Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel begins to Campaign for Votes, Porsche: “Rachel can go suck a d!*k”

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3:00pm Bedroom Porsche, Dani and Kalia

Kalia is telling them about her talk with Rachel. She says that Rachel was talking about the replacements nominations but Kalia is confused because it doesn’t really matter because she doesn’t have the votes. Kalia says that rachel thinks Kalia is going to put up Adam, “how would she of known that?” rachel also told Kalia that there was one person in the house that she could put up against Rachel that rachel would have a chance. Kalia is wondering who talked to rachel to tell her that she was even thinking of putting Adam up. Kalia is also wondering why Rachel thinks she even has a chance. Kalia suggests that maybe Rachel is going to try and get Porsche’s vote. Porsche: “Rachel can go suck a d!*k”

They start talking about all the times Jeff gets called into DR and wondering why Jeff gets called in so much. Porsche mentions that Jeff isn’t really all that funny she in the house with him she can’t imagine him being funny in the DR. Back to talking about the twist Kalia suggests that maybe the person just comes back into the house to stir up trouble. Dani: “My god that would be the horrible”
Kalia starts going on about the deal Rachel gave her. Dani interrupts “Their deals are so baaaaad”
Kalia continues says that Rachel told her if Kalia keeps her safe then she’ll not put Kalia up until final 4. rachel told Kalia that she is the strongest competitor and she will win the comp and help keep Kalia safe. Kalia shakes her head at the proposition from Rachel, points out how bad rachel did in the POV this morning. dani says they should probably cut rachel some slack she’s trying to save herself thy would all do the same thing. Kalia agrees, brings up that she told Rachel that if Kalia saves Racehl then the entire house will be pissed at her.

Dani says to them she thinks she’s figured out what the twist is… “remind me and I’ll tell you later”

Kalia counts the votes of who would vote out Rachel; Shelly, Dani, Porsche and Lawon.. She’s plenty sure she has the votes to take out rachel this week.
Tehy talk about the twist again

Adam walks in they all start thinking about the twist ..
they are starting to think jeff may have a power again. Adam recaps what exactly happened with the coup detat. Adam points out with Jeff’s power the entire house knew there was a power in the game but with Matt they didn’t tell the other players. Dani says Julie’s exact words were “MAY” come back so she thinks theres something more to it.

Lawon had mentioned to her that she’s being too isolated. dani thinks Kalia i fine because she’s been talking to everyone in the house. (there’s a lot of speculation about the twist consume a majority of the chit chat conversations)

3:10pm Backyard Jordan and Rachel. Jordan is mentioning how Kalia is now trying to backtrack with JJ because Jeff won the veto and she’s scared because next week a vet will win HOH. rachel says she was upstairs with Kalia and had a good conversation she doesn’t think Kalia will do it but she had to try. Jeff walks up to them tells Jordan she needs to talk to Kalia and smooth things over. Jrodan says she doesn’t want to talk to her anymore she’ll probably say the wrong thing. Jeff heads up to talk to Kalia. The girls start going over possibilities for the twist, Rachel is confident that it’s going to help out the vets.

3:30pm Kalia and Jeff have a quick talk Kalia tells him that what happened is exactly what she wanted to happen. Jeff blasted through the POV and won it now her target get to go home. Kalia explains to him that she promised JOrdan she would never put her up and she plans to honour that. Jeff doesn’t think Kalia should be making deals like that because you never know what happens. Jeff adds that if he hadn’t won that POV he was going home and she know what he’s going to do now…

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3:44pm Washroom Jeff and Jordan Jeff is telling Jordan that they need to make Kalia think that worst case scenario is that the vote will be split 3/3 and Kalia will have to break the tie. Jordan says she doesn’t plan on talking to Kalia. Jeff says they will have to talk to her eventually and they need her to think she has all the power. Jordan mentions that Rachel wants Jordan to go up to the HOH with her and help her change Kalia’s mind. Jeff doesn’t think it’s a good idea to gt messed up with what rachel has going on. He thinks it’s best they talk to kalia when they are together let Rachel do her thing.

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Ugh! Rachel is sooo pathetic!

Porsche: “Rachel can go suck a d!*k”

Such a lady. But I wouldn’t expect any less from a cocktail waitress


I’m a lady, and I tell people to go suck a d#@k all the time. 🙂


I say it too and I go to church on Sunday to ask for forgiveness.


Thats soo hipacritical

T that's Me!

HAHAHAHAHA! I’m with ya Rockstar!!!


see T and I don’t agree but we can still have a little fun.




Don’t be such an ass and rude. I cocktailed for 6 years. It paid for me to get my bachelor’s degree, then my masters degree. Thank you very much. Not everyone who cocktails are stupid.


If Kahlia doesn’t realize that Shelly has lied about votes in the past then I don’t know what to tell her. Put up Jordan and in sure that Rachel goes home. You have 2 votes for sure but you don’t know whats going to happen with Porsche and Shelly they have flipped sides before what makes you think they can’t be bullied by J/J now! Talk some sense into her Dani! J/J have every reason to keep Rachel in the game. She is a huge target who wins comps and is willing to do their dirty work. Porsche is flaky and Shelly does whatever J/J tell her to!

Ms Jaxon

You have made your case, and I agree!! Kalia talks tooooo much! If she doesn’t know that Shelly is the courier of information, then she just needs her plan to go down the drain!!


I’m surprised that smart Dani hasn’t figured out it was Shellyyet. She usually figures everything out! Dani spends more time up in the HOH room w/ Kalia more than she does downstairs with the othe HGs. She’s not playing much of a social game either. She sticks to the same person. Before it was Dominic now it’s Kalia.


to jack: “in sure” ? correct is ensure!!

Rachel Is Boy George

Kalia is so dumb thinking rachel is going no matter what, I can totally see the straight shooter voting to keep rachel in the house, long time before thursday for rachel to feed people lies


Yay Porsche glad you finally climbed out of Rachel’s ass


And now she’s found an extra spacious home up Kalia’s asses. She’s getting to comfortable that one!


Asses aside, it’s at least a healthier move for P to break from that whack job (R). P was a sick loyal puppy dog around R and what the hell did it get her. R is so mentally unbalanced that it’s like navigating a mine field just being around her; you never know who or when she’s going to go off on somebody.


Both very good points 😉

Day Yum Yum

Right!! Porshe needs to rev up that engine and drive her stupid ass out that front door!!! And have Shelly riding shotgun!! Those 2 are the reason for all of the trouble in the house! Surprised nobody sees it! Well when those 2 are standing with the F4 then all of the HG’s will be like “I knew there was something up with those 2, we should have gotten rid of them when we had the chance!” Do it now!!!!


doesnt porche kinda remind you of jerry, who changed loyalties like i change socks? Maybe after this weeks eviction, if jeff or jordan win HOH, shell yell
“SCREW YOU PEOPLE” to kalia and daniel, like jerry wouldve done……….god i hate myself for enjoying this horseshit show so much


Where is Lawon?


he is definitely not in the closet



Day Yum Yum

More importantly, why is that dirty rag still hanging around?? His ass should have been gone week 2!! I love how he says “I am winning this HOH so everybody better look the hell out!” PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE! He couldn’t win an HOH if everyone else in the house was blind, deaf and crippled! The guy is the ultimate floater and is clueless to the game going on around him! What a waste of space!! If that is the best that Robin Kass could do she should be fired immediately!! No wonder they gave the ax to her last 6 potential HG’s and brought back the vets!

Floata Hata

JJR might be on the brink of figuring out the twist since R reminded them a return HG was in sequester. Wonder If production will tip anyone off to let them strategize around it


The only thing Porsche should do for Roachel is open the door for her when she is leaving and if by some chance her foot happens to land on her fat ass well, that would be ok too.


How bad is Rachel’s social game?? She couldn’t even keep “Dumb as a box of Rocks” – Pinto on her side. Even when pinto was the only vote to save “Her Man” . Pathetic.

The Masterpiece Chris Masters

It’s about damn time Porsche, because you’ve been sucking hers for long enough.


you all dismiss jordan so easily. she won HOH and i dont think jeff or brendon would of beat her golf score. She also won the reward. She’s also won big brother before. her social game is night and day ahead of the rest. Keep calling her dumb while she takes home 500k again.


She was handed HOH, She floated through her season to win BB and this season she is becoming very annoying. Sweetheart I don’t think she is. People are starting to see the real Jordan


Right! For $500,000 you can call me dumb all day long! LOL


Jordan probably chance of winning BB13 just like BB11. Her social skills is great. Let do it again.


Gotta love the Jordan haters…stupid blonde country bumpkin,that laughed all the way to the bank in BB11 after she smashed the final quiz to get there.Guess’s David Hasselloff with 1 guess,has a great social game and every comp is discluded from having a chance to win it.The girl is smarter than anybody gives her credit for and usually whn she needs a win,she pulls it out!


IF Porsche actually does vote against Rachoe,

Then almost anyone can be put up as a replacement for Jeff.

Dani, Lawon and Porsche vote to evict Rachoe and Kalia would break any tie vote , so it would be SEE YA to Rachoe.


That’s it! If I have to listen to Rachel one more day I’m going to scream. She is such a baby and one of the ugliest people inside and out I have ever watched on Big Brother. A sore loser and makes deals that she will keep people later in the game, but cannot even win a competition by herself. She is worthless and if anything a floater herself. Without Brendon she is nothing but a sore loser and whinny baby. She needs to go so the real show can start now.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Porsche: “Rachel can go suck a d!*k”

Pacer is growing on me


if dumb DOM goes against Rachel to see who gets back in the house idiot Rachel will beat him Dom is not very good at this game. Cassie, shelly, j/j and adam would dominate dani and her lazy idiots p/l/ and kalia


Wow I hope rachel leaves the house for good. VOTE FOR DOM!!!


I cant stand rachel either but she would likely beat domm at any comp. If dom doesnt come back in game Cassie brendon or rachel would spell doooom for dani and kalia. And watch how fast lawon runs from them. The interesting choice to come back would be Keith. Nobody knows where he stands. Either way i believe if dani and kalia don’t get dumb dom back in the game i think there days are numbered.


YEAH! Team Keith HO!


I hope she doesn’t put up Adam as a pawn. She should put up Jordan and call it a day. She made that stupid deal when she thought they were “friends”. Dani warned her that she Jordan and Jeff aren’t in touch with anyone they met inside the Big Brother house. Loyalty can be good when it’s reciprocated in the case with Jordan it isn’t. Kalia needs to get a clue and be more ruthless like they will be with her next week if in power.

And I don’t know how long they are going to let Shelly get away with her sneaky bullshit. I know it’s much harder to tell and we are looking from the outside in. But it seems like there are clues to Shelly being a snake. Maybe she’s just that cunning and good at it. I thought Britney was good at being two-faced with Rachel last year, but Shelly has taken her deception to brand new heights. She motivates you and gives great advice and then stabs you in the back all while hugging you at the same time. I feel like I’m watch The God Father when she’s in the room.


Kalia needs go put up Shelly which will cause a unanimaous vote to banish Rachel.

If Adam is on the block, JJS vote Adam out to keep their numbers stronger, LD vote Rachel out, P would flip a coin. If it’s a tie, great. If P votes Adam out, Kalia may be screwed (yet maybe not with the twist).

If Porsche is on the block, she’s either gone or it’s a tie with Adam being the deciding vote.

Kalia needs to go with the safest bet … Straight Shoot-her Shelly


Actually Porche will vote with L/D and if it comes to a tie Kalia evicts Rachel and gains a new ally since Adam will know J/J/S aren’t on his side.


If Shelly knows where Porsche stands it will be interesting to see if she’s stupid enough to vote with Rachel anyway… Why not go to J/J and say she’s leaving anyway I need to preserve my relationship with Adam…


I suspect like last year when R was evicted and came back for 24hrs to try (Ragan did a gr8 job @ putting her in her place) to reek havoc on the HGs, that CBS is unfortunately going to want to bring R back if she’s evicted this soon, which “seriously” would piss Dani (& I) off. In which case, the competition between R and “America’s Vote” would probably be rigged in R’s favour. Heaven help us all if that happens.


Absolutly rigged. Like I said before, next BB CBS should reveal what the twist are on what date once the houseguest our in. This we would see a good game of BB as CBS wouldn’t be able to fix comps on dates when their favorites are up against the wall.


It’s all about ratings for CBS. A well played game is secondary to them. C’est la vie!


Well put


According to some other websites and polls being run at this time, Cassi looks to be the most likely to get America’s vote and is leading at this time. Cassi vs. Rachoe for the right to get back in would be cool..


I disliked Rachel immensely last season, and even though she still isn’t one of my favorites, I don’t dislike her as much as I once did. Now Kalia on the other hand makes my skin crawl! I would LOVE to see Kalia put Adam on the block and Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Porche vote to evict Adam (even though I highly doubt this would happen). Rachel brings entertainment to the house and it’ll be so dull with her gone.

For who I want to reenter the house, I’d love to see Cassi back. I’m interested to see how she’d switch up the dynamic of the house.


Rachel is such a drain to be around. You have to constantly pet her ego and validate her existence and be her champion. I’ve had self-centered friends like that. Notice I said HAD. I got tired of it and dumped them. The BB House needs to do the same with her, although, like a bad sequel, she will be back.


if Cassie does come back she better have the brains to realize Jordan and Jeff took her out of the game and not align with them! I do like her but she sucks at big brother she basically rolled over and let Shelly stay. I hate that. If you don’t want to play then let someone who does in the house.