Big Brother Spoilers – ADAM: “If my d!ck is on your mind then my ball are on your chin” **Updated**

2:58pm Fortune Room Adam, Lawon and Shelly Shelly is saying that there’s no way they are going to backdoor JJ. Adam says he’s not going to campaign until after the POV ceremony because he doesn’t want to cause a panic like Keith did.
Adam: “the plan is what it was from the Get go we need to win HOH… we’re not in control of our future unless we win” Shelly says that they have to see how the week is played. Lawon says it’s so funny they are cruising to final 5 and their taking DOM with them, “My gut tells me if they win they won’t use it”
Shelly says she’s going to go up there and talk to them. Adam doubts they will tell her shit.
Shelly: “They’ve pretty much have won everything except for what Jordan won and Dom won”
Shelly: “Next HOH i’m going to knock people put to win”
They are all thinking that the next HOH is endurance and the only chance they have to survive is to win the HOH. Shelly says the other side has been hitting the elliptical a lot latley because they are anticipating a endurance comp. Adam agrees says he’s been doubling his workouts lately. Lawon: “You give me somewhere just to hang and you give me a spot I’m good.. I’m good with my legs”

They start wondering what is up with the POV names being picked they find it kinda weird that every single time Either JJ or BR are picked for Veto. Adam says that if they were in Vegas and playing those odds they would be rich.

3:25pm Just random conversations going around the kitchen
ADAM says “If my d!ck is on your mind then my balls are on your chin”

3:37pm JJ and Dani sleeping nothing substantial going on

3:50pm Shelly, Dom, Brendon and LAwon Kitchen Shelly and Dom are Huge boxing fans and are talking about all these boxers (didn’t know anyone watched BOxing anymore) There talking about Filipino professional boxer and politician Manny Pacquiao. They says how awesome of a fighter he is because he uses body shots and swings his punches at unique angles nullifying his opponents ability to counter punch.

Brendon starts talking about pituitary midgets. pituitary midgets don’t exist anymore he explain that they don’t have the human growth hormone but are now able to create it synthetically so the disorder is non existent. He mentions that the midgets in the wizard of OZ were pituitary midgets they looked like miniature people. (ever conversation Brendon is the expert.. LOL )

Brendon starts talking about swimming tells them the difference between a good swimmer and a great Olympic champion swimmer is the turn (there ability to flip over at the end of the pool) Shelly asks him if he knows how to do that. Brendon says yes of course.

4:15pm HOH Brendon and Rachel Brendon tells her that his knees are really sore it hurts to walk. They kiss and fall asleep.

4:35pm Backyard Couch Shelly and Adam Lockdown is over. Shelly tells him that he’s golden. She thinks the POV will not be used and that Dom is the target, “that was the plan last night.. I told them that you can be trusted”. Adam says he’s going to talk to them tonight, and say that if he’s in the Jury we’ll vote based on strategy and BR are playing the nest game in the house. Shelly: “they won’t win this game unless they are both in the final 2” She recommends that Adam calms down and listen more than he speaks and if he doesn’t care about breaking a promise then he can do whatever he wants.

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Bacon Monster be saying some funny shit.. LOL


Funny and yet revolting. Ick.

Leave it to Barennan to talk about dwarfism. Next will be the bombshell that he has the cure for cancer and if he could just win BB he could share the cure with the world.


So the newbies are finally catching on to the fact that the game is rigged and they were totally screwed this season by bringing back retreads that BB planned on favoring. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels ripped off.


it didnt help matters when fat bitch kaka and redneck shelly voted against the newbie alliance. think of what a different game this would have been had all the newbies stuck together. and to think fat jealous pig kaka voted out keith just cause he did not date the sistas and shelly voted out keith just because she kissed the vets aka has beens asses. If brenchel get to the top 4 it’s their faults.


That was Audrey II reason for voting out Keith, black women will never understand, black men are attracted white women for 2 reasons, they are easier to get along with, they are masters at sucking dick. Not hating just telling the truth.


Um, I have to respectfully disagree with both 1 & 2. That might be your experience, but it’s not “All”. And yeah you are hating just a bit.


They are just easier…. and seeing with the level of ‘game’ Keith has I’d say they were really easy..


I think the twist will be that if the person with the golden key wins the next hoh then they can bring back their partner. Is the next hoh where everyone gets to play including all the golden key holders? Or maybe all the people holding a golden key face off and the winner gets to bring back their partner. It will probably be the lame twist that everyone is already guessing that there are no more duos and they split up and are individuals, what a great twist ha ha.


anyone with golden key is not allowed to compete in any of the comps including hoh


The next twist will be the reveal that the Golden key bullshit was so that they could get Jordon Jeff(Good) Vs Brenchel(Evil) to fight for the 500k, that would make the most sense out of this crap of a season.


Nobody would want Keith back and Shelly wouldn’t have Cassi back because she’s too cowardly to go against the vets. The only potential return would be ED but I don’t see that either.

I wish the twist was that BB was assigning sleeping arrangements – two people to a bed – with Brendan and Porsche paired up. Rach-ho would go bat shit crazy.


Christine – read my post again. I’m saying Shelly would never ask Cassi to come back because she (Shelly) won’t go against the vets.


I don’t think a lot of them would even want to bring back their partner. They’ll be playing singles and that’d just be another person to try to get rid of later.

I cant wait till there is a power shift in this game, it’s been way too one sided. Has Rachel gotten uglier this year?


I think Roachel does look different this year… Her face looks wider; she’s gained some weight… Everyone’s gonna start needing to borrow AudreyII’s clothes soon; she’ll wear La-lose’s…


I don’t know what i’m going to do if Adam goes home this week. He’s my favorite out of the whole cast. I just want to see him win something. Like next weeks HoH would be perfect. Does anyone know whos the target this week? Cause i’m kinda confused on to what Brendon and Rachel are going to do. Is it Lawon or adam ? or J&J ?


why does everyone keep saying “good vs evil” yeah brenchel is evil as can get but other than jordumb (who is to dumb to be mean or evil) jerk is pretty evil himself. here how he talks to the child jordumb sometimes, not so nice thats for sure.
so it’s dumb vs dumber.


Yeah I’ve got a feeling that producers rigged it so JJ could play for veto in hopes it could save them from getting back doored. With Rachel’s source ot jealousyCassi gone, and thus the catty drama gone, there’s nothing much happening. So you lose the all star most loved couple and what’s left? Floaters, a super annoying super fan, and the ignorant, pathetic evil duo. Blech.


I think the twist for the next HoH should be… Since the people with the golden keys have not been able to participate in the HoH comps that they are the only ones allowed to play in the next one… Watcha think?

lotus 53

That’s one of the best thoughts yet. It would make B/R CRAAAAZY…


A spelling competition?! What’s next an arithmetic test?


it should be a biology or science comp then rachoe and brendumb win again right?


the twist is probably they will bring back someone. since dick left they have that leeway for someone as thats a whole week they will have to fill from someone not being evicted.


Does anyone think the twist next week is just that they are going to be playing as singles? Let’s hope its something better!


I hope they keep the nominations the same and vote out Dom. I am starting to really lke Adam. He is so funny. If he gets HOH then he can do whatever he wants. As long as B/R and J/J are not HOH next week, maybe something interesting will happen. Maybe Adam will have the balls to put up Rachel and Brendon or even backdoor them. That would be the best outcome as far as I am concerned. The game so far if f*%ing boring!!


I do love when B/R fight. Especially when Rachel got upset and went and sat in the bushes. WTF? But that kind of s*&t is so funny to see an adult (?) do something like that. And the way they fight is hilarious.


BBG I agree! I thought that was hysterical! Crying in the bushes like a big old red headed baby!


I want them to bring back Pandora’s box while B/R are still HOH. Let’s mix it up!


wait, so BR want Dom gone?? i thought they really wanted Lawon out before Dom? if anyone knows what is going on, perhaps you can please explain??

also i am not saying that things on this show aren’t rigged but for this POV – weren’t there really only two sets of names to choose between – so each team had a 50/50 chance of being drawn…


It would be a total waste of an HOH to get rid of Lawon this week. If they are smart, they will get rid of Dom now and prevent a Dani/Dom situation from happening.

I think it would be cool if they had a Pandora’s Box while Jeff is HOH and when he chooses to open it, I’m what’s inside. That would be a real ratings booster! lol 😉


b/r themselves don’t even know what they want. they change their mind every five seconds. they are the ones that are so easily influenced by all the other houseguests. it does not matter what the other houseguests do or don’t do because b/r are mental cases. you can’t do anything with crazy!!! the other houseguests will soon realize this and just band together to get b/r out.

and yes the POV is rigged. let’s see, JJ are not the smartest in the bunch and have freely admitted that they can not spell. Brenda is working on a PhD and Rachoe was a chemist, so you would assume these “highly” educated people can spell….and go figure…the POV was spelling. come on CBS, you could try a little harder to hide the fact that this is rigged in b/r favor.

great site….i enjoye this site more that i do the actual show….keep up the good work =)


What happened to brendons knees?


Brada is such an idiot. did anyone notic ethat when he was talking about the pituitary gland he was pointing to his thyroid? I was actually rooting for him last season ( cause I felt bad for him) but He is such a douce this season. Can’t stand him and the red headed beast he calls his fiance.


great site. I enjoy this site more than i do the actual show…..Keep up the good work =)


Dom is retarded to throw Pov, trusting that they wont send you out, over Adam? and they were trying last week to send him out


LMAO Simon!! Love it!


Adding some more BB13 lookalike pics to the mix


Let me know if you guys can’t see them, I’ll save them somewhere else other than flickr.


I am so confused with Scum & Scummer! Are they using the veto & putting up JJ or Lawhinner.


It pretty much means that whoever doesn’t kiss enough Queen Brenchel ass will regret it. Jordan and Jeff better make her feel ultra special until Monday or they will get back doored. With Cassie gone, Rachel is looking for someone else to feel threatened by. Not only is Jordan way prettier than her, she is way more decent, America loves her and worst of all for Rachel’s self esteem, they have a more respectful and private relationship. They respect themselves and each other enough to not be making out and doing the dirty in front of the live cameras. Never was a fan of JJ, but they do make Brenchel look even trashier in contrast. Kalia will kiss royal ass and so will Dom and Adam, but JJ are already tired of kissing Rachel’s nasty butt. They better suck it up if they want to stay in the game. You can also bet that Dani will feed their egos and do everything she can to turn BR against JJ.


Agreed! Cant stand R&B! Would love for someone to backdoor them before jury house!!!!


Amy Winehouse found dead in London home today… Sad w her rehab and all…RIP


Sad thing is I bet CBS uses it along w Casey Anthony release from prison for “In The News” comp!


I was thinking the same thing Lori.


When is pov ceremony ?


This site is the best . Have you thought about getting an app ?


I do enjoy the mobile layout though. Makes keeping up on my phone simple.




Shelly: “they won’t win this game unless they are both in the final 2?

She’s not stupid, she knows what we know.


Tht last one is jacked up!!! Lmfao!


Yea I know

I started to only post the Weeping Vagina Monologues

that site i get these from is hilarious


Matt and Evel having a little friendly spat on Twitter, Funny shit


Ill Will, LOVE the RacHELL name….lol. And the last pic is kind of true. Rachel HAS been getting screwed by a dog.


Laughing tears over here at that last one. OMG!


hey Simon you mind telling me who they mean by audrey II? everybody keep talking about it


gahh, i really should be doing my paper 🙁


A lot of ways the twist can go. None of us will know but it’s still fun to guess. For a fact Evel won’t be back. He’s not in sequester, he’s at home and has been watching the show. So he’d wouldn’t be a player if he’s back. Maybe in some other role if he is. CBS just confirmed that Cassi & Keith are indeed in sequester. I think we might get a crazy James scenario where someone comes back via a vote and/or pandora’s box.

And I think if J/J do get backdoored this week, it’ll kill the show a bit. I’m sure BB will try to drag on the “good” vs “evil” couple rivalry for a while. I do however think that B/R will stick with J/J for this week at least. They have to know if they fire the first salvo, they’re playing into Dani’s hands. Dani has no blood on her hands AND she gets to split a duo AND keep her biggest ally (Dom) in the game.

But then again this is Brenchel, they’re so insecure anything can happen. Whatever the case, let’s hope for some more action and drama. This season has been blah so far. Everything revolves around B/R. Even J/J aren’t really in it unless it’s something to do with Brenchel. Evel leaving has killed the show in my opinion. Not to mention some pathetic newbies who can’t win, backstab, lie, create drama nor win a comp to save their lives. At least Cassi TRIED to do something. We def haven’t seen the last of her. I expect her to be back just to antagonize Rachel! BB know it would make great TV.


Whoa, CBS confirmed this? Link please!


they will keep BR/JJ in til the final 4 and make sure one from each team fights for the 500k


I love and hate this game. I am really starting to think this game is really rigged.


Let’s hope the twist is an opportunity to press rewind and restart the game over for the newbies. This is a run away season for the Brendon and Rachel Show and it’s annoying. Let’s do some double eviction and give raffle tickets to the live audience. Randomly pick winners and invite them in the house as replacement players with one catch: No floaters. This isn’t Camp Snoopy,it’s a game, gotta play or go home!


Take a good look folks…..this is what it looks like to have the world as we know it crumble to bits!!! (haha Hitla and her bitchboy must be overthrown)