Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon & Rachel’s plan is in place to get Dominic to throw the POV & to convince Adam to go hard for it..

11am Adam comes up to the HOH room. Adam asks if they are ready to get dirty today. Rachel says that Brendon thinks there will be prizes today. They talk about other competitions that Brendon and Rachel played last season. Brendon says to Adam and Dominic that they aren’t the targets this week ..that they really want out Lawon. Adam says but he really wants to win something.. Dominic was my knight in shinning armour ..they laugh. Dominic asks when they are going to do this. Brendon says in an hour, hour and a half. Adam and Dominic leave and head down to the lounge room. Adam and Dominic both talk about not throwing the POV. Adam says that he would like to believe Brendon and Rachel but… Dominic says okay well lets go hard! Adam and Dominic go and lay down to nap. Meanwhile, up in the HOH room Brendon and Rachel are talking about Porsche. Rachel says that she keeps pushing for Porsche to win HOH. And then talk about how their plan to get Adam and Dominic to throw it will work out perfectly.

11:15am – 11:30am Dani heads up to the HOH room. Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When the live feeds come back, Dani, Rachel and Brendon are talking about the POV plan. Dani is upset about what Jordan said to her earlier. Rachel says that they think I said thinks about production. Dani says that if it was you or her using that …its just stupid … it makes me so mad. Dani says that she thinks Jordan feels guilty cuz she thinks they are doing stuff but its really her doing stuff. Dani doesn’t like the plan to get Dominic throw the POV. Brendon asks don’t you want Adam out? Brendon says that they want to win the POV so that they have the choice to use it or not. Brendon explains that if Adam tries and Dominic doesn’t then Jeff and Jordan will then trust him. Brendon asks why would you want to keep Adam. Rachel asks because you want us to put up Jeff and Jordan. Dani says yeah but .. I don’t know ..I don’t really care either way. Dani asks if they are going to try for prizes? Brendon says that they want the POV but would love a vacation. Dani tries to convince them that if they wait until Jeff and Jordan get into the jury house…then thats two votes. Brendon says that you can’t think about that now. Dani says that you have to.. you have to consider everything. Brendon says if we win it we will still have two days to decide. Dani says that later down the line it will be easier to get out Shelly, Adam, Lawon … but really hard to get out Jeff. They tell Dani to tell Jeff that Adam really tried and Dominic didnt try for the POV. Dani says that she will get Kalia to say that because she doesn’t like the comments Jeff has been making about her and Dominic. Rachel flat out tells Dani that she never would say that production told her anything.

11:40am – 12:10pm Big Brother calls Porsche to the diary room. Brendon, Rachel and Dani yell VETO, VETO, VETO! Dani leaves. Brendon and Rachel talk about how Dani is getting pretty ballsy. Brendon talks about how they can’t talk about stuff with Jordan and that Jeff will be okay with that because of how she is… Meanwhile, Dani Kalia and Dominic are in the Have Nots room talking .. Dani says that Rachel and Brendon are so dumb. Kalia then start telling them about a dream she had about the house. Kalia starts saying that she doesn’t know if things really happened or if it was all a dream. All the other houseguests are waiting around for the POV to start talking and eating. Kalia leaves and goes to the kitchen. Lawon and Kalia come back into the havenot room and complain about how Brendon is in the kitchen picking his scab on the kitchen table. They talk about how grosses out they are. …Lawon and Kalia leave. Dominic says thats its going to be hard to throw the POV. They talk about him taking prizes if there are some. Dani tells him to take the margarita party if there is one.. Dani starts to tells Dominic about what Jordan told her earlier… Right then Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When they come back, Dani is telling Dominic all about how Rachel says that she never said that production told her stuff. Dani says why would Jordan ever make that up or all things… its just weird …and that Jordan is super paranoid now. Dominic talks to Dani about how Jeff wants him to pick a side Jeff and Jordan or Brendon and Rachel. Dominic says that Dani is going to do anything because she doesn’t want blood on her hands. Dominic says that Jeff is super nervous. Dominic says that he really wants Porsche to win HOH next week. Dominic says that in the next two weeks no one will have the balls to go after Jeff and Jordan. Dani says not necessarily.

12:10pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen… The houseguests are now playing for the power of veto…

1:30pm Still TRIVIA…

1:50pm TRIVIA…

2pm The TRIVIA continues..

2:15pm The houseguests are still playing for the POV! Apparently its Dominic, Adam, Brendon, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan fighting it out with Porsche as the host. Stay tuned to find out the results…

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Allison Grodner tried to throw something once. She still hasn’t caught her breath to this day.




“Kalia leaves and goes to the kitchen.”


That’s Normal


who is playing in POV!?!?!??!?!?

BB_Diva *frustrated*

I heard that the other couple playing in the veto is JJ. Big shock?!?


whats with everyone throwing the pov’s look how good that worked out for keith.

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

You have to be a complete idiot to throw competitions especially when your on the block.


I really want Dom to go home. I like Adam and thinks he deserves to stay around awhile. I can’t stand the fact that Dani thinks she has this whole thing wrapped up, I don’t like that she is pushing for J/J to go on the block…I love them. I want to see Dani squirm.


True that yo! That’s rule #1, never throw POV.


Margarita party is a curse! Don’t go for it!

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

Yea don;t that person always go home? LOL


Not always


So far and the show is still in the early stages but it sucks. I really wish Dick could have stayed, he would have livened up this show and Rachel and Brendon would have been told off by Dick and that would have been priceless to see Rachel’s reaction, she couldn’t handle it at all. I cannot stand R/B and want both to leave shortly with Rachel leaving first. They are ruining this BB IMO!!!!


CAN someone tell me who’s playing in the POV ?

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

The same people that’s been playing in every single POV BR,JJ and whoever they have on the block which is again Dom and Adam…..


The fix is in!!!


I think Ms.Danoto got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. :•)


I saw a post on other sit e that Jeff and Jordan were picked to play


Its everyone but Kalia, Lawon and Porsche playing the POV comp. Typical.

Tyler Kent

Yeah, nice. They don’t even attempt to hide the fact that the game is manipulated.


It’s not rigged!!!!!!!! Only 2 couples could be picked! 50/50 shot.


“50/50 shot.”

Ah yes, coincidentally every single veto has had all the vets playing for it. All just a big coincidence… Yeah right.


100% chance because production salts the bag. It’s rigged, always has been.


JJ need to suck up to and give tons of attention Rachel so she won’t have a reason to backdoor them.


Dani is getting on my nerves. Every season she falls in love with someone. its clear that she likes dom. Stop playing the game so emotionally donato. Dummbaasss

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

She might like him but she not giving up the pussy, so maybe it is a little brother thing with her.


She’s acting much differently with Dom this season than she did with Nick in BB8.


I don’t think she’s giving up pussy, either. I think she’s an enormous flirt and i love watching her because she’s cute and playful and just plain fun.

But I think she is only doing it with Dom for the game and I’m sure she’ll backdoor him to get ahead when needed.


I don’t think shes playing emotionally at all. She needs Dom strictly for numbers. You can tell she’s not really interested in him. She teases him all the time but there’s no hint of romantic feelings. Doesn’t she live with guys in real life? I think shes just used to bantering and joking with guys so that’s why she hangs with Dom. He’s way too immature and i think she knows he’s somewhat niave with girls. It’s strictly game with Dom as far as Dani is concerned

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

I wish I knew how to make videos, I’d make a video on Audrey II a.k.a Kalia when she stuffing her face and have the song “Feed, Me Seymour” playing in the background. I can do PS but not the video stuff.

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

Why they bring the HOFF on there? seriously can they not afford someone form a popular TV show or movie anymore?


I think I missed something.
Is the plan to put j/j up on the block ?


Okay so we don’t know what Jordan said that got Dani upset? And are BR really with JJ or with Dani? I’m so confused!

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

I kinda wanna know too, I wanna see a catfight. someone trying to steal someone’s man or whatever physical drama


Rachel told Jeff that production was putting thoughts in jj and br heads about back dooring each other. That bothered Jeff & Jordan…so Jordan went to Dani and that bothered Dani…Just a big game of telephone, nothing big. I think Rachel is setting things up to back door JJ. But that doesn’t explain why Rachel lied to Dani about saying it. hmm…


Rachel isnt going to backdoor jj. BR had a talk to JJ and they are all on to Dani’s game saying she is playing both sides and not to tell dani anything that the 4 are planning


ahh didn’t read that good to hear!^


Jordan said to Dani that production said to Rachel that Jeff and Jordan are throwing them under the bus.


As soon as you know who won PLEASE tell


I think B/R are so dumb, particularly Brendon. I think he doesn’t get that JJ doesn’t like them at all. Dani has been trying to convince him that JJ have been plotting against them, but he refuses to see it. Rachel has to get smart in this game and realize that if she listens to Brendon, they both will be going home real soon. If they don’t backdoor JJ this week, JJ will be there until final 6 and Jordan will probably make it to final 2. Am I the only who feels that Jordo should not win, being that she has already won before. Geez, does anybody have any balls in this house.

Contrary to what people think, I don’t feel Dick would’ve gone off on Brenchal. I think he has respect for Rachel. Dick doesn’t play a social game so he doesn’t respect how Jordan won, nor does he give a crap about Jeff. Please understand folks, Dick would’ve teamed up with Dani & Brenchal. Sorry, I have to call it how I see it.


Jordan was one of those “floater” winners. Seriously, she was on the block 4 times, 3 of which resulting from someone removing themselves via the veto competition, and she never was evicted because everyone was a bigger threat than her. She then got really really really really fortunate on the last HoH and won it, then took the one person who lied throughout the entire game and deserved to win even less than her. As soon as Jeff is gone the houseguests will probably make the same mistake and view her as a non-threat, but this if she makes it to the final 2 with anyone, even Rachel, she can’t possibly win.

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

This golden key twist is leading towards Brenchel and Jeff and Jordon going head to head, in a Good Vs Evil battle to the death(500k)

That’s why I think it’s rigged. That is all.


good vs evil? you mean dumb vs dumber. (cut to jordumb flapping her lip with her pinky while bubbles fly around)


If I could caption the above screen shot of Brenda it would read, “Looks like Brenda, yet again, forgot to wear his knee pads last night while Rachel did him doggie-style on the HOH bedroom floor! “Carpet is carpet”, stupid, whether its shag, burber or plush! However, you were probably too distracted by the fireworks display shooting out of your (which lit up the entire HOH bedroom) as Rachel tore up your bunghole with her 10 inch black strap-on! GO BUNKY! GO BUNKY!

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*



Sonya, ITA When Evil D said I’m the only BB winner here…one of the other houseguests said Jordan did too and Jordan piped up and Evil D dismissed her. LOL. He definitely would be with Dani & Brenchal. He’d be giving Jordo the what for and wouldn’t be afraid of Jeff.


He didn’t dismissed her. He said he was sorry that Jordan won BB11 and was the most liked


I think he would had went with JJ


Rachel won pov!!!


Rachel wins pov.


Rach won the veto


Crap looks like raquel won POV. BIG SIGH……..


Dani is killing her game. She’s showing her cards and talking way too much. Campaigning so hard for Dom and turning on J&J this early will be her demise unless some miracle happens. It is a bad move that she is breaking away from her alliance this early on. She needs them…that’s 4 on her side plus Porsche and Dom. By throwing J&J under the bus to B&R, it clearly shows she is more loyal to Dom than them and that she can not be trusted. B&R would be fools not to realize that. She should have kept her alliance/relationship with Dom more on the down low, too. Its smart game play to reel in a newbie early on, but it’s bad game play to be so obvious about it and be more loyal to an alliance of 1 person over an alliance of 4 that you had from day 1. That’s just idiotic.

B&R sound like they are on to her and it appears (but I could be wrong) that they want to get him out because of it. As much as I don’t like B&R, if Dom actually falls for it and throws the POV and gets evicted this week, it was a pretty great move! Dani will shit bricks though. She needs to start shutting up or she might as well start packing now.

Dom needs to go now for the sake of my man Jeff. Once the golden keys are done, Dani and Dom together will be dangerous and Jeff will be in serious jeopardy. I just can’t have that! 😉


Why is it saying I’m posting too quickly? I haven’t posted at all today until now.


Sorry about that Brandy I was mucking around the server and overloaded the system for a couple minutes it should all be working now


Why were they discussing sleeping places last night? Did they remove the library room?


It think all the rooms are still active


dani is messing up her game always pushing dominic down r/b face for them to save him i hope she goes if she doesnt she will mess up the vets game / glad jj/rb caught on to her