Big Brother Spoilers – BR aren’t sure who to use the veto on, Brendon: “If Jeff doesn’t go up then we know JJ have a deal with Dani”

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4:38ppm POrsche tells Brendon that she’ll pissed if they make a deal with Dani to put Prosche up. Porsche says Adam told him that her name has been mentioned being put up. Porsche is worried that if she’s up against Rachel she’ll go home. rachel says that is not happening. Brendon says that they are going up to talk to Dani later tonight and they’ll have it all figured out. He begs them not to talk to about it.
Brendon: “If Jeff doesn’t go up then we know JJ have a deal with Dani” He wants them to all cool down right now.

Brendon leaves.

Porsche tells Rachel she doesn’t want any deals made to save Rachel. rachel: “Porsche you are not a sacrifice” Porsche says she’s worried that Jordan isn’t going up that Dani has made a deal with JJ. so she’s going to keep both of them off the block so she has 2 votes. Por is sure that dani is going to screw her, “The best game move is for her to split you and I up” (Porsche is retarded) POrsche: “If I go home this week I want you to take her out next week.. I know what kind of game Dani is playing she’s going to take out the strongest players” (Why the hell does Porsche think shes classified as the stronger players)

Both Rachel and Porsche are certain that JJ has made a Deal with Dani. Rachel points out that JJ are not working with them anymore if they are running around making deals with dani. Porsche is just really worried that she’s going up, She’s heard that Shelly wants Porsche gone. Rachel goes on and on about how safe Porsche is.

5:11pm Hammock Brendon and Rachel(Jordan is walking laps around the backyard) They are talking about the replacement nomination. Brendon thinks it’s pretty clear that Jeff has a deal with Dani but there’s a good chance that Jeff is just doing that to save his ass this week next week it may be a different story. Rachel is saying how peronal Dani is and how dani wants to make her life miserable in the house. rachel says that if Dani puts POrsche up against her then everyone in the house will see how personal it has become. Brendon doesn’t think it’s like that she is just trying to get revenge. rachel: “She’s putting up my 2 closest allies up for eviction it’s obvious she’s attacking me”. Rachel goes on and on about Porshe being a true friend and how she’s never played this game before with a person that was nice to her. Brendon doesn’t think it’ll be that difficult to get Jordan out if Rachel is up against her he thinks they can scrape enough votes by, Rachel disagrees. Brendon and Rachel talk like they haven’t decided who will be safe this week but they tell everyone around the house that Brendon is saving himself.
Brendon: “so if she puts up Jordan against you do you think Jordan has the votes”
rachel: “for sure Jordan has the votes; Jeff, Shell, Kalia and Lawon”
brendon want them to enjoy there last week in the house so they have to wait and see what happens after Monday. Brendon: “Dani is a 12 year old, she fell in love with a little boy and we sent her home and now she’s stomping her feet”

Brendon asks her to please stop talking about the nominations because he’s smart in this game and one thing he knows is people are always watching you. He points out Jordan walking around the backyard every time she comes close you are quiet that is going to send alarm bells out to her that something is up. Rachel really want the 2 of them to go up and Talk to Dani. Brendon thinks it’s a waste of time that Dani will do whatever she wants and they will do whatever they want. Brendon: “lets tells Kalia to get her fat ass out of HOH tonight and we’ll talk to her’

Rachel leaves, Jeff joins Jordan in walking laps.. they briefly talk to Brendon about it. Brendon ask them if they have been tlakign to Dani. Jeff says they did, Dani doesn’t know who brendon is taking off the block. Brendon says he’s saving himself. Brendon says he’s making it known that his number one target is Dani next week and he’ll win the HOH and the POV and She’s going home. (Biam just like eh brendon) Jeff says there no wat Dani is lasting it’s 6 Vs. 2 next week. Jordan says whoever survives next week must pair up with Brendon and Jeff and they have to make it to final 3.

5:30pm Jeff and Jordan walking Jeff mentions that with rachel gone they don’t have to worry about sneaky BLANK going around they now that Brendon is with them and all they have to do is fight for final 3. They are both thinking Dani will be gone next week and if she does go they have a sure shot to final 2 because the house will go after brendon as he is the top competitor.
Jordan fears that dani will cut a deal with BR because she was closer to them than JJ. Jeff doesn’t think so he points out how much stronger Brendon and rachel are then them. Jeff: “It’s the logical move for her to take out the strong players… mind ya people in this house don’t hink logically so I dunno what the BLANK” Jeff thinks his dani with Dani will hold.

5:48pm Jeff and Jordan working out..

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Victim Pity Party AGAIN… I Called it….


Please Dani, make a stupid move and put up Porche, since she’ll obviously go home! BRJJ take over the house next week!!


I can’t believe that ppl actually think that Brendon’s saving himself and not Rachel. Are they stupid or what?


I’m referring to the HGs btw


Could be wring but I have to agree with you. Brendan is going to save Rachel, not himself. Unfortunately for the viewers, that means more of Rachel. Oh hell


I think Rachel stays also. She’ll be a friggn’ wreck. Wahoooo!! Love to see that entitled brat cry and/or fall on her face.

Not Meg

Don’t you mean her jack-o-lantern face? Insert candle here.


Agreed. It’s Brendon’s last chance to pretend to be an honorable man. Rachel will say that it’s his way of making it up to her for him diddling himself to a guy on skype, he owes it to her. He won’t risk the public viewing him as the biggest douch in history by saving himself when he can save the garbage pile that he claims to love.


I also thought the same thing when they had their heads together most of yesterday in the Have-Nots room. You couldn’t understand what they were saying from the live feeds but I got the impression that is what they were scheming.

jim jones

sops yo


Hello why in the heck is rachel still crying about Dani making it personal!!! It is a social game and it is is is is personal. Get over it you signed up to play so play and shut up. Hope Adam wins!!


watching BB on CBS. ROTFLMAO at Rachel falling down when she was running!! i like Rachel, but this was HILARIOUS. I rewind it 3 times

Not Meg

Hahahahaha! I did the same. Thanks TIVO!


I voted for Dawg. Pure strategic, nothing personal. You don’t wash dishes, don’t clean all u do is sit on your ass and talk non stop. You’re worst the Kalia.


“Why the hell does Porsche think shes classified as the stronger players”

Because like Rachel she’s dumber than a sack of rocks. ;-p


Im sure plenty of people have asked this question, BUT has brendon confirmed what he is going to do with the Veto?? Cause hes saying he is going to use it on himself. But not sure if hes telling J/J the truth?.


LOL @ Porsche. She thinks she’s way more important than she actually is.


Who is writing the updates? I ave this incredible urge to run spell check on my computer each time I read the updates. Sometimes the sentences dont make any sense that it takes me a minute to figure out what is said. The last post where jeff says” He think his dani with Dani will hold.” I think it means he thinks his DEAL with Dani should hold…..ok night all…time to go cause i am getting nit picky about grammer now.

bb13 sucks

i also “ave” trouble understanding your comments.


LoL! Good to see you have a sense of humour Simon!! With ALL the info. you and Dawg are giving us, typos are inevitable. Ur do’n a gr8 job!!! Thanks much! ;-)


Good Grief, when you try to keep up with what the houseguest are saying, typos are going to happen.
You should see my text messages. Can’t seem to type correctly….lots of typos.

Thank you Simon and Dawg, you guys are great!!!


simon and dawg…ive been reading this post for years…and ive never seen so many people bitch about typos. im so sorry guys. yall are freaking amazing!!!


Thanks Simon & Dawg for this WONDERFUL site!!!! You guys are awesome!


“Who is writing the updates? I ave this incredible urge to run spell check on my computer each time I read the updates. Sometimes the sentences dont make any sense that it takes me a minute to figure out what is said. The last post where jeff says” He think his dani with Dani will hold.” I think it means he thinks his DEAL with Dani should hold…..ok night all…time to go cause i am getting nit picky about grammer now.”

And the irony continues!

Angela, you probably should have used spell check before posting. It’s have, not ‘ave’, don’t not ‘dont’ and grammar not ‘grammer’.

Honestly, for a free site with only two people trying to type as quickly as they can to get us updates, a few moments of trying to figure out what’s being communicated is a small inconvenience. When we’re not sure of what’s being communicated, we can ask them. Not a big deal.


Emmie….I did spell it correctly…we Canadians know how to use proper grammer and the correct way to spell words….such as honour, colour etc…but thanks anyway for your useless reply.


Funny there were three errors and you only reference one. And based on what I’m finding on the internet, grammar is spelled grammar even in Canada.

But you miss the point, which is, for free – don’t complain.


I can’t believe you went out of your way to look that up. Can we say NO LIFE?


Wow – free up-to-date information about what is going on the house all day long. Best BB site on the web and your here to critique? I think you should thank Simon and Dawg for all of their hard work instead!


I likes grammer too.simon and that dog feller should eat pooh, winnie all day long.


Just reading that made me LOL


So, do i understand it right….even though JJ are taking the deal with Dani they are not planning on honoringbit next week? Like not even contemplating keeping their word?


How can you not be self aware enough to know that if you are a bitch who only and constantly cuts people down that turn about is fair play (real or perceived).

RacHell, you are stilling there due to your own ‘bad game play’ and no, you do not have any friends and yes, everyone hates you. Why, you may ask? Because you are unnecessarily cruel, you are a sore loser and an arrogant winner, you treat everyone as if they owe you something, you use people then turn on them yet blame them if your actions cause them to turn on you, you never take responibility for your faults or sincerely admit mistakes, your fake persona will never win you friends or a half a million dollars. You are not unliked because you win a few BB competitions (some luck, some handed to you, some gained via intimidation so others throw the comp), you are disliked because deep down you are very selfish, insecure and just a flat out bitch.


Well said, I’m putting this on a t-shirt.


Well said. I, like the rest of us on here, have never been a part of the household (obviously) so it’s easy to say, “it’s a game, don’t take it personally”
I DO believe however that there is class, integrity and realism to a certain degree that can be shown. I think it says a lot about her (Rachel) ‘real’ persona outside bb which lacks all the above. I believe the same goes for her lackey Brenden.


Just one more opportunity for Rachel to show she can go from being happy to bat shit crazy in a matter of moments. She won’t rest until she’s worked herself and everyone within earshot into a hate frenzy targeting J/J for making a deal.

Brendon is really being stupid saying she’ll be the one to stay. He’s just pandering to her whining and her ego. She’s so stinking unstable she’s going to be stirring the pot every moment she’s there.

Please, God, don’t let them reproduce or adopt.


If only there was a twist that said the veto is void and both nominees go home this week… Double Eviction:D


keep wishing not gonna happen


Then they could throw an Official Pity Part and invite people.


When is pov ceremony?


Monday afternoon……PST


Ill Will sit down like i said before and watch the show i know i love Rachel but your obsessed with her OMG


I tell the truth about her, you support her no matter how she acts that’s an obsession, BIG DIFFERENCE ;-p


Thursday night gonna be interesting yo.



Us brendon still using the pov on rachel


If Dani is stupid enough to waste an HOH on a non-issue, she should at least get that Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly. Porsche is no good to anybody but her owners,Rachel and Brendon.

It would be golden if somebody would inform B/R that Jordan offer herself as the sacrificial lamb to guarantee that the B/R train wreck is broken up.


Put up Pinto……that would be eye for an eye


B&R should be saved by twist! They deserve it! They win HOH & POV’s! It’s only rite! Kiss @$$ floaters beat it!


Are you in Hawaii (808)?


does Brenden have to use the POV ( I mean I know he’s gonna) but could he say he chooses not to (which would be dumb)


team Dani, Jeff & Jordan


That would be nice but if Dani wants B/R out she needs to put up Jordan.


All U B&R Haters! On any kind of team U want people who help the team win! Not kiss ass loafers! B Real!


You mean floaters because that is what Porsche and Shelly are, but Brenchel don’t mind them because they kiss their ass, Kalia and Lawon was also kissing their ass and they weren’t floaters until they got tired of brenchel’s BS and defected as everyone who has ever been on brenchel’s team… if you don’t kiss brenchel’s ass and play the game for them to advance further they target you ie play personal not strategic. So they DO like floaters as long as those floaters kiss their ass. When your on Brenchel’s team you are NOT allowed to play your own game to get you to the 500k , you HAVE to play the way they tell you.


Are you capable of admitting that BR are to blame for their evictions? In your opinion have they made any mistakes?


I totally agree with you, ALIKA808. Yes, Brenchel made a big mistake last week. But in their defense, they were actually trying to look out for Jeff. It was a classic case of trusting their alliance too much because I don’t think JJ would’ve done the same for them. I say Dani & BR should make a truce and get the floaters and non-competitors out the house. I’m sorry JJ lovers, but I have more respect for people that compete and win competitions rather than float to the end of the game and then compete when all the fierce competitors are gone. Some people think waiting until the perfect time to compete is social game and is the best way. But I think it is a cop out, a way to stay behind the scenes so you are not a threat, and also a way to be fake and pretend you like everybody. That’s why I love Evel Dick so much. He didn’t kiss a** and he won comps, especially when his butt or Dani’s butt was on the line. You don’t have to float and play a social game all day to win BB. You can actually win BB, be yourself and win competitions even if America and the houseguest hate you .


Simon in your personal opinion who do you think is getting off Rachel or Brendon?

The Meow Meow

JJ is shady.


Adam is looking more like the Travelocity Gnome instead of an elf.


Jeff no can win shit! He belong with the floaters! Go Brendon & Rachel!


You are in HI, aren’t you? No one else uses phrases like ‘no can win’. I am in Honolulu and a BR hater, lol.


Please get rid of Rachel, cant stand her back stabbing whiney , trashy self!She thinks she is the best player, omg wrong…and next week get rid of Brendon. In my oppinion they are the 2 worse player and bring out all the loathing of the American public.With the pair there it is so hard to watch the show.


something is seriously wrong with brenden … his comments about dani and kalia are out of line he picks fights like 16 year old girl on her period its creepy


I agree. He’s just like a gossiping teenaged mean girl.


Neither one is going home. Bb won’t let it happen. Ratings would be best if dani got that shit smile smacked off her face. Then next week she is nominated and wins pov.


Brenda is the BOSS , that’s right tell your bitches what to do….

I’m sorry in that pic he got this look like a pimp chastising his ho’s….


I am way more obssessed with these updates than I am with the actual show. I just love reading them + comments every night before I go to sleep. :))

I think BR are simply disgusting. The way they portray themselves in this show is so terribly embarassing.


I love jeff and jordan’s sweet and goofy nature. They don’t take themselves too seriously. I like that. I don’t think dani seems like someone I’d like to hang out with, but I admire the way she plays the game. It’s Just a game and everyone wants the money! Some contastants seem to forget that.


oh Jules, we could never be mates, you know sit around, laugh, talk about our feelings.


I don’t care what happens anymore, I just want Rachel to stay in the house.

PGA Player

Rachel is absolutely pathetic. Poor winner and poorer loser. And Shelly is the biggest hypocrite in the house. She says she never lies and plays with integrity. All she does is lie. And when she fell off the skis she made the comment that there were two classless people left up there. Well Dani has more class in her baby toe then Shelly has total. Do these people not realize that this game changes by the day and grudges turn into alliances and vice versa. Brandon doesn’t want Rachel to go home because she has no home. She has noplace to go and no job to go to. She and Brendon were positive they would at least make it to the jury house. Rachel is the nastiest, ugliest female that has ever been in the house. Inside and out she is just nasty. Worst personality I have ever witnessed. That marriage has a zero percent chance of happening. They were hoping for a Rob and Amber deal and that ain’t gonna happen.


Aside from the multitude of personal attacks and name calling half the people posting are doing all I have to say is I’m over the JJ bandwagon.Maybe she would have had the best score from the golf shot but the guys didn’t try so it was handed to her.Jeff hasn’t done squat.He even said they need Brendan there next week to win HOH so they are safe.They’ve also become floaters, well Jeff has for sure.I heard Jordan saying I think we are going to be seen as mean this time and she is right.They call out kalia and dani and anyone but them for jumping sides and it’s all they are doing now.Dani no shelly no brendan because he wins an will be the work horse while Adam obeys on the sidelines.It’s all getting to be too pathetic.WHY DID DICK HAVE TO GO???How different this BB afterdark would be.

BR 4 the Win

Ahhhh ha! Lexii I love you! I’m right with you girl, these people are callin Brendon nd Rachel immature and yet they are name calling and degrading the hs gsts. And they aren’t even playin the damn game!! Its one thing to talk about their game play, but to attack someones character and talk about them like they’re dog BLANK is absolutely ridiculous. Y’all are calling ppl fat and ugly and everything under the sun and your doing it from behind a computer screen and from your damn couches like your the ones competing for the 500k. Get over ur selves.