Big Brother Spoilers: Dani and Kalia talk about how Jeff will be next weeks target.. *Updated*

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11:50am Brendon continues to give Rachel a pep talk in the HaveNot room. Brendon says that she can’t have two day of craziness and that you need to suck it up and do it. Brendon says that he doesnt think its that farfetched that Porsche wouldn’t vote for me again. Brendon says get out of this depression and slump and stop acting like I am already gone… Rachel says that she is just sad when she thinks about him leaving. Brendon tells her that she is more sad than he is. Brendon tells her that she is one of the strongest players in this game and you need to start acting like it. Brendon says that you are playing this for the both of us and you need to do this. Brendon says that Shelly was grinning the whole time …knowing that he is going up on the block. ..he says why would you relish in someone else’s misery. Brendon says that he doesn’t want to see her cry again. Brendon gets really mad when she starts to cry and hugs him and says STOP ACTING LIKE I AM ALREADY GONE! Rachel and Brendon head into the kitchen to eat. Jeff, Porsche, Shelly, Brendon and Rachel are now in the kitchen eating.

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12pm – 12:25pm Dani and Kalia are up in the HOH. Dani talks about whether they should get rid of Jeff next week instead of Rachel. Kalia agrees. They talk about how they plan to get rid of Jeff. Dani says that Porsche will win HOH this week and they can do whatever they want. Dani is talking about how they are all a boring cast… we need to start playing games or other stuff… that she is bored out of her mind and that they need to take advantage of this experience. Dani and Kalia talk about going outside to lay out. Dani gets into her bikini and heads out into the backyard. Shelly and Dani are in the backyard talking about POV ceremony. Shelly says that she wasn’t trying to be smug or anything but that Rachel was staring her down. Shelly tells her that it was a great speech. Dani says that Kalia said it wasn’t a good speech. Shelly says that she was really worried that she was going to put up someone like Kalia as a pawn. Dani says you are paranoid ..I actually like you as a person. Shelly says that she cant wait to give her speech on Thursday will be classy. Shelly says that she is done with Rachel and that Brendon keeps coming up to her telling her that he wants to be friends after…and that she tells him that its not him its Rachel. Shelly tells Dani that she done with all the talking and that she isn’t going to come up to talk to Dani about it all ..she is done. Adam tells Dani that her sarcastic comment was really good and that America will love it …they will die laughing.. they will love it. Dani says seriously Brendon and Rachel’s mom got in more votes than anyone. Dani says that Adam looked really mad in the veto meeting. Adam says that he was trying to be serious for once in his life.

12:20pm – 12:50pm Brendon and Rachel are in the kitchen and he tells her that he’s going to go put their sheets in the wash. Rachel says that’s probably a good idea. Meanwhile out in the backyard, Porsche joins Dani out suntanning. Porsche says that Dani should have called Brendon the cockroach that doesn’t die. Dani asks Cockroaches don’t die? Dani says that Brendon and Rachel were repeating themselves over and over and that they think they have you. Porsche doesn’t even answer. Adam dresses up like a gangster and starts impersonating gang members and signs. Jeff tells him twice that he wouldn’t do that ..those guys are bad dudes ..they’re like the mexican mofia. Adam says oh really .. Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When the live feeds come back Adam is now impersonating a Jewish gangster. Jeff, Rachel, Brendon and Adam are by the couches talking about random things. Brendon then says that he thinks he has a decent shot at stayting. Jeff agrees. Porsche, Dani and Shelly are suntanning on the backyard loungers talking about random stuff. Shelly starts talking about her phone call and how just 3 minutes is able to give you a 180 degree turn around. Porsche talks about how she is going to take her comforter and will need to bleach the sheets in the metal room. Dani talks about her condom prank.
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1pm – 1:10pm Rachel and Brendon are talking on the couch. Brendon says no matter what happens I want you to stay strong. Brendon says that he still thinks that he has a shot. Brendon says that Shelly is two faced ..big time! Brendon says that the funny thing is …is that as bad as a player Porsche is …she is still a better player than Jordan. Rachel agrees. Brendon says that we need to fight to win everything just to stay. Rachel says that some people don’t have to win anything and they stay. Brendon tells her to just let a lot of that stuff go and focus on what you need to do.. we just need to enjoy out time. Rachel says she agrees. Brendon says you still have a shot. Brendon says no matter what I still have one more week with you. Brendon says that he doesn’t like the way Shelly talks to her. …she walks around like her shit doesn’t stink. Rachel says I don’t understand why she thinks she is better than me. Brendon tells Rachel that once they get out they are not going on the internet …because he doesn’t have time for it! Rachel says that she won’t. Rachel says that she loves him. Brendon says that he loves her too. Brendon says that he just hates when she has these pity party’s… you can’t be crying and crazy …I need you to win shit. Brendon says that Shelly is just jealous of them because they are so affectionate and she probably doesn’t have with her husband any more. Brendon and Rachel talk about how they don’t act fake. Rachel asks if she exaggerates things. Brendon says sometimes ..but not to the point of others.
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1:15pm Rachel tells Brendon that her mom read all the love letters that he had written her. Brendon asks was there anything dirty in there? Rachel says yeah. Brendon asks what did she say? Rachel says she said you sounded hot. Rachel asks Shelly if she would do that …Shelly says no …only if her daughter was under 20 or something ..because it is her responsible for what she is doing. Shelly says that her daughter will have a quarter between her legs every time she goes on a date and if it falls …she is dead! Brendon and Rachel are alone again on the couch talking. Brendon says it would have been better if they had just been nominated so that at least they could have played for the POV. Rachel calls Brendon her PHd student. Brendon says yeah and I am getting dumber by the second in here. Brendon says that it sucks that he got voted back in just to be voted back out because now he won’t be able to work on his PHd this summer. Brendon says that its fine because he got to be with her again.

1:35pm – 2:10pm Meanwhile, Dani, Porsche and Shelly are talking about random stuff while they sun tan. Shelly talks about how they all have an ipads in her house. . Shelly tells them about how Rachel said that her mom read her and Brendon’s love letters. Dani asks why would a mother read her 27 year old daughter’s letters, that’s just weird. They talk about boys, actors and that bachelors on the bachelor show. Shelly, Dani and Porsche climb into the pool and continue to talk about random stuff. Meanwhile, Brendon and Rachel are sleeping on the backyard couch. Dani and Porsche are talking alone on the loungers. Dani asks Porsche what she is going to say when they start harassing you? Porsche says that she is going to say I voted for you once and that got me no where! Dani says that this is like season of the zombies, no matter how many times you kill Brendon he won’t die.. I hope you didn’t pack you bags! Porsche says yeah! Over on the couches Shelly asks if Brendon and Rachel are after him for his vote. Adam says yeah but that she has nothing to worry about.

2:15pm Rachel and Brendon head into the lounge room. Brendon is eating and Rachel is laying in silence. All four camera’s switch to the backyard, Shelly tells Jordan that she promised Dani that she wants to talk to you guys because she really wants you to know that you can trust her. Shelly tells Jordan long as you will have me I am with you guys. Shelly says that Dani tried two times to make them know that they can trust me. Jordan says that she hasn’t even tried to talk to us yet. Shelly says I don’t want you and Jeff to stuffer if Brendon and Rachel leave so if you can pick up two more people I want you to… because I want you to make it to the end.

2:30pm – 2:45pm Jeff and Jordan are in the candy bedroom. Jordan is telling Jeff about her conversation with Shelly a few minutes ago. Brendon and Rachel join Jeff and Jordan. Brendon and Rachel claim their new bed and talk about going into the pool. Jeff and Jordan leave. Rachel starts talking about getting Porsche’s vote and then all the competitions they need to win. Brendon gets mad and tells her he doesn’t want to keep talking about this. Rachel calls him back and starts talking about it again …and he says stop! They then get ready to get into the pool. Rachel says sorry. Brendon asks WHAT!? Jeff, Brendon and Jordan head out to the backyard couch and talk about random stuff.

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3:00pm backyard Brendon, Adam, Shelly and JJ Adam is telling him he’s a very clean person he washes his hands before he prepares food, after he uses the washroom and before he touches the fruit.

general chit chat

3:20pm Brendon, Rachel, Jeff and Kalia brendon is telling them how he doesn’t like CSI type shows becuase it’s so fake. Rachel mentions that in CSI they’re chemical tests take hours to get results but in real life it would take weeks, Brendon: “They put in their sample then a picture and address of the crook comes out”. Jeff: “Yeah but most people don’t understand all that stuff so they think it’s really cool”. Brendon uinderstands he just think they should put the show 20 years in the future.
Jeff brings up the move Fear with mark wahlberg. they all agree that the movie is badass. Rachel mentions the fighter wonders if it was any good. Jeff said it was amazing.. tells them is was up for a bunch of oscars. kalia agrees she really liked the movie.

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239 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Dani and Kalia talk about how Jeff will be next weeks target.. *Updated*

        1. Not gonna happen. You know it makes for more interesting tv if the other side controls power next week. It’s gonna be a Shelly or Adam win,which is the same as a J/J win since Jeff will be pulling all the strings.

              1. I agree team JJSA will win HOH this week, I’m a Dani fan but she might as well pack her bags now & be ready to walk out the door next wk , she better hope she wins POV…..but I can’t see her leaving this soon the girl is a fighter, I think this was a dumb move by putting Brendon up!

        2. I think Kalia and Porche have a great chance of winning HOH this week because I don’t thine J or J want to win. I think they are both trying to get their alliance to win and do all the dirty work for them. They wnt to keep their hands clean but that just might bite then in the butt.

        3. I think Kalia and Porche have a great chance of winning HOH this week because I don’t thine J or J want to win. I think they are both trying to get their alliance to win and do all the dirty work for them. They want to keep their hands clean but that just might bite then in the boutte.

        4. I think Kalia and Porche have a great chance of winning HOH this week because I don’t think J or J wants to win. I think they are both trying to get their alliance to win and do all the dirty work for them. They want to keep their hands clean but that just might bite the in the boutte.

    1. K&p have won as many hohs as jjsa combined.

      And even if they dont you have to beat dani in a veto, and bb want her to stay so it should be up her alley.

      1. She’s kissing ass now so she didn’t get evicted. Shelly’s kissing everyone’s ass, since she can’t win competitions. Her only strategy.

        1. I agree, Shelly plays a game that only a weak player can play. She kisses ass at every turn of the game. She turns on anybody who calls her out. And has the gift to make people believe her. I would like to see Adam win. JJ has already won before and Jeff has already won plenty of money. As much as I like Jordon, she really needs to go. I dont like Dani or Kalia. But I have alot of respect for Dani. She really can play the game…She needs to go, Kalia and Porsche need to go because, all they are doing is riding on Dani coat tails. Really sad to look at. Those two are weak players….So I guess it look like, I hope Adam wins the 500K, and rachel the 50K.

    2. I think Dani has lost her freaking mind!!
      She could have been playing both sides an no one would even know. Dani was good at keeping her mouth shut, unlike SS Shelly….I think Dani’s only safety to the final 4 is to send SS packing and keep Brendon

      1. My thoughts exactly…WTH was Dani thinking maybe she’s not done with her plan yet she may decide to keep Brendon she did say she would make them all sweat til the last minute & would tell no one of her plans..why the hell would she keep JJSA’s alliance tight…I wanted to break my laptop when i saw she nominated Brendon!!! LOL

    3. I don’t know about that… I think Dani’s only in trouble this week if Shelly or Adam win HOH. JJ would probably work behind the scenes so they wouldn’t get blood on their hands; but if Jeff or Jordan won, they’d probably put up Kalia and Porsche with the OPTION to backdoor Dani if the opportunity presented itself.

        1. I agree.. Everybody keeps saying.. Stupid move getting rid of brendon.. When is she going to do it then?? Not next week and FFWD is in two weeks.. Get real… Best move (again) …

          1. ummm how about double eviction?? – she needed him there to be the target bc JJ have the votes or they (or someone in their alliance) will be HOH that week (most likely) — they could have kept BR and then gotten them both out that week, brendan isn’t going to be hard to get out for the same reason that he won’t be hard to get out this week – he doesn’t have the vote
            jeff on the other hand does and in a few weeks as Dani’s alliance goes out, he will also be winning more comps….so peace Dani

            1. i forgot to say that even if Dani makes it till double eviction, there is virtually no chance for her to make it past

      1. JJ said they would to keep Brenden over Shelly and Adam will do whatever JJ says. JJA vote for Shelly to leave and KP vote for Brenden to leave. Brenden leaves, unless Adam flips and ties the votes in event that happens then Dani will sen Brenden to jury. These initial nos of Adam and Shelly were stupid on her part.

    1. Please no more bookie—only thing worst would be the really stupid idiot from last year that thought he was so great!!

  1. Like clockwork Porsche stretching her mouth wide for those “directors”, at seasons end she will be able to fit a pop can in her mouth…

  2. *Barfs* looking forward to B leaving!! I hope Rachel follows!! Then Big Jeff (how the f did he get that name) lol then Adam! Then Shelly, Kalia, Jordan! Top 2 Po and Dani
    Dani winning!!

      1. Dani is the team, The other two are just hanging on to a strong player. KP cant do anything but kiss her ass. Dani is not one of my favorite players, But Damn!!! She is kicking ass in the BB all by herself …..Rats!!!!

  3. Ok I got a question…..why would ANYONE bring condoms into the BBHouse??? There are cameras on you 24/7, they can even film you in the dark, to me that is so skanky that BrenDONE and RacHELL have been intimate in the house, its disgusting.

    1. so Brenda’s going again and Roachelle will cry like he is dead. I love how they complain about Shelly then call her a better player than Jordan – uh Jordan has a way better social game and guess what – isn’t going home you are lol. They both (and Dani) could learn from Jordan social game. People don’t want to put her up or evict her because everyone likes her. Their own stupidity because in the end she has a good shot of winning – again.

      1. lol You’ve obviously read WRONG! They said POR has better gameplay than Jordan. They’re mad at Shelly! If you watched the recent BB Episode Shelly was caught lying oooohhh wonder how she’ll explain how she acted!

        1. Is she an idiot? She isn’t the one on the block and no one wants to put up. LOL Seems to me that idiot might just win again – and that because of the Idiots who claim they are playing the game – by letting her slide through? hmm

      2. you are right, jordan plays a good social game (even though she doesn’t talk to eveyone in the house she still manages to stay out of major drama or backstabbing, she kinda lingers in the middle) and while everyone may not “like” her, noone really hates her –

        but that is bc just like rest of the game she doesnt do anything at all – she doesnt start drama or lies or schemes or deals – she just passively goes with it, socially this is good but for comps and strategy she is not aggressive

        and she is quite possibly the dumbest girl any of these people any of these people have ever met, and it’s very easy to dismiss or ignore stupid people (which i know is wrong) and she has no skills to speak of to help other players or herself in the comps – and it is these weaknesses and not her intelligence that get her far bc people disregard her, don’t see her as a threat, they put her away for a rainy day and whaddya know, next thing, she has $500k

      1. they are engaged to each other, what is the big deal if they have sex? I realize no one said anything when that sl*t April was having sex on BB with a stranger though.

        1. Oh come on a girl who wakes up shirtless covered in vomit after a night of tequila drinking with some random guy, holding a fist full of 100 dollar bills – hardly has “Pride” as a virtue.

  4. Brenden is leaving and Dani is next and I bet they hook up in the jury house…or if Dani wasa smart if shes put on the block try to at least get Rachels vote by saying do u really want me to be a week with Brenden…That would drive rachel crazy…

    1. That would be very funny, but I doubt Dani could get those words (even as a joke) out of her mouth without vomiting a little.

  5. Brendon back up on the block…not a bad idea
    What Dani does not know is either way Rachel will prob still try to work with her…
    B is telling her too if JJ vote for B to leave…

    If JJ is still all about Shelly and vote for her to stay…
    we may see that all girl alliance of DKPR vs. JJSA…

  6. Shelly needs to leave. I can’t stand to listen to her anymore She walks around like she’s the queen. She’s a awful player. Get rid of her

    1. I think Rachel and Jeff in jury house alone would make me lol for weeks. I hope Shelly leaves but Dani lost those jury votes.

  7. dani, what a mistake

    you will realize this when you lose 2 jury votes, and sit next to jordan or jeff on finale night. what a fail. epic.

    1. Their moods swing like crazy but right now it sounds like br would vote Dani to win anyway. Big talk aside JJ are floaters, and Br HATE that

  8. Oh God. So now Rachel thinks Shelly is jealous?! This nutjob is unbelievable. Everyone is jealous of her. Yeah, that’s it. LOL.

  9. Dani is gone next week if JJSAR wins HOH and she doesn’t win POV. You heard it here first.

    Best strategy for Rachel now if to keep alliance with JJSA and take out DKP, hoping or even throwing a few HOH hoping each side take out each other until it’s JJR left.


    1. Rachel is the 5th wheel with the worthless alliance aka JJSA. All those four do is talk about winning comps. Rachel would be wise to work with Dani and Porsche. Kalia is going to be evicted in the next couple of weeks. Jordan winning again might end Big Brother. Not sure the show could recover from that type of embarrassment again.

  10. If Dani gets Brendon evicted for the second time, it will be the first time in Big Brother history that a single HOH evicted the same player twice in the same season. That’s something Dick never did. If she gets to the final 2 and I was in jury, I would vote for her for that reason alone

  11. Does the jury house start this week or next week? If Brendon does leave this week, I hope Rachel wins HOH and she puts herself up on the block so that she can leave to be with Brendon. (yeah, yeah, not realistic but THAT would be great to see)

  12. Simon how do you think the votes will fall and who do you predict is going home this week?

    You seem to be on the mark with everything else so I’m just curious to hear what you think. :)

    1. Did u guys check out the newest episode of Dick at Nite with Cassi,Dom and Keith. On Wednesday he’ll C/D/K and Lawon on.

    1. Rewatch the HOH room talk between Dani and BR last night, Brenda made one stupid error and Dani capitalized on it by saying he can understand if he does go and even so Rachel will work with Dani and the girls anyhow because she is not a part of team JJSA, which if Brenda goes J&J will have voted against him. That statement gave Dani the green light to put Brenda on the block.

      Rachel when her head is working is strong in comps, Jeff is basically useless having only won 1 HOH in 2 seasons of BB and it was not a physical, memory or endurance comp.

      Brenda going up and the JJSA alliance voting him out draws a line in the sand as to just who is in the J&J alliance and non of JJA will vote for him over Shelly (someone Jeff can manipulate and can’t win a comp if her life depends on it) will seal Rach over to the Dani alliance. Plus Brenda has again told Rach that if he goes to work hard and work with Dani.

      So Dani gets rid of a strong competitor she’d have to eventually get rid of on her own since her alliance is pretty weak when she is not competing and gains another member to her alliance who can compete and if Dani and Rach make it to final 2 Dani wins over Rachel, not too shabby Dani!

      1. So based on prior performances in comps, who has a better chance of winning, Rachel or Jeff considering Rachel and Dani are the only ones who has won and endurance comp this season, and Jordo won a close your eyes and hit a ball comp and Kalia won a BB13 fact game Jeff has as much chance of winning HOH as Shelly does.

        Plus Dani has the Veto ticket as well, so Dani is in a stronger possition than Jeff is and has a strong hg gone in Brenda!

        1. finally someone talking sense….true game play…not about emotion….who likes who. Where the game is right now! No one really knows what is going to happen week to week. We can only deal with whats going on right now.
          Evicting Brendumb isnt all that bad.

          BTW J/J is not going to win BB 13…..take it to the bank.

  13. I the how everyone picks on brendon and Rachel . It’s so easy for the popular people and the high and mighty and the household like dani and kalia and Porsche to sit and take shots at brendon and Rachel. But brendon is right they act like they are perfect. So what if Rachel isn’t perfect and she is emotional it is not in their place to take mean personal jabs at them over the game. And no matter what anyone says Dani is SCARED of brendon and Rachel.

  14. Dani either doesn’t trust BR fully, or really overestimated B as a player, or both. She still thinks he’s the strongest player and wanted to take him out as fast as possible. I hope this doesnt blow up in her face.

    1. She seems to understimate the importance of alliances/votes and bases her strategy on taking Brendon out, then Jeff. Both being only physical players in the house. Apparently she thinks if they are out, she will win every competition. PK are not good in these things so (since she can’t play in every HOH), she will likely be voted out at some point. BR would have given her 2 strong players who win comps for her and remain a bigger target. I guess she didn’t feel she could trust them, but maybe she simply thinks she’s smarter than everyone else.

      Who knows. Maybe Shelly will get voted out. I don’t know what’s going to happen anymore. But Shelly is kissing Dani’s ass now, playing her best buddy. All I know is that if one of JJSA win the next HOH, Dani’s on the block.

      BR are a 2-some. JJSA are a 4-some. It is more important to break those 4 votes, so Jeff should be on the block right now, not Brendon.

      1. Kalia and Porsche are just as strong of competitors as JJ have proven to be. Either Jeff can’t, or don’t want to win, but he’s not really even been close in the HOH comps. JJ better pray that there isn’t anymore spelling comps.

  15. I still say it would be funny if Adam votes to keep Brendon in and Dani wastes another opportunity to get Brendon or Jeff out. Not sure why Adam would think that Shelly is better for his game then Brendon as it wont matter if Adam doesnt win anything he will be gone anyways. Id keep them just because they would still be targets and Adam would be, What? 3rd or 4th on that pecking order and even more so probably 4th or 5th person that the house wants to get out.

    Most likely Brendon is done because Porsche isnt giving him here vote no matter what. and if JJ cant get Adam to fully commit to Brendon than they wont vote for Brendon either which would honestly be stupid caus ethey risk losing his jury vote. The other side of the house already knows what side JJ are on. I think sometimes these players get so caught up in the moment that they cant see a few weeks down the line. DKP are all talking like they will win it every week, which sounds great n all but that is not reality.

  16. i think this is how the votes will turn out

    people voting for Brendon to stay:

    people voting for Shelly to stay:

    and for Porsche and Adam i don’t know what they’ll do. Porsche didn’t like Shelly a few weeks ago so she may want Brendon to stay, and Adam may vote with JJ

    1. Porsche will vote for Brendon to stay, and Adam will vote for Shelly to stay, so Shelly will be evicted, by a vote of 4-2.

      Yay Brendon ;]]

      Team br.

        1. BR makes me so sick. I watched them backstab JJ last night. I don’t want to hear that JJ are sell outs when I just watched BR throw them under the bus and tell Dani to backdoor Jeff. I will be sick if they win. They are nasty.

  17. K has won HoH already & P has come close to winning on 2 or 3 occasions. Jeff has never won HoH & Jordan was basically given her HoH when Jeff & Brendon threw the competition so she could win. As for S & A, they’re useless. I’d say K & P have just as good of a chance of winning, if not better than JJSA.

    1. I agree…. I bet a million bucks Kalia won’t, but I have a good feeling Porsche might pull one out. I think she’s a very underestimated player!

    2. That would be great if it happened. I agree Porsche is close to winning, but I still don’t think its this next HOH. I think it’s a Rachel win or an Adam and even possibly Shelly win(I know that’s worth a laugh). I just don’t believe it’s gonna be a DKP win.

      1. BB Productions have probably already figured out which HOH competition they’re going to have next, to ensure they get the HG they want to win it. It’s at least a good sign seeing K & P working out lately. It shows, at the very least, that they’re serious about wanting to win. S & A don’t have the lung capacity nor the strength, to win shit. Time will tell though.

        1. I think both Kalia and Porsche have the fire in their belly. Kalia needs to redeem herself from that colossal HOH screw up and Porsche needs to win to make sure she’s not put on the block. But Rachel is due for a win too..she’s been off her game last few weeks. If she wins, be prepared to see J/J occupying the HOH Room again.

  18. I hope Jeff wins and puts Dani up she is the one that cant keep her word actually none of them can so put up who ever can beat you at comps. Hopefully that will happen.

    1. The chance of Jeff winning HOH is slimmer than Shelly and Adam winning, unless productions gives it to him like they did that POV

      1. You know it’s getting to be around that time that J/J receives their Production Lifeline. It just all depends on who wins the next HOH/POV.

        1. Umm they made sure everyone who played sucked, and Rachel was still upset about brenda leaving, and Dani wasn’t playing

  19. Dani is so stupid. Especially now that I see her cards. Oh she wants to get rid of Jeff alright, BUT SHE DOESN’T WANT TO BE THE ONE TO GET THE BLOOD ON HER HANDS!! what a loser. Brendon would be easy to get out next week bc the house would still be stacked against him but this was the Only week to get Jeff out bc she’d have B & R votes in addition to Kalia & possibly Porsche. But now that JJSA are still in tact good luck getting anything to go your way Dani! They have the votes. They control who goes & who stays! I actually hope Porsche flips and keeps Brendon and sends Prune Face straight shooter packing! Then I hope BR teams with JJA to get Dani out next week so that she can sit in jury with the company of all of her dumb mistakes! 3rd wasted HOH in a row!

    1. AND I won’t be surprised if Kalia votes to evict Dani next week! All it would take is Jordan to offer her a sip of her bath water and Kalia will drop Dani in a heartbeat. She’s cool with Dani, but her desires for Jordan run much deeper!!!

    2. Not necessarily ICandi . If Dani put up Jeff, it would be an opportunity for BR to solidify their alliance by saving Jeff. It would be a BRJA vote for him. Dani’s always talking about big moves. The big move would be a campaign to get Brendan out. JJA vote for Brendan, KPR vote Shelly; Dani steps in and tie breaks for Brendan to stay. Target off KPK, couples fight ensue. If Dani is the instrument for Brendan leaving, there is no way Rachel will work with Dani. Rachel will dive into a cocoon of rainbows and positive affirmations from poor Jordan.

  20. I was hoping Dani would do that right thing, but she didn’t. She’s making this damn hard for herself. When is she going to realize that JJ have more numbers than she does? She doesn’t want to make enemies, but every person besides Kalia and Porsche are going to put her up. And does she really think Jeff forgot about her trying to backdoor him? Only thing she’s going to be able to depend on next week is POV.

    1. Dani absolutely did the right the look at how BR threw their alliance under Dani bus THey will do it to her i mean get real

      1. And what is she going to do if someone else is HoH besides KP? All she has is the veto. And if she doesn’t win that she goes home because JJSA control the votes. *sarcastic voice* But at least Dani can say she got Brendon out twice, but she’s still going to be a loser sitting in the jury house. And even if she doesn’t go home, she’s losing an alliance member. Then she’ll be like James and her only hope is to win HoH or POV.

        I’m #TeamDani but she might as well hand the check to JJ now. JJ haven’t done anything. They’ve been riding BR’s coattails. I’d rather lose to BR than JJ.

        1. I’m starting to think production is rigging these things for dani and her alliance. It just sounds too fishy how they’re not even saying “I hope this Porsche wins”. It sounds like they’re saying “When Porsche wins…”. And the whole Kalia HOH comp was ridiculous.

          Julie: “Who did–”
          Kalia: “Dominic!”

          I mean COME ON lmao. The ppl annoyed that production helps Jeff out all of the time should be outraged by this.

          1. every team makes assumptions that they will win the next HOH JJBRD had the entire season planned out winning back to back HOH’s.. We all say what happened.

          2. Finally, someone else saying the same thing I said about that competition {LOL}, actually it was a production gift for Dani, production should stay out of things and let the chips fall where they made. They want Dani to win so bad they are willing to wreck the show.

    2. How pretty much everyone is failing to see how this move calls out Jeff and Jordan and puts them in a crappy spot is beyond me.

      1. It calls them out…so freaking what? The only way that they’ll face the consequences is if RKP win HoH. And maybe not even Kalia because she is an idiot and is a scared of JJ and want them to like her.

        1. It forces JJ to pick a side and whatever side they choose, the others will float over to Dani’s side because they’ll figure a deal with JJ is no good.

          Then JJ are targets. And unless one of them gets HOH (which looks doubtful considering how well they’ve done in comps this season that haven’t been thrown to them), they’re screwed.

          But let’s continue to be short-sighted and not see how this actually works in Dani’s favor by drawing the line in the sand and making them publicly announce which side they’re on rather than railroading Jeff and having three guaranteed enemies with two wildcards in BR.

          1. Okay, I see where your going. See I didn’t even think about that. I can see what your saying if Brendon stays, but if Shelly stays the only person Dani is going to gain is Rachel. It will be interesting to see who JJ choose though.

            1. At least the sides are even at that point which still puts Dani in a better position than she’s in now. On top of that, as a whole, the presumed All-Girl Alliance of DPKR have performed better overall in comps than JJSA thus far.

              1. Yes. You make a very good point. I just can’t help but think that JJSA might pull off a random win with the way these HoH’s are going. Idk why, but it seems like HoH’s are all acting. Like the this past HoH seemed real fake to me. But yeah, that’s a different discussion.

          2. Jeff and Jordan will vote Brendan out unless they definately know Adam is voting to keep him. There will be no line drawn.

  21. I agree! Bad move she should’ve put up Jeff at least by having brenchel still around they would be more of a target than she is.. And they had promised her an alliance , where the others already have their own..The odds of K or P winning are really slim !!! I hope it works out for the D allliance anyway!!!

  22. double face palm today.

    This is the second dumbest move this year next to Kalia putting up Lawon. In fact, it may have more bearing on the outcome of the game…so it could eventually be promoted to number one.

    I have pretty much lost interest in BB as of today. I really wanted Dani to win – I thought she “got it”, but I can’t continue to root for someone who makes stupid moves like that.

    Honestly…I think Adam is probably playing the best game at this point, and Porsche second. They may be the dark horses.

    1. I agree with you on that. It’s the best move Dani could’ve done, but it’s not a reason (as some ppl suggest) to vote for her if she makes final 2. Backdooring Brendon is a no brainer.

      Jeff and Jordan better think seriously about who to evict. If I was in their shoes, I would evict Brendon. Shelly can’t win anything, but her and Adam are very loyal and that 2 votes for Jeff to stay if he ever goes up next week (including Jordan, if she’s not up next to him, 3). The only person pissed would be Rachel. And we’ve all seen how irrational and weak she is when Brendon isn’t there. And no way would she get with Dani because she would have to make the final vote to evict.

      Now, an even BETTER move is if JJ vote to evict Brendon, the vote goes into a tiebreaker, and Dani evicts Shelly. That would put her in the ultimate best position and secure Rachel’s vote would be to evict Jeff if they get him nominated. If she does that, then Dani would truly live up to all the bragging she does.

    1. I think she’s setting her up. I think that Shelly is walking around a little too happy and confident now. Shelly goes back to JJ and says “I’m golden you adorable bundles of butterflies”, I’ve snowed DPK and you need to get out that Harlot’s fiancee! Porshe hates Shelly’s guts, so she’d be happy to get rid of her leathery ass. Kalia is taking her game from Dani now (as long as it doesn’t involve her girl crush Jordan); so I think she’d be happy to do her bidding. Rachel would of course vote Brendan. Dani has the tie break power.Dani could say something like “i don’t want to break up a couple so in love”, that would scream “we got a deal bitches”, when she makes her decision to keep Brendan. That would be epicTV. It would also keep the Vets in the house, which I believe is what production wants. Plus, the drama which would ensue between JJ and BR! Priceless! JJ are so disdainful of Dani, they are so secure that they don’t even feel they have to lower themselves to talk with heri, it’s like Shelly has to convince them. If Brendan stays, and he or Rachel win HOH, they can take out their alliance buddies JJ.

  23. All u so~called Dani Lovers are crazy,,, I think she knows exactly what shes doing & has a bigger plan then what u all think,,,shes just not putting it all out there 4 every1 to see yet,,, Give her at least alittle bit of credit,,, I’m not even really a Dani fan & even I think she knows exactly what shes doing =))

    1. I agree. Besides, these people are obvioulsy Brendon and Rachel lovers. Gag!! I hope Dani really wants him out, it’s the best thing for her, because Rachel and Brendon can’t be trusted. They are throwing their “alliance” under the bus, so Dani, I’m sure, realizes that. She is a smart player. Gag on Rachel and Brendon!

    2. Oh come on, Dani is not playing a wise game at all. She doesn’t deserve to win. Jordan is the much better player. Just because she has won before doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserver to win again.

      1. Everyone that entered the house this year is more deserving to win this game than Jordan. Seriously, she is completely worthless in this game. Unless they have a hair twirling comp, she isn’t winning anything that isn’t given to her. Jordan winning would absolutely be an embarrassment.

    3. Yes, you’re right Dani has been good for 3 weeks. But let’s not forget that the vets were good for 3 weeks. The problem is that usually when things go well for one side for a while, then suddenly there will be a time period where things will go bad. Dani is approaching the “bad” time period and she needs to be prepared for it. Unfortunately, she is not playing strategically. So during that “bad” time period, it is quite likely Dani will be evicted and sent to jury.

  24. Dani should never get a vote in the finals because she didn’t have to play for 4 weeks because of who her father is. She came into the game with a massive advantage. It is insanely clear that Dani is set up to win this season in the most blatantly obvious game in big brother history. She is the obvious push for favorite and some are apparently buying that stuff hook line and sinker.

  25. I think Brendon helped Dani Dum Dum make the stupid decision she just made.. Because Brendon said i won’t be mad if you put me up, but if i’m gone, i WANT Rachel to work with you.. Dani now can get rid of Brendon and maybe still keep Rachel and work with her.. She knows she can beat Rachel in the final two but maybe not so much Brendon. She also needs someone who can win comps on her side without worrying about losing to the Jury.. :(

    1. If lying to the whole house, getting caught and losing everyone’s trust and being on the block is a “good game”, then she is rocking it.

      1. Saying she wants to be a good rolemodel for her daughter when she’s caught in her lies makes her a great person as well.

      2. I bet if someone held her cigs hostage, she’d vote anyway you wanted her to. She’d go crazy without being able to sit and puff.

  26. I think she should have put up Jeff… you never know when this opportunity will come again, and having BR on your side wouldn’t have been such a bad thing. Unless Porshe or Kalia win next week- Dani is in big big trouble and she knows it.

  27. Brendon, Rachel and Kalia make me feel like I have bulimia! I vomit everytime I hear them speak! Or read what they are saying! Absolute Puke!!!!

    1. I can see that. Jeff will end up in the jury house eventually and he will have great influence because we can almost bet that Jordan,Shelly, Adam, and possibly Kahlia will be in the Jury House too. JSA will vote in the jury house how Jeff recomends.

  28. “Brenda made one stupid error and Dani capitalized on it by saying if he does go Rachel will work with Dani and the girls anyhow because she is not a part of team JJSA. That statement gave Dani the green light to put Brenda on the block.”

    I know it;s hard for you to understand……..

  29. I figured Dani would put Brendon up again because she doesn’t want more blood on her hand!! She doesn’t realize that Jorden,Jeff,Shelly or Adam would put her up in a heart beat!! She needs to convice her girls to keep Brendon this week and get rid of Shelly. Rachel was actually telling the truth about Shelly playing both sides. Shelly should go if JJ keep there alliance with BR. They need to remember that Rachel kept Jeff and Jorden in the house twice when she was HoH. We will see what happens!! Bring on the drama and make it more interesting!!

  30. Maybe Dani thinks that if Jeff gets evicted, he’s coming back. She knows the game is rigged and CBS is partial to JJ. She didn’t want to waste her HOH on Jeff.. I’ll Drink to That!!

    1. I initially thought CBS was parital to JJ, but I’m not sure anymore. They edit out most of the JJ ‘moments’ that the JJ fans are looking for. It’s left some thinking they are a big farce. There are a ton of JJ ‘moments’ in the live feeds but they don’t make the cut. Jeff is actually even very sweet to her too…which might make him less ornery, for some, if it aired. I think Dani is their new favourite?

  31. Did anyone see porsh after the nomination ceremony on sundays show, peeling the wrapper off a cheese stick, I think she’s so bored she just eats, someone should tell her that’s not strategic game play

  32. Rachel is going to be useless to DKP because Rachel is insanely jealous of other women. Its just a matter of time before she self destructs and Dani has to wrangle her in – like poor Jordan last week…

  33. I didn’t know Brendon gave the OK for Rachel to join Dani and co. if he got evicted. (Damn, talk about giving the green light!) but it works out well for Dani. Then the house will split in 2 – JJSA and DKPR…. and that could be interesting.
    I’m so over JJ. Shelly is clearly a pathelogical liar, and well Adam isn’t so bad I guess… He’s playing a decent social game and his competition skills have been improving. I bet he would have no problems switching to the other side of the house if he had to.

  34. You guys don’t get it, If Shelly or Brendon goes. Dani is totally screwed. The List of Jury members of BB13: Shelly/Brendon (Jury No. 1), Dani (Jury No.2), Kaila (Jury No.3), Porsche (Jury No.4), Adam (Jury No.5), Rachel (Jury No.6), Shelly/Brendon (Jury No.7 and Final member) Jeff wins plus American Favorite Houseguest for the second time.

  35. When I read these updates, I realize how often my opinion swings back and forth. I am still Team J&J….I can’t help it, I like them as people. I don’t think they are the best players in the game, but I just like them.
    I have gone back and forth on Dani, Brendan and Rachel repeatedly. I was glad when Brendan was voted back into the game and now I’m glad he’s been nominated.
    I guess it just proves how nothing is concrete when it comes to Big Brother. I can only imagine what it would be like to actually LIVE there and have your opinion constantly be swayed.
    I couldn’t do it. I love watching it, but I would never in a million years want to live in that house.
    I would be too trusting and I would play way too personally.
    I liked Dani, then I didn’t, now I do again. I admit…she is pretty funny. When B&R were talking to her last night during BBAD, her expressions were priceless. Whenever she talks to the two of them, she looks like she just smelled something bad.
    Taking my personal feelings out of the equation, I think Dani has played the best game so far. But I would still love J or J to win. But strictly on game-play….Dani deserves it. Or least that’s what I think today. Tomorrow, it could be completely different.
    P.S. Whenever the “shooting straight” comments about in the updates, I laugh out loud.

  36. I swear this is like the movie ‘Groundhog Day’. Didn’t we just finish the first go-round with this sappy Brendon Rachel saga. We’ll see this crap all week until Shelly is voted out the house.

  37. Those who think Dani isn’t playing good game and should ally with BR are some durr durdurrrs lol Dani has that pokerface and doesn’t buy easy ploys like the one BR tries to use on everybody in the house, kinda like Ssss. Sticking to the plan is the smartest move right now, there’s too many variables in this house to start switching shit up. JJSA alliance is weak, they don’t stand a chance if K or P win HoH.

  38. Dani had to be the most stupid person in the house. Without brenchel they don’t have the votes or anyone to win competitions. I want that two faced bit*h out.

    1. Looking like it will be JJSA vs DKP (R)

      Shelly and Jordan are horrible at comps. Worst competitors in the house.

  39. Brendon n Rachel should of staged a break up n been seriously convincing, it might of helped them etc… Right now they are mostly seen as a power couple! Could have a lot more options with the others!

  40. Endurance comp will favor DKP(R).

    JJSA, Jordan is worthless. So I wouldn’t count her for anything. She is just a vote.

  41. Brilliant game move by Dani! Magnificent! Bravo!

    I really don’t care, I’m just trying to offset the comments calling Dani’s move dumb without any real substance behind it.

  42. jeff and jordon need to step up and start winning some hoh comps. and if they ever do…gotta go after dani. brendon has a slim chance (like a snowballs chance in hell) of staying, the votes aint there. 3-2 is my guess right now, could be 5-0 by thursday…bye brendon.

    so i guess rachel will go to porsche and call out shelly over the convo her and jordan had in the havenot room. porsche wont believe her…or care.

  43. I just want this week to be over and done with. I’m confused. Don’t know who the target is. Can’t wait for Thursday.

  44. Dani has slip up she has told KALIA all her information coming up the next couple weeks, why not to be hoh, better to be on the block etc, she has given to much information?????

  45. I dont think Dani is playing a great game. She is playing an emotional game and over thinking every current step that is forcing her to miss the big picture. Look I cant stand Brenchel and if she wanted to get rid of Brendon, Fine. But she is NOW putting all her cards on Adam that he will vote to evict Brendon because she put Shelly up as well. Last time she had Jordan as a floater. Shelly isnt a slam dunk floater and if I was Adam I would really be pissed that he was put up on the block. There was absolutely NO guarantee that he would be coming off the block which means there was a chance he was going home. Just like Jeff said last week when Kalia put him up. Now Dani has to rely on Adam not figuring that out and giving Dani the big FU, keeping Brendon in the house. If Adam decides Brendon is more valuable in the game for him then Shelly (which we know he is) then Dani is screwed and will have wasted another HOH. This would go down as a dumber decision than Kalia’s.

    With all that said I think Brendon is gone so it will ultimately work out for her this week but she was not guaranteed his exit.

  46. Am I correct?:

    It will be 4-2 in favour of Keeping Brendon.

    (Votes to keep Brendon: Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Porsche)

    (Votes to evict Brendon: Kalia, Adam

    1. Porsche can’t be that dumb to vote for Brendon. How does that help her game? That would be almost as stupid as Kalia nominating Lawon.

      I think it ends up being 3-3 and Danie will be tie breaker. Fact is, long time until Thursday so it might be more like 6-1 in favor of Brandon leaving. If JJ finds out that DR sold them out.

  47. Brendon and Rachel are in the kitchen and he tells her that he’s going to go put their sheets in the wash. Rachel says that’s probably a good idea.

    SHOCKER… I’m actually surprised they didn’t leave the sheets c** stained for someone else to find like before, guess BB warned them about that.

    1. Like last time? Kinda figured they had priors but I didn’t know that they got put on front street for sticky sheets. I still think Rachel is a post op transexual. hahhaah and brendumb is the bottom.

      1. The only reason their washin the sheets is becuz according to Brendon some1 is giving up their bed for him n his soon to be wife lolol,,, At least their washin the sheets be4 they try to make some1 sleep there,,, I still wouldnt want to sleep on any bed they’ve slept on,,, Ewwwww lol

    2. They are washing the sheets because at 2am on cam 3 last night you can see that Rachel gave B a handjob and they just rolled over and slept in it. They are gross. You wonder why she can’t get a job when she is giving handjobs on live tv

  48. ok so that confirms it – danit has lost her damn mind…is she really talking with dumbass kalia about who they will take out next week? r they f’ing kidding? this is it for them – they will control no more votes from here on out….first of all dani can’t even play for HOH so wtf is she talking about? the comp will most likely be physical so that automatically eliminates Kalia and porsche would never be able to win HOH even if the comp was questions that asked her to guess a number between 1 and 3….wow they have been in that house too long!!!

    1. If it is endurance or physical, I believe Porsche and Kalia have a good chance actually. I think Porsche is being underestimated. She has actually performed well in comps. I would have never guessed she get second in the last hoh comp.

      Jeff is dealing will some horrible comp players on his side. Jeff really needs this hoh comp to have a male strength advantage. Otherwise the DKP (R) alliance could control the hoh for four straight weeks.

  49. Ok this us going to be my last post til Thursday….
    going out on a limb and sticking with it…. I think Dani is aiming for Shelly to be evicted. Not sure how she will twist it to Brendon to benefit DKP, but it will be last minute.
    The reasons I think this:
    1. Dani said the other night “I’m going to make people sweat this week, I’m serious I’m going to have Brendon shit his pants”
    2. She is more tight lipped this week than usual, even with her own alliance
    3. She was all talks about Shelly the Snake when the change of HOH took place…. now suddenly she is (fakely) smoothing things over?
    4. She put alot of thought into a secret DBR alliance and we haven’t heard anything about it since…. She hasn’t told ANYONE about the offer. hmmm why?
    5. Dani loves BIG game moves and surprises. This is too boring and predictable for her style.
    6. Just…. Nothing seems to make sense, feels like there’s something up her sleeve.

    Idk. So if thursday comes and I’m wrong…. So be it I’ll eat crow…..

    1. This would have been a reasonable plan if she told at least Brendon beforehand, but nobody here has reported that to be the case, so it likely didn’t happen.
      If she tells him this after the fact, then it just looks like she is backpedaling to cover her ass.
      Plus, if Brendon can get the votes to stay without Dani’s help (and it is very possible he can), then he owes Dani & Co. nothing and all appearances are that Dani was targeting Brendon.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Noone in that house can keep their mouth shut so she isn’t saying what she really wants until Thursday. Then she will tell Kalia & Porsche to vote Shelly out and Brendon and Rachel that she wants their alliance. Without Shelly, Adam can be swayed to their side and it would be the whole house against Jeff & Jordan…now that would be a brilliant move.

      1. My exact thoughts she’s going to make them all sweat til thursday & i don’t blame her those people talk too much she never did say she would take the deal…if that’s the case she’s doing the right thing because if she tells B&R now they are going to start acting cocky & the other HG will know something is up Rachael is already becoming unglued…I can’t wait til thurs to see what goes down…GO DANI!!

        1. I think that’s she’s being nice to Shelly, to throw people off the scent that she wants to keep Brendan. I don’t see Kalia or Porshe having the balls to nominate JJ. The only people that would are BR. It would be very personal for them if JJA vote Brendan out. Brendan made a good point last night with Dani, no one is gonna win if they’re sitting next to either JJ in final two. BR could do the dirty work of getting JJ out.

    3. wow. if you are right, Dani should get an Oscar….she is a really good actor; and she should be on that Poker show.

      I do wonder why she is so friendly with Shelly all of a sudden.

  50. Rachael is up Brendon’s ass as SS prune face is up JJD ass! Shelly gives us mothers a bad name. Anyone can lie but it takes a real person to admit it! And SS lies soo much she believes them….she’s disgusting!!

  51. So… when I first saw that Dani had put up Brendon I was so disappointed in her… However, after thinking it through and reading over everyone’s comments I am feeling a little more comfortable with the idea… Although I think a BRD alliance would be brilliant at this point in the game, this still might not all end up bad for Dani. Having heard JJ say that they trust SA more than BR implies that Shelly will get JJ’s vote, not Brendon. If this happens the vote will most likely be unanimous and BR will know that JJ have officially turned on the alliance they originally had with BR. This will push Rachel to Dani and her “team” and could possibly motivate Rachel to kick ass in the next HOH competition. And if JJSA were to win…depending on who they put up, Dani would have the votes to stay. I really don’t know that Dani would be the target next week though anyway. But either way it would be JJSA vs DRKP… which is alot better than everyone against DKP… I dunno… I definitely have mixed emotions on the whole situation right now. I’d like to see Dani go all the way… I just really hope she knows what she’s doing right now.

    1. At this point I want Dani gone for her dumbass moves that just keep getting dumber by the second.

      And I think the smartest move for Rachel next week is to let Jeff get Dani out because she’s the biggest threat….JJ don’t do shit, S/P haven’t won anything, and Adam and Kahlia will be easy to take out later on. Plus JJSA are a stronger alliance so her best bet is to let J take Dani out and then win HOH the next week. He can’t play the following week and J/S/A/K/P are weak compared to R so it will be like killing two birds with one stone.

  52. If Brendon and Rachel try to make a deal with Jeff, the smart thing to do is have Dani ‘fess up and tell him that Brenchal tried throwing them under the bus and forming a threesome against them. I’m sure Jeff will not trust and keep Shelly around.

    1. Exactly. Dani has that card to play and JJ already think BR tried to make deals before. This move puts JJ in a stickier spot than any other people in the house.

  53. Did Adam find the condom yet?
    Would have been even funnier if they put a little chocolate sauce/syrup on the outside of it. :-)

  54. bbxposed lmao @your coment u have me weak i love it when i see people keeping it real

    even though i am team vets i am very upset my baby brendon got nom i just hope jeff jordan adam dont let him down ……giving dani the middle finger

  55. Man I spent 2 dollars on that MF just for him to be voted back out…he better get America’s best player cuz I’ll be pissed if he doesn’t.

    Rachel better get her shit together and win this shit. If she doesn’t get HOH next week, she’s screwed.

  56. I hope JJ realize that with Brenden gone – Jeff is the next target. So they (JJRA) should take another stab at derailing Dani’s plan (to get Brenden out) and hope that this time KP doesn’t get HOH. At least Dani will be safe for another week because of her POV Veto and they can get Kaila out and P will get scared because she only has Dani left, and jump ship.

    1. But if JJ evict Shelly, Adam can no longer trust them. I think the writing is on the wall for both couples: the alliance is almost over. This honestly puts JJ in a worse spot that outright putting Jeff up because he has to choose a side and whichever side he doesn’t choose is going to float over to the other side. Unless JJ win HOH, they’re up against the wall.

  57. Why does CBS allow these Spoiler sites? I like them because I only need to watch the show on Thursdays. Doesn’t CBS realize sites like these spoil their TV ratings?

    1. CBS has no control over the spoiler sites.

      And regardless, even those of us with the feeds don’t get to see the Diary Rooms or the competitions. We feeders still watch Sunday and Wednesday for those things.

  58. man it is amazing to watch kalia’s stupidity rub off on dani….i don’t like dani as a game player but this was the worst move she could have made…she will realize in about a week and a half when she joins brendon/shelly in jury house….

  59. why do people keep saying Dani is going home if JJSAR win HOH? Doesn’t the Veto pass mean something or am I missing something here?

    Kahlia or Portia might go home. They will keep Rachael. They need her in the final two to win the money.

  60. 100% this HOH will be physical. It won’t be endurance but it’ll involve strength/speed and will cater to Brendon and Jeff. Absoultely NO CHANCE Kalia wins this week. Porsche might have a chance but BB will want J/J or B/R in charge this week. They’re plan went a little array last week with Dani winning. BB have completely edited Dani and co to be the villains tho Dani has done herself no favors with some vindictive behavior. And they’re slowly getting some of J/J golden coupleness to rub off on Brenchel. Brendon’s not leaving this week. BB is going to ensure that their story isn’t cut short. Sigh.

  61. I hope dani knows what she is doing…but one thing I do know, Rachel is a haunt and Brenden is praying he gets evicted and is regreting the day he hooked up with Crazy, Stalker in the making Rachel…He will be moving and leaving her at the end of the wrap show…That girl is nuts!

    Back to the Game: Jeff has won $15000, Jordan won $500k, they are both the worst kind of people. When will the rest of the house realize this and get rid of them b4 its too late. But if shelly goes, then it will be known how JJ are only loyal to JJ…Adam…be very afraid!!!

  62. 1, 2, 3 weeks you’re out….Dani….Jeff not Brendon…DKP, your luck just ran out….Porsche is a switch hitter…So Dani, hope you POV, then HOH again or its the jury house for you…And D is best looking in the house would hate to see her go because…Porsche has tooo much a$$(the brothers been hittin dat), Kalia has no shape, no hips, just an uncurvy cylinder with rolls just like Jabba, Rachel(dirty), Jordan, knocked knee’ed, Too stupid(see mock job interview with Shelly), Too trailer park….see what I mean!!

  63. I think she did the right thing by putting Brendon up but she needs Rachel on her side and playing in the pov. JJA vs RKP in the HoH comp, The girls are a lock to win unless they meaning production just throws Jeff a comp he can win. Which they have been known to do. Rachel is occupied with Shelly this week and even if the Ogre goes home she is so catty, she will prolly blame it all on Shelly. Gaining some form of trust with Rachel is the key. Dani is an expert at telling people only what she wants them to hear. She is always playing the game, she smart enough to know u can’t tell Rachel to much info. Dani is playing her cards right, and only dayum production stands in her way this week, and with the numbers dwindling she’s almost a lock to play in the next pov so good luck trying to backdoor her Jeff. Dani is a freakin warrior when’s its comes to leaving the BB house.

    I know America wonders why the Vacuum Kahlia can eat and sleep all day and do so well in endurance comps, hell if I know.

  64. BR need to stay focused; they overtry in this game. You don’t see JJ running around frantic and scoring crazy deals…they do everything casual. I sadly see Brendon leaving again b/c they know without him Rachel’s head will be all over the place and not in the game.

  65. I think Kalia and Porche have a great chance of winning HOH. I dont think J or J want to win. They want their alliance to do all the winning so they dont have to get their hands dirty. However, this might just bite them in the butt! (1) because even though Adam knows everything about BB, his mouth doesnt work with his brain. (2) because Shelley doesnt seem to even know where she is due to her head being firmly planted in JJ’s behind and (3) because BR have completely lost their minds.

  66. I think you all are giving D way too much credit re taking S out. She loves to kick a dog when it’s down and thanks in large part to slimy Shelly’s lies that R is taking the hit for they’re (BR) really down. S really nauseates me. The other day she was even trying to, nicely worded of course with motherly concern trying to break up BR’s relationship. Just what they need relationship advice from that snake in the grass. I think they have enough problems without her help. As to who should win I’ve no idea. Maybe D because they are all such bad players so it will be basically a default.

  67. I haven’t bothered to read through the comments but I have to say one thing…everyone is bashing the DKP alliance and that Dani is the only one that can win anything and they are losers…ummmmm, Kahlia won the HOH before, was 2nd in the previous compe (even though she botched the whole thing when she did win) and Porche came in 2nd to Dani. These ladies are a force to be reckoned with, JJSA winning an HOH has not been proven yet (other then Jordan’s win that resulted in her being bullied into evicting someone she liked and could of aligned with). Seriously, its not far-fetched that Kahlia or Porche could win the next one. Look who their competing against!!! Even in Rachel does win the next one, she now knows she has a better shot hooking up with DKP then JJSA. *big sigh* I just needed to say that, even if no one agrees or cares.

    I always end up rooting for the underdog on these shows, like survivior, I want the person that has to fight tooth and nail (like Dani) to go far. I respect and appreciate watching someone go far that has all the odds stacked against them over any kind of “super alliance” – JJBR. Makes for better viewing and, to me, a more deserving winner. Just like Boston Rob on Survivor, a true game player, he already came in 2nd and his wife got the million, yet he proved that his game play was superior, that’s how I see Dani this year.



  69. I think Dani already knows she will likely get nominated for eviction next week. She already knows she is public enemy #1 and JJSA aren’t on her side. She is taking the risk to get Brendon out now while she has the chance to do so. She hopes Kalia or Porsche wins HOH, but deep down, I think she does not really expect them to. She knows she will need to win POV next week and is way too overly confident to do so, because JJSA all suck in competitions.

  70. Ha I think that Brendon’s comment about relishing in someone else’s misery is comical. He is mad that Shelly was grinning when he was put up… um have you seen your soon to be wife’s face every week in this house when someone is put up and it’s not her??? She is the worst with that!

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