Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon explains to Dani that Jeff & Jordan are basically trying to make a deal with Shelly saying they are voting to evict Brendon..

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11am In the backyard, Brendon, Rachel, Dani and Adam are eating and talking in the backyard. They are talking about what HOH photos they should take this week. Dani heads inside. Adam, Brendon and Rachel continue to talk about random things.. like sports. Rachel compliments Adam and says that she thinks he has lost weight in the house. Rachel says that Jordan told her last night that if Jeff and Jordan vote to keep Shelly that Shelly said she will not nominate Rachel. Dani is confused and asks again what? Rachel and Brendon explains that Jeff and Jordan basically are trying to make a deal with Shelly… they are saying they would evict Brendon. Brendon says so we need to have a talk with them. They talk about who Adam would nominate if he won HOH. Rachel says that he would nominate her (Rachel), Dani or Kalia. Rachel says that if Shelly wins I will be nominated… if Jeff wins I wouldn’t be nominated would probably be Porsche, Kalia or you Dani. Dani asks Rachel if Porsche and her have a deal to never nominate each other. Rachel says no … I just said I have your back if you have mine. Dani says oh really because she said that you did have a deal.. I wouldn’t go around saying that you don’t have a deal ..I would use that to your advantage. Brendon says you know Jordan is in the final three… Dani says yeah I know. Brendon says I have always said she is the golden calf. Rachel says yeah everyone would want to be in the final two with her… Brendon says yeah because who would vote for someone who has already won to win the game again. Rachel says how did we get to this situation? Brendon says because Dani turned on Jeff… we turned on Dani and now somehow Jeff came out on top! Dani says yeah shocker! Brendon says that he can’t understand why everyone is afraid of Jeff. Dani says yeah I know. Dani says you know there will be another twist! Brendon says yeah I don’t think I am coming back into the house. Dani says yeah can you imagine!
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11:40am Big Brother call Dani to the diary room. Dani says its photo time… this is going to be boring ..everyone is asleep… I should just take pictures of people sleeping .. then people will really know how boring we really are… Dani heads inside. Brendon says yeah I don’t know I think Dani has a deal with Dani. Rachel says that Dani told her last night that it is her and I. Brendon says yeah thats what she’s going to tell you. Rachel says yeah right. Brendon tell Rachel that because everyone has deals with everyone they are going to self destruct ..and you just need to stay in the middle. Rachel wonders if Dani, Jeff and Jordan made a deal before the show … so that is why she wants us to back door Jeff so then she doesn’t have to do any of the dirty work. Brendon says its hard to play this game when you are a strong player. Rachel says yeah its even harder when Jeff, Jordan and Dani know all of production and they make deals before they even come in the house… Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When the live feeds come back, Dani has the HOH camera and they are all taking photos..
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11:50am All the houseguests are in the kitchen talking about what different photos they should take. Adam is making a ton of bacon. They head out into the backyard, Dani takes a photo of Adam playing the corn hole game, Brendon with a big pot on his head and holding the whisk, as well as one of Porsche wearing the HOH robe and afro wig on the elliptical. Shelly then takes a photo of Kalia and Dani jumping in mid air. Shelly says that was the bomb dot com! Dani then takes one of Shelly and her stuffed dog popping out of the corn hole.

12:30pm – 12:40pm They take a photo of everyone crammed on the HOH stairs … Dani goes to see how it turned out and says Awe… it looks like we all really like each other! They head outside to take a photo of everyone jumping.

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wow, they really look stupid in these photos hahaha i’m sorry had to say it


hahaha look at rachel jumping. what an idiot. Idk where she stand she was telling JJ last night that they were together til the end. MAKE UP YO MIND


rachel is great get over it


The jumping one a the end reminds me if Grease


Rachel sure knows how to spread her legs.


Rachel says how did we get to this situation? Brendon says because Dani turned on Jeff… we turned on Dani and now somehow Jeff came out on top!

Yea too much turning?


Rachel and Brendon never have a grasp on reality. Everything can be explained away as someone else’s fault or because the deck is always stacked against them.

When they win, it’s because they are brilliant. When they lose, the blame belongs to someone else for sabotaging their brilliance. Sadly, I would still take those two over Jeff and Jordan,who add absolutely no value to this game.




It seems to be the only position she knows with her legs spread wide!!!!!! And I used to be team Rachel but dam have some respect for the other people in the house. People say Jeff and Jordan are really not together because they dont act like it. Maybe Jeff and Jordan realize how many families watch this show and prefer not to dry hump in front of millions of children. Thanks for the respect Jeff and Jordan, I can’t wait to see the beautiful babies you two make.


Hey Simon, what is the POV Ticket does? Does POV ticket means that one of HGs can play or save themselves from eviction? Please post this for the responsed.


ive been asking that and nobody ever responds! :'(


So who’s going home? Will the vote be 4-3 or 5-1?

brendon/rachel fan

After escaping eviction, can Shelly win an HoH? What would be her next move?

this was on the bb page!! I hope this is not true because i really like Brendon. If he leaves i am no longer a bb watcher!!!


Sounds odd that B&R are calling the kettle black. J&J and Dani making a deal before entering the house. No one probably knew who was coming back but J&J and B&R who are close couples. The only production deal I see is Brendon getting back in the house instead of Dom or Cassi. That sounds like pure manipulation on the production part. I am tired of both of them whinning I am ready for him to leave this week and her next week.


Sigh… I’m gonna need everyone to just make up their minds.


I hope J&J don’t turn on Shelly, she has said from day one how much she likes those two. What a fall from grace to be her enemy when they pretended to like her. The two no looking so good here are J&J.


Are you kidding? J/J only have allegiance to one another. Truth be told, Jeff has allegiance to Jeff first and Jordan second. They’ll turn on anybody if it means they get one step closer to winning without having to work for it.


I totally agree jeff is only in this for jeff poor jorden. He will never give her a ring

brendon/rachel fan

Does anyone realize this is a game you don’t go into bb to make friends and give up your chance to win money for ppl you don;t even know. Of know if you will be friends after the show, that stupid on Shellys part she is there to get them further in the game waht about dummy who do you think they will vote out at final three themselves. if anyone was thinking i would take rachel or brendon to final two noone in teh hoise likes them and who would really give them the money anyone sitting in the chair next to them will get the money handed to them on a silver platter.


its getting more and more confusing as each hour passes by to know the temperature of how this upcoming eviction will go…..Although its very interesting that Brendone and RacHell have come up with the scenario that Dani and the JJ’s made a deal before entering the house.


Rachel says yeah its even harder when Jeff, Jordan and Dani know all of production and they make deals before they even come in the house… Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen.

Hmm Suspicious


I am so ready for production manipulation of poof B&R you are out of the house for some reason. Like the over sex stuff being stopped. I don’t see how they can let that go on when it is offensive to the other guests.


Sigh… yawn -_________- I can just imagine how boring it is in that house lol.


Watch if jeff is put up next week, watch him miraculously win POV, just like before


Neither Jeff nor Jordan are going anwhere. I said it before, they are liike protected animals on The Endangered Species List. Too dumb to fend for themselves so they have to be protected from the survival of the fittest evoluntionary process.


But when Dani needs to win it’s skill? Like the old saying goes,even the sun shines on a dogs ass once in awhile.Could you win every HOH/POV in the game,doubt it.Some ppl are better at certain comps and/or play better with less stress.Tired of it’s rigged for JJ and not the others,when it seems very clear when Dani’s team needs a win,they get one but to the DKP fans,it’s from skill and not production.I think her fans are the floaters here!!!!!!!!!


Rachel looks funny in that jumping photo. She is the only one jumping with legs in front of her? WTF? hahahaha.

Dani and Jordan look cute!


She spreads her legs like there only one way she could….


Just 2 days before the day lawon left cassi dom and brenon were within a few pwecntages points, the BB said that the total votes over 2 million and that Dom and Brendon outcome was very close and then Brendon had over a million. Sad wish the network would let the players play. And get to be havenots for discussing DR.


she was doing a toe-touch! She was a cheerleader in school! Go Rachel


Is Jeff Italian? I think Dom is. That’s 4 people in the house with Italian roots (Dick, Dani, Jeff, Dom) Can anybody confirm this, thanks.

Which A-hole Will Win?

Just dani and dick


Dom is half Italian and half Filipino. I thought Jeff was of Irish descent but I’m not sure.

teri b

wow……JJ touching!!!!!!


who is going home??


Haha, Brendon and Kalia look like total fools in the last pic. At least the picture is accurate.


Ugh why is Dani such a stupid bitch.. She wants Brendon out so bad, so why would she want to work with Rachel? If she really did she would keep Rachel happy by keeping Brendon thus keeping the numbers, too. She could start to take down the other half of the house but no thats too logical for Dani.


EXPLANATION: Rachel is 1 vote that can be swayed without Brendon. Rachel is 2 votes against Dani if Brendon stays.


She dosen’t control the votes, the other sides does, and I don’t think she really wants to work with Rachel she just wants them to think that since she’s already has problems with Shell and the Idiot Alliance of Jeff and Jordan


Because as long as Brendon is there, Rachel has someone whereas if Brendon isn’t there, Rachel has no one. If Rachel makes a deal with Dani and Brendon isn’t there, she’s out on an island if she turns on Dani since she’s the lowest on the JJSA totem pole if she were to stay aligned with them.


Hey everyone, check out Shelly at: This woman makes good money, what the hell is she doing on BB? This must be her vacation from the company for this year. Another thing, she is no dummy, this woman has gone far in the business world. More so then any of us. So don’t sell this lady short, she is a conniver.


Why would you assume that Shelly “has gone far in the business world. More so then any of us.”
I’m not sure what you are measuring against. If it’s Annual income, her corporate title or similar, I wouldn’t bet on it.
And Shelly is most definitely a dummy.
She showed publicly what a mess she is, and likely won’t have that job after this.
I wouldn’t want her involved in building any brand of mine.


All Dani and Rachel do is LIE to one another and have a contest on how many in a roll they can do. They got Shelly beat by a mile. LOL.


No one has Shelly beat in this game.


I wish some one would get a wild and crookedazz hair up their azz and start destroying this house!……Can we see some “Grade A” backstabbing, instead of this elementary snitching?


Rachel is just gonna go wherever the power ends up next week. If JJSA win she’ll gun for Dani cuz he put up her finace. If DKP win she’ll gun for JJ cuz they didn’t vote to keep Brendon (even though their votes alone wouldn’t have kept him).
JJ need to tell BR they will vote to keep him if they can guarantee a fourth vote, which they can’t do. It’s gonna be so annoying next week when Rachel goes on and on about how JJ left Brendon out to dry… why would JJ put tension on their alliance (which in their opinion still includes Rachel) by voting out Shelly when they know they don’t have the votes to keep Brendon.


Like a super floater. ROFLMAO. She actually called Dan from BB10 a super floater. She must have watched a different show, because say what you will about Dan, but he ran the house that season. I don’t even understand what she means by floater. Sometimes she calls people that don’t win comps floaters, other times she calls people that haven’t openly declared a side are floaters. And now Brendon tells her to ride the fence, like a floater. Maybe she will self nominate, since she hates floaters so much! We can hope. I don’t ever want to be grossed out when they have sex on the feeds again.


A floater in Rachel’s mind is someone not on her side.


Is it Thursday yet??

can't stand it anymore

Rachael and Brendon really are mental!!!! These feeds should be reviewed by Dr.’s to analyze their behavior. Look forward to reading about them in the medical articles…..God help them. I wonder what production thinks???


Isn’t it funny how all the BR fans have been hating on JJ and now the need them or their game is over.. How did u get yourself into this situation BR? Because your both idiots. 2 times you’ve been on this show. B has a third shot and you still don’t get it. YOU KEEP THE TARGET OFF YOU BACK. Winning early does not mean a lot cause a lot of people don’t want to because they want to stay under the radar. You 2 will never understand so ADIOS.

brendon/rachel fan

i agree with this comment only because they knew when Brendon reentered the house they needed to control the house by wining HOH but they all failed, but i know they will overcome. expect for this After escaping eviction, can Shelly win an HoH? What would be her next move? this was posted on bb website and how would they have the results if it’s a live eviction???????????? someone screwed up.

what the HECK

After escaping eviction, can Shelly win an HoH? What would be her next move?
Isn’t this a LIVE eviction, how would they know this!!! Production SHAME on you!!


And the winner of Big Brother 13 is: Julie Chen! For having to put up with all these houseguests and their immoral acts of depravity. Thank you and good night.


Wonder of BB’s gift to BR for coming on the show this season is to pay for their psychiatric sessions once out of the jury house? That would be the best thing that CBS could do for them. Why would anyone in their right mind show their dirty laundry to the viewing audience, especially their sex life? Maybe he is trying to find a cure for cancer in his ejaculated sperm that’s why so much sex. Lmao.


Where r all of Rachel’s apologist now. Please defend her actions. She is one of the weakest players ever on BB. If B wasn’t on the show the entire cast would have gotten together and voted her annoying ass off the 1st or 2nd week. I guarantee you Dani wouldn’t have given her the 1st HOH if she had it to do over. Next week will be so fun goes no one will comfort her. PREDICTION: She’ll pulls the same stunt with Dani at table and gets into CAT FIGHT W DANI. DANI turns and kicks the shit out of RACHEL sending rachel to the looney bin. DONATO’S RULE!


Those pictures suck!


Brendon is going home! Kalia never made off the ground in the group photo (same as Brendon). Rachel look like she is trying to deliver a baby in the air (woooo~what a mess!).



Dark Horse

She also likes to pick & wipe her toes on others blankets…


If Jordan comforts Rachel after Brendan leaves I’m going to scream! She says she won’t but Jordan can’t help herself, she’s too nice. Let Rachel self-destruct.


cant wait til Jeff and jordan go home. would much rather have br in the house versus jj


Actually Kalia is still on the ground, and it looks like maybe Adam and Jeff might still have a foot on the ground.
The worst part is Rachel’s impression of the Grand Canyon.


Rachel has already said her mom hates the show. i wonder why???? And early in the show when rachel and brendon in the havenot room something about her hand and he spouts off those are your …… and the reason I know that is because I am a PHD ( Pathetic Ho Doer ) like Rachel does not already k ow this or may e she is stupid enough to forget. Or Brendon is already advertising himself for a new skpe fling.

teri b

OMG……I didn’t mean that I was hating them. I was just surprised is all. No, no. Read my posts…’s Rachel that I can’t stand (I know, get in line). I also posted that I think it’s disgusting what BR are doing in the bedroom with people in there, that it’s just porn, plain and simple, and it’s sooooo not right. I can’t wait to see Breennnnnnan leave and the bitch from hell melt down!

Didn’t mean to give the wrong impression. I’d love to see JJD in the final three, and I KNOW that’s an unpopular opinion, but oh well…..


okay photos, cute, who cares who’s feet are on the ground…seriously?? Still a JJ fan. Everyone in this game lies, everyone, just some are better at it then others. I want to hear predictions…which is hard when part of the show seems to be rigged.


Pacer needs to throw away that pink skirt.


Pacer needs to throw away that pink skirt….bad skirt.