Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff asks Brendon if they should go ask if they can shave their pubes. Adam says hey, look I’m not the creepiest person in the house.

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11:10am – 11:30am Adam gets called to the diary room. Shelly starts talking to Brendon about Adam. Shelly says that she tried to look out for him but that she can’t tell him how to play the game. Brendon tells Shelly that they will keep her over Adam when it gets down to that point. Rachel tells Shelly that it worried them about some of the things she talked to Cassi about getting them out. Shelly explains that she had to listen and talk to keep her cover. Shelly says that it has eaten her up since the beginning about lying to Cassi and about keeping the fact that she was the other vote. Shelly says that she is voting on the three C’s ..Competition, Character, Charisma. Rachel says that Brendon will get her vote then… especially after I spelled moisturizer wrong. Shelly tells her that doesn’t even fit into any of those categories. They talk about how this weeks HOH will either be an endurance or a knock out competition. They discuss how if any one got rid of Jordan she would come after them. Shelly says that her job today is going to be to sit down and talk with Lawon and dig until she finds out what he does for a living. Rachel and Shelly talk about how Lawon tries to finish their sentences and agrees with whatever they are saying. Shelly says that the other day she was out in the backyard talking to Kalia and she looked her in the eyes and said that Lawon was the other vote. Shelly said that it really got her mad because she says she KNEW Kalia was the other vote and here she was calling Lawon a LIAR and a CHEAT.

11:35am – 11:55am Shelly, Brendon and Rachel talk about relationships and how over time they well grow closer with each other and trust each other more. Shelly talks about how men and women are different, men are visual, women are emotional. They talk about Brendon’s indiscretion. Shelly says that over time they will get over it and get passed it. Shelly says that no one can tell you when to get over something. Shelly says that she doesn’t even know how how they can handle each other 24/7 …she says that she would never be able to do that. Shelly tells Rachel that if she ever has a question about her ..that she need to come and ask her… cuz you get paranoid. Rachel says yeah.. and leaves to go inside. Brendon asks who was talking to who and what was going on last night. Shelly gives Brendon a rundown of who was talking to who and what people were saying and doing. Shelly and Brendon talk about how Porsche has a crush on Dominic. Shelly says that Porsche was telling Dominic he can sleep in her bed. Shelly says that she told Porsche really you don’t want to do that …think about your parents watching from home. They conversation changes to talking about how disrespectful Kalia has been to production. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back, Shelly is talking about how Kalia told Shelly that she was bulimic the second day in here. They talk about how you can’t trust people now who use or talk about medical conditions. Shelly heads inside …and Jeff comes out into the backyard.
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12pm Adam is on the elliptical while Jeff, Brendon and Rachel talk by the couches. Brendon tells Jeff about how Shelly was telling him everyone was up late running around all paranoid. Jeff says yeah they were. They talk about how they are going to cut their hair today. Rachel brings out her little pony and talks about how much she loves it. Jeff gets up and asks Brendon if they should go ask if they can shave their pubs. Brendon says whoa ..yeah. Adam says look I’m not the creepiest person in the house. They head inside.

In the bathroom Jeff weighs himself and says look I’m 189lbs. because I just took a poop …and watch by dinner time I will be 190lbs. Jeff checks himself out in the mirror plays with his hair and says that’s a bush going on! All the houseguests are up getting ready for the day and making breakfast. The girls are all talking about laying out in the sun today. Jeff, Dominic, Lawon, Kalia are in the kitchen talking. Jeff says that right now at home it would be 10am and he would be just waking up. Dominic laughs and says no would be 2pm. They all laugh.

12:15pm Rachel and Jordan are talking in the backyard about the veto and the votes. Jordan starts talking about how last night Adam was walking around all confident and that Jeff asked him why he wasn’t campaigning. Jordan says that Adam said he doesn’t even know if they are going to use the veto yet. Jordan says that Jeff asked him why do you know something we don’t? Jordan says after that Adam acted all nervous and stuff. Right then Brendon come out and tells Rachel its time to cut his hair. The feeds cut out.
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When they come back Rachel and Jordan are talking on the backyard couch. Rachel is telling Jordan about how Kalia told Shelly last night that Lawon was the other vote. Jordan says that she thinks they are all working together. Jordan says that Jeff says something is up …how when he walks into a room with Dani ..she leaves after a couple minutes. Rachel explains to Jordan that all the newbies are playing for the HOH this week even the golden key holders. Jordan is surprised and says she though it was next week. They talk about how they don’t understand why Dani would turn on them. Rachel says well at least we found out week 3.

12:35pm – 12:40pm Kalia and Dominic are talking in the havenot room. Kalia starts talking about how it would suck for Jeff and Jordan to go up this week because then one would end up in the jury house and the other wouldn’t. Kalia says that she is not here to hand out romantic getaways to people. Lawon joins them and they start talking about wineries and wine tours.

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DANG!!!! Rachel is one of those persons who should NEVER EVER step out in public without makeup. She wears so much makeup (and I see way in the above photo) that without it she looks like a dude…. an Fugly dude at that. *puke*


I know women like that too, pretty when they’re faces are caked with makeup but when they remove it, their true form is revealed… That’s how you find out if a women is a true beauty when they remove the makeup they are still beautiful.


can rachoe get any uglier? simon that pic you posted above here is hidious. no wonder the bitch wears make up. she’s as pastie and pale as a corpse.


Dawg posted that pic, rachel can get pretty scary


she looks more homely in that image than usual, that’s brenda future wife… WOOF!


Ha! All I can think of when I see that pic of Jeff is….vogue!

Rachel is Boy George

Can’t wait till that special Thursday when i can see Rachel walk out of the big brother house for good

Tyler Kent

Yep, that’ll be a great Thursday indeed! Brenda’s last day will also be one to remember!


Pinto on the other hand looks great in that picture with thoose oversized shades. She reminds me of the chick on Seinfeld that Jerry dated that looked great in certain light and looked butt ugly in other lighting…


kaila has the worst body in tv right now. btw:when is the br and jj show over?we need some drama


It’s not ending BB will rig it for them til they are last couples left then they will have them battle.


nanahef says:
July 24, 2011 at 1:18 pm
I totally agree with Boring, I am so sick of BB productions having everyone follow the “script” they have written for this “reality” show. It is all geared toward BR and they made it even more possible with the stupid idea of The Golden Key. The newbs didn’t have a chance of doing anything because the vets know exactly what to expect either from being there before or getting instructions from the DR sessions. BR suck and everytime I look at that witch’s face or hear her cackle my skin crawls. Why does BB think we want more of them.? It would have been nice to have had a season of all newbs with everyone on a level playing field and really playing the game, instead of some peeps being told to throw comps or having only certain names to be drawn in the bag for comps. It is nice, once in a while, to have an allstar cast (where everyone knows the game) but vets vs newbs is totally unfair. And of all vets, to have BR is stomach turning, didn’t they get the idea, last season that no one liked the red headed hyena voiced db, I also am done watching, don’t need the aggravation, I want to be entertained, not disgusted or have BB think we are stupid and that things are not rigged in favor of some players.



BB are assholes for making people sleep in the have nots room and they are not have nots, c’mon now, make another room so that can be a room for punishment only.


I would become an instant dom fan if he fools around with porsche. since I wont, someone needs to, and his virgin self would really really enjoy that. we may even see tv’s first reality live pre mature ejac


if you don’t like the misspellings, maybe you should pay for the live feeds and watch them yourself. it’s extremely rude to make comments like that to the people who host this site. there is only 2 of them and they watch and report what’s going on all day everyday. i’m sure it’s not hard to misspell sometimes when you’re watching what’s going on and typing about it at the same time. all i’m saying is if you’re gonna use their site to get your updates, get over yourself. i promise you’re not perfect, because anyone who says they are is a liar. and if it bothers you so much take yourself to some other site to get your updates. this site gives the best updates, just be thankful they do and don’t critisize. if you think you can do better, than make your own site. all of us who visit this site are thankful that simon and dawg do this everyday. keep up the good work guys! 🙂


Thanks, I usually don’t approve comments against the spelling but that one slipped through. I appreciate your support




Lewd, crude, overconfident and arrogant Jeff is back. It ruined his game last time. Will it happen again?