Big Brother Girls of Summer and Dani tells Rachel Jeff’s gotta go, Brendon advice: “keep those nips in babe”

1:50pm Bedroom Dani and Adam

Dani is saygn that Jeff is acting super sketching yesterday.. he was crappy his own pants thinks Adam should lay low and see what dani can do. Adam: “thank you” . dani says she’s going to talk to a few people and he’ll need to promise a few things but it will save him. Adam says for sure he’ll do it. Adam: “My 3 goals was not be the first one out, make it to Jury then worry about getting to the end”. Dani: “Yeah obviously… Take it one step at a time” Adam feels like theres nothing he can do right now. Dani remind him he needs to drill it into Rachel and Brendon that it’s in their best interest to keep you and make a big move. Dani thinks it’s the entire houses best interest to keep brendon and Rachel in teh game for longer becuase they are the ultimate target. Adam full agrees, “I don’t want people walking around here like they’re big shots when they haven’t done anyhting… But what Can I do”. Dani: “Offer your life in this game for 2-3 weeks” Adam: “definitely definitely” Dani: “I’ll see what I can do.. I like you and want you to stay here..” Adam if I stays then he owes one to Dani, “My word is good thats all I have right now”. Dani instructs him to be calm, he completely agrees, “It’s sunday it’s the lords day it’s football day”
(Dani is trying to secure Adam and it looks like he’s going to join her)

2:25pm Jeff and Brendon Jeff says that things were strange in the house last night, Dani didn’t talk to him once, “The newbs were up till 6 last night”. Brendon: “They were freaking out” Jeff can’t believe that the newbs actually thought they could pull it off. Brendon thinks it’s pathetic and disgusting. Brendon starts explaining about he ran a race barefoot. (LOL I remember that one from last year… ) Jeff is surprised Brendon says it BLANK up his feet for 3 weeks. (Feeds cut)

They start coaching each other on how to talk to the other side of players. Jeff says the best thing to do is every time they ask you a question ask them the same thing right back. Brendon adds that Lawon has been trying to talk to Brendon a lot more but he’s easy to talk in circles with.
Brendon: “It’s so important that we don’t let Dani win HOH next week” (She’s going to win i’ll bet a bottle of Vancouver Island Herminator on it)
Jeff: ‘Dude if I win HOH i’m putting her up”
Brendon: “Yeah thats what we want”

brendon says that they (dani,adam,Kalia) can only play in the middle for so long they have to make a choice. Jeff thinks they already have.. HE’s shocked that she was trying to get him backdoored. Brendon says he’s going to go up to adam and tells him he knows that Adam thinks it’ll Be “Cool” and “Neat” to take out a big player but if he tries to take them out then we are all going to gun for Adam. Brendon thinks that will scare Adam enough to do whatever they want. Jeff asks brendon if he heard that Dom was saying to Shelly about shelly, Dani, Dom forming up and coming after them.
Jeff: “BLANK i’m so pissed”, Jeff says that dani has just knocked herself out of the game
Brendon confirms that him and rachel are 100% with JJ now if there was any doubt before it’s now been removed. At first Brendon and Jeff really wanted to be with Dani and go for final 5 but not after what has happened. Jeff says there’s nodoubt in his mind that JJ has to team up with BR to make it to final 4. HE thinks if they can get into final 4 then 3/4 of them will win money (1st, 2nd, peoples choice)
Both are wondering why she tried to make a play so early. they are convinced it was a game ending move.

2:57pm BB13 girls of summer

3:01pm Backyard Rachel and Dani Dani is telling her that Adam is panicking and will do anything Rachel says.
Production: “rachel please attach your microphone”
Dani: “rachel please put your nipple away”
Dani says they need to get the largest threat in the house out and that is jeff he’s is building a “army” to take you out. Dani adds it was clear after the luxury comp that they are not with BRD. Dani tries repeatedly to get across that Jeff is the biggest threat in the house. She thinks it’s a golden opportunity for them. She stresses that getting Jeff may be impossible later in the game and Rachel shouldn’t be worried about Jordan, “Honestly what is Jordan going to do”. Rachel knows Jordan will be pissed. Hse asks when do they take Lawon out, Dani thinks he should be gone next. Rachel doesn’t think Lawon deserves to be in the game and he’s getting on both their nerves. She repeats over and over that if they take Jeff out they have the numbers and the only strong players in the house.

Rachel thinks that Shelly and Lawon should be removed next soon because Shelly is close to JJ and Lawon is such a wild card.
dani: “how are your feeling about this”
Rachel says Brendon is very hestate.. It worries here that Dom is going to get BRndon out if he stays.
Dani challenges rachel asks her if she really thinks dani will turn on BR and side with Dom. Dani tells her to think of it this way when they get to final 4 with Dom it’ll be 3 against 4, “We have a 75% chance of getting him out thats huge”

Dani is really building up the threat that jeff is, She points out he knows this game, He’s strong physically and his Social game is one of the best. rachel: “And people love him” Dani: “Yes everyone LOOOVES him and that is huge” Dani: “You know that i’m never going to tun on you guys I mean NEVER NEVER as of now this is the best game move”.

3:30pm HOH Brendon and Jeff Going over all the tricks Dani has employed lately to get them to turn on each other. Both these guys are 100% hating on dani now.. they’re main focus is getting Dom out and Having Dani not win next weeks HOH. Brendon wants to remind Jeff that him and Jordan need to play it cool and not make it look like anything is up. Jeff says it’s hard to believe that Dani doesn’t already know that we’re not as in to her anymore. Brendon doesn’t think Dani suspects anything he wants them to try and get Dom out this week but still make Dani think they on their side that way in the unfortunate case that dani wins HOH they may be able to leverage that trust and sway her nominations. They go back to deconstructing Dani’s game starting from when she was trying to get Dani out. (the have it pretty figured out)

Rachel walks in Brendon: “keep those nips in bebe”

They tell her that they want to make Dani think they are still with them until they can get them out.
Rachel says that she’s been talking to dani and she’s sure Dani has Adam and they are getting Por
rachel: “What will Dani do when dom goes home”
Jeff: ‘BLANK her pants”
Rachel says that dani wants to backdoor JEff and Next week she’ll take out shelly, ‘They don’t think Jordan can do anything so they’re going to keep her”.

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Image Gallery here’s how it works, Every minute we take a screen capture from all 4 cameras inside the Big Brother house then we dump them into a Daily Screen capture post. Voila a ton of Live feed Screen captures all time and Cam Stamped Live Feed Image Gallery

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was there a luxury comp? someone said there was and Jordumb won and picked kak and hillbilly


David Hasselhoff was in the house– no slop this week… Will prob be on tonight’s show…


I LOVE that Dani got caught. She played too hard too early, and she is annoying as hell! I love the BRJJ now that they are against Dani. When Dani is out, I’ll go back to loving just JJ again!


BRJJ are actually pretty dumb….they’re just lucky that the majority of the other houseguest were casted even dumber and useless and thats why they are so powerful…..I wish ED was still here to put BRJJ in their places…..

WTF is the criteria for getting on this show?! How does a dumb cow like Kalia get on? ….and someone like Adam who would drink toilet water if one of Vets told him to.


dani needs to win hoh ! so either brendon or jeff goes home


Dani is going way too far, way too fast. She should have at least waited until Dom was safe. She was in a great spot. I don’t understand her logic for trying this. Too many things could go wrong and are going wrong.

Eric CA

Lock-Up insanity. She has nothing else to do, but exercise and clean. NO Books, No Magazines, No Movies, No TV,
No shopping and NO Men (Look at her choices a little boy, middle aged guy and a gay man…. she probably wants Jeff
out because she wants to jump on him.) … She just wants the game to move a little, she knows if they did the final 5 with her,
come on she is in the jury. Also this is her last week of golden key. Reality show reality…. days feel like months and she
knows she has to do a major move so that it is forgotten two evictions away.


dani’s problem is that she thinks she is smarter than she really is, and that’s she smarter than everyone else in the house. her strategy was a pretty good one until she got so cocky. she played too hard. i really think she thinks everyone else in the house is sooo stupid except for her. she started to push too hard for dom and was saying stuff to rachel and jordin making them not like each other, but she forgot that there isn’t much to do in the big brother house but talk, and if she’ so smart she should’ve known that jordin and rachel would eventually talk and that they would ask each other about what they were told by her and that is was dani saying it. she just isn’t as smart as she thought. oh well i’m tired of her nastiness anyway. hope she goes soon. i personally feel she’s even nastier than rachel to people, she just hides it as “jokes”. as much as i can’t stand rachel, at least she’s out there and up front about being nasty cause she was obviously never taught that there is a time and place for such things.


Damn got to love it. I think without rachel brendon would be a beast

Eric CA

nope he would be a douche, like last year with out Rachel


Dani was never a favorite of mine, but with this weak ass cast, I wanted her to go far. Sounds like she’s effed herself and in turn, Dominic as well. Hoping that Lawon or Dani win this ne,t HoH or this is gonna be yet another wet fart of a season.


I love how BR & JJ finally caught on to Dani, She’s bad news, Dani should’ve stuck with BR & JJ till final 5. These newbs are weak sauce.


Roachel looks like she has a fat ass on her chest in tht pic!!!


What’s really funny: America will probably vote back in Cassie from sequester over Dom… Dani didn’t make nice w her, so tht’s an extra whammy on Dani… Bye bye Dom


Sorry; that is IF America gets to vote the hg back in…


I think Dani has proven once and for all that having good social game is more important than good physical game.

In her season, she and her Dad (Evel Dick) got all the way to the end because she was good physically, but he was brilliant at his social game. If it weren’t for his social game, she would not have come in 2nd. Now this season she’s on her own and she’s already on her way out the door week 3 because of her horrible social game skills. The girl had 4 weeks guaranteed safety right off the bat, but she’s already f-d up her game before she can even play!

You can be great at competitions, but if your social game sucks, it don’t mean shit. Case


dani and dick were as good as people think they were……… the main reason they advanced in the game was because they had eric (americas player) playing for them and helping them out…. if eric could played his own game dani and dick wouldnt have lasted more than a few weeks


God, I wish Kalia would stop friggen smacking her food and talking with her mouth full! disgusting!


Simon, you sure do get some unflattering pics of boy george… But I’d guess they’re a dime a dozen!


They should have made this season’s cast full of all-stars. The newbs are completely worthless.


Damn, I was rootin for team Dom/Dani but both of them are gonna get rawdogged in the ass yo.

The vets are up 21-0 on the newbs and it’s still the 1rst quarter yo.


The only way Dani will get Dom to stay is if Dani goes full Kamakazi mode.
If she was smart she would call a house meeting.
Say to the house, “Listen everyone, it’s jj/br vs the rest of the house, don’t mind your alliances with them. All four of them are in it for them. They can careless what you think and say. If you want a better advantage to get them out Keep Dom.”
She needs to do this fast to plant the seeds in the newbies.


i have to give it to dani…shes fighting. she’s losing now shes going after adam. and still trying to stay in rachel’s ear. (the weakest of the 4 vets). shes giving it a good fight. im impressed.


Playing or trying to play both sides

Dominatrix, Koala, Adamant, Menudo, Portapotty, Shell Shocked, Law On

All of them see the benefit of keeping Bratchell to go up against in the finals yet have to weigh that with the possibility that they will win the last few comps and take them out. All of them see the benefit of getting Jeffordan out considering they would win if sitting next to them in final 2 (because they are too damn likable and the vets will be in the jury). It should be dawning on them now that if they don’t start winning comps, they will all be picked off one by one due to their own cowardice at letting themselves be pushed around by the Brat Pack.

So why, oh why can’t they figure out that they have always and still do have the numbers on their side? It’s so frustrating for the viewers to watch them all sink their own ships by playing this BS game of doing whatever the HOH wants.


Sidenote that all viewers understand: The HOH is not God. All they can do is nominate. The rest of the house has complete control of what happens after that. This season ‘the house’ has turned out to be a bunch of gumflappin’


done with with Rachel, will boycott BB till she is gone.


rachoe saying shed rather be napping than listening to someone talk in circles ha now she knows how we feel listening to her


Michael Jackson? WTF


Michael Jackson is as dead as the grey matter in your head pinto!

kathie from canada

Surely to god that’s not what Rachel whispered in the Porch’s ear as ‘the hint’ she referred to with Brendon!!


MICHAEL JACKSON?! How the hell would that guy trade lives with Michael Jackson? Shes such an idiot~!


Well “jordumb” was the only houseguest smart enough to put the soap and opera viewer together right to know who it was. The others couldn’t even figure it out after 2 other OBVIOUS clues. She’s not as dumb as everyone thinks, clearly.


I still don’t know how she figured it out from that first clue. I wouldn’t think of Baywatch as a soap opera, the young and the restless and general hospital are soaps. From reading the site here, I already knew who it was and still can’t follow the logic she used to figure that out!?!?!


Even Jeff didn’t want to know how she came up with that BLANK yo. LOL


I understood the first clue but drew a complete blank form that third clue. anyone care to explain it?

David Hasslehoff was on the Young and Restless…Hence, the soap.