Big Brother Spoilers: BRENDON WON THE POWER OF VETO! **updated**

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3:13pm HOH Shelly, Dani and Kalia. Shelly is fighting to get Brendon saved this week. She’s telling Dani that She heard that Brendon wants to stay now and Rachel wants to go.
Dani tells her that From Day ONE they told her something different. Shelly leaves Dani says: “She’s Sketchy as fck”..
Dani is saying that Brendon has won all but one POV this year he better be on everyone’s mind as the main target. Dani just finds it odd that Shelly would be coming up here pushing for Brendon to stay when everything Brendon, Jeff and JOrdan have been telling her that Brendon wants to go.

Dani says that it’s either is going to be Jordan or Shelly, but she’s not sure she has to think about it. The problem with putting Shelly up is she makes a enemy. Dani needs to talk to Jeff, Jordan and Adam, “I need to threaten Lawon with his life to vote our way”. Dani doesn’t want Jeff or Jordan to go home she really needs to think about what she’s going to do. They leave to head downstairs

3:24pm Purple Room Jeff and JOrdan They are worried that one of them will be going up. Jeff is upset because he messed up on the POV he forgot Porsche was even in the game.. “It was one stupid F-ing mistake”. Jeff is sure they are safe right now he just doesn’t like to leave it up to chance. Jeff: “We F-ing Choked”.. Jordan:”we all choke”.. Jeff: “I don’t F-ing choke”

Jordan points out that BR are now a huge target now they’ve won another VETO.

3:30pm Rachel and Brendon havenots Brendon tells her that if he goes home he will find out who Rachel can trust and work the entire house so when he leaves she’ll be in a good position. Rachel: “Who do I trust Brendon.. beside you” Brendon says that they can’t trust anyone anymore that what this week has shown him. Rachel says that Jeff isn’t their friends anymore, Brendon is starting to see that but they both agree POrsche is a strong competitor and will be good for Rachel to team up with. They kiss and head to the kitchen.

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3:41pm Bathroom Brendon and Rachel rachel is teliing him thanks for helping her during the comp his voice soothed her.. Rachel: “Brendon…. We work so good together… that is why we are going to have a great marriage” brendon agrees says they will have a wonderful marriage. Brnedon starts talking about his strategy in the comp.. Rachel keeps applying makeup to cover her face.

3:43pm Kitchen… Mostly just chit chat going on.. Shelly is acting a bit funny. Dani asks her if everything is alright.. Shelly says that she’s just getting sick of the game. They start talking about adam grabbing “souvenirs” for the comp.

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1) Enjoy it while you can BR. Β One of you is still going home this week. But let’s all enjoy watching you squirm as you realize the inevitability of your situation all over again. I foresee some more nasty tirades coming from this soon to be evicted duo. “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy”…. week!Β 


put shelly up as a replacement, and it would put a crack on their alliance because jordan and jeff would save shelly over brenchel


Good idea! I’d like to see some BR vs JJ this week.

This veto help BR but doesn’t really bail them out. Brendon will probably use it to save Rachel


agreed shel proved what a 2 faced liar and hypocrite she is when she went behind doms back and spilled the beans thus getting him evicted. backdoor shell dani put her up then have everyone vote her out.


No, not in Dani’s best interest and, don’t assume Shelly would be saved by JJ (or others). JJ would sacrifice 1 (Shelley) to save 2 (BR) of their original alliance. Dani’s best move is to put up Jordan to ensure B or R goes home, which is her objective.


That would be interesting. That would move Dani and B/R even farther away from JJS. I never seen the BB house with three small alliance this far in the game that would so loyal to each other. Obviously it would back fire on JJ because Por and Rachel would team up with Dani and Co.


I think they should backdoor Porsche!! Talk Dani into it bc she is just coasting through and will end up winning it by default! That biotch needs to go!


Yes!!! πŸ™‚ #TeamBR&JJ


i dont team BR&JJ are going to last much long as the cracks are getting bigger and B is still probably going home


Isn’t this getting a little ridiculous now, it seems like everytime theres a competition, whoever needs to win, wins, take out dani’s ally, dani wins, but up brendon and rachel, brendon wins!


wow…..does any one think that Dani is gonna try to back door Jeff?…. or is Rachel her real Target?


no ithink brendon is the main target. he’s going to use the pov to save rachel. c’mon man get with the program lol


yeah what a dumb behind move on his part


Now Shelly’s trying to pull a Dani


Dani HAS to put Jordan up to insure Rachel goes home. Because at least if it backfires on of the vets goes home.


Shelly is with the vets. Jordan is deadwood as far helping Dani’s opposing alliance.

Jordan’s a good game player individually in the sense that nobody wants to go after her, but she does not benefit an alliance. BRJS would be unstoppable.


get w/ the program brendon is gonna use the veto on rachel not on himself unless they convince him rachel is sadfe and then backdoor both of them but i really want shelly out and brjjd to make final five and d or r to win


so what do you guys think will happen now?


Watch, he will save Rachel and him and Jeff will go up on the block. Danielle wants Jeff out.


nooo… she thinks america is voting back somebody so if she gets out jeff then dom wouldn’t come back


Dani does not want Jeff out now. He is the only vet that hasn’t won a competition!!!!


well….that just sucks


It didnt really matter, brendon will take rachel off and the only way brendon stays is if jeff goes up on block and dani decides she wants jeff gone


What did I tell you? Told you one of them would win.

Kalia is a hottie

Why aren’t people kissing up to Kalia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Cassi is the worst house guest ever, just shortly behind Maggie, Brit, and Ragan.


well cassie cant be the worst house guest ever if there are a few people ahead of her, hmmmmmmmmmm

Grammer jerk

I meant a slight typo. Go get with Kalia who’s also a grammer freak like you. I meant she is the worst house guest. And the others come close.


For me kalia is the worst HG Ever!!


No way. Lawon is the worst HG ever. Atleast Kalia brings a bit of entertainment to the show, while Lawon is a complete non factor and waste of space.


Kalia would have rocked if they had Jesse in the house for her to have had a showmance


What is wrong with you? Hate pretty people and love uglies?


hope u no lawon has more facetime then kalia but i will admit kalia could win a comp. while lawon couldn’t there for she is better pluse she chose a side which cassie at least did to so she was not baD AT ALL SHE WAS JUST TO STRONG


Do you understand that the English language has rules of grammar and spelling that allows us to comprehend each other? You need to brush up.


Damn…I hope Rachel stays on the block!


Damn I hope Rachel stays…………. game on then…………….


It’s good she wants brenda gone, he has a better chance of winning POVs than Rachel

Uncle Cool

I’m glad Dani knows Shelly is a complete fraud.

I would like to see Brendon use the POV to save Rachel. It would give me a little bit of respect for him.


Heck Dani is a Fraud also!! while smiling in your face she is a back stabber


What do you mean Shelly pretends to be a “straight shooter” and then sneaks around talks so much shit about everyone and even makes shit up which is why I Shelly is a bigger fake and fraud. This bitch will cut out your kidneys and sell em on the black market for her own personal gain.


Thats why Shelly is always making trips to china.. she’s a Organ smuggler


Jeff needs to go up as replacement Nom. If Dani tries to make a deal with JJ and puts up a newb, game over for her. The vets will use there charm and bullying to get the rest of the house behind them to vote of the newb, Leaving all 4 vets ready to attack. Dani will be the 1st member of the jury. I dont see Lawon or Kalia winning next week to save her. Please put Jeff up. I hope she comes to realize that soon.


Big Brother 13 is a big fail! These newbies STILL can’t win anything. I really hope Brendon goes though. I can’t stand him and his arrogant Mr. know it all attitude.

Big Brother really needs a huge twist to living this season up.

kathie from canada

Well this ought to test the romance like never before!!!!! Enough tears to fix the drought in Texas πŸ™‚ hahaha


Kathie at least I can Understand B/R tears. But why in the heck was Dani crying last week when pt was leaving shes known him for what 3 weeks




The percentage of hypocrites on this show equals the amount of hypocrites on this board.


One thing to point out… If Shelly goes up. DR will be on the house guest like mad to get rid of her. With Jordan it would be a lost cause for the DR.


my point exactly. Makes me wonder did she already know him from before. Too close, too soon= some shady stuff.


i don’t get it , does Brendon really wanna stay now? and rachel wants to leave? cause if it’s a lie that Jeff/Jordon told Shelly to say to Dani , it’s the stupid thing in the world -_- Shelly is just setting herself up for failure


Send Dani and Kalia to the jury house ASAP. Annie can join her and munch around a lil with some tips from the sexpert, kalua.


shelly is a snake. hope brendon saves racheal he needs to go


dont matter either b or r go home, 1 week to late to be on the block together. all he won is the right to decide whick of him and ratchet go home this week.

Day Yum Yum

No doubt Brendon is going to pull Rachel off the block with some excuse of how she deserves to be there more than he does! Dani is going to put Jordan up so say goodbye to Brendon. This is great for the drama factor because the war between Rachel and Dani WILL BE ON!!!!!

Day Yum Yum



Lydia fan huh? LOL


Of course.


Kalia and Ragan would have made a hella strong alliance. Cannot wait for all stars.

Please do not bring Cassie back. She’s Brit 2.0 which is Maggie 3.0


those 2 arnt all stars


“Professor” Ragan, not an all star?!?!?!?




Are you serious you think Katanka will be an All-Star wow!!


jj wanting brendon to stay is jus becuz they kno brendon will never want to backdoor them before they could backdoor him with rachel on the other hand she is more of what her gut is tellin her to do and what is mostly good for herself once brendon is gone and jj knows that completely and brendon will go wit everything jeff says and rachel will most likely put them up if she feel betrayed by jj so i want rachel to stay to see what twists she will make by herself other than jeff runnin brendon until they backdoor him and get him out


My goodness BR are so volatile!!


I don’t understand why Dani doesn’t want Jeff or Jordan to leave? Wasn’t it her idea to get Jeff out before? I think Rachel and Dani should team up!


because rachel was in power and whe knew then the importance of splitting up the power 4 before it became a numbers game against them


Jordan will be the person that wins this game twice everyone is underestimating her and she is going to get right to the finals again.


Dani cannot get rid of Jeff because in the event that Big Brother may bring someone back, guess who America will vote back in. Jeff. So getting rid of Jeff would be stupid.


LMFAO even though he won it’s still a Pity Party for 2… only this time he has the power to get himself evicted last season he went NeanderTALL on little brittney and that didn’t get him evicted… Let Rachel play let that bitchman go skype she might last a week longer than he did. Rachel should team up with Dani it would be much better than teaming with porsche and shelly their just playing both sides


Shelly needs to tone it down a bit. She’s played well so far. Dunno why she’d go tell a lie like that just for the hell of it??????


Wow — B/R are bi-polar and think everyone is against them. One minute they’re sticking their necks out for J/J & the next they can’t trust them. Why in the world do they not trust Jeff now? Because he tried to make a deal or win a veto to save himself and his partner? They are dreaming up ideas in their heads. I swear these two don’t even know how to be in an alliance when they have one. They’d rather be the victims and “me against the world”.


Elle They have a need to be concerned They went in the back room with dani telling jeff to win pov but did they tell B/R that no and they are on the block now because of J/J did not trust pt and dani. And Jordon freaked when Rach was talking to Dani after she won HPH so it is not just Rach its Jordon too


Of course Brendon won the POV. What a shock. Now we’ll see if he’ll actually use it on Rachel or himself.

She’s gonna start getting ticked when the other HGs start trying to convince Brendon to use it on himself.

Dani will probably have to put up Jordan to make sure 1 of Brenchel goes home. Say Brendon takes himself off and Dani puts up Shelly. Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, and Porsche have the votes to keep Rachel if they want. If Jordan goes up as a replacement, Rachel only gets Brendon and maybe Porsche’s vote.


Agree! Jordon is Dani’s best bet as a replacement if she wants to get B or R out. Votes to keep Jordon: Jeff, Shelley, Kahlia & Lawaun. Votes to keep R: Brendan & Porcha. Adam is an unknown entity but, even if he votes to save R, it’s a tie and Dani then has the deciding vote. B will use PoV on R …. “happy wife, happy life.” Either way, one of them will likely be gone! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Why does Rachel think Jeff isn’t their friend anymore?


Im actually happy tht im first to comment usually i have to skip down over like 100 comments to Not only see my own comment but get to the damn comment box i cant tell how annoying tht is but i must say those comments be hilarious damn they have some real big brother fans out there!


Yes! Go HOME Brendan! Throw your bookie the veto nd get the f*ck out!!!


Put up shelly and send her ass para la casa!


Did they think Jeff wouldn’t fight for Veto? Did the fact that he did fight put the nail in the coffin? They just bring the ‘dislike” on themselves. If you don’t just bow down to the bozo’s they think your plotting against them. BTW… Jeff is the same way but only when he’s on top. I agree with Simon. Jeff on top is a DOUCHE!! Big fan of Jeff as the underdog. And yes I know JJ have a side deal but that doesn’t mean they have turned there back on Brenchel. In fact JJ was just talking of breaking the deal and getting Dani out regardless.


Dont be stupid dani!! Put up Jordan and send brendon home

ur ghey

You do a LOT of whinning too bro. Your really kind of annoying with all your hateful name calling and personal attacks on the houseguests. Like dude, chill out. Its just a game. Relax man.

ur ghey

My bad my dude, that was meant for the ever annoying ILL WILL.


ur ghey.

Lady E

It’s funny how Jeff says, “Relax!” Hahaha


Options are basically Jeff or Shelly, most likely Jeff though.


I dont get how anyone in the house aside from jjbr can be against breaking up the power 4 do shelly or porsche really think if it gets down to a final 5 or 6 with jjbr and them that anyone of them will choose one of them over the rest of the jbr alliance. cut off one of the heads while you have a chance. best thing to happen to the house and the overall balance of play was fo dani to win this week. it opens it back up to anyone can win again now.

Rachel Is Boy George

I somehow get the feeling that all 4 vets will be safe this week i hope not, if brendon uses the veto on rachel then Dani NEEDS to put up Jeff to make sure Brendon gets sent home, Dani is so stupid trusting jeff and jordan, Jeff already said hes going to backdoor Dani next week hope she figures that out


Dani won’t put up Jeff because she has a feeling that America is voting back a houseguest. She’ll probably put up Jordan because she knows that Jordan won’t go home. There’s little chance that Brendon or Rachel would be voted back into the house…unless CBS rigs it…but nobody wants to see one of them come back anyway.
Whoever gets off the block, Dani should put up Jordan so that 1 of Brenchel goes home. Jeff is a strong competitor so they might vote him out, and Shelly doesn’t have guaranteed votes either.


Sorry………… I want to see Brendon and Rachel stay…………. At least we will have drama and game ………………. Why do you want it to be boring????????


They should just make a brenchal reality show for you guys lol


MTV would jump on it, but CBS would sue, I think they own Brenchel I really believe they pay them to act the way they do on the show…


Thats not what it is???????? Damn……


Brendon just needs to go and end all this insanity! LOL can wait for Rachel to go crazy after he’s gone. Let the drama begin!!!!!!!


Rachel is the drama…. she should stay


Thanks BBfan, i was going to post the same again, ppl just arent getting that Dani plays this game like chess and thinks 2 or 3 moves ahead and knows there is a good chace of an America vote..So folks again Jeff is going anywhere this week and jordan will be the pawn…Goodbye Brenda unlesss he throws rachel under the bus, which i would love to see, cause then he will hook up with Pinto and save them both from this ill conceived marriage that is doomed to be an utter disastor


BRENCHEL FANS …Say it with me now



hummm your acting stupid now lol


Skelly is good ! Why not ? Lie/cheat/steal !!!!!!!!! BB is a mental game of screw ur nieghbour . Lie through your teeth! Cheat if you can ! & Steal the votes ! Ha ha ha ! I don’t care who wins ! I just love the insanity ! Go Dani


What? so he’s not a pussyman? LOL


Rachel and Brendon fans ………say it out loud and clear…………. ‘blow away ill wind’


@IllWIll “Go Home PUSSYman”……..CLASSIC. Oh yea and Shxt just got real in the BB House..


their great at comps but their social game is terrible and more than 1/2 the game is the social aspect. yu can win the comps and ge power only so much but without a good social game you make yourself a targetand periah in the house. since they are so bad at the social aspect and it is such a big part of the game then I have to disagree. they do not deserve to be there at all. however, they makeit entertaining to watchthem melt down when they dont get their way, much like a child


This season I realize more than ever how skeewed the challenges are!


I think the best replacemnt wud be Jordan….cuz the way things are going with Shelly and ppl starting to see her for what she is, they might flip the script and actually vote Shlly out and keep Brendan…even though I DO want Shelly out, but they need to do what they can to get Brenda out first. I wanna see miss Shelly on the block next wek though


Jordan said she’s not eating slop anymore because it gives her “the runs” and gas. She’s sticking with just muscle milk instead.

The light bulb went out again……. Muscle milk causes gas and the runs too LOL


Since you know so much about ‘gas’ We will just call you ‘ill wind……………….phew


LOL, Maybe you should screw your light in. I have been on a 3 protien shake a day diet for the past 3 months and I have NEVER had the runs nor gas.


Oh so it don’t have the same effect that Milk has? OK mybad


dani doesnt want j/j to go home