Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche tells Rachel that she went crazy for a few days ..she was yelling & screaming at people ..I am on my period & didn’t want to get in a fist fight..

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12:30pm Lawon mentions to Porsche that he is missing some jewellery like his Tiffany Bracelet. Porsche tells him to go look for it. Lawon says that its probably in his bag. Porsche then goes to lay down in the lounge room. The cameras switch to Rachel in the havenot room putting on her workout clothes. Rachel then heads out into the backyard to work out.

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12:30pm – 12:50pm Rachel comes into the lounge room to talk to Porsche. Rachel says that she just isn’t sure where they went wrong. Porsche says that nothing really went wrong …but that friendships and alliances are different… and that when Jeff and Jordan stopped talking to me went with them. Rachel says I don’t understand I am the one going home. Porsche says that you went crazy for a few days there …and were yelling and screaming at people and I am on my period and didnt want to get involved in a fist fight or something. Rachel says that she wasn’t going to get into a fight with anyone …and that she has never been in a fist fight. Rachel says that times got really hard and that her friendships didn’t stand by her … its not like a friendship like PT … this was my fiancé. Porsche says I know …just you have to keep yourself grounded. Rachel says that no one knows how it is …thats my fiancé and I am going to be without him for 6 weeks …you don’t know how hard that is… Porsche says but you went crazy and I’ve never seen you act like that before and I didnt want to be associated with that. Rachel says that it just hurts her feelings …that the love of her life got torn away from me … Dani ripped him away from me …and they were friends before BB. I am going to have his children one day … my soul mate … we are going to be sitting in rocking chairs one day when we are old. Porsche says that you need to handle it in a better way. Shelly has children and a husband …and she does act like that.

Rachel says but we thought we would be together till at least jury house. Porsche says I felt bad for you but you can’t act like that …you are going to have so much time with him when you get out… Rachel says that shock of not being with him for 6 weeks was really difficult. Porsche says but you had to have thought this would happen when you came into the house guns blazing. Porsche says that you just made people uncomfortable …and I dont know how to real you in… especially when I am on my period. Porsche and Rachel hug and Porsche tells her it will be okay you may even come back into the house. Porsche explains that she needs to be nice to people because if she comes back you don’t want people to target you right away. They hug and Porsche leaves the room. Rachel rolls her eyes and sits there in silence.

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1pm Meanwhile, Adam is in the bathroom removing his goatee. Adam leaves just the moustache and says hey kid …wanna get in my van? Adam shaves the rest off and says hey whos the new houseguest?! I am a good looking man!!! Jeff says now I am going to have to start making all new alliances and shit! They talk about how he looks like a totally different person. They start calling him Philip. Jeff says that its weird talking to Philip now …he needs to get to know him first.

1:10pm Rachel is working out on the elliptical. Jeff and Shelly are sitting on the backyard couch. Adam finishes up shaving in the bathroom and then goes to stand by his photo the memory wall. Porsche tells him that it looks amazing. Jeff says hey Philip ..whos that angry guy beside you?! Adam then goes to show Dani. Dani says that he just looks creepy now.

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1:15pm Rachel and Jordan are in the backyard talking about the twist. Jordan says that if the person that gets evicted gets to come back …its kind of a waste of an HOH. Rachel says yes and no. ..and if I get evicted I will come back and I will win …I will not mess up or drop the ball. Adam heads out into the backyard and they tell him how good he looks now. Adam says that it feels weird and that he definitely doesn’t look 40.

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OMG! what happen to his beard?


Well…. There are about 450 words right above your post that will explain it….
(sorry Simon couldn’t resist)


Wow thanks!


I think I liked Adam better with the beard… 0.0

The Masterpiece Chris Masters

Could have at least left it like the first pic


rachels full of shit 24/7. btw i love the new look, get some more pictures in! lmao


vote breden


whos breden?

Don’t vote. None of them deserve to come back. They were voted out for a reason, leave it that way.


yea that’s true


wow adam looks so much better! i cant stand por and want her gone. jordan this year isnt as nice as last time and jeff swears way too much. for sure rachel will be voted out and brendon will be voted back in. those two without knowing … a screen or something between them will have to compete to stay … brendon will win and the screen will be removed and he will feel so bad for knocking out rachel … it will be funny!! i hate dani this year

Uncle Cool

I think that’s a great reason to vote for Brendon!!

The anonymous competing would be fantastic too.


Now that would be awesome!


why don’t you geo back to church if your virgin ears cant handle some swearing and mean people.


Oh yeah Rockstar, Name and Ill Will Cult of personality officially join Team J & J. Rockstar, Name and Ill will cult of personality hates Team Dani. Its true. It’s really True. they said that.


You’ve lost it AA. When did I say I hated Dani? What are you going on about?


You said it, You said that Team Jeff and Jordan is better than Team Dani. I know it from your mouth. Trust me. Rockstar. I know you officially member of Team Jeff and Jordan.


You forgot when he said all that he thought it was Opposite Day.


Adam=Alexander the great………………………..yeah Rachel you better come back thursday because if you don’t i won”t be able to watch BB again


I agree, If Rachel leaves, I wont return tell next year. Same thing happen when Evil Dick was on Big Brother. When he poured that water on that girls head, and they did not kick him off the show. I was stunned….I could not watch Big bother for two seasons. Evil Dani needs to go…


it’s legal to throw water on a person. Chima threw water on Russell, but she went to production first and asked them if it was o.k., and they said she could do it


Damn, I’m a fart without a home now…. The last vestiges of Cruddy have faded… Not so bad though, I’ll just crawl up Dani’s ass…


Don’t think Brendon and Rachel’s marriage is going to last long after the whole honeymoon stage is over. He was already jerking off on skype a few months ago.


What!!! I dont believe it!!!!! No way !!!! Your making this up…


Did you hear that we caught Bin Laden?


Sweet pics of Adam

A Vote for Dawg is a vote for world piece


A piece of world? Wonder how that tastes? Like strawberry pie, I think. Lol


Team Philip Yo! LOL

The Meow Meow

Yo, I bet money if Rachel comes back in she will not win HoH. I’ll take the field.


ADAM is the man he should win BB Love the new look TeaM BaCoN

rachel has mentioned that brenden and her havent been apart … i guess thats the reason why he used pov on her and ran away it was a perfect opportunity to get away from a psycopath …lol


i wonder if he found some bacon bits in that trap


when does kaka put up the replacement for jeff? I think it should be portapotty. let the 2 “friends” go at it. LOL


wow Adam looks like 15 years younger than before. Big Brother Makeover!!

Oddly enough, Rachel looks 8 years older this season than she did last year.


Posted last Wed, CBS has rigged this Twist. How does Rach know there will be a comp after Evict and before HOH?

I am waiting for Simon to post when Jeff tells Jordan the Twist is a comp btwn Evict and former HG. The comp is a race to finish a puzzle.
The Winner stays to play. Found out in the DR. This is all CBS bullsh*t.

Jeff warns Jordan to keep her mouth shut that they know what’s happening. Btw always great job Simon/Dawg. Vote Dom!!


dont vote for dom vote for breaden


A Grown ass man CRY is what You want to see. Brenda is worse than last year when he was f’d over by the B’gade for being stupid!!!


Here we go more conspiracy theories! You guys sound just like the losers in the house!


I respect that you think this is all legitimate, but when Rachel is most likely evicted and the polls are finished midnite Wed it will probably be Cassi coming back to lose to Rachel. All CBS needs to do is fix the outcome of who she plays the comp against.


Men and women in our armed force have to risk their live and be away from their spouses for several months at a time and this bitch is crying because she wont see her fiance for 6 measly weeks because the evil Dani got him evicted.


Exactly!!! You couldn’t have said it better.


Thats exactly what I thought Tanner. Six weeks is nothing plus she is gonna get her money from BB at the end.


Do they all actually get money from BB in the end???


yes as far as I know they get paid $750/wk


they get 10grand to appear and $750 a week afterwards


That’s pretty good since they aren’t spending any $$ while in there… I guess Racheal could buy her 10,000$ wedding dress after the show… Lol… Thanks for the info guys:-)))


As a Navy wife and an Army brat, I second that opinion because I was thinking the same damn thing!


Adam does look creepy now lol

On a side note, I learned Jeff is a bigger duechebag than I first though. The dude is a raging homophobe according to this little event:


On one hand, everyone has the right to express their opinion (free speech and all).

On the other hand, I agree with the comment posted at your link “Apparently your “heterosexuality” is “flexible” and you “choose” straight.” as a sarcastic yet realistic viewpoint of people are attracted to who they are attracted to. I can appreciate a beautiful woman but that attaction does not follow to the point of wanting to spend the rest of my life with a female. I would not fall in love with a female because I am heterosexual but who am I to judge who someone else falls in love with and their reasons behind it?

As far as Jeff’s comments about Dumbledor. He has every right to the way he feels and the public has every right to disagree with him. I disagree with him. Obviously being gay doesn’t automatically make you a pedophile. Given enough time, ignorance, arrogance, hate and intolerance will always rear it’s ugly head. Don’t be fooled by Jeff’s comedic ways. He is as described and that goes for more issues than just homosexuality.


That is true but when you are in the house together and get ripped apart it is different. I am a former Navy husband and we could prepare for my departure for months ie. Wills, power of attorney and such very different and this is from experience.


now he needs to wax the rest of his body, yuck


Vote Dom back in. Theres too many sketchy people in the house already and he was a nice guy and will come back to compete.


dont vote dom


vote dom


I think this will also mark Adams (Phillip’s) game change as well. He’s about to seriously turn it UP!!


Ugh, she and her fiancee were torn apart??? She and Brendon should have kept their co-dependent asses home if they wanted to be together and pursued a “normal life”. But she wasn’t going to passed the opportunity to come back because she loves the attention. Apparently, according to her they don’t have much money. So you would have thought instead of being shoved up each others asses last year , they should have focused on winning since neither are well-off financially. Shows how immature they are. They could have pursued a relationship after the show was over since their love conquers leaps all bounds and him exposing himself on the Internet. I know people find Rachel’s personality entertaining, can’t say that I do. She’s a bit disturbing in her worship of Brendon. That’s not to say to that I’m hell bent on her getting kicked out this week. I would love to see Shelly straight shoot out the door.


I’m surprised that Roachel knows which face to put the makeup on in the morning LOL


Oh yeah, welcome to Team J & J Name. Name is officially member of Team J & J


J&J are done without Brendon to save them. Hahahaha


People forget that J&J did win comps during their season!


Wow, that awesome Jeff and Jordan all the way without Brendon. That great, I’m proud of you Jeff and Jordan go all the way and finally win competiton. I’m glad you part of Team J & J.


I like the new look. The beard was creepy and made him look dirty (“Cruddy”). Clean cut is much better.


Dani is such a ….. I don’t want to get personal but I can’t stand her. She’s always saying somebody is a creep, looks creepy, ewww or whatever. Can’t wait for the day Adam wins HOH and puts her up on the block! Team JJ & Bacon!!!! Vote Cassi!!!!


LOL Dani calls people creepy and immature which apparently is not okay but BRJJ call Dani and Kalia every cuss/curse word in the book and that is A-OK. Is that about right?


Ok I’ve officially lost my mind but Porshe is really starting to grow on me. Really liking the way she’s is being blatantly honest with Rachel about her behavior in the house and not coddling her like everyone else does. It’s not what Rachel wants to hear so she will never realize Porshe is giving her some really good advice… It’s time to GROW UP little girl!!


Team Porsche is a viable option now


I agree….I think she was holding back and it’s getting ready to play now….only bad thing is, she’ll be gunning for J&J, but I’m liking her as a third option.


With the exception of Lawon, EVERYONE in the house has tried to tell Rachel that her behavior is the downfall of her game. Ragan told her the same thing last season. Has she learned from the advice yet? No, she has simply modified her behavior a tiny bit (put on a less threatening more normal act) this week in the hopes of it saving herself from eviction. If by some miracle she gets through this week, the old Rachel will be back.


I liked dani so much better season 8. She looks so much better as a blonde too. Now she looks like a witch. She is such a c**nt this season too


I think she looks so much better now. I was watching a couple of you tube video from her last season and she was so skinny. She looks way more fit now.


Wow Rockstar, your speechless. You surprise, you say anything. I amazing. I’m so proud of you. I know you like team J & J. I know I’m really smart and pretty sure you don’t like Team Dani. Anyway, talk to me some more. we will became best of friends. I know you totally lost it. Don’t worry I’m there for you. I know you like Jeff because he is athletic. And jordan, she super smart. So, Rockstar. Welcome to the team. I hope you there to talk okay.


Thank you Mimi! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this! Brendon is going to be voted back in! Thats tv! Production knows that it has to happen. Sometimes Simon makes me feel like an idiot though because he knows the game so much better then me. Then i start second guessing myself :/ Hahaha.

Fed up with JJ

When do they say who there putting up as the replacement?


Where has “guy” been lately? Did he change his ‘name’ so he doesn’t have to apologize to me for losing when he claimed Dani would be going home this week?

Ill Will, I’d still like a Whinechel collage, if your willing. Maybe add JJ in there for good measure. 😉


“In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”. Wanna look wise in that house? Try to talk some sense into Rachel. She can now be sure no one is gonna hire, because she doesn’t take responsibility for her actions.


Adam must have heard me the first week! I told my husband how I thought Adam would look so much better if the shaved his goatee. He looks younger. Great job Adam!

Anita Hanchob

Adam should also shave his back and chest


Hi all. First, I want to say that I love this site and really appreciate being able to read the updates. The comments make me laugh out loud…even the ones that I don’t agree with!

I’m torn about this season. I admit, I’m a J&J fan and have been since their season. I loved Evil Dick, tolerated his bratty daughter and thought that Brendon would have been much more normal had he not saddled himself with the overly emotional Rachel.

I loved the idea of bringing the vets back this season, especially considering how boring the newbies are/have been. I had hoped that the vets would have stuck together as long as they could, but Dani jumped the gun.

I give her (Dani) some credit for trying to shake things up, but unfortunately none of the newbies were formidable allies. From an entertainment standpoint, the newbies make me want to poke my eyeballs out. BBAD is so dull this year….listening to fake laughter, the wishy-washiness of all of them and the never-ended soap opera that Rachel creates is enough to make me lose my mind.

I still like J&J and while I do think they’ve both acted like brats this season, I think everyone with the possible exception of Adam, has also acted like a brat at some point.

Personally, to be in that house and to have to listen to Kalia’s never-ending yammering, Shelly’s tranny voice, Dani’s evil moustache-twirling, Porsche waxing poetic about her future career in show business and Adam’s obvious playing for the cameras…I would be an asshole too.

No books, no TV, no internet, no music and to be on slop? I can’t believe no one has killed anyone yet.

Not justifying bad behavior, but I think everyone in that house (on every season) acts like a dink at some point.

Finally, J&J said early on that they are not comfortable “canoodling” on camera. They didn’t do any of it in their season and they said that they agreed that during the time they were in the BB house, there would be PDA.


“No books, no TV, no internet, no music and to be on slop? I can’t believe no one has killed anyone yet.” You’re right, we should give them credit for that but 500K or even 50K can be such an incentive to put one’s mental health into jeopardy.


I agree with you….I would like to think that I would keep composed in the hopes of a 50K or 500K payoff, but I don’t know if I could do it. Especially if I was living with people who were driving me insane. 🙂


Wow! Are you sure you’re not me? Only that you are much more eloquent than me…..I agree with every single thing that you said….thanx for posting!


Adam, or Phil, is getting nominated for his b-day. That sucks.


i don’t like dani anymore. she is so catty now. so obsessed with rachel. can she just let it go and be a level-headed person? she got brendon out and then, most probably, rachel this week. gosh! i hate catty women.


Not a Rachel fan then if you truly hate catty women.


Yea I am starting to like Porsche more now. I am still team Dani tho. For right now anyway.


Let welcome Riot, BBxposed, and of course Teamboobies to Team J & J. I’m proud all of you. Right now million of Team Jeff and Jordan fans is much stronger. So let’s keep on recruiting we will make sure Jeff and Jordan will go to Final two. Okay. Let hear it. Go Team J & J Go Team J & J all the way.


I am not Team JJ. Never will be. I find JJ to be two of the dumbest people to ever show up on my TV. And sooo boring. Don’t even get me started about how truly ignorant Jordan is. And how her BB victory is the least deserving of all winners. It was like someone (I guess Jeff) was running to score a touchdown but fumbles at the 5, it gets kicked around by Natalie, Kevin and Jordan and then Jordan manages to fall on it in the end zone. Sure she won, but did nothing but eat cookie dough. Easily the weakest BB winner ever. And what’s even sadder, Jeff is given Wizard powers and Chima implodes and Jeff still losses to Jordan, Natalie and Kevin. LMFAO….that’s pathetic. Yeah, you will never get me on the JJ bandwagon.


Just did BBXposed. You begged to join and u did. So, welcome to JJ fan club.


Looks like Jordan and her fans have something in common. No comprehension of the world around them.

Get a job

Welcome to the team guys JJ all the way


@ iamwatching. Rachel is the strongest competitor so of course Dani wants her out.. Once Rachel is out she won’t have much competition.


Hi, I love you guys,

I am a big brother fan and I’ hooked on Big Brother. I am a Big brother addict. I need BBA (Big brother Anonymous).
P.S. Have fun, it’s only a game. Play nice.

Love GC.


Simon, did you block me? Ever since you said to avoid personal attacks to other visitors, I have. But I assumed the HG’s were open season.


No you should be GTG


Hey everyone, new member of team J & J Anon. Welcome Anon, I know Team Dani is pretty messed up. Welcome to Team J & J. Let hear it. Welcome Anon.


What to Cruddy? Bring Back Cruddy. Love that elf.

The Meow Meow

VOTE DOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Meow Meow

When does someone start a “Team CSL”


ok what’s goin on why is cassi beating Dom in the polls!?? She was so freaking boring on the show and there’s no way she’s gonna beat Rachel in a competition…this twist is a major fail


I agree… She really wont help the ratings or the game. She is a baeutiful girl…She needs to stick to her modeling and stay out of this game. It really isnt for her. Same with Dom. he is too much a pretty boy. I really dont think he will go far without Evil Dani to help him out. Bebause that little bitch needs to go. She is worthless.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*


Why cut off the beard?

I don’t know how to feel now


Floata Hata

I loved seeing JJ calling out Rachel on her neediness last night. Rachel didn’t like it much but eventually laughed with them.