Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff and Brendon want to bring Dani up to the HOH room and confront her after the POV ceremony..

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11:20am Dani and Dominic are in the HaveNot room. Dani is telling Dominic all about the fight she just had with Brendon. Dominic says that he thinks the nominations are staying the same. Dani tells Dominic she realizes that she has been playing too smart and that she needs to dumb herself down. Dani said she doesn’t get why everyone likes Jeff he’s an ********. Dominic says he’s calling his girlfriend stupid. Dominic says that he’s bipolar. Dani ask Dominic if he can get Lawon’s vote. Dominic says he can and that the votes will be a tie. Dani tells Dominic that he needs to go and tell Brendon and Rachel that you’re not going after Jeff even if you can…

11:30amUp in the HOH room are Brendon and Jeff talking. Brendon tells Jeff that he was just up here getting into it with Dani. Jeff asks really?! Brendon says yeah .. that she was up here freaking out about how we told her to work with Dominic and now we are basically screwing her over. Jeff talks about all the signs he has been seeing from the other houseguests talking and plotting. Brendon and Jeff talk about how they need to get all five of them up in the HOH room and all talk this out. Jeff says that he is ready to draw lines. Brendon says that he is not going to tip toe around this. Brendon says that they all stay up late at night talking. Brendon starts talking about Dani again saying that she said that she made it farther in the game than he did.

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11:55am Jeff says that Dani BLANKĀ Dominic …he was going to keep Dominic …but she made the worst move ever to try and pit us against each other. Jeff says that Dani better be America’s player ..because that is the only thing that can explain what shes doing. Jeff says try and get me out …I’m a crappy player …why get me out?! Brendon says that he was going to keep Dominic too. Jeff says yeah because he has heart.. Jeff says that he set Dominic up with a question when Cassi was going up on the block. Jeff says that he asked who Dominic would vote out Cassi or Shelly? Jeff says that he knew Dominic and Cassi were close and that Dominic says that he would send Cassi home. Jeff says that he knew he was just feeding him BLANKĀ at that point. Jeff and Brendon talk about bringing up Dani to the HOH room and confront her. Jeff says that he wants to see her get heated and to see what she will say. Brendon says that they need to see if we can get her to still work with us but that we won’t trust her ever again. Brendon talks about how he told Dani that Dominic is a stranger and she is aligning with him over them. Brendon tells Jeff that Dani said she’s only met Rachel once in Vegas and that Rachel is a stranger to her. Jeff says strangers? ..we were all together crying the first week. Brendon says that he hopes Dick is watching and thinking what stupid moves Dani is making. Big Brother calls Brendon to the diary room. Brendon asks can anyone tell me if its pickup or …??? Right then Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen… looks like the POV ceremony is happening right now…
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12:40pm The live feeds are still showing TRIVIA..

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Bye Bye Dom LOL…


I think Dani will cry soon


I hope that Jeff does lose it on Dani. Her plan to get BR and JJ to turn on each other really screwed her game up. I really liked Dani from her season (even though it was her dad that got her to the end) she was still a good player but this year I don’t think she is thinking that people will end up talking and putting 2 and 2 together. Well her only chance now is to either win the HOH or POV..lets see if she can stay in the game.


Oh for a good ole’ Double Eviction. That could be the Twist that Julie madee a reference to last week…. hmmmmmmmm


I cant see it becuase we already lost a week with ED leaving early… if anything someone would be coming back


no double they have to make up a week because dick left so if anything they are probably gonna bring a HG back


Well Dani its looking like you seriously screwed yourself! I hope you can still bounce back from this!!


I think Brendon and Jeff are playing this out very badly. I agree that Dani moved too fast but its certainly not good for either Brendon or Jeff to let her know that they are wise to what she was up to. She will win HOH at some point so why have done all this? It seems like very bad game play on their part. Even if she doesn’t ever win HOH, again, why have her hating them? It just seems overplayed on all sides.


brendon is such a loser god I can’t wait to see him get played later in the game just like last year. He thinks he’s a power player and the only thing giving him control is his girlfriend winning HOH’s. we’ll all see him revert back to his whiney self when hes got pressure on him.


to be fair, Rachel hasnt done much either… both times she won HOH they were handed to her… once by Dani, and again last week by Brendon….I would love to see Jordan put her angry face on (LOL) and nom Rach and Bren…. that would be awesome


Bye bye Dom!


Trivia right now.. it’s going to be a madhouse once the POV ceremony is over


Hope the twist is that 1 of the 3 evicted houseguests come back (Keith, Cassi & soon to be evicted Dom) Hope Dom comes back.. He got screwed by Dani…


And Cassi didnt? Dom made his own bed a couple of times…. Cassi was just pretty, therefore Rachel wanted her gone…. I think Cassi should come back


Would love it if either Dom or Cassi came back. Rachel would want to DIE…..especially knowing that she probably saw her goodbye message and would be in her sights!!


Also, Brendon is SUCH a douche.


Why is everyone hatin on Jeff? It was disappointing to see him screwed in his season and I would love to see him get it this time around.


Jeff is an ass this season. I liked him in his season but obviously his perceived power doesn’t do his ego any favors. He’s been awful to Jordan and everybody else.


Damn Dom going home yo. Now I have no choice but to root for Dani/Adam, but looks like they both be going home soon enough. After that I don’t give a shit who wins.


Dani needs T.O. little spoiled brat when things dont go her way.
Didn’t like her in season eight and never will.
never trust a Donato, pleaselord I hope she takes an L
on thurs in the hoh comp.


I dont understand why everyone is so down on Dani. Dont get me wrong, I HATED her when she was on the other season. But who can blame her for trying to create a rift between Brenchel and JJ? Maybe she should have been more shrewed and/or patient with her tactics, but she has to realize that when it gets to final 6 or 7 that it would cross their (BRJJ) minds to send dani packing. She had to align with one of the newbies…….she still can when Dom is gone. I think her only chance is to get Adam and/or Kalia on her side….more likely Adam since he was such a big fan of Evil Dick.


A Dani/Adam combo might work socially, but lunchbox can’t win comps. Dani can, but that is hit or miss with her. She can’t use the dude for brawn, just pawn. The house is getting thin though and pawns are going to be in short supply after this week. Like I said, if Cassi comes back (can she? She’s not in sequester). She and Dani have to team-up, but Cassi HAS to use that hot body of her’s to WIN COMPS! If both can manage to stay off slop and practice mental challenges, they could easily get POV adn maybe an HOH-THAT is the week Brenchel gets split apart. (Unless production brings one of them back, which they did last season.)


But yeah, Dani is the only player in this house that I’m truly rooting for. I thought it would be Jorjeff, but Jeff is SUCH a BLANK and I really don’t like his attitude anymore. Jordan I am almost feeling sorry for because she has to put up with him and Brenchel (well, she FEELS she has to).


Where do you gather that Cassi is not in sequester? All interviews I’ve seen are text interviews with websites re-wording questions but Cassi’s answers being pretty much exactly the same, word for word, verbatim.


That’s just it, I don’t know for certain if she is. Hopefully so IMHO. That means she would be allowed to re-enter the game if Production wants to play it that way.


See, that’s problem with Brenchel. They borderline cheat on comps. Say if one of them waas I dunno, blindfolded in a game, then the other one will shout “Left!, Right!” or something like that. Point is, they (even last year) had that fricken advantage. Production obviously allows it. Hell, they probably encourage it. Jeff and Jordan don’t seem to do that. As a matter of fact, Jeff acts like a little bitch during comps and his girl takes the brunt of it sometimes. You know out Bredon, and Rachel is useless except for Quizzes (which we all suspect are already rigged in their favor). It’s like “I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 10.” Guess what? Rachel always just so manages to hit the nail on the head. WTF??? They should limit quizzes to stone-hard fact. “How many plants are in this room” or “who won such and such last competition.” That subjective shit is too easily rigged.


I agree, all that they would have to do is take something that Rachel heard or said, make some kind of question out of it, and voila, the bitch is HOH again.


HAHAHA! Too true!


Jeff (the name caller) & Brendon (the noodle) ARE THE 2 DUMBEST Big Brother players in history!!!


So no one can talk strategy aside from BRJJ? I love how they’re absolutely LIVID when someone else is even suspected of talking about the game. I guess anyone not in the ivory tower isn’t allowed to have a thought that differs from them.


This is why you don’t play to strong to early. Sometimes I have to remind myself what week it is because the game play is so strong so early! Everyone slow down!


You are right on the money with your observations. I would rather shave my eyebrows off than see Brenchel win … but that gameplay that included Dom and Dani (with the two of them) would have been a smart game play … and you know they were down for it. Jeff is looking like an ass right now, he needs to shut his jaws and let Brenden be the dick we all know he is.


Why does everyone think Cassie coming back means she’s going to do something. I think she wouldn’t do shlt if she came back but maybe have a mini disagreement with Rachel. That so-called fight everyone talks about they had was crap. If you think that was a fight, maybe you need to try going to a city school. In my opinion, Dom needs to stay. I think if he could, some trouble would be stirred up and the power may be shifted. But Cassie, sorry guys, this is the same person that winked at Shelly because they threw the first comp. What a bunch of idiots.