Big Brother Spoilers – Jeff and Jordan are Moving in Together

According to a recent interview with the Baubshow Big Brother 11 and 13 Superstars Jeff Schroeder and Jordan lloyds are moving in together. Jeff says “Me and Jordan are moving to Los Angeles… Early next year is our goal. Whether it’s January, February or March…”

So this pretty much blows away my theory that they are not really a couple and were just using their “showmance” to further Jeff’s reality TV Career. From the interview Jeff also talked about wanting to continue his Internet Hosting/ reality TV career whereas Jordan is content with staying out of the spotlight.

Recently Jeff Schroeder has been working out of Chicago doing web shows and marketing and Big Brother 11 Winner Jordan Lloyd was in Charlotte working as a receptionist at a hair salon.

Jeff and Jordan hands down have the most diehard fans I expect to see some exciting things coming from them in the new year. Good Luck JJ!

Big Brother 14 Is a go, Application and rules are available, Open Casting should be announced in march.

Over 30 thousand Live Feed screen captures where archived this year.
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        1. I actually know Simon’s secret identity. He is actually Simon Tofield the great animator behind Simon’s Cats. LOL! :) just kidding Simon.

        2. An EXCELLENT post to put up on JORDAN’S BIRTHDAY! I received a twitter from ? Telling me that she received hundreds of tweets from around the world to wish her a happy birthday. She is so loved it’s simply unreal. Fans really adore her genuine kindness that they see in the live feeds. This is the reason she has over 100,000 twitter fans, while Dani only has 360. Isn’t that a shocking contrast?

    1. My girlfriend and I own 6 cats of various breeds. One is a pure bred Siamese and is highly intelligent beyond description. This cat can totally understand human moods and emotions. To see the things it does is astonishing, and leaves all our friends dumbfounded when they come over and see it.

        1. Yes Squabble, AND just WHAT is that little nasty comment supposed to mean??? (I just hope BBKing is seeing this, so he can SEE how you even try to bring the fighting to a brand new page, like you did before! AND I hope SIMON is SEEING it too! He better remember this, because it’s proof)

          1. I didn’t think it was nasty, as I said it explains a lot. I personally don’t care who see’s this. Unlike you I own my posts, nobody is inserting things or deleting things from my posts. I have had posts not make it past moderation and one or two taken down but as far as I can tell never altered.
            Bringing “fighting to a new page” isn’t that exactly what you do, waiting for me, john or bbking to post a comment then here comes ford granada, and as for Simon seeing this, why not *ss kiss a little more, I don’t know him from Adam but I don’t think he “goes away” and I am positive he knows what I and you post about. I’m not proud of everything I post but unlike you i don’t deny I wrote it, and I only have problems with you, Captaintrollyoutodeath and sometimes Spicy.
            Please quit playing the victim, anyone who has a brain knows you are just a simple minded antagonist. Have a nice day.

            1. I just recently started paying serious attention to the site having taken the last 2 months off…

              I would like the fighting to stop. we should start putting our energies into making this site better for Big Brother 14.. I’m sure everyone has a lot of great ideas of things we can implement to improve over last year.

              1. @Simon understand completely.
                Hey everyone just wanted to say travel safely for turkey day, and I hope all of you (yes even you) have some time off to relax and enjoy some time with those you care about for Thanksgiving.

                1. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wish Squabble.

                  Listen I just want to apologize for getting you involved in this whole mess between Frank and myself and I appreciate you having my back.

                  John if you’re reading this, the same goes for you too.

                  Anyway I am laying down my arms for the sake of peace and the holiday spirit. I hope everyone else does the same. Only this way can the feud truly end.

                  I wish you all the best. Happy Holidays!

                  1. Thanks. I too am laying down my arms. A fight takes two people. If one person stops fighting the entire fight basically ceases. This is a brand new page and should be a brand new start in a brand new day. Happy Thanksgiving to all BB fans around the world.

                  2. Thanks. I too am giving up my guns (my insults). A fight takes two people. If one person stops fighting the entire fight basically ceases. This is a brand new page and should be a brand new start in a brand new day. Happy Thanksgiving to all BB fans around the world.

                  3. You have no blame in my involvement, but thanks for the kind words. You help make this site interesting enough to read so thank you.

              2. I didn’t start anything. I just stay away from him or her but Squabble told me that “I love NOT A PHD STUDENT” I was worry about him/her. I understood clearly. Also, Squabble is little bit weird. Anyway, I post the announcement about BIG BROTHER HALL OF FAME CLASS OF 2012. It’s due before season 14 start.

                1. Simon not trying to keep this going but you said you want the fighting to stop. This person doesn’t know when to stop, what he quote’s me as saying I have never said, Just like last time you wanted this fighting stopped he either won’t or has to have the last word. I even stuck up for him when someone made a rude comment to him about Cassie, kinda put out the olive branch so to say. I wasn’t the person who fanned the flames between us, he started it up again on the Dani Danato nuude update and took four unprovoked cheapshots before I even responded back to him the proof is on your site. Last time you asked for a solution and we agreed on one, if he won’t honor it will you?

                  1. Squabble, Let’s call it truces. No more calling me troll. I will stop for real. Beside, you started everything. Will stop the feud. Happy Thanksgiving Squabble.

          2. I am watching it but I just don’t know what you expect me to do Frank? I made a vow to Simon and Dawg that I will never engage in mindless bickering on this site again. Secondly I wish to remain neutral in your second feud vs. Squabble and John. I have no personal animosity against Squabble or John. In fact I respect both people highly seeing as that they had my back when I was fighting with you. Just as you and I resolved our conflict it is up to you to resolve your conflict with Squabble. I can’t do that for you.

            Good Luck Frank! And Happy Holidays. I wish you the best.

            1. BB KING thank you for the kind words, and in my book you are the KING. I don’t need resolution from this, I have not taken it personal enough for that but it needs to end so I’m done.

  1. Wow Jeff. I can’t believe you move to Los Angeles w/Jordan. That’s awesome buddy. Simon, Do my respect! Please come back to Big Brother 14.

    1. Simon, since you don’t want to see Jeff and Jordan in BB14, can you find what Superfan Adam is up to since he left the BB House?

  2. Congrats JJ. I hope they get married and have cute little JJ babies!!
    Did y’all see Rachel on a show called Brides of Beverly Hills?
    She was trying on wedding dresses. She didn’t end up picking one but
    she did favor a couple of them…they were horrendous….but I’m sure no
    one was surprised by her awful taste LOL. You could tell that the sales lady
    and the shop owner were a little miffed with her.

    1. Kellie, my girlfriend and I saw the show and have to report.. You are right, all the designer wedding gowns they showed Rachel were sleazy and hideous. THAT’S the reason she didn’t buy them, and left leaving the sales staff upset, since they didn’t get a commission! Plus, the CHEAPEST wedding gown they showed her was $ 4,000.00 !! and it too was ugly. Rachel was actually smart for not spending the money on them, but she had a fun time giving the sales staff a hard time though. That’s Rachel ;-)

        1. From what I’ve heard they are casting all new people.. However they said exactly the same thing last year and we ended up with the 3 returning couples and a bunch of starstruck newbs.

            1. One thing that doesn’t change about Evel Dick, he still enjoys biting the hand (fans) that fed him….2 days ago Shelley Moore of BB13 sent Dick a message that asked him : ‘what kind of a life do Big Brother fans have, that they keep harassing me even now’……And Dick answered her : ‘Big Brother fans have no lives’

    1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL…..So, glad that everyone is back to being friendly….A special Holiday shout-out to BBKing for his humble actions! (But Dude, you don’t have to take all this so serious. You seem so serious. The feuds are over, you don’t have to keep apologizing to everyone. This is all frivolous nonsense when all is said and done. No one should take any of it so serious, the good or the bad. So cheer up and forget it :-)

  3. Simon and Dawg, before I go to bed to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family I want to offer this message:

    I am thankful for your site. It entertains me and keeps me (a BB addict) informed about the latest updates in the BB world.

    I am also thankful for your tolerance of me. I know sometimes I can get hotheaded and start small fights but through it all you have intervened to stop me and shown me the right way.

    Last but not least I am thankful for some great conversations I had on this blog. These conversations made me smile and made me think. Thanks to QAZ, BB Grandma, Michele, Squabble, John, Frank, Rockstar and everyone else that interacted with me on this site (I am sleepy so I am not recalling all of your names).

    1. Awee shucks BB. Thanks for mentioning me. I was so disappointed with this season that I disconnected my toilet tv. I am a huge BB fan. I’m hardcore and having to put up with J&J and their fans ruined the whole summer for me. I hope to be back to participating in the summer as long as BB doesn’t screw me over again. They still haven’t paid me back for the extra meds I had to swallow after having to listen to Jeff speak. ‘choke’

  4. Simon, I will end this feud and Squabble let’s call it truce. No more call me captain whatever you call me. Call me Captainwedgiearchnemesis. That it’s all I’m asking from you.

  5. All fans. Before I go, I need all former Houseguest who wants to be in Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012 need to post on the Stats column. No later before July 5th 2012.

    1. Matt Dude, you’re half right! Unfortunately it makes Dani Danato look even stupider than I originally thought…..After I read your post, I googled Dani Danato and found that she has 3 twitter sites!! The first one is the one I saw that has 360 followers. The second one you saw does have 30,000. AND she has a THIRD site with about 100 and no picture, just the twitter egg instead. She goes on to write us that “she’s sorry about the egg, but doesn’t know how to put up her picture”……No wonder it took her THREE times and THREE twitter sites to FINALLY get it right. Thanks Matt for bringing up the whole Dani/twitter mess, you sure helped her cause :-O

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