Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel wants Dom and Adam up, Dani: “There’s going to be a powershift”

8:12pm Jeff, Shelly, Jordan, lawon, Adam Hanging outside They’re talking about Cassi and how upsetting it was to see her go. SHelly says that cassi was getting a migraine right before the live show started. Shelly: “I wonder what the first thing she did when she got out was” Jeff explains that you go to a hotel and you eat. Brendon joins them.. they start talking baout Jar Jar binks. Brendon says the new star wars would of been awesome if they took jar jar out. Adam says Hayden Christensen ruined it for him. Brendon brings up how awesome the first Matrix was, “It was finally a roll Keanu Reeves was mad for”.

They start going over the the HOH comp about the question that took out most the guys. Adam and Lawon said Porsche in a bikini over Dani but they now realize how obvious it was to be Dani. Lawon: “I just thought BOOBS” Shelly explains to them that it’s mostly women who vote on those online polls. Adam: “Dani has a lot more fans to from her season”.

8:30pm Rachel and dani they both are thinking that something is up with Adam they are guessing that he might be America’s player. Rachel says if she puts up Dom and Adam up Dom will never work with them again. Dani doesn’t think that will be the case. Rachel I really wants to keep dom but this past week he really concerned me because after he won the POV he acted different around me

Rachel says that brendon is scared that Dom can beat them in physical comps and that he’ll turn on them. Rachel says they are in a really good spot

Rachel: “I’m so glad Cassi is gone she’s so manipulative.. She was trying to get Jeff and Jordan to come after us… Jeff and Jordan are so easy manipulated the same thing happened in their season with Russel” Dani says that they are in a perfect spot Rachel agrees. Jordan walks in on them whispering up.. Rachel and Dani quickly jump up Jordan: “You guys scheming” rachel puts on a smile Nooo. Rachel says that she wants to put up Adam and Dom. Rachel says when she won the look on Dom’s face told her that he was mad but Adam was PISSED. Jordan wants them to put up Lawon and Kalia then if POV is played backdoor dom. rachel points out that if Dom wins POV and uses it then Jordan and Jeff go up but if dom and Adam are up on the block and they use it then Lawon and Kalia go up. Dani wants Adam gone this week, Jordan: “I don’t trust any of them I just trust you guys”. Jordan adds that dom will be hard to get out later on. Rachel agrees but thinks that Adam is will be strong at the mental and she knows that if Adam wins he will put up 2 “pros”. Rachel: “I the wrong people win the veto they will BLANK us”

Jordan leaves

dani says that they (JJ) have Adam on their side. Rachel says they also have Kalia. Dani doesn’t think so Kalia hates Adam. Rachel: “we have Porsche”. Dani they have Shelly, they are playing a better social game than you are and they are trying to get the numbers on their side for when the split comes. Dani: “You need to chill your a big target now”

Dani says there will be a power change “Don’t ever think there will not be a power shift” rachel agrees, says that the people online want their alliance to explode. Dani: “you have to get in your head that it’s not coming down to final 5” Rachel brings up the brigade. Dani: “that was 3 people this is 5” Dani points out that there’s going to be a big twist that might bring upon a power shift.
Dani: “can I tell you something and you don’t run off and over react
Dani brings up when JJ pulled dom up into HOH to cut a deal they asked him which side he’s with JJ or BR, “that shows yo they are already thinking about when we split” Dani says that Jeff and Jordan are not very smart so when they talk to you just go ya ya ya ya. dani reminds Rachel to keep cool and not to piss people off. (So in summary right now DOm and Adam are going up)

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Dani is so good at whispering, its crazy!!


LMFAO nice touch on that giant zit simon


effing DANI!!!!!! wth? Did JJ really ask dom that??


Yes, JJ did call in Dom which side he was on


Is there any word on whether or not the evicted house guests are in sequester?


Shit my boy Dom goin up again yo, aint this a bitch.


Right my cant catch a break


Yea man I hate that Dom is goin back up but hopefully he can that pov again and move on from there.

Kathleen Brown

I hate Rachel so much


Im guessing Rachel doesnt care if u dont like her… So Please Shut It!!!


I really need to stop watching because I’m only getting more and more furious at Rachel.. I mean who can like her? She may be good for T.V., but she’s completely psychotic. I just can’t understand how she can honestly fault other people without seeing that she’s a complete waste of life. ED would of brought some entertainment to the show.. wish he would of never left. Someone needs to backdoor Rachel before a throw a brick through my T.V…


OMG you nailed it with your comment! ITA


people need to stfu about Rachel’s acne. almost everyone get’s zits, and it just shows how immature and childish you guys are for doing what you did to her pictures. grown up, like come on.


You mad??



True enough everyone gets zits but that shit on Rachel’s face is practically boils…ewww. I get zits sometimes too but I’m still pretty…unlike Rachel who turns into a mutant freak when she breaks out


No offense Kayla, but you kinda just seemed conceited when you said you were pretty! Ya’ll just need to stop making fun of each other because you are no different from Rachel if you talk like you’re wayyy prettier than her!

How Sad

Wow Kayla, that sounded just like something Rachel would say. But I guess you can’t see that.


STFU Brenchel Drone….

How Sad

Do as LAME says, or LAME will get mad and go elementary school on you and call you names and make fun of how you look.

Now go and pretend to have a life.


I agree. It’s not her fault.


Yes it is, she’s been washing her face with man juice instead of Proactiv.


Big pimple, big pimple, big pimple. Oh yeah, big pimple. Big pimple number 4. Big pimple number 8.




Hahaha toooo funny! I can’t stop thinking of her voice singing it!!! =D


OMG!! That’s hillarious! Big Pimple! Big Pimple! Big Pimple! Racho and Brencho get so proud and excited singing that song they look demented!


I know I’m late on the comments, but I can’t stop myself from laughing so hard!!
after the HG played Big Booty, me and my whole family played it. Talking about some fun


“Name”: hmmm, I don’t concur. The pictures of naked mole rat aka Roachel are much better with his touch ups. She’s the equivalent of Jackson Pollock’s Convergence.


Whoa, that’s not a zit.


i cant stand racheal and brendon any more cause their stupid, i hope they get back doored…………


I must confess, I jack off to Rachel 2-3 times a day. I diss her cause I secretly am obsessed with her. That’s why every comment I make mentions her. I wish I was Brenden.


Is that you ? How Sad, INDEED, you live up to your name to the fullest. If anybody says anything remotely to the truth about your favs here you come defending them. Everybody on this board talks BLANK about Brenchel and makes images about them, and there you are commenting on everything they post, How Sad, your new name should be How Pathetic, NEWS FLASH onlinebigbrother does not like Brenchel but I’m sure there are Brenchel Addict sites, go there. and Be Well.


i wish dick was still in the game… he would easily put up brendon and rachel as soon as they annoyed him one bit… which would have been the first time he won HOH.


Matrix FTW


That one with Jordon made me laugh, sounds like something she would say.

How Sad

What are you 12 years old? or are you simple?


I’m hoping Audrey II a.k.a Kalia is on Slop this week….. specifically she fakes another injury again.


wow jordan really screwed up by not backdooring BR. That was their golden opportunity to get at least one of them out yet she puts up shelly and cassi? that was so unfair that cassi was evicted. Yes i’m aware she is beautiful but she also did nothing wrong to deserve to be evicted. Jordan not backdooring BR this week is going to bite her and Jeff in the ass BIG time. The only people who have a legit shot at winning this whole thing is dom, adam (by riding dom’s coattails) and the 5 veterans. The rest might as well quit now………..go dom and adam! and jeff and jordan! (even though you screwed up)


Unfortunately I agree. I understand why they didn’t vote one of them out, but it seems now that Dani is already plotting against JJ with Brencho. Smart move on her part. The Vets, mainly JJ should have simply trusted newbie alliances. Cassie would have played with them to the end as would Shelly, Lawon and Kalia. Dani, Dom, and Brencho are not to be trusted and Adam is a wild card. Know one is certain of what he might do or who’s side he’s on.


Bitter party of one ….. Your table is ready.
If Dom or Jeff or Adam would wake up and smell the coffee maybe they could win HOH instead of Rachel. Right now she is the best comp player in the game so it really doesn’t matter how bad her social game is.


Actually it DOES matter, because that how you win BB, if nobody likes you they will not vote for you…. in a perfect work Brenchel would win BB because they are so good at comps, but this is the real world, and social game gets you that money.


We aren’t even to the jury members at this point. And past winners have always bragged about winning comps in their speeches to the jury. Many jury members have voted for the person who won the most comps.

How Sad

Do you even watch the show, or just come in here to spew hate?

ED wasn’t popular in season 8, but in the end it comes down to how you play the game. Very few win the 500K without winning lots of comps. Only Dr Will and Jordan come to mind.


ED was popular. The only reason he made it to the end was because America voted for Eric to save Dick. Dick and Daniele were on the block. Dick won POV and saved Daniele. America instructed America’s player to save Dick and get rid of Dustin. Eric was so good that he flipped the house and got Dustin evicted, and his own game suffered because of it. In the end, it was America again through Eric and his lapdog Jessica that chose Dick over Dani for the win. ED was fun to watch, he competed hard and he engaged the feed watchers. Everyone in the house hated him, but each one of them had respect for him, except Jen (hahaha). He might have saved the season, but the truth is that the only reason he won was because he was up against Dani. Neither one would have won if they were with anyone else. And they would never have lasted to the end together if America’s vote hadn’t intervened.

Brendon and Rachel are in the same situation. Whoever they sit next to at the end will beat them. The only way they can win is to take each other to the end and HG will be forced to vote for them. The difference is that America helped Dick win because they liked him. If the fans vote to pick someone for a special power, it won’t be Brenchel. I would have loved to see Brenchel tormented by ED. I hope Brenchel just go away and play dysfunctional house together in private. It’s embarrassing and depressing to watch them self destruct on TV.


Technically she really only won one comp. The first one she only won because Dani cut a deal with her. And to be honest anyone could have won HOH last night. It was solely based upon what America voted. Rachel is not as great as she would like to think… The only thing she has done is made a friend with someone everyone hates (por) and talk shit to everyone, pissing everyone off


ok mike, you are WRONG – and you sound ridiculous bc everyone knows that Rachel legitimately has won a lot of comps this season and last, she is probably the best competitor in the house, and is a threat in that regard. However, Name is very much correct that her social game is very weak – and you can’t just be strong in comps – that will only get you so far. You need to have a good social game too and be very strategic.


What’s the food for the have nots this week? was that poll given online Wednesday?


I hope it’s Pig’s Feet & Frog’s Legs

Kalia a.k.a Audrey II would go crazy.


The men in this game better be careful yo. The dudes are gettin overrun by girls in the house and that aint a good thing. Girls don’t take men to the finals, they take em out the door yo.


Anyone who knows rumors, or facts if Cassi and/or Keith are sequestered, please share!!


This last episode proves that it’s not just a rumor, Cassi was not shown Shelly’s full goodbye message when she admitted that she was one of the 2 traitors.

The Watcher

And we are basing this off of Shelly saying that she was going to tell her the truth in her message. Cause, she’s been soo honest with everyone up till now.

IMO, bringing an evicted houseguest back goes againist how the game is played. Shouldn’t have to evict someone twice, but that is just my opinion. Nor is it really a twist.


Does anyone else think CBS had this HOH comp rigged? When Lawon, Dom and Adam all had A. Julie then hesitate before saying its B. I think CBS saw a ‘golden’ opportunity and altered the ending.


I wish it was the fat floaters (george jefferson) jive turkey and kaluha going up. they are lazy and worthless. neither even try to win at anything. all they do is eat, shit and sleep. (although I enjoyed watching Lawnman dance the other night on AD)
But why am i not surprised that it’s fez and scrotum going up again? what’s rachoffs excuse this time. I mean they are guys so what could they have done to piss her off? whens its a female we know its jealousy. LOL


Lawon wants us to spread our peacock wings. What what in the butt ever.


Personally i love the aspect that rachel wins competitions and is a feirce big brother player. No one can touch her status as best player in the house right now competition wise. Socially however dani has better gameplay, but anyway i hate the way she treated Cassie. She really didnt deserve that. I hope Cassie comes back and bits her in the ass..


Lucky???? You mean 2 HOH’s this and last year was lucky!!???? Dude you need to check up on your Big Brother History! We need to face the fact that Rachel is an actual competitor!


I actually agree with you besides her social game, in terms of the competitions Rachel has pretty much dominated it.

The Watcher

The topic was what a competitor she is, and you turn it into her appearance. You are showing that its a waste of time to try and have a conversation with you.


The producers may have thought Rachel would have been great for dramatic TV purposes but she’s drawing the wrong type of negative emotions from people. No one wants to see her get her comeuppance – people just flat out do not want to see her. In my 13 seasons of watching, I don’t recall such a backlash of fans vowing not to tune in because of one person.


i totally agrre I hated dick on his season but was actually glad when he came back because of Rachoe. as much of an ass dick was on his season he did not come nearly as annoying as rachoe on her season. she is just an evil ugly tranny and i dont think she looks in the mirror cause if she did she’d never show her face on tv (or anywhere) in public.


But with Dick, you knew it was gameplay. With Rachel, you get personal vendettas masked as gameplay.


i cant stand racheal,and the way she laughs,she needs to save herself b 4 a mob ends up runny her off big brother like the witch she is.


You go jeff and jordan the best of luck


i kno kalie dosent want to go home, who’s gonna send a person home who’s hurtin and thats y she faked it,shes nothing but a floater and shes trying to stay out of there way,hopin she wont really b noticed.


Well she’s irritating to watch. I really hate saying that as there are few people on TV that irritate me to that level. Her pouty faces, whiny voice, ugly personality, annoying laugh, she’s just awful. She’s so spoiled and immature. After the food comp and confrontation with Jeff, Brendon tells her not to show her emotions and she spits back that’s why I ran into the bushes! Really? Like running into the bushes like a 7 year old is so mature. She also just said she’s not manipulative on BBAD. This is another reason why I dislike her. She’s also a big time liar. But so is Shelly for telling her that she has a chance of winning people over. Yeah and pigs will sprout wings and fly!


Why do women wear those furry boots in the summer??? Stinky Feets


Yeah, Cassi basically has herself to blame as well in part. Like, on the very day you may get evicted, WHY would you brag about your portfolio success? That basically throws away any swing votes as you are essentially saying: “I’m rich, I don’t need to win this bitch anyway.” Don’t act pathetic, cuz that won’t win any bones, but the opposite is certainly damaging your chances.


Except for Dr. Will.
Will can pull it off somehow. No rules really apply to Dr. Will, so…


Gaahhhhh Rachel is really pissing me off. If say Dominic won that competition, and celebrated exactly the way she did, she would be soo pissed at Dominic and not stop talking about it for 3 weeks. It’s sooo bad if someone wins a comp and gets exited for it..but when she wins and goes absolute ape shit its alll good. I hope she puts Dom and Adam up and Adam gets sent home. Then focus on getting Kalia out.


Also i’m tottaly cool with brendon. But i hate rachel. So if rachel gets sent home, ill probably be pulling for brendon at times. but as long as rachel is still in the house SCREW TEAM B/R. anyone else like that? XD


bu if brendon wins ,it benefits racheal 2,i want jeff and jordan 2 win their as real as it gets.

Eric CA

I am not a fan of either Douchy or the Beast. Trust Brendon gets annoying as time goes on.
He looks cool until he opens his mouth and then the douchyness falls out, the guy is a total douche.


Por is wearing one of her infamous suits tonight! Does she notnown any other clothes beside those velour suits and that one shirt?

Eric CA

Rule #1: If you are a female ally of the Beast, Dress like Betty White so the Beast does not think you are after her man.
Rule #2: Kiss her beastly butt
Rule #3: Develop a blank expression and give he Beast a look that says “You so smart, me no think smart like that.” Douchy likes a
smart girl, in theory
Rule #4: Eat so you can gain weight and become less desirable

In closing JORDAN, watch out the beast is coming for you… you’re just too damn beautiful. .

Eric CA

You can say what you want about JJ, but, Douchy and the Beast are the dumbest people in that
house. That is why Dani is playing them like a violin and they do not even notice. Dani is fighting
seriously for final two with Dom and all she needs is an insecure Beast to take out either Jeff or
Jordan, and all it will take is Jordan in a bikini and a quick look from Douchy.


I totally agree…Dani is the puppet master and is playing everyone!!


I think that this game is Dani’s to lose, but I don’t think she’d take Dom to the end. I’d take either BR, cause unless the ratings drop significantly; people love to hate themselves some BR. Agree that something is up with the eliminated HGs, Julie did a good job of creating suspense over whether she’d tell Cassie about Shelly’s vote; you know she was dying to. The problem with Rachel is that unlike Evil Dick, she has no sense of humor or wit. ED was a weasel but I did get a few genuine laughs out of him. BR really have no redeeming qualities. Also, if BB wants me to believe the online polling results, post them 15 minutes online before the show airs.I wish that BET would get their own BB franchise going, then maybe we’d have at least a couple of smart, attractive game-playing people to root for.

Sin City

Rachel is still the same BLANK as she always has been, the new season hasn’t changed her for the better…..same ole—-same ole BLANK, extremely INSECURE person!! Poor Brendan will spend all his time reassuring her forever how great and pretty he thinks she is……..NOT..