Big Brother Spoilers – Shane. Hey Jenn I’m sorry you are on the block

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

6:52pm Cam 1-2 Ashley and Joe Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Ashley asking Joe if he’s going around telling people she threw the Power of Veto competition to frank. Ashley: “This makes me look so bad”.. JOe: “I has never been said”
Ashley thinks she’s going up tomorrow she asks Joe if he knows anything about Shane’s replacement nomination. Joe says shane hasn’t given any definitive answers.
Joe: “I have never been in a conversation about you folding in the POV on purpose.. so whoever is saying that is lying.. “
AShley: “Oh my god.. this house is crazy”
Joe: “I got attacked by Frank earlier today.. he’s saying I’m trying toget him out of the game”

6:59pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Room AShley and ?
Jenn gives ashley a rundown about her talk with Shane. She pushed the angle to get Dan up as a replacement nominee because he’s such a big threat in the game. Jenn mentions that she told him Dan will just cut Danielle’s throat in finale 3 like he did in season 10. DId shane really want that to happen to Danielle. Jenn says Danielle is weak if Dan goes they can move in pick up the pieces. They both Agree Dan leaving will benefit everyone. Jenn feels good about her talk with Shane. They both feel as long Dan goes home this week they can use their girls alliance. Jenn is worried about BRitney ashley agrees but ashley feels as long as her and Jenn keep communicating they will be good.

Jenn says that Shane brought up Joe, Jenn, Ashley and Dan as replacement nominees.
AShley: “dan isn;t in the HOH mode yet.. especially he stay he’s going to be crazy”
Jenn tells her they are in a good post Frank will be the next target.

7:02pm Cam 1-2 Eagle Eye MOFO JOE and Britney Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Joe asks Britney where is ashley getting this information about him saying She threw the POV Comp to Frank

Britney: “I don’t even know.. don’t get too wrapped in this petty stuff”

Joe is wondering that perhaps this is the reason Ashley has gone to the other side. Britney: “I don’t know you were the one talking to her.. what did she say” Joe says that Ashley claims “Everyone” in the house is telling her he’s throwing her name around claiming she threw the COMP to Frank . Joe adds that apparently it’s not Frank and Boogie.
Joe: “And as soon as we were done talking she called Jenn in the room”
Joe: “You know Frank attacked me today.. I finally figured out why.. It’s from the Cheating….”
Britney: “Just keep your cool OK”
Joe: “I know… I Know.. It’s fully documented..” Joe explains that it’s been “Fully Documented” in the Diary Room “They” know it happened but “They” saw it did not contribute to him winning.
Joe: “You know he took the advice but he would have just won earlier”
Britney: ‘I know just don’t let it get to you.. I’m just trying to stay as far away from it as I can”

7:31pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and ?
Jenn goes over her conversation with Shane she tells boogie 2 critical things
A) “I feel really good it won’t be me”
B) “Ian might go up”
Boogie thanks her for the help he knows she doesn’t need to do it and he really appreciates her effort.

8:02pm Cam 3-4 Britney and Danielle

Britney explaining Joe and AShley conversation when AShley called him out for telling everyone in the house she threw the POV Competition. Joe looked at britney and said “ISn’t that ridiculous.. who would spread those lies” Britney wonders why he was looking at her like she thought it was a lie everyone heard Joe say that. “You told me you big dummy.. clearly you have short term memory loss.. You told us all in the kitchen.. I dunno I told him to keep his cool and relax”

8:15pm Cam 1-2 Ashley and Shane

Ashley is trying to get Dan put up as a replacement nominee. Shane says that he talked to Frank and Boogie and asked them if they was conversation about putting him and Britney on the block. Frank and Boogie said they did entertain the thought. Ashley brings up that the in the jury house people place votes based on game played (Bullshit) . People will not vote for people who did not play their own game. She believes if Dan went home Danielle will still work with Shane. Ashley is worried if Dan gets into Jury he will be dangerous.

Shane: ‘I’m just going to entrain everyones thoughts.. I can’t tell people what I’m doing“
AShley: “I understand.. “

Shane wants to know if He puts up Dan or Joe can he count on her vote.
Ashley: “Of course”
Shane says if Jenn, Ian or AShley are nominated then the target is Boogie but if Joe or Dan are up then they are the target.. he would hope he could count on a vote regardless of who goes up.

Shane says he’s talking to everyone and they are all bringing up good points.

8:25pm HOH Cam 1-2 Ian and Shane

Ian: “Can we just have the conversation so I don’t have to lie about it”
They want Dan up because he’s a master bullshitter and he won big brother 10 etc etc.
Shane: “My plan is put Jenn up and we’ll get Boogie out”

Ian feels they can trust Dan Historically Dan’s first word has been the loyal one and Ian believes Dan’s first word was to the quack Pack.

Shane: “Jenn.. Hey I’m sorry you are on the block”
Shane tells Ian that if it wasn’t for what Ian told him he would have put up Ashley and Joe. Shane wants confirmation that Ian really did hear Boogie say Britney and Him were targets. Ian tells him that last week Boogie “coached” him saying that britney and Shane should be considered possibilities for nomination this week if their side win the HOH.

Ian suggests to Shane that during the nominations he say “I had a few options and I weighed them and Jenn’s the one” Ian wants it to sound like he was still a possibility.

Ian does not think Ashley is close to Frank and he believes since Wil left AShley has gotten closer to him . Shane: “That’s good for both your game and personal life”

Ian feels like JOe is a major problem with him.. he wishes they had sent him out last week.

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mr this season suck

lol how funny if frank wins and the quack pack suck up to frank and he puts up dan and shane shane will cry

Carol & Steve

Since this week is a double eviction – my prediction if Frank wins the first HOH:
Frank puts up Dan & Shane – Shane wins POV, takes himself off the block
Replacement nominee would probably be Joe
Quack Pack still has the votes to keep Dan.

Then Frank can sit back, watch the house play for HOH which Ian or Dan will win & then Frank can go to jury!

It’s what I hope, but I hope Frank will put Dan & Ashley up thinking Jenn, Ian, Joe & Brit will vote for Ash.

My nightmare is that another Quack Packer goes up, but I think Dan would still survive to play another day!


If Frank wins HOH he will put up Dan and Shane if one wins and takes himself off the block their respective counterparts, Danielle or Britney should go up. Ian is another choice for the block. Then you’ll hear more quacking and duck sputtering then the health insurance Af- duck!


So from what I watched on tonight’s episode, the question mark next the balls meant nothing. They were just trying to scare SHane into putting up floaters.


Yes, exactly! lol I feel like BB wants Frank and Boogie to stay in the game. I really feel like something is going to happen between now and Thursday where Shane will end up losing his mind and not send Boogie home. If that happens it would be insane. I guarantee Frank/Boogie will win HOH and Shane/Britney will go home; but most likely Dan because it’s a double eviction and Frank/Boogie really want Dan out. Thursday will be very interesting….


Since this Thursday is a DE the first HOH comp must be played very quickly. I think it may be just one question “What’s the total number of balls in the Arcade room”. Then if they need a tie breaker they’ll ask “How many balls were on the ground leading to the Arcade room”.


I think Shane is finally getting the picture and hes playing for himself if jenn goes up then they want to get rid of boogie but im worried next week hoh ill be double eviction and it will be a hard fought battle i hope Ian wins


If Jenn is the replacement, then she can be sent packing, since her little friend was booted, she has been in a funk. Do her a favor and vote her out, that way, we’ll have more interesting people in the jury and not statues.

Carol & Steve

Well according to B/F putting up a floater is a waste of the HOH – gotta bigger fish to fry. It’s only a waste when the person you want to go home is on the block, but with both on the block we gotta get a floater out – LOL!


Neither F or M want out, Jenn is depressed and wants out, do her a favor and send her a one way tix to see her little friend in his sheer shirts. Was looking it from that angle, not gameplay :)

Carol & Steve

well she can go the following week then – LOL!!


They are going to do Boogie a favor and send him home to his son with $16,000+. Besides, all he has done is gripe about jury anyway. They are doing him a kindness.


lol at jenn really thinking she can work a vote for boogie.


You know, Jenn talking game this late in the game is giving me a stroke. Jenn: “Dan is dangerous.” Me: How the hell do you know? You’re just on the show for exposure that you’ll never get.

Mike out this week, Frank out next, Jenn out after that. Perfect scenario for me.

Can’t stand Team Froogie. So ignorant. Go Ian! They deserved to get screwed after the way they treated you. Go Quack Pack!

quack-pack fan

LOL! I was thinking the same thing. Who is this person talking game and how credible is it for her to speak with authority about who is a threat? I do give her props for trying hard in comps, granted she has only participated in a few.

Jen is a great person but the BB game does not seem to be on the ‘set’ list.


Ian is going to win it all


Shane is going to need medical help by the time his reign of HOH is over this week. lol…everyone is going to him with different story after different story of who should be placed as a replacement nominee. Shane should easily now see who he can trust by these meetings, something tells me all he’s thinking about now is who to pass the blame on. the more Ian speaks the more he gets exposed. boogie is gonna grill Ian hard tonight or tomorrow and that’s when Ian gonna crack under pressure.

quack-pack fan

I don’t know about medical help but every time he opens his mouth I hold my breath. He may not know how to play BB but he sure doesn’t have good social skills or a filter. He says exactly what he is thinking which in BB is a huge liability.

The voices inside Danielle's head

Shane, I love you and all, but what the hell is up with those socks? You will definitely have to take them off when coming to bed.

Night night Trey, see ya soon.


The picture shows Ashley sitting on the bed with Shane. What’s up with that?


Can’t wait to see Jenn’s face when she goes up. Can’t wait to see Boogie and Frank’s face when they find out Ian ratted them out. Can’t wait to see B/F and the floaters leave. Go Dan! Go Ian! Go Brit! Go Dani! Go Shane!


Maybe a Pandora’s box is on the horizon….


has anybody seen the post on youtube…. its has frank telling booger about the cheat …. i am totally ticked off about this… may i also bring up since i dont have the feed .. i thought i saw britney hit the button before frank when frank won his last HOH … i could be wrong but thats what i thought i saw … can someone confirm .. interesting watch on YOUTUBE ..


I haven’t seen the YouTube video, but from watching the feeds Joe said that he talked to the DR and they know Frank cheated but they said that he would have won anyway. It is interesting though because BB cuts the feeds every time they mention the cheating but they let Joe say that he talked to DR about it….I don’t get it.

I also know that Britney should have won that HOH comp…I don’t think she pressed the button before Frank but after the HOH comp she said that she couldn’t hear the music on the last one….I thought that was weird because she was on a streak. I think that BB wanted Frank to win that HOH….I swear because Britney should have won.

Dirty hands

You are absolutely correct!! Brit said she couldn’t hear it.. BB must have rigged it considering she was about 3 feet from Frank and they were both listening to it from the same speakers. Did anyone notice that in the HOH that Shane won (hockey one) that all the balls were different colors and that Shane’s ball was yellow and that there were magnets underneath the floor and a magnet in his ball. He did say his ball was heavier. How would he have scored 20 points on that game? All these conspliracy theories are so funny. It’s a show not a real game. Get over it…


It’s a reality Show not a production show that’s Why we as fans get upset because we are thinking its real but its not

Im so upset that frank won hoh they should have given it to Britney ! Know I feel Birtney should win the next HOH

production rigged it

i agree with both of you but when production wants you to stay like they do frank and like they did rachel last year they will do almost anything they have to keep the person they want in the house and the dr basically saying frank cheated but he would have won anyway is complete bullsh**t cheating is cheating no matter how you slice it.


Here is an analogy – best team vs. worst team. Awww, we’re not going to call any penalties because the best team is going to win anyway. Cheaters should not be rewarded. CBS needs to give full disclosure on this and the veto chip issue. Show the video and let the fans decide. As for the competition cheating issue – Frank should not be able to participate in the next HOH.


frank seems to be the only one who is seeing all the angles this year his only mistake was listening to boogie about not backdooring dan.I have to say it doesnt look good for boogie right now i dont see shane putting up dan or joe cause it would most likely be a mistake on his part and hes already made a bunch of those by playing for dan,brit,and danielle to win instead of himself .The only thing thats gonna save boogie is that ? mark in the arcade room wish they would have revealed what that was tonight but im sure we will know by wed if it does save boogie then they are gonna roll through that house like no ones done b4 starting with shane and dan


why is Britney a favorite !?

Team Frank!

‘Cause she’s a size 0, would be my guess.


Because she provided comic relief – even when the HGs are being super boring


ian is digging his own grave.

its just moronic

lets remove a guy who cant win, but would have had your back for a few more weeks, let you play the middle, but no, you have to TATTLE on the dumbest things that really you shouldnt have EVER spoke of.

ian HAD this game locked up, then he turned on chilltown too early, I swear this will be the story of his season. he needed to wait about 2 more weeks before making that move.

that worst part is, ian gets credit like its such a great move, when he is getting rid of 2 people who had his back to go to 5th on the totem pole


Why should they have waited to get out Booger? I don’t understand why wait when they had the perfect opportunity now to do it. Frank should have not listened to Booger last week and backdoored him. I like Dan and respect his social game and can’t stand to look at Boogie and his arrogance. Frank will need to step up to a different path when Booger is gone and it will be interesting to see.


agreed boogie should have made the move last week, but at the same time, I think he felt he was cool with dan, and that dan would somewhat keep him safe


easy man. boogie is the EASIEST final 2 win in the entire bunch not named jenn. hes the perfect guy to have around to just throw on the block constantly, and to work with to do dirty work via frank

FRANK is the concern, FRANK can get votes and win this game

boogie? ahahaha

the move that SHOULD be made= backdoor dan now. but shane will end up going home because he trusts dan. big mistake. at least with boogie you know where you stand. seriously, you do.


Shane is an outrageous betamale who does not make one decision without the approval of Britney. Its actually kinda pathetic. Giving her the entire blame for boogie and frank’s nomination is sad. He will nevr win this game if he is this dumb and this blinded. It does make sense to take out boogie but lets face it Dan is fucking Dan….hes sik at this game…and for sure is the bigger threat. Personally with the exception of Dan and Ian that Quack Pack is terrible. They need too grow some balls and make watching this season fun. Shake it up betamale!!!

Karen S

That’s what I thought JJ… and do you wanna bet, that if Frank wins another HOH that pandora’s box is played? From the very beginning we thought that production was favoring Frank. If the holding the chips for the veto in his hand kept anyone from playing.. then it changed the game. His veto should be voided.


I know what should happen with the cheating….because CBS CAN’T let it pass – whether it impacted the result or not. Let him keep his POV and take himself off the block. The penalty is that he cannot play in HOH….or maybe the penalty is that he cannot play in the next veto. Here is my reasoning – they have penalized players for violating their have not punishment – cheating during a comp, in my mind, is way worse. I would love to hear Julie say – after Boogie you have been evicted and she announced the double eviction – Frank, due to the cheating that occured during the last competition, you will not be permitted to play for HOH. BAM!


Does jen and ashley reley think that dan is a bigger threat then boogie and why after weeks of them doing nothing would shane listen to them. Is dan a threat yes but so is boogie the difference is if boogie doesn’t go this week shane will be gone next week at this point in the game dan wlll be loyal to them. I also found it funny how ashley is promising shane that if dan goes danielle will still work with him how exactly does she know this. The biggest mistake is to go after your own allience to early boogie has ash and jen brainwashed and it only took him two days and they say dan is the master


I love how evey one is oh who said ashley threw the comp? that whole other side did. WTF is up with these mindless idiots joe denies trying to get frank’s pov taken away, then no one can recall who said ashley threw pov when ian, britney, danielle and joe discussed ashley throwing the comp and being with frank. So tired of all these cowards running around going i didn’t say, i never said or joe screaming my blood pressure, but he doesn’t mind starting shit, every one forgets that because they hate frank. but when they wanted janelle out and boogie called her out they were all for it, when wil got caught lying they didn’t mind him being questioned because it wasn’t one of them going up…this group really needs to grow a pair and get their hands dirty and play the rest of these game.


What I heard about the veto comp had nothing to do with Ashley at all. I think the Ashley talk had to do with her folding on something during the comp – this was all discussed and explained last night. The “other side” was ok with it once they heard what she had to say.


@Mnica I agree they are all the biggest group of babies ever if Booogie and Frank go so do I. Everyone else is boring as hell and they have no backbone at all. Britney is a hider she wants everyone else to make the moves while she says I didn’t do it. Shane does whatever she says he has no mind of his own, Ian is stupid because he is playing both sides and the “quack pack” is just using him. Ugghhh it is so pathetic.


Im sick of Ian and his nerdy attitude.Dani and his voice drive me crazy. I hate to see it but it looks like B is going home. Then I hope F wins HOH, noms Dan and Brit. Tells everyone, lets get these “coaches” out of here and hit our own reset. Frank and Shane to the end!!! I wish I could play this game cause I would call people out on their sneaky sh*t.

Carol & Steve

If he puts Brit & Dan up – one of them will win & I don’t see him putting Shane on the block as a replacement b/c Frank needs Shane, so he’ll put Joe up thinking the coach will go & it will be Joe out the door. Then Frank will follow b/c he can’t play in the next HOH – and you know it’ll be another endurance comp which Dan, Brit, Danielle or Ian will win.


as far as frank cheated lets be real productions involvement is a whole cheat geared to who they want to win so why is every mad?…all i see is people say production rigged it so if it’s rigged how does someone cheat a rigged game?

The voices inside Danielle's head

Well I guess that makes everything alright then. wow, and I thought things were messed up inside of here.


It doesn’t make it alright but why complain only when production rigging and cheating serves the player people hate? the reason big brother continues to this is people only complain when it’s some one they hate. when a player they like cheats, or gets a power or a comp caters to the player they like they have no problem with it. so why make a big deal frank cheated if every one continues to watch the show an sees production cheating to get the one they like ahead it and people say nothing about it if it’s some one they like, makes no sense. If as a fans they hate it then don’t be a hypocrite and be cool with it when it isn’t frank or boogie


i feel why complain about this incident an not stand up to production and say stop rigging this game. In other words it’s ok if production cheats but not if a player does it???? that makes no sense, it shouldn’t be done by either. people are just pissed because a player they hate did it had it been some one well liked i doubt the outrage would have been so big. i don’t like frank but i feel production will never get the message as long as people are ok with pandora”s box or production rigging or some kind of power when it serves the player they like complain all the time not when it’s convinient


totally agree


the reason production is so hands on is people are Hypocrites they love when production saves a player they like, they love powers given to players they like. as soon as player they don’t like is the one production helps every one bitches. i don’t like frank but to complain about this when things have been so obvious on how production rigs the game for how many seasons now then complain all the time so things change. don’t root for this type of crap when it serves the player you like so as long as fans keeping pulling the it’s ok when my favorite cheats or it’s ok when production helps my favorite. then nothing will change and no one should complain if you continue to give them ratings or excuse production when the one you like gets ahead with there help


I agree with what your saying i have been saying that for the last couple of seasons the reason why production is so in your face about it now and doesn’t hide it well is people keep watching and only hate it when it’s guys like mike or frank who are helped by production i don’t like either one of those guys but production is the one doing it


Ashley really thinks that Dani would still be with Shane if he took out Dan? Good one.

Big Dog

So what’s everybod’y guess on who Shane will replace Frank with?


IF cbs reads these blogs. QUIT IT with the current head of household not being able to play in next HOH. LET THEM PLAY!!


My comment says waiting moderation, what does that mean?


Joe cracks me up everybody knows someone like him. I started out hating Joe, to being annoyed by him to now waiting to hear about his next conspiracy theory.

Carol & Steve

I can see that – it was like that with us with Renny, by midway we could handle her outrageousness! However I really want final 2 to be Ian & Dan.


Shane seems like a smart guy but, he’s such a freaking push over! Britney is a bitch!


I’m loving all this drama! It’s gonna suck when boogie and frank leave cause everyone else doesn’t like confrontation. I hope Frank figures out Ian was the snitch and goes off on him just for entertainment. Next season they should just have all new players or all-stars or celebrity addition. Two seasons in a row with mixing vets and new players just isn’t fair


i agree these people should just give up the game because they have not one ounce of fight in them pathetic


Frank tries to go off on people but, the second they stand up for themselves, he backs down. He did it with Joe and basically said “Oh, OK.” and walked away with his tail between his legs. He really thinks that if he puffs himself up and tries to bully people, they are going to be so afraid, they WON’T stand up for themselves. Frankenboogie TALK a good game about going off on people but they haven’t done it — except to tell each other what they will say and how they will do it — yet they never do. They truly have no b*lls themselves yet continue to talk crap about others and what big cowards they are. They KNOW that confronting Dan will only make them look bad because Dan will just smile and walk away, which would just KILL them that they can’t get a rise out of him.

I don’t know (maybe I don’t care) who wins but I do know who I want gone & it’s Frankenboogie and their giant ego. There will be plenty of drama in the future when the alliance starts turning on itself so I don’t know why they (production) have to keep them in the game.

I also agree that cheating is cheating (not production meddling, but actual cheating) and there should be a punishment. Maybe be a have not for the rest of the show or something but it MUST be punished as it cannot be allowed or it will taint the game in general.


Is it me or does Danielle look like she is eating a lemon instead of a cookie? She keeps making sour faces with each bite she takes. I hate watching people eat lol..


I may have missed it, but I’m not sure why Ian turned against his own coach Boogie? What did Boogie do that Ian didn’t like?


I mean, Boogie was never that close to Ian, or Jenn for that matter. It’s been obvious to the whole house that Boogie favors Frank and thinks of Ian as someone that he can control when he needs to. When the coach factor was eliminated, Ian and Jenn kind of jumped ship.

Carol & Steve

7:31pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and ?
Jenn goes over her conversation with Shane she tells boogie 2 critical things
A) “I feel really good it won’t be me”
B) “Ian might go up”
Boogie thanks her for the help he knows she doesn’t need to do it and he really appreciates her effort.

If Shane keeps his decision the same and ? is the replacement nom – then I’m sure Boogie will really “preesh” her effort b/c it was a waste. Then we’ll have until Thu to watch them try to flip way too many people to vote ? out. Just don’t see it happening. I’d hope that when the replacement nom is up that Frank & Boogie would just accept Boogie’s departure. They can use these last few days to enjoy their bromance & talk about how Frank will avenge Boogie’s eviction.


That cricket in the backyard is frigging ANNOYING.


Are you talking about Aspie-Ian?


That’s bullying!!!


Shirley, that is no more bullying than your calling hima bully? Get it? Nobody has to come here and Ian does not have to read it, so plase tell me how that is bullying? People through the word bully around way too much these days.

Ian is an attention starved whore that if given the choice would dress as a dog for 24 hourse (to get attention) rather than $$$$. Then the little dipshit has the nerve to say it’s because he is not greedy lol! Of course your greedy you little nugget of poop, you’re just greedy for eyes not money. Ian will be remembered (for me anyways) as the most pathetic houseguest (not player) to ever walk through the door.

Shirley, stop being a bully please.




Wow! You sure put me in my place.
Guess I’ll just call you cruel.


Let me first say that I do not like Boogie. I think he’s a miserable little man who wants to be somebody, anybody other than himself, he disrespects women, has nefarious dealings outside the house, yada yada yada. However, I’m afraid if he leaves the house, there will be no drama for the rest of the season. Frank will not call people out without Boogie and everyone will just go out like Wil. Without any fight, one by one while Dan’s calming mist infiltrates the house.

Season 10 was one of my favorites, but it wasn’t Dan that made it crazy fun to watch. It was everyone else. Dan just quitely slid to the end and won, cos Memphis was the bad guy. I like Dan. He’s cute, but he’s boring. That’s just a fact. As someone who has the feeds, I want some freaking entertainment and I would easily sacrifice a Jenn for a Boogie. At this point, if Boogie found a DPOV under his pillow and it was clearly rigged, I wouldn’t care. Actually if that happened, I’d probably be a little outraged, but still… I’m just venting. Jenn would NOT BE MISSED!




Anyone else notice how on the feeds, and showtime when they start talking about cheating they cut away, or the feeds?


Yep, CBS is either going to ignore the two potential cheating issues or they will deal with them Wednesday or Thursday.


Dan’s i won’t confront these people if a house meeting is called clearly forgets this game is about the television aspect as well. if no one was watching this show it wouldn’t be around so to take that stance is stupid . I guarentee when boogie leaves people will complain it’s boring and when he is there now they want him to leave???… people forget seasons like big brother 8 dick made that season with confrontation, social game and game play. season 11 you had russel confronting, game play and social game, jeff confronting. social game and game play. This season barely confronting, barely game play, horrible social game. so the problem is you don’t have a player doing all 3 you have dan doing social, boggie doing confrontation and frank, danielle and shane doing game play and everyone else floating. so the guy that brings the heat will get send home so there goes confrontation, then if frank or shane go during fast forward your only left with 2, then when dan gets sent home social is gone. so unfortunately i can see why production is trying everything to keep boogie


You need to stop complaining that Frank Cheated! Just let it go or drop it. Get over it and Move on. CBS Production had to their Job! And Joe needs to stfu & move on. You guys are whiny like babies. Grow up already. I’m not a Frank Fan but he did a good job!


I’ve gone out of my way to address the issues you bring up and not make personal attacks yet, anyone who disagrees with you is a whiny baby. You have given us the “facts” a lot and have defended Boogie & Frank all along and you are now changing your tune. Why don’t you pick ONE of the voices in your head and stick with it?


Who cares of Frank Cheated? CBS does not have instant replay!


“Jenn mentions that she told him Dan will just cut Danielle’s throat in finale 3 like he did in season 10. DId shane really want that to happen to Danielle.”

Jenn really has no clue, does she. I think she believes Shane & Danielle are much closer than they are. She has zero game and is now trying to look like she knows what’s been going on and has some control. Maybe she should stop sleeping all the time because she is still in dreamland. haha.