Big Brother Spoilers: Jordan warns Porsche about late night eating …she says nothing fit after eating cookie dough all season..

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12am – 1am Out in the backyard, Dani and Shelly are talking on the couches. Dani tells Shelly that she feels that she has had Adam’s back from the beginning he really should trust her. Dani tells Shelly that she really felt bad about how her best friend Dominic was evicted. Dani says that Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel made up lies about mean things Dani said about Dominic and that they told him before he left to upset him. Shelly just shakes her head and says right, right… Dani says that the trust is still broken from what happened in week three. Dani says that she didn’t want Jeff to be nervous about being back doored because he wasn’t her target. Dani starts to talk about a crush she has on someone in the diary room. Big Brother tells her she is not allow to talk about her diary room sessions. Rachel sits down on the couches and Dani asks Rachel if she thinks they guy in the diary room is cute. Big Brother warns her again. Rachel and Dani start talking in code about the diary room guy and Big Brother tells them to stop that! Shelly and Jordan are now by the hot tub talking about how Dani and Rachel are getting in trouble from production and that’s why they don’t get alcohol. Shelly tells Jordan that Dani is worried about Jeff and Jordan because they haven’t come talk to her yet. Jordan seems surprised. Shelly says that she wants to find out who they are voting for. Meanwhile, Brendon, Jeff and Adam are playing pool.
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1am Up in the HOH room, Dani and Kalia are talking. Kalia starts talking about Dani’s backup plan this week with Brendon and Rachel although they didn’t need it and it went back to back dooring Brendon. Kalia says that’s what she was trying to do last week. Kali says that she was BLANK. Dani says that it was different and then she explains why. Dani tells Kalia to trust her gut and points to her stomach and then she points to her her heart and tells Kalia to not to dismiss this and pointing to head. Dani then tells Kalia that she can’t over think it either. Dani says that’s what Kalia did last week ..she ignored her gut and her heart and over thought everything and that’s what screwed her up. Dani and Kalia reassure each other they would not turn their back on each other. Dani says that she likes Porsche, but … if the other one screwed them over at the end they would still be friends. They talk about how they won’t turn their backs on each other. Dani says that she isn’t questioning Kalia would turn her back on her and says that’s not what this is about. Dani says that she feels Kalia is scared to be sitting next to Dani in the final two. Kalia says yes and no. Kalia says that she would want to go to final two with Dani anyway, even if Dani would win. Kalia says that she feels just making it to the end is winning. Dani says that she thinks realistically it’s unlikely they will both make it to final two, even though it’d be great if it happened. Kalia doesn’t agree and says that she doesn’t want to think negative. Kalia says that she wants to make sure she is making her own moves to contribute and that she wants Dani to listen to her input, and not just Kalia listening to Dani’s opinions. Dani says that she does listen and says that when she disagrees she speaks up and holds her ground. Kalia says that she feels that even last week when she was making her big moves in nominations …people said Kalia was just doing what Dani wanted. Dani tells Kalia that Rachel would be hounding Kalia to vote for Brendon. Dani says that she apologizes for leading Rachel to do that. Dani says that she had told Rachel that she could try to talk to Kalia to keep Brendon but at the end of the day Kalia was her own person and would make her own decisions.

1:25am – 1:45am Porsche is talking to Jordan telling her that she got her real estate license. Jordan says that she heard the real estate license test was really hard. Porsche says that it wasn’t and that she passed her first time. Porsche says that she got it for her moms divorce to sell her house. Porsche says that then the market crashed and that is when she started bartending. Jordan starts talking about her job and how she lets customers use expired five dollar off coupons. The conversation then changes to talking about food and other random things. Shelly says that she is going to eat a snack and head to bed. Jordan says that she wants to but she isn’t going to eat a late night snack. Jordan then warns Porsche that late night eating makes you gain weight. Jordan tells Porsche about her all the cookie dough she ate on her season. Jordan says that by the end nothing fit. Meanwhile, Brendon and Rachel are having sex in the bedroom again.
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Jeff and Jordan are talking. Jeff says that he isn’t sure whether to keep Shelly. Jordan says that her mind says that every scenario leans towards Brendon and Rachel. Jeff says that in the POV competition because Shelly went for the call and not the veto, anyone else would be out. Jordan says that if Brendon and Rachel stay. Jeff leaves to go to the bathroom. Jordan waits for Jeff. Shelly comes out into the backyard and starts to smoke. Shelly says that she is tired. Jordan says that she is waiting for the blanket she washed since Rachel wiped her toes with hers. Jordan asks Shelly if she is for sure 100% them. Shelly says that she is 100% with you guys, I have no desire to be with anyone else. Shelly says that she has been with them since the start and that she will rise or fall with the ship. Shelly says that Dani is up her ass because she is trying to get Jeff and Jordan to talk to her. Shelly says that Dani says that she, Jeff and Jordan were never her target. Jordan starts talking about Kalia’s nominations with putting Jeff on the block and says that Dani influenced that. Jordan says that Dani is just trying to cover her tracks. Shelly says that Rachel is bring you two down. Jeff asks what does that mean, how do they bring us down? Shelly says that everyone wants her out. Jeff says that Porsche is friends with Rachel. Jordan says that Porsche told Rachel she is keeping Shelly because she hasn’t won anything. Shelly says she has been thrown under the bus by Rachel and that Jeff and Jordan haven’t. Jeff says you can do whatever you want with Rachel. Jeff says that he wants to ring her BLANK neck. Shelly says that it’s sad a BLANK like that can get far. Dani and Kalia come out and ask if they are plotting their demise. Dani is still drinking. The talk turns to talking about Rachel picking and wiping her toes on people’s blankets.

2:25am Jeff and Jordan are now talking to Adam about Shelly. Jordan asks Adam if he told Shelly if he wonders if we are doing the right thing? Adam says that he never said that. Jeff and Jordan start talking about how Shelly is cool with the other side and that stuff that they only told Adam and Shelly was getting to the other side word for word. Jeff and Jordan says that they are pretty sure it was Shelly. Adam says that he thinks Shelly is with them but he is seeing red flags. Shelly then leaves and goes to talk with Dani. Shelly and Dani talk about how she really wants Jeff and Jordan to trust her. Dani starts talking about her dad and how she has always been known as Dick’s daughter even though he has barely been a part of her life. Shelly start praising Dani about how amazing she is as a person.

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3:30am Shelly and Kalia are in the storage room talking. Shelly says that people better not be lying to her because she really can’t stand that. Kalia tells Shelly that she should assume that what Dani has told you over and over.. Shelly says that she knows.. and that she is just saying that she can’t take all of the lying. Shelly then starts talking about the conversation she had with Dani about her always being in her fathers shadow. Kalia says that Dani should be proud that she has proven herself in this game, everyone knows she can play the game on her own. Kalia says that people still don’t think that about me. Shelly tells Kalia that’s a different thing really got shafted…

4:30am – 5:25am In the backyard, Jeff, Jordan and Dani are talking. They are all talking about Rachel and how she is untrustworthy. They talk about how Rachel was the one that got the idea that Jeff and Jordan had made a final three deal with Shelly. Jordan says that she was talking to Shelly that night and Rachel was there also. Jordan says that later Rachel told me she was pretending to be sleep. Jordan says that we weren’t saying anything bad and we weren’t really talking much game. Jordan says that she is not stupid, if I wanted to do that I would go outside.. Jeff says that he knows people come to me and tell me all kinds of things about final deals, and I just say, uh huh, but I don’t say I agree. Jeff says that he might say yeah, I’m going to put up Dani sometimes, but mostly when they ask me who I’m putting up I would say a floater! Dani says well, Rachel came to me and said she was all upset because you two had made a final three deal with Shelly and I was really confused, that’s why I spent two hours in the diary room before nominations trying to go over different scenarios. Dani says because I have done everything in my power to prove to you that you are not my targets.. Jordan says well I tried to tell Rachel that we don’t have a final three deal with Shelly. Dani says that she likes Shelly but she wants to be like a Mom to everyone and I don’t trust her in the game. They talk about how Shelly seems to have a final three deal with everyone in the house. Dani tells Jeff and Jordan that Shelly has a final three deal with her and Kalia. Jeff and Jordan say that Shelly also has a final three deal with Porcshe. They talk about how Adam has a deal with Shelly, just like Brendon and Rachel do too. Jeff asks so where do we go from here? Dani says that you guys are not my targets, and I promise Kalia would never put two up. Dani says well if you win HOH and have my back, I will have yours, and I will talk to Porshe and Kalia if they win HOH, and they could talk to them too. Jeff says that he is glad we talked and are on the same page. Jordan says me, too. Dani and Jeff apologize for anything they said to each other and that now they can start fresh. They all decide to go to sleep…

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7am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

9am Still sleeping…

9:35am Shelly wakes up and heads into the bathroom…

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Dani is covering her back big time. she is making promises to never put them JJ up. so when it comes down to only them being the ones to go up then who is Dani going to target. wow Dani playing it isn’t she. SOOOOOOOOOOO tired of Jj and AS+P


Ya, it no doubt is being done to protect herself come this Thursday should JJ win HoH. Smart move but JJ aren’t buying it. JJ are back & forth all the time about who they should vote to evict, S or B. S they acknowlege is useless but B they recognize as a stronger competitor + untrustworthy = a greater risk to keep. Should be interesting this Thursday, though I would be surprised if B didn’t get evicted.


Dani has proven to be as a BIG a LIER as Shelly. Telling JJ that she won’t put them up and keep K from doing it, then telling Kalia she MUST put up JJ and split them up. Sure, make fun of Shelly (who is playing everyone just like Porsh). Dani also trying to pull a Boston Rob by making everyone PROMISE not to talk with anyone else (smart move that will BITE her azzz soon and cost her votes). Next week will be interesting.


But that is part the the game, so……
On the other hand, Shelly would always say things like that she is a straight shooter, loyal, plays with integrity, has a family and job to go back to so she won’t play that type of game – so she kind of set herself up for being called out by the viewers for that.


Shelly has got to go. Something has to happen in the next 24 hours to make this fact.


Co-sign. Finally had it with Shelly. She is not straight shooting, she is ass-kissing.

Big Jim

Buh Bye Straight Shooter!


I think Toni is really ShellHe’s wife and Josie is her niece. I hope the straight shooter shoots straight out the door!!!!


FIRST! Dani needs to take the deal with JJ and not BR!


Take a deal with JJ? Yeah right???? I wouldn’t trust them one bit. Jeff and Jordan are lying through their teeth as well, and will backdoor Dani in a second.
BTW, GO team Dani!!!!!


I am all for Team Dani too! But I trust JJ more than the humping horney toads BR!


why? so they can string her along to the end, have her do their dirty work, and then evict her third…that is seriously the worst suggestion ever


String her along??? I don’t think so! Dani will beat them and win!!!

Team Dani

Dani should trust no one!!! but herself!!!!

~ “Dani says to JandJ that you guys are not my targets, and I promise Kalia would never put two up. Dani says well if you win HOH and have my back, I will have yours” She said the same to Rachel=)~ LMAO ~ I Love you Dani ~She is playing a great game and deserves to win BB13.


WOW! This is fascinating shit!!! The night ended with Dani reassuring everyone that she has their back if they have hers. Brilliant work on her part. I just hope she doesn’t end up like Sheliar and looses everyone’s trust after Thursday. I also don’t like she was drinking so much and could say something she would come to regret in the morning. Two people must go ASAP-Sheliar before she does more damage with her loads of shit ass kissing lies and Jeff who is hell bent on getting Dani out-no matter what.


FIRST! I like how Dani is shooting straight at JJ, it’s hilarious!

give me a break

The thing is Jeff is the only person in this game that has not made deals he always ask him and all he does is say ya or just what he said to Dani glad we are on the same page. This is smart he is not going to back stab because he never litteraly said he would have there back. Dani is playing the same game as Shelly did and people are now saying its brilliant but when Shelly did it she was a lier cant have it both ways people. Give me a break…


that’s kind of true — but he and Jordan did make a deal with Shelly


+1 well said.


Dani needs to make final 3 with JJ. At final 4 knock out Jeff and whoever else and go final 2 with Jordan. Other than Jeff or shelly, no one is going to vote to give Jordan 500k again. She will come in 2nd, dani 1st and they will be even. Get rid of brendon this week. If dani’s side wins they can get rid of shelly or Rachel and if JJ side wins get rid of porshe or kalia. The next week if D side wins get rid of Adam or who ever is left of Rachel and shelly. If JJ wins get rid of Porsche or kalia.get it down to JJD+1 and fight it out


I completely agree. D and JJ would be a much better aliance than br. BR are too crazy and tempermental to be able to count on down the road. If dani can convince jeff they are solid, i believe the 3 of them could make it to final 3. Regardless, jordan would be a slam dunk to win against in final 2 so everyone would be smart to bring her along. Im a JJ fan all the way but could deal w/ dani winning as well. At least shes playing the game, can win comps, and isnt a completely disgusting human being….


Take a final 3 with JJ Dani.Show each other you have each others back.Dani would beat either in final 2 and I’m a JJ fan.To this point in the game,Dani has played a better game and I believe Dani does want vets in final 3 and would pick JJ over KP.


Good comment from a JJ fan


it would be criminal if Jordan made another dollar off this show – CRIMINAL. it is bad enough she will get paid to be in the jury house. NOONE (and i am talking to you, JJ fans) wants to see that happen. this game will become a joke.


I would like to see Jordan win again. A 2 time Big Brother winner? Why not?


bc why would you want to endorse that kind of gameplay (or lack thereof)….i think we consider her win a one-off or anomaly or sorts, but to coast by on your bf’s coattails, not make any moves, win one or two comps, say dumb things, and only have a hazily vague idea of what is going on most of the time is not the best way to play this game and shouldn’t be rewarded…twice


No way, just cause she’s dumb and can’t make money using her intelligence?


Because she’s not respected for her first win, it would be an embarassment to have someone so stupid win it twice. It might spell the end of Big Brother. She doesn’t even deserve to be back. Her gameplay is equal to the gameplay of the couch in the backyard.


lol. I’ve read your comments before, so I’m not surprised.

Brenchel needs to go

I don’t see the logic in your argument. Wow, criminal –really?


Of course you don’t, you see the game the same way Jordan does, through a haze of confusion.


lol. I would lose so much respect for this game if Jordan won again


I’m so confused! At this point, I have no idea who is going home. I was thinking Brendon but now I’m wondering if it will be Shelly. If Brendon goes home, I hope Rachel wins HOH! Not because I am pulling for her so much as I think it will make for a very interesting week…

BTW, love the site! First time posting with a “real” name.. ;)

big d

So is big B. Gone this week


I read from evel dick’s twitter that dani is getting drunk and told Shelly about her plans. Did she say something important?


Evel Dick tweeted that Dani was hella drunk and spilled everything to Shelly last night, but I’m not seeing any of that based on this update. Anyone care to explain what he might’ve meant?


They were sitting in the house talking in the chairs where the evicted houseguests sit and she was babbling on about her being in Dick’s shadow, always being referred to as Dick’s daughter etc.

Dark Horse

It seems to me that Dani does not really trust Shelly…
perhaps planting ideas and see if they make it back to JJ


J/J ain’t buying thd bullshit Ape face is selling. NO WAY IN HELL


I hope you’re right!


for once I would like to think that Dani “woke-up” and realizes she she absolutely CANNOT trust BR, but she can trust Jeff! I am so tired of hearing BR lie through their teeth!! Go JJD to the end!


I wouldn’t trust Jeff or Jordan either. They aren’t trustworthy either. The difference with them is that they don’t run and kiss everyone’s asses by making promises. But I do remember Jeff saying he wouldn’t put up Dani, but said that he really had no intention of keeping a deal and would backdoor her. And Jeff and Jordan also seem to hold grudges and have the most negative judgmental attitude about people in the house. They are only interested in being loyal to each other, which is fine. But I think they may be the most untrustworthy in the house without being the biggest liars like some of the other ones.


Dani told her minion (kalia) to backdoor Jeff next week when she is HOH, also told the car to get rid of him. So Dani is an even bigger liar than Shelly,a lot of people here do not like Shelly because of the lies but Dani lies constantly. She told B that she would not put him on the block this week and she did. D told Jeff he is not a target next week, but he s. Sure wish Jeff or Jordan could win HOH.


I will be so upset if JJ vote out Shelly instead of Brendon. It’s time for him to go before BR go after them!


I agree with you….. They are disgusting & should know better……I know that it happens, and is natural to have sex with your partner, but not when you are sharing close living quarters with other people. I don’t think they can plan on any big corporations hiring them after the show….. Maybe a porn company will hire them to make movies….. I bet their parents and family are so so proud! Because once it’s on the Internet, it stays there forever!!! Idiots. All they do is fight & hump!


I couldn’t agree more… BR are disgusting… There is a time and place for everything… Bring on BB is not the time nor place… What they can’t live without sex or have jobs even for a couple of weeks?? Come on get then out if the house… No repect for anyone these two…

BB Fan 5

I am worried about Shelly’s safety this week. JJ don’t seem convinced, but I do think that Adam knows he has to get Brendon out this week. I hope the plan sticks, and Brendon goes. I dont think Rachel or JJ are serious about keeping Dani safe. I think she is going to get backdoored and she is going to FLIP OUT. If JJSAR win HOH, Dani better use that veto pass and win that Veto. Or she is gone…


They all lie! Some of them are just better at it then others!


agreed !!!! those that are better go further in the game

BB Fan 5

My prediction is that Dani is waiting for double eviction week to get rid of Jeff. Things will be rushed, it will be much easier, and he wont really have the time to work for votes or intimidate ppl.


Shelly uses sales tactics to work the HG. She tunes in with their needs, actually their insecurities, to have them trust or like her.

K: She knows from K’s (personal and racial) history that she’ll always try to prove something to people around her, that she’s more than what she thinks people are seeing in her.
D: Her weakness is her relationship with her dad.
JJ: SSS has understood that their egos need to be stroked. They enjoy hearing that they’re innocent lambs among a bunch of wolves.
P: She can’t get to P because P read through her, like she said: “I’ve known women like her my whole life”. SSS tried to make P feel bad by throwing her daddy’s issues to her face but it didn’t work
R: In any group, there’s an outcast, one person everyone agrees to treat with less consideration than the rest of the group and R is that person this season. So SSS can throw her under the bus, repeatedly, she damn knows no one is gonna come to R’s rescue.

It’s a game, you play it the best you can but I think it’s devious to use people emotional insecurities against them, especially when you did everything to have them let their guard down. I wouldn’t mind her methods if she learned all she knows about the HG but observing their interactions with each other, but she pried into their personal lives.


No shelly is just a maniacal liar it even shows in her DR when she was sobbing caus “Rachel is the liar and not her” what a psycho if She gets evicted on thurs. Because of JJ not keeping her she’ll probably strip naked and go on a rampage.


LOL… I really don’t think you wanna see her stripping on your TV. Think about it: you’ll have a nervous shock from the sight of it, then get locked up somewhere and guess what, she’s your loony bin’s neighbor. Be careful what you wish for, Turtle;-)


I hope the straight shooter shoots straight out the door. I think Toni is actually her wife and Josie is her niece.


I agree Anna. There is something loathsome about Shelly’s tactics. Porshe was the first one to catch onto to Shelly’s lies and get attacked by her. Porshe wouldn’t play, (unlike Rachel); and effectively defused the situation by ignoring her. Rachel gave Shelly the emotional response she was looking for. Shelly easily assumed the victim persona, and it was cringe worthy how excessively she worked it.

Rachel's shrink

I believe Shelly offered Jordan a job when they get out, no?
That is just sleazy, to use fake offers of things outside the house to garner support inside the house.
Actually, I think it might be against the rules.


Really? If I were Jordan, I’d turn it down. I think that SSS is like this BFF who “likes” you as long as you play by her rules and if you ever dare to step outside her game plan, she’ll rip you into shreds by using against you everything you told her. After listening to what she’s saying about R (doesn’t really matter if it’s true), I think you don’t wanna get on Shelly’s bad side, nor on her good side either because things can get sour very fast with her. Besides, hasn’t SSS said in her pre-BB interview that she hated girls with fake boobs? How is it that she likes Jordan, almost like a daughter? Everything’s fishy and sketchy about SSS.


I think Shelly is more into Jordan than Jeff is.

Rachel's other nipple

I love this assessment! Seems pretty accurate. But you left out Adam and Brenda.
I work with a straight shooter so I know how to deal with them….


jeff and jordon are not buying her bullsheet. anyone on thier side wins hoh…dani is on the block. how long before jordan tells that convo to rachel? dani is now doing the same thing shelly has done…and look what happened to shelly! jeff, jordan, rachel, adam, either brendon or shelly (whichever one stays) are going to nominate dani. kalia and porsche will crumble without her.

does anyone else think this show is dragging? why dont they trim a couple weeks off it? have a few more double evictions? also…i would like to see a daily challenge: for example…a lobster dinner for two…a quick limo ride through los angeles…clothes…viewing movies, anything to break up the routine.


I don’t understand why they have diary rooms anymore. Remember the first season or two of this show? They would let you hear what was being said in the diary room. Now it makes me wonder if BB is fixed. I recall one of the houseguests telling Dani last night that they would have rehearsals for the eviction ceremony.


Please please vote Brendan out, and then Rachel next week. This two are so disgusting, a hand *** and a BJ. Can they stop having sex for like a day. BR just like being on tv and seeing themselves even though no one likes them. But I can guarantee this will not be the last time we see them on tv, they are destined to be on the Jerry Springer Show. (MY MAN CANT STOP JERKING OFF TO THE COMPUTER, JERRY PLEASE HELP ME!) I think once they are out we will see some real game playing. I used to be on team JJ but Im about to jump ship and go to team Dani. JJ and Dani join forces and run this house.

Dark Horse

Team Dani!

Also what is with Rachel picking & wiping her toes on Jordan’s blanket…
what a pig!


I totally agree!! They probably will be on Jerry Springer (if he still comes on)! I did not pay to watch porn on Showtime, or any place else for that matter,
and if that is all these 2 have to offer…GET THEM OFF!


They are, they are getting each other off. Havn’t you been paying attention.

Dark Horse

what I wanna know is…
who is the hottie in the DR…

He better be…
Team Dani FTW!


Dani sucks


Wow, what a well thought out and amazingly detailed post. What thought you put into that.

(sarcasm font) You’re cool…


Now Dani is starting to use her brain; get rid of Brendon and make that final deal with Jeff and Jordan because Jeff has not made any actual deals with anyone in the house. This is Dani’s only shot at winning the money and hope she keeps using her brain and takes J and J up on their deal and sends B and R packing to the jury house. COME ON DANI use that brain of yours and kick B and R right out that door.


I think Dani is just telling JJ whatever she needs to tell them so that they’ll vote for Shelly to stay. Then that will reveal to BR that JJ are not with them. She’ll break the tie and send Shelly home with BR definitely in her corner.
I don’t think it’s too hard to convince JJ of anything.


Dani is good… She had no one and was the number 1 target. Now, not so much. I really hope B leaves this week. Enough is enough!


All of you saying that Dani is acting like Shelly did a few weeks ago are wrong. Dani is simply covering her ass just in case things don’t go as she hopes next week. I’m not even saying that J/J are agreeing to work with Dani or not to nominate her, but unlike Shelly, Dani isn’t lying to everyone and being a rat. She’s keeping things to herself which, had Shelly done so a few weeks ago, she would’ve been in a perfect position.

Team Dani yo.


Production will make sure that Dani, Kalia or the car wins HOH.


Production will make sure that Dani, Kalia or the car wins HOH. It has been 3 straight weeks……very tired on the power being on one side. Much more fun when it is mixed up.


It has been 3 straight weeks of Dani being in power…..very tired on the power being on one side. Much more fun when it is mixed up. One of D’s group will win…week #4.


Brendon’s dick is already all over the Internet. So I guess he has nothing to lose. I do find it ironic, in one breath he chastises her for her behavior like he did last night. He had good points in their argument last night. But in the next breath he doesn’t have a problem with getting blown, jacked off, or screwing her while they are in there. You would think he would have more forethought about his supposed fiancee and her image especially after last year. Rachel is really just a trashy type girl it doesn’t matter how much you try to clean her up. And he’s just as screwed up as she is if he plans to marry her. I also wonder how much respect he truly has for her and maybe she’s just more of an acquisition more than anything else.


There’s just something about Dani that bugs me. I know there is a way the game is played but it’s not that. They need to get BR out of there followed by Dani. Then Kalia and Shelly. I hope something like the diamond power of veto comes into play. That would be sweet and agret way to ruffle that house up. This has been a very boring season thus far


Maybe for you, but your rooting for JJ clearly, who are the two most boring HG’s in there this year. If you are only interested in JJ winning, you may want to go watch season 11 again. Those two idiots have won all that they are going to this year.


I’m beginning to think that some of the JJ fans are as clueless as Jordan is. Maybe that’s why they cheer for her because they can relate. Hey, I am a bit of a fan too – even thought Jordans sucks – but I still like Jeff.

Rachel's shrink


Shelly Moore’s Linkedin profile shows she is VP Business Development at NBFog.
Google search confirms this – google “Shelly Moore”

Google shows Shelly listed on the “The Team” page and in two press releases.
Click on those links, or anywhere else at and she is no longer there.

I wonder if she was let go due to her behavior on BB?
It is possible, because a lot of VP’s have to sign moral conduct clauses that allow a company to terminate their contract if their behavior inside or outside the company reflects badly on the company…and I can’t imagine Shelly’s behavior in BB is flattering to the company she works for.

Just food for thought…


I was wondering this too because my mom is a vp for a company and at this party or gala or something where you bring your family she was drinking alot but she wasn’t drunk and then she vomited because of shellfish contamination inside one of the dishes and she was so close from loosing her job and me being homeless this was 5 yes ago shellys job should be under fire because she can’t act like this when she’s representing a company


well she really isn’t doing anything improper – she is saying anything racist, homophobic, or derogatory about anyone outside of the house (which could be grounds for termination) – she isn’t doing anything illegal (i.e. drugs, stealing, threatening, harassing, assaulting) and she has gotten drunk or into fistfights or had any severe breakdowns (really, they haven’t been that bad even when she was on 24 hour lockdown). She has actually acted properly as a person, just within the confines of the game her actions toward other HGshave been questionable – but her company had to have known that lying to and manipulating others is part of the game. I am not a Shelly fan, but I think she has actually carried herself well. She has stuck to the rules and been positive and not complained about the house or the game itself (even when she was on slop). She is very neat and industrious and keeps the house clean and organized, and she tries to give advice and comfort to the other houseguests. She also comes off as a big family person who puts them first, and seems to love her job and talks well about it and about how seriously she takes it. If I had to hire someone from this house for a job, Shelly would absolutely without a doubt be my #1. I also think that when her daughter is a little older she can show her everything she did and be completely comfortable and confident with her behavior. No, she can’t show an 8 year old this game and expect her to know why she is lying but she can show a 13 year old and explain the game to her. If it were my mom who behaved like Shelly in the house, I would be proud that she attempted to play the game.


I recall Shelly saying awhile ago that she was on a leave of absence from work….


I agree with you. I think they are disgusting. I can’t wait until B goes home and I hope JJ & S tell R to shut up when she starts her crying.


i COMPLETELY agree with you, it’s the sickest thing ever, i honestly don’t know what is wrong with them – and what about their own children if they ever have any – whether they have them together or with other people in the future. their kids will be traumatize and children’s friends will be youtubing this and making fun of them. it’s sad that people need to do this and that tv wants to show this. i am glad shelly called her out on it – and i am not certain why she said she felt bad afterward bc it is the one good thing shelly has done in this game. and i am not sure why the other HGs seemed to think shelly was wrong and its best to say nothing. if it were me i would just go in turn on the lights and do my own thing. they said to shelly they made rachel feel awkward well i would never let someone make me feel awkward bc i might walk in on them having sex. people are …so….stupid.

Aqua Bernie

I think it’s disgusting! But maybe that is the plan since Rachel can’t find a job. Porn can’t be much different from what she was doing in Las Vegas. As for Brendan, I’m surprised his school would allow all that. They both show immaturity, no morals what so ever. I know my family would disown me if i ever did this shit, but i would never be this disgusting. Not even a 3rd of it!


to me, it seems clear what Dani is doing. Dani wants the first all girl final three… and Dani would prefer Rachel be right there beside her. Dani loves playing the game and loves competition. I promise ( 100% LOL) that this is what she’s working towards.


Big brother 6 had an all girl final three with Janelle, Maggie, and Ivette


This wouldn’t be the first all female final 3, season 6 had a final 3 with only females.


Does anyone think maybe Brendon got something like a DPOV ?

Rachel's shrink

more likely a DP :-)

teri b

Or probably an STD! LOLOL I crack myself up!!


absolutely not, we would know about it and they are not going to give him ANOTHER chance and i dont think they are going to use the DPOV two years in a row


I’m curious to listen to this convo — do you know when it was on the feeds?


Dani should have just backdoored Jeff & kept the deal with BR. It would have made more sense. Jeff will screw her over. BR won’t ever be close with Shelliar or Adumb. And Jordan would have been useless.


That more than likely would’ve been her best chance of making it past the next two weeks, but I’m not entirely convinced they would honor the deal. I don’t think she stands a chance in hell, to be honest.


After watching last nights feud between B & R, I keep wondering how long will B put up with her? Sex keeping them together? How gross!!! There is more to marriage then sex, and R emotions and outbursts will eventually ruin that relationship or marriage. Brendon could do so much better!!!! He said it right when he told her that after this season is over the both of them need to go to see a doctor and try to get her stabilized Good luck!!!!

Question for Simon….if Dani is backdoor-ed can she use her veto card to take herself off the block, or is it only good if she is put on the block to begin with?


i think that card only lets her play in a pov…doesnt save her.

although i think they will never make it as a married couple…the real world wont be near as stressful as the big brother house.

come on big big brother…have a “hell week”!!!

im watching chicken george at the mecum auto auction. i guess he works there as a ringman there.


Her veto card is actually a “Veto Ticket” which will give her the CHANCE TO COMPETE in a veto competition. She doesn’t have the actual “Power Of Veto”, that would be unfair for everyone else. Production never just gave the PoV to someone to use in a future week.


Thanks for the info….I was under the wrong impression. I’m as dumb as Jordon!!!!!


noooo you aren’t, don’t say that!!!…besides, it takes years to cultivate that level of stupidity!

Rachel's shrink

There is DPOV, but that is America’s vote.
However, I still find it hard to believe Brendon was actually “voted” back in, so in the end, it is probably production’s decision who gets it.


Not a BR fan at all, but after seeing how he tears her down just to build her up, and his peen sky ping trash; I hope it’s Rachel that kicks his ass to the curb. That guy is toxic.


Agree. She was a different person when he was gone. They are not good for each other, she is verbally abused. Kinda makes you feel sorry for Rachel. If she were to get counseling I think she would figure it out.


Jordan says “I am not stupid, if I wanted to do that I would go outside”….well, since Jordan is the dumbest person in the house and on the planet, this is just one of many lies she is telling Dani…she knows that she messed up talking so much to talking to Shelly about deals in front of a “sleeping” Rachel precisely bc she is so stupid!


re-read your post. You probably shouldn’t be pointing the ‘ dumb’ finger at anyone else. lol


haha defensive JJ fans


Maybe this is a dumb idea, but I’m gonna throw it out there anyways…
If JJ find out there is no way Brendon is staying since AKP won’t give him votes and Dani isn’t gonna keep him cuz then KP will be like wtf… maybe JJ could explain to Shelly that they’re gonna vote for B only so R stays loyal to their side but knowing that in the end Shelly will be safe…? I know it’s risky, but I see a few pros:
1 – ppl may not think JJS are as close and Shelly could act upset (not as overboard as Lawon though) and maybe be able to play both sides again
2 – JJ might not be as big of a target if people don’t think they have such a large alliance…
3 – Rachel will have to appreciate JJ’s loyalty and hopefully she doesn’t switch to Team Dani
4 – might get JJ an extra vote from the jury if one happens to make it to final 2.
5 – if it back fires and Shelly goes home, BR would be major douches to turn on JJ and throw them under the bus yet again cuz it appears that JJ are good with them to final 4.
I realize it’s not a bulletproof plan but maybe there’s someway JJ can benefit from this…


I’m pretty sure Jeff still thinks he might be able to persuade Adam to vote to keep Brendon. If he can’t before Thursday, they’ll probably play it safe and vote to keep Shelly.


Jordan says “I am not stupid, if I wanted to do that I would go outside”….well, since Jordan is the dumbest person in the house and on the planet, this is just one of many lies she is telling Dani…she knows that she messed up talking so much to talking to Shelly about deals in front of a “sleeping” Rachel precisely bc she is so stupid!


I like how Jeff says at the start of the conversation uh huh and yeah and never clearly agrees to deals with people and then later on in the convo with Dani he says we’re on the same page and never agrees to any deal again. LOL 100% Dani goes up if JJ wins HOH—I hope D can’t really be that stupid to trust these 2.


Brendon has to gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Im so tire of them. Next it should be the crying beast Rachel.

teri b


Aqua Bernie

I kinda want a newbie to win, GO ADAM! The others already had their chance, Kahlia is annoying, Portia is useless, and Shelly is a used car salesman.

Rachel's shrink

I’m thinking Adam probably has the best game right now. He is clearly on team JJSA but nobody sees him as a threat.

It looked like he threw the POV comp that Jeff won with rolling the balls. Adam was clearly leading Jeff until the end, when he mysteriously slowed down and let Jeff win by 2 and he won POV when he needed to.


Brendon and Rachel are trashy — HE as much as she. Why do guys get pass for having sex but the girls do not??? Well, I’ll be be glad when Brendon is gone for good and Rachel, soon after. They are both disgusting. They and all concerned with the show being broadcast. I am glad I did not buy the feeds — the tales of farting, having sex, staining the sheets, and everything are just disgusting. I don’t want Dani to win either. For a time, I was hoping Shelly would win, but no more — I really don’t have a preference, but DO NOT want Dani to win. Am tired of her control of the house for the last 3 weeks, it is time for someone else to take over and Dani to be shaking in her boots…PAST time!!


I’ve been re watching season 1, so different than now. There was no hoh, houseguest all nominated but had no vote. America did all the voting. And everybody on the show didn’t seem like the were auditioning for a movie. Well maybe a couple. Now everybody seems like they are acting.


Rachel has complained on numerous occasions that she was unable to get work after last BB…does she think that this is going to help her get employed? Yes I do agree with AQUA BERNIE that she could get a job now in the porn industry and I wouldnt be surprised if she does. I never even thought of how her family must be taking all of this…can you imagine having your Mom and Da’s friends approach them and say…” seen Rachel on tv last night….doing the nasty with her boyfriend…you must be so proud.” LOL. Yes I do agree that sex is a very natural, beautiful thing that you can share with your partner but they are sharing it with thousands of viewers so it isnt intimate. Thanks for those who did reply to my post….am glad I am not the only one disgusted. I did get quite a chuckle out of her and Shelly the other night talking about how embarrassed Rachel was with getting caught popping a zit on camera….I aplaud Shelly for responding with ” that is the least of your problems..popping a zit on camera embarrasses you but having sex doesnt.” And Rachel had the nerve to say they werent then grinned and said well no one knows what we are doing….it is like she called us all stupid….


Dani is just as big a liar as everyone else in the house. They all lie. Some of the lies have nothing to do with strategy, and when you tell lies, just to be telling lies, those are the ones that are going to blow up in your face. Even if Dani makes it to the end, she will not win the big money, they will compare notes in the JH, and Dani is done. She is going to try to sit at the end with Rachel, she figures that is the only way she can get the big money, she thinks she has all of the newbs in her back pocket and they will all vote for her. She will have Shelly, Khalia, Adam and Porshe will be a toss up. Don’t forget there will be a reminder that Dani has already won $50,000, Jeff, Jordan, and Brendan haven’t forgotten and neither has Adam.


At the beginning of this season I was team JJ and I couldnt stand Dani but I have to tell you, the only two people I like in this house now are Jeff and Dani. Dani has made some dumb moves but she has put herself in a pretty good position and it so funny that it seems no one wants to piss Jeff off. Poor Jordan who I love, is really dissappointing me this year. If she wasn’t here, it wouldn’t even matter. (Sorry Jord). I think that Jeff and Dani need to team up and take this to the end. I would like to see both of them sitting in the chairs at the end.


dani needs rachel. period. because of the hole she dug, she needs rachel now with brenden leaving the house. shes an extra vote, and if you take her to the final 2, she gets 1 jury vote…one….Jordan gets at LEAST two…so just by that, and jeff still being in the game, dani needs rachel, needs her to take out JJ in a backdoor if rachel wins HOH to get the blood on her hands, or porsche’s…Dani can then slide to the end, with really no one outside of adam as a legit threat to win the jury votes over her….once JJ are gone, she has this thing in the bag.


What were R and B fighting over? Can someone please elaborate?