Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel And Jordan agree it’s JJBR+Shelly Vs. Dani + the NeWbS

12:25pm Pool Jordan and Rachel Jordan and Rachel are both worried if Dani wins the HOH. Jordan thinks they would Put up JJ, Rachel doesn’t she explains that they will put up 2 pawns and try to back door one of the guys. Jordan mentions how Jeff can’t even be in the same room as Dani. Rachel explains to Jordan that this week they wanted to get Jeff backdoored and last week they wanted JJ to backdoor Brendon. (Rachel frames everything in BRJJ Vs. the house). Both are SHOCKED that Dani is flipping and it’s only week 3. Rachel says it would of been smarter to have waited a week or until she got the HOH. Rachel is worried that Dani is trying to get Por on her side, “If dani wins HOH she’ll probably backdoor one of the guys”. Jordan agrees, She thinks that Danis plan was to backdoor jeff then convince Jordan to go with them against BR. Jordan wonders why they would try this so early… (as much as we loathe rachel her game knowledge is way ahead of Jordans and it’s hilarious to watch) Rachel is feeling confident about the HOH because it’ll be Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jrodan and Shelly Vs the rest of them. Rachel doesn’t really see anyone but dani and Maybe Adam winning a comps she wants Dom gone then all they need to do is prevent Dani from winning the HOH.

Rachel says the POV is either going to be an endurance or a knockout. Rachel: “A knock out is to show a split and to show your cards”. She also thinks they can trust Adam for the next week but after that he’s gotta go. Jordan: “YA YA YA YA Jeff was saying He’s gotta go”.
Rachel doesn’t understand what happened to Kalia because last week she was Jordan’s best friend. Jordan says that she hasn’t been talking much to Kalia lately so Jordan thinks Kalia is getting a bit paranoid.

12:59pm Pool Shelly and Jordan Their talking about “the other side” (Yes apparently its newbs+Dani Vs. JJBR+Shelly now) Shelly says that the newbs are still coming to talk to her yet she’s not committing to anything, “I think it’s kinda strange”. Jordan says maybe because shelly is like their mom. They start bringing up Por and how ODD she is. Jordan thinks it’s because she’s had a hard life, shelly agrees. Shelly adds that Porsche is trying to get Dom to sleep in her bed, Jordan: “Really” Shelly says that Por has a crush on Dom.

Porsche joins them… chit chat ..

Kalia Joins them.. lawon in the hammock danni suntanning. Tells Jordan that she’s gaining a lot of weight lately especially since she’s off the slop. Kalia has gained 8lbs in the last few days and she doesn’t have the energy to exercise. They all start chating about resorts and hotels..

1:10pm Shots from around the house..

1:33pm Houseguests playing around in the sun nothing but chit chat to pass the time.

1:40pm Dom, Brendon and Rachel Bathroom Their asking Dom if he wants to talk later tonight about the POV. Dom gets excited says he wants to talk about the POV and Life in general. (Dom has been messing with his hair afor over a hour) Rachel starts to shave Brendon’s head they all talk about the POV comp.

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god i hate BR+JJ hope they split up and dani wins hoh


Dani needs to go next, she blew it they found her out. she thinks she can play this game. she is trying to get the vets against each other and isn’t doing any thing but diiging her self deeper on their targets . can’t wait until they vote out dom and watch her face.


geez….i hope not…..if Dom and Dani go i really have nobody to cheer for…..i hate everyone else…..

well i guess i’ll go for JJ then…….this sux!


Simon, did you know that ED @RTVZone follows your BBSpoiler site on Twitter? Just thought I’d let you know.

Rachel is Boy George

So Dom is officially going home now and its official this season might be the least entertaining season of all time


CBS rigs this game so much for BR + JJ. Don’t they understand that this is getting boring for the viewers?
Dani better win HOH next week. If it’s endurance, she has a very good chance of winning. She’ll probably try to get rid of Jeff or Rachel.


why do they keep rigging the game for the vets to win, why not just give them the money to split and put us all out of our misery from watching Brendon any more thinking his shit don”t stink and he is just so great. I believe this season he is way worse than Rachel is Mr.know it all about everything and wise about nothing…….


They rig it, because they are desperate not to get canceled,m so they try to keep the most talked about contestants on the show for as long as possible. since season 10 BB has not been about the game, it’s been about ratings.


absolutely, as much as people complain, whatever CBS is doing is working bc they are winning their time slot in the ratings and that is most important….and i think having the vets is security, even though I am sure the ratings would still be high with all newbies, I guess that is not as much of a guarantee —- and even though people “hate” BR, they have to be among the most talked about houseguests in BB history, which says a lot

personally, i don’t think it’s really fair to put newbies against vets – and to put such weak newbies against such strong vets – i would have been happy to watch a whole new cast and then have an all starts next season….but it is what it is


i meant “have an all-stars next season”


you know I really hated brenchel but think danielle is so much more annoying. That crappy sense of humor she has is driving me nuts.


I couldn’t agree more!!


totally agree about dani. i’m not a big fan of brjj alliance either, but if they want to not get split up (as in b from r or j from j) before jury their only hope is to stay aligned for now. i want to see them go after each other, but not until like week 5 or 6


agreed im completely sick of the brjj alliance. What exactly happened in like 4 days to where br were completely with dani and against jj now all of sudden they flip. and want dani and dom gone.


i hate it too.


I love the vet alliance, without Dani,


Exactly how do you think CBS rigged it? Did they tell jeff to lose the hoh? Tell Dom to win veto? Make the banana less slippery for Rachel? Make kalia eat all the food? Make Rachel jealous of Cassi and evict her? Make shelly and kalia vote out keith? Exactly how is this game rigged? Everything is 50/50 pretty much. The thing that annoys me is that every season fans of the show complain. It’s a game, people play how they play. Just because it’s not going the way you envisioned it doesn’t mean it’s rigged or scripted. The game seems unfair at times but so is life. Suck it up!


It’s a given that production does try to tweek and manipulate the way of the game. They’re in it for the drama, and the ratings, and they will do what they have to do to get it. Why do you think they’re not allowed to talk about their diary room sessions, or why they aren’t allowed to look in the bag of the POV names. Its little things like that, which make it obvious.


There are rules, yeah. So? Should it be a free for all and see if they eat eachother?

Anonymous 2

There are also severe fines and punishments under federal laws for any kind of cheating in games shows (which utimately this is) These were enacted all the way back in the 1950’s. Not to put it past them (CBS) to try, but I think it would be very risky.


wellll, back then, you had problems where game shows were literally giving certain contestants questions and answers ahead of time to rig or fix the outcome…that has since become illegal, but the laws are looser in terms of manipulating situations that may or may not lead to a certain (desired) outcome, i think it also depends on what is in the BB contract in terms of what CBS/BB is and is not allowed to do which i am sure if clearly spelled out for the contestants….i mean just the fact that they can throw in twists is one way around this, it allows them to manipulate the situation but doesn’t constitute fixing the outcome or an illegal breach of contract

also, is BB definitely a game show? or does it fall under reality television programming?/ in which case, i am sure the parameters are much wider and looser

Anonymous 2

They play games on a show=gameshow for prizes, exact laws may not be the same but I’m sure some apply. My point is just because ur fav loses may only be just that they lost on their own. No excuses.


I actually recalled that to a certain degree, and remembered that it all started or revolved around the 64 Thousand Dollar Question and the producers ultimately ending up in court followed by imposed regulations on the ever popular quiz shows of the era. So, I researched it a little more.There are a lot of tatttle-tale articles from past reality show contestants / actors. Apparently “realty shows” have a little bit more wiggle room, or autonomy in influencing or scripting interactions that they want that might play to the audience. There’s a lot more to it, however, suffice to say that it’s a little of both. A little scripting…but setting up the results of the competitions could get the producers into hot water.


right, EXACTLY what i said


Who looks better in a bikini, Porsche or Dani? The three newbs said Pinto and Brenda and Retchel said Dani. Then Julie pauses, sees how they voted, producers get in her earpiece, and declares America says Dani giving R/B the HOH. Don’t get me wrong, Dani looks good in a bikini, but Pinto has a body literally built for a bikini.


for one, CBS chose one of the weakest set of newbies in the bunch – the fact that not one of them can reliably challenge a vet in a comp is truly pathetic, also – they have included several comps that are eerily similar to ones in the past (not just the past, but on the vets’ seasons)…but regardless, even if every comp was entirely new and different than ever before, do you honestly think one of these newbies were going to beat one of the vets, at anything…the newbies should be grateful that Evel Dick is not there bc they would have been annihilated

just think, what must have been going through the producers’ heads when casting
Dom – too skinny and weak
Adam – too intimated by Dick and weak
Kalia – too heavy and talkative and weak
Shelly – too old and filled with smoke and rods and weak
Cassi – too pretty and whiny and self-absorbed and weak
Lawon – too ridiculous a choice to even consider, yeah let’s throw him in!
Porsche – what the hell, this is already a joke – WEAKEST


none of what you said made any sense, as none of what you said , is what we are talking about. if you think this game is 50/50 then you are nuts and are not paying attention to the little tweaks production does to create drama for ratings.


Someone on the other side needs to step up. I don’t want to see B/R+ J/J make it to the final four. I can’t stand them. I didn’t like Dani coming in, but she really has grown on me. Too bad I think she played her cards too soon. I wonder if the new twist will be that they bring an evicted house guest back. Everyone has been saying that Cassie and Keith are in sequester If Dom gets eliminated I hope he would get the chance to come back. I don’t want to see Keith or Cassie come back.


I’m hoping Dani can get her game back on track. I still really want her to win and it would be especially good if she can overcome this sh*t storm she created for herself. Saw this pic in a mag today. From the new movie underworld: awakenings. Looks exactly like Dani. I’m hoping its a sign 🙂


There is no such law that would prevent big brother from asking Jeff and Jorden multiple times about how they would react if Brendan and The psychic vampire backdoors them.It’s a fact that production controls who gets what information.That’s how production controls the outcome.And I don’t think a federal law about a gameshow would apply to bigbrother anyway since it’s technically not a gameshow.


I they should bring Cassi back that will really bug Brendon and Rachel more so than Keith she would not even have to say anything with be brought back would cause enough drama for Rachel and throw her off her game.


You guys are all cracee!!! I love how Dani’s plan has totally backfired. She had better win HOH next week or she is screwed!!


Why are people complaining about this game? The first three to four evictions have almost zero impact on the game as those players aren’t on the jury. The only way that either Brendon or Rachel win is if they are the final two. Either get voted out, they won’t win. If it is 2 veterans together in final two, by my calculations that means the jury will be made up of three veterans and four newbies.
The veterans all know that there only chance is to get their five into the jury or final two to win. There is no point in flipping on each other now. Unless a newbie wins HoH this week, the five vets will be safe to ensure they have a chance in the end. They give up any chance they have if they lose a player.
I do not see JJ or BR staying together to final four. I feel as if one of them will win (I predict Jeff) and will face either Brendon or Rachel (I will say Rachel). I believe one of those four (probably Brendon) leave week one or two of jury eliminations.
The only problem I see with the newbies is that they have not won a HoH. They will, and the vets will be on the defensive. But, do not be surprised if Jeff or Jordan are put up before Brendon and Rachel. Remember, to win the $500k they need to keep the disliked. I do not believe
That anyone will win against either JJ whereas everyone would win against either BR.


I wish they would of brought back the renegades from season 10 or Chill Town. Dick leaving the show week 1 is what upset me off the most. I understand he didn’t have much of a choice though. I don’t think Jeff and Jordan make the show more entertaining and bringing them back was a mistake. Brenchel are two strong players and the fact that they have a Brigade this season makes them an unstoppable force. If Daniele wins HOH next week things will start to even out. This season needs more conflict. More fights. You know what would be great. Have a pandoras box with Kristen and Ragan from last season in it. Rachel would open it and have spend 24 hours with them in the house. Or if Kalia gets HOH have one where she wins a workout session with Jessie.

Eric CA

It is not rigging, It is just that Vets have done similar challenges in the past.

1) The Banana: for the past few years the first HOH has been wonky endurance like the banana, or some
other form of physical challenge. Straight out endurance always favors females or light men…. NEVER
muscle or fat. The physical challenge like last years Hamburger usually goes to men. A lot of times there
are exceptions people drop out or through the competition because they do not want to be the first HOH,
and create enemies from the starting gate. You have to pray for a Rachel/ Brendon to walk through the door.
Someone so obnoxious they create a target or that you nominate two square pegs that it takes longer to bond
with people.

2) The Putter Game: I like to call this dumb luck competitions. Unless you are pro miniature golfer no skill is

3) The Quiz Games A or B: Last one was does America think…. The only set up there is that they did not ask…
“Who looks better in a bikini Dani or Rachel?” …. “Dani vs Por?” come on Dani has fans that Por does not
If BB was really setting people up “Who looks better Rachel or Jordan?” everybody knows Rachel would go psycho
if they said B Jordan and America said B Jordan.

4) Here is where the theory of Brendon throwing a competition or their wanting Rachel to have HOH because
it is an endurance HOH is such bull crap. a) Rachel is better at endurance b) Brendon usually drops in the first few people
c) The douche has already given him self an excuse for dropping like a sack of potatoes 10 minutes into it “My knees are
bothering me.” Lets face it Brendon just got the question wrong.

Next HOH will probably be something geared towards the presumed skill set of a Newb or Dani, meaning they need a household shakeup.
There is also a RETURN OF A HOUSE GUEST looming in the future or some wonky ridiculous super power. I am convinced that they did the
Pandoras box thing with Matt for the Diamond Power of Veto, because they wanted Douchy and the Beast, to be pissed off. (Note: Matt wasted that
power he should have listened to Regan and smelled the blood in the water and nominated Lane and Hair do or Enzo and the Hairdo)


Thank you! Finally someone who is not whining that CBS sucks and I’ll never watch bb again (every year)

I hope they bring someone back from RB’ s season, that will mess with Rachel and will make good tv!


I hate Racheal Cant stand her


Can’t help myself, this season I’m really liking Shelly – so likable!
Also, could CBS get Rachel some psychiatric help when this thing
is over – she’s flat out a mess. Brendon, either Rachel is pulling
you into her black hole (no pun intended) or you’re just as lost as
she is. So far, just a so-so season…I think they need a new house
and some fresh ideas.


Brittney and Ragan or both at the same time…. EPIC