Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel is mad because of JJ’s Deal with Dani, Brendon tells her to get her Anxiety Meds

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6:36pm Purple Room Jeff and Adam

Adam I will keep Jordan over rachel any day but Adam is worried that brendon will be pissed. Jeff: “He’s not going to be we’re all going to keep Jordan”. Jeff instructs him to just act cool around rachel. Jeff: “This isn’t going to go so smooth so be ready”. Adam thinks having rachel gone is going to help everyone’s game in the house and there is no way he will keep Rachel over Jordan.

Adam knows that he’s worried about it but will stick to his story that he told jordan he wound’t vote her out if he was safe during her HOH. Jeff warns if Rachel comes after him and if they are really pressuring him he’s got to say that he doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore. After the elimination Jeff thinks Brendon is going to be so occupied with getting Dani out that he’ll not care were the votes went. Jeff says he’s talked to Brendon and he’s accepted the fact that Rachel could be going home so he’ll stick with us.

6:58pm Brendon and rachel Have nots Brendon says that she has a better chance of surviving up on the block then he does. Rachel thinks that Dani is putting up Porsche. brendon says that he’s talked to JJ and they are not sure what is going on, Dani still doesn’t know who is going to be saved by the POV. Brendon adds that JJ have cut a deal with Dani for this week and next. Rachel: “ARGH they make me so mad whats the point of having allies if they don’t do anything” Brendon tells her that JEff will take Dani out next week if he’s made a deal it’s one Jeff doesn’t plan on keeping. Rachel: “This just sucks becuase POrsche is the only perosn that is close to me” Brendon instructs her to stop talking to Porsche and just be seperated from her for the next day. Rachel says that she’s been trying. BRendon wants her to go outside and chill out he’s really tired right now and doesn’t want to be worry about things that he has no control over. Rachel says she’s having anxiety problems, Brendon recommends she goes and see the house doctor and get some meds for the anxiety. Rachel: “No was

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7:32pm Backayard general chit chat, TV shows, past seasons of Big Brother….
They start talking about the fake wedding they want to have for Brendon and Rachel. Jeff will be the best man. (OHHH can’t wait for tonight feeds.. BLANK)

They start talking about the wrap party and how there was no pass houseguests allowed to in the wrap party for BB12. It was because someone from BB8 and a couple from BB11 had threaten to beat up someone from Rachel’s season.. There is a lot of giggling about who was threatening and who they wanted to “beat up”, Dani knows who is is. Apparently a Girl wanted to beat up Ragan and Brittney because what they said in their season. Dani starts to laugh says it was also rachel. Dani whispers to Adam who it was. (The don’t tell who it is but I think it was Lydia.. They all slammed her really hard and during last year I heard rumblings that People were pissed) Rachel also mentioned that Michelle from BB11 hates her and she thinks maybe Michelle was talking BLANK about her.

8:00pm Rachel, Jrodan and Shelly making Rachel “wedding Dress” for the mock wedding tonight out of a trash bag..

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Is Brendon still planning on using the veto on Rachel or is he using it on himself? If he ends up using it on himself, America will hate him even more (if that’s possible) ’cause he just finished saying “I’m gonna do what any man should do, save his woman.” Then he goes and saves himself? HAHAHAHA can’t wait to see it.


white trash in a white trash dress


You said it, I’m just agreeing to it. ;-p

Rachel's Zit

LMAO that is priceless!!!

i hate Kalia

wait wait im kalia how come no one is talking about my fat ass is it cause im black.

Rachel's Zit

Please, please, please stop showing shots of my ass already…I don’t want to make the entire obb following sick!!


What ass?


Nice Booty!

Jack Smith

no offense but comments like that make u even more trashy then her…have a little class

Kalia for life

these people dont have class i have class cause im fat and black




Grown adults having a fake wedding behind the swing set during recess. Lame.


Apparently they don’t care how juvenile the viewers will think it appears.

LOL@white trash dress for white trash girl


This will be the classiest redneck wedding ever


I love this site! Thanks for all the updates!


Rachel can’t seem to shake off Porsche.


She like a Zit, she”l never go away, until you pop her.


Simon VEGAS IS BACK , same thing happened last season when she didn’t care that the camera’s could see up her skirt…. DRAMA is about to pick up. ;-p


I want to see sHELLy go. I’m sick of her man’s voice and always talking about her bastard child.


Very uncool to say something about someones little kid !!!!


Cmon man. Lay off her kid. That’s really uncalled for


Yes please don’t bash someone children, they aren’t playing…that’s pretty harsh.


lighten up no one was calling anyones children names. her kid doesnt have a father so he’s a bastard child a term for a fatherless child. geez can’t say anything anymore without some group or someone getting offended. it’s okay to say all that shit about rachel and the others though, hypocrites.


Get your facts straight man. She is MARRIED and her kid does have a dad so don’t go try covering up your nasty comments by saying your using the ‘correct’ terminology when you obviously don’t even know what your talking about


wow you are really taking this personal. is this all you have (for a life) BB? I don’t keep up oviously the way you do (can) as I work, have friends etc… so I was wrong. I thought shelly was single mom.


Whatever. If you watch the show its common knowledge that shelly is married. If you don’t pay attention that much whatever, I don’t care. But then you shouldn’t go running your mouth about things you don’t know about and say harsh things about someone’s KID!!! And then you can’t even apologize for being wrong. You just start railing on me and everyone else who didn’t find your comments humorous. Get over yourself. Yeah, I don’t have a life bc I’m defending a kid……smh….you’re exactly what’s wrong with the world today. Trashing ppl for no reason and then not taking responsibility for your ignorance


lol too funny you should run for public office. don’t go away mad just go away.


You’re the one that’s obviously taking this game so seriously, if you’re willing to let your anger go after some child that’s not even apart of the game. And the child isn’t even a “bastard,”… let’s see… we saw her father in the first episode.


this jamie dude comes on like 5 different times to reply and he claims HE has a life??




What are everyone’s thoughts on what the twist will be?

I just read an interview with Cassi that took place when she was evicted (it looked like it was an online interview or something of that nature) and she said at the end in response to the question “What would you like to say to your supporters?” “Thanks for the support, sorry I didn’t have more time in the house to shake it up, but don’t count me out yet!”

Leads me to believe that an evicted houseguest is coming back.


Matt, I think that’s what the twist is going to be. The question is “Who will come back’? Out of the ones that were evicted I’d like to see Cassie come back.


I agree. I loved Cassi’s class and she wasn’t too hard to look at either 😉 I just hope America realizes this and votes her back. If not, I’d be just as happy with Dom coming back. He was hilarious and I’d love to see him and Dani take over.


I think it will be an America votes to bring someone back. I think Thursday when we know the 4th evicted house guest BB will announce that the vote is open and then the winner of the vote returns the Thurdays after, I also thought Cassi would be the favorite to return until i heard the ovation Dom got when he left. I think it will be Dom unless Jeff or Jordan go this week…


Could be a fake America vote to get E D back. Might have been planned bFrom the beginning.


ED coming back is not happening. He’s been watching the shows and feeds.


Thats right, ED have been watching the feeds. But Dom and Cassie both can return. I think that will make great TV


That’s what I thought too when I saw how much they clapped for Dom. I didn’t get to watch Cassie’s eviction though, how was the audience compared to how they received Dom?

I want Cassie to come back and see the look on either Brendon or Rachel. it would be PRICELESS lol.

i hate Kalia

or other pass guestt i would love to rachel come back and win it again if she leave this week


It’s been implied that someone is coming back (because of the premature leave by ED) I think after this week’s eviction they willl either have america vote, or use pandoras box to decide who it will be. (Keith, Cassi, Dom, and this weeks evictee). personally I’d love to see Keith come back since he got screwed by being the 1st one out.


oh NO! I couldn’t stand Keith!!!!!!!! I would want Rachel back. Good Drama!


Maybe now with this bogus wedding tonight she won’t pout. She’ll
have all the attention she needs and wants .


On tonights episode they spent a long time on Dom’s eviction. Is CBS pushing him onto the thoughts of the viewers cause our twist is coming? Man I hope so.
Dani and Kalia need some help. Dani should’ve tossed HOH to Kalia so she could play in next weeks HOH but we’ll see how it plays out.


I hope not. Can’t stand Dom and think he was bad for Dani’s game. Even Dani admitted that it’s better for her that he’s gone. Funny tonight on the CBS edit when they used brendon’s line… one can win this game alone… referring to Dani. There’s a first time for everything. I’m sure CBS finds a way for Dani to stick around awhile


I can’t stand Dom and i really hope he doesn’t come back. He was bad for Dani’s game and she’s even admitted that she’s better off without him there now. It was funny in the CBS edit tonight when they used Brendon’s line… one can win this game alone…..referring to Dani. There’s a first time for everything. I bet CBS finds a way to keep Dani around and prove someone can win the game pretty much on their own


Life imitates art. A white trash bag wedding dress for a white trash bride! LMAO!

Kalia for life

hey im kalia what want me it should be all about me


Brendon is an idiot if he uses veto on himself. Rachel will surely be evicted. But on the bright side, if rachel is sent home the newbies wouldn’t have a chance of re-entering the house. Rachel would surely be back. America would vote her back for drama and production would want her back also.


Won’t be America who votes her back in but if she is evicted Production would bring back pandora’s box to bring her back for 24hrs like they did last season she Brenda didn’t bring the Drama like we like. He needs to go skype to his ho’s on the side.. He’s using it to save Rachel no doubt he’s that dumb just like last season when he tried to get himself evicted by bullying brittney, not he has the power to make sure he is evicted.


lmao there’s NO way America’s voting her back in if she gets evicted. America didn’t want her in bb13 in the first place lmao. And I disagree, if BR want to win this Brendon better use the veto on himself because he’s a stronger competitor and the lesser of two evils in the other houseguests’ eyes. Yes, Rachel will get evicted but let’s face it, one of them’s going home no matter what. This week’s awesome lmao!


Rachel would be back solely because her supporters wouldn’t split votes whereas the people who can’t stand her would split their votes between Cassi and Dom.


No,I really don’t think there are enough Rachel supporters for that.



Not Meg

I think a fake b*ll sh*t wedding suits them perfectly. And a garbage bag is definately appropriate. I sure hope its a Hefty Bag because that’s a lot of trash being stuffed into it.



Not Meg

Can you please do all of us a favor and stop with the gross pics of Rachels butt. It makes me want to puke. Thanks from the entire community.


I totally agree….was not a very pretty sight to see


I disagree. More of Rachel’s ass please. I’d rather see Rachel’s ass then Jeff’s face.

Kalia for life

lol simion dont laugh at bam im kalia im black cheer for me


Ho9w about we not have neither??


It’ll probably be Jessie.


Porsche is so up Rachels ass, Rachels zits have spread to Porsche’s face.


I accidentally posted this under the wrong update so here it is again………OMG……..Kalia just put that trash bag on her head that they are making for Rachael’s veil and it came to a point……all that went through my mind was KKK…..really creepy, considering her race…if she had only realized that…….also, I’m really not excited that Brenchel will be getting more air time but, wow, these ladies certainly have some creative, crafty minds, making her gown out of trash bags, foil etc.

Karen S

Perfectttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!! A trash bag dress…. omg! lol I’m sure the house guests are thinking the same thing I am at this moment.

And Jamie… you can say whatever you like about the adults in the house, they agreed to it.. but when you talk about a child that way.. you have lost my respect and I would like to say, you’re showing complete ignorance!


i liked to see shelley go home, she says she teaches her kid never to lie and she never lies but the she goes turns on her friends and lies too peoples faces…


I just saw pics of the wedding dress and they’re actually doing a good job of putting something together considering they’re only using trash bags.

Will Porsche be the Maid of Dishonor? Will the elf give Rachel away? Will Jeff be best man? Will Jordan catch the bouquet? Will Kalia be able to shut up during the ceremony? Will her mouth be open when they throw rice?

I can’t help but think this whole thing has to do with Rachel’s insecurity. “NOBODY comes between me and MY (fake) husband!”


“will her mouth be open when they throw rice”…Hilarious, very funny


I assume cassi will return, since they cant bring dom back due to the numbers, they already threw dani a bone.

if brendon has half a brain, he will use the darn pov on himself

and if the rest of the hgs had a brain, they would take this time to vote out jordan instead of rachel.


why ? should they vote Jordan out? She’s not going to win at the end.


Are Jeff and Jordan actually planning on keeping their deal with Dani about keeping her safe next week? Or does it seem like they’re just telling her what she wants to hear this week so they can backstab/backdoor her next week?


If they get the chance it will be Dani flying out the backdoor…


you got it. You know Dani will be backdoored soon.


Hahaha loving this! This site is the best…..go JJ & Dani! Geez every time Shelley speaks. I think its one of the guys. She talks, sits,walks,eats like a man. I’m not knocking her for it or anything its just shocking how manly she is. The sight of Rachels underwear makes me wanna throw up. Thank God she’s wearing underwear though. So looking forward to seeing her go all Vegas once Brendas gone.


Cassi maynot be there in the physical
but her golf hat and ponytail hair style lives on!!!
First Rach now Dani….. bring her back I miss Cass 🙁


This could be Brenda’s last chance to come to his senses with this pre-trashy wedding to the officlai trashy wedding…

Aqua Bernie

These people are pitiful! I miss Cassie.


Gotta give props to Brenda, he doesnt bitch and complain when he is on slop, he just dives right in and looks like he loves it…


I knew bb was gonna suck when Dom left but if dani leaves too its just gonna be terrible


Only ass I want to see is Cassie’s ass…..yummy!


All to you guys saying that a trash bag for a white thrash girl you know it’s easy to sit behind a computer and insulting people because at the end of the day you prob look worse then her you idiots classless low lives


And at the end of the day, these people have done the same things that we do in previous seasons of Big Brother and knew exactly what they signed up for.

Get off the high horse.


As usual, the house centers around Rachel. I am so sick of her.


hopefully if they do bring someone back, the twist will also include that the returning houseguest cannot be evicted in the first week (otherwise people will just get rid of them right away)


Yeah if Dani goes there is no point in watching. everyone else is as dom said spinless jellyfish. All I can hope for is that the person they bring back becomes the HOH. Also I find it funny that people make fun of Kalia’s weight (she’s not that big anyway) but don’t say anything about Adam. At least she lasted on the endurance challenge and he was the first one off


Kalia makes herself an easy target because she’s constantly eating but rarely makes her own food.

And Adam lost 100+ pounds, I think most people respect that.

Aqua Bernie

I hope Dani doesn’t fall for Brenchal b***s***!




Rachel is a disgusting, trashy mess. Her skin is NASTY. Her beaky, broken nose and wormy, cracked lips make me ill. She eats like a hungry hostage. She’s so jealous of every female because she looks like a Picasso. She’s a tough competitor; I’ll give her that but she is the crappiest sore loser. It’s A GAME. It’s not real life …unless she truly has nothing else to live for, in which case, her life sucks.


why is rachel always complaining and she was trying to make a deal behind jj’s back wtf? stupid Hippocratic


Yeah, Kalia does whine and badmouth people a lot, but lets not forget, Rachel and Brendon are the biggest whiner’s and liars there!! .Every time Rachel loses a competition she explodes into tears, and when she wins, she talks down to people.

I would just like to see Rachel and Brendon go home. Straight-up! Secondly, I would like to see Dani team up with Jeff and Jordon, and maybe Lewon, because I do like the guy!


The whole show spends way too much time focused on Rachel and Brendon. Now we have to see some fake wedding. I thought this was a game, not some sappy serialized drama. BB is selling out its original theme with this couples crap. I’m pretty sure they are the ones who talked the HGs into performing this wedding. Most people in the house don’t even care for those two. They just pretend they do because they were in power so long.


the show revolves around them because everyone else is boring. plain and simple