Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says that maybe I do need to talk to a psychiatrist… I hate myself.. *Updated*

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11am Brendon and Rachel are in the lounge room talking and crying. Rachel says that she doesn’t care! Brendon tells her that she needs to stop talking about herself like that.. it kills him to hear her talk about herself in that way. Rachel says that maybe I do need to talk to a psychiatrist… I hate myself.. Brendon says well if you need to talk to someone every day …then we’ll get someone in here to talk to you every day! Rachel talks about how CBS portrayed her in a horrible light …and that they made fun of her.. she asks how can they do that to someone. Big Brother cuts the live feeds. Brendon says that he doesn’t care about these people.. they are f-ing nothing to me. I don’t care about any of them and don’t care to see any of them after. Brendon says that when she talks about how she hates herself … he can’t leave her today … not like this …I will worry about you everyday… Rachel says that when she was in Vegas she was happy and bubbly… and that ever since they came in here its been going downhill. Rachel says that she is going to be okay. Brendon tells her that she can’t be doing what she just did …she can’t be saying that she hates herself. Rachel says that she wont. Brendon says that he can’t leave her knowing this is how she is going to act. Rachel says that she will be okay without him… but that she just doesn’t want to do it without him. Rachel says that he is going home because of her. Brendon gets mad and says stop it. …it’s not your fault. Shelly was going to vote for you, Adam was going to vote for you, Porsche is going to …and she is working with them! Brendon say we’ll just leave… that’s it… we don’t even have to go to the wrap party. Rachel says that Jeff told them that they need them….oh really Jeff, where were you when we needed you…

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11:25amMeanwhile Kalia is telling Jeff about all the DRAMA with Rachel. Jeff says that it’s a f-ing pity party. Jeff says that he can’t take it any more. Jeff asks why did Brendon use the veto on her if she didn’t want to be here… when he wanted to stay so bad. Big Brother puts the houseguests on an HOH lockdown. Rachel is still crying and curled up on Brendon. Rachel blows her nose then lays back down on Brendon’s lap. Brendon runs his fingers through her hair. Shelly mouths to the camera OHHH MY GOD! Everyone else is in the HOH room silent. Its super awkward. Dani and Kalia are in the HOH bathroom ..talking about how it’s all an act.

11:50pm – 12:30pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen…

1pm The live feeds come back from TRIVIA. Dani is in the candy room talking to Jeff and Jordan about Rachel’s break down. Jordon tells Dani that Brendon and Rachel said that they saved Jeff and Jordan and now they are paying for it. Jeff says that he doesn’t even want to talk to her …she can talk to a psychiatrist ..not me. Dani leaves. Jeff says that she f*ed us. Jordan says that she doesn’t get people that can’t live without the other person. Jordan whispers to Jeff about how Rachel said that she ruined Brendons chances… Jeff stops her and asks what?! I can’t hear you ..why are you whispering ..I can’t even hear you … how is the rest of the house supposed to hear you… Jeff and Jordan lay in silence…

Meanwhile in the havenot room Rachel is telling Brendon that she is going through a range of emotions and that that is why she is so sad. Brendon says that he understands that. Rachel says that she just wants to be sad …and that she just has to concentrate on winning this competition.. Brendon then tells Rachel to just talk to him about what he needs to do when he gets out… Rachel starts telling him about how he needs to get insurance on the car … Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen again…
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1:20pm – 1:35pm When the feeds come back, Brendon tells Rachel that the people that manipulate others aren’t going to make it to the end of the game. Rachel says I know. Brendon says that we are not those people ..floaters ..who come in and just sit around …we are not those people and it makes me happy that we aren’t. Brendon tells her that he loves her. Rachel says thank you for loving me. Brendon says thank you for loving me. Brendon says that he loves her because she is a competitor. Rachel tells Brendon ..thank you for RSVP’ing to my pity party. Brendon says that he will keep the cheap ring on his hand for her… Rachel says just for today don’t have to wear it outside the house. Brendon talks about how last season he won the competition for her after she was evicted and she can do the same thing. Rachel says that she knows she has to snap out of the pity party and snap out of this… its just a game. Brendon says that at least we still have our integrity! Brendon says that she is his best friend, that’s what best friends do, pick each other up when they are down. Brendon tells her she will be fine, she will win another HOH and says that he is so proud of her. Rachel says she doesn’t think she will win. Brendon tells her to stop that talk. Rachel says that when she wins she will say this is for you Brendon. Brendon tells her that regardless of what happens in the competition don’t let it get to you. Brendon tells her that he knows they won’t be friends with Dani after and then she won’t win this.

Brendon tells Rachel that she has grown up a lot since he first met her and that she is doing the adult thing by walking away and not letting them get to her. Brendon tells Rachel that she will save a lot of time and emotion by not getting roped into situations like that. Brendon says that he will never be friends with Dani… because he has no respect for her. Brendon tells Rachel to ignore Dani.. Brendon says that she can be cordial to the other people. Rachel says that it sucks that Porsche is on Dani’s side. Brendon says that he won’t miss her either. Brendon tells Rachel that after they get out of the house they will go and talk to the psychiatrist and see how they can deal with whats going on in her head and how to deal with what’s happened in the house. Brendon tells Rachel that he isn’t going to be able to be beside her hugging her and comforting her …that she will need to just know that he is at home thinking of her..

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257 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says that maybe I do need to talk to a psychiatrist… I hate myself.. *Updated*

    1. there is always a lot of trivia on thrusdy mornings.. but yeah I won’t be surprised if she leaves.

      Her breakdown basically rules out her as a competitor for the HOH.

      1. I don’t get why Jeff is acting all normal. If he was in this position, he would be breaking shit, calling people God awful names, and most of all making people feel bad about themselves. He even said it himself. And btw, to all you Jeff lovers… Jeff is constantly bringing Jordan down in every way possible; making her feel badly about herself is normal for him. I cannot wait to see what happens outside the big brother house… wouldn’t be surprised if he hits her!

          1. Pipe down, 1030. A liberal feminist would know Jordan has a choice to put up with it or walk. Apparently she likes Jeff.

          2. Rachel is acknowledging that she was having a “pity party.” I see more “OH MY GOD SHE’S GOING TO COMMIT SUICIDE” drama here over her behavior than I’ve seen outta her.

        1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeff doesn’t hit Jordan, too! He’s SO violent!!!!!! And scary!!!!!!!!! And MEAN!!! Like monsters that come out of the closet or out from under your bed at night when Mommy isn’t there to save you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s SOOOOOOO FWIGHTENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Jeff has that tone that alot of guys have that sounds way harsher than it is. I’m married to one. Just because he talks brashly and yes some of it is uncalled for…Jordan gives it right back. So lets not accuse someone of beating their girlfriend please!

          2. If anyone in that house is going to hit his woman, it’s Brendon. I’m confused how the BR lovers don’t see his temper and controlling ways. Yes, he coddles her (WAY too much), but that’s also a form of control. He enables her weak, woe-is-me behavior and she literally believes she can’t live without him. SCARY!

        2. I doubt that. The game makes your emotions crazy, so they are all on edge. I have seen Jeff cheer Jordan up and give speeches on being positive. Give me a break!

        3. I’ve said all alone I don’t care for BRJJ collectively. I don’t find Jeff the least bit amusing any more than I find Brendon to be remotely palatable. The same can be said of both Rachel and Jordan. Nobody can treat you like crap without your consenting to it and returning for more.

          Jeff is in chill mode right now because all the heat is off of him. If that changes somehow, he will be in freak out mode too. The common theme with those four is they all have this tremendous sense of entitlement. Partly because Production has tilted their seasons in their favor and they have all mistakenly labored under the impression that their raw talents gained them successes in competitions.

          I really hope this is the last season they do any returning teams without it being an All Star season. This couples thing has really changed the tone of the game and not in a good way. CBS should take note that most of the networks are abandoning the Soap Opera genre. For good reason, people have no interest in seeing such flights of fancy and over the top/contrived romance-heavy plots.

          1. Is that all you can do – take cheap shots!!!!!

            She’s obviously having a very hard time – let’s all kick her when she’s already down????? Guess you always said and done the perfect thing, right?

  1. I get the feeling that if they are all stuck in the hoh for a while then Jeff might go off on rachel. Hes getting tired of her crap like the rest of us.

  2. PLEASE WALK OUT… I’m thinking about Rachel’s health because if she doesn’t win HOH she is going to do something crazy.

    The chances of her winning HOH is dropping FAST.

  3. I think CBS should make her leave the house. She is completely unstable. Even if her emotional breakdown is for game play, she is still crazy because it is terrible gameplay.

    1. I am sure that CBS doesn’t want to be sued eithor. I feel sorry for people who do not think this girl is having a total emotional breakdown and/or thinks playing having an emotional breakdown to further her in the game isn’t beyond the scope of sanity.
      She is not thinking like a normal healthy person. Truely scary to me. If this was my daughter, I would be really worried!!!!

    2. Plain and simple,she probably has a personality disorder. I’m thinking borderline personality disorder. Its not likely that she will harm herself or others. She will probably just cry and throw a fit until she gets her way.

    1. Kaboom is right Simon. This pazza is a walking time bomb. Its sick how she uses this as some way to get pity from people.

  4. Really Rachel, that’s your problem. Beside, you guys need all that drama and focus on the game. Brendon’s gone and you probably ended up get expelled.

  5. Smh…Either Rachel is really emotionally unstable or she’s just acting. Personally I think it may be a little of both and she’s trying to make it seem like she’s not going for HoH. But if she is really planning on doing nothing that is so stupid. She would be awesome if she had any type of social game along with her competitiveness.

    I’m tired of the pity party. Wasn’t she the one calling Cassi the victim and now look what role she plays so well. This game is definitely making Rachel lose her mind.

    1. Nobody could pretend like that, I can understand a little crying but this is beyond that, she has really lost her shit, and created a whole new reason for nobody to ever like her, and her chances of being called back just went from slim no zilch. BB can’t afford to be ceiling a psychiatrist every time she throws a fit for no reason.

    2. She should’ve listened to Ragan when he told her off last year. Remember this? it all the way to the end.

      Everything he said THEN is STILL applicable today. She gets no sympathy from me, as she chose to do this show, she chose to be with her enabler – Brendon, she proudly boasted about getting wads of hundreds while waking up 1/2 naked, etc.

      Rachel did this to herself. Her CHOICES in life has led her to self-destruct. Maybe THIS time she’ll learn from it.

      1. I loved that fight! Ragan put her in her place for once. I wish someone would do that this season. But it seems nobody can argue with Rachel without Neanderthal butting in. It’d be funny if Ragan came in the house and made her life even more miserable.

        1. You really think that would be funny to have someone calling people names and hurting them even more, what is wrong with you people that you get joy out of someone having a breakdown even if you do not like her, to root for something bad to happen to her is sick !!!!

      2. Wow, really harsh! We really don’t know anything about decisions she’s made in her life except the one to put herself back into this fish bowl for people like us to watch, some 24/7, and comment on anonymously behind fake names. Commenting about game play is one thing but making assumptions about someone else’s entire life is another.

        When someone is down that badly, I find it really hard to keep kicking them.

      3. Does anybody remember the Brigade? With all the attention on hating Rachel and Brendan and getting them out, the Brigade was able to do their thing unnoticed. I think they should turn their attention to Shelly and Adam and possibly Porsche. Hmmmm…

  6. I don’t watch the live feeds, so I don’t know what’s normal or not… but do they usually cut the live feeds so early on Thursdays or is this weird?

  7. Oh, and has Rachel been doing any studying with Brendon on the feeds at all? Or talk strategy? Because I sure hope this fall on her sword and not do anything crap is fake.

  8. Face it, BB13 is about strength and weakness. Mostly, forming the alliance. Not Drama. Rachel, Grow up. Jeff right. We so sick tired of Drama crap and start winning HOH. My advice to you is quit. Take easy way out. Beside, America hate you.

    1. I get really feed up with people like you saying “America hates you”. Some of us do not hate Rachel! She is one of the best players BB has had. She knows how to win and she plays hard. Have you ever saw Jordan cook, clean, play as hard or for tht matter even act intellegent? Yet she is your poster girl. And Jeff he is a know it all idiot who makes Jordan look even less smart. If every one on BB was like Jordan and Jeff, the show would fall flat on it’s face. Players like Rachel and Brenden make the show. So stop your hate remarks and enjoy what these people bring for your enjoyment.

        1. Of course YOU agree. But it’s true watching Rach fall flat on HER face keeps the show from falling flat on its face. Lets all hope Rachel falls some more.

        2. Well of course YOU agree. But It’s true watching Rachel fall flat on her face keeps that show from falling flat on it’s face. Lets hope she “falls” some more.

      1. Jeff and Jordan are idiots. No question about it. But the lesson that Rachel and Brendon have not learn is humility. They are both competitors but the reality is no one is perfect nor will anybody win everything. Instead of brushing off a loss and changing their game plan, they whine and point fingers. These two never once give credence to anybody else game play. They are sore losers and believe themselves to be superior to everybody else. All these are highly undesirable characteristics in all but a barbarian society, which is why they are overwhelmingly disliked.

        I believe most people like Jordan because she does appear to be a sweet person,even if she’s not the brightest bulb. I can’t offer any excuse for why Jeff is liked though.

      2. How is Rachel one of the best BB players? You’re not a great player when you have a mental breakdown in the house; or when you throw a stomping fit every time something doesn’t go your way. It’s one thing to get upset and then reel it back in – but to go completely off your rocker for TWO DAYS is NOT normal nor does it make you a great player. A great player would do what Dick did in Season 8 and work your way around the house and secure your place in the house instead of securing your butt (or your partner’s) right out the door.

  9. Rachel says that when she was in Vegas she was happy and bubbly… and that ever since they came in here its been going downhill.

    Translation: My life has sucked ever since I met you, Brendan.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought! The thing I really don’t understand is why in the heck they came back in the house. Who cares if you need money – if it was that horrible and damaging, then do NOT do it again. It makes no sense.

      My husband and I were discussing this meltdown and I told him that I’ve never heard of one single person having as much “backlash” as Rachel claims she’s had. So IMO she’s full of crap and she’s just using this show as an excuse to not be in a better position in life just like she uses every excuse in the book when things aren’t going her way in the house. Nothing is ever the fault of Rachel – it’s always someone else’s fault.

      BTW, I watched the feeds this morning and Shelly was giving her excellent advice and telling her to come up with an answer for the question if people ask why she acted that way on BB and turn things around (of course Rachel wanted nothing to do with any “advice” – she just wants someone to coddle her and let her be a baby. (side note: I find it extremely hard to believe that every person she interviews with is a BB fan and not only watches the show, but also watches the feeds. Seriously.)

      One more thing is that she keeps saying how she hasn’t worked in a year (which it hasn’t even been a year since the show ended last year) because of the show – yet I heard her talking before about how she worked in a law firm on Wilshire for awhile. So which is it?!?

  10. I wonder if she decides to leave early due to her being “unstable” and then CBS decides to keep Brendan and there isnt a vote??? Also saw there is a special message from Dick tonight, wonder if he is coming back or just giving them the twist.

  11. BR asks where Jeff was when they needed him….Jeff was trying to get them to quit freaking out! They are both sooooo stupid….

  12. this is all an act -_- if Rachel can’t handle being without brendon then she can walk right out next to brendon. then she will definitely get an interview with Julie LOL. let’s get team brenchel out and Dominic back in the house so him and dani can run this bitch !!!!!

  13. It does seem that Production must be doing something about the Rachel breakdown since feeds have been down for so long. BB13 falling apart at the seams. While, it is sad to see anyone fall apart (assuming this is not an act), Rachel must remember that she and Brendon brought this on themselves. Two of the most arrogant, whiny, victim playing people ever. Out of all the previous players that drove me nuts, these two take the cake. BTW…Rachel mentioned to Brendon that when they left the house, he got all of the attention with his scandal and no one ever cared about her…..hmmmmm…..could this be all an attention grabbing moment for her??

    1. Rachael says no one like me, it’s all my fault, I hate myself,…oh honey when you get home get insurance for the car, shop, and be sure to pick up the dry-cleaning.

  14. I LOVE YOU RACHEL!! DONT GIVE UP!! There are people in the world with compassion that think you are a beautiful, misunderstood person and want the best for you.

    1. Seriosly I am a social worker and yes there is dignity and worth in all but Rachel needs to grow up and get off the show so she can get the treatment she needs.

  15. I can’t believe all this BS I am reading. It’s because of dummm fukks like you the reason she is acting this way. Fukkin online bullies. Grow the fuk up, a bunch of cowards hidng a computer.

    1. Ha…and just where do you fit into the cowards list by calling others names while YOU hide behind a computer? Hypocrite!! Pot calling the kettle black…but thanks for the great laugh!!

      1. It’s beneath me to bully others online-. Too bad your mother never instilled some manners tin you and to treat other with respect. It’s a shame.
        How old are you?? 2?? Have some class, would you? It’s not so bad..
        I highly doubt you would ever indentify yourself to viewers as that jerk “MEINTEXAS” If should ever make it to Big Brother cause you’re that much of a coward. Rachel is doing this TWICE. She’s got more balls than you would ever be capable of growing.

        1. Again, who is the coward and bull here? Your pot keeps getting blacker. What a great laugh you provide getting your feathers in such a ruffle.

    2. STFU with your pathetic whining… nobody did shit to this bitch, and it’s idiots like you who defends her constantly.


      1. I will STFU the day you do it first. Until then, act like a grown up that you THINK you are, if it’s not too hard. And yea, that’s a challenge. LOL. I doubt that you can, let alone try.

    3. Bottomline she does it to herself. When you get on camera and act like an idiot psycho people are going to call you out on it.

    4. They volunteered to go back onto this show a second time, knowing full well what happened last time. I would also add that they are getting paid to be on there. Getting paid to sit around and play a game. If they didn’t want the attention, go get jobs like everyone else. She’s aired their dirty laundry out last season, and Brendan aired his out between the two seasons and they thought they would come in, act the same way and get different results. That is insane and not only does she need help, but so does he.

      As for you, tough guy. How is your bashing of the posters in here any different than what they are doing to your precious Brenchel? It’s not, its the same thing.

    5. Ummm, NO. You either have self esteem or you don’t. She had the opportunity to watch the show from last year and learn from her mistakes, and she DIDN’T.

    6. I totally agree. Everyone says this is her fault and that her emotions are fake. I disagree. I think anyone that would go through all these emotions to win BB13 has a real psychological problem. So, either way (whether it’s fake or not), it appears she has a serious emotional, psychological problem. I think America has driven her crazy. Also, I think the houseguest came in with the idea that America hates Brenchel, so I will too. So, the poor girl feels like everyone in the world hates her. How could she not? If she goes on any discussion board, there is so much negativity regarding her and Brendon. All these ugly comments people make online is horrible. What if people were talking about you like this, I don’t think you’d like it much. I just say, give Rachel a break. She knows she doesn’t have any friends in the house and she is just trying to find a way to deal with that. Just leave her alone.

      1. I KNOW! Like America is frickin cruel. SHE IS A HUMAN BEING. You don’t have to love her but you don’t have to hate her either. Sheesh

      2. I don’t know if her emotions are fake nor do I care… What I do know is that if I signed up for something that made me that bat shit crazy I’d walk away and never look back. I certainly wouldn’t sign up to do it AGAIN!!

  16. I think it’s just a ploy to get Brendan to stay personally. I can’t imagine that CBS would keep her on the show if she’s truly this upset. I don’ t think she should’ve never come back to the show. She knows how this game is played. She’s taking this way too seriously. If she really didn’t want to be there, then she would’ve made Brendon use the veto on himself nd not her. This is all part of the game I think. I had read somewhere that there was a rumor out there that the producer promised Brenchel at least making it to the jury house if they came on the show. Have you read that anywhere Simon?

  17. ugh.. so rachel freaks out on Dani for a stupid reason, has the entire house basically tell her she was out of line. Most houseguests gave her a second chance last night Jordan even told her nobody was targeting her out of the JJSA super alliance and still she throws a fit. Brendon had a real good chance of winning the game and he gave it to her and she does this.. now all he has to do is go back to UCLA and cure cancer

    When she is winning she gloats when she’s losing she does this.. I’ve watched enough of Rachel and I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. Time for her to either suck it up or leave. CBS DO NOT CAST HER AGAIN it’s not nice to Anyone get your ratings some other way.

      1. Apples2apples it’s OK to disagree with me and it’s ok to have a opinion that is in the minority. I do appreciate people with different points of view on this site and will help them survive the onslaught of negative comments when they do.

        It’s not OK to use another persons screen name for the sole purpose of attacking them. this rule applies to everyone on this blog. please there is a lot of strong feelings for and against Rachel and Brendon lets chat about it have fun.. throw in our digs and all have a good laugh when it’s over. This is a exciting season of BB we should all be happy.

        1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thanks for telling ME what its OK for ME to say… I know you aren’t American, but this is a FREEDOM of SPEECH country. I’ll post my comments on another blog since you can’t stand it when people say the word “wow.” on one of your posts. FYI – my blog has been directing BB fans to your blog all season – so you are welcome, but now its going to direct them somewhere else. What a DB!!!

          1. WOW. I can’t believe there are *still* some Rachel supporters here. just…WOW.

            I love how B&R accuse Dani of stabbing them in the back when they actually were the ones that did it to her, AND Dominic (they had a deal with Dominic, remember?…and Dom trusted them and threw the veto because of it.) and then they lied to Dani again when Brendon hatched his diabolical plan to take Rachel off the block, despite telling Dani and the rest of the house the opposite.

            I love how he thought he was so clever in his DR session to send himself home instead of Rachel…um, yeah, like there were only two options, Brendummy… dontchya think Dani thought about both of them instead of believing you?

            Dani should have called him on it when he nominated Jordan and said obviously Brendon and Rachel can’t be trusted…they deceived the whole house.

            Going to be an interesting eviction tonight – anything can happen.
            Going to be an interesting HOH. Hoping anyone but Rachel, Shelly or Porsche wins it.

            1. That’s what I’m saying it;s on things supporting them because they win I respect that I’ve never attacked anything because of it, but to defend the way they act that is not even part of the game, it’s like drinking a glass of OJ and swearing up and down that it’s apple juice.

        2. Simon must be Jeff’s brother. Some chick says wow. and he freaks out on her. Guess this site doesn’t allow people to post their thoughts.

          1. LOL again applese2apples.. Your using multiple names to attack people who do not share your point of view. I’m tracking your IP just changing your name doesn’t “hide” who you are.

            Just relax go outside have a icetea and enjoy tonight’s show it’s going to be a blast. I’ll look forward to hearing from you tonight or tomorrow. I’m sure Rachel will win the HOH and everyone will celebrate.

    1. Blasphemy! You are either an online bully hiding behind your computer or just picking on poor sweet innocent rachel.

        1. Shame on you, you tell the truth about the way HG act and make your observation on it, your just a hater, like me LMFAO

          Brenchel Drones need to wake up an realize their Idols are INSANE

        2. LOL – Simon ‘the online bully’ < unbelieveable

          If I could have thanked you 8 yrs ago for this site I would have…was to chicken to post a comment back then


      1. Shame on you for saying something God Simon doesn’t approve of!! Check out hampster watch instead – that’s where I’m sending all of my blog readers. They know how to spell (gasp)

        1. If all of your blog readers are like you and making personal attacks on those they don’t agree with – then please do send them somewhere else.

          Geeze, it feels as though Perez Hilton fans have all come over here to troll the site.

          And for the record – you defenders of Rachel and Brendon are ENABLERS of some very sick behavior!

    2. Simon I agree with you 100%. These people that think Rach is “innocent” or feel sorry for her are just as delusional as she is.

    3. Bingo! And it’s this sense of entitlement that they shouldn’t be the ones going home that makes me so ill. ‘We’re good people, we have big hearts, it’s so unfair, I don’t deserve this, production has made me look bad, all I wanted was a honeymoon, I shouldn’t play to compete, I should just float through like all the winners in all the seasons before, my mother and father stopped talking to me last year, I lost all my friends, I can’t get a job, blah blah blah.’

      She gloats and is obnoxious when she wins and is a spoiled brat who pouts and throws tantrums and acts crazy when she doesn’t get her way. I hope they send her ass home along with Brendan’s.

  18. Brendon should’ve spared Rachel this self-inflicted torture, this masochism and used the veto on himself. This way he still could compete in today’s HOH comp and possibly win like last season. If Brendon wants vengence on Dani, he won’t get it through Rach. Her chances of winning are slipping quick.

  19. If by some miraclel( And Please God, I Hope Not) that there is any way that Brenda is saved, watch what a vile bitch Jeckle and Hyde becomes. No one will be safe not even the psycharist that she really really needs. She is so bi polar that they need new meds to be discovered just for her.

      1. LMFAO…what’s even better than watching Rachel break down, is watching her fans lose it on the internet boards. Watching Rachel, at this point, is just sad and pathetic, and to listen to her blame everyone else for her issues. She’s the worst winner ever, and easily the sorest loser ever. But the best part, the part that has my side hurting from laughing are the posts of Apples2apples and guy and the other Brenchel drones that are as delusional as the losers they defend on here.

        1. You’re not kidding! I’m starting to think her fans are just as unstable because they’re all coming undone here. And making it personal. “Suck it!” “Blow it out of your ass!” “Kiss my ass!” “You’re all losers!” Or worse, “You’re all loosers (sic)!!”

          Excuse me? We’re not talking to you – why are you even addressing us??

          It’s pathetic.

  20. MENTAL!! I keep thinking about how this whole meltdown started. She KNEW shout outs were allowed because she did them herself!! She was pissed because in her head Dani’s kindness f’ed with her plan to save Brendon. She was angry at Dani and was looking for a way to let her have it. It all back fired on her and when it did she couldn’t handle it. All the reasons of why she is saying everyone betrayed her are WRONG and she knows it!!! that’s why she having this breakdown. she knows she’s wrong and even she can’t deal with it any more. Her brain is just trying to figure a way out of this mess and the way she does that is to blame EVERYONE else. She’s going nuts indeed! and you have a right to feel sorry for her but the bottom line is until she figures out a way to handle her mistakes and failures she will fail in this game and in the real world. All that being said, I get the feeling there some sort of intervention going on the BB house. No way the cut the feeds this long for a lock down.

  21. If she stays they might just have to rig the comp for her to win just do she could stop acting psycho.

    1. I’ve thought of that…

      Rumors fly that the DR production tells the houseguests stuff…thats why they do not want you to speak of your DR sessions
      If true, I would hope that they would not do that…or at least do that for Dani – LOL

  22. BR are sore loosers! I do not feel one bit of pity for them b/c they knew what america thought about them when they came back in the house this time. If they dont want to look like a dumb a$$ then maybe they should just both walk out of the house. They are doing this to themselves and causing the house and everyone watching a major headache. I am sure that CBS did not edit her that way. CBS didnt have to edit anything with her in it b/c that is just the way she is 100% of the time. She is doing this all to her self b/c she plays the role so well. After all she has said and done to Straight Shooter and JJ they are still sticking by her side and she just keeps bad mouthing them and throwing them under the bus over and over. I hope she gets thrown out right after Brendan gets evicted!

  23. IF Rachel is “truly” breaking down, she needs to get the hell out of there. It’s not entertaining to watch someone destruct, no matter how self-inflicted it is.

    On another note, I really hope Dom does NOT come back in. I hated Dani and her game when Dom was in the house. They acted like love-sick 12 year olds- punching each other, etc. I like Dom, just not them together = bad game play!!

    Team?? lol

    1. I totally agree. Dani even admitted it’s better for her game now that he’s not there. She realized she isolated herself with him there and it wasn’t good. The only way they can even be in the house together again is if she makes it through next week. If she gets evicted and he’s the one with the chance to go back in they have to go AGAINST each other. That’s why I’m voting for Cassi. I’d much rather see her back than Dom anyway. He annoyed the hell out of me

  24. OMG! I can’t take the drama. She is a spoiled, insecure brat and she just wants attention, attention, attention!!! She is sooo needy its pathetic. How can they even stand her!!! I would have absolutely lost my temper by now and would wind up getting backdoored over it!! LOL

  25. It is HYSTERICAL when one thinks we cannot post our opinion about Rachel…
    Last I heard this is a free country…at least thought wise < we all have our own & have a right to say it..

    So here goes:
    I think this is all an act
    BB prob knows its all an act
    If she happenes to win HOH..{God forbid}
    She would do her…'floaters grab a life vest' act…

    1. I highly doubt this is an act or we would see them laughing about it when nobody else is around. The live feeds would tell the truth, she is crazy

      1. I’m just thinking if she wins HOH
        then she will be singing a different tune
        and everyone will have to kiss her ass
        The tears would turn into Joy…
        …I could hear her screaming – ‘This is for YOU Brendon’ now…

  26. Now its CBS that’s wrong and they are portraying her in the bad light, seriously this girl has serious issues, Her and Brendon are right about everything and everyone else is wrong and stupid, what a world to live in. CRAZY LADY

    1. She’s right about that. Britney was shown to be the cute and funny one where in fact she was a hell of a bitch. And let’s not forget Ragan, probobly the most vile human being I ever saw in my life. Rachel got the crazy edit and I do think it CBS is doing for the ratings. They want drama.

      Even this year, the striking thing I noticed was that when CBS showed that conversation between Rachel and Cassi, they ommited the part where Rachel told Cassi she was playing a victim (that every girl in the house hates her – Rachel was 100% on the money there) and Cassi snapped at her, then went on to say that Rachel is catty. Again, Cassi got the nice edit. Rachel was made to be the bitch.

      1. Rachel WAS the bitch in the cassi situation as well as everything else in this house. Last season, she get’s a pass. This year, she’s the root cause of ALL the drama.

        1. She came in this season wanting to change “peoples view of her.”
          Well, in the words of Albert Einstein
          “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

        2. Oh, I agree with you on that. But I don’t think it’s because she’s necessarily a bitch. I think it all stems from her psychological issues. All that wild and loud “look at me” BS… that’s due to lack of selft esteem where she craves attention and approval.

  27. i hope he does find a cure for cancer and make a bunch of money, but if he does he is going to kick Rachel to the curb

  28. Rachel makes me want to Upchuck. People go through way worse stuff in their life then she ever has based on live feeds.

  29. @apples2apples @Shane don’t waste your breathe on these posters they don’t deserve it if you guys continue they are going to think that they are some kind of superstar at the end of the day the only thing they are good at it’s “BULLYING” people but you know what’s awesome about everyone in here after BB they have to go back to their lives…………..Do you get what i mean…………………their so called “PERFECT LIFE” plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. OH and i forgot to say that sometimes you need to let them talk well it’s their opinion but you don’t want to put yourselves with the MASS………….because you see the “MASS” is a group of people that are stupid,idiots,no common sense at all,it’s like talking to bunches of DONKEYS,and they call us fans delusional because we are supporting BRENCHEL……………………………….WHAT THE HELL……………..LET THEM TALK

      1. I guess i didnt do a very good job with my sarcasm. Under no circumstances would i defend Rachel. She is a psycho hose beast and I cant wait to see the trainwreck after her loser boyfriend leaves. Muhahahahahahaha!

    2. Guy, I have refrained up until now. But I think its time you hear the truth. The truth is, if you have to look up to the likes of Rachel or Brendan, then your clearly a low life scum with no morals. They represent the worst qualities in a human being and you are drawn to that. Say what you will about those that bash her, but to defend her says far worse about your character than those that attack her. To defend her means you feel its ok to be have a sorted past, to care only for yourself, to lack compassion for others, to lack reason, and that crying and throwing a fit is perfectly acceptable when you don’t get your way. Quite honestly Guy, I pity you. Anyone that looks up to Rachel deserves pity.

    3. Yeah… I’ve never liked Brenchel *esp Brendon* but the way people talk about them on here makes me wish the human race would get wiped out like the dinosaurs…. effing sicko pervert nasties that sit infront of the computer trying to screen capture a nipple.

    4. my daughter calls it trolling. People who go around and pick any side of an argument to stir up crap and be hateful about it.
      I usually don’t respond to them either.. usually if I do, it’s because it offends me and I can’t bite my fingers back.
      I’ve said it many times, BB was boring until I found this web site.. and I will support Simon and Dawg in any way I can.
      They deserve our respect and I’m going to give it to them. Thank you both! Hugs~
      PS.. if you’d like to send the repeat offenders to my office.. I have a new tack filled paddle, ready. : P JK

  30. Rachel is clearly depressed. I wouldn’t be shocked if she quits tomorrow or tonight if she doesn’t win HOH. I am also worried if production will try to make it easier for rachel by giving her answers to the comp tonight. As for the players thinking it’s an act. They don’t know. They are in BB game mode. It’s hard to think reasonably and logically like you can outside the house.

  31. My opinion on this is Brendon has been with her for a year… had to have known of her “issues”, why not insist they not do the show? They both need therapy (and I’m not being rude.) This is where as her future husband he needs to stand up to her and say we are leaving….take her to get the help that she needs- if it’s not an act. This would be a good time for all the house guest to tell her “game off” for a second….sweetie…you NEED help. But, of course, that would come off as they are all ganging up on her. Regardless, someone needs to step in and make an attempt to save her from herself right now.

  32. I don’t want to watch people losing their minds, men or women being raped, real life murder shows. I like to be entertained. I don’t deal well with watching someone self destruct. It freaks me out to the point where I feel claustrophobic. I have issues with this years season of True Blood. Can’t deal and don’t want to be a part of it. Even if Rachel is acting out, it’s too real for me and I need it to end.

    1. I hear you Rockstar!! Being in the housemust be rough but real life is often more rough! I am so struck by Rachel’s lack of coping skills both as a winner and a loser. Her reactions are so far off the chart that it is really creepy. Chronologically, she is may be an adult – but realistically … ? Just put a stop to thisas a means of entertainment. And a most unfair solution would be to remove her, but allow B to stay. HGs earn the right to be there period. He took a pass on that.

  33. I don’t feel sorry for Rachel. Everytime she wins something she acts like a complete ass. This is no different. she is acting like a total ass. Jeff and Jordan would never act out like this if one of them was actually going home. the only two to blame are Rachel and Brendon. He is caulky and rude and she is just as bad they both threaten others and that isn’t a strtegic way to play. If you treat people with respect you get respect in return. They keep judging Jeff and Jordan but I don’t see them having hissy fits. Oh and Jeff isn’t rude to Jordan he just knows her really well. So he tells her to occupy her mind in other ways so she doesn’t spill out the info that she has.

    Team JEJO BACON and Selly all the wa

    1. YES! I so agree with you! Brenchel did this to themselves, a bunch of poor sport whinners. I swear its deja vu from last season, when they are on top their all cocky and “king/queen” of the house but when they are knocked down they go insane! and make everyones life in the house hell. I cant imagine what being in that house with those 2 is doing to everyone right now, just cant imagine it.

      As for ppl getting on Jeff for how he acts to Jordan, saying shit like he HITS her outside the house is SICK! Jeff and Jordan have a strong relationship and they love each other very much! You can tell how much he loves her just by looking at him, its written all over his face and the way he looks at her is as if she’s all he’s got and all he wants, theres so much love and vise versa with Jordan and how much she loves him in return… I think lately when he’s “been rude” to her is reason to being in the house and being fed up with Rachel and Brendon’s crap this week and who knows he could be a little worried that Jord could go, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN! (not that it will but still) I dont know, thats just me and my opinion on them 2. I think they will be together for a long time. Like you said he knows her VERY well, it showed back in BB11 how close they got so quick and how well they knew eachother in a short time. Thats how Jeff is, its how he distracts her and in away i think it pushes her to be a better competitor really. They just work so well together. JEJO ALL THE WAY!

  34. LMFAO and here’s King of the Brenchel whiners, c’mon let’s hear another pathetic excuse for the way she acts

  35. Im sorry, I am bi-polar and if she is “going through an episode like this” because she is playing a game and he is getting evicted then she needs to be in a hospital getting help. Unfortunately for her, she brought it on herself by her actions earlier. If it is truly a break I feel for her. However, she does have to accept responsability for the fact she chose to come on the show knowing what it entailed with inappropriate visions of dominating and being with him all summer never looking at the very real chance it woulnt happen.

  36. Just thinking how things would have been if ED was still in the house and Rachel was pulling this crap…lol…. That would have been sooooooo funny!!!!

      1. Oh my bad, hard to tell so many delusional fans that can’t see what everyone else sees on the live feeds, who are probably paid to come on here supporting them.

        1. Its all good. I enjoy the back and forth. Especially with those who refuse to admit that rachel is a trainwreck waiting to happen. Personally i think she is trying to play the victim but hey it makes for good tv.

  37. I come from a long line of family that suffers from bipolar. Rachel shows classic symptoms. People who have a mental illness are often referred to as crazy when in reality they are unable to on their own (without meds and therapy) to think clearly and act reasonably.

    Brendon can talk to Rachel until he is blue in the face, but until Rachel gets herself some help she will continue to respond to things the way she does. To her, what Dani did was outrageous. Therefore her behavior was justified. To probably the rest of the viewers regardless of how you feel about a player what Dani did was a nice thing.

    With Brendon gone, Rachel will be lacking a person there to help her think more clearly about the situations that are happening. I really hope for herself that she can talk to a psychiatrist to help her sort things out.

    I have always liked Rachel. I’m not too fond of Brendon though.

    1. Brianne, GIVE ME A BREAK!!! She is just like the girl from Willy Wonka. She doesn’t get her way she screams!!!

  38. Hey, I just figured out this madness. Rachel is acting this way to sue CBS in the end to finance her wedding. She’ll sue for emotional distress. Perhaps Lawon could help her out and file her lawsuit? ;)

    1. Yes Big Brother cause her insanity, she was NOT crazy before she ever entered the house, like Brendon says she’s perfect innocent she’ has done nothing wrong in her whole life she’s an angel, she’s always been kind and respectable to everyone in the house. They’re the type to try some shit like that, I’d like to see that case televised just so I can laugh at CBS lawyers tearing them a new one when her psych evaluation comes back.

  39. Oh you mad huh? What does curing cancer have to do with they way he treats people? He could cure everything in the world and still be a horrible person on the inside.

  40. Funny how in the last 10 years bipolar and personality disorder have been on the rise. Everybody needs to be diagnosed with something.

  41. Well Apples, if you really have compassion for Rachel then you would agree that she should not have come back this season and should also leave now for her own good.

    As for me, I’m glad she came back so I can laugh at her. I save my compassion for people dying from war and famine in the world – not this spoiled brat

    1. Amen! I have a child who is bi polar.. and she acts just like Rachel does at times. If she’s not on her meds. That may be the key right there as Rachel not taking them because she is angry or wanting the desired affect to rile everyone up to feel sorry for her, she’s in turn done the opposite. That is what happens when my child throws a huge hissy fit too. We ignore her, because we’re not playing into the guilt or manipulations. Bi polar’s are the worst at taking their meds because of the highs and then they crash. It’s been difficult to watch Rachel, even more so this season.. as it definitely hits home how my child may sometimes be portrayed too. Some you can blame on mental illness, but some is choice. Right now, B and R are behaving as spoiled rotten children. One of which may need to be talked into taking her meds, whether on the inside of the house.. or out. B.. there’s no excuse for his bad behavior.. I’m sure there’s been someone a long the way that has had a chat or two with him about being an ass. Again.. choice! He chooses to be that way. I hope he has enough brains to get a job somewhere in a lab, where he has little contact with other humans. : )

  42. Everytime Rachel loses a competition, she throws a fit. She is a poor loser and a horrible winner. She was the same way the first time she was on. She gets Brendan to feel sorry for her and treat her like a child this way. It is one thing to be upset at yourself for losing but to throw a fit and cry that it was unfair is just being a bad loser and she should not be rewarded. Nobody else plays the game this way. It makies her the worst player in the house. It is not being competitive or emotional. It is being something far worst.

    If Brendan thinks she needs medical help because of her emotions the game, he is in for a rough marriage.

    If she is that unhappy when he leaves, she can quit the game. Nobody would care. It appears she does not trust him

  43. Brendon tells Rachel that she has grown up a lot since he first met her and that she is doing the adult thing by walking away and not letting them get to her.

    0.o is this dude serious?

  44. hope rach gets up and walks out her honey if she don’t she’ll walk out later on and she’ll i miss my honey to much and i can’t
    take it because they all hate me in here and ou there as well. the shrink won’t help what is wrong with her . if it did it would take years and years of help for her.if she can’t have her way she crys up a storm and then people change their minds and do what she wants then she is happy and saying in her head GOTCHA

  45. Rachel is aware of her behavior in the house. She claims it is different out of the house. My cousin is bi-polar, but can not choose the time and place for it like Rachel does. She wants the public to like her. She knows exactly how she comes across.

  46. I think Rachel and Brendons relationship is unhealthy. Seriously you live with this person outside of the house and you are locked inside a house with your “soul mate” for this long of a time and you freak out that you might be separated for a little while…. Thats just crazy! You do not have to be up each others a$$ 24/7 its gross and makes me wanna puke. I am thinking there are some trust issues with them. I dont know for sure but thats just the vibe i am getting.

  47. I think all of these people defending Rachel and Brendon are one in the same. I respect their opinion but they never give rock solid reasons to justify B/R actions in the game.

    Just face it the way Rachel and Brendon act is childish. Their basically in their 30’s and act out as if they are in high school. Once again if they were competitive with a decent social game they would be pretty good. But for anyone to sit there and say that B/R actions are okay is just unreal to me. They have been on the show for 2 years and got the same response from fans and their fellow house-guests. I think that solidifies that their is something wrong with them not the other way around.

  48. I want Rachel to go all Gladiator up in this piece and go grab Dani’s Unicorn chop off the horn hold it up to the camera and yell “are you not entertained!” at the same time I want Brendon to be kneeling at her feet chanting “I love you baby” TEAM DAVID SPADE, YO!

  49. Rachel and Brendon – like a broken record, last season, this season, over and over and over again, the same BS. They need to leave – both.

  50. Can someone email me and let me know when the Brendon and Rachel show is over on the feeds? That is all that is monopolizing the feeds is listening to her cry…she is worse than WAmber…….

        1. You two nut jobs. It’s probably not a good idea to let this blog turn into a trolling ground where people call each other idiot and moron because they have a different opinion. I don’t know why some people get so worked up about some posts or about some of the stuff on BB. This is supposed to be fun.

          1. sure thing, either send me a email or a message with *** ATTENTION SIMON *** on it and i’ll address the person causing all the trouble. I’ll need their username, time posted and the reason.

            I’ve already had to IP ban a couple trolls this morning so i’m working on cleaning things out.

            goofy says:
            August 4, 2011 at 2:53 pm

            You two nut jobs. It’s probably not a good idea to let this blog turn into a trolling ground where people call each other idiot and moron because they have a different opinion. I don’t know why some people get so worked up about some posts or about some of the stuff on BB. This is supposed to be fun.

            You mean like yesterday when I disagreed with you and you replied with the oh so bright response of, “You just find him hot.” And when I disagreed and gave you more of my opinion you said, “You just want to bang him.” You think that wasn’t trolling? And who exactly is it supposed to be fun for in your mind?

            You act like a troll one day and protest trolls the next. Sounds familiar.

            1. Rachel is not going to leave. she won’t stop the ‘let’s get the floaters’ out bullshit. If she would shut that shit up she might have a chance of winning or being liked but it is the same old story. It’s no wonder Jordon wins, she just shuts up and lets Jeff fight.

            2. Dear Emmie. That was in good humor. I wouldn’t call you an idiot or anything of that nature. I really think people need to lighten up and have some fun on here.

  51. I think that B and R are displaying Narcissistic personalities and they found each other-which is why they won’t last for long as a couple or in the house. R is not in danger of hurting HERSELF but someone else…yeah. She is doing this to feed the beast that is her ego. Narcissists will rationalize anything if it serves their wants and needs. They still just need to go-they are sucking the fun out of BB and the life out of the other players. I say BRING ON DOM OR CASSI AND LET THE REAL GAME BEGIN…..RESET!!!

  52. Brendon keeps insisting they never ever broke a deal. Um, how about telling Dom to throw the POV, they would keep him safe and play with him and Dani? That lasted like 5 minutes before they broke the deal and used him as a sacrificial virgin. Those two really are delusional!

    1. Well we all know that Dom didn´t throw the POV. He tryed to get the biggest world that he could remember with the letters he got. It was shorter that the winner word… but he didn´t compete to lose.

      Dani must go next week. There are only 2 ways that she will stay on the game:
      Kalia wons the HOH (kinda like a cat diving into the sea to save a mouse)
      Dani wins the POV.

    2. People Rachel is performing. She is not like that outside (well the laughs are like that).
      She is having some trouble outside. She got a job but was just a part-time and it was on another city.
      Brendon was trying her to get her out of Vegas speed and that she starts to use her degree… but that is not easy for someone that has been on a tv show like bb. Not talking about what is happening all around the country right now…
      Rachel is a party girl that does everything she thinks that will get her noticed. Strangely (or not) she doesn´t accept works that include going to parties just to be showed on tvs or magazines.
      Brendon will be out in a few hours and, if BB let´s them, he will be back to finish the Ph.d.
      He already have a job waiting for him on a lab, but that will need him to make a change of city. That´s why he is always saying to Rachel that he will marry her tomorrow.
      Don´t think a person is like they show on tv. Everyone that goes to BB makes a figure and show that inside the house. Very few go in and act like they do on there real life.

  53. I agree with all the comments that Rachel has a social disorder, might be bi-polar. I also agree she is bad loser and worse winner. But for me the crux of her poor social game is how she taunts those up on the block. She took pleasure in tormenting Cassi and Dom. She loves to tell “floaters” to grab a life vest or tell Cassi to deal with Porsche for a month. That to me is what is so wrong about her reaction. No body is going out of their way to taunt her about being alone. Or blantantly saying good bye to Brendan, the way she would. Its not that she can dish it out and not take it. Its that she piles it on with a heavy hand and cannot stand the reality of the shoe being on the other foot, even if not one person says a bad word to her about the pending eviction

  54. Everyone needs to chill out.
    Rachel will be back to her over-reacting, over-dramaticising, and jealous bitter ways in no time. If she wins tonigth we will see (yet again) her true arogance come out. This girl is a train wreck when she’s winning or losing. There’s no happy medium. She doesn’t know hwo to do either.
    I’m still team Dani (as long as dom doesn’t come back). Dani did absolutely nothing wrong to Rachel and she’s STILL blaming Dani for all of the houses problems. Sigh. I give up, I really do.

    1. Yes she will. If the meltdown was real CBS would have taken her out of the game. They have liability issues and I don’t think they would risk an expensive lawsuit for ratings. I am getting the feeling that this is mostly an act. If she wins HOH we will see the old Rachel bullying everyone. If she loses and goes on the block, she will probably leave or not fight to stay.

  55. Geez I hate hate hate watching these two. Obviously Rachel has emotional problems and possibly some type of mental disorder. For the most part I think it’s mainly narcissism. Honestly I don’t feel bad for her because she chose to be in this situation. She was the one that chose to be on the show and she knew what the situation was like. CBS does enough screening and personality tests to know how people will be in the house and they are loving this!

  56. It’s funny how most HG end up changing after the house…I really do think it affects most people! It’d be quite entertaining if Rachel wins HOH…then the others would kiss up to her probably, but otherwise I really think Rachel needs to let it out outside the house…or she would end up like the other HG that had been arrested and so on!

  57. Well, that didn’t take long!

    Rachel has already bounced back – happy that everyone is babying her – and saying that she’s fine and just needed a day or two to have a pity party.

    No shit? I think 90% of us knew that.

    1. I’m curious to know how much of her “breakdown” they will show on cbs. If she’s smart, when she gets out, she can just say she had a breakthrough and is working on some things for herself because she didn’t like how she bahaved on the show. I think she could turn public opinion around if she just OWNS her behavior.

      I wish Brendon would get stuck in a garbage truck. He’s a controlling egotistical freak.

  58. Seriously, Rachel probably quit and leave. Just face it. Brenchel is gone. BB 13 HGs can’t stand Brendon and Rachel behavior. It’s not health. Rachel, just quit. we are begging you to. Just go to Amazing race. You guys probably win that one.

  59. To all the Dom supporters, i understand why tou want him back, he was funny and actually tried to play the game but i could not handle him and Dani lying in bed all day playing grab ass and whispering shit too each other. Do you really want a repeat of that…i dont, Cassi for my vote just cause it will push Rachel closer to insanity if she isnt already there….

  60. Okay I’m over the BR saga! I’m tired of people making jabs at Jeff! I don’t think he verbally abuses Jordan at all! Those who’ve been abused know what it is, and Jeff’s not doing that! Get off if his back! He’s one of the more normal out of this years cast!

  61. lmao @ these comments

    even though i am still team rachel i just hope she feels better later

    ill will cut the bullshit lol your comments makes me lol

    simon your awesome

  62. I think alot of Rachel’s actions are an act, but they go way beyond this BB game. A three year old will throw a fit to get what they want. They even figure out that they can even fake a fit to get what they want. For most of us, these episodes become less tolerated as we grow older, but apparently with Rachel it kept working for her so she keeps doing it. I blame her parents. I assume as long as she was the cute cheerleader, not much else was expected of her.

  63. I dont like Rachel but I would not be suprised if she does end up winning HOH tonight. After Brendon leaves it just might give her more motivation. I personally hope she walks out but not sure what is going to happen.

  64. Hey u guys remember Hardy from big brother 2? That guy was good at the game why cbs never had him come back… Just wondering

  65. I don’t want to watch someone lose their mind on a realty show. This is real life and not a scripted sitcom. This is not entertainment for me. Rachel needs to leave the BB house and go to a mental health facility for evaluation and treatment. I am not a Rachel fan, but I do feel sorry for her. She is sick and needs help. She should walk out of the BB house right after Brendon leaves.

  66. “Rachel says that maybe I do need to talk to a psychiatrist… I hate myself.”
    Rachel you are not alone. America hates you too..

  67. She’s scratching Brendon’s nasty head trying to get some Brendon scalp skin under her nails so she can rely on it to see her through when he’s gone.

  68. All Brenchel Fans, Brendon gone and Rachel should quit the BB13. She is cause of it and She is a virus. Rachel, quit now. Your cause the problem. Even Dom got evicted last week. Your cause all the drama. Your opinion is go see psychiatrist or quit. Save much more troubles. Jeff is not a problem. He cool, and even I went High school with him.

  69. Of course BB will rig the game for rachel to win now, they don’t want another suicide on their hands……then again maybe it’s production tell her to act like that so they can get more ratings and more people to pay to watch hmmmm……….

  70. What’s equally disturbing as R’s emotional state are the “FU” and other over-the-top statements being made on this site over comments being made about someone you like (i.e. BR) who are on a reality show. Do you realize how over the top that is? All the HGs on BB signed up for this show and, all that goes with it. They came to win $500,000. and are not the complete victims that some profess them to be. If R is finding it too emotionally difficult for her to remain on the show, then she has the free will to leave. No one is holding a gun to her head. Whether she’s a total drama queen and/or a truely unbalanced woman who needs counselling from a qualified psychiatrist, while she remains on this reality TV show, people are completely free themselves to make whatever comments on this site that they want. Debate with us, reply to our comments, argue with us but, do you see the hypocrisy of telling someone to “FU” (harsh!) for comments made to someone you feel sorry for who signed up to win $500,000. on a reality TV show?! Stop pontificating and enjoy this site for what it is – harmless bantering made about people on TV whom we’ll never meet, and whom most (I hope) would never say to their face if we did. Lighten up!

  71. Brendon tells Rachel that she has grown up a lot since he first met her and that she is doing the adult thing by walking away and not letting them get to her

    whats a meltdown???acoording to brendon

  72. Oh, Simon. WTH am I going TI do in September when I don’t have your blig and hilarious comments to get me through the workday :)

  73. Oh, Simon. WTH am I going to do in September when I don’t have your blog and hilarious comments to get me through the workday :)

  74. Simon & Dawg, thank you for this site & letting us talk game. That’s what this site is for…game talk. Personal attacks on people that are in cyberspace is nuts! And for that matter, we are all nuts at some point in our life! So simmer down now peeps!

  75. Hey Simon! I’m truly happy that I found your site. You keep me updated on all the happenings in the house since I don’t have the feed. Keep up the good work. However, reading these comments are getting me down. Whether we are for B/R or against they are two people who are going to have to learn how to live their lives way after we’ve all made our comments and gone back to our own lives. B/R have seem to have brought out the worst in us, too. I feel sorry for Rachel if only for wondering what was she thinking by coming back to this game when she got so much negative feedback last season. She should have taken a cue from Maggie (season 6) and not come back… ever.
    I love watching Big Brother (and love getting your updates) but some of the comments sadden me. I know I will get ripped a new one for this but like someone said this is America and i’ve said my piece…and with that, i’m out. Peace.

    1. Yeah things got out of hand today with some people.. I think we’re all going to move on and practice more tolerance of BR -B Looks like rachel has her head in the game again and who knows she might win HOH.

  76. Sympathy for Rachel? Really? She went on the wrong show! She needs to be with Dr. Drew! The type of show should be; Help-I am mean and hateful and I don’t understand why ppl don’t like me!

  77. ive never warched a couple that makes me physically ill before. the ones defending them, if you notice ,sound like them so it appears \her few supporters\ felate to her which means they r damaged and cant recognize social and moral rejects.normal people r rejecting what we recognize as childish,selfish,mean,boorish.self centered,superficial,fit throwing,manipulative ,sick behaviors. the house is hard and anyone has a hard time but her behavior is so disgusting and fake and impulisive and prolonged that normal personalities are sick of it. we should treat the racheal sick clones as wed treat her on boards we are venting on and not even acknowedge they r on the soon as you answer them we r just getting racheal type responses.either block from the board or ignore them.god knows i get enough of her from bb.sure dont want more of her here.

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