Big Brother Spoilers – Second Live Eviction and HOH RESULTS!


Cassi Vs. Shelly Big Brother 13 Live Eviction Results

What a week it was, Jordan puts up Dom and Adam in the hopes of breaking up the dom/Cassi connection. Dom wins POV uses it and Jordan makes a “Power move” and puts up Shelly and Cassi. Many thought she should of Backdoored the hated Rachel while others thought that it was too early for JJ to go back on their “repeat alliance”. My feelings from watching the feeds this week is that the JJ/BR alliance is done for and just needs a spark to ignite into open conflict will that spark be after tonight’s HOH?

At times I thought Jordan and JEff were completely clueless with the house however after last nights feeds I’m starting to realize that Jordan/Jeff are not as dumb about where the house stands.

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My guess is that Cassi is going home and Rachel will win HOH

Pacer Votes to evict – Cassi
Lawon Votes to evict – Cassi
Dom Votes to evict – Cassi
Kalia Votes to evict – Cassi
Adam Votes to evict – Cassi
Dani Votes to evict – Cassi
Jeff Votes to evict – Cassi
Rachel Votes to evict – Cassi
Brendon Votes to evict – Cassi

Evicted houseguests is CAssi

New HOH is Rachel

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171 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Second Live Eviction and HOH RESULTS!

    1. Porsche is Pinto because she is not beautiful like a Porsche she looks like a Pinto…. and She’s called Peterbilt because of her constant eating

  1. I actually predict Shelley gets the HOH!! I want her cause she is smart and will keep J/J and backdoor R/B I so wish that happened this week but I think J/J needed to hold out for now. they dont know where Dani is at this point which I think she would want R/B sent before anyone else!!! I am a little dissappointed cause I started watching BB season 9 and never saw Evil Dick at work!!!

    1. Nah then that’s like Vets winning for a 3rd week because she would do everything they say, she would be too afraid to do anything now, Dom would do something now.

      1. The hg’s with the golden keys don’t get to play in the HOH, POV, or have/have not comps until they stop playing in pairs.

    2. isnt it Cassi and Shelle on the block? if so then she cvant win it because if cass is sent away she gets the golden key and cant play in any comps. I would actually like to see Adam get it, he is kool with JJ atthe moment and I think would try and make a run at Brenchel.

    3. If we are naming players for vehicles can Rachel be a hummer. They are large and obnoxious with no real purpose. Not to mention the name fits her.

      1. You are right! but I thought the golden key was given to Dani cause of Evil Dick leaving and Porsches was the only ones?

        1. no, each of the first 4 evictions, or in this case with E.D. leaving Dani and first 3 evictions the survivor gets the golden key for a toal of 4.

  2. Yeah Simon, I have to agree with you…..Cassi is leaving :( I think Rachel, Dom, or Shelly (if she does not throw it) will win the next HOH. I would love to see Lawon win just to see people tremble!!!!!!

  3. Rachel hates Cassi cause she thinks Cassi wants Brendon. When she gets home, she will realize that her buddy Porsche has been after Brendon the whole season

    1. OK. My turn for a stupid statement. Jeff wants Cassi out because he thinks Cassie may be into chicks and so, since she’s so hot, she may potentially seduce and steal Jordan from him!

  4. Porsche is more like the AMC Pacer. It had a giant butt that rattled when it moved too. It also spent much of its time being idle and useless. The Pinto is too sleek and small to describe Porsche.

  5. Adam has got to win this HoH. He won’t be a pussy and will put up Rachel and Brendon for eviction. He aint scard of them like the rest of the house.

    1. Did RAchel not watch the tapes from before? Did she not see why everyone wound up against her. Did she not think that being the same again would be any different. I have never been a JJ fan, however, I loved Jeffs comment about her being a gnat and him needing Rachel off.

      1. Nope she did not t o watch the way she acted on her season, , this is another reason she is the same insecure bitch that she was last season she didn;t watch that season to learn and grow from it. Brenda watched it and he has gotten more douchy and condescending

  6. brendumb and rachoe are a real couple of assholes. the way they both talked to cassi who did noothing to them was beyond ignorant. glad cbs aired that for the world to see what a couple of pieces of shits those 2 are. cassi love ya.

  7. just when i thought i could not lose any more respect for Rachel and Brendon…”can i draw you a picture” Get the hell outta here dick.. I’m sad Cassi is leaving :/

  8. Here’s a newsflash: Jeff wants Cassie out every bit as much as Rachel and Dani do.

    Blaming Rachel for the whole thing is ridiculous.

    1. Umm you guy’s need to read the live feeds on this site…Jeff and Jordan might be fearful to do what they now they should…but, they would rather have kept Cassi over Rachel. Jeff actually brought that up on the show last night I believe?!?

  9. OMG someone needs to get that pimple faced Racheal off the show she is such a cry baby makes me want to slap her. Keep her man cause he is fine and to fine for her…

  10. OMG I never want to hear anything about Jeff being an ass. Brendon showed he is the biggest ass when he was talking to Cassi in the kitchen. What a douchebag! He really has been with Rachel way too long!

    1. I agree. Jeff’s can be an asshole but maybe part of that is because he’s just very direct and his delivery. I actually kind of like Jeff’s directness just depending on what he’s talking about. I really wonder if Brendon would have came off that way if Rachel wasn’t there. Cassi handled it better than I may have especially when he said don’t embarrass your family or whatever he said. Brendon acts like an immature teenage girl.

  11. Audrey II? from little shop of horrors? lol
    Shelly can’t win HOH.. she gets a key.
    Rachel … OMG!!! are people really that stupid to believe anything she says as she is rolling her eyes to the top of her head making stuff up?

    Goodbye Cassi! Would love to see you stay, just to keep Rachel stirred up.

    1. Hopefully BR keep their word and don’t put jj up.
      P.s Jordan and jeff are the best and should make it to the endddd!!!!!

    1. Agreed. That was my first thought when the show came on: “A cape?? Is Julie taking a flight around the studio audience?”
      Why hasn’t she fired that stylist yet? It’s just sad.

  12. 2 faced dumbonic voted against cassi. whatever. why are kaklia and lawon even on this show? neither have no game whatsoever and both are 2 of the biggest floaters (they wont need golden keys they will make it to top 10 just cause of the ass they kiss

    1. At this point they probably voted with the house majority in the hopes of keeping the target off of their backs. Unfortunately it’s painted on in permanent ink, so they should have gone ahead and thrown her some sympathy votes.

  13. Rachel, I tried to look at you with a fresh outlook but you, to me, are still the most annoying person in the house. But glad she’s back cuz I loves to hate, her. Brendon, still a douche bag. I wish he didn’t come back. He’s boring and a complete moron who likes to control everything. What a dick. Kalia, shut yer “got”damn mouth. Food goes in, words vomit out. Jeff, yer cute. Jordan, yer stupid. Shelly, Cassi, Adam, Dominic and Lawan, grow some balls y’all. Porsche, oh dear, you need help. Dani, scheme away.

    1. Not gonna lie, I gave Rachel the benefit of doubt , her season they was talking shit about her more-so after Rachel asked for it by acting like a child, but after this season it’s obvious this is who Rachel is, she just uses her emotions as an excuse for her insecurities and immaturity & sheer jealousy for those who are either prettier or are not kissing her ass. Cassi told her the truth about her and she goes and cries like a little baby, Jeff yelled at her for how she was acting and what did she do? cry like a baby, this is how she gets her way if she’s not spreading her legs. Brendon feeds her ego.

    1. I told my girlfriend they left someones mike on while they were in the bathroom. When we found out it was racHELL we both punctured our eardrums!!!

  14. classy cassi thats sums it all up she even hugged rachoe and brendumb shes got more class in her baby finger than the wanna be hoe rachoe and the castrated brendumb

    1. I seriously thought Jeff had it won when his answer was the only one. Guess I would’ve been knocked out there too.

  15. The evicted house guests must be going to sequester. Earlier on the feeds Shelli said she told Cassie the truth in her good bye message. She said she didn’t want her to hear it from anyone else. But they didn’t play that part foe Cassie.

    1. Hey Rockstar … love her or hate her???? Sounds like I have a choice. I vote ‘hate her’!!! hahahahaha

    1. My thought exactly. The best we can hope for now is that Rachel goes on one of her power trips and alienates everyone in the house so they’d all be gunning for her and her man next week.

      1. LAME, he’s a Rachel fan and he should be excited. The player he likes is back in power.

        See how the play on words works? I was actually able to improve upon and add a level of truth to yours.

    1. So true!!! I’m thinking Jeff ahould start packing because I think I just heard the backdoor open. That will be Rachel’s wish if all goes well. She may have ‘apologized’ to Jordan, and kind of to Jeff, but this is a person who never forgets someone who stands up to her. The writing is on the wall!!

  16. argggggg! i am so over the brenchel show. glad ive avoided the feeds and the show…will continue to do so this week.

    1. She wants Brendon to win the HOH endurance comp tht is predicted for next week…but Jeff better win it! Otherwise, Fez will win and it’s bye-bye vets

      1. The endurance comp is more suited to Daniele and Dom. Big guys have a disadvantage. Last year Brendon sucked at endurance. He blamed it on his big feet. Ragan and Matt were the last two both competitions. Small, fit and strong people are better than big muscly guys at the endurance competitions. When Dani starts competing, look out!

  17. Wow I don’t know if I can handle another week of Rachel and Brendon in power. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still watch cause I love the show, but man, they sure are making it painful!

  18. really rachoe HOH again? this has got to be rigged.. wonder who she will put up? the bitch probaby will bb JJ wouldnt put it past her and her castrated man (barf)

  19. Yay! Rachel won! I know everyone hates that girl, but she is entertaining, competitive and makes it pretty far in the game. I honestly hope she wins.

  20. The Golden Key is annoying. Stupid twist. I can understand Dani having it since she lost her partner but two more people having it and floating through sucks

    1. Totally agree! Some pretty useless people sitting there not having to fight to survive!! Garbage idea for sure.

  21. You have got to be freakin kidding me!!!!!!!! But I can’t blame Rachel, I blame the stupid newbies for getting that question, wrong!!!! What the hell where u thinking, Dominic!!!


  23. I couldn’t believe Jordan not putting Rachel up because Jeff said he would not back her. What BS, she was HOH not Jeff. And now Rachel won HOH again, UGH!!!! Rachel could and should have been gone tonight. I cannot stand Rachel or Brendon, both are total dopes!!!!

    1. Actually, Jeff said he would back her whatever she decided. But she was too chicken. If she had backdoored Brenchel her and Jeff would be up and Adam, Dom or Lawan would have won HOH. Jeff and Jordan would be going out this week. As much as I wish Brenchel was history, Jordan surprised me and did the right thing for her and Jeff. The only way Brenchel can win the prize is if they are both in the final. Not likely to happen. Anyone else would beat them so it’s not a bad thing to keep them around. Hopefully Rachel gets rid of Lawan/Kahlua. Don’t care which one, they are both barely there. But here’s the thing. If Rachel puts them up, and say Dom and Adam win veto and remove them, the only possible replacement nomination is Jeff and Jordan. On the other side, if Jeff/Jordan win veto and save whoever is on the block, the other pair has to go up. Having Rachel in the driver’s seat is dangerous because you never know what bee she will get in her insecure little bonnet.

      1. If Rachel puts K/L on the block, Dom/adam win POV and use it, Dom/adam can go on the block even though they won POV, so they wouldnt use it

        1. I don’t believe the POV holder can go on the block. And Dom would be stupid to use the POV on Lawon and Khalia anyway.

    2. Agreed!!! One can only hope history repeats itself: Roachel won 2 HOHs last season, then she was DONE!!!! To quote Ragan: ” You’re only back b/c someone opened a Pandora’s Box and released something horrible in the house!!!”

  24. So happy Rachel won. GO BRENCHEL!
    Say what you want about them, but Rach and Brendon are STRONG COMPETITORS.

  25. OMG! WTH? What in world sort of HOH Comp was that? Pinto was seriously busting out of that poor blue dress, no wonder she’s been wearing the same pink sweats all of her clothes are too small! Was Jordan wearing a nightgown? Cassie looked awesome though. Way to leave the BBH in style. I don’t think she was the worst player ever, plenty of others hold that title ahead of her and didn’t have experienced players in the house. Rachoooo holds the title of most annoying player and that’s a true fact. Gag reflexes kick in and hair creeps up on the necks and arms all over America when she comes on screen. Ugh!

  26. I hate the effing hoe that is Rachel and Brendon disgusts me. Poor Cassi :/ I hope they don’t backdoor Dominic. He’s the only reason ill keep watching big brother now that Cassi is gone… And Rachel ruined his plans of being the last one to hug Cassi out the door.

  27. what a crock. there is no way more people in America want to watch Dani than P. unbelievable. as soon as i noticed that Brenchal answered the same and different from the rest i knew it was over. you could almost hear the producer giving the answers to Julie so Rachel would win…

    Jordan should have backdoored Rach… Brendon would have gone crazy and everybody in the house would have hated him more. Jordan would have been a saint.

  28. i can’t believe it BUT why the frak not? Note to production with your stupid POLL about who should win HOH this week…( we know it’s all rigged DUH) I hate u I hate u I hate u!!! Come the Frak on… Is this the emotion you wish to elicit to us hard core peeps? I’m done …. I have absolutely nothing to say. I knew Cassie was gone Because of Rachael ( jealous bitch, I cannot WAIT to see when she figures out she’s Already an accomplished model that will truly be fun… Bad game- p,ay my ass… One person true to their word with absolute integrity! Used to think Shelly the same but have changed my mind. She played Cassie(and she wants to come out peaches and cream) who said that Cassie is out to begin with? I read all blogs and watch BBAD every day, never heard it!! Question me this: who made this season the “Rachael” season?Jordan was HOH last week and did Brenchels bidding! Disgusting! Guess what all…FEAR IS FAILURE Do u guys Not look at these boards… Totally lost my whole “what’s right is right” mentality. Whatever, it breaks my heart it really truly does! This show is so rigged… I’ve heard this before and didnt believe it but now, I’m done I’m done I’m done I’m flabbergasted how rigged this stupid gameshow is! Good work …ALL

    1. Totally rigged. They knew how to answer. And then did you notice how she had to say “I’m really good at quizzes” just to put everybody’s mind at ease that her win was legit! Note to Grodner – if you’re gonna do that at least you owe it to the viewers not to make it so obvious. Jeez.

  29. Actually guys….I think this week is a good week for her to get HOH (NOT A FAN OF BRENCHEL) BUT…I hardly doubt it she will put up JJ after the drama she caused this week. But she likes drama so let’s not doubt her…BUT next week I think, in my opinion, is an important HOH and she can’t play for it. JJ needs to win next HOH and put them up or backdoor them. Jordan did say that obviously at some point they would have to go against them and she wants to be the first one to put them up so next HOH would be perfect. I am with the people that say let’s not watch BB this week. I don’t think I can handle a week of her whining, crying, and pay attention to me now attitude! I’m over her!

  30. ooos…. Forgot to say” how naive of me” whatever…. Going in the wrong direction producers, read the boards you would know better!

  31. WTF is wrong with you guys!? Rachel may run her mouth off alot, but it doesn’t mean she’s an idiot. I mean, she dominated back in her season with repeating HOH wins and I’m not surprised she did the same again. BTW just because the vets are winning most of the challenges doesn’t mean that this game is rigged and by saying that just shows how ignorant you are for how well they’re playing.

    1. If it isn’t rigged, then why do only the HOH get to pick players to help them in veto comps. And don’t tell me that isn’t rigged. We learned they stack the bag a couple seasons ago when production told them not to look and see what names were actually in the bag. I guarantee Jeff and Jordan will be picked in this weeks veto comp!!!

    2. Well granted that HOH comp and a few from her season were pure luck comps. Like it or not CBS loves keeping them on TV. For some reason producers think that negative buzz is just as good as positive buzz. As long as people watch the show good or bad buzz they will keep it controversal. Best thing I suppose we could do is stop caring and maybe they’d make a change. I can truly say that if next season isn’t a fresh format and cast I won’t be watching. I’m invested now so I’ll sit through to the end of this season. I’d like to see Dani win although the lovee, dovee stuff with Dom is beginning to get on my nerves. It looks so immature like they’re in the 7th grade. It’s just not necessary to lay it on so thick because it doesn’t come across as realistic playful banter to begin with.

  32. forget about rachel… who’s going to be the person making a visit in the house next weeek?!?!? guesses people?

  33. notice it’s all girls with golden keys? and isn’t next week the last golden key week? julie said the HGs need to expect something to come up that’s gonna change the game. anyone know what that could be?

    1. i know everyone’s been saying this, but i really do hope one of the evicted houseguests gets voted back in by America… but sounds too goo to be true.

  34. when brenchel were the last two standing i literally almost had a fit. good god the power needs to shift SOON.. for the sake of my sanity.


  36. The redeeming thing for this season for me will be a BR/JJ split. Them, along with Dani and their lapdogs (Porsche, Kalia, and maybe Shelly) in control of everything this season would’ve been boring, since the power struggle between the veterans and the newbies had all but ended. Hopefully now things will get interesting and that the house splits down the middle.

  37. I think Rahel is a smart cookie I just can’t stand her.I really wish Jordan would have back doored her and kept Cassie she would have had a better chance of winning because the way things are going Rachel will back door JJ and not think a thing about it.I can’t believe she is’nt gunning for Porche the way Brendon is Gaulking at her like a dog in heat.Wake up Rachel.Rachel would have been better keeping Cassie at least Cassie wouldn’t be messing around with her man behind her back i think Porche would jump the chance to grab Brendon’s ass.Now she is gonna have the chance too with her golden key to do what she wants.Jokes on Rachel

  38. Season 2, 3, 6, 8 and 10 didn’t suck, they rocked! Seasons 4, 5, 7 and 11 weren’t bad. Seasons 9 and 12 were the worst ever. Until Season 13. If I pay for feeds, I think I can complain if the product sucks. Right now all 4 cameras in the same room, Brendon, Dani and Dom. You’d think with 4 cameras I could choose to watch someone else. The only thing that keeps me interested is the comments here and the dedication of Simon and Dawg.

  39. I would like to see Rachel win one more HOH after couples split, get sick of Brenda and get him out. That would make the season interesting. Then get rid of Rachel.

  40. I can not stand Jordan or Jeff@ Rachel Brenda. Why Jordan back she won once all ready mine mouse voice. Both Guys P/W come get new people on there. Rachel win again last sure. That show rig cheaters on there… Need take off the air..

  41. How can Shelly or whatever Cassis partner be a CEO? The first vote of the game siding with the vets will cause her not to have a chance…No way a newbie wins…Just a poor decision and it was the most obvious…Pick off the vets and aligh yourself with the newbies and you have a way better shot…TO be very likable as she is she might have won but she just going to either skate on by like I think she did through life with probably ease…

    Its as bad as the last season of Survivor when those girls alighned with Rob and failed to make a bold move at the end and surprise him…At the beginning I said Rachel and Brenden easily one of these two wins….Best scenario thoguh would be for them to put up Jeff and Jordan and take there chances against the rest of the house cause the rest is weak…I think if Jeff and Jordan were put up the people who have bonded with them would be so sad they would just lose any competitiveness…

  42. JJ Should have back doored Brachel! They will be kicking themselves silly soon. Does anyone else think Jeff is gay? I don’t like the way he treats Jordan. They’re not even living in the same state! I really don’t see them being in love or being cute together. BB asked them to “be together” for show purposes. The way he smokes or eats, there’s just something very gay about him. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! LOL..I think that’s why America voted him favorite, he got votes from both male and females….because he has that “gay”quality thing going on.

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