Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon says he is going to demand a fu*king bed tonight.. there is no way I am sleeping in there & going home.

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9:25am – 9:50am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. When the feeds come back Shelly and Adam are in the backyard talking. Adam is practicing his lines for what to say for the POV meeting. Adam goes through the whole speech and then says that he chooses to not use the veto on Shelly and to use it on himself. Adam tells Shelly that she has his vote and that if Brendon is put up he will be voting him out. Adam says that if Rachel win HOH I will be the next target along with Dani if I vote him out. Shelly says that she will be because she embarrassed her out in front of everyone saying that Brendon didn’t defend her. Adam says get ready for some crying. Adam talks about how something is wrong if you can’t live without the other person for a week. Shelly talks about how Brendon and Rachel were making out right beside her last night. Adam says just give Brendon and Rachel a week in the jury house they can have a F-ing Greek orgy in there. Shelly says that she is done with Rachel. Adam says if he wins HOH next week he is putting her up. Shelly says she will too. Adam saying that Rachel will pretty much want to go after Brendon’s gone. Adam says that it might not be bad though keeping her around another week. Adam says that she is a really nice girl when she wants to be, she just has this evil side. Shelly says that you can’t be turning that switch on and off, I’m done with her. Shelly says maybe when she has a child she will learn she can’t be spreading that venom. Shelly says that Rachel has a split personality. Adam says that Jeff is still gunning for Dani. Shelly says that they may have a deal together, I’m trying to feel it out, I’m not going to say anything, though. Jeff comes out. Shelly complains about Rachel not doing their dishes and using up all the cheese to make something. Jeff gets called to the diary room. Adam and Jeff head inside. Jeff heads through the kitchen and says this is my plate I am going to fake say I’m going to wash it and then never wash it!

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10am Brendon is in the backyard going off to Adam about how Kalia and Porsche won’t give up their beds so that they can have a real bed. Brendon says that this is my F-ing fiancé …we are getting married and we don’t even have a bed. Brendon says that he would give up his bed if it was the other way around. Brendon says that Rachel just doesn’t want me to say anything because today is nominations. Rachel come out. Brendon says that he is going to demand a f-ing bed tonight.. there is no way I am sleeping in there and going home. Brendon gets called to the diary room. Adam and Rachel talk about giving up their summers for Big Brother. They start talking about past houseguests and if next year was all stars or fans vs favourites.

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Dani goes into the candy room and Kalia and Porsche make fun of her for looking like a mall girl. Dani says no do I look like a girl ..I don’t want to look like a girl! Dani keeps asking if she looks okay. Porsche starts singing I like girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch. Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. Kalia talks about how she brought a pair of pants that she would lose weight to fit into …and that still hasn’t happened.

10:10am Out in the backyard is Jordan, Jeff, Adam and Brendon. Brendon is still going off about Kalia and Porsche not giving up their bed. The conversation changes to talking about Adam and Farrah wanting children but that he knows their window is closing.

10:30am Jeff and Jordan are sitting in the hammock talking. Brendon and Rachel come over to join them. Rachel says that all we need to do is say that if she puts up one of us four ..the other three will be coming after her. Jeff says that won’t work ..if she wanted to cut a deal she would have already… she wants one of us out. Rachel and Brendon says that they will working on Porsche …and for Jeff and Jordan to work on Adam. Brendon says that they already started working on him the other day. Jeff says you asking me what I think Porsche thinks …is like asking me if there are aliens ..I don’t know! Rachel says they only people we know what they are going to do is Dani and you guys. They talk about how Kalia will do the same as Dani. Brendon says that he was trying to convince Dani to put up Porsche… but that she knows that would never happen. Jeff says that would be awesome if she did. Brendon talks about how Porsche won’t give up her bed because she thinks its lucky… how has she been lucky she hasn’t won anything. Rachel says well she hasn’t been up on the block or been havenot …that’s pretty lucky. Rachel says we all have each other though right?! They all say yeah. Brendon says that the only good thing that happened is that Dani’s last two HOH’s have been a wash. Jordan says let’s just wait and see what happens and who she puts up. Jeff says that he thinks Adam is the key. Rachel says yeah. Rachel and Brendon leave.

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Have JJ talked to Dani yet? Do they have any plans to?


no and no


sounds like Brendon is going up… Daniele you’re dumb!

Rachel's shrink

for those of you who think Dani should make a deal with Jeff and Jordan…

JJ are not trustworthy and will back-stab anyone to win.
For example, they have a final 3 with Shelly and, arguably, Shelly has actually helped them a lot in the game, yet if Shelly is on the block with either B or R, they will likely throw Shelly under the bus.

food for thought.


they haven’t been loyal to ONE PERSON this season.
surprisingly, BR have more loyalty than them…. i hope there is a secret BRD deal… fingers crossed…


what!! Jeff and jordan are more loyal than anyone I hate how br are saying to dani that jj will through anyone under the bus when actually that’s what there doing throwing jj under the bus we didn’t vote brendan back in to hurt jj we voted him back in to help and br are being pretty stupid right now 🙁


i understand the fan worshipping but seriously, people like you either do not understand what is going on in the game or you are in major denial…
first of all, brendon was not voted back to help JJ, second of all, how can BR help JJ when a) have another alliance going with SA who they are more loyal to and b) not trying/helping to keep BR safe (a la Jeff throwing the veto, making deals with Dani/Kalia) – they don’t own BR anything but keep in mind that at this point BR definitely don’t owe JJ anything either
i don’t understand where all this “we are here to help JJ idea comes from” – even Shelly is saying it – last time i checked they were young and able-bodied and playing the same game as everyone else


Rachel’s shrink….Jeff may be angry a lot, but he is very reasonable with his game play. If Dani spares him this week, I can see him reconsidering his plan to get rid of her for now, and instead focus his attention on getting Kalia, Porsche, and/or Rachel out next if he won HOH.

Rachel's shrink

we will see, but I am betting JJ nominate KP and backdoor Dani if they get HOH this week.


Me too, Dani made the mistake of not keeping Brendon. She deserves to get the boot, can’t wait!


Looks to me like it is Rachel and Brendon who was up Dani’s ass last night trying to back stab Jeff and Jordan to save their sorry asses, not the other way around!!!


as much as i hate BR, i have to agree with you. betwwen the two, JJ is more likely to put Dani up.


consider this, Dani puts up Jordo, her word not broken to anyone and it appears that Jordo is a pawn, yet Jordo gets backdoored to the jury house by a 5-1 vote, maybe 4-2 at worst. This leaves Jeff in a desperate spot having only Shelly and Adam to work with, Jeff will go nuts because now he will have to actually get his hands dirty and not play the behind the scenes game! It also gets the deal with Kalia and Jordo gone which Jordo would never keep anyhow!


This is a terrible idea. At least get rid of someone that might beat you in the competitions (ie: Brendon, Rachel or Jeff). Getting rid of Jordon would be a waste of an HOH at this point in time. Shelly is more dangerous than Jordan is.


Sounds good but dani wont do that, I would’ve sent Jordan and jeff packing long ago. Theyve won enough already and r so rude and cocky this yr.


too bad dani is too hellbent on avenging PT by putting up B if she realizes that if she puts up B JJBRA are still going to go after her, but if she puts up Jeff she gets BR and then it’s just Jordan Shelly and Adam against her


I agree with this…shes playing like a little kid sending brenden home rather than cut a deal with them and explain to them that JJSA are an alliance…Shes really not smart if she sends Brenden home…Not only that she will lose in the final two to JJSA…She could beat BR pretty easy…


I rather see Rachel go home, everyone is tired of her games . talk about flip flopping on what side shes on. She is the biggest kiss butt their is. If Brendon stay I ‘ll bet the house nobody cares if he goes again after Rachel. If Brendon wins HOH the other have the votes to do the opposite of what he wants anyway


Team Dani all the way!


When’s the POV ceremony today?


reivia right now so might be happening as we speak


As long as Daniele puts Brendon up, Brendon’s going home. Yay.


I’m still holding hope that she’s going to surprise with Jeff up.
But if that doesn’t happen… I will lose so much respect for Dani’s gameplay. I’ll still be gunning for her to win, but that will be a really dumb decision on her part.


it would be such a major mistake for her game that honestly if she can’t see that, then she is not that good of a player and doesn’t deserve to win and i would say Jeff does – yeah she is good at comps but clearly her social game is average and her strategic game is too weak to get to final two

(i like to rate the players according to these categories and hope the highest rankig ones make it to finals)

i didn’t watch BB8 so didn’t know what to expect from Dani but i have heard stuff about her and Dick and she has continuously underwhelmed and disappointed:(


So glad Dani will be putting up Brendon. To me, it’s the smartest move. Better to get rid of the threat you know now, than to get rid of what could be a threat later. She has to take it one step at a time. And if she spares Jeff, despite all his talk of “stabbing her in the back” he might just change his tune. I definitely could see Jeff winning HOH and putting up Kalia and Porsche, and then if one wins POV, switching it up and backdooring Rachel. Then it can be Dani, Kalia, and Porsche battling it out against Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, and Adam. And the cards will fall where they may. But the first thing that absolutely has to happen is B&R must GO. Both for the best of everyone else’s game, and for both the houseguests’ and audience’s sanity!


I’m glad someone’s finally seeing what I’m seeing. Dani can put up Brendon, tell Jeff that Brendon and Rachel were trying to get him on the block rather than Brendon and Jeff will surely vote Brendon out this week and gun for Rachel next week cuz she did exactly what Dani did week 3 – try and backdoor him. Jeff tends to play emotionally and when he feels a fresh betrayal by someone he could have sent home last week, he’ll definitely try to get them out.


oh really, why would he do that when he can beat rachel anytime anywhere including the FINALS…think about Final 3 and how intense those comps are – do you want to worry about dani or rachel — they are both equally good at comps but who are you likely to win over?? seriously put yourself in the game….if it were me, jeff would have been target#1, don’t even give him the chance to build an alliance — and i would be keeping Rachel to the end bc who is going to vote for her


Thats stupid hed backdoor dani becasue she the strongest player against him…If Brenden goes home and Jeff were to win HOH it would be a lot like Survivor with Boston Rob last season….Smooth sailing with a bunch of morons…


Adam, good idea of next year Big Brother All-stars2: Fans vs Favorites. Even better, Big Big Brother All-stars2: Rivals, Heroes vs Villians, or even Second Chance w/Former 1st Evicted House Guest get the chance of winning 500k. Make it happen.

Saw the light

Brendan thinks he’s king of everything…his narcissistic sense of entitlement to take a bed away from someone supported is outrageous! His superiority (as if he’s the only person ever to be engaged in this world and somehow that alone makes him “above” the other hgs) is nauseating! Ugh!

Saw the light

delete *supported*


Dani, if you put up Brendon instead of Jeff then your ass better be prepared to leave next week. I’m so tired of defending her stupid game moves that don’t make any sense. She needs to work with BR because their all in the same boat being targeted. Why can’t she understand that JJSA will put her up the first chance they get like wtf??? If she puts Brendon up then oh well. I won’t even be sad because she had the opportunity to make a huge game move, have a side alliance with BR, along with PK, and actually play the game but chose to be a pussy because she didn’t want Jeff and Jordan to get “mad” at her. Its too damn late for that bs like wtf!!! I’m so pissed. Dani does deserves to go home if she starts acting like a coward and stops making logical game moves that will benefit her game. Team dani for now!!!


Does anyone else notice Brendon acting a bit differently since he came back? It’s almost like he doesn’t want to be there. I wonder if perhaps his week of freedom from the drama, and especially Rachel, made him realize he can’t stand BB, and possibly also has an issue with Rachel. One week isn’t long, but he does seem to have a totally different attitude. Almost depressed….


lol,what a joke! BR telling JJ we’re still together blah,blah,blah.these are the worst backstabbing dirtbags to play this game and you idiots say their trustworthy.Dani has played this very smart and so have JJ.No talks/deals between JJ/D.Jeff said after noms,they would talk to Dani.Dani kept her mouth shut and will tell JJ after noms,everything BR said about them etc,assuring 1 of BR goes home this week.The feeds/BBAD should be very interesting today/tonight!!!!!


I believe too many of you are thinking short-term. Who can trust BR? So BR saves them for a couple weeks but sooner or later they will turn on her and get her out. Have someone else do the dirty work.

If you think winning instead of just survivng a couple weeks, her best bet is keep JJ and get rid of Brendon. Then Rachel works with her and KP. So there is four. JJ will go after Kalia or Porsche first because they despise floaters.

At the end of the day, Dani needs to go into the final 2 with Jordan or Shelly. Kalia has no shot at the final 2 and Dani knows it. Porsche might but she isn’t reliable. I don’t think the house will vote for Jordan to skate by and win it twice. Seriously if you were voting Dani or Jordan, knowing Jordan already won $500k, who would you pick?

Get rid of Brenden and then in two or three weeks it will be a die or live contest between Jeff and Dani. Too early to go after JJ.


Jordan will win over Dani in final 2 – can’t believe you said that bc this is EXACTLY how Jordan wins – this girl is a genius – she does nothing and yet remains a final 2 prospect…i am not even being sarcastic, i don’t know how jordan does it, she is making me rethink things….


Not twice. Personally I don’t think Jordan will get to the final 2 because one of them will mistakenly go after her because they think she will get the cute vote. People will recognize IF Dani gets to the final 2 (she has once) that she earned the win. She can’t win against Jeff or BR. Her against Adam would be tight. She beat Kalia and Shelly but I don’t think either of those 2 have a chance. Porsche is a wild card because she is no the smartest but at least she has come close to winning something.


Plus, Rachel is wasted once Brendon is gone. Adam, Shelly and Jordan will most definitely go after Dani (not the others) if Dani backdoors Jeff. Very little for Dani to win going after Jeff.


I am completely stupefied by Brendon’s ‘right to a bed’ statement/demand and I’ve heard some pretty obnoxious statements from all the house guests. Why the bloody hell does he think he and Rachel deserve anything different from the others, because they’re engaged?


It’s that B/R Entitlement Syndrome again at work. Why does he think anybody cares that he can’t sleep with his fiancee? When was evicted, he wasn’t sleeping with her. So he should be grateful he has any space in the BB House when he really should be at home viewing like the rest of us.


I think that is why most of us only see Dani and BR as the only ones who have earned anything so far. JJ has coasted using their past BB star power to reel in superfan Adam with his mancrush and Shelly with her Eileen Wuornos behavior into the jj army and just Bully the other newbies.
I motice he hasn’t dared raise his voice to Dani and Brendon even commented on him showing Dani respect in BBAD. I for one loathe BR but you have to admit they scratch and crawl and fight, wheras jj just coast and the only thing jj try to earn is trips instead of POV or HOH or any responsibility. He is the word PUSSY defined!


Simon, who do think is going home??


right now I think it’s brendon.. but it’ll probably change a doz times before thusdays


His demand for a bed for he and his “fiance” confirms the self-deserving attitude that Brendon and Rachel always display. He is such a jerk, he was voted out but seems to forget he isn’t King Brendon. I hope he gets voted out again, Rachel next.