Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel Wins HOH Dom: “Her fake b**bies threw me off ” **Updated**

7:16pm Feeds come back for a minute and we see Rachel in her bra hunched over showing her butt crack.. she says “It’s just like a bikini right ” Jeff walks by takes a look..

7:24pm Kitchen Everyone but Rachel, brendon and POrsche
Everyone is going over the questions, Dom is pissed he got the Dani question wrong.
Dom: “her (dani) fake boobies threw me off ”
Jeff: “Dani’s body is sick”
Jordan: “A lot of girls have a banging body this year”
Dom is just thinking that America in general would go for her because of her boobs. They ask Kalia what she would of picked.. Kalia says she wasn’t paying attention. They joke about the game being worth 1/2 a million dollars and Kalia isn’t paying attention.

7:32 Rachel and BRendon joins them they start going over the questions… Jeff: “Dude when I saw the computer I was like Ahhh BLANK we gotta spell something”.

7:43pm Bedroom Dani and Dom Dani is saying how Brendon and rachel are the worse winners in the history of Big Brother.. Dom Agrees says he can’t believe they act like that. Dani says sarcastically very classy. Jeff comes in to change.. Dom says he’s going to talk to Production about them always portraying him with men. Dani laughs says he looks happy in the clips. Jeff leaves dani and dom go back to flirting…

They go back to rachel, they both are cringing about the rachel’s HOH music being Spice girls again.. dom is really pumped for a endurance comp next week.

8:10pm Brendon, KAlia, Dom, Pacer, Dani Joking around in the bedroom, talking about girls in their high schools that got pregnant.

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Lord knows that I wanted anyone to win but Rachel. So who do you guys think she will put up? I say Adam and Dom, but if they win Pov, who will be the replacement nom…Kalia and Lawon? I want Kalia gone next!!!


That sounds about right, but I think Lawon will go home yo.


I agree with you i can’t believe Rachel is F**KING HOH Again!


This retread shit is wack yo, put some new peeps in this bitch.


OMFG – Rachel again 🙁

Viewers choice to bring back Cassie is about the only thing left they can do to save this season.


I would agree. And for anyone saying the Vets are killin’ it — well yeah, they played the game before.. believes that’s the advantage. Wonder what the new twist will be.. maybe a returning (Cassi) house guest???


i also agree with you.. this season is hanging on by a thread, and they need to do something to save it. Having America vote an evicted houseguest back in would be best case… i guess we’ll see.


What has Jeff and Brendon done? Jordan should have put up Lawon & Kalia. Lawon would have been gone and Jordan would have had 3 people who owed her – Shelly, Kalia, and Cassie


Technically Jordan won HOH, but Jeff and Brendon threw it, also Brendon won the first veto with Rachel.


Even if they would have tried to beat Jordan, they both probably would have lost anyways. We will never know.

The veto competition was very much a team effort, and having a strong player teamed with a smaller player suited them well on that. But it did take both of them to win it.

I was never that impressed with Jeff. In his first season he turned his back on his team, and except for being given some game-changing power by the viewers, he did little. Once he was no longer the underdog, he and Jordan were just as much an ass as the rest who gain power. Jessie and his alliance got screwed, but people didn’t care because they loved Jeff and Jordan.

Brendon this season is more irritating for me to watch then Rachel on either season. At least Rachel knows she has a problem.

How Sad

Jessie and his crew got exactly what they had coming to them. IMO, Jeff getting that power was what made that season interesting. Without it, we wouldn’t have witnessed some of the best melt downs that season. Chima’s melt down, Russell and Jordan getting chest to chest.

Besides, I don’t recall everyone up in arms over Jessie being brought back for a second season. I couldn’t stand his ego, but didn’t phase me that he returned. Though, I do feel, that BB should have done an All Star season, rather than some vets and some newbs. Maybe an BB All Stars: Heroes and Villians. Though someone would have to explain to Rachel why she was on the villian side.


I agree. Viewer’s choice to bring back Cassie so that she can come back and kick Rachel’s butt back to the rock she crawled out of. She is an embarrassment to women everywhere.

The Watcher

Yeah, but Cassi would have to step up her game, immensely. She hasn’t been close to winning anything, not sure how bringing her back will help this season. Other than maybe stirring up some drama with Rachel, Cassi really hasn’t done much other than sit around looking pretty.

I am more excited about Dani gettting to play soon than anything any of the evicted HG’s could bring back into the game.


Chenbot said that the players would have to change their strategies next week..she did not say there’s a new twist next week. All it meant was that after next week’s eviction they will stop playing in pairs and golden keys will be gone just like Chenbot said it would when they got to the final ten hg’s.


Ok it was a dumb comp. So AG makes a save by putting Cassie in Rachel’s Pandora’s Box after nominations w/ a golden key for a week

America’s choice could be Cassie b/c none of the Vets are vulnerable this week. If a Vet had been voted out, they would have been Amer Choice


IF your going to attack SHelly, you DEFINITELY need to attack the other newb who also made the same foolish decision. Don’t decide to ostracize some1 b/c you dont like her, when their is som1 else who did the exact same thing. its NOT just Shelly who did it…………… Bingo: its also Kalia


Yeah, it had nothing to do with CBS running a half an all-star season this year. Or this stupid pair/golden key BS. Stupid Shelly! It’s all her fault.


I think the twist is gonna be that Dom and Lawon are gay lovers.


This is the best post, ever!


I was thinking there might be a twist that involves Shelly. I keep looking at her and I swear she looks like she was a guy gone girl, and with all that crying they overdid the hormones in the process. Another site called her “Shelly/Sheldon” so maybe the twist is this….


Please Please Please let Cassi Come back. Hopefully they put her in a hotel room right after the show and told her she has a chance to come back. AMERICA’S VOTE


I HATE Rachel and I am starting to hate BB and definately CBS. It pisses me off that CBS has to ruin my favorite show all because they don’t have enough confidence that their show can get the ratings without putting in someone America hates just to get the drama. Everybody likes a little drama especially on tv but that can be achieved without the likes of this trainwreck named rachel. I have to think CBS has seriously lost viewers over this….me included. Peace out…


I can’t take people hating Rachel anymore! Yes, her competitiveness is sometimes over the top, but MANY people in the WHOLE world are also even more competitive than Rachel! Rachel had won tons of HOH in BB12 and she already won 2 of 3 HOH this year and 1 being a competition she can’t compete in! We (BB Fans) must know even though Rachel is a character that represents a non-perfect person (which we all are and sometimes even is a little more obnoxious) she is a MAJOR threat! I know she can’t control her emotions sometimes, but who are we to judge? We all are hypocrites if we make fun of her because there are times where we show our emotions openly sometimes not like Rachel, but I just think we shouldn’t judge her!


non-perfect???? are you kidding me?? she is a bully that cries like a little bitch if anybody tries to call her on the bullshit that she starts. and as far as being good in competitions….how good are you really when everybody is throwing them. She thinks she is god’s gift and it is nauseating to watch. she needs help and should pursue that instead of flaunting her flawed ass for all the world to see. She is lacking in the ability to be a decent human being and i for one am sick of seeing it. Wasn’t last year enough?? apparently not…..thanks CBS….NOT


ahh a voice of reason! ^



How Sad

Same could be said for your obsession with her. EVerything you post is about Rachel. Seriously, if you don’t realize this yet, but someone on a TV show shouldn’t get you so upset. That’s not healthy either. I don’t care for her or her actions, but it’ll never ruin my day or make me stop watching a show that I love. I don’t think BB has as many fans, as they have people that just want to sit around and BLANK about every person, every comp and when they run out of those, they resort to complaining about how someone looks. If Rachel was to post in here, her posts would look alot like most of the posts in here.

yeah, say you are just calling it like you see it. however, to complain about someone’s actions that have no impact on your life is not speaking the truth, its hating. Bottom line.


The only reason I’m talking about Rachel is because ya’ll are no different from her….wait I just insulted her……ya’ll are way worse because not only are ya’ll bullies you guys are HYPOCRITES!!!


Oh! By the way, “How Sad” make sure to check on your facts because I made many more comments right on this very page NOT pertaining to Rachel. I only just defended her because ya’ll think you can go around and bully people when you DON’T know her in real life! Do you know what she’s going through? Have you had a controlling boyfriend?

this season sucks

you can’t take people hating rachel anymore, i just can’t take rachel anymore. her childish antics, obnoxious voice and hypocrisy are over the top. making those pseudo sobbing noises to jordan when not one tear came out of her eyes, going on and on about cassi ‘playing the victim?’ oh the irony. yes, everyone shows their emotions, but HOW people express their emotions showcase who is more mature and who is just a blatant pain in the ass.


Whats the differance between a fly and Rachel?……answer: a fly will stop sucking when you smack the back of its head.

Just sayin..

F*** Rachel and her f*** buddy


Look I don’t think her competitiveness is not the problem here….the problem is the way she acts…..many would say it’s just that an act, but it’s not!!! She stated she wanted to change the way people felt about her, but she continues to act the same way as last year, why you might ask? Because that is who she really is…she isn’t a perfect person why? because there is no such thing….as for who are we to judge…we are the viewers and she put herself out there for us to judge…sorry put if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen… for her showing her emotions…if that’s what you want to call it…those are some crocodile tears if I have ever seen them….I know you don’t think we should judge her but she put herself out there to be judged…..if it was an all-star season I think people would have been more open to see her come back….but oh well it is what it is….I just hope they get her out and soon!!!!!


I agree with BBEXPERT. I was beginning to think I was the only other person who doesn’t see the big deal with Rachel. She is doing what ever one is complaining that their favorite person (Jordan, Jeff, Cassi….) isn’t doing PLAYING THE GAME! I am shocked that all you people want Cassi back – what is she going to do?? She didn’t play the game the first time she had the chance, why will she the second time? Cassi isn’t a saint – she simply got played by Rachel.

How Sad

Right there with ya. Some on here need to take a long look at themselves if they are going to let someone on a TV show get soo under their skin.

And I second that about Cassi. She’s eye candy for this show, nothing more. She didn’t come close to winning anything so far, how does coming back change that.


“She won tons of hoh in BB12” ? huh? She won 2. so did jordan, so did jeff. She didn’t win TONS.


I totally agree. I don’t know if I even want to watch this weeks episodes. There have been other seasons where I had to take a break from watching the episodes but never this early.
I am soooooooo sick of rachoe!
I think CBS is pandering to the minority. Most people are sick of rachoe.


iAmMe: I wrote a short email to CBS to that effect. Sure there are a few (brainless??) Brenchel fans who can appreciate reality shows about toxic relationships, passive-aggressive hookers, and sex in front of a national audience that includes their own parents….a small fan base at best….but stats show this season & last, the majority of BB viewers are disgusted with her nasty shenanigans and would like to never see her heavily made-up face again as long as they live. So I asked CBS: who exactly are you catering to – the majority or minority? I don’t watch the show anymore; I read about it here so I can skip around the saliva-swapping details with the most pathetic couple on the planet.
P.S. Yes I do understand that CBS doesn’t give a $hit about my email but wtfever anyway 🙂

How Sad

Here, take a tissue with ya and don’t let the door hit ya, where the good lord split ya.


I guess its pretty much a given that Cassie is gonna come back considering the fact that the Chenbot didnt tell her that Shelly had an alliance. Also, Dom is definitley lying cause we learned tonight that he was home schooled and he just told some b.s. story about two friends that he went to school with having sex in a strict christian school chapel.


Don’t jump to conclusions. Homeschooling is often supervised by a private school, homeschoolers have athletic teams, and even a graduation ceremony. Two classmates could easily apply to fellow homeschoolers. Btw, way to nit pick, of all the lies being currently perpretrated, you single this seemingly inconsequential story, oh brother!


havent watched, did Julie say there is another twist coming?


She did. It’s going to be RacHELL and BrenDUMBs wedding. That’s also the day my T.V. is going out the window!


Agree, a brenchel wedding would cause mass suicide


And increase new television sales.


yes jules said something was gonna change the game for everyone

Not a Dom Fan

I think the twist is the end of the gold key


So Simon you think Jeff or Jordan are going home this week and then get voted back??? I hope that doesnt happen but if it does i think you under estimate the impression Cassie left on America. I think she will get the vote even if jeff or jordan are in the mix…just my opinion


LOL @ end of the gold keys. I think they will replace every ones keys with gold keys! Now nobody can play for HOH and we’ll go back to Season 1 rules where America votes people out. WHAT A TWIST!!!


she said that a celebrity was making a special visit to the house


Somebody pimpin thier new movie! I already guessed Doogie Howser/ Barney from How I met Your Mother to promote the Smurfs movie that I believe starts next week. I don’t know why I can’t rember his real name right now.


NPH Neil Patrick Harris


My bet is Jason Bateman for his new movie with Ryan Reynolds will host a luxury comp and that all hg’s will be able to compete (including golden key holders).


Neil Patrick Harris? :] lol i thought the same thing, that it was gonna be a celebrity promoting their new movie. cause, you know, expect the unexpected, right?


Neil Patrick Harris!


I think it may be Ryan Renolds or Jason Baitmen promoting their new movie….


My guess is Ashton Kutcher, promoting 2 1/2 Men.


Rachel is the worst! she could’t even let the love of her life have HOH. what a competitive B!


I never thought I would be defending Rachel, but she did say she hoped she would win HOH so she would be able to eat the HOH goodies in addition to the slop diet. I believe Brendon let her have it just so she would have something else to eat as well as to keep blood off his hands (somewhat).


That was strategic, the house thinks that the next HOH comp is an endurance one, and she thinks Brendon has a better chanc.


and she wants to eat……which is not fair…..she got two weeks of slop and she should have to do those two weeks


Well, there is a chance that the newbs survive this week. If Rachael puts up a newb pair, the other newb pair might be able to win POV, taking the newbs off of the block. Ergo, Rachael is forced to backdoor JJ, which would make a large dent in the veteran alliance.


Simon correct me if Im wrong as soon as a newbie takes the other off the block the POV becomes vulnerable to go on the block?


no, whoever wins pov is safe and whoever they take off is safe 🙂


not true……….pov doesnt mean your safe…. if they used on the pair up… they can in turn be the replacement……. it happened with marcel


It doesn’t matter anyway, Jeff and Jordan’s name’s are the only names that will be in the bag. The 4 vet’s will compete against whoever is on the block, leaving the other newb couple available for the block if needed.


No he decided not to use the pov when he won it while on the block because he believed he would not be voted out. Worst BB decision ever!


No way, there’s still 2 newb pairs. If the ones on the block win veto, the other pair goes up. And since the veto comp is rigged, we know the other pair won’t even get picked to play. But even if they did, they wouldn’t use it and put themselves in harms way.


don’t hold your breathe……brenchel is so nasty they will be gunning for JJ before we even get to pov this week


With our luck, she puts up Lawon & Kalia who both agree to throw it and the other couple chosen to play for POV is JJ.


Actually, to be honest the best move for ANYONE at this point is to get JJ separated because they are strategic players and no one (based on the live feeds) want to put up JJ. I think the best move is to evict Jeff because he is an actual competitor and he would try to get the person out who put them up.


NO! They should NOT gum for JJ!!! I want them to win. It’s good that no one wants them out. They can stay on the down low for now


What ya’ll do know you sometimes do HAVE to lie in the Big Brother house! It’s a game where you need to lie sometimes!!! If Shelly told everyone she voted for Keith to be eliminated she would be in a pretty tough situation and Cassi would actually campaign with Shelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not a Dom Fan

Is it just me or does anyone think that a single, grown man (also male model) still living with his parents with a girl for a best friend is GAY


dude he flirts with like every girl in the house. hes not gay hes just a pretty boy


I am from Dom’s Hometown, IMO he is a virgin bi mommas oversheltered boy!


Who cares?


I think so too, any straight man would’ve had Dani legs up in the air by now.. and the Idea that he’s still a virgin how can you be a male model and still be a virgin all that pussy that gets thrown at him? He bats for the other team.


bats for the other team 🙂


Please refer to my previous post. I really think that the big twist is that this season of Big Brother is the season of gays.


Wowwwwwwww. another week of rachel thinking she runs everything in big brother. her ego is big enough, someone needs to get her out of this house. Lets go team Dom and Dani!


I’m rooting for Dani all the way and i know she needs Dom but I’m actually starting to think that aligning herself with him could be her downfall. People are gonna catch on eventually. I think she spends way too much time with him and I think it’ll make her a target. She’s much less of a target, imo, if she appears as sort of the lone wolf. I thought at the start she was gonna have a ‘secret’ alliance with Dom, but it’s gonna become very apparent once the numbers start to get down in the house. Then she becomes the target bc she’s strong in challenges and is smart. I’m now worried about her game


LMFAO @ Rachel’s HOH music being Spice Girls, so she’s Ginger only Ginger had freckles, she has zits. it all makes sense now.




Typical;e Brenchel pout and whine & bitch when they lose, and throw it in people faces when they win…… They love the target being on them.


Dom is hot and gay but dani will eat him right up. Dude hate that everyone is hating on Rachel. Da bitch is fierce


from the chen bot

Next week the Big Brother 13 houseguests will be joined by a secret celebrity.  Join Big Brother on Sunday to learn who Rachel nominates for eviction.  Also next week there will be a change in the game that will cause the Big Brother 13 houseguests to rethink their strategy in the game.  


Not to condone Shelly’s vote, but if she would have voted the other way it would have been a tie & cry baby would still have her way. Her cry baby performance for Jordan over Cassie was by far the most horrible acting I’ve ever seen, wish Dani would have called her out on it.


Really, Rachel says that Cassie has “bad” game play but hers freakin sucks


Is it just me or does Julie seem to be fed up with Rachel? I got the feeling that she was disgusted.


she definitely seemed to be team cassi tonight.




LOL at Dom complaining about Rachel and Brendon being sore winners. He’s the one that publicly yelled HELL YEAH and privately dances around and tells everyone to SHOVE IT! Yeah, that’s such a good winner. I hope this Nancy boy is gone this week.


anyone else think CBS has certain strategies regarding the veto comps too? last week it was a duo comp, which i guess was supposed to be ironic considering neither porsche nor keith knew the other was throwing it and both thought they were evil geniuses. and it wouldn’t have been as “interesting” if they were both just throwing the comp separately. this week adam made it clear he was going to throw it, but since there was literally no drama surrouding dom and adam and a lot surrounding cassi/shelly, they gave dom a chance to pull himself off. yes, no?


Rachel is soo annoying. i wud almost not watch bb becuz of her annoying self. she has not changed. why did cbs bring her back??? ewwww


The thing that sickens me more than Rachel is Brendon. He condones her bad behavior and strokes her ugly ego. Brendon is very sneaky. Brendon will probably win this season because Jeff is going to underestimate him.

The Watcher

You can’t really be this naive? They are playing for half a million dollars. Pretty sure I would lie, cheat and steal to win that amount. And wouldn’t apologize to anybody about it either.


Next person who claims or does write letters to CBS in complaint seriously needs to get their arse kicked and for Rachel to sit on their head while Jessie flexes his muscles. Come on people smarten up. Why ruin a show because you are a cry baby? Why do that to the other people who love every minute of it?


ummm did Jeff really say that “Dani’s body is sick” IN FRONT OF Jordan – and did dumb Jordan actually not say anything except to agree with him?? Please say it ain’t so bc I will be sick…..what is wrong with people!!!


I hope that that dominic goes home,I really dislike him,hopefully he goes up and does not win pov.


I really hope that dominic goes home,he is a liar and a jerk,him and daniell together are scary.


why is dan get hoh what elts can go wrong:z