Big Brother Spoilers: POV Ceremony RESULTS! Brendon didn’t use the POV! Dominic and Adam stay on the block! *Updated*

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12:55pm When the live feeds come back from TRIVIA, Jeff and Adam are putting the plants back on the kitchen table. Dominic is sitting on the kitchen counter not saying a word. Jeff is making lunch. Dani comes out of the bathroom in her bathing suit. Dani heads out into the backyard and Shelly asks her if she is shocked that the POV didn’t get used. Dani says no …that she would be shocked if it did get used. Shelly says that Kalia was really scared that it was going to get used.

Porsche is up in the HOH room talking to Rachel and Brendon. Porchse tells Rachel and Brendon that she told dani she was okay with Brendon and Rachel getting money for their wedding. Rachel and Brendon tell Porsche that they and Jeff/Jordan have her back. Porcshe ask if Dominic is the target? Brendon tells her he’s not sure. Rachel ask her who does she think. Porsche says Dominic. They tell Porsche that if one of them goes home they would be happy for the other to have Porsche as an ally for them to work with. Brendon starts questioning when Dani started talking game with her. Porsche say not until the other night when they slept in the same bed. Brendon starts telling Porsche that Dani has been acting really weird and that they are worried about her and not trusting her. Brendon is calling Porsche a sweet girl and wants to give her the “heads up” about whats coming in the game. Porsche saying she knows not to trust Dominic and has her guard up with Daniele. Brendon says he goes with his gut instinct and something is fishy with Daniele these past few days.

1pm – 1:15pm Jeff is in the kitchen talking to Dominic … Jeff tells Dominic that he BLANK up in the game and that he is probably going home. Dominic asks how did I BLANK up? Jeff says I don’t know you tell me!!! Dominic asks please tell me what I did! Jeff tells him again tell me! They decide to take their conversation to the lounge room. Dominic says that he doesn’t know where this is coming from. Jeff tells Dominic that he better tell him what he wants to hear in the first minute. Dominic asks if this about the talk of back dooring Jeff and Jordan. Dominic says that he never said that. Jeff says well then who said it?! Dominic says that he heard it being thrown out there. Jeff says well if we were cool why wouldn’t you come and talk to me and tell me. Dominic says I am on the block why would I go around saying that I’m going after you. Jeff says why don’t we get everyone together and talk about this. Dominic says okay lets do that! Jeff asks why it took Dominic up until an hour before the POV to come talk to him. Dominic says that he already had been told by Jeff that he had his vote …so why would he come to him and ask him for his vote. Jeff says that people are acting weird …that he can’t be in the room with some people for more than a minute before they run out. Dominic says okay fine I will be a man and tell you what you want to hear. Jeff says that he is going to get who he needs to together and then they will talk. Dominic asks why not every body? Jeff says because I will get who I need and thats that…. Dominic asks why …and then says okay ..I have nothing to hide …lets do it. Jeff and Dominic agree to get together again and talk things out with the others.
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Jeff, Jordan and Brendon are in the kitchen talking about Jeff calling out Dominic. Jeff tells them the conversation. Jordan is telling Jeff to call them out. Brendon says lets call a house meeting and start throwing people under the bus. Jordan says do it! Brendon says but it will draw lines in the sand then. Brendon asks Jeff if there were fireworks. Jeff says he just wants someone to tell him what he wants to hear, that he already knows what’s up and wants them to tell the truth. Jeff talking about people running out of the room every time he comes in. Bren jokes that they should get everyone together and make them swear on the bible. Jeff says that then people will be going to hell.

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1:30pm – 1:40pm Adam heads up to the HOH room to talk to Brendon and Rachel. Adam says that he is getting sick of people talking BLANK. Adam tells them that Dani was asking if if she could flip everything and keep him here… and they he says that he heard she was going around telling everyone to get rid of me. Adam says and Kalia and Lawon are here doing nothing. They talk about how Dani is playing the game like a Dr. Will of this game. Brendon says that he is nervous that Dani will convince people into what she wants to do. Brendon says that they decided not to use the POV and that Dani was up here telling them that they had to get rid of Adam. Brendon says that Dominic was up here cutting deals with everyone. Brendon says that he doesn’t know if they trust Dominic or Dani. Brendon says that we need to get the manipulators out of the game! …and we need people that will get people like Dani out. Adam says that he would definitely be able to do that. Brendon says that Dani tried to pit Jeff and Jordan against them …and that they almost fell for it.. Brendon says that Dani will be sitting at the end in the final 2 saying that she manipulated everyone to do what she wanted to get to the finals. Brendon says that she will get the votes too …because she played everyone and didn’t get any blood on her hands. Brendon says he has to trust that Adam will do what he says. Brendon says that if it gets to final six with Brendon/Rachel, Jeff/Jordan, Shelly/Adam it will be game on… Brendon says that he will be damned if floaters win this game. Brendon says that Adam surprised them with his performance in the POV competition. Brendon saying he wants someone in this game who tries. Brendon says that Dani has gone around and fed everyone a spoon full of BLANK ..and some people down there are dumb enough to eat it and swallow it …and have a BLANK eating grin on their face. Adam agrees and says that he thought the same thing …he says that he wanted to say something to them about Dani but that he didn’t know where they stood.

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101 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: POV Ceremony RESULTS! Brendon didn’t use the POV! Dominic and Adam stay on the block! *Updated*

  1. Brenchel, a duo who I was rooting for from season 12… has shown how stupid they actually are by just one POV ceremony. Why not backdoor your future opponent? I hope to God, Brendon gets booted next week… either him or Jeff. Can’t stand either. So utterly stupid.

    1. Stupid would have been to keep Dom. Think about it. Keeping Dom keeps a WAY stronger duo in the group (Dani & Dom) than J&J. D&D would be harder to beat in comps than J&J. Why would he trust D&D who have proven they can’t be trusted over J&J who have stayed solid to their alliance? That makes absolutely no logical sense.

      No question he made the best move for his game.

    2. Lola we are all a little bit more stupid from your comment you obviously do not know how to manuever in the BB house. Its all about strategy and that is why Dani will be going home within the next couple weeks after Dom is gone this week. She has no viable strategy and she took Dom down with her. Think and learn your enemies strengths and weakness then act on them . I EXPEXT A MAJOR TWIST POSSIBLY A DOUBLE ELIMINATION AND ALSO A RETURN OF SOMEONE OR SOMEONE NEW

        1. True but someone could come back. I know I’m just being delusional but I STILL want Cassi back. She’s the only one worth rooting for.

          1. Me too- I would love to have Cassie back in house! & what’s with Brendon & Jeff…are they the godfathers of BB? Saying they need to hold house meetings, call people out, bringing them up one by one to grill them! This is utterly pathetic & ridiculous ! I tolerated b&b & liked jj until now.

  2. i hope they do have a meeting (jeff,jordan rachel,brendon and daniele) so Jeff can chew Daniele’s ass !!also hope that jeff and Dom finish their convo from before the pov ceremony……

      1. basically jeff wants to know who started with “lets back door jeff idea” Dom is denying it and jeff doesent believe him…so jeff wants to call a meeting and have everybody have a convo out in the open on who came up with the idea to back door him….(wich is daniele !!!)

        1. It actually wasn’t Dani who first came up with the idea. It was BR but Dani jumped on it and pushed for it to hard which was her downfall. BR did bring it up first. Just like JJ considered backdooring BR when Jordan was HOH. How quickly Jeff forgets his and Jordans thought of flipping. They just wised up and realized it was too early. Unlike Dani pushing for it

          1. I hope Dani actually remembers whose idea it was first both times. JJ did bring up the idea of backdooring BR to Dani and BR also brought the idea of backdooring JJ to Dani, both of whom wanted her support if they chose to do so.

            Her only fault was going with what they were feeding her a little too hard and a little too openly. But the couples are the ones who both fed Dani the backdooring ideas first. Glad you mentioned it. I hope Dani doesn’t get intimidated with it being basically 4 vs. 1 in the HOH room later.

            1. I don’t think she’ll get intimidated or backdown but I actually think that could be her worst play here. I think she has to come clean with pushing BR to backdoor Jeff and say she did it bc she was scared they were coming after her bc they were leaving her out of alliance meeting. Falling on her sword here and not showing her strength with probably play better for her with JJBR. I hope she can smooth things over. I want her to stay at least a few more weeks. At least she’s taking risks and making things interesting.

              1. If she wants to stay in the BRJJ alliance, your suggestion would be in her best interest. If she wants to turn the house against BRJJ then her best bet is a full house meeting calling out JJ for wanting to bd BR when they were HOH and calling out BR for wanting to bd JJ (starting with wanting to change the noms to get Cassie out). She needs everyone to know that she was not the only one talking about getting one of the power couple vets out. She couple really throw BRJJ under the bus if she brings out how they are using everyone of the noobs while lying to each one, bullying them and bashing them all. Of course this could demolish her game even further if she and the noobs don’t start winning shit.

                1. I think playing weak and scared benefits her in both situations actually. I think most of the newbies already trust her and Shelly and Adam are already looking at her negatively on the same page with BBJJ on her being a master manipulator/troublemaker. I don’t think she’ll sway any minds in her favorite by continuing on her current path of trying to throw her so-called alliance under the bus. BBJJ make me sick bc they act like shes horrible for wanting to protect herself with someone. Why is it fair for them to have a partner and not her. I don’t think anyone will see the situation Dani’s way unfortunately. And in my opinion she really has not done anything that BR or JJ haven’t done

                  1. Agreed. Although I’d still like some fireworks to happen and some hypocrisy to be called out against the all mighty fab four.

                    1. I’d love some fireworks to and someone to call BRJJ AND SHELLY out on their sanctimonious BLANK but I also really wanna see Dani stay so I just want her to protect herself and her game. I really hope it all happens on BBAD tonight

                  2. Does anyone else wonder how Dick vetted out the non-regulators within the first 5 days of him being there? He went after Porch, Koala, Shell and Adam to get on their side claiming their partners were backstabbing them. He was successful with everyone other than Adam by the time it came down to voting Keith out.

                    It looks like Dano’s best bet would be to come clean with BRJJ privately while calling them all out on their hypocrisy letting them know that BR wanted JJ backdoored and JJ planned to backdoor BR so why was it only her getting the blame, while mentioning that she was partnerless when the time came for them to turn on her, etc. Then they might be able to reset their alliance or cause the whole alliance to disolve completely through everyone distrusting everyone else.

          2. Yes, but I think the reason JJ considered backdooring BR was because they had a feeling BR were going against them (which they were). It’s all been resolved now, but JJ were definitely logical in considering it.

    1. Are you sure everyone will get to play this week? It would make Adam’s key totally worthless. Due to Dick’s departure screwing up the golden key twist, they may very well bring back Dom or Cassie then they will be back up to 11 players forcing Adam, Shell, Dani, Porshe and Rachel to be ineligible to play this week but after next thursday’s eviction they will be back down to 10 so everyone gets to play. Make sense?

    1. Best if Dom goes, then Lawon next week and the REGULATORRRRRRS will go out 1-2-3-4. Maybe Cassi will come back and get evicted again, to make their alliance occicially the biggest train wreck in BB history

    1. I agree SArah. Jeff and Brendon’s attitudes are driving me nuts. I used to like Jeff but now he’s an ass to me. What the hell is up with wanting to call a house meeting to see who said or did what? It’s the Big Brother house, you’re suppose to lie and be sneaky to get yourself ahead in the game. Get over yourself Jeff. I’m tired of the Brendon and Rachel dating show too!

    1. Agreed! I don’t understand why CBS would rig the game to produce results that we don’t even want to see…

    2. not just for ratings,but for the feeds also…other then the couples..who else is fun to watch….kalia ?? adam ?? porsche ?? lawon ?? daniele ?? shelly ?? …i dont think so…

      1. I disagree 100% the newbs are the fun ones to watch this season BR are hideous and boring. JJ are alright but it’s all the same thing we saw in bb11

        1. i respect your opinion simon but…are you telling me you are enjoying it when daniele and dom are whispering and flirting with one another in bed ? (btw i dont like brendon and rachel..but if they make it in the final 4 with jeff and jordan…it will make for some awesome TV !

        2. I can see the logic behind BRJJ final four. Their fans are split essentially. Keeping JJ pleases the JJ fans; same with BR and BR fans. Moreover, the face-off once they get down to FF would be awesome. Watching them dominate the house and then blow up on each other at the end. I think that would make for good ratings. Plus the whole good vs. evil theory, lol. There’s always that ;)
          It def wasn’t fair to house the vets with the newbs because of the obvious advantage the vets had from the start, but it made for good tv.
          Brendon did make a good move (for BR’s benefit). If they had backdoored JJ, the whole house would only have BR to target. Keeping JJ almost ensures their safety.

          1. There’s also a growing segment of the fanbase, whether they consider themselves BR fans or JJ fans, that are just kind of sick of both of the couples. Two straight years of BR is overkill and it’s not like JJ got new personalities since their season. One reason why reality shows like BB work is because there are new personalities that are infused every season so you don’t get tired of seeing the same people over and over again.

            IMO, there have been only two truly transcendent personalities in the show’s history: Dr. Will and Evel Dick. They can probably come back every other season and very few people would get sick of them.

            But one thing CBS is doing on the good vs. evil theme is Cassi vs. Rachel. If we’re under the assumption that someone is coming back, CBS and Endemol set it up perfectly for Cassi’s return. CBS played up Rachel’s bitchy and catty personality during Cassi’s eviction, essentially making her out to be a bully who had Jordan do her dirty work (which Jordan acknowledged in a roundabout way during her goodbye video). Chenbot and the producers made Cassi out to be a very classy, honest, and beautiful person upon her eviction, making the audience want to see more of her.

            Cassi vs. Rachel is your good vs. evil story IF Cassi comes back.

          2. I agree with this. I think that production would have had the holy trinity if Dick stayed in the house. Notice how there were 7 duos to start, and after all the golden key weeks there would only be 3 left. I think it’s obvious the plan from the start was to get all the vets to final 6 (or at least through the golden key phase) and fight it out from there. You have basically the entire BB fanbase covered with those 6.

            1. I concur with the double trinity fan base coverage. What bothers me the most is that we’ve never gotten a satisfactory explanation for why Dick left the show.

        3. I agree. Watching Brendon and Rachel kinda makes me wanna throw up and jj are pretty boring this year. Dani & the newbs is what I enjoy watching

        4. I totally agree Simon. I’d much rather watch the newbies and Daniele than BR constantly fight or JJ basically do nothing. Good times on AD last night watching them play with a bee for an hour. It’s especially boring when ppl like Shelly are kowtowing to JJ and Adam is just floating and not playing. Just there as a fan it seems. I’d much rather watch the newbies.

    3. If the backlash that I read everywhere with people vowing to tune out as long as Rachel is part of the game, then it will suck for CBS. There’s always that section of people who vow to tune out regardless but that section seemed so much louder and larger last week.

      1. Looks like ratings on average are higher than last year so JJBR final 4 may be profitable for CBS.

        Any ideas on the twist? DId Julie says it will be revealed on Thursday this week? I don’t watch the live show so I didn’t catch what she said.

        1. Ratings are higher this year but we’ll see if people have actually tuned out because of Rachel this week when ratings are shown for this week versus last week.

          The twist will be revealed Thursday. Since all four keys are gone after this HOH ceremony, next week would be the first opportunity to bring someone back and have them be “on track” with the number of people in the house, right?

    4. Simon, don’t let the people in the comments sway you from your extensive Big Brother memories and logic. JJ/BR will not make it to final 4. Also, I’m asking you to make finals predictions again in a week!

      1. hehe I’m the worst person to ask right now about predictions. Once I know the twist and have a red bull or 2 i’ll be able to figure it out. There was a lot of hate going back and forth between BR / JJ before the whole Dani blow out so i’m thinking there is still a possibility of a split once they are up ont he block.

        Here’s a thought. The fighting continues all week Between Dani and JJB and it gets really tense (notice Rachel is playing it cool because she knows Dani can win major comps and it’s probably to lay low) On Thursday it’s endurance and like all endurance comps being small and fit is the key. Brendon goes early you can hear him saying “sorry babe.. sorry babe sorry” Jordan goes next.. Jeff holds on for hours gives it everything he’s got but finally falls. Dani wins the endurance after 6 hours. She Puts Jeff and Brendon up Dani wins POV Jeff goes home.. CBS twist is to vote someone back in jeff comes back, Dani flips out throws her mic in the pools and leaves…

  3. I want Rachel or Brendan out next week. i am finished with them. but i would like to see the blow up in the hoh room tonite with JJ BR tearing Dani a new one.

  4. Simon I think Jeff, Jordan,or Brendon need to win the HOH.But I have a feeling that if its a endurance comp.I have a feeling that it will be Dani,jeff,Brendon,or Dom that will be the winner.Because i seen Dani’s season and she was FREAKING STRONG and it made her and her dad the final 2.But in the final 5 I think it will be Jeff/Jordan and Brendon/Rachel VS Shelly.Im rooting for Shelly too and I got to say she did AMAZING when she turned her vote and they don’t even no it was her.DOM DOM DOM DOM DOM DOM gots to go so Dani toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:)

  5. no surpeise there. so is adam get to stay and dom gone then? is it set in stone? the vets seem to always do exactly what they say. (even though they ponder changing things)

  6. I really can’t stand Brendon or Jeff this year. I’m Team Brenchel but Brendon is acting like an idiot, and Jeff is a condescending a*hole. America’s favorite? After gay slander, cursing 24/7, and his unneeded comments, I want Dani to win HOH and send Jeff home.
    I’m Team Rachel and Team Dani at this point.
    Sad to see Dom go. He’s the only newb with a personality.

      1. Jeff said a week ago about how gay people shouldn’t be in kids stories or something because it’s a bad example or something like that. And in his season he’s said the word “F*g” many times. He’s far from a great guy that CBS and America thinks he is. Not defending Brendon either, cuz as a FAN of Brenchel, I can admit that Brendon is acting dumb right now.

        1. jeff has every right to be homophobic but he should’t voice it on natl tv for all the world to know. that just shows how ignorant he is. why should he care if a childrens book is written by a homosexual, and to use the word fag is so beyond immature and ignorant and only an asshole would throw that word around for no reason. (not that there ever is a reason to say the F word)

        2. jeff has the right to be homophobic. he shouldnt voice it on natl tv though. and why should he care if a homosexual writes a childrens book? also, if he throws around the F word readily then he is immature and an asshole. no need to say that. why should he care about that anyhow if he is a secure straight man. only guys who are homophobic call gays names or make off the cuff comments about gays. what does he think he’s so hat every gay wants him?

        3. I’ve heard almost every single houseguest say words that aren’t “politically correct” – it doesn’t make them a horrible person. I’m sure that if most of us were filmed 24/7, we’d be ashamed of some things that come out of our mouths. I really do not think Jeff is homophobic in the least. If he were, I doubt he’d go in the house knowing there’s always a homosexual person in there. Also, I’ve seen him be friendly with gay people outside the house, so it’s hard to believe that would be the case. Just my opinion, of course.

  7. I would love to see BR and JJ as the final four. They really don’t like each other, so think of the fights when they are pitted against each other… Now that’s entertainment…lol

    1. I agree with the same premise, but I’d replace Jordan with Danielle in the Final 4. I want to be in suspense thinking anyone can win a competition. With Jordan, I don’t get that sense.

  8. Every year people get all freaked out in the first few weeks that the current power holders are going to coast to the end, but it never turns out that way. Once things are broken up it will be a whole new story. At some point a newb is winning HOH and things will turn upside down. Plus, JJ & BR almost broke up twice already, throw in a few weeks being around each other with all the paranoia and this will get ugly.

    Also, I agree with the above poster that getting rid of JJ or BR is ratings death for CBS. America’s Sweethearts and America’s Vile Assholes are keeping people watching the show right now.

    1. ratings death if JJ or BR left? how do you figure? BB fans wtch the show no matter what!!! and as much as we all bitch on here bout what’s going on on the show we all still watch. so no no death in the ratings.

      1. I’m talking the casual fans that just watch CBS, I’m guessing most of the 7mil or so watching the TV show are unfortunately not logging in to this site or watching the feeds. If Jeff were to have gotten backdoored and then, let’s say, Dom wins HOH and got Rachel voted out, the two people CBS has devoted all the TV coverage to would be out of the house. The BB faithful will keep watching, but I think those who do not care as much will turn the channel without having someone they like/loathe, as people do with JJ & BR.

    2. Exactly. New drinking game: Take a shot every time someone says something is the “worst move ever” or “best alliance ever.” Man I hate how often people use the words best and worst in their everyday lives. No, you haven’t eaten the best lunch of your life. No, that wasn’t the best movie in a century worth of cinema. Stop pretending your life is so amazing.

    3. What about the brogade last year? They coasted through the entire season & from the beginning it got pretty obvious they were going to win if they stuck together. I see Jordan and Shelly having a good shot right about now. I don’t think the 4 will stay in tact till the end, but maybe 1 of them or a combination of the 2 of them making it.

    4. True. But it seems like all these ewbies are in the vets pockets and will be too scared to make the big moves. If any of them win HOH they’ll prob do exactly what JJBR tell them to do. What’s the fun of that? I don’t think anyone but Dani has the balls to actually put her neck on the line and make a move if she wins HOH. Even if it means the remaining 3 come after her hard. The others are too afraid to make themselves a target of the JJBR alliance. Any newbie wins it’ll be another newbie going up and Dani. Or two newbies with Dani being backdoored. No way that up up JJBR

  9. All I can say is I hope the BIG HOUSE MEETING will be done after 9:00PM PST so we can see it on BBAD!! It would also help if they pass out libations at 8:00PM PST just to bring on the drama!!

  10. the only reason dani made final two was because of her dad….her social game is some of the worst ever…and to flip on her alliance this early…she might win hoh next week but she is target #1 after….Evil dick is wishing he could come through the tv and slap here right now for her stupidity….

  11. They need to get the manipulators out of the game?, ummm they are two of the manipulators LOL how else are the getting idiots to throw comps and vote the way they want, that’s called manipulation.

    1. You should know by now that no one can ever talk strategy or play the game except BRJJ. If anyone else does it, they’re a liar, manipulators, and probably a Communist.

  12. To all who say the newbies are boring. I think their personalities have been greatly tempered by the veterans. Even it they aren’t intimidated they are holding back in one way or another. It would have been a great year without the veterans. This year could still be great but I am not confident enough to hold my breath.

  13. This HOUSE is STUPID! Why is it not ok to keep Dominic, particularly for Brenchel who is HOH right now. Dani and Dominic have told Brenchel and rumors have spread throughout the house that Dom/Dani is after JJ, not Brenchel. So how does keeping Adam benefit Brenchel, ever? Let Dominic stay so he and Dani can get Jeff out for you. How can Brendon be soooo dumb? I can see right thru Rachel, I know she wants to keep Dominic, she is just being controlled by big dumbo Brendon. So what if you have to compete against Dom/Dani down the road, you don’t even know if they’ll make it that far, but what you do know is that they want Jeff out first, NOT you. So again, why in the heck is getting rid of Dominic good for Brenchel. The way I see it, it is good for JJ, not Brenchel.

    Also, what was wrong with backdooring JJ and voting Jeff out. Everyone keeps saying that if they do that, Brenchel will be huge targets in the house. My question is who would be coming after them if they did that,…Adam?…Shelly?…Lawon?….Kalia?…Jordan? Anyone that is afraid of these people deserves to lose. What a bunch of idiots. Brendon has to be one of the dumbest people I have seen on BB. I thought Jessie was, but Brendon has proved me wrong.

    If Dominic goes this week, which it is looking like he is, the big 4 will be so unstoppable. How can Dani go after them alone? This game is already over before it’s ended.

    Oh and Brendon and Jeff are a bunch of bullies. Tired of watching them walk around drunk with power.

      1. Sure the big 4 will be unstoppable, but my point is that Rachel and Brendon will likely lose against Jeff and Jordan. My guess is at least one of them Jordan or Jeff would make it to final two, whether it’s Brendon or Rachel sitting next to that person, Brenchel would lose. So, it would be better for Brenchel to make a power shift right now to make sure they’re next to somebody they can win against, which is likely each other or possibly Dani at this point.

  14. Now I want to talk about Dani. Lots of people are being hard on her for her game play, but I think there is nothing wrong with what she did. I think that both the couples are pointing the finger at Dani for all the backdooring talk to avoid fighting each other at this point. Both couples B/R and JJ are guilty of wanting to backdoor the other. They are both playing dumb now because they are too scared to come out with the truth.

    Although Dani does benefit from Jeff being gone and Dominic staying, why does her benefit mean it doesn’t also benefit B/R. I don’t get it. B/R also benefit because with Jeff being gone, everyone will now only fear B/R. So, everyone will gravitate to them. B/R and DD could get out the floaters and sail right to the end. I do believe Dom/Dani would have worked with B/R to final 4 because they would rather sit against them in final 2 since everyone hates them so much.

    My final thought is why can’t Dani have a partner too? JJ and B/R have partners. How fair is it that they make it to final 5 and Dani doesn’t have anyone fighting with her but everyone else has someone fighting with them. I wouldn’t want to take that deal either. So, in my mind, Dani is doing the right thing. I so hope she wins HOH this week and gets one of the vets out. I would love to see both JJ and B/R suck up to her and explain their behavior this past week.

    1. I’m with you on this Sonya. I think taking out Jeff would benefit BR. Dani has every interest in working with them but they’ll never see that. She knows working with BR is in her best interest and it also benefits them. Why can’t they see that they have no newbies aligned with them but JJ have TONS of support? I honestly think Rachel sees the big picture but she doesn’t wanna go against Brendon. Rachel actually thinks more logically than Brendon. She knows a BRDD alliance would benefit them more and be stronger than a BRJJ alliance

  15. Only the strong survive. Who cares if someone is”bullying” others. Either stand up and fight or get squashed like a pussy. GO J/J!!! Keep doing and saying what you want..

  16. As much as everyone wants to bitch and moan that they don’t like B/R and J/J the fact of the matter is that they are what’s bringing in the rating. Yeah there are a lot of people who can’t stand them but there are a lot more people who can. And that’s just how the cookie crumbles! CBS knows this and so they are doing what they need to do to get paid PERIOD.

  17. The entire house is full of a bunch of wimps if they allow single digit IQ Jeff to bully them. He hasn’t done anything to even deserve being in the game. If Dom has any self-respect left, he’d tell all of them to go to hell. His fate is already sealed, no point in going around groveling or even participating in a stupid house meeting.

    They have a group of idiots who are so afraid of the vets, that they (the vets) don’t even try to cajole them into do anything. They just outright TELL them what they should do and like good little doggies, they run off and do it. Once they get Dani out, each one of these idiots are going to be picked off every week.

    1. Completely agree, there are too many idiots in the house this season. BB may have to intervene because I can’t see how the big 4 won’t make it to finals.

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