Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly confronts Brendon about Rachel’s actions and he defends her..

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9:35am Shelly wakes up, finishes her morning routine and sits down on the backyard couch for a smoke. After awhile Adam wakes up and heads out side. Adam talks about how he kicked Brendons butt at the hot dog eating contest. Shelly says that he got tons of respect when he ate that raw egg. Adam wonders what type of competition tomorrow’s live HOH competition will be. They wonder if it will be true/false questions. Adam asks what was Dani’s deal last night. Shelly says that she was lit up .. she ran the gamut of happy, sad, mad. Adam says that she knows she is the target next week. Shelly says that Dani asked some intoxicated questions… like who would you put up? where are you …what would you do? Adam says even Porsche and Kalia are coming scurrying. Adam says so they are trying to play you .. so play them right back. Shelly says that him and her are the pivotal players where the deciding votes will come down to them and we will need to be on the same page. Shelly says that Rachel will make up anything she wants to save herself. They talk about how they like Jeff and Jordan because they tell you exactly what they think. Shelly says that she does not trust Rachel ..I might as well have a knife in my back. Adam tells Shelly that she has his vote.

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10am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. When they come back, Adam comes back out into the backyard and says that Brendon is about to come out. They talk about how they will protect Jeff and Jordan but that at some point they will need to go after them with a chain saw. Shelly says that she has said since the beginning she would protect Jeff, Jordan and Adam. Adam says that it’s a no brainer that he is keeping Shelly over Brendon. Adam says that at some point it will come to the time when we can’t beat Jeff …I just hope that time isn’t soon. Shelly says we have a one in eight chance at winning ..thats pretty good. Adam says that he likes the four of us (Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, Adam) against them … Shelly says that we just need to stick together and decide as a group who to put up.. Shelly says that Jeff and Jordan right now are so paranoid …and they get quiet …and start asking if I am with them …I don’t know what else to do. Adam says no matter what you say in this game ..its actions.. Meanwhile in the bathroom Brendon and Rachel have a short conversation. They are talking about still needing to talk to people. Rachel says that she still hasn’t talked to Kalia yet.. Brendon says that he hasn’t talked to her yet… then her says what did I say?! Rachel says to not talk to anyone without him. Brendon then says that he is heading outside.

10:25am – 10:50am Brendon heads out into the backyard. They talk about the hotdog eating contest and eating a teaspoon of cinnamon. The conversation then changes to talking about Rachel. Shelly says that she makes things up. Brendon says that he doesn’t think she has made up anything, she is just an emotional player. Shelly says that she thinks everyone is.. Brendon says that it’s because of what some of the other girls have been saying and they were repeating stuff. Shelly says that she just doesn’t understand how someone can straight up switch …when people were helping her with her wedding and then everyone switched to keep her and now this.. Brendon says so if I were to go would I expect you to nominate Rachel after I am evicted? Shelly says nope I have stuck by my convictions since day one… I was the one that switched the votes last week …just like I said I told you I would look after her. Brendon says that he is good at predicting stuff that will happen in the game. Shelly says that she protected Rachel because of Brendon and the conversations she had with him. Shelly asks if Brendon knew he was going up or think he was going up? Brendon says no …but after I didn’t I knew I was going to be the replacement nominee. Brendon says that now that is why Dani is a huge target for me. Brendon says that Dani doesn’t think she needs anyone… she uses people. Shelly asks doesn’t everyone do that to some degree. Brendon starts talking about last year and says that he really thinks Rachel got post traumatic stress disorder from being in here. Shelly tell Brendon that he is a saint for looking after her. Dani joins them outside and Brendon says that she is up early.

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Dark Horse

I think from here on out…or at least until she’s [possibly] evicted tomorrow…
you should refer to Shelly as David Spade in the write-ups…
it could make this all a bit more interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

Rachel's shrink

Personally, I prefer Pinnochio…but that’s just me ๐Ÿ™‚
Check out my post about Shelly and her job on the last thread.


Well, from the conversation that Shelly and Adam had. are we to believe that Shelly is really Rambo in disguise and she has just been laying low all of this time. Now they both are going to start winning comps and kicking a$$, didn’t Jeff let Adam win POV???? Didn’t Jordan let Shelly win the telephone call???
i thought Shelly told JJ that she is here to see that JJ go straight to the end and win the money, that she just wants to help a young couple . YUCK Straight shooter better get her story straight.

Dark Horse

I don’t get it…
Did Shelly only audition for the show for the sole reason of getting JJ to the end?
I guess she cares more about JJ than money in the bank and college for her daughter…


What is even stranger is that Shelly’s business background is in the Outdoors / Survival / Hunting Industry. I believe that she is holding back purposely to strike later down the road.. Get her out NOW!!


Those glasses drive me crazy. They act like they’re in high school and that is the new trend.


BR forget all the time what people have done for them…if i hear R say one more time “i was by myself last week”…bitch please…do you not remember you DIDNT get voted out last week???? JJ better wake up and smell that BR have turned on them….or they are toast!!!

teri b

Here Here, DeeDee!! And during that hour long bratfest with BR, how many times did she say “I DID FIGHT, BRENNNNAN” and “I DIDN’T GIVE UP, BRENNNNNAN” and “I FIGHT WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE BRENNNNNAN” and so on and so forth. I ended up fast forwarding through it after she just kept repeating those three things about a hundred times. Couldn’t take it.

Bitch is sick and truly needs professional help. Everyone propped her up last week when she was losing it…slipped her mind, I guess. Oh right, WHAT MIND?

And don’t EVEN get me started on the gross sickness that is going on in the bedroom with other people there…it’s PORN, people, plain and simple. I’m guessing she may have done a little of this in her past…..she’s awfully good at it. Must be why Brendon stays. HAS TO BE. Otherwise he’s just a box of rocks, too. Oh well…

Rooting for BR.

the only reason they DIDN’T vote her out was because they were so sure whoever got voted out was coming back. IF that twist didn’t happen we all know she would of been gone, so stop acting like they did her a favor. All they did last week was sit around and talk about her behind her back and make personal attacks on her.

Rooting for BR.

BR turned on JJ? Did you not hear how Jordan was the one sitting around making personal attacks and talking crap about Rachel all week and now JJ are voting to evict Brendan over Shelly. So who really flipped on who?


yeah but noone saved her to help her or bc they wanted her to stay- they did it purely bc they thought it would help their own games or their alliance – and rachel knows this, so why should she be grateful…she got tossed around like fish bait just like she will be over the next few weeks…she more than anyone else really is all alone in this house


This is why I have referred to R as “Sybil” on occasion (1976 movie starring Sally Field) …. Google it and you’ll know what I mean.

Dark Horse

I know what you mean…


Hahaha…I was thinking more like Linda Blair in ‘The Exorcist’. I’m waiting for her head to rotate 360 degrees. She already has done some of the other vile acts.


But tech Rachel was alone…nobody wanted to actually keep her she wus only kept b/c of the twist. Everyone was afraid she’d come right back if she was evicted. Nobody kept Rachel b/c they had her back…cept mayb Jordan. Rachel knows that everybody knows that…..nobody in the JJSA alliance as her back


Love that once B gets the boot on Thursday, that R will be the low man on the totem pole of either alliance (DKP & JJSA). She’ll either have another pity party or sucking up to everyone.


I want Brendon to go home but it sounds more like Shelly will be out. Looks like the original alliance of old fellows has patched up their wounds and sided together. I expect J&J to turn on Shelly and vote her out. Sad that they can’t be trusted. Because no one not even Adam will if they vote Shelly out. And Jordan pinky sweared Kalia so expect JorJ to go home next week if Shelly leaves.


You must be a diff version of BB…Brendon is gone gone gone. No way in hell he squeezes out 4 votes to stay and if he gets 3 votes then Dani sure won’t keep him.


Shelly leaving is the best way to ensure that JJ don’t go home next week.

Rachel's shrink

it would be very interesting if KPR vote for Brendon to stay and Dani decides to keep him.
JJSA would be BR’s targets for screwing them over for Shelly, which would make BR the prime targets for JJSA and Dani would remove the target from her back.

She could have done this the easy way by just getting rid of Jeff when she had the chance, but this could be a good plan B.

I fail to see why everyone still talks to Shelly.

If I was in the house, I would be doing everything I could to get her to explode…making up shit she said, talking in an adjacent room about JJ planning to get rid of her knowing that she could overhear, and then if she repeated it, calling her a liar….etc.

Rachel's shrink

to clarify… KPR vote B to stay and JJA vote Shelly to stay making a 3-3 tie.
Not sure if that was clear.


LOL, sure if you are into a woman that looks like Ozzy Osborne. Check out that pic of her next to Brendon above the comments.


Agreed. She’s skeletore… Definitely not the best looking of the cast. Personally I think Jordan is the most beautiful of the season. She looks much better then on her original season and she was looking good then too.


Jordan was fat her season, had way too much jiggle. Jordan’s cute, but not sexy at all imo. Dani is hot and way better this season than in her season.


Most guys like Dani better.


What show are you watchin….Dani wants to backdoor Jeff every week….B&R have made a deal to help Dani go after him….the only people that REALLY have their backs is SSShelly and Adam…get real…after Rachels all day sucker is gone….JJ are solidly targets!!


Obvious you are not watching Big Brother Dani had a chance to backdoor Jeff this week and she chose to PROTECT Jeff and Jordan and decided to backdoor Brendon


If you can’t see apattern pay more attention, it;s there


Whether it’s deliberately or inadvertently, Jeff sand Jordan are being protected.

Dark Horse

I am nervous that Jeff will get some ‘special’ power…
like he did during his season…
I hope he doesn’t…


It will happen if him and Jordan are too lame to win the next HOH. Or if, by some miracle Porsche or Kalia win. That’s when Jeff’s special power will be come into existence.


This is big brother its the Jeff and Jordan show and always has been even though Brendon and Rachel bring in the ratings the suits are entirely convinced everyone is cheering for J/J… which is interesting cause with the edit they give Jeff especially, people would like Hitler.


I hope Shelly goes, it’s one thing lying about lying, but this bitch has convinced herself that she’s honest


ShellHe straight up sucks!


I have noticed that too… but good for them, i guess! I don’t know how they pulled THAT off, it’s a pretty good position to be in.


Shelly needs to shoot straight out the door & go back under the bridge she crawled out from. I bet Jose is filling for Emancipation as we speak.


Come on, shelly, shoot me straight, is a stupid-biatch (think Natural Born Killers Movie) but, there is no reason to bring her daughter in it all. A child cannot help if their parent(s) are stupid lying assholes who are fckng stupid idiots! Come on now, there is a
Line to be drawn here!


CAlm down. I said nothing mean about her daughter


Just curious. Is there anyone on here that doesn’t worship Dani?

Either this game is seriously rigged or Big Brother assembled the dumbest people on earth to make some nasty mouth breather hooters waitress seem intelligent.

Aqua Bernie

I don’t worship Dani she is also a “straight shooter”. She is the most coniving!

Big brother is so RIGGED

Do you actually think Big Brother is not rigged.. What show are you watching.. Dani has been given the HOH to keep her in power for the ratings.. Kilia the Hut won cause she is in an alliance with Dani..Kalia answere the some questions before they were even asked..HA HA ..Anyone can look like they are great at the game with it fixed for them to win comps..Wake up ppl and smell the roses .. Big Brother is scripted for what best for the rating..Dani is a witch and will use and lie to anyone to get ahead in this game..DANI SUCKS..


Yes I think she was given this latest HOH and in return Production told her that Jeff was “hands off”. They manipulate the outcome so much that the opposite of what they want seems to always happen… Boredom. Yawn.


Just so everyone knows, all the “game/money” reality shows are NOT rigged. It is against the law. I know many people who work in those type of productions and was told this. Of course there are things that the production team use to instigate the contestants to make more drama in the show. If there was no drama, why would anyone watch!


Yes there are a few posters that I noticed:

Sonya = Pro Rachel/Anti Dani – she has intelligence in her posts, although they may be slightly biased

D & Anonymous = Anti Dani – from the intelligence level, confusion and frustration in their posts, I would imagine they are Jordan fans.


I guess being anorexic thin is the new sexy *shrugs*


I second that. Such a babe


I want to see Adam grow a pair and start winning comps. Shelly – pick a side and stick with it, quit bouncing around and act like you want to win money. The “America’s Sweethearts” thing with JJ is bullcaca. BR just needs to go. I don’t see Wretchel competing like she did last season. Brainless is just whipped. Kalua might’ve won an HOH but she was Dani’s lapdog arf arf. Dani will never make it out of Dick’s shadow, he had better game than she ever will, and she doesn’t have him to carry her. Porsche seems like a big floater herself so get rid of her too. They need to throw a better twist or something in there3, like America votes for the next HOH or something.


Is Shelly still denying that she tried to make a deal with Brendon and Rachel? They showed her on tape trying to make a deal with them..


I though she was just a lieing piss of crap.

But now I think, she actually believes she never said those things. Crazy?

BBLover 4 Years

At least it is getting exciting. I’m glad that Shelly is caught in her lies. Why are they keeping Jordan when she has already won the $. Dani is playing it so she can win and has the right strategy. I think they are all afraid of Danielle. Wouldn’t a great twist be to bring Evil Dick back! I’m so surprised the Adam didn’t team up with Dani knowing his favorite player was Evil Dick. Go home Brendon! Go home Jordan! And “David Spade” you wouldn’t be missed at any point nor you either Brittney (Adam) LOL


ShellHe straight up sucks

Dark Horse

Yea I’m wondering what the hell is up with that…
Shelly is doing everything in her power to get JJ to the end…
thats why I want it to blow up in her face and get voted out tomorrow…
its a double edge sword for me…I want Brendon to go…I want David Spade to go…

Dani’s my only hope at breaking up the ‘untouchables’ known as Jeff & Jor-don’t do shit…


Shelly isn’t going anywhere. No one sees her as a threat compared to Brendon. However if they were smart, JJA would leave Brendon in the game to keep the target off their back. But they are NOT smart, so Brendon will go home & Jeff will be target number ONE next week.ย 

Dani is all over the place this week it’s really starting to piss me off. She’s sucking Shelly’s ass so much & I don’t think its simply strategy bc she tells Kalia how much she really likes Shelly all the time. Its ok to be cordial to secure yourself in the game but she’s overboard. And she tells her way too much that she shouldn’t! Her DR sessions on Tonights episode better give me some damn clarity in to what the Hell she has planned!ย 

On a random note: I find it so annoying that ppl actually try to give Adam some sort of props. Adam is a worthless bacon eating slug. He does NOTHING in this game. Constantly talking about how he’s gonna make big moves, where are they?? He hasn’t made a big move, a small move, a smart move, a stupid move, he’s done NOTHING!! At least Shelly is playing the game in her own piece of shit way. Just like Dick said, Adam is an annoying Clown & he couldn’t stand him, neither can I. I’m sick of hearing his worthless, swine stuffing mouth already. But This cast is so ignorant, I wouldn’t be surprised if he floats right to the end.ย 


This is messed up! Can we please get some action in the house? And I don’t mean Rachel and Brendan getting it on a d spreading their nasty diseases. This is the boringest bb ever I don’t even care who wins



Team 500 G's

Simon….Whats up….am I banned or something?….My post have been absent the last day or so?


your not banned.. none of your comments are in spam.


PS Brendumb needs an avitar


AGREED! But I am in love with her as a TOTAL unit. Her defensive strategy against all odds as well as Evel Dick’s target being hers….. the emotional relationship with E.D….and still ending on top. No pun intended….lol


She’s a fans player as opposed to people who just watch to see Jordan say stupid stuff and Rachel go crazy, those of us who actually enjoy the game enjoy actual game players. That’s Dani… and then theres no one else this season is terrible. LOL at Adam trying to talk some sense into Shelly about taking out J/J and superfan basically says no. Um do you expect them to just leave? Adam and Shelly are too damn old to be trying to be one of the cool kids. They should realize the numbers game and take out Jeff and Jordan as anyone would were they remotely intelligent and not obsessed stalkerish J/J fans


Dani and Brendon would make a better couple than Rachel and Brendon. I was really hoping that they would vote rachel out and we could watch those two hook up.


Ok…..I am changing my name to Mr. Reality Check!…lol….Ask yourself, who will make it, or deserves to make final 3? Is Brendon or Shelly on that list? Brendon leaving will be good for television. plus, he had his chance…I would like to see Rachel’s realization that JJ are not batting, nor ever were, for BR to stay. I see Evil Rachel working with Evil Dani and tearing this house apart. Just saying…Those 2 final 2?…??….I would hate to be on that jury.

Mr. Reality Check

Dark Horse

That would be crazy if they were the final two…
bet you know what team I’m on…


See no touch man. Dani probably has more diseases than Rachel which is saying something. She’s banged almost every reality star since being on BB8. I’d still rather look at Cassi minus the smoking.

Midwest Fan

Insignificant/cheap post.
Are you 13 or 14 years old?


SKank ho’s enjoy men treating them like shit, it’s been proven too many times.


Dani has said that the target next week is Jeff, so she is not protecting them. The car hates JJ, remember how upset she got because Jordan did not drink the Muscle Milk that she put the Benefiber in?
Speaking of that, production seems to be protecting Dani’s alliance. Remember when Jenn destroyed Dick’s cigarettes and she put on the block as punishment I think what Porsche did was much worse, it could have made JJB really sick.
I am really tired of Dani’s crew being HOH. Guess the car will win this Thursday.


Dani is not protecting Jeff. Really, she just doesn’t want to get the blood on her hands. She knows that if she puts them up, she will automatically lose two votes in jury, supposing she makes it to the end. So, she wants Kalia or Porsche to get their hands dirty. I think it will be absolutely hilarious if Kalia nor Porsche will put JJ up when or if they become HOH. Because Kalia seemed really hesitant about putting JJ up last night.


Biggest floaters in the game, Jeff and Jordan.


Floaters (Drink) ๐Ÿ˜‰


I just did that so I have an accuse to drink in the middle of the day.


Dani is the complete package!

Team Dani TFW!

Dark Horse

I’ll second that…
Team Dani!


Please go home Rachel. I cant stand her whiny a$$


Watching the convo between D and JJ last night, can tell Dani has Jeff figured out, stroke his huge ego and he falls victim to it every time. Jeff being told Dani is not coming after him is smart because the self proclaiming threat in BB13 will now shore up himself in voting for Shelly to stay, keeping the easy marks in the game. Dani continuing to bad mouth Rach gives stupid Jeff the feeling that there is still no way D&R will ever work together if B is booted out tomorrow night. Win win for J&J in their minds, keep A&S happy and in line, but turning mental Rach on them! As Dani said to Rach last night, you will see where everyone stands this week!

During Dani’s convo with Rach last night, she was probably right about the next HOH comp being likely a T/F or some other sort of question game since in the past that is what happens (note: comps are geared towards several HG’s and not just one, which it would be obvious if it was a physical one, then production has clearly rigged it for Jeff to win HOH). Dani is gearing the vote to be 5-1 Brenda goes, leaving mental Rach with her only alliance to Dani.

Any bets it will be Rachel as HOH week this week? If Rach wins the next HOH the drama of BB13 continues and the targets will be J&J by the back door.


Just got back from the liquor store… did someone say “floaters”?

The car! ha I like that… had to read it twice to figure it out though….she’s so insignifigant that I forget she’s still in the game… (don’t mean that in an ugly way she just hasn’t DONE ANYTHING)


I’m with you there. She was cast the first time because she was who she was, a highly emotional, tarty looking woman. She wasn’t “made” the way she is by BB, she came into the show with her character already well developed.


Here here!!! What a fckng ass!!!! Do not use PTSD as a cop-out!!!! I’ve been actually dx with this and whished every day I didn’t have it! Brendon, you’re a MFr and to think I was starting to like you more than others! You’re no better than Matt last season with his STMPATHY BS about his wife! Shame on you you fckng dick!!! ( oh yeah, u don’t care u were all up in Ratholes business last night but u got your dick sucked good and good for u but that’s it u fckng waste!! I pray u read this asshole!!


Anyone notice that Dani started sporting a pair of Prada shades yesterday to class herself up in front of Jeff?!


What is up with everyone jocking JJ? I’m so sick of Jeff being in the house. He is not all that and Jordan ~ don’t even get me started on her. She looks so bored this season. Really, I just don’t get it. With everyone kissing their behind I’m sure one of them if not both will make it to final 4! Dani is too busy chasing after BR she can’t see straight. Now she has Kalia, Porche, Shelly on her side. Adam is still floating like the wind. Must be nice. These people aren’t playing the game hard core. It’s pathetic!! Shelly has reduced herself to nothing. Her mouth regarding Rachel is a turn-off. She is suppose to be the example/mom/business woman with all the answers yet, she is bashing Rachel like no tomorrow. WOW ~ what a hippocrit!!


I agree 100%, hope Rachel bitch slaps her!


I still say that it would be funny if JJA vote out Brendan, and PKR vote Shelly. Dani is the deciding vote and keeps Brendan! Shelly’s ass is gone, and JJBR can battle it out between themselves. Rachel is going to be the ultimate floater, she’s not going to be in any kind of alliance with Dani. She’s too unstable not to take Brendan’s nomination coming from Dani personally. If Dani wanted to make a bold move, this would be it. I didn’t see any kind of firm deal go down with Dani and JJ. If I were Dani I’d worry about Kalia, she seems like she’s ready to flip if only to be able to hang out with her pinkie-swear buddy Jordan guilt free.




Is it Thursday yet?


You are all idiots


Dani isn’t ugly, she’s just a two-face, like from Seinfeld. Just depends what type of lighting she’s under. Anywho, can’t wait for these final few weeks…people will be swingin back and forth quicker that Porka running to the frig!!