Big Brother Spoilers: POV Players Picked! Lawon is the host! Rachel, Brendon, Porsche, Jeff, Dani, Adam are playing! *Updated*

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POV Players Picked!
Rachel, Brendon, Porsche, Jeff, Dani, Adam
Lawon is the host

9:40am – 10am When the feeds come back, Rachel is dancing in the kitchen. Porsche is also dancing in the kitchen and then she high fives Adam. Adam says that he is worried they will make him play in Elf suit. Shelly says that she really thought she would have got picked. Shelly tells Porsche that she hasn’t gotten to play in a long time so she deserves it. They are talking about how Kalia went off after the names were picked saying that big brother is rigged. Shelly says that its almost 10am …so maybe it’s at 12pm. They say maybe. Brendon heads into the candy room and talks with Jeff. They tell each other good luck on! Brendon goes to leave and Jeff tells him to get some sleep in. Brendon says that he got his in last night ..and then leaves. Shelly and Brendon are talking in the kitchen Brendon says that he wouldn’t be in this position if he had kept quiet. Shelly says you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Shelly says that she thinks its going to be prizes today.. a phone call from home, a trip, a tv, … Rachel says it won’t be prizes they don’t do back to back prize competitions. Jeff doesn’t think so either… They start talking about how Lawon is floating through this game.

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10:15am – 10:45am The outlets are blown in the kitchen so the take the coffee maker and plug it in the bathroom and put the microwave in the lounge room. They soon find out that the microwave doesn’t work in there either. They talk about how the fridge doesn’t work either. Shelly puts her ear up to the backyard and Big Brother says stop that. Brendon asks Adam if he is excited to play. Adam says yeah its always better to play than watch. Brendon, Adam, Porsche, and Rachel are in the kitchen. They notice the some of the light going out too. Rachel says while some of you think its a power outage .. maybe its part of the competition. Brendon says no, they wouldn’t do that. Brendon says that its a power supply problem ..they cant control it ..they can only turn it on or off. They wonder if the POV competition will be delayed until the power problem is fixed. They joke that the world could be falling apart and they have no idea. Porsche asks when do they tell us what to wear? Rachel says they come on right before and tell us.

11am Brendon and Jeff are in the lounge room talking about how Jeff wont use the POV if he wins it. They talk about how if he Dani would threaten him saying go ahead use it …and Jordan would go up. Brendon says that he doesn’t trust that Jeff would do anything with it. Brendon says that Kalia and Lawon would want you here more than me ..because they know I would destroy them in anything. They talk about how Kalia blames everything on Lawon. Brendon tells Rachel that Kalia was telling Shelly that she isn’t treated the same in the house because she is black. Brendon says that she acts entitled …and she probably grew up with more than you or I or anyone else. Brendon and Rachel talk about how they stood up for Jeff and Jordan and now we’re getting BLANK for it. Brendon says that they should have just kept their mouths shut when Dani told them to back door Jeff. They talk about how Dani wants it to look like it was all her plan and that no one was on her side. Brendon and Rachel talk about how they should have done Survivor. Brendon tells her that she couldn’t do Survivor. Rachel says yes she could ..I can rough it! Rachel says that she doesn’t understand why Dani doesn’t want to work with them …why wouldn’t you want to work with competitors? Brendon says because we were the ones that caught her in a lie.

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11am – 11:10am Brendon says that it was disgusting to see Kalia with her muffin top sticking her gut out in that competition. Brendon says that she can’t win competitions. They talk about how Dani and Kalia will both think the game is rigged if we win the POV. Brendon asks do you think Kalia or Dani are on your side? Rachel says no. Brendon says well BLANK them. Brendon says that we took away her guy and thats why she put us up… she thinks like a 13 year old ..there is no way she will win this game. They talk about how if Dick was still in the game they would have kept him a lot longer than her. Brendon says that by putting us up she started a war with everyone. Brendon then says that he wants to relax and stop talking game… They start talking about how Jeff doesn’t respect Jordan.

11:15am – 11:50am Rachel is giving Brendon a massage in the lounge room. Dani comes out of the diary room and talks to Shelly in the kitchen. Jeff gets called to the diary room. Dani says that after that fight Jeff got called to the diary room 8 times in 6hours. Shelly and Dani both think its strange. Dani says that she has never heard of someone being called that many times. Jeff comes out into the kitchen to get a drink. Shelly tells him that they like you! ..they call you a lot. Jeff says no they don’t. Jeff then heads into the diary room. Rachel comes into the kitchen and Shelly and her talk about how everyone sleeps all the time and how Shelly doesn’t. Big Brother tells the Brendon that he is not allowed to sleep unless in the havenot room. Brendon goes into the bathroom where Rachel is taking a shower. Rachel tells him to take a shower next to her. Brendon screams I will take a shower when I win my Power of Veto! Brendon then goes and sits down at the kitchen counter. Shelly tells Brendon that she would bet money on him winning. Shelly then tells Brendon that Jeff gets called into the diary room a lot.. you think that means something? Brendon says no. Most of the houseguests are sleeping or resting waiting for the POV to start. Brendon and Shelly talk about his schooling and then he gets called to the diary room. Big Brother then cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen.

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11:50am – 12:40pm Jeff, Brendon, Shelly and Adam are in the kitchen talking about random stuff, while the others rest. They talk about other season and about Ragan being the second saboteur and that all he did was put a note under a pillow. They then talk about how Annie was the first saboteur and they evicted her the first week. Jeff starts asking Rachel about what the jury house is like because she was the first one in there. Jeff says that when he got into the jury house ..he was only in there for a week and that he just goofed around and watched movies. Porsche joins them out in the kitchen. The houseguests are getting restless and want the POV to start already. Rachel and Porsche are stretching in the kitchen.

12:40pm Kalia and Dani are up in the HOH room talking. Dani says that she thinks Jeff is going to go hard for the POV because he doesn’t want them to win it and use it. Kalia says that Jeff says that Porsche would use the POV and that he says it would be stupid for her to use it because it would put a target on her back. Dani tells Kalia that she is paranoid and that she needs to relax …that they have to wait till they play for the POV and see what happens. Kalia says oh I know I am just telling you everything. Dani says that they will wait and see what happens and that she will already have a speech ready if they win it. Kalia says that she thinks everyone in the house is stupid. Right then Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen. The POV competition is happening NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1:40pm Still TRIVIA…

2:45pm The live feeds are still showing the TRIVIA screen..

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248 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: POV Players Picked! Lawon is the host! Rachel, Brendon, Porsche, Jeff, Dani, Adam are playing! *Updated*

  1. It does seem rigged, but it doesn’t matter this time because Brendon or Rachel is going to be evicted next. YES!!!! At least one of them will be gone. Hopefully, it’s Brendon. He is more of a danger to Dani. Then next week, Jeff can be evicted.

    1. YES YES YES……..Except for the lame, unnecessary twists that BB use for ratings, may throw a big wrench in those plans, but i still like it :)

    2. Amen!! B then R but, then I’d like to see some of the floaters go. Also, what was up with L last night (BBAD) & his eery obsession with himself in the mirror??? There’s something really creepy about him at times.

    3. Anonymous – well said! I concur! BR = nails on chalkboard …. unnecessary & annoying as hell! (I’ve said this b4 but it’s worth repeating). Bye-bye BR! Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

      1. She’s f’in hillarious. She needs the money to sustain her sex blog. It’s the only way to save the U.S. economy. She could have schooled Dani in the HOH. She’s going to tear the house up from the inside the second she gets HOH. Just wait and see.

      2. UH she was competing in the hoh with the last 2 standing with dani and people seriously stop hating on her cuz shez fat and shez funny and cool

      1. Do you think Brendon is more deserving? Hmmm…Brendon wants to cure cancer. Kalia wants to write a sex blog. I think it is quite clear.

    1. I am so sick of Kalia and her constant whining and thinking that she is being treated the way she is because of her race, blah, blah, blah. She is just ignorant and she is being treated the way she is because she does absolutely nothing except take care of herself. She expects everyone else to take care of the place and cook the food, etc. I hope she gets evicted next week, too bad it isn’t a double eviction next week, too early in the game for that.

          1. Kalia is just having a hard time because they didn’t cast enough single men for her to get with. We’d be seeing a completely different homegirl.

        1. Name, sorry to tell you this but you are completely wrong about being jealous of Kalia which is laughable and why would I want her, I like men, I am a female. Kalia is a constant whiner and seems spoiled considering she expects everything done for her. What can I tell you, it is what it is… I hope Kalia goes within the next couple of weeks.

      1. Kalia is a sick puppy, She plays with herself so much see even peed on herself one day and Dani came in and smelled the pee and didn’t even realize it was Kalia. What a sick pair.

      2. WHy are u f**king hating on her its not like she a bad BLANK person and so wat if she confronts about her color the doesent make her a bad persong and jeff and brendon are the 000000000 who need to go HOME

        1. Kalia is the best house guest ever!!!!!!!!!!!! She knows how to use her muffin tops and urine to win competitions. How cool is that?!?

    1. Dani is a vet too. And if she goes home next week then atleast she went out fighting and took Brendon with her instead of like a ‘spineless jellyfish’

      1. Hmmm could be…. There has been suspicion that BB does pick the POV players and that those are the only chips in the bag… I don’t care as ong as Brendon goes and Rachel brings Vegas out this week, it’s good she the entertainment of BBs Whiniest couple

        1. If it were me, after people were selected, if I really thought something was fishy….I would demand to see the bag and see if everyones name was actually there. It is simple enough to find out.

      2. I’m starting to think that when it comes to selecting from the bag re: who’s going to compete in the PoV’s, that the houseguests should empty out the bag first to make certain everyone’s name/chip is in fact in the bag. Hmmmmmm?

  2. Kalia needs to calm down. Its not Like she would have won pov anyways. Even though i kinda believe BB is rigged a bit. The houseguests should be aloud to at least look in the bag to make sure everyones chip is there.

    1. Actually Kalia probably would have. She discovered her new strategy of using her muffin top and urinating helps you plow through the competition. At the least, she’d tag team with Dani. While Kalia is urinating on the others, Dani would sneak in and win.

      1. you have to laugh when you think about Dani walking in after kalia played with herself so much she peed on herself and all Dani could say “it smells like pee in here” lol

    2. Don’t talk about ma home girl like that. She knows exactly what she’s doing. She has the houseguests wrapped around her little fingers. You saw how Jordan picked her to eat sushi with her.

      1. i agree wit u i like kalia i hope she wins hoh next week, theres achance it could be rigged they take th people names they dont ant and put in houseguest choice, i hope dani wins controls the house kinda dumb rachel jeff and brendan have always played every competion so fair wtf gooooooooooo kalia

        1. Are you jealous that you didn’t think of her strategies of urinating and using your muffin top to advance in the house? Or, to go all crazy annie on dani?

          1. Eww I hate Kalia but I love Dani….so go Kalia! At least she brings a bit of drama to the show. I mean whats up with Lawon? The very first episode he seemed like he had some personality but he’s turning out to be a wierdo. Thousand and thousands of people try to get on the show and this dude get on? I hope he ups his game and starts to bring something or he’ll be remembered (or not) as the most useless contestant on BB.

        2. LOL pissing the sh*t out of u are u seriously hmmmmmmm why do u hate kalia cuz she whines,shes fat., shes an idiot LOOOL kalia is the best any person would whine if ur in the big brother house and ur probably an annoying jeff and jordan fan who annoyingggggg thhhe living hell out of me what u like jeff cuz hes the ”american boy’ or jordan because of her ”cutenes” gawd jeff and brendon need to go those are A holes thank u :)

  3. Dani needs to let Jeff know that if anyone goes off the block, Jordan will go up to insure Brendon (maybe Rachel) go home since they would not send Jordan home over B or R. That would insure Jeff would try to win POV and not use it and if someoneelse does take Rachel (or Brendon) off, it would ensure Jeff work to keep Jordan off and not Brendon (or Rachel). Any other move of Dani’s part could leave the two power couples in the house.

    1. Dani told Jeff & Jordan earlier that if the POV is used Jordan would go up as a replacement since it is not likely anyone would vote Jordan out & she wants one of B/R out. She also told Kalia this in HOH room. I believe this is her plan, but you never know. I think Jeff will go for prizes if they are there. Since he thinks that people will vote out B/R instead of either him or Jordan.

      1. Yeah but that’s when things always backfire and the person who is the pawn ends up getting voted out…. Rachel started getting paranoid because J/J were being social with the others. It’s better then sitting there making yourself an outcast!

    2. I think Jeff is smart enough to know that it would be a bad idea to take HOH nominees off the block, making Jordan vulnerable. Dani doesnt need to tell him.

  4. This week is the best so far…by far. I loooooove watching Rachel pout like a 5 year old when she loses. I hope Brendon goes and Rachel stays. I want to watch her hit a new level of crazy. I was originally rooting for Jeff and Jordan, but Jeff is kinda becoming a douche this year. Go Dani – the only one with balls in the house.

      1. I think she could have approached the Dominic thing better, and she should have just tried to bring Dominic in as her replacement partner, since she was at a disadvantage after losing her partner.

        The facts:
        There are two couples in the house who will never cross each other or divide. That is a HUGE advantage over everyone else.
        Dani was odd person out in an alliance of 5, meaning she is one person against two couples, meaning her odds are 1 in 5, whereas the others’ are 2 in 5
        Jeff already said he would put Dani up if he won HOH

        If Dani didn’t win HOH, she’d be up
        Who else do you think she should have put up?

        She stepped up when it was necessary, won HOH and now the others (and their fans) are pouting about it.

        I hope she says to Rachel after the eviction that somebody just “came between her and her man”.


  5. Big Brother is Rigged, that is known, but not against black people, but against people who are not entertaining or popular.

    1. Are you implying Kalia does not have the most amazing personality ever? She said she was hella popular in college. I’m sure that was the case. Well Kalia said that Ragan helped her get cast, and Ragan is an AMAZING, one of the best professors in the united states.

        1. She has me cracking up on the live feeds. “All day, baby, all day.” She talks “all day, baby, all day” because she wants some of Matty on her sex blog.

        2. Someone needs to roll up a sock into a ball and shove it in her mouth. She talks too fast and too much. I’d go nuts if I had to listen to her every day. Well, I do, but I can always turn the feeds off. =:P

    2. I do think they try to rig it in a direction to keep it interesting, but I realized in season 6 that it doesn’t always work. Maggie’s nerd herd was not entertaining or popular. Your right though, it’s not against, black, white, gay, girl/boy or big feet. It’s personality and timing! It’s part of the game now, HG’s need to quit bitching and start playing the game! Be interesting, then production will be on your side and so will we. Kalia needs to quit complaining about everything, that’s what I don’t like about her.

  6. Big brother needs to do away with the ”pick a chip” from a bag, entirely. Is it rigged? Who knows. The point is, it can be rigged. Everyone should play for the POV weekly and have a chance to win and protect themselves. Hopefully, it’s implemented in the future.

    1. @guy. it is totally irrelevant what she is like in real life. In Big Brother, she is a nut job. Brendon, her condescending “daddy” figure keeps her out of the biggest trouble, but even then, she is a terrible loser and a worse winner. Without Brendon, she has nobody to reign her in when she spools out of control.

      I guarantee you, as soon as dopey is gone, she will go crazy.

      You do realize that NOBODY would hire her and she hasn’t worked since last Big Brother, right? How hard is it for ANY pseudo celebrity to get a job as a cocktail waitress. Answer: not hard.

      1. actually it’s Jeff that fits the “father figure” dynamic with Jordan since he tells her what to do, she defers to him on all matters, only obeys and never questions his authority.. come to think of it, aren’t jordan’s parents divorced?? not to mention he is about 7 years older than she is….

        rachel and brendon fight so much bc she is constantly going back at him – he tells her what to do, belittles her, she gets mad, and then he tries to take it all back….as messed up as that all is, it is not quite so scary as the silent oppressed woman and the domineering father figure dynamic that Jeff/Jordan have…i understand why people want to hate on Jeff but come on how can you not be annoyed with how passive and irresponsible jordan is for just letting it happen, i know she is not a smart girl that doesnt mean she shouldnt have respect and self-worth, she should know better than to objectify herself for a man…i hate weak, dumb women!!

    2. totally agree, I think all of the competitions are rigged in favor of who BB productions wants to play and win. That “bag of tricks” sucks I am sure that all the names are never put in. Hope BR gets out sooner than later, they suck.

  7. I love Kalia and how she stood up to Brendon but girl needs to chill a little bit. Shelly gave her good advice about not riding Dani’s coattails too hard. I think K. should stroke Rachel’s ego a tad, warm a little more to Shelly and Jeff and keep her friendship with Jordan going.

    1. Don’t talk smack about Kalia. Best houseguest ever! She knows exactly what she’s doing. When her showmance strategy failed, she realized she had to reevaluate. She’s going to win. You will see.

        1. Who’d want a showmance with Kalia? Lots of people!!

          Jesse totally; Ragan would go straight for her; Matty likes curvy woman; Enzo likes meow meows; Ivette will take what she can get, as would crazy annie.

      1. Kalia talks too damn much — incessant babble. Last night she would NOT shut up! She’s constantly running her mouth and it is annoying as %##%! And she’s lazy…

      2. Dick is coming back — perhaps as a mystery character. Or when you least expect it. Perhaps during a competition, he slips in, and when the competition is over, there he is! He’ll show up when Dani needs him most, perhaps next week???This is my best guess about the twist.

            1. Totally good point. She is a firecracker with her hand. Julie Chen thought that Dom would want to be devirginized by a real woman like Kalia. Kalia reminds her of Holly Robinson Peete.

  8. Shelly and Porsche should make a side deal together. They are both in perfect position to feed BRJJ bad information and manipulate moves in the game. And, if they keep it secret no one would ever suspect them working together. They can talk game at the stove since the both cook every meal

  9. Hey CBS….Brenchel sucked the first time around at this game and they still suck! I say double elimination week and send them both packing.

  10. Simon or Dawg

    How come Dick’s image was removed from the memory wall, could that be a twist??? if so Adam might win POV he was up when it happened, with Dani… I Sure hope so, then we can have another Pity Party(We are the victims, we didn’t do anything) Remix

  11. Dani came to Play and don’t think Lawon isn’t playin to! Jeff is cool, but enoughs enough. Jordan is just Jordan, but Shelly and Porche are the biggest trouble makers, and of course pyscho couple brendon n Rachel need to go, they truly live in their own little world that Brendon carefully explains to them everyday!!!

    1. Brendon does go out of his way to try to show everyone in the room that he is the smartest person in the room. His whole self-worth seems to depend on this.

  12. I love this site! I watch the live feeds and have this site up at the same time. I’m constantly flipping back and forth to get your updates and everyone’s take on what’s going on. Wait till Simon’s next update. More comedy gold from Brenchel. Oh and for the Jordon fans out there. Jordon was passing stinking gas all night last night and I never thought anyone could do that and still be cute at the same time. Go Team Pinto! yo.

  13. Shelly boy i was sure they would of picked me ,porch oh i have not played for a long time,Kaila oh no why? la won i get to play ,at least i don’t have to close my eyes roll ,over Dani wins ….lol.

  14. Rachel will be allright without brendon all of you guys think that she’s gonna lose it but seriously do you guys know her in real life of course not your just assuming I guess this is what all of you have been saying since the beginning of bb and rachel never did stupid I guess you don’t her that well you suckers

      1. At the end of the day Rachel will still be there to play the game I know the truth hurts Rachel is not going anywhere I’m not going anywhere either like it or not STAY MAD

  15. I’m not sure why everyone thinks jeff is a douche. He’s hilarious! Yah, he’s said some pretty f’d up shit but who cares, most of you haters are worse because you’re not even playing a game, you’re just ignorant a-holes. At least he knows he’s being a bully (and realizing it wasn’t working) as a part of his gameplay. I hope jeff stays because he’s the
    only one that makes me laugh when he’s in
    the dr. So what if they edit it to make jeff look
    good, honestly, if they tried that with, let’s say, brendon, he would still come off looking
    like, well, not so good.

    1. OH shut up you def not watching the same game as I am jeff is not fun at all his boring as hell I think kalia is way better then jeff in the fun category

    2. tried it with brendon? Really?!?! You ever hear the saying, “you cant polish a turd”? It applies in that situation.

    3. so agree with you, theres a lot of haters out there on B/R who aren’t in the house to know how hard it is to play the game, where we’re seeing it all and think we know it all. Dani plays a mean game too, but you B/R haters out there don’t say anything about that. Just saying….

  16. Is this coming from the idiots who were crying that the HOH comp was rigged. I bet you if Dani wins the POV they will start saying was rigged.

  17. Brendon is correct though. Do you not think they picked an HOH that Dani would be good at it? Hmmm….Rachel is sitting out, and here’s the same competition that Brendon is not good at….and that Dani could well be good at. And hmmm….Shelli’s board starting shaking like wild at the end and Dani’s didn’t…hmm……

  18. I LOVE it when these whiners Brendon/Roachel whine!!!

    It is COMEDY GOLD!!!!

    Thank you Dawg and sorry for the yelling!! It’s the only way I know to emphasize words.

  19. HOH was rigged for Shelli to lose and Danielle to win. Evidence 1: Kalia was on the same set of platforms and by miracle she lasted. Implication: their 3 boards did not shake as much. Evidence 2: Shelli’s board started shaking like wild toward the end.

    Big brother does love Kalia. And that is because the fans do!! Go Kalia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. First, Kalia is going to win America’s House Guest. So obvious from the amount of airtime she gets. Second, HOH was rigged toward the end for Shelli to fall off. How was it not? Production can do whatever they want, and make someone’s surfboard shake more than the other’s. If you watch, Shelli’s clearly was toward the end. Kalia’s got stuck with her fat, but it didn’t matter since they didn’t shake the 3 at the end: porsche, dani, and KALIA!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Wasn’t Brendon mad at Dani at first because she “wouldn’t admit the backdoor plan was her idea”? Now he’s mad that she “wants it to look like it was all her plan”?
    Talking in circles.

  21. Myabe it’s just me but does anyone else feel that Rachel seems to be in a better mode and I can’t help but think it’s because she’s starting to believe that SHE is not going home.

    1. continuation on that point…. I haven’t heard her say once, that maybe she should go and Brendon stay (maybe she did but she’s definitely not thinking that). He has a better shot at it than her but she is so self centered she can’t see that. I thought that it was funny that they were throwing Jeff under the bus because he doesn’t want to put Jordon up. Yeah right!! what about you falling on your sword and seeing that Brendon is better for the team to stay. They are just wrong in all there thinking, like trying to control EVERYONE! including there alliance. They are so pissed that JJ are talking to Dani that they are ready to turn on them as well. I think if Brendon had his way they would all be hunkered down bunker style and no one could speak to anyone unless he was in the room. All that being said…. I don’t want them to change one bit. The way the go around the house, treat people, treat themselves and each other are HILARIOUS!!

  22. I just feel like ppl dnt cut Kalia ANY slack? They call her fat when she really isn’t that overweight. Calling her disgusting and a pig and all of that stuf the HG do is NOT called for, and she does hv just cause of feelin alienated. As far as us viewers are concerned, I feel like ppl just jump on the bandwagon and tease and ridicule her cuz everyone else does it an its “cool”. She isn’t ANY more annoying than Brendan and Rachel are.

    1. I guess any “normal” size girl would look fat when standing next to models, VIP waitresses, and otherwise totally skinny bitches……I agree with you Will.

    2. I guess you haven’t listened to her talk, or pose all the time in the mirror, like she’s something to look at. not

    3. So wrong – reasons why to hate kalia
      1. She lies in wait like a vulture ready to eat, drink and take anything anyone has made or won from playing(ex. Forcing pt to give her
      his bug hat, I can see that on eBay right now.
      2. She’s the worst liar she talks so much her stories
      are never straight, she tells sheely first that she’s
      bulimic, then two weeks in she’s got a hair
      when I clearly seen her lay down and
      sleep anywhere she can
      her lazy ass on and the Cosby show finalist for Rudy r u serious? Complete and
      utter bullshit pls
      bb don’t waste any bbad on her 2 nite.
      3. She thinks everything is a personal attack against her whether it be race, color, religion, toe nail length lol saggy breasts etc.
      4 she talks about sex
      all the time I know
      she blogs about sex
      but come on she’s the last person I’d want to hear sex advice from . Now sex talk from Jeff on the hand yummy lol

    4. @WiLL da THRiLL. I agree. She could stand to lose some weight and do some toning. But it’s not anywhere nearly as bad as people are saying. Everybody doesn’t have the same body shape. The same with Porshe, she has gained some,but in the places that some men love it in. I chalk it up as a warped body perception of women as is very rampant ,or just trash talking as some of us do on the site when we don’t like a player. At least I hope it’s more trash talking that not. Not

      1. it really has nothing to do with her actual weight, but more that her behavior is gluttonous and repulsive – she really is not the cleanest person and she comes off as very entitled and lazy and selfish and self-righteous, i mean just listen to her ramble…i am being very serious i am not just jumping on the i hate kalia bandwagon – her using racism is another example of her laziness bc she refuses to really think about all the reasons people might not like her and she rationalizes everything to make herself look innocent and great

        she has no self-awareness and putting the blame on other people and expecting other people to cook and clean for you AND then talking incessantly to the point of constant rambling is inconsiderate of other people’s time and interests and indicates she is narcissistic with an inflated ego – noone likes these traits in people

  23. This weeks twist: Brendon gets the diamond POV and Rachel wins the other POV, taking both of them of the block. Which if that is true, then we all know the show is rigged. Would love to see Rachel go this week and then Brendon win HOH. I like Dani, but who are we kidding, her days are numbered.

    1. NO NO NO NO Brendon must go now, Rachel is the Drama we can’t have her gone, remember last season soon as Rachel left the Drama meter went down low, because Brendon is just a big talker and whiner, his Drama factor comes off of Rachel without her he’s a pushover Bragade had him eating out the palm of their hands having him thinking he was part of the crew, that shit was hilarious. Brendon needs to go skype.

  24. how could the chips be rigged for the pov? If
    BB put a bunch of Jeff chips in the bang wouldn’t there be chamce of his chip being pulled more then once? That would expose the game for a fraud.

    I do think some of the comps can be rigged but pulling a chip out the bag and no ones name has pulled out twice in all these years

    1. No, people are saying they’re leaving some peoples name OUT of the bag so they aren’t picked, not that more then one chip of the same person is in the bag. I don’t really think this is the case but it’s possible. They need to start letting everyone play POV, anyways.

      I heard Dani tried to check or something. Hopefully now that the concern has been raised if they are rigging it; they stop.

    2. That’s not the suggestion. Viewers have suggested that they can replace the chips of those they don’t want in the game with houseguest choice. Or simply not have as much chips in the bag.

    3. They could leave certain names out of the bag, but then they take a chance of someone counting the chips as they reach in and grab one. I personally don’t think anything is fixed. They may manipulate people in the DR room, and certain comps may benefit certain people, but as long as they don’t do the same type of comp each week, it would be the luck of the draw. I guess BB could release what comps are going to happen each week at the beginning of the season but that would take away from the suspense.

    4. I believe in most of the other countries that do Big Brother, the nominees are chosen by a secret vote of the houseguests but eviction is done by the viewers. They do stuff for luxuries or sometimes even prizes, but mostly it is just a social game. The game of BB in the US has evolved quite a bit.

  25. ILL WILL is just a name(part of it is my real name) it’s a nickname given to be by my boys because I’m a big Nas fan, I have no ill will towards nobody, I’m having fun on here just like most of the people on here, people take what I say personally I could care less I’m having fun

    me and & guy gonna be arguing next yet year too it’s OUR show GODDAMMIT He’s a Brenchel Fan I’m not it’s like Crude Comedy with us…. WE BIG BROTHER FANS to the DEATH

  26. if brendumb wins he will probably take rachell off cause thats how they rool. then he for sure goes home. if rachell wins she takes herself off.

    1. Google “projection”.

      Almost everything those two dipshits (B&R) whine about, they do themselves 10 times worse.

      When they lose, it’s rigged, they pout and plot to get even with those who have wronged them…instead of playing the game strategically.
      When they win, they gloat and they get mean. Anyone remember “floaters get a life vest”, or the way Rachel treated Cassi for no apparent reason, or how Brendud talked down to Cassi?

      When someone crosses them, they are horrible people, however they fail to remember that they had a deal with Dom, and he was stupid enough to throw the veto because he trusted them.

  27. Brenda saying that Dani thinks like a 13 yo is hilarious… if that’s the case Brenda and Boy George thinks like their 5yo because they did the exact same thing by saying that if Dani takes any of BRJJ out they would not vote for her… I wish I was as Delusional as they are, A world where I could do whatever I want no matter how bad and still think I’m an angel sent from the heaven.. Must be fun living in their heads.

    Brenda is whining about how the comp was rigged for Dani and Kalia LMFAO but If they win it;s them winning nothing is being rigged for them by productions. Now do you Brenchel fans see why we don’t like them????

  28. Brenda treats Rachel like shit and she doesn’t even notice OMFG He could punch her in the face right now she would claim she slipped.

    Jeff is an asswipe to Jordon but it’s nowhere near as bad as Brenda treats Rachel

  29. Love Jeff…….Kalia sooo gets on my nerves. She loves hearing herself talk, I swear her Valley Girl voice makes me want to jump off a skyscraper so that I never have to hear it again! Ughhh.

    1. Kalia would be much better if she had a guy to calm her down….even a crazy annie. Her sex blog rocks. She knows how to live life.

    2. If you love Jeff, you must be attracted to loudmouth jerks who swear too much and haver a temper issues. Not good. =:/

      BTW, I don’t see any affection between him and Jordan. Zero. Nada. Some people say they only pretend to be a couple and I’m starting to wonder. Have they even made out (kissed) one time this season? I honestly can’t recall.

      1. I’ve seen them kiss a bunch of times ( not over doing it like u know who)
        They were fooling around last night on BBAD.

        1. I’ll have to look for it, because I honestly don’t remember them having a steamy session where you can tell they’re into each other. Maybe I’ll go through a night really quick on flashback and try to catch it. I think Dominic showed more affection for Cassie than Jeff does for Jordan. That’s pretty sad, if you ask me.

  30. I will be so glad when JJ go home, I hated there season because everyone was all like JJ are so awesome and they suck. They are so boring and they don’t win, I don’t care who else wins as long as it is not them.

    1. jeff won twopovs one hoh in his season
      Jordon won one pov two hoh in her season and won 2/3 at the end against Kevin & Nat to bring home 500K!

    2. jeff won twopovs one hoh in his season
      Jordon won one pov two hoh in her season and won 2/3 at the end against Kevin & Nat to bring home 500K !

  31. BB is a tv. show and without rattings the show whould be pulled,so its it more geared towards the players that cause the most havoic in the house would not watch it if it was just porch sitting outside smokeing or kalia just walking around doing nothing or lawton looking at himself. but as far as being riged NO that would get them Sued, if you dont think that they havent looked in the bag afterwards well your mistaken,bb just dont show that stuff do to the fact you really dont want to see that. what us fan want to see is drama. I have been the biggest big brother fan since it started and Jordan is the only one I wanted to win ever win,but how many of you rembered her winning? until dick said he was the only winner to come back? and she corrected him, its all about the rateings

  32. I cant stand kalia, I want her gone, and Lawon. losing B and R means losing hilarious drama. I enjoy said drama, and dont want to lose it. Kalia and her sex talking and period discussions can go elsewhere. Lawon is useless. he can go elsewhere.

    id love if Brendon got the Diamond POV, because look at it this way, the vets are sort of screwed here…then when they get evicted, we get a summer of dani with lawon, kalia, and adam? Is that going to be even remotely entertaining

        1. She’s just hella kinky. She doesn’t have anybody to urinate on during sex. She needs it badly from Jesse. Then she will shut up.

          1. Oh, I’m waiting for Jessie. I think they’ll have him pop out at some point every season for the next 10 years.

            1. It would be cool if Jesse showed up wearing a dog shock collar on his nuts and the winner got the remote.

    1. Brendon will be gone before diamond POV.
      If I’m not mistaken, DPOV is awarded to someone based on audience votes, no?

      1. DPOV was only done on one season. Its not a regular sort of thing in BB so its anybody’s guess when it would be used.

  33. If Brenchel was on Survivor they would be out faster, because their team would intentionally throw the 1st 2 comps like they did this season to get rid of Russell Hanz…. Now Amazing Race would be much better because it is strictly competitive they don’t have to bring their horrible social game in they can just win. CBS put them on Amazing Race

  34. I want to cure cancer too but it isn’t going to happen. Brendon is too caught up in celebrity life. He didn’t even en roll in school when he said he was but yet his groupies claimed he would. It’s a nice thought but that is all it is, a thought.

  35. Me too! Kalia has to be the most annoying playing in the history of BB. Does she ever shut up? I can’t even watch after dark when they focus in her… She must go!!!!

  36. Okay, how about this for a twist: whoever wins the POV, gets to take someone off the block and gets to pick the replacement. Which I figure Brendon will win it, use it on him or Rachel and the replacement be Kalia and Kalia goes home and then the next HOH is won by Brendon, Rachel, Jordon or Jeff. God for bid they would break up the power couples. It will probably be Rachel, Brendon and Jeff in the final three, Rachel wins HOH and evicts Brendon because she knows she can’t win against him. Trust me, she is that stupid and only thinks of herself and wants all the attention for herself.

  37. After brenden leaves..Only chance dani got is to make a final four deal with rach and pacer because rach got a feeling jejo made a deal

  38. Can’t wait to see the end of season montage of Lawon – he looked like Little Richard last night up in the HOH. I think he is lost.

    I think it’s terrible game play to let someone like Brendon or Rachael go before some of the others. What is Dani going to do next week when she can’t play for HOH? I suppose that will be the root of some deal making after the POV. I don’t imagine Dani is thrilled about being flanked by Lawon and Kalia for the upcoming battles.

    I never knew Jeff was so mean to Jordan. This is first year I have 24/7 feeds and you see so much more.

  39. Kalia says that she thinks everyone in the house is stupid.

    WHAT? that’s copywriter infringement right there Only Brendon and Jeff can call everyone stupid….. They gonna sue kalia and not cook for her anymore

    1. Best Final 2 ever: Brendon v.s. Kalia.

      Who would you vote for?

      Would Brendon stop cooking for Kalia? Will Kalia eat him alive? Will Brendon show her his goods? Will that shut her up finally?

  40. lmao @ goofy saying kailia getting a jacuzzi she can piss in

    some of u people are crazy yall know team vet will get hoh next week because dani isnt competeing praying that dani lose pov next week and rachel stays and play in it dani is gone following her is kailia

  41. I wish they would get rid of Rachel over Brendon. He is the one who will freak out and no one will like him.

    If they bring someone back, I hope it’s Dom – he started to get funny his last week there.

    Why does Kalia care if she’s picked this week? She knows she’s safe. lame

    I love how BR always love to point the finger at everyone else and think they’re perfect. IMO they are NOT getting broken up because of Dom – they’re getting broken up because it’s the best move for Dani (now that their alliance is screwed). BR as a couple is a bigger threat for D than JJ.

    Also, I love how Brendon is all pissed saying that Dani is playing personally because she put them up – but now he wants her out no matter what because she put them up. I am SO over them. (although I do have to agree with the people who have posted that the show will be less interesting once they’re gone because there won’t be as much drama….ugh)

  42. I want Rachel & Brendan 2 win. They make big brother. Kalia is a little weezle floater. Blaming race 4 being the only black girl. So dumb! It’s about winning $. I can’t wait till her lazy floater @$$ is gone. Bring on the twist!

  43. For the people that think Dick can return to the house, he can not. He said, on his own show that he is at home watching everything.
    He knows what is going on in the house and that would be a huge advantage. He said, it will never happen.

  44. Once Brendon is gone, I think new lines will be drawn, especially if Dani wins POV and doesn’t put Jeff up. Jeff may go a bit crazy short-term, but eventually he keeps his emotions in check and plays strategy (like Dani). Rachel without Brendon will be all about emotion because I don’t think Porsche can keep her in check. Shelly will be team J&J until the end. I think Shelly will push Rachel’s buttons while remaining her “friend”, and Kalia will be more of a frontal assault on Rachel’s state of mind. It won’t be hard for Dani to show Porsche’s bond with Rachel as a threat to J&J.

  45. Can’t stand B/R. But R will be better when B is gone. She can be real nasty and does not always want him to see and does not like him telling her what to do. That is why she cries everytime she “disobeys” and gets caught.

    Kalia is just nasty. Urinating on people makes me think she smells that way everytime I see her. She was pretty when I first saw her but her insides have made her outside ugly.

    Do not want J/J to win but I want them to outlast B/R, Dani, SHelly, and Kalia.

    I do not think Dick is coming back because he went home. I heard all the others are still sequestered. Do not know if true.

    Have watched BB since the first season and still love Dr Will the best.

  46. Kalia is a complainer. Dani is a hater! I want them gone. Then the 3 lazy floaters. Save BR vs. JJ! Save B&R!

  47. Porsche, supposedly won POV.


    I don’t know how true this statement is, but yeah, this is what I heard.

  48. Two Points:

    1. Jordan is a strong Southern woman. She is equally as intelligent as she is sweet and caring.

    She doesn’t automatically do what Jeff says, she lets him prattle on without interruption so that he feels heard and in charge. Then she does what she thinks is right, Ie. nominate Dom/Adam vs. Cassie/Shelly. Her first instinct isn’t to contradict and fuss in a disagreement but she does have a subtle way of asking questions that lead people to think the way that she does. Tell me who it is that initially and currently insists on no PDA’s while in the house. I don’t think Jeff would be so chaste with any other woman. She won 500K and stood by her plans to help her family, start a business, and go to college. She did not run off with prince charming and become his subservient arm candy. Her actions speak volumes.

    2. Rachel has to be on heavy medication! She and Brendon think they are still in control of who goes home???

  49. sorry about the triple comments but my computer wouldnt respond when I sent em so I thought they werent going through.

  50. Dick posted this in his twitter

    Dani’s HOH letter is Fake

    it said this #peoplebelieveanythingotheridiotsputoutthereastruth

    people believe anything other idiots put out there as truth

  51. Well let’s hope if Porsche won she is not stupid enough to let Rachel talk her into using it to take her off the block. if that happens that would be the worst move in the history of BB. It has never worked in the past and let’s hope Porsche shows us her game play and does not fall for Rachel’s pity party.

    1. Pacer is Boy George’s pet you know she will threaten her to use it on her, and like a good dog she will obey.

  52. I hope Rachel wins diamond power of veto and saves them both. Jeff and jordan are in this game playibg for themselves. So why shouldnt brenchel do the same?! If they do win the diamond power of veto, shelly and Lawon should go up…shelly should go home bc she has cause all the rifts in the house and no one has called her out on it yet.

    Brenden and Rachel ftw!

  53. The game is not rigged!!!! Quit crying and move on to something new!! And for all of you who are bashing Kalia..I would love to see what you look like??

    1. its really not her looks but her lack of play…………. her laziness in the house……….. I think she is attractive, dresses nice but what a lying, conniving bitch……… If all those traits that makes game play then she is in………… I still cannot believe that Rachel is so picked on…….. the gal is a storm trooper in the competitions……. Her relationship with Brendon is just that……’her relationship’ …………. oh well I”m rambling on I will ramble off………….

  54. LMFAO

    marvin latimer posted on his twitter
    Hustler wants Casey anthony to pose bunk naked for $500k. Wtf. I will show my ass for. A 3 piece chicken box and a can of pringles

    I’d do it for a bag of Jolly Ranchers…. love them shits

  55. Brendon >>>>>>>>>>>>> Kalia
    Rachel >>>>>>>>Kalia
    Jeff >>>>>>Kalia
    Jordan >>>>>>>>>>>> Kalia
    Porsche >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kalia
    Shelli > Kalia
    Adam >>>>>> Kalia
    Lawon = Kalia
    Dani v.s. Kali ?????????????

    Yeah, Kalia desrves the money the most. Go sex blogger go!!!!!!!

    1. Keith > Kalia.

      Kalia >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. Cassi

      Cassi is the MEANEST player in BB History. She makes Natalie look good, even Britney and Monet. Or the nerd heard.

  56. Best scenario for Dani would be for Porsche to win and take down Rachel knowing Jordan will go up. This would give J&J a reason to sever their alliance with Rachel.

  57. I can’t stand the floaters………………. It is going to be so much more boring when rachel and brendon go……. Like them or not they bring play and drama into the game…. At least Dom tried to set up something for the ‘newbies’ to take over and they were just so scared to make a move……..They have themselves to blame…. Dani ticks me off that she didn’t wait a bit so we would have enjoyed more play with the ‘oldies but goodies’ against the newbies………… she is the blame for Dom going so quickly……… I miss her Dad……… he cracked me up………. how he got away with what he did and then won………. fun times then……… looks like boring times coming now………. hope I am wrong………………

  58. Everybody on here. Complaining about the game being rigged sound just like the people they are complaining about in the game. That being BRJJ. You all are just as bad as them!

  59. Everybody on here. Complaining about the game being rigged sound just like the people they are complaining about in the game. That being BRJJ. You all are just as bad as them!

  60. I too dislike Brenchel too but for some strange reason do not want to see them evicted. Maybe because I remember how boring it was last year once VEGAS was sent to the jury house!! However, this year’s cast is so much more interesting than last year. BB 12 was the absolute worst!! They never strategized, did not understand the game, mugged for the cameras all day and did nothing except try to get recognized!! Notice how Lane threw up a naked picture of himself last week for attention!! Trying to get us to remember him and his stupidity!! Dude, go away and take your stupid “bro’s” with you!! BTW-where is Enzo now!! Back to peddling insurance no doubt, or living off of his wifey, delusionally thinking offers are going to come in any day now!! DUMMY!!! This cast is so into the game and they spend alot of time game playing and strategizing. Last year was just a bunch of morons, sitting around scratching their balls. They were too dumb to strategize! The boredom factor was off the charts!! As for Kalia, she is ghetto but that makes her fun to watch!!

  61. I’m so sick of everything always about Rachel and Brendon. CBS feeds this dysfunction. I noticed last night on BBAD the cameras constantly focused on them together or those two with other HGs. To be fair though,the rest of them really are duds.

    I’m so sick of Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly dispensing her sage and unsolicited morsels of wisdom. NOBODY CARES, just because she’s old and has leathery skin,it does not make her Yoda!

    And what’s with Little Richard Lawon? He’s walking around like someone who escaped from the looney bin with that ratty wig and BB HOH Robe. I really do not know how he got in the house. He has no game at all. It would’ve been more entertaining to just put a parrot in the house to repeat back what everyone says instead of him.

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