Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff laughs and says that Rachel is making Brendon fresh squeezed OJ with her hands..

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8:35am Shelly wakes up, changes her batteries in her mic and then heads into the bathroom. Brendon is now up and in the bathroom as well. Shelly says its early ..when you go to bed at 4:30am. Shelly goes into the kitchen to pour a glass of diet coke and then heads out into the backyard. Brendon then goes and gets back into bed with Rachel in the HaveNot room.
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9:20am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the houseguests. When the live feeds come back ..Jeff, Rachel and Shelly are in the kitchen making breakfast. Adam is out in the backyard smoking. Jeff says that its funny we’re all cooking. Shelly says that she learned her lesson last time. Rachel says yeah right!? Brendon joins them in the kitchen. They are all wondering why they aren’t on an inside lockdown because normally there is a Have/HaveNot competition today. Brendon asks if there is some type of Have/HaveNot competition inside? No one knows what’s going on. Dani is up and in the HOH bathroom shower.

9:30am – 10am Shelly and Brendon are out in the backyard. Shelly is telling Brendon that they keep talking abotu Dominic and wearing the PT hats.. Shelly says that it was funny they kept telling Rachel that they have the votes to get her out …and the whole game we have been controlling the votes. Brendon says it’s still early in the game …there’s still a way to go. Shelly says that since the nominations Rachel and Dani avoided each other all week. Brendon asks so there wasn’t any fighting? Shelly says nope. Shelly tells Brendon how she convinced Kalia to put up Lawon so that Dani could have Rachel on her side. Porsche comes out and leaves. Shelly says that she is in her own world. Rachel brings out Brendon’s breakfast and then goes back inside. Brendon says that she is being so nice to me. Shelly says well she really missed you. Brendon says so we’re in the jury house now. Shelly questions it. Brendon says that from what they were saying to him in the diary room he could tell they’re now all in the jury house. Brendon says now people really need to watch what they say and do. Jeff, Jordan and Adam join them out in the backyard. Breadon heads inside. Jeff tells them that Rachel is making Brendon fresh squeezed orange juice with her hands. Jeff laughs. Rachel, Brendon come back out to the couches and they all talk about the live show last night.

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10am – 10:30am Big Brother puts the houseguests on an out door lock down. Brendon jokes that he should have come into the house telling them all these lies about whats going on in the real world. Porsche and Dani are laying in the hammock together. They talk about how they can’t trust Shelly. Dani says oh well .. everyone makes stupid mistakes in this game. Porsche tells Dani that she has a bugger hanging out of her nose. Dani freaks out says shut up and goes to look in the backyard mirror ..she doesn’t find anything. Porsche says it was there. Dani says shut up sabotage! Kalia comes over and joins them. She complains about Adam’s snoring last night. Dani tells Kalia to go over with them and listen. Kalia says yeah I don’t mind taking one for the team. Dani says yeah you like them. Kalia says they suck. Dani says I bet they want to kill themselves.. shocker!! Kalia goes back over to the couches. Dani talks about how she saw Rachel straddling Brendon ..and that it was disgusting! Big Brother tells Porsche to fix her mic. Porsche says that they just want her to move it so they can see her hard nipples because its cold.. Dani says shocker! Dani talks about how Adam has played a terrible game and that he has no shot at winning matter who he is in the final 2 against.

10:45am Meanwhile Shelly and Jordan lay out on the lounger and talk about how hard it is being in the house. Shelly laughs about how Rachel is acting to Brendon …like making him fresh squeezed oj. Shelly says that they are never 3 seconds away from each other. They wonder who Dani is going to nominate today. Jordan says that she might try to change it up. Shelly says that if she changes it up, she may come after Adam and I. Jordan says that she doesn’t think she’ll put you up. Shelly asks why? Jordan says well, after all that happen with Rachel freaking out last week. Shelly says imagine if we had voted Rachel out …then her and Brendon would have had to compete against each other. Jordan says yeah thats crazy .. Shelly and Jordan start talking about Jeff setting down and how she needs that before she would get married or start a family. Adam and Brendon are now working out together..

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dany boy

Are you fuking kidding me america brandon,no wonder your country is so screwed anyway after 13 years i’m done with big brother i cannot handle the ugly bitch rachel anymore wow unbelievable you stupid americans are.


Well that was one nice sentence you wrote.

And which country is it that has you so highly educated?


God I hope your not Canadian.


Lol. I hope it is.


It’s you’re not your.


I hope you’re not american because you have no right to say anything about canada.. Lol..


Brendon not brandon ….USA USA USA!


You must live in London to make such a rude remark.


dont worry she is gone this week

A Nono Moose

meh oui mon ami…for france needs you immediately as tomorrow we go to war 1st thing tomorrow morning.
what the??? dany boy you escaped so quickly! that eez okay for i know you are just undercoverhh…your country salutes you (queue in that french national anthem)


I honestly think cbs rigged the votes, i mean in all of the polls i saw, as well as comments on here and youtube, dani was winning. How the f did brendon catchup/ or win for that matter. But its all good, DANI WON HOH.

nd i agree with that that other guy said, i really do hope you aren’t canadian.


Brendon was winning the poll on this site (

And just because the internet crowd wants something to happen, that doesn’t mean it’s going to go that way. There are millions of people who watch the show, and probably only 25% of them come to sites like this.


Dani wasn’t a possible choice…she ‘s still in the house. xD


Don’t hate the player,hate the game!!! U S A all the way!!!


This stupid American used the facebook and twitter accounts of my family members and voted 60 times for Dom. I don’t believe America selected Brendan anymore than I believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. I believe CBS took creative liberties with the results.

And there is nothing that CBS will ever be able to show me to prove otherwise.


Well, if you voted 60 times and the person you didn’t vote for then for sure, for sure its all rigged

LOL, too funny, they had some 2,000,000 voters but your 60 didn’t angle it for Dom, I’m stunned and appalled…

i bet you’re one of those “i’m never gonna watch again” people and yet you’ll post again today, tomorrow, next week

Ms Jazzy

LOL…I agree


dany boy CALM down !

there’s no need to rant like that.. I happen to know a lot of Canadians that voted ND back in . BR are not the worse thing that can happen to Big Brother don’t worry.


Casey Anthony would have got voted in if she was on the list




It should be BRDK vs JJSA… That would be FUN!


Team dani!!!!


I know I’m probably whining, and this may have been mentioned already, but I hate how the Brendon/Lawon competition went last night. Not so much the fact that Brendon won, but more how Rachel was screaming out the names and colors to him. I don’t see how that was fair. It was between Brendon and Lawon, not Brendon/Rachel and Lawon. I do realize that a few houseguests started telling Lawon what was what, but by then it was too late anyway. In my opinion, they shouldn’t have been able to do that at all. There’s nothing wrong with a little encouragement from the sidelines, but blatantly yelling out where to go and what to look for should have been against the rules. It was their competition to play, not the rest of the houseguests’.


I trully dont think that mattered because all the stuff she was yelling out was wrong. As for yelling out in general they do it in all the other comps and there is never a problem with it. If any of them really wanted Lawon to stay they couldve tried but didnt


I said the same thing….that was a huge competition… It was for a spot in the house…. They shouldn’t have been allowed to help…that was insane to me too… But it’s BR and Jj and everyone like totally loves them… Sweethearts of America…..


@ Melanie – CBS wanted Brendon to win so all was fair. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Dom actually won the Votes and CBS Put Brendon in.

Dom Fans

QQ I lost so it must be rigged QQ

Dom Fans

Was that move by Lawon the dumbest ever on BB? Don’t think I have ever seen someone volunteer to be evicted before. Chance of special powers or not.


Amen to u


Yes, you’re just whining. Lawon was never even close, and the only help Rachel could give is what color ball he needed next, so at most it could shaved a couple seconds off his time. The result would have been the same whether Rachel was helping him or not.


There was no order you had to get the balls in. You just had to get in all 14 balls.

And did you watch the episode? Yes, the HGs were literally sitting right in front of the balls. Mere feet away.


Actually there was an order that’s why the buzzer kept ringing because he got the order wrong, but yes he has the most balls in. If you got the balls in order of the people evicted you automatically win, but if you got the order wrong then it goes to whoever has the most balls in wins.

I did watch


I just went to and rewatched the part of the episode where Julie is telling the HGs the rules. There was no order you had to get the balls in, the goal was just to get a complete set in before the time was up. Whoever got all 14 balls in the fastest would be the winner. Or if neither of them got all 14 balls in before the time was up, then wheover had the most balls would win. So you are wrong.

But to humor you for a second. What order would they even use? There is no order they could use right now that would apply to all 14 HGs.


Oh and during the competition, no buzzer ever went off. No buzzer went off at all until the timer ran out.

Why do people just flat out make shit up? What is the point of that?


No there wasn’t any order,the ringing was the ball count,everytime a ball was put in,it rang….if it was supposed to be in order,they both lost,I rewinded it 2 x and Brendon and Lawonda balls was not anywhere close to being in order.14 balls must be placed of the HG’s this season,there is only room for 14,so don’t make a mistake.Julie never said in order and besides that ,in what order would there be?


The HG’s knew which balls were which because in between Brenden and Lawon’s side there was a list of HG’s names in the colors that corresponded to the balls.


COUGH…. Bullshit!!!!COUGH


Bullshit? Are you trying to say there wasn’t a color coded list of all the House guest names? Because if so, you are wrong.

Why do people make comments that are just flat out wrong?

BB King

It really doesn’t matter much that Rach yelled out the balls. What was important was actually getting the balls in and this required arm strength something Lawon did not have.


Wasn’t even arm strength, it was aim. Lawon got so many of those balls close to the hole only for them to come back down. It was like skeeball on steroids.


I’m not on Team BR by any means but Rachel was yelling out a lot of wrong info last night too. There was a point where she yelled out two or three wrong names/colors in a row and other HGs corrected her to help Brendon.

Even if all the HGs were dead silent, I really do think Brendon would have won regardless. :-\


I agree. Very wrong that CBS allowed yelling answers. Docked vote if you do that.





Ms Jazzy

Now finally someone in here is talking some sense. I truly agree with you on sideline help. Remember Shelly had mentioned that before when Jeff was trying to tell her it was sweet potatoe and I believe she threw it to keep the target off her back. I can’t believe that you go to the grocery store and haven’t seen a sweet potatoe. Ok granted she might now know how it taste but come on Shelly you are suppose to be an executive which means you should be more observant. Even if the other houseguest tried to help Lawon he would still lost. Poor thing this game isn’t his cup of tea. Matter fact I don’t think any would be. O maybe the dancing but would not be the winner. Just listening to his conversation makes me believe he is useless.


Simon, please tell me that the donations are coming in stronger than ever to keep this site going, considering how much more you guys are having to do lately due to the ‘twist’ and all the new viewers it’s brought? Haters, lovers, whatever… hopefully you’re feeling more than just extra comments at this point:)


I agree Eripaul! Let’s donate and help simon and Dawg out.


Someone needs to straight shoot Shelly right in the head yo.



I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Americas fault. More like CBS’s doing!!! It was funny though because it would totally make the show more dramatic!!! I’m glad he’s back. I hope D screws up this week!!!!


True true… No offense ameicans but u guys are pretty stupid!!!! U guys already have problems in ur life… And now u want dramas in ur tv… It should be happy happy!!! Brenchel is not happy tv!! Dom was!!


If Dom would have come back there would have still been drama and then the new BR would have been DD…ugh


I’m sorry that your country can’t provide you with sufficient TV shows, so you are forced to watch ours. No matter how stupid you say we “ameicans” are, we will always be above you.


U guys are good at making tv shows!! That is true… But above us??? What us?? Africa?? Asia?? Canada??? Are u serious?? Even Africans in Canada are way more educated than in the USA


You… as in whatever 3rd world shit-tier country you live in.


The “mentally challenged” have always supported their own.


Your grammar in this commennt didn’t make me happy happy and because of that I now have “dramas” in my life


Come on; simmer down here… This is ridiculous! No need to put down other countries!


why do you watch american tv and read american blogs about american tv? i dont think you should be insulting an entire country.


if there was no drama or fighting this show would be boring


No offense, Anonymous, hmmh don’t even have the balls to post that under a name you normally use? But to label a country based off a vote is beyond ignorant. I don’t consider all Canadiens mindless rioters that lose their mind because their precious hockey team lost, so they destroy a city and attack their own fans. I could consider its not a one time occurance. But I take a broader view of things and don’t label a whole country off the actions of a few. You sir, deserve a personal attack for your utter ignorance. However, I will stay above that as well. Just know, when you label a whole country over the results of a vote, your not only coming across as narrow minded, but your embarassing the country that you represent. Well played.

teri b

You know, after all the shit and stupidity, (Brenchal…GAG, GAG/Skelly working everyone/KDP, just UGH and a repeat of this past week/JJ not a real duo anymore and sooo borrrring…. would it be horrible for me to be Team Bacon? Floater or no, he truly is the only one left in the house that I would even want to give the money to. Not that America has anything to say about that, but I mean really….who wants to see the all expenses paid/vacation/extravaganza called the Brenchal wedding?



Uggggggggggggggggh Dani, again? COME ON NOW


Dani needs to put the house against each other. A lot of emotional people so play her cards right and make it Jeff and brendon in the end after veto.


Im sorry, but I really dont like anyone on this season, but Dani just gets under my skin. Shes just so rude. And as much as Rachel says “floater” we have “shocker” come out of Dani’s mouth. And has anyone else noticed, Dani hasnt had to worry the past 6 weeks in the house. She has been on the power side since day one. First with the Vets and now these 3 weeks. I would really like to see things shaken up a little bit and see her squirm. Just my feeling.


So what you’re saying is that Dani is all powerful?


I totally agree,,, I mean Come on she was safe 4 the 1st couple weeks due to the fact that her dad left & she got the golden key right off the bat,,, I like to see her really play & afew others for that matter,,, I’m still team No1 at this point,,, kindof sad =((

Ms Jazzy

Me too. She has been alittle cocky about her game moves as if she has it all sown up. Telling Kalia yeah you messed up but don’t worry we will fix it. Who does she think she is. “The all American best player” lmbo. Come on next week and get this party started. Really I want Rachael to leave. I’m like Jordan I can’t handle another whinning, crying session for a whole week, it’s to much to deal with.


I actually hated her last season, but I’d love it if another of this season’s touted ‘twists’ involved letting Britney come back into the house for a day. I know that would never happen, but OMG, if it did… the possibilities are wonderfully endless!!!:)


I have a question ..not really related to Simon and dawgs Post .. but about BB in General .seeing as it is shot in California has there ever been a quake or tremor that was felt in the house .


Yes. I don’t remember the season though. 10 or 11 I think?

Dark Horse


Southern Lady

There was a color chart on the side with the names of the house guests on it.


Uggh I can’t stand Dani and her whining!!
Every time she says “shocker” I want someone to punch her creepy grinch looking teeth in. If I were her I would put up either Jeff and Rachel or Brendon and Jordan. Split them, have them campaign against eachother and ruin the alliance. That’s what I would do and hope it was either Rachel or Brendon that left. However Dani has showed all season shes not as good a game player as she thinks she is, so we will see.


Sorry everyone if I haven’t replied to everyone’s comments.. I’m away from the computer this morning.

** I was up all night celebrating the HOH ;)

Dark Horse

Team Dani FTW…

I knew she could do it…
I guess you get a fire under your ass when a neanderthal walks back in the door…


Put those grenades away Simon, you might kill somebody yo. LOL



i drank the kool aid, go team black widow!! welcome to the dark side




Dani refers to Dominic as PT, what does PT stand for?

A Nono Moose

PT stands for part time as little Dom was a part time model… whatever that means

Team Bacon

I think it stands for Pre Teen, because he don’t look like he his 24 something like that.


I heard PArt time model


I heard Part time model as well ~ Have you all seen this, PT is a “gap Model” he has made it to their website.
He is soooooo handsome. I can see why, Dani has the Hot’s for him.


Idiocracy kills the rational. Jordan is NOT a FLOATER. A floater is someone who kisses the HOH’s ass all day everyday and IS NOT ALIGNED. RACHEL is a BIGGER FLOATER than Jordan – Rachel isn’t a floater but she does kiss ass. Jordan is aligned with Jeff and stays true to her alliance. Btw, for those of you who think only winning 1 comp automaticcally classifies one as “weak”… one does not need to win comps if one is never targeted or plays the social game. Whether you like it or not, JJ has PLAYED the cleanest, most efficient social game out of everyone. Shelly lies have trapped her to JJA. JJ has BR and SA to attach to WITH a chance to abruptly align with Dani and Kalia. DK are willing to trust JJ not so much BR.
For the argument that JJ are different…. UH did you expect the same carbon copies of human beings?
LOLZ, Jordan for once expresses her emotions and embitterment over having Slop and many of you pounce on her like the predators that you are. She whines for the 1st time in idk how long and many of you attack her. Give some mofoin respect and show an amount of decency. I guess you are supposed to suppress emotions all the time no matter the kind of shit food you are digesting.
Sorry that Jeff “bulies” WHILE DANI AND KALIA talk so much shit behind the others’ backs. Yeah, jeff is flawed when it comes to anger, but many of you are even more delusional. People who complain the rigging of votes are sore losers and mad that Dani the B did not get her way. stop being so hypocritical of people being sore losers WHEN YOU ARE DOING JUST THE SAME. the difference is that they are going for 500k and many of you r watching TV.


Rastin: Beautiful…..I am speechless. Eloquent, diplomatic, and 1000% spot on. Thank you for extracting my thoughts out of my very head. :)
Add-on: Jordan has been on slop for THREE mf weeks (or is this starting her third week, I cannot remember). Regardless, eating shit through a straw for 2-3 weeks would make me want to shank a bitch. Go Team JJ all the way to F2!


I agree with you about Jordan and Jeff. Granted, Jordan may never be a contestant on Jeopardy, but she seems like a genuinely nice person who has normal emotions and moods. Of everyone in the house, I think Jordan and Adam are the least pissy toward and about the other HGs.

Also, Jeff may get in people’s face, but if it were me, I would prefer someone telling me what they think of me to my face as opposed to kissing my ass and stabbing me in the back at the same time. Its the same reason I liked Dick….he said what he felt and he didn’t apologize for it.

Go Team JJ!


Your right, Jordan isn’t a floater. She’s simply the weakest and most un-deserving BB winner EVER. I don’t care if she is upset about being on slop, its part of the game. If she don’t like, she didn’t have to come back. However, I don’t care if she is complaining. My issue with her is how stupid she is. And how its no longer cute, its annoying. But one of my biggest issues with them was to hear her and Jeff refer to this game as going to WAR, just makes me sick. There are soldiers all over the world putting their lives on the line and these two losers are going to diminish what war truly is. It makes me cringe when professional athletes use this expression, its even more disturbing when two people say it on a game show. Sorry, but I have friends and family that have served their country and I know of a fraction of the sacrifices that they had to make. JJ’s use of the term “going to war” on the Big Brother game disgusts me.

Ms Jazzy

@ BBXPOSED you never used a figure of speech before? You making it sound as if Jordan was trying to be sarcastic about our military soliders. I doubt very seriously her mind was in that manner. I as well have had family as well as my husband in the war and I didn’t take what she was saying as being offensive. Get over it and move on. You’ll be alright in the morning.


BBXPOSED is the biggest Jordan hater on any sight there is.He still can’t get over the fact that Jordan turned him down in HS and laughed at the size of his manhood.

BB Wather

Why wouldn’t CBS rigg it? There is plenty of history to prove TV shows have done far worst. Like giving answers to people in Quiz shows so they would win big money. If they did it then why not here to pull ratings. Those that don’t think it’s possible are delusional.


Am I going to have to be the first one to say it? Where are the pics of Porsche’s hard nipples!


team porsche!


I’m disappointed you didn’t go for the Porsche’s headlights joke.

Dark Horse

Team Dani FTW..

HOH down…now POV to go…
I hope my POV Queen Dani takes it this week…

Midwest Fan

: )


wow ths is show is rigged. look at the four evicted. one half of each newbie couple. i think their goal from the beginning was to have four newbies vs. four vets. but dani switching sides and dick leaving messed it all up. They compensated that by inserting ND. So i guess he’s winning veto, rachel goes home, ND wins hoh, dani wins veto, kalia goes home……u get the picture. RIGGED!


I have no idea what picture you were trying to create. It just sounded like a bunch of excuses as to why the game hasn’t gone the way you wanted it to go.


it has. just too many coincidences.


First of it wasn’t just america voting anyone from any country could vote on line but with that said i don’t think that brendon was voted in so much as they like brendon but more that more fans like the other side of the house. I like dani but i hate most of the people on here side especially Porche i really and hoping she goes soon but with that said Dani is a smart player so she either has to make a deal with branchel or jejo to secure her safety next week. It is like the last two weeks hasn’t happened but there is one difference two weeks ago dani was all about getting branchel or jejo out shelly and adam didn’t even make her radar but now dani seems to be more about shelly. I still think she will put up branchel but i think this time rachel might be her target.


I’m glad Brenden’s back. I was the biggest Brenchel hater of all until Dani the wicked witch of the Big Brother house came back. Now I want her out. I’m happy with anything that gets Jeff the 500k!

Midwest Fan

It appears BB Production told J/J to get back into some kind of Showmance mode, asap.
Expect to hear endless sweet endearments and to see a hug or two.
Jeff talking to Shelley and mentions “Our children …….”
Jordan surprised because she says Jeff doesn’t use those kind of words with her.
Too funny!
It is too late to plug up the holes in the J/J Sham.
There is no J/J romance.
It is a $howmance/Busine$$/Friendship.

Dark Horse

yea where did the romance go…

Its like Jeff carrying his little sister to the finals…x2


I couldn’t agree with you more about JJ – I have said from the beginning that they ARE NOT a couple. This is only my 2nd cycle of BB, so I don’t know about their original season, but from what I have seen this season – that is a friendship only relationship.


I was noticing that too. Too little, too late CBS. Only the most naive still believe that JJ are a couple. And did CBS really think that either one of these two are smart enough to fool the viewers? Maybe the CBS only viewers, but the live feeders know the truth.


I agree. When you have sites like this saying their “romance” is a noticeable sham, then I’m sure production told them to ramp it up. This show makes a ton of money, I’m sure they can afford at least one person looking at Dingo, Joker, etc., to see which way the wind is blowing. On a side note, whoever did the editing of the network show sucks. It was so anticlimactic. But, once I saw that ass hat Ragen, it was all downhill for me. Nice friend huh? “Rachel really likes to DRINK.” Thanks bud. I guess I’m not cut out for fame whoring because there is no way in hell I’d have anything to do with that troll Ragan (or Britney) if I were Rachel. Also, Matt still looks like he needs a good scrubbing, I almost didn’t recognize him at first because he wasn’t wearing those dorky footie pajamas. Anyway, I am so glad Dani won HOH! She’s the only one who seems to realize there’s a game going on for $500Gs and not a trip back down memory lane to High School. Agree with DFA…, Porshe was the first to catch on to Shelly’s game, and incur the wrath of Leather-face!


Needle dick reminds me of Silvio Berlusconi (PM of Italy). Many viewers want him gone, say he’s trash and full of scandles, yet when it come time to vote for him everybody does because they like the drama. Only to be sadly dissapointed (last night wasn’t so shockng) and everyone starts to compliain again.


Doesn’t hurt that he also has a billion $, and whose empire includes most of the major media outlets in Italy.

Dominic's mistress

Dani let’s kick some VET + SA BUTT

Dark Horse

Team Dani all the way…

Come on POV Queen!

Dark Horse

I am just about sick of Jordan…
she is nice and all but this is a game…
she came here to ride Jeff’s coat tails again…
and he seems bothered by it…can’t say I blame him

I hate when ppl hand weak ppl HOHs…like Jordan!

A Nono Moose

her niceness is f’n annoying. earlier some guy blogged a manifesto stating dani should nominate jeff & brendon then backdoor 1 of their partners if they somehow get removed. brilliant idea. do it dani.


Why are they sleeping in the have not room? that room has turned in to the Pity Party Room, in the last 3 weeks everybody who’s goes in there whines LOL


Come on D, put up JJ. Biggest threats to win. If pov is used put up Brendon. You have to take out one of their best comp players.


Jordan said on BBAD last night that if comes down to her or Jeff to go home, then she wants to go.


JJ first.

Shelly is worthless at comps.


I want BIG JEFF out first. His a little too cocky and confident for me. He has a sense of entitlement and not humble at all. Something tells me that CBS promised him and Jordan the win.


Yeah, Scaley can’t win comps, Jeff gets lucky every now and then. I would target JJ first. Scaley, now that she’s been exposed, is basically toothless now. If Scaley can’t be a lying snake, she is powerless.

Joan Allen

Team Rocket will work with Dani this week (due to Rachel overhearing Shelly dealing to be in the final 3 with JJ). As repulsed as Dani is by Team Rocket, she’s smart enough to know that she has a better chance of winning against them than JJ. Dani will mix it up this week and place Shelly and Jordan on the block because they have no chance of winning a POV (and she has to split up either the JJ or SA partnerships…breaking up Team Rocket is like shooting fish in a barrel and will happen eventually when…or if…Dani has better numbers…but Dani will probably get voted out next week if it’s a physical HOH – Kalia da Hut cannot win a physical competition and Porsche is currently the dumbest houseguest now that Lawon is gone).


i think she was the first to figure out shelly was a rat tho.


Wel well well….first of all, Simon is Team dani, huh? Interesting….. As far as putting up shelly and jordan cause they won’t win the pov….jeff, brendon or rachel WILL!! win the pov and save one of them….If dani has any sense at all…she will put up porsh and adam….Dani mentioned that Adam has no game and if he was final 2 he wouldn’t win, oh yes he would if it was dani next to him….PREDICTION: DANIELE WILL BE ON THE BLOCK FOR HER BIRTHDAY! YES!!!!


Porsche and Adam. Quit dreaming.

JJ needs to go up.


Ummm, Simon has been Team Dani for quite a while now. Nice work on paying attention to the details.


Lol. Go Rachel ;)


man u people need to stop complaining about this being rigged… i dont know why its so hard to believe that people out there would rather see brendan back in the house over three newbs who basically didnt make a single smart move while they were in the house….. i voted brendan because dom sucks all he did in the house was form the worst alliance in bb history and partner up with a person who tried to make a “power move” while he was on the block… GO TEAM JJ


EXACTLY! Dom was boring. There was no point to voting him back on the show except to give Dani another ally. At least Brendon actually makes the show somewhat more interesting.


And let’s not forget, that Dom threw a veto competition while on the block. Anyone who deliberately throws a veto competition when on the block doesn’t deserve a second chance to play the game.

Rachel all the way!!!


I’ll agree here, I’m not a big Bredon or Rachel fan, but I did bote for him to come back as I hoped it would help JeJo’s game and keep the targets off them a little longer.


I think of the 2 I could tolerate Brendan more. Id bet he would be pretty normal and a good game player without the firecrotch nutjob occupying all his time with her constant whining.

Uncle Cool

PLEASE nominate Rachel and Brendon for eviction!!!



BR will not use pov if they win it.




Hope nominations are right, so we can see another HILARIOUS Psycho breakdown


anything new going on? Are they doing a competition or something? When are Noms?


CBS knows what they want. I don’t think Brendon got half of the votes. It was a tight race between Dom, Cassi, and Brendon. Eventough I font like her I feel bad for Rachel because everyone including her “friends” talk shit about her. B/R should drop JJ they can’t win shit and S/A would vote them out before JJ.


I am not impressed with this year’s cast. What were they thinking? Shelly is the only one actively “playing” the game. Brendon and Rachel have gone from the Most Hated to the almost liked. The only reason Dani is in the house in the first place is because of her father and now he is gone. The wrong one left. Maybe she should switch from “Shocker” to “Winning.” We all know how that one worked out for Charley.


-yes dani won hoh : ); but what was the hoh comp, trivia?
-Also jj romance is soo fake their trying to play it up now i bet production on them about it they seem more like brother/sister but if it getting you money why not…
-and I do think that brendon coming back and getting more than a million votes is fishy but I think production screwed themselves cause they were hoping to get br together to help jj but in reality this just ruined jjs and production game completely (not that I mind) because dkp will probably make a deal with br to keep them save and gun after jjs for the next two weeks

-all in all the straightshooter/jejo alliance is screwed and after jejo is split shelly is screwed cause no one will work with her except adam. Br position in the game is hopefull if they make a deal with dkp and suprisingly porsche is the safest person in the house right now.


I’d love to see that snake Shelly go up against Jordan. I know it doesn’t make sense from a game play perspective,but it sure would show that snake Shelly just how expendable she is to the lovefest+1 she wants to join.


O my gosh Brendan doesent desserve a second chance he won pov and decided to leave him self on the block he had his chance Dom shouldent have listened to him at pov he shouldent have thrown the pov comp I’m for team dani


Stop crying just because your person didn’t get voted back in. As Evel Dick would say, “Waaa, waaa!” Get over it. I don’t like Brendon either, but I damn sure didn’t want to see Dani playing cutesy with the boy model.


Any word on who the have-nots are?


I don’t think JJ are real lovers. I do feel CBS is paying them to act like something is going on. I do think they are very close friends. Jordan is sweet, but outside the house, I think Jeff would be with someone more ….well more of something else. —- but who knows. Dani should put up Jordan and Shelly; or Shelly and Adam. ….Shake it up and stop going after the same people. If she put up Shelly ……then the entire house will finally see for themselves what is going on…….it doesn’t matter who she puts up…..but Shelly should sit next to them (long as it is not Kahlia sitting in the hot seat…..because that would be a obvious vote of 100% to get K. out……the house has plenty of time to get K. …..but they need to see what Shelly is really made of. I have liked Shelly’s game, because you gotta do what you gotta do….and she has slick conversation……I just want to see how slick she will be when put on the block. That move would make watching BB worth while now that BR are back smooching again.


I totally agree one day while watching feeds Jeff in so many words told Jordan she stank and he refused to hug her. He complained because she would bathe with a water hose (which I agree is nasty) and told her to get in the have nots shower. She seems to be hanging on, but he appears to be over it! Also someone slipped up and said CBS offered him 25k just to come
on the show. The feeds were cut after that. So they (CBS) probably bribed him to pretend theyre a couple and will probably use that fortune teller to save them in the event they are evicted. It’s obvious they want JJ in the game and will help them get further along thy way. They did it for their season with the coup d’├ętat and this season and this season will probably do the same. Jordan told Shelly the shit shooter today good will always win.


I totally agree one day while watching feeds Jeff in so many words told Jordan she stank and he refused to hug her. He complained because she would bathe with a water hose (which I agree is nasty) and told her to get in the have nots shower. She seems to be hanging on, but he appears to be over it! Also someone slipped up and said CBS offered him 25k just to come
on the show. The feeds were cut after that. So they (CBS) probably bribed him to pretend theyre a couple and will probably use that fortune teller to save them in the event they are evicted. It’s obvious they want JJ in the game and will help them get further along thy way. They did it for their season with the coup d’├ętat and this season and this season will probably do the same. Jordan told Shelly the sh!t shooter today good will always win.


Thank you for this site it has been great while being in the middle ages for the last week (SCA) and at night at the hotel I can at least read and get caught up. Not happy Dani won at all….but these days, not sure who to riot for!!


And that would be root, not riot….


Sorry about double post :)!