Big Brother Spoilers: POV Ceremony is happening right now.. *Updated* Brendon is on the BLOCK!

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10:35am – 10:45am Porsche, Dani, Shelly and Adam are in the backyard talking on the couch. Porsche tells Dani that she is going to move into the metal bedroom so that there is less of a chance that she will get stabbed. Dani laughs. Rachel and Brendon come out. Dani compliments Rachel on her top. Rachel says that its supposed to be a dress. Dani says yeah for your vagina to hangout! The conversation changes to talking about Dominic and asking about his girlfriend outside the house. Dani tells a story about how these big tattooed guys came up to her and said that they watched her while they were in prison. Brendon tells a similar story about people recognizing Rachel and him from watching them in prison. Dani asks is that all they get to watch in prison ..big brother and Jerry Springer? Big Brother then cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen … looks like the Power of Veto Ceremony is happening…
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11:45am When the live feeds come back from TRIVIA, Brendon and Rachel are in the HaveNot room talking about how Brendon is on the block. Brendon says that Porsche voted for him once before and maybe she will again. Rachel says that she doesn’t want to make any deals that she can’t keep. Brendon says that Shelly is so cocky and that she was staring him down. Brendon says that it is what it is and we accept the things that we can’t change. Rachel asks what do we do about Jeff. Brendon says that he doesn’t even want to think that he would vote for Shelly. Rachel says that if they did that they would be on my number one hit list. Brendon says yeah if they do that they you need to work with Dani. Brendon tells her that she needs to be able to keep control of her emotions … you can do this on your own. Rachel says no I can’t I don’t want to …I don’t want to do it without you just make everything better. Brendon says if I go I want you to go out there and kick ass and win the HOH ..If I was here and you weren’t I would go out there and destroy them ..use all my anger and just destroy them!!

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289 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: POV Ceremony is happening right now.. *Updated* Brendon is on the BLOCK!

      1. Dani is all about having blood on her hands. She was totally alright with Brenchel nominating, and evicting Jeff… but when it comes to her she doesn’t want to do it… Hunny… Jeff will not vote for you no matter WHAT!

        1. Dani is gone next week if JJSAR wins HOH and she doesn’t win POV. You heard it here first.

          Another stupid move by Dani.

          1. Dani should make sure JJ knows EVERYTHING BR has been saying about them and how badly they threw them under the bus. Say goodbye to the BRJJ alliance.

            1. What does it matter if Dani tells JJ what BR said. Brendon is going to jury. It won’t do anything. Dani doesn’t realize it but she really made a bad move putting Brendon up. She and her crew will not get Jeff out without Brendon.

            2. name says J/J has been throwing B/R UNDER THE BUS FROM DAY ONE!! can on hope that alot of people are watching after dark or has the live feed… jorden gives new strength to the words dum as a blonde… and wow… can she be fowl and mean… with a wee bit of evil… sickening how when this whole group have nothing to say they all move in to bash BR… give it a rest its old… those talking about BR being so imature.. the condom bit.. what is that? well if brendon go.. dani will be right behind…

    1. BR aren’t going to fight with JJ unless Jeff tells them he can’t vote against the house. Otherwise, JEFF just might vote to keep B. But, if Dani tells him about BR throwing JJ under the bus over the past 2 days, then Dani gets her wish and B is gone. DANI should tell JJ to finish the backdoor.

      1. BR could always deny they would have keep Danni even if she put someone else other than Brandon on the block.

        Best strategy for Rachel now if to keep alliance with JJSA and take out DKP, hoping or even throwing a few HOH hoping each side take out each other until it’s JJR left.


    2. I love Dani! I think she is so balsy. She does what every one in the house is thinking. I love that she doesnt bow doesnt bow down to anybody. I think she will be in this game until the end. She is a great competitor. Everyone thought the move she made to backdoor jeff earlier in game was a bad move too…haha and now look at her. She has everyone begging for her to nominate them. Everyone wants to be on her side. She will def be hard to get out of the house.

      1. Dani doesn’t have any balls. She begged BR to backdoor Jeff. She made Kalia put Jeff and Rachel on the block. So, it is quite obvious that Jeff is who she really wants out, but it seems that she doesn’t want to be the person to do it. She wants someone else to do it. My question is who out of the people left after Brendon leaves, will put Big Jeff up. My guess is no one. Dani just handed $500K to Jeff, simply because she has NO balls.

      2. DANI is my favorite player in the house too. i like people that stand on their own and doesnt just follow the crowd like a mindless zombie. she doesnt take any crap from anyone. of course she probably has made some bad choices but this is a game and you have to make moves. sometimes they pay off and sometimes they dont. its better than BRJJ’s “i dont like you so you have to go” strategy. and she is far from ugly. jordan is cute and sweet looking but she is BLAH. same thing all the time. DANI is edgy looking and i like her style. im a female and i like guys but i do have eyes and dani is the sexiest female on that show. i hope she make to at least the final two. p.s. i dont think shes bossing Kalia around, she is just doing what she has to do to get them farther in the game. the only bad thing about sending BRJJ to the jury house is that theyll be on that whole “i dont like you so im not voting for you” trip. PETTY ASS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! GO DANI GO DANI GO DANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I am so proud of Adam for winning the POV. But him and Shelly have to wise up to J&J. Beause nothing is working and more newbies for votes are going out the door. It is like a slow picking and pruning until the veterans have power. I want BorR gone. They have this false sense of entitlement that is driving me nuts. Like I am a celebrity, you have to cater to me type thinking.

    1. You don’t think Jeff nd Jordan aren’t the same. soon as they hear that there may be a possibility that they could be on the block. They are concerned about being split up in all honesty did they really believe that at sometime in the no one was going to come after them at all. I personally think its awfully hypocritical for BR and JJ to think that they would never get split up but they would be quick to split up anybody else who seem to be working as a “team”

    1. Too late, Brendon’s back on the block. They should get him a custom made chair just for

      I really would’ve preferred Jeff going up as he needs to be knocked down to reality,but I think Dani didn’t think she could get B/R to honor their deal with her. They flipped on her before, so she’s gun-shy with those two.

      She can’t make all the enemies. Porsche needs to step up her game and get the next HOH so she can nominate Jeff. Not gonna happen though. My prediction is somebody like Adam or Shelly wins next HOH and Jeff becomes their puppetmaster to get Kalia and Porsche on the block with plans to backdoor Dani.

    1. You do not trust people who talk too much and BR talked too much I LOVE IT DANI STUCK IT RIGHT IN CBS ASS FOR FIXING THE VOTE If they had more integrity they would have been fair about the vote and we would not have lost a whole week they SUCK DANI DID THE RIGHT THING SHE KNOWS CBS SCREWED DOM kuutows to Dani

  2. Please backdoor B or R—hate them!!! It’s always a poor me SAP story!!!!! I am not a Dani lover either!! I just hope she makes a smart move and gets ride of the power couple ASAP!! They would do anything to keep themselves safe, and throw whoever they can under the bus!!!!!! Go J&J!!

  3. send home sss. whats up with her dr last night on the cbs edit. i thought the hg are suppose to be real in the dr. she’s tryin to straight shoot us! wtf

        1. I said the same thing…she actually believes that she is a strait shooter…isn’t that referred to as a pathological liar? She it’s just as messed up as rachel

  4. Brendan or Jeff will both work. Nobody is coming back. She cant trust either of them. Brendan is a stronger player & she will basically be getting rid of Rachel too cuz she will lose it. So she wins either way.

          1. Do people sign a waiver at the door of the BB house and basically receive fckn lobotomies???? No words except get Shelly THE FCK OUT!!!! NOW!!!! Dani, grab your puss-puss back! I had such HIGH HOPES for U this week after the whole Kalia debacle last week..! Is production THAT much in your pants giving you I ages of sugar canes dancing in your FCKN head! You aren’t THAT dumb! There has to be a “Puppetmaster” working your strings of life baby Cuz U R so much smarter then this!!!!

            1. I don’t understand why this is such a stupid move on Dani’s part. I’m happy Jeff isn’t up, but regardless, what is the issue. She cannot trust Brendon and Rachel, they are wishy washy. They change their minds at the drop of a hat. I’m assuming that’s what Dani figures and would rather get Brendon out to make Rachel useless again. I wouldn’t trust a thing they were saying. Smart move on her part…

  5. Dani, if you put up Brendon instead of Jeff then your ass better be prepared to leave next week. I’m so tired of defending her stupid game moves that don’t make any sense. She needs to work with BR because their all in the same boat being targeted. Why can’t she understand that JJSA will put her up the first chance they get like wtf??? If she puts Brendon up then oh well. I won’t even be sad because she had the opportunity to make a huge game move, have a side alliance with BR, along with PK, and actually play the game but chose to be a pussy because she didn’t want Jeff and Jordan to get “mad” at her. Its too damn late for that bs like wtf!!! I’m so pissed. Dani does deserves to go home if she starts acting like a coward and stops making logical game moves that will benefit her game. Team dani for now!!!

    1. I’m tellin ya, Dani won’t go home next week unless Rachel wins HOH. I think Jeff is far more likely to go after Kalia, Porsche, and/or Rachel than Dani at the moment.

      1. If Jeff wins HOH next week, Dani is as good as gone. JJSA recognize that Porsche isn’t a threat. Either DK will go up or PK will and Dani get backdoored if she doesn’t win POV. If Dani goes up, she is going home – everyone thinks she is running the game and she is a WAY bigger threat than Kalia. After this week JJSA have the votes to run the game either way. It was stupid of Dani to decide not to work with BR – it was her best shot in the game.

    2. She’s not putting Brendon up because she doesn’t want J/J to be mad at her. She’s doing it because she believes all 6 (JJSABR) will try to get her out. Since all 6 want her out, she might as well get rid of the strongest competitor so that K/P have a better shot at winning HOH. Your right that her best game move would be to put work with B/R but I can understand why she feels she can’t trust them. She is not doing it to make J/J happy.

      1. Agreed. Not to mention that chances are Rachel will be so annoyingly out of control after B leaves that people might be tempted to evict her next week just so they won’t have to deal with her…

    3. Nina – i have to agree with you. Up until B returned, I couldn’timagine thinking that D should get rid of Jeff before first getting out BR. However, I get the feeling from BR’s talks with D, since B’s return, that they are legit in their desire to work with D. BR have finally figured out that JJ have tighter alliance with SA, all four of whom are not as strong (team wise) as BRD would and have been. It should be interesting to see what exactly D does regarding a replacement nominee for A.


      1. Be prepared for turbulence ahead. Dani is gonna find herself in big trouble next week. She had better start trying to cozy up to Rachel asap because the power goes to the middle next week (Shelly or Adam). Definitely not to Porsche or Kalia.

  6. Leave it to Rachel to wear a dress that’s so short it’s mistaken for a top. Sheesh. Anyway, can’t wait to see the insanity that occurs between today and Thursday after Brendon goes up. You’re going to have B&R running around desperate, and then arrogantly thinking they have the votes. They’re so dumb they’ll think that the people they threw under the bus will have their back (J&J) along with Adam, and maybe even Porsche. So clueless! Brendon will get one vote and one vote alone: Rachel’s. SEE YA B!

    1. Choosing Brendan was the best move Danni could make. Go team Danni! No matter what she does, she’ll be a target. Might as well make a bold move now and break up a couple.

    1. I recently started to see it that way as well. I think getting out Jeff would be the smarter strategic move for D right now (details why listed below). Time will tell though.

    2. dani is making a big flop by putting up brandon she should have taken the deal and why does every body feel jordan cant be put up she won last year get a grip people jj are for them selves and SHELLY IS A BIG LIAR

  7. Even if she had that side alliance with BR, THEY WOULD STILL GET HER OUT NEXT WEEK regardless, thats how stupid u guys are saying that she should backdoor Jeff. If she gets Brendon out, then thats the perfect move cause Rachel will be out as well and then she’ll have P and K to win HoH cause JJSA alliance haven’t won HoH in 3-4 weeks. Even if they do win HoH, Dani can play for Veto, even if she doesnt get nominated she has the veto ticket to play so regardless she’ll be safe if she wins POV

    1. People who insult others in an argument usually do so when they do not have points…just my observations in life.

      I dislike BR personally, but it makes sense for them to team up with DKP. If Jeff or Shelly goes home, that would make a 5-3 split in the house with a solid alliance between BRDK+P, all of whom have either won HOH, POV or have done well in comps. The other side would have JAS. Jordan was given her HOH because Brendon and Jeff threw it, Adam is a contender, Jeff is out for himself and will only win if it benefits him directly and Shelly is useless… and nobody on either side trusts her.

      The decision to put up Jeff is obvious.

      If she puts up Brendon, she will go home next week.

      1. The problem is, you wouldn’t have a solid alliance. There will never be enough trust between BR and DKP to have a successful alliance. It’s wishful thinking.

        1. There will never be a trust between JJ and DKP either. Jeff already stated even last night, that he will backdoor Dani any chance he gets. So, she should’ve taken the deal with BR because at least if she doesn’t trust them, people don’t seem afraid to put BR on the block. The whole house is afraid of putting JJ up. So, how does getting rid of Brendon help her. I don’t understand how JJ never talks to HOH before nominations and never have to stress about going on the block. This is ridiculous.

      2. DANI aint going nowhere she did the right thing never make deals with the devil LOOK at how well the house gets along when BR are not around after they are gone it will be all about game not co-dependence animosity and hate and just plan disgusting behavior

        1. There is nothing but hate and disgust in this house even when Brendon was gone. With B gone, nothing changed. All the house does is talk shit about BR all freakin day. If Rachel leaves, they will talk shit about BR all day. It doesn’t matter who’s there, BR will always be center of attention. It’s bullshit. I assume you’re another person stuck up JJ’s ass.

    2. I would have agreed with you prior to B’s return; that D should always have gotten B, then R out and, in that order, over Jeff. However, R was pissed with JJAS when B left and realized she was the odd man out of that alliance and B seems to have done some reevaluating when he got booted and when he returned. I think now that getting Jeff out ahead of BR might have it’s advantages. I’m going to repeat what I said earlier, which is that as much as I’d love to see D break up the nauseating, codependent couple of BR by backdooring one of them, if she puts up Jeff, and manages to get the votes to actually send him out, it would mean:
      1) The JJAS alliance would be one man down and since Jordan is the weaker of JJ, S & A might realign with DKP = good for Team Dani
      2) BR would figure D had honoured their deal and “think” she’s now working with them = good for Team Dani
      3) The JJBR alliance would be one man down and, given #2 (above), would be more than likely over = good for Team Dani

      1. The JJSA 4 -some will swallow Dani as soon as one of them wins HOH. So unless she wins POV next week or K or P win HOH, she’s in deep shit. Jeff has had Dani as his #1 mark for a long time. Dani made some bad moves this season and got away with it, but this time it will likely cost her the game.

        I would also assume that Rachel will not have any more motivation to work with Dani after this, so the 4 may become 5 against D/K/P. If Dani is on the block next week, Rachel will vote with the 4.

        Only move to keep Dani safe and covered on offense and defense would have been to work with BR, since BR would remain targets and they’re good in competitions. KP are useless.

        I think Shelly (her lies and her personal bashing of everyone other than Jordan) is my most hated player the last few seasons.

    3. What about the votes, for crying out loud? BR: 2 ppl? Jeff: 4ppl i.e. J, J, S, A. Winning HOH and POV isn’t the only factor in this game. What’s the point of winning HOH if people aren’t gonna vote to evict the person you wanna evict? Doesn’t matter how many HOH DKP win: they’re are down one man and they don’t have the votes. Does Jeff seem worried to you? He said it: “We control the votes.”

  8. this is the game changer for dani. period

    you must put jeff up, and use B R to vote him out. Jordan will then BREAK…she will then go to shelly further drawing a line in the sand. you take out jordan after that

    if dani takes out brenden

    jeff will be coming after her next week regardless

    if she takes out jeff, brenden would target IMO, Kalia and Shelly. if im Dani, I take this deal, I eventually use shelly to get rid of one of B and R, then I take B or R with me to F2

  9. Yeah Dani, Take the deal. When Brendon/Rachel accept the deal. They will backdoor you and go to Jury House. So, Better use the POV ticket because this will be your last.

  10. Getting rid of Brendon only pisses off Rachel….Ridding Jeff will turn the house against her. Rachel’s actions will then attract all the negative attention. I would not apologize to Rachel, but put the spin in her head that she can now go have “alone” time with Brendon for a whole week. Remind her that she’s alone now and she has no alliance, you might as well go be with your knight and shinning “amor” (spanish for love). So that would give Dani another shot for HOH.

  11. Dani you’re really dumb if you backdoor Brendon… take the freakin deal and put Jeff up.. she’s such a HORRIBLE player

  12. Which ever way Dani decides it makes her next week’s target. Her end game is going to determine the selection. Go Team Dani.

  13. Oh this is such a boring week, send Rachel, Brendon, Kalia, Jeff, Jordan, Shelly home and lets just award Dani the win now. She’s the obvious choice us robot viewers are supposed to choose. Could care less who goes home as long as she eventually does (without the money), doubt she will though short of some miraculous medical issue.

    Oh come on god/nature/whoever give Dani scurvy, rabbits’ fever, disentary… anything to get her out of there.

    1. Why do people always jump to the “just give (insert name here) the money now” conclusion? People were saying that about JJ the past couple of weeks and now it’s onto Dani. Obviously, if people are changing who they’re saying that about, the game is changing enough.

      Also… have you been playing Oregon Trail?

    2. hating someone is one thing, teasing them in another but wishing medical problems on them? WOW man it’s not that serious.

  14. No, Brendon and Rachel know once Dani is gone that they’re the next targets in the house so keeping Dani would benefit their game. She’s almost like a shield for them. All 3 of them are competitors, if they get Jeff out, the JJSA alliance is done. Adam will leave because Jordan isn’t strong and Shelly knows she would have to switch. BR know they would have to honor this deal because their in the same boat. JJ will float to the end while BR get blood on their hands and BR doesnt want to deal with that bs anymore. Dani would be smart to get rid of the head of the top alliance on the house. She could be back on top by making this move. There is no point in trying to win this game with Kalia and Porshe at ALL. And fighting the whole house by yourself is stupid.

  15. I wanted Dani to takeout Jeff and work with BR. I think Dani knows that BR will not vote out Jeff over Shelly. So either way Dani loses. Im so annoyed because i really want Dani to win and she has no one good to work with. As annoying as BR are I think they are the best players in the house (besides Dani). Dani knows at the end of the day she cannot trust BR. Kalia and Porsche better step it up for HOH next week. I cant believe Dani even has to rely on those two for her safety. I really get America’s love affair with Jordan, but I will be highly upset if she wins this game. She puts no effort into this game. Someone should not win $500,000 a second time because they are a nice person or pretty. She is getting a free ride and I am so annoyed about it. I admit BRenchal maybe the most annoying people on the planet but atleast they play the game. TEAM DANI YOOO!

    1. I agree with you LB17. I thought the meet BR had with Dani was just a lot of garbage. As much as I’d like to see Jeff leave, I also think that BR would go to JJ and say, “Don’t worry Big Jeff, we got your back!”. It would benefit BR the most, not Dani; who’d end up with a pissed off Jeff still in the house. I dont even think Dani figures Shelly into the game equation. If final two is either JJ, Shelly the psycho is gonna vote for them. But, if neither one is up, then I think Shelly would be inclined to favor Dani if she was sitting next to Porshe, Kalia, or Rachel. Dani is treating Shelly with kid gloves now because I think she realizes that Shelly could be very damaging in the JH. I do think that if Brendan goes up, he’ll have Jeff, Jordan’s, Rachel, and Adam will do anything Big Jeff tells him to.

    2. While I agree putting up Brendon is not the most optimum solution for Dani’s game, I don’t think it’s the disaster many of us think it is. She had a slim chance of getting Jeff out but a slightly better chance to get Brendon out. Unfortunately,it’s gonna be an uphill battle here on in to get Jeff since Shelly the snake will continue to run interference and Adam will keep being the upset vote against Team Dani.

      Dani has more confidence in her ability/game play than Kalia,so I think she’ll be fine.She’ll avert the disaster but it’s gonna be a cringe worthy couple of weeks before we see if she survives.

  16. Question: I watched BBAD last night and after BR had their long talk with D up in the HOH room, I didn’t see (nor read on any of Simon or Dawg’s posts) that D discussed her conversation with K & P. Is the true or did I miss it? From what I’ve seen & read, D is really playing it close to the vest. B or J, I am still not sure who D is putting up. Anyone??

    1. I think any answer is pure speculation on any of our parts right now. Dani is definitely keeping things on the d/l for this one, content to just take in all of the info an decipher it as best she can. Her not telling Kalia or Porshe may bode well for her keeping Brenden. That would be a sick alliance if they keep it quiet.

    2. Note this post, Dani is done. She proclaims the love of “Big Moves” and she just missed one. Jeff’s odds of winning just doubled.

    3. It’s too bad. Dani put Brendon up and I think that was a bad move. Jeff was the one she needed to go. Maybe her dad really is the best game player. What if Shelly goes and she is still left with Brendon. It is all over.

      1. I have to agree. D missed a golden opportunity to get Jeff out. I can only that she wasn’t certain she could trust BR and what they were telling her about wanting to be aligned with her. If JJA vote to keep S, instead of B, then R would more than likely realign with DKP, as this would have to prove once & for all to BR, that JJSA had a stronger alliance than JJBR did. Question is: will JJA vote out B or useless S???

  17. America’s love affair with Jordan? LOL not at all. Nothing comes even close to the way Dani is being pushed.

    You do realize that a majority of posts here are pro Dani fans that drool over everything she does. Dani is the one all robot viewers are SUPPOSED to root for. Everything is how will Dani deal with this, oh she has it so hard with getting 4 free weeks because of who her father is, oh boo hoo lets all root for Dani. I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Dani.

    1. Dani has only been getting a lot of TV time the past three weeks because she’s either been in power or been in power by proxy. Of course the TV show is going to focus on “what will Dani do?” because these are Dani’s decisions to make as HOH.

      The first three weeks of the season were primarily focused on BRJJ. The feeds still focus more on them than anyone else in the house. CBS wasted filler on Sunday’s show getting across how adorably ditzy Jordan is with that mock job interview with Shelly rather than filling that time with that house meeting where Shelly was called out (which would have been much more relevant to the game and better TV). CBS edits out all the shitty things Jeff says to Jordan but keep in a lot of the shitty things Brendon says to Rachel.

      Please save the whole “CBS is pushing Dani to be America’s favorite” diatrbie when CBS has been editing Jeff and Jordan to look like America’s Sweethearts again this season.

    1. You mean Jeff is gonna bully the next HOH winner to put up Dani. Jeff doesn’t win. He gets super powers from Production. Which should be coming around soon.

  18. Are you people insane? You CAN’T TRUST BR PERIOD!!!

    How can you trust people that are suppose to be in a alliance with JJ and they are throwing them under the bus, Danielle CAN”T trust either of them she might as well take out Brenda she’s good at comps and has the best chance of winning HOH.

    1. I don’t understand this logic. BR are not more loyal. Jeff and Jordan have been with Shelly this whole time. If they vote her out, then yes they are not loyal and yes they are stupid! I’m hoping they vote out Brendon though. If they only knew the things BR were saying behind their backs. Rachel is feeding Brendon lies up the wazzoo saying how she was alone when he left. JJ had her back, but just because Jeff took himself off the block, they were not helping her? WTF he’s not going to take her off over himself!

    2. To be fair you should mention that the reason Jeff back-doored Russel because he was worried that Russel would back-door him, which Russel said in the DR he would do. Bottom line is that no one’s word is good in the BB house and anyone who cries about people lying shouldn’t watch or be in this game.

      1. Actually Jeff said it had nothing to do with that. He said that he got rid of Russel simply because he wanted to, it wasn’t game or strategic.

    3. There is a definite difference in the scenarios that every one is giving……Brendone and RacHell are more annoying and dramatic than last year! She is a loose canon and he is a major control freak. She is the most narcissistic person in the house, so much so that she sucks the air out of the room. Brendone has all these brains in his head yet he cant focus one brain cell to see that RacHell is his achilles heel. Her death staring the other houseguests having a psychiatrist called in to evaluate her come on its like they are on suicide watch babysitting her. So when everyone talks abut BR’s gameplay, its non existent, because all the outbursts childishness and their inability to recognize that their make-out sessions within feet of others is INAPPROPRIATE!! So yes get rid of him, and hope she self destructs. This is Damni’s best move for her and for all the houseguests.

      1. What do any of your comments have to do with the game. If we’re talking game, Dani should have stuck with BR. They would have went to bat for her in competitions. JJ won’t do anything for Dani. I think Dani sealed her fate in this game. She will be going to jury very soon.

    4. How can you honestly think BR are more loyal than JJ?

      Brendan and Rachel have been stabbing JJ in the back all week long going up to Dani and discussing backdooring Jeff. How is that loyal?

      JJ at least think they have BR on their side and have never strayed away from Shelly even though that is a dumb move.

      Calling BR loyal is like a pot calling the kettle black!

      1. WTF Have you been watching the feed?? After Daniele won her first HOH and Brendon was voted out…and Rachel was crying, Jordan said to Shelly she was DONE with Rachel.. they’re just using her to beat Dani… and then they’ll evict her the week after… JJ are backstabbers.. you guys don’t understand the LOGIC..when you’re hated in the house, the only thing you’re craving for is a deal and you’ll do anything to honor it even remaining LOYAL, if I were Dani I would of taken the deal.. but she’s an idiot for not taking it.. she has this agenda to get rid of Brendon, hello b!tch you have the WHOLE house against you.. and you’re gonna rely your lifeline in this game on COWlia and Porsche?? WTF..

        and Russell NEVER said in DR he was going after Jeff.. he only said he was in an alliance with Michele, and when it came down to F4 he would of taking out Jeff not before..

  19. Am I the only person here who loves both Dani and Jeff? Obviously I’m hoping she puts up Brendan because he legitimately creeps me out and BR may honour some alliance to Dani, but to what extent? They wouldn’t try to save her. A Secret alliance works best for them because they can lie their way out of it or just drop her when she doesn’t benifit them. Maybe Dani has a chance of not being put up if she can get through to Jeff about BR’s plans, I don’t know, we’ll see.

      1. I think Dani has a plan…… I don’t think this is going down like she is making it seem. I am thinking Shelly may go home. If Dani can get P and Kalia along with rachel to vote to evict Shelly, then JJ and Adam will vote to evict Brendan. Dani gets the deciding vote and Shelly goes. Even if Dani put up Jeff I dont think she would have had the votes to evict him. If she does it this way I think she may get BR on her side. BR might be Dani’s ticket to win this game…..if it works she is BRILLIANT…..and honestly I don’t think she had much choice.
        TEAM DANI……

        1. Thank you! Not a big Dani fan, but I think that is exactly how it will go down. Gives BR an excuse to jump ship and gives JJ 2 new targets. Freakin brilliant. Or, they keep Shelly and she deserves to go home next.

    1. No Kiren – you are not the only person that love Jeff and Dani – they are my favorite two contestants.

      I would have Jeff’s baby if I could – I love everything about him.

      Dani – I just like because I do.

    2. I agree. Dani needs to talk with JJ about hoe BR threw them under the bus. She needs to join JJ, at least for now. Turning on Kalua or the car will only make JJ happy. This will give Dani a safe week for now. I think she did the right thing putting up Brendon.

    1. Are you serious you must of had a permanent seat on the little bus you are a joke i mean seriously where do yenz find these people

  20. Hahahaha…..bye,bye skyperbator,time to put Rachel in the padded room,the bitch will be crying to everybody she talked shit about all week.Hope they all laugh at her skanky butt and tell her to F-OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. They should pull a “bad girls club” move on RacHell pack her bags place them near the door and talk her into self-evicting!! That would make some great TV!! Its a win-win for everybody including RacHell…..because it will be all about her!!!

  21. Wow I guess she didn’t believe that BS that BR was spitting, I’m not gonna lie I kinda believed it could’ve worked, but with Rachel’s jealousy of everyone who doesn’t kiss her ass it’s hard to know if she sincere

    1. Hey Rockstar – are you pulling a Shelly???? Keep repeating it long enough and you will start to believe it??? hahaha I love it, girl:)))

  22. So let’s start a discussion: who has the votes to stay brendon or shelly. If brendon stays bye bye Dani bc jejo and br will be united against her. Stupid girl = dani!!!


    1. wes, worst case scenario:
      Adam, Kalia, and Porsche vote with HOH = Brendon out
      Jeff, Jordan (not knowing about the BR backstabbing), and Rachel = Shelly out
      Dani is the tie-breaker and Brendon is out

      BUT she already said she is going to use BR’s talk against them to JJ to split their “alliance” so JJ will vote against Brendon once they hear about it.
      Which means:
      Adam, Kalia, Porsche, Jeff, Jordan = Brendon out
      Rachel = Shelly out
      Now despite the fact that obviously Rach has multiple personalities, her vote only counts as one.
      No one can send Dani packing either; no one is good enough. :)

      1. Haydenfan I think there is a chance porsche or Adam might flip and seeing as how dani NEVER talks game with jejo thy won’t believe her when she talks to them. Besides if you watch the feeds you would have saw the other night that jejo both think it’s best for their game to keep brendon. Adam will bit how Jeff and Jordan do and I think if brendon and Rach offer Porsche a final 3 deal she might take it.

  23. I can’t believe we’re back to a few weeks ago. Wrong move, Dani!!! I guess Kalia served you a triple shot of the Jeff Koolaid.

  24. Votes for Brendon to stay:

    Porsche (Porsche knows that Shelly is coming after her)

    Votes for Shelly to stay


    POW ;] Good job Dani, on making (yet again) a bad decision. WOOT Team BR <3

    1. Are you just watching the CBS show? I really feel your assessment is way off. It will be 5-1 for Brenden leaving….with Rachel being the only vote he gets…maybe Porsche, but I highly doubt she feels she can afford to expose herself anymore.

    2. Could this be Dani’s plan? To make it look more real that she’s not with BR… Yet secretly knowing Shelly is going home? Good possibility….

      1. I was hoping this was the case, but unfortunately, having seen no evidence of that (she would be stupid to do it and not tell them first, at least the morning of) it looks like it is just a stupid move on Dani’s part – and probably her last move in the game.

        Her ONLY shot is willing POV next week and HOH the following week – after that, she’s gone.

    3. If Porsche goes against Dani/Kalia.. they would be pissed..
      Votes for Brendon to go
      Kalia the hut

      Votes for Shelly to go

    4. Actually the vote will like this:

      Shelly to stay:

      Brendon to stay:

      By a vote of 5-1, Brendon you have been evicted!

      1. I totally agree….just one well-placed comment by Dani (in front of everybody) about BR trying to join with her and throw Jeff under the bus (their “true” alliance HaHaHaHa) will turn everyone in the house to vote Brendan out! Bye Bye Brennnnnannnn….guess Dani is coming between Rachel and her maaaannnn again! I am not a Dani fan, but she just climbed up the respect meter in my eyes!

      1. That really makes no sense to me, since she could have done it secretly, putting up Jeff. Things can change alot on 3 days, so who knows. I hope that happens, but I highly doubt it. Maybe Shelly will blow up again and increase her “bullseye”.

        1. makes perfect sense.. that would truely show Rachel and Brandon that Jeff and Jordan have a strong alliance with Shelly… if thats the case.. it will be team Rachel/Branden against Team Jordan/Jeff Then Dani just lay low

  25. Why would she put Jeff up over Brenda though? That seemed like a “no brains required” choice, Only an idiot wouldn’t target a Evicted HGs who was just voted back in the house asap. This could bout back on her though, you know JJA will vote to keep him

  26. Anyone think of this I think Dani has the hots for brenden and if she sends him out and theres a good chance she goes next she will get some alone time with him…

    1. LOL, after witnessing his behavior, no normal woman would want to come behind Rachel unless they are just as dysfunctional. Those two are gross together so that makes him gross. You may not like her game play . But I think she has more dignity than to want Brendon. But good one.

    2. Nobody wants Brendon but Rachel and maybe Porsche, if the lighting is right and it doesn’t get back to Rachel. Dani’s playing a game for $500K,not a romp with Rachel’s Neanderthal.

  27. Dumb da dumb dumb. I wish there was a BB reunion show hosted by Julie Chen so all the HG´s can rehash the whole season and see the blatant mistakes they made. Ugggggggghhhhhh, I do not want to see J & J in the final 2. C´mon Dani! But really I think she is done. Bad move.

  28. I hope she laid it all out on the table. I hope she said something along the lines of, “you tried to make a deal with you, you threw your biggest allies, Jeff and Jordan, under the bus multiple times and then really thought I wouldn’t nominate you? That way Jeff and Jordan know the truth, which means Dani has nothing to worry about with JJ voting to keep Brendon. I want JJD to work together!!

  29. I am also a fan of both Dani and Jeff! It’s kinds weird to be rooting for one side of the house and also the other side at the same time!

  30. This is dumb, we are in a stupid circle now that the producer put him back in. Why could they not have left him out. I am tired of them making TV instead of just letting things happen normally. Rachel should have gone last week and Brendon should be already gone. We need more excitement and not all this crying drama and pettiness. I mean Dani talked Kalia out of putting Porche and Rachel up, now Lawon is gone a good vote gone. I don’t understand this mentality it is dumber than dumb. I am going to call this show the Dumb Stupid Big Brother Bunch.

  31. Dani’s only life-line now is if either K or P win HOH, or of course the POV, but if that happens then regardless she is going to lose a member of her alliance, which basically is going to break up the alliance to nothing.

  32. I don’t understand dani putting brenden on the block. i hope it doesn’t backfire in her face. seems like to me she wants to give JJ the money also, or is her target Shelly?

    1. I think her target is Shelly, with Brendan staying. JJA voting to evict Brendan drive a huge wedge between the couples, alliance over..

  33. They said the Jury is for seven people and there are nine now. So there will be a double elimination before the jury house starts. B&R need to be out before the jury house. They need no more money or TV time. They are just too bad for Big Brother. Sour grapes deluxe.

  34. DANI WHAT ARE YOU DOING? when you first came up with the idea to backdoor jeff, you said you wished you would have waited at least 2 more weeks. well now were 3 weeks later and you HAD THE CHANCE TO DO IT???!!! why on earth wouldnt you backdoor jeff?! dani seriously just ruined her chances of getting anywhere in this game. cant wait to hear what her dad has to say about it. she is just like the other news and doesnt want any blood on her hands…i hope she has a plan for this. #teamdani #getyour*ishtogether

  35. Im not sure the producers can rig the end result of a winner but something smells bad right now with Brendon being back. All is not fair in this game it is a terrible example of a reality show going bad fast.

  36. I dont think there is one person on here that knows one person in that house so stop talking like you do. It is unreal how people put people down that they dont even know and then you guys call Jeff a bully. I thought this was a game not an attacking on people you dont even know. So why dont people grow up and talk about the game and game moves instead of thinking their better than these people.

  37. Dani was brilliant….to the people who say she needs to pack her bags because she is going home next week….who is sending her home?? Let’s see…Porsche is useless and in her alliance to boot, same with Kalia. JJ will appreciate their safety for the week and if not they are useless in comps too anyway. Shelly – same thing. Adam – wanted Brendon to go home so he will be happy for a bit. Rachel – crying useless mess without Brendon. The whole house hated Brendon and the whole house is now happy. How does Dani lose with this decision? She is the strongest player in the house now and she will win any veto comp in the future with no prob, especially if she feels threatened. She also has the POV ticket to use in the comp to avoid being backdoored if she doesn’t get picked for POV comp. She just secured some jury votes, that’s for sure. She may have lost B or R’s, depending on who goes to F2 with her if she makes it, but everyone else is pleased with this decision.Win win all around. Go Dani go!!!

    1. Right???? That’s what I’ve been thinking … Dani is three steps ahead of everyone else. She knows there’s another twist coming whether is a double eviction or what not so she’s playing game, big time!

    2. this is where you miss the entire point. yes, people may be glad brenden is gone…but it does NOT make her less of a target(dani) and it does NOT change that jeff has said multiple times that he will not forget her attempt to backstab and backdoor him.

      you are nuts! seriously! Dani has to rely on 2 other people Kalia and Porsche, as you said both USELESS to win an HOH, they wont, then dani WILL either be up ,or backdoored. its a huge mistake, and her best case scenario next week other than a fluke hoh for her two friends, would be one of her friends going home.

      big mistake, brenden would have put up kalia and porsche/shelly, its sad that dani couldnt make that deal, B/R would have stuck by the deal and claimed they were backdooring dani, then just wouldnt have done it

      dani just lost the game

      jeff gets votes, brenden gets 1 vote. do the math in terms of jury votes

  38. You know I understand how everyone hates the way Brendon talks to Rachel, but I swear I would too. She is the whiniest person I have ever seen. He made the biggest mistake getting together with him. In BB12 he liked black girls…he even said it. I also dont understand, why is everyone in the house getting after Adam, Shelly, Porsche for voting for Lawon to leave, but no one has confronted Dani??? Why didnt she vote for Lawon to stay? She wanted Rachel out didnt she? But she is chewing on everyone else for voting the way they did.

    I still cant decide who to trust here. When Shelly gets out she has alot of explaining to do, she must believe all her own lies. Kalia, I get so tired of listening to her talk about the same things and how she needs the money. And I did hear her say on BBAD the other night that she gets $500 haircuts, I replayed to make sure I heard it right. Who needs the money? Jordan has already won. Porsche, I generally dont like her. She can cook, but what else does she do besides walk around in a bikini? Brandon and Rachel, they will blow it on a wedding and they should use it on counseling for the both of them, they need some serious help and for that reason I dont want them to win. Jeff, he looks good but what else can he do besides run his mouth? Dani, she is using anyone she can and I guess that is part of the game. SHe even says it in the DR…she will let everyone else get their hands dirty so she can skate by. OK I’m done, sorry guys, just throwing my opinion out there, wanting to see what you guys thought.

    1. Actually Brendon said the exact opposite of that. He said he DOES NOT like black girls. It was in the conversation with Enzo and the other guys in the house. Enzo was saying how he thought Monet was hot, Brendon volunteered that he doesn’t like/date black girls at all. But what does any of that have to do with Rachel and/or BB13?

      1. that has to with his interest in Rachel, not BB13. I was talking about their relationship. I need to look that episode up then.

  39. Hows this for a twist?

    D made a deal with BR to put B up and RKP vote to evict S with D casting the tiebreaker to evict S.

    That means that DBRKP vs JJA and it’s pretty much game over for JJA.

    1. wishful thinking.
      If she already did that deal, someone here would have caught it.
      It looks like it is just a stupid move…unless, she wants to use Brendon as leverage now that he is on the block and say “we’ll keep you if you are in our alliance”. She only needs 3 to keep him. Rachel is for sure – Kalia is for sure (unless Shelly gets in her head again) and porsche is 95% for sure.

      Could work, but still not the best move. Shelly is useless at comps and has ZERO trust in the house. Other than her vote, she is not a threat to anyone. Jeff should have gone home.

      If Dani’s plan is/was as above, she still stands a chance, but less than she would have by getting Jeff out.

      1. B is talking like he knew he was going up and for him to tell R to side with D if he goes home fits my screwed up notion!

      2. …and Dani does not control the vote this week. All Brendon needs is JJ +1 to stay, so either Shelly or Adam (and maybe Porsche) and it’s a done deal.

        Dani just gave away all her leverage.

        Poke a fork in Dani – she’s done. (as long as Dani hangs out with Kalia, there will always be a fork handy).

        1. Your numbers are wrong. Dani has Adam, Kalia, and more than likely Porsche. Brendon has Rachel and MAYBE JJ. If it is a tie Dani is the tiebreaker., All Dani needs to do is make sure Porsche is on her side. Porsche would be stupid to vote to get shelly out.

  40. If dani wants to ensure that brendon goes home, she has to tell JJ how BR threw them under the bus last night. I think Jeff wants to keep brendon and he cam probably convince Jordan to vote that way too.

  41. I think Dani’s plan is gonna be to tell JJ about what’s been going on with BR behind their backs so they’ll vote Brenden out.

    1. JJ hold grudges and dani will never be in their good graces. they are only loyal to themselves. dani wants pinto or kalia to get the blood on their hands

    2. and Jeff will say “”thank you very much for telling me, very much, i appreciate it, i really do…now you’re f’n goin up on the block”

  42. I would have put Brendon up just for making that ridiculous “demand a bed for me and my fiancee” statement, even if I were in an alliance with him. He has sense of entitlement issues, that I would be unable to tolerate from anyone.

    1. Jeff, also, has entitlement issues.

      BTW – Jeff and Jordan should give their bed to Rachel and Brendon.
      After all, J/J aren’t putting it to any good use.

  43. Dani wants pinto to win HOH next and put Jeff on block so she doesn’t have blood on her hands. pinto would be an idiot to do it. I’m still team dani and she is trying to get jury votes, however, she needs to get to the finals first. i hope her plans work. but, pinto or kalia would be crazy to put blood on their hands. dani coud have done that.

  44. Jeff and Jordan always play with the idea of getting rid of brendon and Rachel but don’t want to act in it now cuz they are bigger targets than Jeff. For that reason I think the votes will go
    Votes to evict shelly

    Votes to evict Brendan

    I dont know where Adams head is at but I have a strong feeling he will evict shelly just to make jj happy and just to leave a bigger target in the house

  45. I’m so confused. If Brendon was Dani’s target all along, why didn’t she just put Brenchel up and backdoor Jeff if they either one of them won the POV. Or put Jordan up to ensure one of Brenchel goes home. Now there is a chance, that Brendon could stay. If I was J/J, you definitely make a final 3 deal with Adam and keep Brendon. As long as Brenchel is in the house, J/J won’t be the biggest targets. But I have a feeling they’ll just vote to keep Shelley.

    On a side note, I completely forgot how useless J/J were at comps. Goodness they can’t win anything. I can see why Dani rather keep those 2 in the house over Brenchel. Anyways, now the plot thickens. Time to see when J/J/A really stand.

  46. I think it was an excellent move. People need to think long-term. BR can’t be trusted and JJ rarely win contests, especially endurance which is next. If Dani’s alliance wins next week, someone else can do the dirty work and go after Jeff. If Jeff wins Veto, he will be mad at whomever nominated him. Smart move.

    1. Hey Smalls, want a S’more? S’more of what? I haven’t had any yet. LOL love your screen name.
      I agree 100%. Dani isn’t there to be secret bffs with BR. She is there to win and winning means getting out the strong players and beating the weak ones in competitions. She is on her way to 500k!

  47. birdbrain move by Dani. she had to nominate Jeff, because that leaves two of the closest people to Jordan to be put up. now this is going to blow up in Dani’s face when Shelly is voted off and you have to deal with Brenchel & JJ going for the next HOH. I doubt Adam wins the HOH this week, but he already knows Dani wanted him out. stupid stupid move. RIP Dani.

  48. Rockstar….we do not want you on Team Jordan,plz go back to Team Dani.unlike you DKP/BR fans,us JJ fans are loyal and don’t jump from team to team.But I also like Dani and all is not lost,after she tells JJ about her convo’s with BR,all will be good,her mistake was not telling them sooner and cutting a deal with them!!!!!!!!

  49. Some of the comments on here are so dumb, I have to believe some of you may be related to Kalia. Trust Brendon and Rachel? They have sold out Jeff every time they have been in danger. Dani has been right there to see it. Give me a break. That’s not to say Jeff and Jordan won’t put Dani up. Of course they will, you idiots. That’s the game. Even Kalia will turn on Dani eventually. Brendon is better at comps then Jeff. It’s to Dani’s advantage to get him out first. She made the best move she could. I’m actually starting to appreciate her game.
    As for all the Jeff hate on here, I just don’t get it. Jeff and Jordan seem like decent people. They and Adam may be the only truly good people left on the show.

    1. wow you just contradicted yourself through your own reasoning, i think that is the definition of dumb – let’s see Dani can’t trust BR but of course you know, she can’t trust JJ — ARE YOU MAKING SENSE?

      would you rather play with JJ in the house who everyone INCLUDING PRODUCTION WHO MANIPULATE THE GAME likes – or would you rather play with BR who noone will ever vote for??

      p.s. these nonsensical type comments are MY favorite

  50. I love Jeff, and do not really care for Dani. But if it were Jeff and Dani final 2 I would vote for Dani. Shes been a better player. I don’t understand why everyone automatically thinks she would lose against Jeff. He would have Shelly and Jordans votes, I think that would be it. Same with Jordan. She would NEVER win against dani, except for Jeff and Shellys vote.

    1. BR will not vote for Dani, she has played a terrible game and does nothing but bring misery and evictions to BR – at least Jeff was sort of on their side – remember, on a personal level Brendon likes Jeff – but they HATE dani and think Jeff would vote for Brendon if he (theoretically) were in the final 2

      dani has played a bad game, jeff has played better– he deserves to win over her

  51. I think Dani has a plan….. She will get Porsche and Kalia along with rachel to evict Shelly. Jeff Jordan and Adam will vote to keep Shelly. Dani will be the tie breaker and evict Shelly. BRenchal will realize that JJ are liars. Even if Dani put up Jeff with Shelly, I dont think Dani wuld have had the votes to evict Jeff. If this works and Shelly gets evicted she gets BR on her side. She could use them because kalia and Porshe are worthless. If this plan works Dani maybe Brilliant….Hoepfully it doesnt backfire.

  52. Ya know, I’m a big Dani fan and even I feel bad for BR at this point… they’re so desperate that even after Dani gets Brendon evicted twice he STILL wants Rachel to work with Dani. Kinda think she probably should of worked with them instead of taking on the other side of the house full force. If this keeps up Dani will not survive.


  54. WOW…….It’s just like Evil Dick said, if they are not willing to help themselves they deserve to go home yo. I feel Dani is gonna walk the plank pretty soon now.


  55. @ Kiren, if she does that then she has no chance at winning. Jeff and Jordan will still put her up and she will cause problems with Brendon and Rachel and then JJSABR will be all gunning her down.

  56. Love your site Simon!

    I’m nervous for Dani. Does Shelly really have the votes to stay? (She has P, K, and maybe Adam?) Will be interesting to see how Jordan votes.

  57. Wow Dani. Between you & Kalia…ugh I just can’t!! Backdooring Brendon was a personal move, not strategic at all. Weeks ago it was a great idea for BR to take out Jeff, but now that you have the opportunity, you’re going to be a coward?? You’re depending on Dumb (Porsche) and Dumber (Kalia) to win HOHs and protect you. Congratulations, your headed to Jury!

  58. I love how Rachel says that JJ will be her top targets if they vote Brendon out….meanwhile just last night she was trying to convince Dani to backdoor Jeff. God this woman is such a dumb hypocrite!

  59. Thank you Dani for putting up Brendan, I didnt think for one minute she would believe the bs that BR were feeding her. Once you get Brendan out, Rachel will fall apart and then someone can get her whiny ass out. Just please please people dont be stupid and vote shelly out you might not have the chance to get Brendan out again.

    1. who cares? what is Rachel going to win anyway? not a concern. what is a concern is someone handing the game over to someone else. which dani just did. paternity test anyone? ed hasn’t said a word about it so far….

    1. This Dani Fan is puzzled, worried, upset and yet hopeful.
      This game is a MF.
      I’m not ready to abandon Dani but she should have TOLD ME her plan!!!
      : )

  60. 10 min into being happy about JJ staying… I’m ready for them to get the hell out. Jordon is just miserable in that house. She doesn’t talk to anyone she doesn’t seem to be having any fun. she’ hates…. Rachel, Dani, Kalia, Pinto. She tolerates, Brendon and Adam. She like Shelly but doesn’t connect with her. Start smiling or having a good time or something!!! Dani didn’t put your man out!! and she pretty much saved ya’ll ass 2 weeks in a row. LIGHTEN UP!!! And Jeff is funny and what have you but he’s also annoyingly cocky and full of himself sometimes. He treats kalia, pinto, adam and rachel like that there not in the “cool” club. Get over yourself already.

    1. She’s not used to having to compete to win anything. She thought she was checking into a Sandals Beach vacation house, not a game. Plus she holds grudges,which is fine in the real world but bad for gameplay in the BB House.

  61. LMFAO did Rachel really give Brendon a BJ(blow job for you old people) under the covers while between Shelly and Adam???


    Now I understand why nobody wanted to give up their double beds, nobody wants cum all over the beds for them to find later, like when Jeff and Jordan found the cum stained sheets that BR left.

  62. I don’t get the hype on Dani, Brenden, or Rachel’s play. Dani was lucky to get HOH due to stupid answers from Rachel 1st and then Brenden 2nd saved her. Her answers as well as B&R’s were stupid at best on those specific questions.
    The idea that Jordan can’t win anything seems illogical as well due to she beat everyone pretty easily in the golf challenge with only Jeff and Brendon left and to beat her they had to be perfect. She will win another challenge before this is over! She is not the brightest bulb in the bunch but in this group she won’t have to be!

  63. Here’s why I think dani made the best move possible:

    1) Brendon is THE strongest player in the house. He’s strong both physically and mentally. Taking him out gets a big competitor out.

    2) BR meeting with Dani hurt them more than it helped them. Them trowing JJ under the bus showed Dani that they are willing to turn on their alliance therefore, she knows they can’t be trusted. And, they kept saying they are alone in the house which is a good thing for Dani because by taking one of them out, only one is left.

    3) Rachel without Brendan has been pretty much useless.

    4) Taking B out instead of J leaves her in a very good position in the house. Not only did she not make JJSA mad but also Kalia. Kalia wants Brendon out before JJ.

    5) She has every intencion of secretly working with Rachel. BR basically said they wouldn’t be angry at her if she took him out as long as she continues working with R (very stupid of them to say that)

    6) She will have Shelly’s gratitude.. That means a loyal ally and a vote in jury.

    7) If Brendan stays she can tell them that was her plan all along, therefore, she didn’t really make anybody mad at her.

    In other words….Dani is VERY smart player. She just moved up top my top 4 favorites for the win. Heck, unless she royally screws up, I will be voting for her for Americas favorite HG.

    1. yes but to Jeff has a stronger social/strategic game and is solid with comps – if he wins HOH next week – she is DONE and if not then – then during double eviction – there is no way — plus production will help Jeff out and make it a physical comp for HOH very soon, i just have this feeling they want jeff to win

      and shelly will NEVER vote for Dani over JJ – and trust me, one if not both will make it to finals— if there is another crazy power twist (not double eviction) then I will say that dani has a small chance – but otherwise, this is it for her and her alliance

  64. Dani is so obsessed with getting out of Evel’s shadow that she is over thinking everything and not using logic or just plain common sense. she is totally depending on pinto to win HoH. If pinto does win, she’s not going to want blood on her hands either. i just hope dani can get to the finals

  65. After rewatching the HOH room talk between Dani and BR last night, Brenda made one stupid error and Dani capitalized on it by saying if he does go Rachel will work with Dani and the girls anyhow because she is not a part of team JJSA. That statement gave Dani the green light to put Brenda on the block.

    Rachel when her head is working is strong in comps, Jeff is basically useless having only won 1 HOH in 2 seasons of BB and it was not a physical, memory or endurance comp.

    Brenda going up and the JJSA alliance voting him out leaves Rachel alone and considering this morning Jordo said Brenda had their votes and won’t vote for him over Shelly (someone Jeff can manipulate and can’t win a comp if her life depends on it) will seal Rach over to the Dani alliance.

    So Dani gets rid of a strong competitor and gains another member to her alliance, not too shabby Dani!

    1. With 6 votes and Shelly definately getting Adams and Brenda getting Rachel’s and likely Porch’s, that leaves J&J/Kalia votes. Kalia will likely vote to keep Shelly, leaving it up to J&J to show their true alliance to either Brachel or Shelly/Adam and D/K/P.

    2. She could use the choice words B/R said about J/J later too. It could work to her advantage to drive a wedge between that alliance when she’s in a tough spot. She can totally confrton them since she was just a sponge in that conversation. She soaked up all the negative talk about J/J and offered up none that could later implicate her.

  66. if I was rachel next week I would actually throw the hoh, because If Anyone wins I think the Target is either Jeff or Dani depending on which side wins it. Getting rid of Brendon puts rachel is a great position because i would just let the side take out the other while you sit back and coast up the center and gain new allies as Jeff and Dani get taken out.

  67. Dani should NOW tell JJ about BR throwing them under the bus 2 times this past few days and make sure that they vote out B. I see reasons to keep him and vote him out. But, if Dani wants him out that will DO IT.

  68. Dani cannot play for HOH next (this) week. So, if JJ can manage to win it, they had better backdoor her, or she will use her POV ticket to play and win the POV. If she’s backdoored, that cannot happen. Right???

    1. i think production will make it a physical comp bc they will want jeff to be HOH soon (this week if not next) – Jeff is way stronger in phsyical and endurance than SA – i will say that Adam might have an edge with mental but Shelly is as dumb and skill-less as a box of rocks – the woman works in HR – that is like the stomping grounds for mediocre people who can’t do anything else

  69. I’m wondering if the only reason Dani put Branden back up on the block is to backdoor Shelly …Just to show Racel and Branden that Jeff, Jordran , Adam and Shelly are in alliance.. If thats her plan she will tell Porchea and Kalia to vote with Rachel to evict Shelly…. But if thats not Dani’s plan… she is screwed

  70. I havnr read all the post…just dont have the patience….I am not sure if its been covered but everyone is missing one thing. Brendumb told Roach to work with Dani if he is evicted. He even told Dani this. So if you count he votes its even 4 to 4…with JJSA vs DKPR if one of them win HOH…Dani has the votes 4 to 3. She accomplishes two things. Gets the numbers down and gets Roach on her side. She couldnt trust BR together but she might beable to control Roach if ahe is her baby sitter while Brendumb is gone.

    J/J wont work with Roach because of Smelly…Smelly absolutely hates her. Soooooo It isnt all that bad of a move.

    BTW…J/J will not win BB 13….take it to the bank.

  71. I was torn over whether Dani should take the deal or not. She could still be considering it too. She could end up telling Brendan he’s the pawn. If he’s spared, she can claim that’s the plan, if not, well pawns go home all the time. But I suspect that she is going with the strategy of taking out the strongest player, once and for all. This also will serve to throw Rachel off her game. JJ aren’t very good at comps. And while I think she wanted to trust BR, I think her gut told her not too. Plus, if Brendan goes home, she could still work with Rachel, as Rachel will be gunning for JJ for forming a final four with Shelly and Adam. Is it going to be harder to get Brendan out now, or a couple of weeks down the line? She had a tough decision, and I hope she’s making the right one.

  72. Dani is smart enough to know that Rachel cannot be trusted.. She has a better shot at getting to the end if she works with JJ.

  73. It would be great if brendon left, then next week Dani. BD would be in the house by themselves and Rachel would go nuts because BD would be alone together. Rachel would have a melt down.

  74. GREAT move. All the jeff haters had to see this coming, hell dani even said she was gonna put B up. This site is SO one sided against jeff and also jordan that its days like this J/J fans enjoy the most. Go J/J all the way!!!!

    1. JJ have earned the backlash againist them this season. And seriously production, no need to focus the camera on Jordan, all she does is play with her hair, pick at her teeth or say something stupid. She’s useless.

    1. So? That isn’t enough votes. If Dani can keep Porsche on her side, then Brendon is gone. KAP vote Brendon out, JJR vote Shelly and then Dani is tiebreaker. And I have said on multiple occasions, Porsche would be an idiot to vote shelly out and keep BRJJS strong. She just doesn’t have the numbers. Her best play is to stay with Dani because she know Kalia will not make it to the final 2.

  75. Now, DANI go and tell JJ about how BR was throwing them under the bus 2 times in the past 2 days. That way B is gone for sure. Chance for Dani to improve game with JJ as well.

  76. I think shelly is going home for some reason. JJ will save B, along with R, and Jeff will persuade Adam to do what he says. However it would be cool to see JJ vote out B.

  77. I am not sure how I feel about Dani nominating Brendon…. (I know he promised her they would work together), but if he stays he could come after Dani, if he wins HOH, but on the other hand I would I loved to see Jeff on the block, but at the same time, Jeff is not such a strong player as he says he is, Jeff has never won HOH, not even close, but then again, Jeff has Jordan and Shelly on his side, and maybe even Adam…. I guess I have to wait and see if Dani made the right choice…..

  78. BR practically told JJ that they would screw over Dani and not honour the deal. At the end of the day, BR rather work with JJ than Dani, and Dani knows this. I think its a great move, however if BR would have honoured the deal, they would have been final 3. Now Dani has to rely solely on KP.

  79. Hey didn’t Dani say she was going to be stirring up something with sone other houseguests? I cant remember… someone help me out… Wasn’t there a post in the last few days about her saying she had some ammo against BR or something… Like a master plan to shift the target off her? Dang I wish I could remember.

  80. Adams making his move y’all… he came pretty close to winning pov last week. Final 2 – Dani & Adam, Dani takes home 2nd place again

  81. Jeff is the leader of the other side. If he goes, SA would be more open to doing other things.

    Although I still think Shelly is going home this week. JJ should want to keep the targets off there back and right now its on KD and BR. Changing it up will put them in danger.

  82. One thing is Dani is going to accomplish is a big brother first… No HOH has ever evicted the same houseguest twice on one season. Any houseguests that have returned to the game have been evicted by a different HOH than the first time evicted. If I was in jury and Dani was final 2, she would get my vote for that alone.

  83. Brendon back up on the block…not a bad idea
    What Dani does not know is either way Rachel will prob still try to work with her…
    B is telling her too if JJ vote for B to leave…

    If JJ is still all about Shelly and vote for her to stay…
    we may see that all girl alliance of DKPR vs. JJSA…

  84. I am not a shelly fan but she was playing the game which means lying to the opposition. She never lied to Jeff and Jordan. And she did not make a deal with Rachel and Brendon she asked it they would not will you.

  85. OK BB Shrink….Get ready….R will be in the DR in hysterics should B be voted out once again. Is this girl for real???? I personally think Dani is trying to be one of the final three with J and J. Since JJ has won before, Dani has a good chance of winning.

  86. I think Dani is making a good move. She controls P & K so they will vote what Dani wants them to vote. R is going to vote to evict S. So if Dani can get P & K to vote out the straight shooter along with R (who will) then the votes will be 3-3 (I think JJ see this as an oppurtunity to get out Brendon for good and Adam is loyal to sheHE. Dani knows all of this and is using it to her advantage. Dani will be able to show her “loyalty” to Brenchel and SheHE will be evicted.

    Votes to evict SheHE
    R K P

    Votes to evict Brendon
    JJ A

    HOH – Dani votes to evict SheHE

    Dani hopes she gaines safety for a week or two from BR. This will also alert JJA that BR are against them because Dani keeps Brendon. So now she gains a little more safety because JJA who will be targeting B R or D, instead of their prior DK.

    Team Dani yo

    1. If KP win HOH Dani is safe.

      If BR win HOH then Dani has a chance to be on the block along with Jeff or Hut.

      If Jeff wins HOH BRDK all have a chance to go on the block. [Dani keeps 4 targets (BRDK) instead of 2 (DK)]

      IF Jordon or Adam win, which won’t happen, it will be same as Jeff

    2. Also Dani can use the ammunition that BR just gave her and tell it to Jeff who will target BR a little more. IDK that’s my best case scenario for team Dani.
      Sorry for all these posts I’m just trying to figure out what Dani is thinking because she knows everything we know.

    3. I agree, there is more to Dani’s decision that most on this site are seeing. Somehow this works into Dani getting HOH for double eviction. This will continue to evolve into a good but risky move.

  87. Aren’t we on Week 4 of “Dani’s Going Home Next Week!” watch?

    Although I would have put Jeff up, it’s not the “ZOMG, DANI’S STUPID AND HER WORLD WILL END SOON!” disaster some people are making it out to be.

    It draws a line in the sand to see where Jeff and Jordan really stand.

    If they vote to evict Brendon, Rachel will be on her side (Brendon’s even talking her into it) making it an even 4 vs. 4 (JJSA vs. DRKP) with the stronger comp players on the DRKP side.

    If they vote to evict Shelly, Adam realizes that JJ doesn’t have his back and he floats over to Dani’s side. Brendon and Rachel then have a choice to make: try to mend fences with JJ or go over to the dark side with DKP.

    It’s not rocket science!

    1. Concerning the choice BR would have to make, they’d go to the darkside for the following reasons:

      1. Dani knows too much. If BR go over to JJ’s side before going to Dani’s, Dani can simply bring up how BR attempted to throw Jeff under the bus. Then you get the possible DJJKAP vs. BR house dynamic. BR aren’t THAT careless.

      2. Numbers. If Adam floats over to Dani’s alliance after Shelly’s evicted and he no longer trusts JJ, the numbers are even if it’s BRJJ vs. DAKP. If BR decide to side with Dani, it’s JJ vs. DAKPBRS.

      If Dani plays her cards right (I think she learned from showing her cards too early a few weeks ago), she can have the numbers by Friday morning regardless of who wins HOH.

  88. Ive only watched the last two seasons and just have a general question about the show. When someone wins hoh do they already have the items there for them. I mean do family members constantly send things just in case? otherwise how are the hoh items assembled so quickly?

  89. GUARANTEED if Dani would get some balls and tell Jeff and Jordan the crap B and R have been saying about them they would make an allilance that absolutely no one could break and it would be the three of them in the final three and then what happens happens. I cannot fathom that Dani is this stupid and has not figured this out already. Just praying that Dani gets a brain and gets together with J and J before it is too late.

  90. I am so sick of the Dani/Kalia show!!! Those two are so annoying. Dani is so busy fighting to get Brendon out, when she should be getting rid of Shelley! Shelley couldn’t fight her way out of a paper bag when it comes to competitions. Shelley just jumps back and fourth, nosing around and blowing it for everyone! What a pain in the BUTT! They will continue to battle it out and get the strong ones out, then the people who sat there and watched it all and didn’t participate will collect a check at the end of the game! UGHHHH!

  91. Why does everyone feel the need to call people liars in this game? It’s a game and going in they all know they are going to do whatever they need to survive. If you were there, you would do the same thing. Doesn’t make you a liar, just a strategic game player. May come back to bite you in the butt, but that’s part of the game. By the way, they all lie so if you’re going to hate one, hate them all!

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