to talk about her phone call to Dani, Adam and Porsche in the backyard. Shelly is smiling and talking about how happy she is that she got the phone call. Shelly says that its funny that you can see someone smile in your head. They talk about how her daughter is going to go to school and brag now. Shelly starts talking about how Jordan’s outfit is adorable. Shelly says that she doesn’t regret it at all …and if she had known that doing that would have gotten her the phone call she would have chucked it over the wall. Shelly says that they said all they do is watch her ..on the show and the live feeds. Shelly says that there was no negative stuff at all … Shelly says that you cant understand how much she appreciated people laying outside her door talking to her… and that Jordan even tried to lay down to show her costume. Shelly heads inside to brush her teeth so that she doesn’t kill anyone with her breath.

2:20pm – 2:45pm Meanwhile in the kitchen Brendon tells Jeff that he talked to Adam but that he can’t get a read on him. Brendon says that he really tried to remind Adam that Dani is after him …and that he just needs to re-enforce that idea. The houseguests are all talking about random stuff and making their lunches. Brendon and Rachel are on the backyard couches talking. Brendon tells Rachel that she needs to start acting right and not to stare people down. Rachel tells Brendon that she is just worried about losing him again…its hard! Brendon tells her that he just doesn’t want her to be doing dumb things. Brendon heads inside and Jeff comes out with corn and other things to grill on the BBQ. Brendon comes back outside and tells Rachel to sit back and relax. Rachel says stop saying stuff like that in front of people. Brendon says no one is even around. Brendon says that people notice when you are like this. Rachel says people notice when you call me out on not being relaxed. Brendon tells Rachel that he just told Dani that he wants to talk to her later. Shelly comes out and head over to the grill and then goes back inside. They talk about how Shelly has a new hope in her step now. Rachel says under her breath that she can’t stand her. Brendon gets mad at her for saying stuff. Rachel heads inside. Shelly joins Brendon on the couch. Brendon tells Shelly that he thinks she got one of the best prizes possible… and that they are all happy she was the one to win it. Brendon says that now you have the energy to get to the finish.

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Brendon talks down to Rachel like she’s stupid. He actually makes me feel sorry for her.


but it is ok for rachel to out right lie to him??? all she does is try to maniulate the situtation and when that doesnt work, she cries victim, if anything, im sure brendon is tired of it..rachel has mentsl issues and that is not being mean, it is clear as day….


I see what you’re saying, and Rachel is a pathological liar, but in general, Brendon treats Rachel like crap. I’m not a “Brenchel” fan, but when Brendon tells her things like “It’s not your place to talk” (like he did earlier), he comes off as an overbearing control freak and it becomes painful to see all the B.S Rachel takes from him.


I know that if my hubby and I were heading back into the house a 2nd time we would have discussed what worked for us last time and what didnt. Perhaps even saying they would lay low, work at their social game and be gracious, wait to make power moves. But since RacHell thinks she may not have had a good edit last season; that this time around she is going to work on her social game, let him think through alliances and stuff being he is a bit more objective and cerebral. I can see his anger at her she is giving all the houseguests 500,000 reasons why she doesnt deserve to go forward in the game and win, and she is going to cost him $500,000 by being guilty by association. She is becoming more of a hinderance to their objective rather than being productive.


Rachel just made progress and then… Thanks Brendon. Wait till he sees Shelly’s lies after show.

Karen Downen

I can’t figure shelly out. Sometimes I get the feeling that BB put her in the house as a sabatour to start alll kinds of crap and if she makes it until the last 4 0r 5 she wins cash rewards. Has anyone else got this feeing that all is not quite right with the Shelly thing?


I’ve been saying that all along that’s something is not right with Shelly in the house. Maybe she is a sab that we don’t know about or just someone casted by CBS to help JJ get to the top. Kalia, Adam, and Shelly’s loyalty to JJ really bothers me. They act like they don’t want they money, they want JJ to have it.


One of the funniest things I read on this site, was when Simon wrote a couple of weeks ago that Shelly would sell her daughter to a Chinese businessman if it meant she could spend another day in the house with Jeff and Jordan. LOL


That is soo true.. it’s really weird right now how Shelly is talking about Jordan. if you have the feeds it’s all 4 cams 3:48pm.. messed up if you ask me


I agree CBS obviously knew they were casting three psychotic Jordan and Jeff fans and they did it for a reason…

Porsha who?

I think that Shelly is just caught up being the “mom”. Also, I believe they all think that taking JJ to the end will almost guarantee them winning because everyone will think JJ had their chance in their season. Just my thoughts.


I have said 2 x in post that I think she is a CBS plant, similar to the guy on Dani’s season. I think she throws comps and stays for 10 G’s a show.

Karen Downen

I totally agree. She certainly is more than just a player who is madly in love with jj


She is stupid! Just nice to see brendan get some balls and tell her whats up rather than baby her dumb ass!


Brendon does talk down to her but i dont feel sorry for her since she took him back for sending pic of his penis to chicks online its her own fault


OMG RU SERIOUS!!! i never knew that… wow, and he wants to be a hot shot doctor, but he is ruining his reputation!


Oh yeah… google it if you dare. He even made a You Tube video apologizing to her. Remember how upset he got when Rachel called him Bukie because he thought that it would lessen his credibility as a medical professional? I guess Skyping nude pics of himself is okay, though. lol.


an dont forget his alleged affair with the woman that was a DUDE in what they SKYPERBATING


Thanks for voting Brendon back in America. Who cares about Big Brother when you can watch the Brenchel show 24/7.

Not a PHD student

well that is completely out of charcter to see boy george crying………


Lol! I’m glad brendon is finally talking to her like a grown up and telling her to suck it up


Lol. Good one

Rachel's shrink

Someone made daddy mad.

Hopefully Dani decides to put jeff up.

Kalia is the antidote for intelligence.

Just my thoughts…


First, if Dani is really stupid enough to put Jeff as a replacement. Your biggest mistake ever. Dani will never be like her DAD! Never!


I have just say it again that, as much as I’d love to see D break up the nauseating, codependent couple of BR by backdooring one of them, if she puts up Jeff, and manages to get the votes to actually send him home, it would mean:
1) The JJAS alliance would be one man down and since Jordan is the weaker of JJ, S & A might realign with DKP = good for Team Dani
2) BR would figure D had honoured their deal and “think” she’s now working with them = good for Team Dani
3) The JJBR alliance would be one man down and, given #2 (above), would be more than likely over = good for Team Dani

Think carefully Dani, as your next move could be a real game defining one.

Team Dani all the way!


She’s a scumbag!


Rachel. I know


Anonymous, that’s it? That’s all you’ve got? Come on, if you’re going to trash D then really go for it. I assure you I have no vested interest in D winning, other than, unlike yourself, I like her and her gutsy moves (yes, even if they backfire on her). I actually appreciate well argued debates. So go ahead and enlighten us as to why you think D is “a scumbag”.


All valid points. The huge downside continues to be leaving B/R in the game but I guess we can tolerate them for a few more weeks. Obviously the power is going to shift again so next week a vet or vet enamored HG will win HOH which means someone from team Dani has to win POV.


Unless, with Jeff gone, team Dani grows in numbers (SA) and then the only two real threats to getting POV would be BR (Jordan is useless even though she got lucky with her last HoH win…. Jeff & B threw it for her & may have won). I hate the thought of seeing BR in BB house any longer than necessary but if it means a better chance of D going all the way then I’m all or it.


biggest problem with your points is that there is no way brendan and rachel wont put dani up if they win hoh next week… this is the same deal they have made 3 weeks in a row and do u think they have any intention on honoring it if they ever get the power back….. it doesnt matter for dani who she nominates (jeff or brendan) because either way jj and br are still coming after her… but its smart to nominate brendan because he has shown he is a stronger player in comps than jeff


If BR don’t honor their deal with D, which I too highly doubt, at least D’s team has a better chance of growing in size (S & A) with Jeff gone, especially since S despises R but respects D and, S would likely feel some sense of appreciate for D seeing to it that she didn’t get evicted. A is wishy washy but, D’s less risky move might be to try and get Jeff out at this point over B. There’s no escaping an element of risk for team Dani, no matter how you look at it.


Her best move would to be to get Jeff out. But that means getting BR’s votes. I don’t think Brendon would vote Jeff out and he will not allow Rachel to vote hime out. If Rachel was in the house by herself, she would do it.

Brendon is going up.

Rachel's shrink

Jeff wants Dani and Kalia out. That isn’t going to change. We all saw his DR session where he said that he would make a deal and back stab them the next week. As much as I dislike BR, and I reeeeeeally dislike them, I think they realize that JJ have AS, Porsche is a wildcard between Dani and BR, Kalia is up Dani’s ass and is disposable and Dani is a player. BR and Dani realize if they got together (BRD primary + PK secondary), they would have the strongest players in the house and the majority and they could pick off Jeff, Adam, Shelly and then Jordan (in that order, IMHO). Also, Brendon and Rachel are more likely to keep their word because it is in their best interest to do so.

Dani is smart. I think she didn’t make a deal with BR yet because she wants them to sweat it and she wants them to think one of them will be back-doored so they will play like they are going home and not give it away. Dani is also smart enough to realize Kalia is about sharp as a basketball and would blab her plan to Shelly, so Dani has been feeding Kalia the “let’s get BR out” line so if it gets out to Shelly, there is no harm no foul.

We will see how it turns out Monday. It will be a big mistake on Dani’s part if she puts Brendummy up…but I don’t think she will.


Dani isn’t showing her hand to anybody. My guess is that she will put up Jeff and it will be a shocker.


Don’t Think so, Dani is not stupid enough to put jeff on the block as a replacement. Beside, he got the votes from Brendon, Rachel, Jordan, and Adam to stay. So, Think again.




I think “Shocker” should be in quotes…It’s the new “Awkward” from season 8 (personally I like “shocker” better)



“thats what she said!”

Karen Downen

baloney Tim she has put out to all her pons that Brendon is for sure being backdored, She even told Shelly, so think again. It will be Brendon and Shelly will be saved. Big Mistake.


or she told Shelly a lie and she is gonna back door Jeff – the guy Shelly adores…….not like Shelly lied at all…….

Midwest Fan

Who knows?
I sure hope not.
Remember that she said she would keep her decisions to herself until the last possible moment.

Bye,Bye Jeff!

And IF she does put Jeff up, Rachel and Brendon will vote him out.


her we go again as the rachel turns if she crys enough people wont vote her out and then she will say gotcha when she wins hoh and then she will be all smiles and happy all the timekick her out now


Is Rachel is acting crazy again? This will be opportunity for Dani to put Rachel as a replacement. Kaila already spare Rachel onces. This time get rid of Rachel. Shelly will be jury House and Rachel will stay again and take out Dani once and for all. Team JJBRA Alliance. Don’t Take out Jeff. All Team JJ fans keep voting for Shelly to go to the Jury House. Next week will be Dani’s. Team Dani must be Destroyed!!!!!


I predict Brenden wlll kill Rachel then himself after the show……He has a Ted Bundy quality about him smh


Lol Rachel fits the Peggy description perfectly with a little bit of Kelly Bundy mixed in there.


Torry you are confusing Al Bundy (character from “Married with Children”) with TED bundy, serial killer. Yikes!


hahahahaha wrong Bundy but she does have that same voice that Peggy had hahahahha


you know what is sad though is that i honestly think that she doesn’t think she was acting crazy. she justifies everything emotionally so in her mind her actions were totally acceptable and understandable and anyone who said otherwise was just being “mean”.


Reason: because she is crazy!!!


thats one of the reason’s why i love brendon he calls ace a ace and spade a spade ,even though he pets her sometimes ….. if brendon leaves her she’ll shit her pants emotional roller coaster . …. rachel suppose to dust things off when they do go her way she has to realize she makes herself a target and also brendon ….

kiss ass until u can kick ass but rachel doesnt know anything about that and for that reason she will always win competitions but never the money u have to know how to work people ..

if dani makes it to the end she wins == if shelly is voted out dani depends who she is sitting next to will win .. everytime someone goes through a weak moment of roller coaster she’s ‘; their to rub their back kailia when she was down and out ,now shelly dani social games is by far the best even though i hate her stinking ass for moving away from the vets too early

team brendon for life


These two are so nauseating. Why does CBS think we want to see two mentally weak players propping each other up with their childish behavior? Constant whining,constant crying. Every small issue is a huge crisis that Brendon has to always talk Rachel from jumping off the ledge over. The house needs a sharp shooter with a tranquilizer gun. Every time B/R starts talking, they should be put down.


Absolutely! They’re really an unhealthy couple. I hope for BR sake that CBS offers free counseling to the HGs after they get out. Top of the list of HGs who will need it: BR and S.


CBS should be offeriing us meds and counseling just having to watch these


Unless, as I suspect, they (CBS) actually think they’re give the viewers what we want. Delusional!


I think the ratings reflect this current mix of HGs are popular. The last Nielsen Ratings showed BB occupied slots 8-10 in the top 20 shows. I’d like to think it’s just regular fans watching, not those who want to see the B/R love saga.


Those are high ratings. I’m sure there are viewers who, sadly, like watching the BR saga unfold in front of their eyes. Why else would B get voted back in. Again, those voters must be masochists! 😉

Not Meg

Seriously, there are times I question myself why I’m still watching.


I’ve questioned myself, as well… since RacHell’s second Ho’ Of Household stint.

Midwest Fan

Add Jeff and Jordan to your list.
He has been just as mean and rotten to Jordan and while she doesn’t show being upset in the same
ways as Rachel, she does show being upset and hurt.

IMO, Jeff wants the Big Win so he can keep his friendship with Jordan but end this silly
$howmance. Jeff wants his life back.

Midwest Fan

Shelly asked her family if she has done anything embarrassing on BB.
They said, “No.” lol

Her family lies just like her, but in this case, it was probably because they love her.


I read in an interview that Alison Grodner really likes them and she loves the drama that they bring.


brendon actually has a point.


Couldn’t agree with you more. Tranqs for Rachel, and maybe rubber bullets or bean bags for Brenden when he’s being an ass would be AWESOME!!!


Simon, who do you think Danielle is gonna put up? You’re pretty good at those things.


I haven’t caught the feeds this morning.. so i’m a bit out of the loop.. i’m catching up right now


OK but let me know what you think

Saw the light

Do you remember during BR’s season production interviewed Brendan’s old girlfriend (fiancé?) and she said she broke up with him because he tried controlling her and wouldn’t let her be herself? I wonder if she’s watching this season and what she thinks of BR now? Bet she’s thanking her lucky stars she dodged THAT bullet!


Really? If his ex is watching, I’m sure she’s thinking, ‘thank god I broke it off with this loser when I did.’ BR are the textbook definition of an unhealthy codependent narcissistic couple. One word for what they need: Therapy!


Didn’t she also warn Rachel what she was getting herself into? I think it was his ex fiancee and her mother who both said these things about Brendon.


I wonder if that interview with B’s ex and her mother is on YouTube? I’ll have to search that one out.


I’m pretty sure you can find it on YouTube.


Dani needs to be smart and put Brendon up. In order to shut Boy georgia up. I think somehow she will do better eventually working with jeff and jordan after kalia is gone


If anyone needs to make a complaint about Big Brother for any reason, here is the LINK:


I actually felt Rachel was behaving more normal and functional without Brendon there so IMO that wasn’t a lie. And she’s right about Shelly. She’s trying to be the bigger person despite the fact that Shelly is lying. Shelly is the one who will not squash it. Rachel needs to dump Brendon and become and independent person.

Team Dani

Please send them packing!!!

Why are they showing Palm Trees? Are they doing the Veto and Replacement? I thought that was tomorrow? Maybe a luxury completion?

Team Dani

Never mind!! I think it was because they leyt Shelly out, and she had her phone call. She is crying…She got to talk to daughter.


Her reality is skewed.


Simon, as of late who do you think dani will put up tmrrow?


Tori you are thinking Al Bundy. Ted was a serial killer


Dear Brenda and Roachelle – the word is “QUASH” – “SQUASH” is a food.


Believe it or not, words often have multiple uses.

squash ? ?[skwosh, skwawsh]
verb (used with object)
1. to press into a flat mass or pulp; crush: She squashed the flower under her heel.
2. to suppress or put down; quash.
3. to silence or disconcert (someone), as with a crushing retort or emotional or psychological pressure.
4. to press forcibly against or cram into a small space; squeeze.


And a vegetable, which ironically, is what R’s brain is reduced to whenever B is around.


Totally not game talk here, and I hate to repeat myself, but as a woman married 18 years now, I’m straight up calling that this couple stands about as much chance of staying together for any amount of ‘functional’ time once their BB notoriety is gone as Dog the Bounty Hunter making any magazine’s ‘100 Sexiest Celebrities’ list. There’s just no way these two are ready for anything long term, and if I’m wrong and they end up quitting reality tv, are married for years, have kids, she goes on to benefit society in some non-psychotic way, he goes on to have a medical abstract published with his findings on brain tumors that revolutionizes the field, the whole American Dream thing, mark my words…. I will post a YouTube apology, then in the same video, get ‘Brenchel 4Ever’ tattooed on my forehead.

Here’s what I predict instead… The two will actually get married, try to come back to BB as much as they can, preferrably as a couple, but as their fifteen minutes of fame dries up, they’ll go from trying to come back together to BB to trying to do another CBS reality show together, then to auditioning for other network reality shows…. first together, then separately as the casting calls prove less and less promising. All the while, the pillow talk and lovey dovey stuff will evolve into the two blaming each other for why they’re not getting work anymore. Soon, Brenchel will spend more and more of their time on Facebook and Twitter separately, reliving the glory days instead of moving forward into real life together, and yup, you guessed it, Brendon and Skype (or some other similar venue) will renew their previous romance, and this time, TMZ won’t even give a shit.

I’d like to see the two breaking up at this point, but ultimately finding the real world as a result, then moving on to bigger and better things. That may be just me hoping, though;)

Okay, already given way too much unhealthy dysfunctional thought to this (don’t think I don’t completely realize that), so I’m gonna slink off and call my therapist now;)


In short, Spencer and Heidi. Rachel already has a fascination with plastic surgery so she’ll get addicted and renovate he face,Joan Rivers style while Brendon will find minimal work doing irritating voice overs and waiting for the Nobel Committee to call him.


Omg, I never made that connection until you said it, but yes… damned near exactly like Spidey!!!!! That’s brilliant!


Real House-Ho’s of Las Vegas…. I’m pitching that shit to Bravo right now!!! lmao


LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Omg, what if Brenchel moved to Jersey? I almost want to stab myself in the head for having that thought!




Rachel seeks validation through fame;if she’s famous that means she’s liked by many people. Brendon has a Pygmalion complex in his need to create a masterpiece and put it on a shelf to be admired.


That makes perfect sense to me! I swear, I wish readers here like you would apply and get into that damned house one of these seasons!


My only worry about their lasting that long is that they might breed. Having children myself, I’d worry about the mental well being and lack of a stable home life for their children.


Oh, man… I usually draw the line at commenting about children, but given the fact that they’re not even conceived yet, I have to say I agree…;)


Just give Rachel her bipolor meds and send Shelly home she does not look healthy and then everthing will be ok in Big Brother land but on a real note here Shelly is not looking good at all being on slop for so long have really got to her physically and mentally I am concern for her. Send her home to get some medical help and be with her family………

The Meow Meow

We won’t know what Dani is thinking until we see her diary room sessions… She isn’t even telling Kalia the Hut….

Ilyssa Liebz

That is because it is difficult to communicate with liberal arts people.


Kalia messed up last weeks HOH, Dani should not tell her shit. Kalia already said that she was not thinking of Dani, so hopefully Dani knows the score. Kalia is thinking only of herself


I hope Dani wins the 500Gs, she’s earned it by having to listen to Kalia. The girl is nauseating, especially when she schools Dani about what she should do with her HOH. As if her HOH wasn’t anything but a huge failure.


Not really. I think K means well, and isn’t actually dumb like everyone is saying. She’s just not a very socially confident person and as such makes poor decisions and is easily intimidated/manipulated. I’d say she’s a really good person, but an absolutely horrid BB contestant.


Probably careful about Diary sessions. She got burned in jury vote for what she said.

Jus Sayin

The wole appeal for brenden to Rachel is the ability to control and manipulate and control her! I think if he wouldn’t have come back this week she would’ve been just fine and got all her crazies out and start to act normal instead of like the victim that Brendork has to rescue all the time!


No. No. No. Be original. Find another name. 🙁


Random thoughts….
Even though I can’t stand Shelly and Jordan annoys me…. I’m happy that she got to talk to her family and I think that was nice of Jordan.
FTR, my gut says Dani us going to put Jeff up… I think she will wait to tell BRKP until before the ceremony.
I don’t like Adam anymore, don’t respect his whack gameplay


You may be right. She’s keeping a tight lid on it up til now …. I suspect she doesn’t trust K & P to not let it slip out, if she were to tell them who she’s actually going to out up.


Not a fan of Shelly’s either, but, I was so glad she got her phone call from home. Family is very important especially when you are away from them for a long time


Shelly loooks horrible to be 41 years old!


Chain smoking and soda and horrible diet!


Reason: Too much sun, too many cigarettes, too many lies!


Shelly is 41!?!?!? Good Lord..I thought she was at least late 40s…wow, I’m speechless.


It’s squash the beef… It’s urban vernacular


Dani will put up Jeff and test BR. That way it is BR, DKP & Jeff-Jord-Adam or SJA

BigBrother No More

I don’t think Brenden necessarily talks down to Rachael she’s a loose cannon and he had to give her reality checks all the time it seems. That fake crying she does get really old and any SANE person will get tired of it and tired of her ridiculous off the wall antics…and Brenden probably has had it with her at this point. Get her out and let Brenden stay.


Shelly is the perfect example of smoking too much and getting too much sun (sun damaged skin). She hasn’t done her body any good.

Ilyssa Liebz

Yes, these people are all charactures. Shelli is that characture. Kalia is the characture of too much liberal arts.


I think Brendon is a douchebag and he tries to control Rachel. He basically rips her apart, then gently tries to build her up again. If you ask me, Brendon is the one driving Rachel crazy, nothing else. I don’t even think Rachel is crazy like everyone else says. She just needs to dump this loser. Brendon has a big head because all you stupid women out there think he is soooo hot. That’s why you constantly bash Rachel and pretend you just hate Brenchel. Really you don’t hate Brenchel, you hate Rachel and for no reason other than she’s with him. Rachel is emotional, so what. You live in a house with a bunch of strangers that hate you and see how you act. You date a douche like Brendon for a month and see how you feel. All you haters out there, keep hatin. Rachel is going to be just fine. Brendon on the other hand will continue to be a jack ass and will eventually fall right on his ass. Of course I’m sure one of you fat, lazy single women will be right there to pick up the pieces for this jerk.


Right on Sonya, speaking as someone whose ex was a cheater & a controller she would be so much better off without him. He has some nerve treating her that way when he was stupid enough to have his d**k plastered all over the Internet & that’s just what he was caught doing – I’m sure he’s done a lot more that she doesn’t know about- dump him Rachel & find someone whose not going to control the rest of your life!

Team Nobody

I agree…I think they both do better without each other. Rachel was better off when he wasn’t in the house. But I would rather Jeff go this week than BR because they haven’t won anything…I think they should at least make it to final 4 with DK.

Dani putting up Brendon could also backfire if Adam, JJ, and Rachel vote Shelly out which could be a possibility…you never know in BB.


I agree with you Sonya, Brenden is the problem. I was really a Brenchel fan last year because they were the underdogs, but this year, I see what a total douchebag Brenden is . I still like Rachel and I’m sure she will get her act together once she is rid of Brenden


You sound sexy

Ilyssa Liebz

Kalia is a clear example of the problems of taking a liberal arts education too seriously. Big brother is about interacting with all sorts of people, and her liberal arts vernacular prevents her from doing so.

She thinks that using big words fools people into thinking she is logical. No, instead, it shows people she either has no soul (ie. Dani) or is just lying. If she spoke from her heart, then she would communicate more successfully like Jordan.

Jordan can lie straight to your face, but she does so with such compassion that it looks sincere.

Liberal arts jargon makes you look ridonculous.

Dani’s blank expressions make you look souless.

I’d rather have Jordan over Dani or Kalia.


The only people that think that JJ have a wonderful relationship are the crazy girls who love fairytales and think there is a prince charming out there for them. Jeff isn’t even attracted to Jordan. And honestly Jeff can do better.


Jeff could never do better then Jordon. Not in his lifetime anyways. The only chicks who would go near him would be his super fans who don’t know any better and those girls from Europe in the red light district.


Then why do you have his pics plastered all over your bedroom? let’s not also forget your I heart Jeff shirt!!!!!!!!


You can’t let down your focus in this game. Keep gaming.


Someone on this site said it before and I agree, the Americans that voted for Brendon were ALL JJ fans, hoping that bringing Brendon back would help JJ. Who in they right mind would vote to see BR fight,cry,makeout,cry,makeout,fight,cry,fight,makeout… that is one toxic relationship, I hope they dont reproduce.


OMG. Send Rachel packing. They should have done it last week; then she could have gone up against her husband and lost. All the houseguests lie. It’s the nature of the game, however, Rachel is seriously delusional and needs some serious help.


When is the Veto ceremony?




I wasn’t around to answer questions this morning sorry to anybody who had their question left unanswered I’ll be around tonight.

For people wanting to know who Dani will put up I really don’t know right now. I know she’s telling everyone it’s Brendon but I’m not convinced yet. We may not be able to find out until after the POV Ceremony tomorrow.,

Hopefully tonight we’ll learn more about what is going on.




I’m getting the creepy vibe from Shelly. Could she be a JJ stalker fan? She puts them on a pedestal so high it’s creeping me out.


Hmmm. Bottom left cap of Brendon and Jeff looks quite….homoertic, LOL.

Lil Wayne

Who is going to be the replacement nominee?

Mr . Jimi

When will dawn break over Marblehead ? What day will Rachel finally realize she is the #1 choice to be carried to the final .

CBS Management

Due to all the whining on this website, wehave agreed to release the following statement: “Quit complaining! …. if you don’t like it..don’t watch”. Thank you, CBS Mgmt


Due to all the attempts to supress freedom of speech on this website, we have all agreed to release the following statement: “QUIT COMING TO THIS WEBSITE”…. IF You dont like it.. Dont read or post”. Thank you!..


I agree. those Jordon and Jeff fans are impossible to converse with


Shelley will go home JEF WILL WIN hoh Dani will go up and be sent home


Thanks for voting Brendon back in America. Who cares about Big Brother – lets just watch the Brenchel show 24/7


I will agree with Brendon in that Rachel needs to stop staring people down. Otherwise, he needs to shut up and stop telling her what to do and what not to do. Or at least she needs to start listing his issues. When he was outside of that house, Rachel was a lot more level headed which is not to say she was a sane person, but… She seemed like there was a load off her and she didn’t collapse game-wise. When he’s in there she always ends up having much more emotional problems and fights.


I agree. Rachel was able to save herself last week with help from Shelly and now Brendon who has been evicted twice already thinks he’s a BB expert and Rachel needs to shut up and be a pet.

I hope Brendon leaves for a third time. Rachel plays better without him.


Rachel and Brendon remind me of a dysfunctional bizarro world version of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

FUZZ the Underboss

“Brendon says that Rachel acts crazy and needs to stop it. Rachel says she didn’t act crazy while he was gone..”



I’m not sure who I want to win, but for those bloggers that are truly team Dani; then really you should want Dani to put up Jeff. If Shelly is evicted then JJ is weakened; and if Jeff is evicted then that will really damage JJSA because they can’t think clearly without Jeff.

That house is love star struck with Jeff & Jordan. They act like Jeff is Brad Pitt and Jordan is Jennifer Annisten or some other hot stars. Since the house love JJ like this….Dani must break up JJSA. No one in the house really likes BR…so Dani can wait to get them out (BR does not have the social influence like JJSA…and as you see BR are not even getting alone right now cuz B treating R like trash–Dani can use that to her advantage). If Dani is looking for longevity in this game, she needs to take care of JJSA now….because she may never have another opportunity like this again.

If Dani gets rid of Brenden, then she will have JJSA competing to win HOH against P & K. There is greater probablity that one of JJSA will win. Plus R will not be on D side if she gets rid of B…so all D will have is P & K. Is this what the Dani fans want is for her to ONLY have P & K…and one of them; namely Kahlia is awestruck with JJ; and Portia & kahlia tell Shelly everything…they can’t help it.

….that is not good and everyone who is team Dani should know that. Jeff needs to go. I think he is a hottie too & Jeff is super funny; but strategically for Dani to win it all……Jeff or Shelly need to go tonight. Sending Brenden home is not going to help Dani’s game or alliance one bit.

I think BR and D despise each other, but they know that temporarily they need each other to make it to the end. If they don’t know that…then Brenden will go home and Dani may me next.

Sparks fly: What if Dani puts up Kahlia? No one has thought of that?
What if she does it to make mends with JJ & BR??


She should definitely put up Jeff but right before the ceremony she should get BR’s word that they will either keep her safe for next 2 weeks or do some sort of final 3 or 4 deal with them. That is the only shot she has. Kalia will not win again – that was a fluke and besides can Dani really trust her to do the right thing if she does win? Dani isn’t stupid that’s why I think she isn’t going to back door Brendan – she realizes that they are not the biggest threat anymore.


Dani’s best move would have to put of JJ from the beginning. And now her best move ise to put of Jeff. But for someone reason she is not going to do it. Brendon will be going up. On top of that, JJ might convince Adam to keep Brendon.

Dani screwed up. JJ and BR are her worst enemies in the house. JJ are the biggest threats to win the game. She could have guaranteed one of them to go home. Unless she has a deal, that no one is aware of.


Unfortunately for Dani, I feel you are absolutely right. Dani knows she should put up Jeff, but she will probably put up Brenden. Since we all know that Dani is smart and she is aware of what is going on…..if she back doors Brenden….then it was because CBS fixed it like that because they feel they need Jeff for ratings. I know this has been said over and over again….but CBS should never cast a show with new people and veterans….it takes the fun out of it. This is why most of us really don’t know who we want to win. It would be great to be on the side of a newbie (the underdog); but all of them are so star struck….none of us can seem to do it. …so we find ourselves being team Dani or team JJ. Has anyone said they wanted Adam, Portia, Shelly, or Kahlia to win. No. Because these people are star struck and can’t think clearly.


Dani’s pov pass is actually more valuable than I thought. It almost takes a backdoor situation out of play.


Ya Dani cannot get backdoored next week.. it’s huge


Did anyone catch that Brendon chested on Rachel twice? So how would they know that? Rachel needs therapy because she is seriously in danger of being one of those people who live their lives in the shadow of a self absorbed man. Those two are a disaster waiting to happen. DK should work on putting aa bigger wedge between them. They could really work that flaw. I really like the JJ team but they need to pick up the pace if they want to survive.


Oops. Cheated not chested. Silly keyboard