Big Brother Spoilers – Dan says they should tell Ian about Ashley and Frank kissing. She plays him like a fiddle.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

5:00pm Cam 1-2 HOH Danielle, Shane and Eagle Eye Joe Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Joe: “Frank just attacked me in the kitchen.. when no one was around” Joe rehashes the conversation with Frank how he was accusing Joe of talking about him. Joe wanted to call everyone together and find out who is talking.
Shane: “You know who it is right”
Joe: “ashley”
Shane: “Bingo”
Joe is getting ready to go outside and call them out and expose Ashley. Danielle tells him not to he should calm down first. (Joe is Steamed)
Shane says Ashley is putting a HUGE target on her back. Danielle: “She likes Frank a lot she’ll try to help him”

Joe tells them Frank got his blood pressure up he’s trying to calm down. Joe should have taken Dan’s advice and not said anything to Frank. Joe doesn’t want to fly off the handle and do/say something he’ll regret. Joe: “Frank knows i’m the only one that won’t back down” Danielle: ‘Exactly.. Boogie and Frank are trying to get a rise out of you don’t let it happen”

Shane: “They want you up as a replacement if I don’t put up Dan”
Joe: “They want me to throw Dan under the bus and when I don’t they start coming after me”
Shane: “Don’t worry you are safe”
Joe decides he’ll just walk away from Frank unless Frank comes at him in a public area then he’ll stand his ground.

Shane tells him Frank and Boogie are going to be all over him tonight. Joe mentions that Boogie is telling ian, Ashley and Jenn to come up here one by one and petition to get Dan up.

Danielle: “If you really want to piss people off.. just be really calm and smile.. if they are coming into your face it’ll be hard to stay composed bit if they are in the backyard yelling at you just smile “

5:30pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Dan Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Dan: “I don’t think you have to worry about being the villain anymore”
Danielle: “I can’t believe they are acting like this.. being mean”
Dan: “It’s better that they do”
Danielle says she’s found out that AShley it hooking up with Frank in the HOH
Dan we should tell Ian that.. She plays him like a fiddle.

Dan: “Where did you hear about this”
Danielle: “Joe and Shane heard about it”

Dan says if Frank wins HOH they just have to make sure they both do not go up. Danielle Thinks it will be Dan and Joe. Dan thinks Danielle needs to get really close to Frank just to make sure.

Danielle :”What are you doing now”
Dan: “Just laying low getting ready to strike on Thursday”
Dan is thinking they are being perceived as too close.. HE thinks she really has to watch being alone with Dan it more for her protection. .

Danielle mentions Joe wanting to go off on Boogie but her and Shane talked him down. Dan thinks they should let Joe go at it. Danielle: “He still probably will”

5:42pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and Britney HOH

Boogie is running out of time and he knows she’s stressed but he wants to talk one last time to her

Boogie fully realizes it’s shane’s decision and in the heat of the moment Boogie and Frank took it out on her.. Boogie thinks a lot of people were getting into his head.. he understands it was a lot of Dan and maybe a little bit of Danielle. Sometimes Boogie thinks the new players don’t make moves on their own.

Britney says it never helped her game directly to put up Janelle just like it it didn’t behoove her to put up Frank and Boogie. Boogie tells her even if she has 20% of Shane’s ear it’s worth him to throw himself at her mercy.

Boogie says he doesn’t like to look vulnerable he wants to be the Big Dog and Showboat.. Boogie explains that part of his problem right now is not leaving the game it’s him feeling bad that his past reputation is causing Frank to take a lot of heat. Boogie doesn’t think that people should think Frank is a bad guy he hasn’t done anything to deserve the reputation he has.

Boogie will target Joe and Dan if he stays. Boogie: “I’m telling you the truth I am not after you”

Boogie says that dan is the most dangerous player in the game.. It’s obvious from seeing how he can integrated himself into other people’s lives socially. Boogie understands how he won his season some of the new players like Shane do not.

Boogie says this game is kinda stupid sometimes because he’s going out in 9th place and he’s ruined a relationship with Dan someone he wasn’t exactly friends with outside the house but he really liked him outside the house.

Boogie starts saying that it sucks to be a person that played the game and made moves go home while other players that sit back and let others do the work for them coast to the end.

Britney says she told Frank she doesn’t want to know what he’ll do she will find out

Britney: “regardless of who Shane puts up I will still be open to discussion” She reminds Boogie that she’s very pissed at Shane for throwing her under the bus the way he did. She been trying to distance herself from him every since.

6:04pm Cam 1-4 Hot tub Dan and Joe
Joe goes over his conversation with Frank how he almost lost it and called a house meeting to expose who is saying things about Joe.
They both wonder what happened with AShley they thought they were cool with her.
Dan wonders if something happned on the Dat to turn AShley away from them.

Dan asks him how close Frank and AShley are
Joe: “They kissed once in the HOH”
Dan wonders if Ian knows
Joe: ‘He doesn’t.. kid out be devastated”
Dan agrees says Ian will get pretty upset.. best if he doesn’t know. Dan mentions that Ian is a good kid but sometimes he doesn’t know where Ian’s head is at.
Joe says that Ian is 100% with Boogie and Frank

Joe thinks if he wins HOH he would try and Backdoor Frank. Dan: “You would roll the dice that the POV was played”
Joe doesn’t know he would need to think about it.

6:22pm CAm 1-2 Boogie and Frank

Boogie points out that Ian and Dan were scheming.. today. Boogie rehashes his talk with Britney and Frank rehashes his talk with Shane. Boogie adds that he brought the tears when talking to Britney. He was calm apologetic and he thinks did a good job of giving her a honest solution.

Frank says he really played the angle to Shane that he has a chance to get rid of the strongest social player in the house.. he should take it

They agree that Britney may vote Dan out if he’s on the block. They are confident about having Jenn and Ashley’s vote. Boogie isn’t sure about Ian anymore.. Boogie beleives that Shane trust them more than Dan.

6:35pm Ashley explains to Boogie that she over heard Shane and Joe talking. Joe asked him how things where going and Shane replies “they’re trying” Ashley says the tone they used made it sound like they don’t plan to work with Boogie.

6:32pm Cam 3-4 Dan, Ian, Britney
Dan: “How realistic is Boogie about going home
Ian thinks Boogie is prepared to be evicted. Dan reminds Ian that he took the heat for Ian today. He doesn’t mind doing it but he wants Ian to know that it could be him having the heat on. Dan asks Ian if he’ll be voting to evict Boogie. Ian says 100% boogie has to go and next week it has to be Frank. Ian also wants to See Joe gone because he thinks Joe will put him up.

Britney and Ian saying they feel bad for Boogie. Britney mentions how Boogie was getting teary eyed during their talk.
Dan: “i don’t feel bad.. for what.. he’s just mad he didn’t get to do it first.. bottom line reality of it he’s worried about losing and losing face first and second the money“

Britney asks him where Jenn is with Frank and Boogie. Ian believes that Jenn and AShley are close and is with Frank and Boogie out of necessity. He adds That AShley are talking but there is no long term alliance there. Ian says most of it is her just nodding.

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Is anyone else having a WTF moment after tonights show and the last few hours of feeds?
CBS show tonight brings back clips from weeks ago leading us to believe Joe is a total BS’r. OK we know he is, but it seems like all of the sudden they really felt the need to point it out.
Back on the feeds, there is constant FISH whenever this issue with Joe going to the DR about the cheating accusation comes up.
SO OK, if it’s just Joe making up shit again, why are they being so insanely vigilant about censoring it? If it is all lies seems like they should not feel the need to be blocking it, I think.

I don’t know, I want to think it is nothing, but the way Prod. seems to be handling it is making it worse in my eyes.


As I said earlier about the cheating, How about Frank hiding something in his bag, was it the extra House Guest Choice chip that resulted in 2 for the game? So, with Frank admitting that he palmed the chip when he reached into the bag & Boogie telling him not to talk about it, the cat is out of the bag, so why keep switching to the fish?


OK had my AH-HAH moment now, lol.
Joe just said (Cam1 7:04 PM) that DR agreed with him there was some skeeviness w/Frank in the comp., but it did not affect the outcome he would have won anyway. So why the hell throw up fish all day then if it’s no big deal?!?! ARGHHHHHHHHHH!

production rigged it

see that’s complete bulls**t on productions part cheating is cheating no matter how you look at it that’s like you cheating on a test and getting caught but your teacher saying oh that’s ok you still would have passed even if you hadn’t cheated so it’s no big deal c’mon man really!!!


You got to love brit she plays the innocent card well with i don’t want to know who shane is putting up till it happens but she already does know because they all discussed it. Boogie is going to feel really dumb when he finds out it wasn’t dan gunning for him


If shane puts up Dan then I hope he goes out next week. I’m not that big of a fan of Dan but come on every week these idiots listen to them and fall for there garbage. If I was shave I would have said listen in not putting Dan up. If you want to work together next week then all good but I want boogie out. If the get rid of boogie then frank has to win every comp from here on in. If you keep boogie and frank in the game then the odds get tougher and you will have to deal with there bullying every week. Frank will be a totally different player without mike. I hate when people just don’t man up. I hear them say they will all the time but no body ever does Actually Jeff was one of the few.


I think many people have underestimated Shane. He may not have the best social game but he is good a playing along with Frankenboogie (great name that I stole from someone else!) and letting them believe he is on the fence about putting Dan up when he has absolutely no intention of doing so. He knows they were ready to back stab their alliance and put him up but he just lets them THINK they are still in control. He is playing them really well.’

I also would just love, LOVE to see Joe go off on Boogie. Boogie is playing all humble pie all of a sudden because he realizes he is screwed. He really DOES want to be in the jury house and now he has lost that (plus the stipend) that went along with it and he has no one else to blame but himself for throwing the HOH.

“Boogie will target Joe and Dan if he stays. Boogie: “I’m telling you the truth I am not after you” ” Isn’t that what he told Shane and Dan during Frank’s HOH, even though his real plan was to put them both up? He can’t even keep track of who he has told what, which has also bitten him in the a**.


I would like to punch Ian in the face for being such a two faced little liar! I can’t wait for everyone to figure him out and turn on him. I hope he knows Shane, Danielle, Britney and Dan don’t really give a shit about him! They’ll sacrifice him first when all their targets are gone! PATHETIC LOSER!!!!


HELL YEAH! Well said, my friend :)


Ians gonna win the game if he makes it to the finale. You should want to punch everyone in the game because they all lied one way or another and have all been two faced. Frank is a punk if he cheated and Production has no integrity if they allow him to keep the POV.


I understand what you’re saying but isn’t that playing the game? Sometimes you have to scheme and lie to get to the end. I think Ian is playing it well. But as soon as Dan, Brit, Dani and Shane no longer need him, he’ll be out.

Frank is taking this way too personally! As for Boogie, he has a huge ego and he just doesn’t want to leave so early in the game. He’s a jerk!


It’s called playing the game! He is doing it pretty well right now! Everyone in there is a liar…you would be to for half a 500k! I would!


If Boogie actually knew what was going on, he would be trying to get Ashley, Jenn, Ian, and Joe. Instead he’s wasting his time trying to turn Shane and Britney. He has absolutely no feel for this game. I have no idea how he ever won.


He won because he had Will and bb cheated so he could beat janelle which is why there is a 3rd prize for fan favorite


I was surprised to see that Joe had soo much air time on tonights show. Even the chick with the tattoos managed. I dont understand what production is trying to do by hiding stuff. They probably want to save Frank somehow and dont want to admit that Frank had to cheat (another reason to save frank) I dont see whats soo entertaining about him anyways.


Agree, Frank is like s stinking dog!! Just hope that Boogie goes and Julie Chen tells him that it was never Dan that turned on them and that we get to see Booger’s face when he realizes what a stupid IDIOT he is, and then hope that Frank gets booted out so we never have to see his smug arrogant nasty face again. Do not understand why production would let Frank CHEAT to win POV and then do nothing about it when he is called out about it. You know he did CHEAT or why else would production be trying so hard to cover up the cheating. I guess the game show cheating scandal is still rampant on television!!!!!!!!!


I think production is scrambling a bit because their cheating has never been so obvious before, mainly because Frank got caught hiding something and then talking about how he cheated by palming the chip. They are really afraid of losing fans over this because it is more than simple meddling like giving a choice to open Pandora’s Box. It is blatant favoritism and giving a player an advantage over everyone else to keep them in the game. Of course, this is all “speculation” but there is a lot of evidence.

In the long run, no, it didn’t help Frank ultimately win the POV, just gave him a huge advantage to pick someone who would not be a threat to win. That’s probably why they aren’t DQing him. That and it is PRODUCTION who really cheated, not Frank.

By the way, big shout out to Dawg and Simon. I found this site last year and, although I followed several sites (I was unemployed, bored and obsessed with last year’s game), this is the only one I follow now. As long as the game continues to be played, I will follow this site. I wish I could donate (still unemployed and losing my home), I will give a big one when I have a little money. Great job guys! Keep up the good work.


Dude, Seriously you all with the conspiracy theory that frank cheated need to get over it. If he REALLY did cheat then so be it. Welcome to reality tv. The reason they cut feeds when they talk about it is because they dont wanna deal with people thinking they DID cheat. so they just avoid those conversations altogether.


Apparently on one of the other sites production has acknowledged Frank did cheat but claim that didn’t matter because he would of won anyway. Guess not a theory that cheating was going on but actual fact.


You must not get the live feeds,bc he already admitted to cheating,and production basically said,oh well.

Jen W

Thanks Simon! My memory is terrible, does anybody remember something happening like this in previous seasons? I’ve heard of the Prod tampering/hinting etc. But a player cheating during a comp?


Shouldn’t matter if it did or did not cause him to win. He cheated. He should be DQd. You don’t determine penalties in an athletic event based on whether or not the penalty affects the outcome. He cheated. He should be punished for that. The DR is wrong in their decision.

Carol & Steve

Will wait for the next post but if the cheating referred to has to do with having 2 houseguests choice or Frank palming a houseguest choice so he could pull it out again then it does make a difference in the game. What if he’d pulled out Dan, Danielle or Britney’s name & they won – just saying… Can’t wait to see the next post – unless Simon posts fish instead – LOL!!


Im livid with CBS/BB!! First off,I pay for these damn live feeds.I’m sick of seeing the effing fish all damn day long.Second,We heard it from Franks own mouth,and Boogie confirmed,that he DID CHEAT by pulling houseguest choice again.Doesnt and shouldnt matter if it didnt neccessarily affect the game,but he still cheated!! Im going to write or call whoever I can about this.If they let that slide,what will they let happen next time??Its the simple fact that he cheated. I think everyon who feels this way should do the same! Lets Revolt!!

Team Dan

That’s not what they’re talking about. What they are referring to is Frank and Boogie giving each other signals during the POV comp of when to fold and stay. They claim the instance that can be proven Frank would have won either way. I personally think it’s BS and he should get a penalty vote.


Also, I thought that they spent way too much time recapping the HOH comp. Come on! They could’ve spent less than half the time on it. There’s a lot of other things going on at the house. That seems suspect.


This is really breaking news, it’s entirely possible that ***feeds cut to fishies swimming***


ALL of a sudden, Jenn is doing her makeup all up and making her hair pretty….talking game with peeps. And Ashley finally woke up and started playing….how much do you wanna bet that production told them they needed to start playing (maybe even offered a stipend) because ratings have been so bad. News Flash BB, from what I’m hearing about tonight’s show, the ratings aren’t going to get that much better if you keep cutting things out. I can’t wait to see what they do with Wednesday’s episode…..all the HGs have been talking about is the veto cheating scandal, what are they going to fill the show with? Us live feeders sure as heck haven’t been able to watch much of what is going on……


Annnndddd….right after I posted that Boogie goes “This F*in Wednesday show man, they’re going to have so much firepower- how are they going to even be able to edit this sh*t” Feeds cut to fish…….hahahahahaha. Exactly.


Nothin Production can do to turn the ratings slump around, short of callin Rachel and gettin her on the show for a bit of war of words between her a Britney

I hope they read this and calls her up, c’mon RacHELL come back PLEASE


Rachael sucks!


They may not show any of that because they might have enough tape they have shane not taking responsible and blaming brit, the fight with brit then boogie calling out dan (even though he didn’t do anything) they might show danielle being ex out of the meeting on top of that they have the pov and the pov meeting so they do have enough taped.


True , with all the feeds cut, POV might be 3mins long LOL


Oh I have no doubt they’ll have stuff to show, they’re professionals, BUT they’re going to have to address this whole thing between Boogie/Frank and Joe… are they going to do that without showing the convos of the topic at hand?


I agree with most of what u r saying except I am not sure where u guys r getting the ratings info. It is doing fine. It consistently wins its time slot and is in the lead with the key demo (18-49). It actually had over 6 million viewers last week (to compare the #1 comedy in the previous hour time slot had 8). What ppl need to keep in mind is it is irrelevant if it is done from last year as long as it’s getting more than a 2 share and leads I it’s demo :-) zzzzzzz….


BY mike your gone and than it will BE b


Why does Boogie dress like a rapper??? His Chilltown name should be Vanilla Ice.

I think it’s time for him to go home to his kid and his lawsuits.


if anyone is paying close attention to how this season is going, it’s def. not what production had in their plans. having the coach/team format this season was a ploy to deflect some of the blame production got last year. there were plenty of blatant production moves last year that fans easily caught. production probably wanted the viewers distracted with the four coaches and have the viewers not paying too much attention to what is going on behind the scenes. having the coaches vote to play the game was probably plan B in case some of the players didn’t have positive input in gameplay. in other words…production were not happy the way things were going in the coach/team format. it was getting boring fast, and offering the top cash prize to the coaches should of burn a fire underneath the rookies. sad to say, seems like everyone is hiding behind Shane & Frank and that includes the vets of the game Boogie and Dan. it’s become a two man HOH race and a bunch of floating cowards scared to get blood on their hands.

if boogie is evicted on Thursday, I believe he will have a chance to come back and it’s not to win the grand prize, it’s to save the season. if boogie and frank get evicted on Thursday, can you honestly want to finish the season having Joe, Ashley, Ian and Jenn talk strategy? those four are this year’s Adam (BB13). they’re not even entertaining at all in the feeds. if you’re paying for the feeds, you should be praying that production finds a way to keep boogie and frank for at least another week or two when some of the deadweight players are gone.


Don’t bet on it. Frank will be fast forward HoH! He will continue to fight.


Could be. The 1st comp will be quiz and Frank isn’t known for his knowledge. He will be up against Dan, Britney, Ian and Danielle who could all win it. I would put even money on Danielle in a quiz vs. Frank and she is the weakest quiz competitor of the 4.




ITA Cathy, great post!! I used to LOVE Dan in his season and was so happy when he won. This season I can’t STAND him anymore and I never liked BRATney, what a big mouth! I want those two gone and I like Shane, but he needs to grow a brain and start working WITH Frank and leave the retarded “Quack Pack” behind! Joe, Ashley, Jenn are the biggest floaters and need to GO and Ian’s a two-faced, lying weasle and I want him outed and GONE ! What a rat and I used to like him in the beginning!

I also hated Boogie in his season, now I really like him, at least he PLAYS the game and makes the show interesting. He and Frank are the only reason I still watch and I”ve watched from the beginning too. This season is my least favorite and most boring. It’ll get worse without Boogie and Frank.


Good have fun I’m sure BB is worried about you not watching. Janelle has 100x more fans then boogie. They obviously didn’t care she left. Boogie is a loser. Have fun watching Glee


So, Boogie should go this week! .. then Frank and then Britney! .. Britney is making me sick! .. she WAS the one who really Urged Shane to put up Froogie, and she let Dan and Shane take all of the blame! – I hope that Shane can stand strong and Not put up Dan, he should put Ashley up!


Yeah, she’s definitely not as innocent as she made herself seem. But at the end of the day, Shane didn’t need to single her out… I think it’s okay if he wanted to say it’s not just my decision, I heard from reliable sources you were coming after me and Britney, and they could have all confronted Frank/Boogie as a group. I still think singling her name out was weak on his part.




I think Brit and Shane are the power couple. Not Frank and Boogie. Shane has won the most comps. He just cannot think for himself. Brits puppet. Can no longer stand the snake Ian.


Do you know what I like about Dan is that he always stays calm, keeps people around him calm and doesn’t unnessacaly get into other peoples drama. He’s my favorite for sure! Quack Pack for life yo! I want Dan + Britney in the finals

mr this season suck

u want dan and brit in final 2 lol go watch watch boil i think it will be better


I agree. Both very entertaining. Dan & Brittany or Dan & Ian in final 2!!


Please let me pray on all of Dan’s Bibles that production scams a way to keep Boogie in this house because him and frank have been going to work every week! As far as I am concerned shanes back must be killing him from carrying all these floaters like ian, britney, and stalker danielle!


How is it production’s responsibility to keep Boogie? Boogie should have played the game instead of having a showmance with Frank and ignoring everyone else.

Carol & Steve

Boogie should’ve played for HOH so safety instead of going for the money. Frank has nobody but Boogie to blame for them both being on the block. Had Boogie won HOH – he’d have Shane & Dan up for sure. If Boogie had won safety then only Frank would’ve gone up & if he really won POV then once again they’d be safe. So Boogie will go home all b/c of greed and Frank will be right behind him…


Good Comment – I totally agree. Boogie should not have gone for the $10K. He should have gone for safety or HOH.


Love how joe is all upset he accuses frank and then is being a coward and not confronting love how all these people accuse others of lying and scheming but once confronted they chicken out. As much as i don’t like boogie and frank at least ther have a pair and are calling people out and psycho danielle has the nerve to say oh they are being mean???…Why because your being exposed for being shady and your cowards and don’t want to be called out that your like mike and frank shady. every one else acts like we are all saints


Totally agree with all u said! Yeah if boogie and frank do it it’s mean but what about Dan! He’s playing like he’s all innocent but he’s just as bad as everyone else. If he wins frank and boogie will laugh and be like we told u all about Dan but u got suckered like us


I think they are setting Joe up to take a fall here. They were pushing the stories he tells so that they can point the finger and say, you can’t believe anything that Joe says. His accusing of cheating…all lies. That however, won’t address the questions regarding the veto chip conversation between Frank and Boogie that CBS kept censoring. I want to see the entire conversation. I think that they may have crossed the line with this one. Joe saying the explanation to him was that the cheat didn’t result in a win should make no difference. If they cheated, they should be DQd at the point of the cheat. Slanting comps to favor specific players, inserting pandora’s box, diamond pov, etc., while manipulative are still what we have come to expect from CBS and AG. However, permitting players to cheat is not acceptable….regardless of the player. My biggest hope is that Boogie goes home this week; that the HOH & veto is won by Quack Pack and that that foul mouthed tool Frank follows Boogie out the door. Boogie can then thank his lucky stars that he got to go first and not to jury.

I would also, down the road, like to see Dan go to jury to balance the venom of Frank, Of those remaining, I would like to see Shane, Dani, Ian or Brit win. I do not want to see Joe go to final 3. Jenn spent too much time sleeping and not game playing and waking up when the competition started to thin out, aka Porsche. Ashley, I believe, played up her medical issues and basically provided comic relief, but does not deserve final 3.


100% agree with you Cruizin596. I really, really want to see Boogie gone this week and Frank to follow him right afterwards. Which is sad because I did like Frank in the beginning. I wanted to see him, Willie and Shane work together. Now I want Brit or Dan to win.


Wow, I was about to say that, ***feeds cut to fishies swimming***


Why won’t they let me speak? I think that it’s because ***feeds cut to fishies swimming***

Eric CA

I am just shocked and disgusted for what passes as a Big Brother Call Out.
I never liked them, but at least commit to the call it. This Season a Call Out is

“Yeah, you said that I said or did this thing, and I want everybody that isn’t here right now, to know. that wasn’t cool.”
“You’re a bad man and everybody is going to know, just as soon as I get off this couch.”


LOL, true.


Did Ashley really throw the POV to Frank?


Whenever they focus the camera on Boogie and Frank during BB after Dark… I change the channel. Just can’t listen to them anymore. Obviously CBS /Big Brother has already decided who is going to win $500,000, Frank! He is as pathetic as Boogie is arrogant.


I don’t get the cheating. Didn’t they have to dump the bag? Wouldn’t they have seen the two chips in there then. I rememner reading a recap of britney saying ” good thing they dumped the bag or people would think its rigged.”

And seriously the only game Dan has is being social, which might as well be labeled a floater. The guy is annoying. I rather watch a backstabbing Boogie anyday atleast he will tell you he did it.

VA Vet

Go back and see how Dan played in season 10. First 5 weeks, no wins. Sixth week on, 6 wins. He’s just playing his game and compared to Mike, (who also hasn’t won anything since the reset), seems to have the upper hand.


The only 3 things Boogie has won this season is the Horse Coach comp, $10,000 and Franks hand in marriage.


*snickers* So true!

Jen W

I don’t think it’s about the chip in the POV bag. From what I’m gathering, there was something about Frank leaning back during the competition – don’t know if that means he was looking at someone else’s guess or not. The feeds were cut for 6 hours or so on Saturday. Now I’m hearing Joe say that DR told him they saw what he meant but Frank would have won anyway. The chip in the bag scenario was explained already…they asked him to re-do it for the cameras

MU Tigers

Actually Dan is taking the blame this week, even though it was Ian that told the other Quack Pack that Frank wanted to backdoor Dan. Boogie should be mad at Boogie. He trusted Frank too much and Frank talks too much. And Boogie should have went for HOH and not the money. Peace out Boogie. He is in for a shock once he goes back and watches this season. He underestimated Ian and it will cost him unless production interferes.


Yesterday, around 12:06BBT, Frank was talking to Boogie about how he palmed the Houseguest Choice chip when they were picking players for the veto. He held it in his hand, put his hand in the bag, then took it out and pretended like he drew another chip, when he actually never let go of the HG choice chip. The feeds cut for a second, and when they came back, Boogie told Frank to never mention it again.

Carol & Steve

And that’s where the outcome of the game could’ve been changed! Somebody else (the HOH perhaps) should’ve been the one to put the chips back in prior to Frank picking again. If Dan, Danielle or Brit had been picked then maybe Frank doesn’t win POV.
That’s where it’s wrong – if production has that sound bite then it should have disqualified Frank & they should either award the POV to Brit or have everyone repick for players & do a whole new POV.


wow jenn woke up just in time to be a replacement nominee!


LMAO! who?


The funniest thing is the bloated opinion she seems to have of her persuasive powers.
Last week she was positive that she had cooked up a great scheme to get Frank to take Wil off the block, she was literally dancing with joy…
Just a half hour ago she was telling Boogie about her talk with Shane and how she is absolutely sure that what she said really had an impact on Shane.

She is truely clueless, you can tell she knows diddly about how this show works. She actually believes people when they say “You have a point, good thinking, I will really consider that, thanks for coming to talk to me….”
Those are standard HOH lines which really mean “Why the hell are you bothering me? Go Away!”.


team powerhouse talks a good game, but has no game. he’s a poor man’s version of Shelly (BB 13).


Team PowerHouse for life!

Too bad Danielle has no idea that Joe has a man-crush on Shane. Otherwise, Danielle would be pushing HARD to make Joe the replacement nominee/evicted houseguest, just sayin’!




1 deep, YO!!!!

The voices inside Danielle's head

4.72% Really?!? What is wrong with y’all. Did y’all really believe the Zingbot that I was a stalker? He lies, that’s what he does. I can’t believe y’all fell for it. I have been in Shane’s bed all week, I think that goes to show that he wants me. And how can I be stalking someone that loves me? Hello? Right, so like I said the Zingbot is a liar, just like Janelle was. And those lips, I don’t know what was up with that. Frank’s BO is really bad y’all. Be glad you can’t smell it. phew I wonder if Shane will rub my butt. Did y’all see me fall in the HOH comp?

PS Trey, I miss ya baby.


“did y’all see me fall in the HOH comp?” LMAO I literally laughed out loud at that one!

The voices inside Danielle's head

I’m serious y’all, how can I only have 4.72% of the votes in OBB’s favorite remaining HG poll?

Simon/Dawg, what’s going on here? Is the Zingbot behind this? How are you editing me? You guys know its Shane that is making me look like a stalker by his old fashioned values by not showing his true feelings on TV.


Missed you and your posts. The best thing about the drama now is not having to listen to her 24/7.

MU Tigers

At this rate this season will be known as…

Big Brother 14: Shamed the game, production’s to blame!!!


If they give America’s choice can’t we vote on biggest douchebag in the house to. Joe would win hands down. He is a grade A idiot. Also I can’t wait to see Ian walk all the way to the end and win this thing. As soon as he gets Frank and Boogie out, he quits throwing comps and wins what he needs to it’s going to be beautiful to watch him pick off the other quack pack members. When you can play both sides and actually have someone else be the target for what you say, it is a beautiful thing to watch. He is way to observant to know when someone is going to turn on him not to take care of it. I loved the evil conversation on the show tonight. Evil Dick watch out…lol.


This is the way I see it: if you’re a guy and you’re NOT pulling for Boogie/Frank, then you’re A) a pu$$y or B) you’ve been married too long or C) are a virgin.

On the flipside, if you’re a woman and you ARE pulling for Boogie/Frank, you’re marriage material.

Seriously, Dan is such a d-bag. If you’re going to read the Bible in front of everyone (which Jesus said not to do), then maybe you don’t say GD (which isn’t a real commandment, but he doesn’t know that) every other word. His shtick is tired.

And Shane would be stupid NOT to backdoor Dan. He’s out of his mind if he thinks they’re taking him to the F3 where he will wipe the floor with them in comps and get to the end. Shane needs to get rid of Dan (Brit and Danielle will get over it because, seriously, they know all four of them can’t win, right? And Dan is a shoe-in to win if this alliance stays in tact?). If he keeps noms the same, Dan will win the game having done absolutely nothing but lay down on the couch. Literally.

I thought last season was bad, but this one is awful. All new players next season, please.


Amen to that brother! PREACH!!! can’t believe Dan game play this season is the exact game play he used on his season to win. Ian who claims to be a fanboy of BB should of already caught on to Dan’s act. Ian siding with boogie and frank this week would of gave Ian a great position in the game. voting boogie out does nothing for Ian’s game, especially when it should be obvious to Ian that Dan, Danielle, Shane and Britney have a final 4 deal.


Your family must be so proud that they raised such an ignorant pissy bully. If you idolize whining, moaning, sad bullies as Frank and Boogie, you must identify with them and be one yourself.

If you are married, she must be brused. If you have kids, they are in fear of their lives.


Marriage material to you is a guy (combining Booger/frank) who has nappy hair, body odor and an inflated ego

So I guess you just described yourself as a stinky, egotistical, ugly, nappy haired women hater. INTERESTING……,,


*marriage material to you is a girl who likes…..*


this makes me sad

if ashley had been in their ear earlier, they might have had more useful info in the house. too little, too late.

Jen W

Didn’t Boogie spend a lot of time reading the Bible as well? I saw it in the posts several times


The other Bible reader was Janelle.

Carol & Steve

I recall seeing both Boogie but mostly Frank reading the good word – LOL!! Whatever- bring on the fish….

Danielle is a raging idiot...

that link was just my version of DAN

The Rose

There goes Shane talking his fool head off to Ashley, knowing she’s not with them. What a dumb ass!

Danielle is a raging idiot...

my version of joe………i think it is a nice likeness


I don’t know if any of the feeders remember Boogie and Frank talking in the have not room the night before POV was to be played…before the tokens (Chips) were even done….Boogie told Frank to pick Ashley and have Ashley throw the POV to Frank…so they (Boogie and Frank) already knew they could pick Ashley.

How may you ask…When they came back in from lock down and saw the balls on the ground leading to the arcade room…Frank picked something off the ground and put it in is pocket..Probably the houseguest choice chip.

Since when has there ever been 2 Houseguest choice chips in a bag on any season…None that I can remember..I could be wrong but I don’t remember there ever being 2.

Then the cheating Joe is talking about…Frank leaning in his chair or whatever and the feeds being down for 6 hours yesterday something happened for sure that was blocked from the viewers and I personally think that Frank did cheat and Ashley did throw that POV to him…So Production is wrong in what they told Joe..They just want Frank to stay and win.

I don’t know why AG thinks the viewers enjoy watching there favorites play there hearts out only to be screwed over by AG because she whats a certain person to win…I really can’t believe this game has gotten this bad.

I don’t really have a favorite this year but I do not like Frank and Boogie for 2 reasons…They act like they are entitled and they have production doing everything for them…so not fair to all the other house guest. I see why BB has to recruit people now.

I am Danielle's left eyebrow

YES!!!!!! Why do they feel that everyone has to EXPLAIN their actions to them…..if I hear boogie say “we can fix this” one more time….it is more than entitlement, it is as if no one is permitted to make big moves but them……………………………..


people should learn what getting blood on your hands and calling people out means by watchinh evel dick on his season when people schemed behind his back he confronted. These cowards back track and like dan i want to lay low no you idot your ruining the season by laying low. Britney, joe, shane danielle, dan all complain at how mean frank and boogie are because there too scared to man up. But when boogie did it to confront janelle they were all for it because it served there purpose bunch of hipocrites


Shane is an outrageous betamale who does not make one decision without the approval of Britney. Its actually kinda pathetic. Giving her the entire blame for boogie and frank’s nomination is sad. He will nevr win this game if he is this dumb and this blinded. It does make sense to take out boogie but lets face it Dan is fucking Dan….hes sik at this game…and for sure is the bigger threat. Personally with the exception of Dan and Ian that Quack Pack makes me convulse. They need too grow some balls and make watching this season fun. Shake it up betamale!!!


Sooo many of you were critical of the super fan not playing – well, he’s playing now.
Why is it ok for some to play both sides and not others. Go Ian!!


Guys, let it go. Who cares Frank cheated!! So What! Frank is not going anywhere. He will survive the double eviction by winning HoH fast forward!


“Britney says it never helped her game directly to put up Janelle just like it it didn’t behoove her to put up Frank and Boogie.” Why is she lying and trying to get on Boogie’s good side? What good does she think it is doing? She is so afraid that people will think bad of her, she has to get rid of any hint that she was in on it.


“Boogie says he doesn’t like to look vulnerable he wants to be the Big Dog and Showboat” Yep, that’s why everyone hates you. Duh. Where is all that showboating and calling people out? Yeah, you back down anytime someone like Joe stands up to you. I really think he and Frank are afraid of going head to head with Joe because Joe knows a lot more than he is letting on.


I didn’t mean to imply that Joe knows anything, really. Just that he will fire on all barrels and give back as good as he gets. That’s why I think Frank backed down so quickly. Either that or he really is all talk and no action.