Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon wins the POV! That’s 2 HOH’s and 2 POV’s they have won!

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2:20pm The feeds come back and Rachel and Brendon are in the HOH. Brendon says that don’t you love it we have won 2 HOH’s and 2 POV’s! They high five. Brendon won the POV! Rachel is complaining about how her eyes hurt from getting soap in them. Brendon tells her that she can just relax and they won’t talk game. He says that if anyone comes up he will tell them that they just want to rest. The POV competition was a spelling competition. Brendon says that he thought Adam was going to be good at it ..that he can just see him sitting at home playing scrabble. They talk about how they need to win HOH this week too.
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2:30pm Brendon gets called to the diary room. Adam and Jeff are talking about Jeff spelling “Technotronics” on his season. They talk about how he redeemed himself this time. They congratulate Porsche on how well she hosted the competition. Adam, Jeff, Lawon, and Shelly are in the kitchen talking about random things and eating lunch. Dominic is in the bathroom, he has a shower and then gets dressed. Meanwhile, Rachel is in the HOH bathroom sitting on the floor by herself in silence. She coughs a couple times. Her eye’s are really bothering her.

2:50pm Dominic and Kalia are whispering in the metal room. Kalia is telling Dominic that it will be on their (Brendon & Rachel) hands now.

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Say what you want about them as people, but they are BEAST at competitions. WOW.


just because alison grodner decided to make this season “the brenchel show” and fed those 2 cheat sheets so they’d win doesn’t make those 2 asswipes beasts at anything.
they are the shit stains on the panties of big brother and always will be
so go gloat on a “I love brenchel” site. oh wait there are none.




you cant even post under a name. everyone knows name pops up when you leave the name field blank. so go eat some poop with rachoe


Nope we talk about the most annoying competitors, and this season and last were brenchel, before that was Jessie and Natalie before that was just Jessie…


CBS I am done with this show. One year of Brandon and rachel is enough for me. I am sure the ratings will keep going down the longer that those two are kept, I mean stay on big brother.


Hopefully here comes the drama! Cant wait to see if JJ gets back doored. Entertain me!!!!!


SInce you said to say what you want of them as people (LOL): I forgot how terribly awful Rachel was as a human being. She has zero social skills. She is physically and socially a huge fake which is why she does well in the job she has (she’s still a VIP room vixen isn’t she?) Brendon must see something in her to love, but I just don’t see it inside or out. I laugh every time Brendon is aghast that she says something negative or pisses someone off. That’s who she is Brendon…WAKE UP!


My favorite duo in Big Brother history is teaming up with my least favorite duo. What is this world coming to? LOL. I just hope J and J have control when the time is right to turn on each other. Sooner or later it has to be done by one of the vet duos. I’m a bit worried this week as now is the perfect time for B and R to backdoor J and J. If it happens to J and J, I hate that Jeff will end up being the one kicked out the door since everyone adores Jordan. That’s why she ended up winning in their original season…everyone kept her around because she was a great person who wasn’t a threat, then she won back-to-back comps to get to the finals and win the whole thing. I want this season to be Jeff’s turn.


Spelling contest? man they are getting a little repetitive, they had one last season around this time.. I think Brendon won that didn’t he?


As much as I dislike there social game those two are strong competitors


please read my above comment to “dave”


I’m frustrated. Everyone in this house is dumb. I think Dani’s the smartest. I hate BR!


Let the slaughter begin. Hehe.


i wouldn’t think it is too hard to win comps when everyone else is stupid enough to throw them. YAY i won against myself…..GO ME

totally ridiculous


Plus, the 1st competition that Rachel “won”, she didn’t actually win it. Evel Dick and Dani were both still on the banana and they gave it to her as long as she didn’t put them up. And the 2nd HOH was just a guessing game. I watched her with the confused look on her face turning the box back and forth and just happened to guess right.


say what you want, but they always win


They always win? 1) See their requests of others to “throw”competitions and 2) see crybaby in the bushes scene.


BEAST MODE.. thats what i like about brenchel they are so competitive


I agree..they always go into competitions to win,regardless of what others think. That’s the ONLY thing I like about that Despicable Duo.


People I think Brendon and Rachel are going to the end they are really good at comps


The Newbs just became weak ever since the 1st vote when Shelly and that fat bitch Kalia flipped! I think they could’ve been way stronger otherwise,


Everyone should be able to play POVs, like they used to do on BB. I don’t think its fair to only have the nominated, HOH, and 2 others playing.


I hope Jeff didn’t try to spell “technotronics” again.
And now we wait for the power surge to go into Brendon & Rachel’s head.


Exactly what I was going to say LOL! Should be a fun couple of days to see if Rachel is going to flip out on JJ even though things appear to be solid for now….


Yeah! Rachel is going to act like the Evil Queen from Snow White. If someone is prettier than her she wants that person out. Then act like she owns the house. Do what she says or else the person will be out of the house.

Sure she’s good at competitions, but she’s got the maturity level of a 5 year old. Whines, cries, & throws tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants. The only way she can get calmed down is by her mommy/Brendon comforting her, by telling her how “wonderful & beautiful” she is…



Jordan K.

Brendon and Rach are a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH. They’re the best competitors in that house.


they only win because of grodner. she gave em cheat sheets to read before pov comp. (thats why first rachoe was in DR right beofre then brendumb right after) so it hardly counts. sides this yrs cast is so lame that as much as I hate brenchel the others have no one to blame but theirselves that fat bitch oprah wannabe and that carpet muncher shel should never have taken the vets sides. this game would have been a real game if keith had stayed and the regulator alliance would have unfolded. if that had happened bet ya rachoe and (or) brendumb would have been gone or up by now.


Say what you want you just can’t admit that BR is the strongest at the competitions….but they are definitely weakest at social gameplay!

Mr. Pigface Weapon Waist

Dom better get the pussy now, he has 5 days left LOL


Haha..I really think Dom is either A). Asexual or B). Gay (and doesn’t know it yet)

chick from louisiana

Surprise, surprise. Brendon won the damn POV. Seriously, this IS becomming the Brendon and Rachel show. How boring that they win everything. CBS really sucked at casting this year. My only hope is that Danielle is strong enough in competitions to beat them, because obviously no one else is.


Rachel’s win on Thursday was a fluke. It was a damn guessing game that required no intelligence, skill, or talent.

And when you convince people to throw comps, your superiority is in manipulation – not comps.


Said it before and I’ll say it again as much as you may dislike BR personally everyone must admit they are the best at comps!

chick from louisiana

I think that’s because they have no other competitors in the house. We have no idea what Dani would be capable of, since she hasn’t had the opportunity to play. I think Evel Dick possibly could’ve took them, but we all know how that turned out. There are some weaklings in the house this season.


If they really do put up JJ then I’m done with this season. I REFUSE to sit back and watch the BR show.

I am SICK of Rachel and her stupidity. She put up Casey because she was prettier than her. And now she’s gonna back door JJ because Jordan didn’t pick her to watch a TV show!? What a stupid bitch. And then she has the nerve to walk around talking about how other players are stupid *rolls eyes* Gawd I wish I could go there just to smack that twat across the face

i don’t care if she can win competitions. Winning and wasting the power over petty things is unforgivable.

chick from louisiana

LOL. Wish we could roll up, ring the doorbell, ask for Rachel, and take turns slapping her


You are all so very jealous of the great Rachael, for she is the BEST in the game. Poop poop to all you losers!!


REALLY?? lol

A Nono Moose

You really a chick? Yea I know it says Sara but come on, its not very progressive for you to call another female a ‘twat’…funnier then shit tho so thanks for that one.
Cant think of anyone I like this year…maybe Adam cuz we’re both old dudes but I’d never admit to being a 90210 fan, strike 1 against him & I like pure rock & roll which metal aint..strike 2, balls on the chin comment is epic so he gets a pass. Did like Cassi, shes pretty & smart, plus she says ‘shenanigans’, a lot. That voice of hers is way sexy.
Rachel & Brendon do suck but they’re trend setters… now we have ‘The Crying Bush’…what possessed her to head for the bushes? That shit had me rolling


I concur I concur I concur! They Must have Someone at CBS watching these boards!! If they do a little ” swaying” ( production) do they even realize no one will watch BB14? This is ridiculous! They must have a bunch of fresh-faced college graduates working for them!


Everyone swore that last season too yet here we all are :-).


I have stopped watching the episodes and only follow along here and with lala. B&R are beyond annoying to me and I wont watch until they are gone.


You guys need to make an app.. I wld download so fast


While Brenchel is good at competitions, let’s not forget that people are also throwing the competitions… I can’t believe people would actually throw a competition, even the POV.

Mr. Pigface Weapon Waist

Good thing Jeff didn’t try and spell that fake word again…. I swear these comps are too easy, most of the comps especially quizzes are geared towards the HGs that knows the shows past seasons, so it not really a challenge to anyone who knows the competitions in an out.


I read that Procrastination may have been one of the words spelled during the comp (B’s word, i think)

Repell told Barennan earlier that she knows for a fact that Dani is talking to Dick outside of this game (as in Dick gets to give her advice via DR sessions). B asks how she knows this and she tells him that she’ll tell him after the show is over.


Too much POV, not enough PBJ, KFC, McD, and R-Bs.


So are Jeff and Jordan definitely getting the backdoor?

And I really think this season is tailored for Brendon and Rachel to win. It sucks though because nobody likes them wholeheartedly.


Doesnt look like it Brenchel caught on to Dani’s game and said that all four of them (BR,JJ) need to stick together


I seriously doubt that Repell and Barennan will put up JJ as the replacement noms because they are catching on to the fact tht everyone is trying to pit them against each other so the only chance any of the four of them has is by sticking together.


I’m kinda confused on to what rachel and brendon are going to do….is adam the target this week? or is it lawon? cause idk if they lied to adam and dominic by telling them they want lawon gone. So that they would throw the pov….and what is it with everyone throwing everything? I think its completly stupid for people on the block to even consider throwing a pov. People never learn. Anyways does anyone know the true target this week?


Agreed! First rule of any reality tv – never throw a comp!


yeah they arent that great the first hoh evil dick and dani were both on and agreed to just jump off, the second hoh was guessing, the first pov kieth and porche lost on purpose, and i dunno what happened on this one but im willing to bet dom and adam didnt go for it 100%…. but ti doesnt matter they wont win if they are dumb enough to get rid of jeff this week everybody in the house will be trying to get rid of them….. they are in the same situation as last season


Best that could happen now is Jeff and Jordan put together enough votes to evict Dom if bucket head Brendon keeps the nominees the same or maybe evict Lawon if the couples are changed


I thought….it was to get rid of Dom….but with those two?? Who the frak knows!!


these newbies are some sorry competitors this year. where did they get kalia from? casting needs to be fired



KitKat (give me a break) Koala/Kalia – Is best friends with DR Will’s brother
13 & PT – Were both suggested for the show by their modeling agents
Portapotty/Porky – Pals around with Janelle
Repell & Barennan – Most hated Duo
Jordeff – Most loved Duo
Dominatrix & Dickhead – Most contraversial Duo
Shelly – Token: Mama Says…
Lawon- Flamboyant necessity
Adam – Superfan/armchair quarterback

The returning Duos with the Golden Key twist, c’mon!

How else are the fans supposed to feel other than this being a complete set up?


They got all the blacks from a negative stereotypical casting call of characters this year. Keith was the sexually aggressive character. I don’t know if you’ve watched the we love big brother interviews on YouTube. The ones they did prior to entering the house. But I was literally LMAO at his. There is a part where he said he was a Christian but then later said he hoped that some of the girls had their asses hanging out. I thought a screw was missing somewhere. Kalia isn’t as big as people make it seem in my opinion. But she’s overweight and has a boxy shape, and talks a lot. So they probably figured she’d be loud and opinionated. Instead of putting in a black girl who was also thin like the rest of the girls or casting a more athletic black girl like Monet was. And what can we say about Lawson . I don’t dislike him but his he’s there with outdated clothes and over the top stereotypical DR sessions. The roll your neck gay black guy, and the random dancing was funny ,but doesn’t help. It’s like they found him from the 70s. So they were probably looking for over the top behavior there too like going off on people and ‘”telling them like it is”.


Yeah I forgot to add Keith in there as the Jesse wannabe.

Koala is very irritating with her ‘that’s racist’ comments, hair phobias, non-stop talking, eating everyone’s food, never cleaning cause she’s a diva, complaining, laziness, sleeping all the time and constantly causing FOTH or being called out due to her singing or obstruction of her microphone. She’s already picked up on the Shima Diva gameplay by telling others she is considering telling them no when she’s called to the DR. She’s not there for the money obviously since she has had a top notch education and currently has a maid. Same goes for Shell Shocked, she’s commented about how much money she spends on her pets and sends her daughter to a private school, owns her own business etc. Both of them are the very definition of floaters.

The noobs were stoopid by not sticking together and even stoopider for throwing comps.


f everyone is throwing the competition, then of course, Brendon and Rachel will win. And those that are throwing the comps are stupid idiots!


I really hope that they introduce whatever game changer Julie Chen was alluding to this upcoming week. I’m having a hard time keeping 100% interest so far. If it wasn’t for me constantly checking updates on this site and reading the great comments on here than it would be a wrap for me. This site has really salvaged this season and BBAD for me. And the CBS edit is atrociousness but I force myself to watch it to see what has went on in the comps and to hear some of the DR sessions so I won’t miss nuggets like RachOff lol. Anyway, hopefully it will be get meaty in the next upcoming week or two.


i agree this site is more interesting and fun than the show. I only watched ad a couple of times and since brenchel dominated that I stopped. and cbs has all that footage and they chop it down to 38 mins an episode. so yeah thank god for simon and this site. It keeps me in the groove without having to watch “the brenchel show”

Ok, this is what I think will happen. Julie talks about a twist on Thursday. Let’s just say Rachel leave the noms the same, Adam and Dom. Dom is evicted and Adam gets the golden Key. That leave 4 people with golden keys (Dani, Shelly, Porcsha & Adam). Then there is duo’s Rachel & Brendon, Jeff & Jordan, Kalia and Lawon. I think the twist will be that they now will continue with the couples/duos. All for of the golden key holders will become 2 couples, maybe pull names from a bag, example: Dani & Adam, Shelly & Porrcsha. Now there is 5 complete couples again. Continue on with the game as couples. Now that would be interesting. I would love to see how Dani will play now that she can play. Everyone talks about “what a great game player she is”. GIVE ME A BREAK, SHE IS A JOKE. To sit back for a month and not have to worry about a damn thing but what am I going to eat today?? Game playing, NOT. I know it is a game but she is a nasty, two faced person. She wants Cassie out so she can work on getting Dom to team up with, she schemes behind JJ, schemes behind BR, talks nasty shit about everyone. I hope to god these people have an ounce of common sense to see that Dani is a snake and needs to be squashed!


What I would like to happen is that the sequestered HG (rumor has it that the evicted are in sequester) are brought back to compete with the Golden Key holders. The top three stay and the other 4 leave. Cassie might re enter the game, Dani would probably stay and Dom or Keith. That would mean Porka and Shelly would be out, and it would be a hit to Rachel and Jordan. Then the pairs are reorganized so that the vets and the remaining newbs are paired together. This would be so much more interesting, especially if the pairings were made to create drama. Let them play that way for a couple of weeks and then cut them all loose.


This season is so boring. I wish we had all newbies. I don’t want to see the Rachel and Brandon show again. And although I like Jeff and Jordan, they are more boring than the season were were in. Someone needs to shake up the house. Even if R/B backdoor J/J, at least it would shake things up. Right now it is not worth watching. I am glad I didn’t order the feeds.


Totally agree. I am waiting for surgery and thought the feeds would give me something to do this summer. Boy was I wrong. Then when the premier aired I was stoked. I thought that if CBS had to bring back the couples, at least Dick would be there to make the feeds worth watching. That first night I was really disappointed that Dick left before the feeds even went live. During Seasons 11 and 12 the feeds let you choose to not watch JJ and Brenchel, so I watched MIchelle, Russell, Casey, Brit, Ragan, the Brogade instead, but this year we are lucky to have 2 choices on the feeds. A lot of the time you have two cameras on one view and 2 on another, and sometimes all 4 are on the same 2 HG. Often it is Brenchel. I really can’t stand watching those two. Last year I hated them. This year I can’t help feeling like I’m watching a couple of disturbed people on their way to a serious meltdown. Like watching a drug addict self destruct – in stereo. This is not entertainment. As much as I dislike the tv persona of Brenchel, they are real people, and they are really messed up, not just on tv but in real life. I can’t help feeling that CBS is ruthlessly exploiting them for ratings, but general consensus of the fans is that we don’t really want to watch them abuse each other and themselves. It’s one thing to make fun of HG within the game, but I don’t want to contribute to a real life meltdown. Brenchel is a trainwreck and if it doesn’t derail on Big Brother, it is only a matter of time. It isn’t just part of the game with them.

A Nono Moose

Wasssup BBGrandma…RockStar (I believe) around? You 2 are the vets of the blog, smart & witty. Anyway I agree dont like anyone whos left, maybe Shelly, maybe Adam, definitely was a Cassi fan but shit that was shortlived. Well hope to be reading your comments from time to time.


Hi Moose – how the hell are yah?

A Nono Moose

Doing fine, bout to get my drink on in a minute & make some food for the mrs & the boy. These 2 treat me like shit alls they need is a cattle prod & spurs…thinking about faking another heart attack but thats a whole nother story.
How the hell are you??? Yea so been wandering around looking for some legends & thank goodness finally found you & BB Grandma, she aint chimed in yet, might’ve nodded
Okay who we like so far?

Zach Mac Isaac

It’s hard to say who will go up, she started off realizing that she had to make decisions based on game play; it might be brighter to leave the nominations the same or backdoor kalia and lawon because lawon has never talked game with brenchel and they would likely be gunning for them harder than JJ.

Tyler Kent

This isn’t about Brenda and Skanky Rachel’s purported skills… its about CBS rigging the outcomes. Let’s hope they’ve rigged some just desserts for the two morons for later in the season… if Rachel and Brenda aren’t given some hell to pay there will be a revolt.




I’m just getting up to speed with what happened this morning.. WTF.. Hopefully rachel goes crazy with power the week.


B&R would be idiotic to backdoor J&J right now! It’s too early to betray that alliance. Their bigger threat is Dani and Dominic together. They need to get Dom out before the golden keys are done or else they will have Dani (queen of winning comps) AND Dom to contend with and they will go after them (B&R) the first chance they get (or J&J if they can’t do that) I can’t stand B&R, but from a game play standpoint Dom has to go. Yes they are awesome at comps, but if you’re social game sucks then it will only get you so far unless you win every single comp. Backdooring J&J is a prime example of bad social game and they will just make the game harder on themselves. I’m copying and pasting a previous post I made here so I don’t have to type it all out again, but it still applies as to my reasoning. Seems obvious to me.

Dani is killing her game. She’s showing her cards and talking way too much. Campaigning so hard for Dom and turning on J&J this early will be her demise unless some miracle happens. It is a bad move that she is breaking away from her alliance this early on. She needs them…that’s 4 on her side plus Porsche and Dom. By throwing J&J under the bus to B&R, it clearly shows she is more loyal to Dom than them and that she can not be trusted. B&R would be fools not to realize that. She should have kept her alliance/relationship with Dom more on the down low, too. Its smart game play to reel in a newbie early on, but it’s bad game play to be so obvious about it and be more loyal to an alliance of 1 person over an alliance of 4 that you had from day 1. That’s just idiotic.

B&R sound like they are on to her and it appears (but I could be wrong) that they want to get him out because of it. As much as I don’t like B&R, if Dom actually falls for it and throws the POV and gets evicted this week, it was a pretty great move! Dani will shit bricks though. She needs to start shutting up or she might as well start packing now.

Dom needs to go now for the sake of my man Jeff. Once the golden keys are done, Dani and Dom together will be dangerous and Jeff will be in serious jeopardy. I just can’t have that! 😉


I hope the exact opposite of what you say happens and Dom stays and becomes powerful with Dani and Brenchel begins to shit bricks soon. I hope someone attacks Brenchel soon. JJ maybe?

Eric CA

Brendon and Rachel are going to do Dani’s work for her. They will probably put up JJ,
no matter what they say. They are an extremely petty and jealous pair. What they are
forgetting and probably no one has pointed out to them is this…
SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK (Remember Rachel’s farewell speech to Cassi obviously forgetting
this reality Show reality , Evil Dick left without being evicted, these shows are timed by
evictions… So that means free week or RETURN OF THE EVICTED. Who do you think America
is going to vote back in? Keith (Hardly knew him), Cassi (To piss off Rachel, maybe.)
now lets do some what if…
Jeff: Oh hell yeah for no other reason that some ass will be kicked, and he is Americas Hero
Jordan: Americas Sweetheart (That and so I do not want to sound like a big pig, Jordan has the hottest screen shots ever,)
Lawon: (Cassi is coming back in the house.)
Adam: (Welcome Back Cassi.)
Kalia: welcome Back Cassi, we missed you.
Dom: (Toss up…. most likely Cassi, for her bikini, but I do not know… he isn’t really that interesting when you get down to it.)


Backdoor J&J. Backdoor J&J


I would back door Jeff and Jordan. If either of them make it to the end, they will get the votes.

Once it goes to singles, it’s going to be Rachel and Brendon against the rest of the house, like last year and there will be no immunity for their partner. I don’t see them making it to the end. Unfortunately I don’t much care for any of the rest at this point. If I had to pick a favorite at this point it would probably be Dani – but time will tell.

The problem for BB is they lost Dick right away. I think we would have had a much better show because mind games are much more entertaining than competitions.


if they backdoor them, they become a target of the other person the rest of the way. it wont happen till jury.


Jeff would be the one to go, and Jordan wouldn’t be much of a threat. She wouldn’t be able to take them both out on her own. If they don’t do it now, J&J will backdoor B&R if they get the chance.


Yeah, Jeff would go but Dani and Dom are still in the game then. D&D need to be split up now before the golden keys are done. J&J will be easier to get rid of later than D&D will be. This is a no brainer. Dom has to go IF they are smart. We are talking about B&R though so I won’t bank on it.


See, I look at it differently. If B&R don’t get rid of Dom now, they will have J&J AND D&D to go against. Which of those duos are tougher competition in challenges? D&D hands down. I’m never a fan of the idea of looking at the end of the game this early in the game (it’s only week 3), but even for arguments sake I am looking at the end game, why would I rather have D&D to compete against than J&J? They have a WAY better chance at beating J&J in challenges than D&D, so they just get them out then.

If they backdoor J&J now, they are shooting themselves in the foot.

Of course it is worth saying that it is better for my man Jeff’s game too, which is a bonus. 🙂




LOL @ your username


I love to hate Brendon and Rachael. These guys are fierce competitors and I’d LOVE to see them on The Amazing Race. As individuals, i think their personalities suck and their social game alienates the rest of teh house so it becomes us against them AT ALL COSTS! They always seem to pull through when their back is against the wall though.

I’m glad JJ and BR are understanding that Dani is slithering around shedding her skin everywhere, unfortunately I still think the paranoia between JJ and BR will still leave their alliance a bit wonky.

Congrats Simon/Dawg on Adam mentioning your site – hopefully you’ll get much more traffic. Adam is right, this site is very detailed and the best at covering Big Brother. I’ve been coming here for the last 3 seasons or so, but i forgot my name i used last year..oh well.

Carry on..


I thought of B&R on Amazing Race also. You just know Brendon would have to spend 20 minutes every step of the way to explain the exact way things needed to be done and then 20 minutes of them arguing about how bad he treats her and then 20 minutes making up. And amazingly, they would somehow win the competition.


you have to give them some credit…if the other people threw it, its their darn fault. B and R win challenges, its pretty incredible. especially when the last HoH it was down to them…AGAIN.

I hate them with a passion though, although if rachel would get eliminated, I think brendon would be a better player in the game, if the damage isnt done already like it was last time.

If this was last week, J and J would have been backdoored here.

Instead, I see brendon wanting Dom out of the house, and if you consider that hes the best outlet for dani, its their best move if they are indeed sticking with J and J till final 6-8ish


For improved ratings, BB:

I think it would be fun once Rachel is voted out to offer Porsche $10k if she can get Brendon to make out with her for all to see. I would vote on that as a People’s Choice. 🙂 Of course Dr. Phil would have to be in the live finale once it is revealed to Rachel.

[Or would that just be mean?] Anyone have any other ideas?


I hope Pacer does something like that.. A rachel / Brendon brake up is on my wishlist of things to happen this season.


I suppose the $10k would have to go to Brendon if he doesn’t give in to temptation just to make it look like CBS isn’t intentionally screwing over someone’s life for ratings.


Don’t forget Brendon is a fan of big fake boobs also (as is Jeff apparently. Maybe Cassie would still be there if she had them.


I think you need your eyes checked there bub..
That ain’t real, aint no way, no how…

lotus 53

It is and I love it!


HaHa Repell spelled ‘mousturize’!


*mousturizing instead of moisturizing Wow, moist your eyes 😉


HAHAH really, I thought Rachel was Intelligent? Brendon is a great speller he won the spelling comp last season.


I think people are giving Kalia too much credit by calling her fat Oprah. She is more a fat Gayle King, the no body girl who latched on to the popular ones and rides their coat tails. Just like Gayle King. Would anyone know who Gayle was if she didn’t latch on to Oprah? Would we remember Kalia was in the house if she didn’t latch on to who ever had power at the moment?


she not fat oprah anymore she is Audrey II because she eats everything that is fed to her

Karen S

It’s easy to keep winning POV’s when everyone is throwing them. good grief!


Is there anybody in the house who will be able to win a comp and have the guts to take out brenchel??? These newbies are complete retards if they keep throwing comps for BR just so BR can take each one of them out!! Make sure jeff wins americas vote at the end to make BR feel like crap even if they win the show! Which they will since they are the only ones who seem to show up for the comps.


Brenchel are ultimate manipulators, that’s why they are so good, they put the fear in people, but they’ll cry if they can’t scare you LOL

They need to manipulate people into voting for them to win that 500k, if not they have no chance unless they are the final 2.

Dom & Adam are PUSSIES throwing a comp because they told you to, does this dude not realize it’s do or die now? the Gold Twist a.k.a leverage for for the Vets to dominate is over in 2 weeks, or is it this thursday?. now they will continue to win everything until it;s down to Cry babies(Brenchel) Vs DumbDumbs(Jeff & Jordon)

Karen S

I agree with you Simon… rachel and brendon breaking up would be the best thing for both of them.


There’s other things on my wishlist.
Back door JJ then Jeff comes back
BR break up
Jordan and Rachel get put up on the block
Rachel and Dani fight
Rachel drinks a bottle of wine and Jordan tells her off..
Backdoor BRendon
Brendon or Dani losing in a comp and whining for a week straight about it

basically anything that gives someone other than BRD the power is on my wishlist