Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says floaters get ready because Captain Rachel is still in the boat.

1:45pm In the candy room Dani does a happy dance for Kalia. While Brendon and Rachel are talking in the havenot room about their favourite moments together outside of the house. Brendon tells Rachel that what he loves about her is that she is such a positive person ..and that she is always a glass half full type of person. Rachel says it’s hard because she really wants Brendon to be with her and she can’t control it …so that we don’t end up like this. Rachel says that it sucks when you have to constantly protect two people. Brendon agrees that people don’t know how hard it is. Brendon says that one of them (Jeff or Jordan) will end up going and that it will be hard for them too. Brendon says that they have never broken and deal and he is proud of that. Brendon says that he is scared when he feels like it’s too much for Rachel being in the house. Rachel says that it will never be as hard as it is right now, and I believe that 100%. Rachel says that if we are the first ones in the jury or the last one in the jury it doesn’t really matter. Brendon says that she will have time to relax and decompress in the jury. Brendon tells her to start playing a good social game and to have fun, to stop taking it so seriously. Brendon tells her that way she will have less disappointment. Rachel says yeah… let’s talk more about good stuff. Brendon says that he needs to start preparing his speech. Rachel asks what he will say? Brendon says that he will say something good. Rachel tells him not to say anything mean. Brendon says that he won’t. Rachel says floaters get ready because Captain Rachel is still in the boat. Big Brother cuts the live feed.

2pm Rachel goes into the bathroom where Jeff, Jordan and Shelly are talking. Jeff asks her if she is back on the positive train yet?! Rachel says yeah. Jeff says good because if I had been there I would have said things that would have either gotten you to run into a wall or out the door. The conversation changes to talking about Brendons toxic farts.

2:10pm Dani and Kalia but they are making fun of Rachel and all the things she said this morning. They talk about how Rachel was talking about STD’s, her butt-cheeks flapping and about having sex in the house. They talk about how gross Brendon and Rachel sheets and bed must have been and how they needed to sanitize it all. The conversation changes to talking about what tonights competition might be like.

2:20pm Dani and Kalia but they are making fun of Rachel and all the things she said this morning. They talk about how Rachel was talking about STD’s flying out of her, her butt-cheeks flapping and about having sex in the house. They talk about how gross Brendon and Rachel sheets and bed must have been and how they needed to sanitize it all. The conversation changes to talking about what tonights competition might be like.

2:30pm – 2:45pm In the kitchen Adam, Porsche and Lawon are making lunch and eating. Shelly and Jordan are getting ready in the bathroom for the live show tonight. Brendon and Rachel are in the havenot room laying down. Brendon tells Rachel that she is beautiful. The lay in silence together. Dani and Kalia are napping in Kalia’s bed. Jordan finishes packing her suit case and take it to the storage room..

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172 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says floaters get ready because Captain Rachel is still in the boat.

  1. I love how B&R accuse Dani of stabbing them in the back when they actually were the ones that did it to her, AND Dominic (they had a deal with Dominic, remember?…and Dom trusted them and threw the veto because of it.) and then they lied to Dani again when Brendon hatched his diabolical plan to take Rachel off the block, despite telling Dani and the rest of the house the opposite.

    I love how he thought he was so clever in his DR session to send himself home instead of Rachel…um, yeah, like there were only two options, Brendummy… dontchya think Dani thought about both of them instead of believing you?

    Dani should have called him on it when he nominated Jordan and said obviously Brendon and Rachel can’t be trusted…they deceived the whole house.

    Going to be an interesting eviction tonight – anything can happen.
    Going to be an interesting HOH. Hoping anyone but Rachel, Shelly or Porsche wins it.

    1. disagree. Dom was backdoored b/c NEARLY EVERTHING Dani and Dom told them about JJ was a ploy to ruin the JJBR alliance. BR figured it out and now what…. you expect them to follow a “deal” with liars???? the deal is no longer a deal b/c it was Dani was BSing about everything anyways. BTW, if you are criticizing them for not being loyal to liars, then I dnt know what to say.

      1. Actually YOU’RE wrong! BR made a deal with Dani and Dom, but in no way did they agree to backdoor JJ. That part was decided upon SOLELY by Dani, so it was NOT a group/alliance decision. I repeat. Dani going around telling everyone that the plan was to backdoor JJ was NOT a group decision. So, SHE broke the alliances’ trust, by opening her mouth. Had it been a group decision, then it would have been BR that broke the alliance, but it was not. It was Dani who didn’t consult with BR and in the process ended up getting Dom evicted, which is why in the DR she confessed that it was her fault. She should have let everyone in her alliance know what she was going to say, about backdooring JJ, BEFORE spreading it around the house.

        1. The way I recall it is that they (BRDD) had discussed it and BR were strongly considering it. Dominic told Shelly about it, then Shelly went to Jordan and told her. Jordan then went to HOH and talked to BR about it. BR then later with Jeff in the room confessed that DD had presented them with the idea but were not considering it. Also, they did tell Dom if he threw the veto he would be safe because Adam was the real target. So yeah, BR did betray Dom, and in the process through any gameplan that Danielle had out the window because, and I quote Brendon as saying “how does that help us?” Danielle warned them that if Dom was voted out that she would be mad.

          1. They discussed it with Dani, only because she brought it up. They never officially made a decision to nominate JJ. Dani just kept pushing it on them. It wasn’t until Dani starting spreading it around the house that she was trying to backdoor JJ AND it made it back to BR that they then made up their mind. It was never agreed upon by anyone but Dani herself. She wanted JJ out, but that was not a decision made by the alliance as a team and for her to try to campaign against JJ without consulting the alliance was POOR move.

            1. Rachel and Brendon turned on JJ while Jordan was HOH. They wanted Cassie out but Jordan thought Dom was more of a threat. BR tried to win the POV so they could force Jordan to put up Cassie. BR was pissed that Jeff dared to talk to R the way he did after the POV. Lucky for them Dom won pov anyway. bR talked about backdooring JJ then. They wanted to team up with DD to do it. Week 3 rachel got pissed at JJ again for not picking her for the luxury comp. she talked often with Dom about backdooring JJ. Dom made the mistake of thinking he could trust Shelly. She ratted Dom out to Jordan who took the info to BR. Instead of taking responisibility, they dumped it all in Dani’s lap, ganged up on her and send Dom home. I recall at least 15 conversations that went on between Rachel and Dom/Dom and Dani/brendon, rachel and dani/brendon and rachel/brendon, rachel and dom. They weren’t dragged kicking and screaming onto a speeding train, they were the conductors. They all knew that a big move was coming soon because the only newb pair in the house after that week were kalia and lawon which everyone agreed would be too easy to take them out.

              To say that BR are innocent and never considered backdooring Jeff is at best naive and at worst delusional.

      2. They didn’t figure it out dom made the mistake telling shelley what him and dani had plan and she ran and told jordan and they both went up stairs and told BR or else they would have went with the plan and Dom would still be in the house.

      1. BR did find out because of Shelly, but that’s not the point. The point is that it was NEVER decided upon by the ENTIRE alliance so it WASN’T a group decision.

  2. “Brendon tells Rachel that what he loves about her is that she is such a positive person”

    What planet are these idiots from?

    Oh…must be opposite day today.

      1. Yes! I don’t what BR’s definition of “positive” is but, they have been anything but that from the moment they loss control in this GAME. BR, in particular, have been condesending, hypocritical, bullies who can dish it out BUT, clearly can’t take it.

  3. “Brendon says that they have never broken and deal and he is proud of that.”

    Dom and Dani may disagree.
    Porsche might, too when they threw her under the bus next.

    1. ummm exactly what deal are you talking about. Dani broke the first deal by teaming with Dom. It looks like everyone forgot the VETS deal to take out all the newcomers.

      1. Your also forgetting the Brenchel asked her to get close with Dom and pull him onto their side. Say what you will, but not only are they pathetic human beings, but they bring everything onto themselves.

    1. simon litterally everything you say on the comments make me piss my pants, you the only reason i look through all the comments

  4. yeah Rach, but brendon is history. If Jordan is gone from bb house. I’ll be disappointed and Jeff will be pissed. Come on America, let get rid of Brendon and Rachel is next.

  5. Now see? It was just a little 24 hour break down. Nothing to be worried about. Until next time.

    I love how Brendan talks to her as though he’s walking on egg shells. Oh, wait. He IS walking on egg shells.

    “Rachel goes into the bathroom where Jeff, Jordan and Shelly are talking. Jeff asks her if she is back on the positive train yet?! Rachel says yeah. Jeff says good because if I had been there I would have said things that would have either gotten you to run into a wall or out the door.”

    Oh my gosh! I’ll bet Jeff was going to hit her!! He’s so violent!!!!!!! And MEAN!!! It’s SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Brendon talks to her like she is a child…because, emotionally, she *is* a child.

      What grown adult goes and hides in a fricking bush and cries if they lose a competition?

      Daddy make it alllll better.

      1. Thank you! Now will you tell those who post saying that he probably hits Jordan they should save their imagination for something else?

    2. Oh please! He’s not a woman beater. Just because he has a harsh personality and doesn’t subscribe to pity parties doesn’t mean he’s going to hit her. If I were in there, I’d be doing the same thing…simply to see if I could push her over the edge again. Dick, if he had stayed, would probably be doing far worse!!

      1. I agree. I don’t believe he would ever raise his hand to a woman. I’m merely mocking the people who post that he probably hits Jordan.

        Uncleollie, I’m in/from Chicago and I posted earlier today that he’s a little like the Bears super fans from SNL. Blue collar / south side a little hard when he talks but I think he’s probably a very nice man.

    3. Jeff’s a salesman and that’s just sales motivation talk he’s repeating. And he’s not mean, it’s the Chicago attitude.

    4. IDK, You have to wonder what Rachel’s childhood was like, based on the way she acts sometimes. I’m sure everyone in the house is a good person, outside of the house. That is why it is called Big Brother. The whole game is a mind-f&%k! It makes for good reality TV, but I feel a little sorry for everyone. The blogs and comments can be pretty rough. Think of yourself, every day, same people (most of them strangers), small house, twists and turns, not knowing who to trust, not being able to eat, sleep normally, talk to friends and family, or even listen to music to get away. Ugh! It’s fun to watch, but I KNOW I could never go through it all, even for a million!

    5. Emmie, I replied to that thing on trolling in the other post. Please read.

      BTW, I don’t know why you’d get upset if I said you want to go at it with Jeff. I myself wrote somewhere I myself would like to get Jordan, Cassi, and Dani in my bed and roll around like snakes. I mean, come on. A little humor!

      1. Oh Goofy, don’t be goofy, I’m just giving you a hard time.

        Yes, I saw the posts above. It’s funny seeing someone ignore the site owner with repeated attempts to troll using different handles. Funny in a Rachel kind of way, that is.

        You know what they say – apples2apples, dust2dust. Or something like that…

    6. You know what Jeff reminds me of? A psychopath. The kind that is nice and sweet most of the time then has these outbursts of extreme anger. Oh yeah, you don’t know how he is behind closed doors when cameras are not looking, but I bet it’s much worse than on here and it will only get worse unless he seeks some kind of treatment. If he is not afraid to humilate Jordan like that on national TV, then all bets are off, IMO.

  6. I loved Bredons diary session after the POV. You spend all week building a house of cards and I destroy it with just 1 flick. Is he delusionsl, he wanted him out and he stayed. He did her a favor, his lie did nothing, Jordan is going no where. I also love how they sai they never broke their deal with JJ but they are certainaly campaigning hard aginst her with the “you will never win against her in final 2” crap. Well should they ignore that if it comes down to final 3 with soeone and BR then they will likely never even make final 2? Split you up now and go after JJ next.

    1. I disagreed, while brendon is out of picture. Rachel still be positive but she will be gone. She will probably be a juror. Final 2 Jeff vs Jordan.

  7. I am thinking tonight they will reveal some kind of twist (hopefully). BR make me do a facepalm whenever I read a post that has to do with them. The wedding was just too over the top for me *gag*

      1. If she wins tonight, she will be the happy, gloating, mean personality.

        I wonder how many personalities she actually has….

      2. oooooo. I’m so scare. She will blew it in HOH competiton. Shelly probably take it or Adam. She will continue to cause a problem, and she will be kicked out the show.

      3. drink your life away if you wanna result to that. Actually why dont you go and jump on the pity train with her! lmao

      4. I’ll join u. But do they make alcohol strong enough. Grain won’t do. I will contemplate a header off the roof top

      5. Duh! Rachel is a Capt. Capt of a spaceship from the Delta quadrant from the crab nebula and she’s here to save planet Earth from being destroyed from being swallowed by the brown eyed Klingons that hover around Uranus. Every one knows that!

      6. Simon, I’ll be drinking some good old Canadian Crown Royal mixed in with a wee bit of coke. What’s your drink of pleasure??? Sooo glad I discovered this site in the last week. Rock on Simon n Dawg my fellow Canucks. Can’t believe I was listening to some TOOL on another site trying to tell me that Jordan was a wayyy better player than Dani. Talk about delusional…LOL. Jordo may be nice but come on, you need more than that to win the BB13 game this year. Enjoy the show tonight. Cheers to the TOOL Brendon getting booted n RacHELL loooosing it!! Can only hope the TOOL Big Jeff gets booted sooooon too :)
        YO Dani 4 the win.

          1. You’re welcome :)
            Mad Yo to team Dani, Team Canadian Bacon, Team Keith…LOL
            XOXO Mad love to Simon n Dawg, much appreciated what you guys do :)

  8. Wonder if she is going to have a meltdown on live television tonight when Julie says, “Brendon, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house”. I don’t think she will be able to keep her composure!!!

    1. T – Brendon doesn’t compete the way Rachel wants him too. She is agitated with Brendon during the competitions because she wins and he doesn’t. She brings it, he does not.

  9. i am so sick of brendon and rachel thinking they are the only ones that get play the game. they act like they are the only ones allowed to cut deals and if anyone else does it they are backstabbers. i do not get the live feeds to see everything that goes on but i hear rachel always saying shes scared of jeffs temper or hes disrespectful to women. but does anyone else think she is just saying that because she is so jealous of j/j and she purposely saying it because she knows shes on camera and is trying to ruin jeffs reputation so in the event that there will be a vote for some type of power jeff wont get it?

  10. Daniele tweeting it up!RT @BigBrotherHOH Sorry to all the Brenchal fans, but hey it’s a game & Nobody comes between me and my game! bwahaha


    KALIA or LAWON win HOH
    RACHELl nominated and on slop
    DANI wins veto ( obviously doesn’t use it )
    DOM OR CASSIE back in the game

  12. I think Brendon should seriously rethink his profession of becoming a Doctor and go into Psychology instead. That way he could counsel Rachel for free.

  13. More like I love you Rachel because together we almost have all the screws of a normal person.

  14. lmao @ everyone who has nothing better to do with their life than to judge people inside a house. Everyone who hates BR are probably just upset becuz their wasn’t entertaining enough to make it on the show. They took your spot TWICE and I get it, youre upset. Look at it this way, for you to have such hate towards them…inside this house you would probably be just like them or worst. Let’s be honest…people general talk about people who they are in common with or they have simlar attributes with.

    1. Everyone in this room is now dumber after reading this. I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

    2. “lmao @ everyone who has nothing better to do with their life than to judge people inside a house.”

      lmao@ you and your hypocritical statement.

      Brendon, Rachel…is that you?

    3. so check this out…

      I don’t know if any of you DVR BB After Dark – I did last night and I watched it today. I mostly FFWD through the BR scenes because they make me want to puke.
      I was FFWD’ing through the scene where they were on the hammock and Shelly was sneaking up on them, listening to their conversation and I noticed Rachel’s eyes -she moves her eyes a lot when she talks, which I never really noticed until now. Anyways, watching her in FF made it look like she was possessed and her head was about to spin around.

      I wonder if this is related to her apparent personality disorder?

  15. And I like Danielle but she always has this smirk/smug look kind if scary. Must be the Dick genes.

  16. What would the HG do if production brought a complete stranger into the house and let them play for the money????

  17. I am a Rachel hater, I have no problem admitting that. If she wins HOH tonight, we will see her for the manic that she is!

    Maybe they need to make the havenots next week have prozac and cabbage.

  18. This is a question for everyone. Would love to read your thoughts…

    Why the hell do you want Cassi back? She said she doesn’t care about the money. She thinks the BB house is just a hangout.

    Also, why didn’t make a fuss about Jeff saying he hopes the next competition won’t be geared towards women?

  19. Alison Grodner and the production staff just love this craziness of Rachel. Alison is just eating it up! This is the drama they wanted when they booked Brendon and Rachel. Brendon will leave and BB will find a way to bring him back because they love the drama that Brenchel brings to the BB house! Enough said!

  20. On another note…..I’ve been reading these posts since they started and I look forward to reading all the updates from this site, so why can’t all the proclaimed Rachel and Brendon fans see what is happening right in front of them on this site alone? Rachel and Brendon accuse all the houseguests as being “floaters”, and that they are not playing the game. They put the target on themselves by being rude and combative. Has anyone else noticed how all the other houseguests are flying under the radar because they are not drawing the attention to themselves. Case in point. Look at this site. How many times today has anyone said anything about Dani, Lawon, Porsche, Kalia or Adam? THAT is how they will win the game.

    1. A la my previous post… the Brigade was able to stay under the radar because of all the attention on B/R. Let’s say that there is no B/R drama (come on… use your imaginations), who else in the house deserves watching. I say it’s Adam and Shelly. Kalia and Porsche are smarter than given credit. I think the vets are underestimating the newbies. I would have been a good move for Dani to break up the vet alliance but she played that hand too soon. She should have waited until a couple more newbies were gone.

  21. Reality Blurred 8/4/2011 – This is Alison Grodner’s comments about Rachel and Brendon: {As to the couple themselves, Allison Grodner loves the material Brendon and Rachel give them. As another critic and I expressed annoyance at everything about Brenchel, she said, “Come on, it’s so funny though. That’s so funny. Oh, but it’s genius.” She also said, “You can’t script the stuff Brenchel says. Come on. She’s actually competitive. They’re so not self-aware. … Come on, sitting in the bush? Crying in the bush?”}

      1. AG is being disingenuous. They may not script B/R drama word-for-word but they definitely encourage it, even insist on it. I agree with BBG, I don’t think this is the end of the B/R drama for this season.

  22. Could someone please explain what it was that Brendon meant last night when he bragged about royally upsetting Dan’s plans by taking Rachel off the block (and having himself put up?)??? What the heck was he talking about? HOW does that upset Dani’s applecart???

    That was Dani’s dream come true!!! Am I missing something or is that another bit of Brendon delusion?

      1. Very much so. In Brendon’s mind he and Rachel are the only ones playing the game correctly.
        They think everyone else is not very bright.

    1. Brendumb thougt he was going to shake her applecart by making her make a last minute decision. He thought he was playing a trick on her and she wouldn’t be able to think on her feet. It was pretty stupid. Ok… more than just a little stupid!

    2. Yea he has no clue, that Dani wanted him gone, so he helped her game, Brenchel are delusional, this should be known by now.

  23. What is the east coast link for CBS for the BB show? Does anyone remember? I have seen it on here before this year.

  24. Okay guys please riddle me this…if they bring someone back I.e. cassie, dom, does that push back the next one to leave going to the jury?? If so and Rachel does not win HOH and gets evicted, Rachel would go HOME and wouldn’t it be kind mean and funny to vote Brendon back in :D!!! Don’t get me wrong I cant stand Brendon but it would be ironic…dontchya think!!

  25. I love Jeff and Jordan! I dont see him being “abusive” to Jordan! They have been togather for almost 2 years and when you have been togather that long you make comments and jokes to each other and know that its not intended in a bad way. If he didnt care about her or was mean to her he would have never stood up for her when Rachel was making comments about her after that POV comp.

    1. Jeff may care but telling her to shut up is out of line. I would hope someone would bring it to my attention if I didn’t say something to him myself.

  26. I’m starting to think that the whole “twist” has something to do with Dick unfortunately. I don’t think it’s gonna be America voting to bring someone back. The reason I say this is because they almost ALWAYS talk about a new twist at the end of the episode before the twist is revealed (i.e. last night (Wednesday) they would’ve said, at the end of the episode, “And tune in tomorrow to see how a new twist shakes up the house blah blah blah.”) They didn’t say anything about the twist, but they did mention a “special appearance” by Dick.

    Just my thoughts.

    And Dani is hot. Ridiculously hot.

    1. I think the twist is like the CBS screenshot that was posted here last night:

      One of the 4 previously evicted houseguests will play in a competition against whoever is evicted next week and the winner gets back into the house.

      The viewers decide who gets to compete against whoever is evicted next week.

      I may be completely wrong, but that’s what I got from what I saw last night.

      If this is the case, the HOH is going to have a huge decision to make on who they put up and the players will have to make a huge decision on who they evict.

  27. watched an episode from this season when the rumors of jeff getting backdoored happen to set the record straight dominic did come up with idea to backdoor jeff when asked by dani would he put jeff or jordan he said yes but I’d rather backdoor them which started the plan of danielle making brendon & rachel not trust jeff or jordan

  28. Apropo of ironic Karma: Brendon tells Rachel to remember that when someone is being awful, that they will get theirs.

  29. I am so nervous about tonight, I’m not going to watch it until I read your blog. The only ppl who can win it so Dani is safe is Lawon and Kalia and what are the odds of that, especially when the whole house are trying
    To get them out. Simon, I think I might be drunk too. Please let Dom come back!!!!!!

    1. Well the whole house isn’t really trying though. J/J have already said they won’t try (Not likely that either of them would win anyway) because they want to keep their word and not have to put Dani on the block.

      Dani is in a tough situation because she only has two true allies and only one-Kalia- has a chance of winning (albeit a small chance). I’m feeling this is going to be a Porsche win,which still benefits Rachel’s game. She won’t have the guts to nominate her but will have no problem putting up Little Richard Lawon and Kalia.

  30. In the words of Dick last night on his talk show. “If Rachel wins I’ll shoot myself in the head with a .45.”

  31. I have seen anyone so upset over another couple’s affection and love for one another. Looks like the Green Eyed Monster done bit Dani in the ass. She has never had such a relationship…look how she fought for Dom…she made a fool out of herself, again. He never thought much of here. I didn’t like Dani in her season, because all she did then was hang on daddy’s coat tails and ride her way to final two. She hides away in her room, when she’s out with the group, she just stares at everyone – ZERO personallity. The biggest joke in the house. Why did they ask her back. She says the nominaion of Rachel and Brendon wasn’t personal…give me a break. She’s seeing green and just wants to hurt people. Surely Big Brother could have gotten someone else…

    1. Dani won some stuff in her season and she’s a pretty good game player but her personality is a LOT weirder than Rachel’s and that’s saying something

  32. I’ll have an appletini no matter who wins – because ITS JUST A GAME!!! One of the greatest games ever. Can’t wait to see BBAD tonight! :)

  33. If Rachel implodes one more time, she really should leave the house — otherwise, it may be dangerous for her to continue. I think R and B are as disgusting and delusional as most of the rest of you, but she (R) is bordering on a complete breakdown, with all that goes with that, and CBS shouldn’t risk the liability that might accompany anything she might do (to herself or anyone else).

    This is very risky business. She is clearly bipolar, and that is a dangerous condition. Brendon, without realizing it, enables and encourages her emotional unbalance. And, no, I don’t think she’s acting. She genuinely believes in everything she is saying and doing and it is completely out of the realm of reality and reason.

    At the very least, she needs some sort of Medication to balance out her emotions (and behavior), hopefully, prescribed by an authentic and responsible physician. Allowing this to continue as is, is not worth the risk to all concerned.

    1. If you are a Rachel fan or not…..I think everyone can agree another meltdown like that should get her a one-way ticket to 48hour psych ward.

  34. I hope Rachel pulls it together and wins HOH. Stay focus forget all this other nonsense and win. I am a fan and I am pulling for you. Team BRJJ

  35. You know if Rachel gets HoH I’ll commend her. To have a breakdown for the last two days like she did and to be able to put it aside to win is commendable. It’s just that I don’t think Rachel will do anything strategic with her HoH if she wins.

  36. For the damn idiot who said Dani “rode daddy’s coattail.” What about all the comps she won that year? Get off Brenchel’s penis, and maybe you’ll notice that it isn’t the other houseguests its THEM that have the problem.

  37. I just wanna know why does big brother cut the live feeds when they talk about certain things and why they show the trivia screen.

    1. nessa – they have always done it. sometimes people say something personal, use a name, sing, say a product name etc. They don’t want to be sued

  38. rachell just might win hoh. we know lawonda, kak and portapotty won’t. dani can’t play. hope it’s jeff to win though.

  39. WHAT THE HELL is that in the bed between Khalia and Dani?!!!

    It looks like a huge black dildo with a snake wrapped around it!!!

    1. HAHAHA… I don’t think it’s in bed with them, looks to me like it’s something that’s up on the wall by where the camera is. That’s said, I have no clue what it is, maybe a mic? Your description was awesome though.

  40. Has anyone thought that she is mostly freaking out because she doesn’t trust B renden outside the house without her that he will cheat and she will be stick in the jury house no 500k and B running around in the real world hitting on girls I bet that is the root of her extreme emotions

  41. Brenchel – borderline bipolar personality disorder with narcisistic tendencies and delusions of grandeur.

    Or as jim carey would say… Advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage.

  42. if its a knock out

    rachel buzz in kailia out first

    rachel buzz in lawon out next

    rachel buzz adam out next lol

    when rachel wins tonight dani is going to be piss i cant wait

  43. How come nobody ever mentions it was Shelly that got Dom voted out by sniching on him. I love Dani, but it’s Shelly everyone needs to watch out for.

    1. You’re right. Shelly told Jordan who then told BR. Instead of manning up for their own betrayal, BR dumped it all in Dani’s lap. No matter how BR try to convince themselves otherwise, that is what happened. Dom went home because he thought he could trust Shelly. Brendon’s going home for betraying one of his strongest allies.

  44. Can I watch the live feeds to see the eviction at eight oclock central time? I’m on pacific time and I don’t want to wait

  45. What I want to know is why Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly hasn’t shared the info she gathered while slinking and eavesdropping under BR in the hammock? She had to have heard what they were saying.

    BTW, I’m guessing Porsche is going to win HOH. It’ll be a way to calm Rachel and get her out of harm’s way.

  46. If you havent read Danis HOH blog, you must. It’s a great read and she’s starting to redeem herself! :)

  47. so check this out…

    I don’t know if any of you DVR BB After Dark – I did last night and I watched it today. I mostly FFWD through the BR scenes because they make me want to puke.
    I was FFWD’ing through the scene where they were on the hammock and Shelly was sneaking up on them, listening to their conversation and I noticed Rachel’s eyes -she moves her eyes a lot when she talks, which I never really noticed until now. Anyways, watching her in FF made it look like she was possessed and her head was about to spin around.

    I wonder if this is related to her apparent personality disorder?

    ((apologies for the double post)

    1. I DVR everything BB, but I FF through when Brenchel are on the screen and they are not arguing , nobody wanna watch anyone playing kissyface, or having a we are the victims we’re innocent pity parties… last 7 BBADs I canceled the recording because it wasn’t worth saving I flipped through it, had to see the trashy wedding, just to see how the real one would be. The delusional vows, made me LOL

  48. I think that is a camera mount between them, I thought it was a dildo for a second I was like WTF?

  49. BIG SPOILER ALERT!!! Dick just said something on his twitter about “Vote for Dom when CBS posts the polls on who should come back in the big brother house, its Dani’s only shot at winning”

    In other words, the twist that will be announced is that someone is coming back in the game!

      1. So even BB Production has conceded that Brendon’s going out? I remember ABC News got in trouble once for calling an election before the results were in…lol

  50. Initially Brendon had said he was going after Kalia in his speech. I’m not sure if he’s still planning on doing that. It looks like he has backed down from going after a woman yet again. He says he’s going to be ‘nice’ in his speech. We’ll see.

  51. The Newby’s have a good opportunity to take out the vets since the vets are all turning on each other. The Newby’s need to form an aliance and stop telling the vets what they discuss with each other. They each have a vet that they can get information from. They all need to stick together and nominate them out one by one. Even if one of the vets win HOH they will put another vet on the block and the Newby’s can clean house.

  52. Ragan’s words were prophetic even in this season. Rachel is the center of every drama filled fiasco this year (just like last year). She’s the common denominator. She wanted her groupie (floater) Porsche to stay then kicks the noobs when they are down. She wanted Jeff to go home because he was mean to her then blamed everything on Dani when their BD plan was outed. She was jealous and threatened by Cassie (not a floater) so she had to go. When Cassie wouldn’t bow down to Rachel, she played the victim card with JJD. When Rachel felt threatened by Dom and Dani, she lied to both of them and sent Dom packing. When Dani said she wrote nice things about Shelly in her blog, Rachel felt threatened and picked a fight with Dani then threw a temper tantrum when everyone didn’t take her side in the argument. Brendon has also played into this drama by bullying, threatening and arguing with everyone in an effort to help Rachel.

    Big Brother is a social experiment in munipulation. BR will never win with the way they choose to play the game and the personality that they choose to show the HGs and viewers. They both need to pull up their big girl panties and learn from their constant mistakes (doubtful that will ever happen).

  53. Let’s Goooooooooooooooooooooooooo RACHEL this is your night BABY GET HOH MAKE ME PROUD I WANT TO DRINK WITH EVERYONE TONIGHT

  54. If I remember correctly, BR was the first one who had plans to turn on JJ. When Jordan won HOH, she nominated Dom and Adam. BR wanted to win the veto and change the nominations, because Rachel wanted Cassi out. She wanted her out so bad that she had to eat slop for a week and Brendon was trying very hard to win. Dom won, but it is so interesting that they keep saying they have been honest and loyal. When they really have not.

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