Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says that Dani drinks and party’s a lot …and hooks up with lots of guys.. *Updated*

10:40am – 11am Shelly and Rachel are out on the backyard couches talking. Rachel says she is not the type to threaten people or anything like that. Shelly says I know you will be back… they want you back for ratings. Rachel says I don’t think so. Shelly says oh come on.. if I were to get voted out there would be a 30% chance to come back … and for you there is a 99% chance you’re coming back. Rachel says that they could just go in and ask what Julie Chen said …but she won’t tell Kalia that because she is playing for herself. Shelly asks what Dani is like outside the house ..and if Rachel knows what she is really like? Rachel says that Dani drinks and party’s a lot …and hooks up with lots of people. Shelly says well I don’t know about that. Rachel says that Dani will not play emotionally …that she will do whatever it takes to win. Shelly asks what happened between them. Rachel says that its all because they wouldn’t back door Jeff. Rachel says that Dani then threatened then saying that she would come after her and Brendon if they didn’t keep Dominic. Shelly says I think she really liked Dominic ..she was even talking about him last night and Adam and I were laughing about it. Rachel says they knew the kid for 3 weeks?! Rachel says that Brendon will never talk to her again. Shelly says yeah I know. Shelly asks so Brendon was voted out day 34? Adam comes out into the backyard to smoke and they all talk about what Brendon would be up to now…

11:20am Adam and Porsche are making breakfast and cleaning up in the kitchen. Jeff and Jordan are still laying in the HaveNot bed partially awake. They decide to get up. Jeff joins them out in the backyard. In the kitchen Porsche is making Adam cupcakes and a cake for his birthday. Porsche says that the party wont start till 4pm. Back out in the yard, Jordan joins them. Rachel talks about doing a photo shoot with Steven Tyler and then starts name dropping all the other people she has met. Rachel talks about all her stories of meeting people and then says that she used to be cool …before everyone wanted to evict her from the big brother house. Shelly sarcastically says oh now that’s positive! Rachel says okay I have a question for you two (Jordan, Jeff) since we are alone. What do you think about me talking to Dani? Rachel says me telling her that theres no reason to evict her because I am coming back. Jordan and Jeff say that there is no real point but go ahead. Jordan says you could apologize though. Rachel says no I don’t want to. Shelly comes back out and asks if she interrupted something. They say no. They then start talking about why Brendon’s toes are so bad. Rachel says that its because he runs marathons…

12:10am – 12:20pm Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Rachel talk about what Julie Chen said about how an evicted houseguest will have a chance to come back. Adam joins them in the backyard. Rachel says that its just like a power …like the coup d’état or a diamond power of veto… but the reverse. Jordan says that this week Julie will tell them about it again before the eviction. Rachel says no I don’t think so …I think it will be after the eviction and right before the HOH competition. Adam says that he thinks it will be where they get the chance to play the next HOH …and if they lose they don’t get to come back and if they win they get to come back into the house. Rachel says that this will bring back the fast forward or double eviction. Rachel starts talking about how scabs are formed. (WTF?!) Porsche says that they should make a slip and slide today…

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206 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says that Dani drinks and party’s a lot …and hooks up with lots of guys.. *Updated*

  1. WTF? Rachel says she is not the type to threaten people or anything like that. That is all that her and Brendon did was threaten HGs if they wouldn’t do what they wanted them to do. She is full of s**t!

      1. Dirty, dirty mud slinging! Not nice to try to win someone over by talking such awful trash talk; especially when the same can be said about her. But that is Rachel, so you can expect that of her.

        1. bring brendon back and if he gets evicted then bring him back again, and if he gets evicted again then bring him back again, introduce a new power that rachel can’t get eveicted. and then bring them back next season and the season after that, until they win. and if they win, then bring them back again and again. who care about competition? it’s all about drama and ratings.

    1. Rachel needs to get some serious psychiatric help , all Brendon and Rachel ever do is threaten and bully people minto doing what they want, then when they lose they pretend that they are innocent and done nothing to piss people off.

      Every other word that comes outta her mouth is Delusional

      1. Trust me B/R/J are only threatening and intimidating in the BB House. In the real world if they tried those tactics, it would be lights out for each and every one of them.

        They all have a false sense of supremacy and power in there, partly because the other HGs walk on egg shells around them, even when they aren’t in power. (e.g. Kalia with her begging/pleading for Jordan/Jeff to like her).

        Outside the house they are obviously not successful in there chosen professions (or lackthereof) otherwise I can’t see any real job allowing them to keep interrupting their work schedules to make allowances for reality tv play time.

    2. It is hypocritical, but pretty much everyone in the house is. And it is smart to threaten people somewhat. It is the only way to be safer a week after winning HOH.

    1. I agree…. Rachel must have a bad memory when SHE talks about Dani hooking up with a lot of guys and drinking a lot… and last season we all saw a lot of drunk Rachel flashing stuff.

  2. “Dani hooks up alot” – This coming from the girls who tells the world she woke up topless clutching a fist full of Benjamins?

    BB is not going to snub America’s vote for favorite to come back in the house by having Rachel sending her home. It will not be a comp geared for Rachel to win easily.

    1. As much as Rachel is a ho, Dani is a huge one. She’s talked about how many guys she’s banged multiple times and one night stands are ALWAYS the best way to start meaningful relationships. I wouldn’t wanna be near either one of these girls. Yuck!

      As for the comp, if it isn’t Brendon being voted back, trust me they will try to get Rachel back into the house. BB knows that if J/J are left by themselves, they will slowly be taken out. Jeff and Jordan really aren’t great at comps. Dani would destroy them. BB knows that. We haven’t seen the last of Brenchel sadly.

    2. Rachoe sounds ridiculous saying dani only knew dom for only 3 weeks. Didn’t rachoe have sex with brandunb before she knew him 3 weeks?

  3. Rachel says that Dani drinks and party’s a lot …and hooks up with lots of people..

    Pot , the tea kettle is calling you black again….

      1. Well, let’s just say that Rachel knows how to recognize a (potential) competitor in any field and was a virgin until she met Brendon :-) I can’t wait to hear what she has to say about her former BFF Porsche and also Jordan. It’ll be rich.

  4. Putting Jordan up is really the only way K can guarantee R is voted out! This way, Jeff has to vote to keep J and J doesn’t get to vote. Otherwise JJ both are voting to keep R. JJ are already pissed at K, so who cares…. Just do it!

  5. Well Rachel i believe you as well has done your fair share of partying and hooking up. No doubt about that. So your in no position to judge lol.

    1. She wasn’t judging, she was answering questions honestly….Not defending R but now she’s in a relationship and no longer working in Vegas so she’s behaving herself.

      1. Is she behaving as good as Mr. Skypbaiter Brenden???? I think they are birds of a feather, and they absolutely deserve each other.

      2. Both Rachel and Dani said they’ve only met ONCE briefly before the show so how can she say how Dani is in her day to day life. Just bc you work in a bar doesn’t mean you party all the time. I’ve rarely heard her cuss in the house. People who normally curse regularly would have a hard time not doing it. Just don’t think it’s fair of Rachel to talk about Dani when she’s not someone who actually hangs out with her.

      3. a woman is not “good” or “bad” just bc she is/may be promiscuous…let’s not judge women based on oppressive stereotypes and standards that men are impervious to….even if you may not agree, there is no good reason to judge, none of these women except Shelly are married or have kids, so to each his or her own.

      4. Both Rachel and Dani said they’ve only met ONCE briefly before the show so how can she say how Dani is in her day to day life. Just bc you work in a bar doesn’t mean you party all the time. I’ve rarely heard her cuss in the house. People who normally curse regularly would have a hard time not doing it. I Just don’t think it’s fair of Rachel to talk about Dani when she’s not someone who actually hangs out with her.

      5. Both Rachel and Dani said they’ve only met ONCE briefly before the show so how can she say how Dani is in her day to day life. Just bc you work in a bar doesn’t mean you party all the time. Many times Dani has talked about how she doesn’t really go out much and has no life bc she basically works and goes to school. And she’s also mentioned she’s NEVER had a one night stand but does have FWB kind of relationships (that doesn’t mean that she sleeps around) Also, I’ve rarely heard her cuss in the house. People who normally curse regularly would have a hard time not doing it. I just don’t think it’s fair of Rachel to talk about Dani when she’s not someone who actually hangs out with her and we don’t know what she’s basing her opinion of Dani on.

      6. i agree, it sounded as if Rachel were speaking objectively about Dani and just answering the question with facts, but I would have hoped she would have chosen other characteristics or attributes other than her sexual behavior when describing her -esp. bc Rachel knows what it is like to be marginalized and maligned based on it (among other things) – what is the sense in bringing that up? does it really help her game.

        like a said, a woman isn’t “behaving” just bc she isn’t having sex – women are allowed to!!! it’s ok. it won’t be the end of the world and noone is a worse person if they do. let’s not judge.

  6. Rachel is out of picture. Dom come back, Dani will be the first Jury member in Jury House. How wonder Dani will be in Jury. Dani, Welcome to Jury House. Got love Tanning. OH! Eval Dick will probably say Dani Why? That what you get for making wrong moves. Team JJ will destroy Team Dani. Bye Bye Dani. Have fun at Jury House. Oh! If you need anything about Jury House, call Jesse, He will let you know.

      1. Don’t be so sure about that….J and J are smart to know that you can’t play hard the first half of the game because it puts a big target on their backs…..they know that they have to play hard from now on…..they also have Shelly and Adam on their side so, we will see….keeping fingers crossed that they start kicking ass and get Dani out ASAP : ) Team JJSAR all the way!!!!!

          1. I think jordan is exaggerating her dumbness….her and Jeff want everyone else to believe that she’s really really dumb so she can once againg skate to final 2….good strategy IMO

  7. How many weeks was it before her and Brendon started “hooking-up” last year? They’ll never talk to her again? I’m sure Dani is sweating that those 2 idiots won’t talk to her. What about Rachel’s waking up in an alley and having cash stuck in her hand story? Or her fiancé “skyperbating”? The defense rests your honor.

      1. Actually, they hooked up before the feeds went live. According to Annie, Brendon came on to her before the premier and she turned him down, so he moved on to Rachel. I think it’s pathetic that Brendon has sucked the self confidence and independence out of Rachel. He is a sociopath. He is controlling and tears her down to feel better about himself. He has her convinced that he is so smart and so sensitive and so loving, but it’s part of his own mental illness. This is a toxic relationship and Rachel needs to get out before he turns her into a blubbering basket case for good. Anyone that can’t bear to be away from their fiance for 6 weeks should re examine why that is. For a relationship to work, both have to be secure in their own selves, but Brendon won’t allow her to be who she is. I think she believes she is nothing without him, which is sad, and that’s exactly what he wants. His ex said as much last year. Don’t like Rachel, but I also don’t like abusive relationships.

    1. Very true AA! LOL Dani is going to the jury house where she can sit and think about how she will never get out of the shadow of Dick!

      1. Thanks Anonymous, Dani will said, Dad! I’m sorry of making dumb moves. I’m in Jury House tanning and wondering she will never be like EVAL Dick. Making dumbs moves cost her 500K. She probably watching on DVD on who deserve 500K. Don’t worry, Kaila will join you and Porsche next. Dani says, Dad, I’m sorry I should not push 2 hard. I wanted to be like you but I’m not. Dani probably thinking about Rainbows and Unicorns instead of competiton. 2 bad that what you get. Jeff quote: You just got Gotted.

          1. I actually think that Dani is very smart and knows the game better than anyone else in the house….what I don’t like about her is the fact that she acts like a spolied brat and is very conceited…..she thinks she’s better than everybody else….she even treats Kalia like s*** and she’s supposed to be her BFF and number 1 ally.

            1. Wow, Jordan is really smart. Dani is dumb. KCat. Your genius. I know you love Jeff and Jordan because Jordan is smart one and Dani is more like dumber bcuz of her dumb moves. That’s not smart. It’s pretty dumb.

  8. Rachel vs Brendon to get back in the house. I’m telling you, there’s a reason there not showing the voting percentiles. Production knows the only way to keep drama is having one of those two in the house. They won’t wanna take the chance of having Rachel lose against anyone else. I mean seriously Dom or Cassie? YAWN! Production knows they would just side with Dani for a boring ratings plummeting season. The vets are the stars and thats why brendon will be brought back by voting or not.

  9. Sorry Dom but my vote is with Casie, I think Dom is really sweet guy but he has terrible game play. I mean he threw the POV while on the block!? Also he is too nice to cause any drama in the house. I hope Cassie comes back because she deserves another chance. I want to see her reaction to Shelly’s lies and I would love to see a Rachael vs Cassie showdown!

    1. dom needs to comeback, cassie was boring as hell, everyone wants her back to start drama with rachel but rachel will be gone. Dom is the only one out of the noobs who actually won something proving he’s a better player.

      1. I admit Cassi was not as fun and outgoing as Dom but this his not summer camp. Cassi brought drama in the house for little time she was there. Dom had two chances to save himself, the first he did but second time he shot himself, Cassi had no chance. Also Kalia is officially the best newbie since she won HOH.

      2. what you said about cassie is true, but all Dom will do is glue himself to Dani again. There will be no gameplay as usual. The only suitable choice is for Brendon to come back and somehow keep Rachel in the house this week. I mean this house is already getting boring, I couldn’t imagine how boring it will be without either Brendon and Rachel. Oh yes I do, the same as it was last year,…boring. Plus, they deserve to be there as they are the few people that actually play the game without all the lies and backstabbing.

        1. it’s pretty much boring every year. they just spice up the t.v. show. bring brendon back and if he gets evicted then bring him back again, and if he gets evicted then bring again, introduce a new power that rachel can’t get eveicted. and then bring them back next season and the season after that, until they win. and if they win, then bring them back again and again.

      3. Cassi never competed in a POV (she was backdoored week2). She lost the first HOH as did everyone else to Rachel. She lost the 2nd HOH in a comp that depended a lot on luck – everyone got one chance on a field no one had played on before. Cassi never threw a comp like Dom did. How do you know she can’t win against Rachel?

        This season reminds me of when Dan, Memphis, and Keesha played fairly straight up game without emotion while everyone around them were having emotional meltdowns. In the end, all those emotional misfits seemed very petty for all the crap they threw – especially at Dan.

        1. Cassi threw the first hoh or she just sucks and cant compete. And she didnt even campaign to stay in the house while on the block atleast Dom tried and fought to stay in the house

    2. What do you mean all cassi did the last week was whine and complain and didn’t even fight to save herself. She did not want to campaign against Shelly who meanwhile was throwing her under the bus when she wasn’t with Cassi telling her what a great person she is. Hey I love Cassi, but if she just culrs up and dies then it’s not worth voting her back in. And about Brendon – if he comes back then this will be the 3rd chance he gets. How many times are they going to bring this dude back?

    3. Not only that, he went and blabbed about Dani’s game to Shelly. Messed up her game and got himself evicted. Dani will be better off without him.

  10. is AA a bot? seriously, it;s the same shit over and over, GODDAMN, same with the other seemingly bot saying Brendon was going to be saved by a twist LMFAO….stop saying the same thing over and over. ROBOT AA

    1. Totally agreed with ILL Cult of Personality. Name is a Robot, repeat over and over. NAME, Ill Will Cult of personality says stop repeat over and over. That does not make sense. You keep repeat over. It’s not AA fault. He just mind his own business. So, ILL will cult of personality right.

    2. ILL Will Cult of PErsonality. Rockstar is also a robot. I know Rockstar is a robot. Believe me. I know Rockstar Keep repeat and Repeat. AA is mind his business. Trust me. ILL Will Cult of Personality. Rockstar is a Robot. AA is not a Robot. HE is a human being. Rockstar is a Robot. I’m telling a Truth.

      1. How am I a robot? I try to engage at least 65% of those who post whether they agree or not. Even those who disagree with me and or I with them and they post that they understand the game, that everyone lies are frickin’ awesome in my book. Those who post that Dani is wrong and she is mean and Jordon and Jeff would never ever lie or hurt anyone are the ones I question and wonder if they are being serious. so, how am I a robot?

        1. It not me who call you Robot, Ill Will Cult of personality call you that. Dani need to go to Jury House. Tanning and going to pool. Jeff and Jordan will go to Final 2. If I were you. Ask Ill will cult of personality about why HE call you a robot. I won’t lie. Jeff and Jordan never lie. Dani is lying. She is version of Eval Dick. And Ill Will Cult of personality saying AA is a robot. He refer as Rockstar as a Robot. Believe me, I’m not lying.

      1. Well Name is a younger girl or Ill Will Cult of personality is younger girl. Thank Rick. Name or Ill Will Cult of personality will probably say that. As AA is a Guy. He cool.

  11. Like Rachel didn’t do exactly the same thing last year. What an maroon.

    She seems to think that everyone’s job in the house is to help her win. I don’t get it.

  12. I’d really shoot myself in the face if Dom came back. It would be him dani kalia lawn and porshe vs jj. Shelly an Adam side with power. BORING! Same thing with Cassie. It doesn’t matter Iif there “Americas favorite” production needs to look at the greater picture of the overall season.

    1. I’m opposed to Dom coming back mainly because I can’t understand him and Dani talking because all they do is whisper….very annoying!

  13. One word for describing R here: Hypocrite! I’m sorry R, how long did it take you to have your tongue down B’s throat the 1st time you were on BB. Every nasty thing R is saying about Dani, could be said about her. At least Dani isn’t having sex on TV….. and flaunting it as if it were something to be proud of. What a hypocrite! Shelly the snake is an instigator of trouble in the house. I hope she slithers out soon.

  14. I am sensing a fight later today between Rachel and Dani. Theres already so much tension between them. Plus Shelly is gonna tell Dani because shes playing both sides

  15. You guys make me feel bad :/ I’m just saying it doesn’t make sense to bring back someone boring who won’t do anything to spice up the house. Jees.

  16. you do realize is that big brother has rachel in there on purpose cause they like the reaction they get form her acting this way…you guys cant complain lol

      1. noticed everything about rachel has like 300 comments, production isnt stupid. if they get rid of rachel now, it wouldnt be the smartest move ( even tho i dislike rachel -__-)

  17. Omg who does Rachel think she is now? Does she forget she was just the trashy partying Vegas girl a year ago??? Also, didn’t she know brendon LESS THAN 3 weeks when she was crying over him and saying I love you? I hate hypocritical people like that. Everything Rachel is holy right? Take you some Risperdal and Lexapro and go away already.

  18. Rachel’s hypocrisy knows no limits. Criticising Dani for caring about Dom after knowing him 3 weeks? Come on Rachel. Last season she was declaring her love and jumping on Brendons boner in front of us after just one week! Slagging Dani because she parties and hooks up? This from the Vegas party girl that woke up half naked in an ally with a wad of money in her hand? This girl really needs help. She desperately needs to project her own faults onto others so she doesn’t have to face who she really is. Delusion is Rachel’s middle name.

  19. Wow to answer Rachel and Shelley’s question on what brendon would be up to right now…..wel Rachel is not arond so he is probably Skyping again…

  20. it kills me when the houseguests all say ” so and so is just playing for themselves”. of course they are, no matter what any of them say, it is exactly what each one of them are doing. they are all there to play a game and win 500k, DUH! why in the world if you were in there would you play for anyone else so that they can win, that would be stupid.

    1. Don’t you know that Shelly is there to help a good person win? LMAO That is what she tells some of them…wonder if they believe her….

  21. Random thought. Is it just me or does anyone get a bisexual vibe off of Dani? Definitely not gay, but I would be confident in guessing she’s bi…

      1. Compared to Rachel, Dani is practically a nun. Rachel was doing Brendan within a week and declaring love in 3 weeks. Once CBS wakes up to the fact that Rachel brings nothing to this show but a Jerry Springer following, maybe we won’t have to see this disgusting person on our TV anymore. In a country this size, if BB can’t find better HG’s than bringing back the likes of Rachel or Jesse for multiple seasons, then BB may have finally jumped the shark.

  22. What’s the result fo DOM and Cassi to get in? Cassi vs Rachel. Rachel maybe. Well. DoM definitely, probably turn his back on Dani.

  23. My God, the comments I’ve been catching up on all day on this site are entertaining the living tar out of me;) Y’all are on fire!!!:)

    1. Happy Sunday Eripaul. Join the romper room, I have a blow up doll that I’m trying to beat the crap out of AA with. It is not working. It must be his/her Bieber power

        1. is that like a sexy part or something viscus because I’m all about the sexy parts falling out but not the innards.

      1. Ha Ha Ha Ha, my Bieber powers is much stronger. I use my Bieber powers to make Jeff win HOH and Dani will be on the block. Also Pov as well and keep the nomination a same. Bieber powers activate. Team J & J = Never say Never.

  24. Vote for Dom!!! K should put up Jordo and vote Jordan out she already won and at this rate she will “float” to the end. Funny how they talk about floaters when they were floating on B/R coattails. Jeff only won the POV cause he needed it. No way will he win HOH next week

  25. I hope R stays in the house I love her and she seems like a great person. I try to only say nice things about R, when I read the comments on here they are so negative regarding her and it drives me crazy. Keep your head up girl I am pulling for you. Team BR

    1. PLEASE explain me how u think she’s a great person? I mean, I’m sure out side of the house she’s much different and I think the BB house brings out her worst qualities, but from what she portrays on the feeds there is not a single redeeming quality of hers. She’s the ULTIMATE hypocrite, she’s catty, jealous, and bullies people. She whines, and whines, and whines. She’s a sore loser AND a sore winner. I could go on but that’s enough reason. I really don’t understand her fan base, other than those that just want to see the drama she brings (like me!). I feel like the majority of her fan base must be middle aged single women who are desperate for romance and live vicariously through her and brendons relationship by watching Big Brother and “awing” and “cooing” and probably shedding tears right along with them on their Tv screens.

  26. God Rachel… catty, insecure, whiny, jealous, unattractive, attention-seeking phony ass baloney. Re: Jeff & Jordan….I’m GLAD they’re not all hearts and flowers. They’re real. Jeff does NOT treat Jordan badly…he’s just not a whipped SAP like Brendan. I like Dani, she’s got guts. Adam is funny. Lawan is taking up space. Kalia loves hearing her Valley Girl self talk. Shelleys playing a great game….straight shooting different things to everyone. Porsche? No opinion of her. She’s boring and I get tired of seeing her increasingly growing muffin top spilling over her velour sweatpants. Jeff is beautiful and I love his sense of humor. Sarcasm rules. Go J*J !!!!!! ;-)

    1. Here’s my theory of why Dick was taken out of the game…he either:

      1) Was caught with drugs in his suitcase.
      2) Was caught with cheating material in his suitcase or
      3) Producers want him to play in the BB All Stars that should be coming up soon.


      1. I agree KCat. I am 100% convinced they caught him with drugs. He looks like shit. I think they gave him the option of leaving or calling him out and he chose to leave.

        1. Yup…that’s the most likely scenario…..he looked very spacey and seemed like he was on something while he was in the house.

  27. what do you guys think the competiton will be like for the evicted HG & cassie or DOM ..i think DOM can definitelty beat rachel; JJ AND RACHEL are so stupid thEy have no idea wha there in for on thursday cannot wait to see the look on there facea when either DOM or CASSSIE re enters the house

    1. J & J would be very happy to see Cassie back in the game….her and Jordan became BFF’s don’t you remember? Rachel on the other hand would be very upset, as Cassie is one of few people that stood up for herself and put R in her place….vote Cassie back in so we can see Rachel’s face….that would be good TV…especially if CBS shows their figfht just before they say that Cassie won America’s vote : )))

  28. I honestly have to say that I am disappointed in the new cast this year. Not a one of them can do a thing without talking or getting advice from the veterans. This cast will never live it down, as they will be portrayed as the dumbest cast ever. Was it fair to put new people up against people who already played? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t or shouldn’t think for themselves. I would really love to see Lawon step up his game because he is a feisty little shit and I love his attitude. The more time that goes on in this house I just get more disappointed with everyone. Everyone thought Rachel and Brendon were so controlling, but now Dani is doing the same thing; she’s just not nasty like B/R. J/J just don’t have any game either. I think they thought that they would come into the house and just be loved by all, and America would throw them a bone if need be. Don’t get me wrong, I always liked Dani and Jeff and Jordan from their seasons and understand the reasons they threw these people in the mix along with Rachel and Brendon but I just wish the new people would just think for themselves for once. This show reminds me of how Survivor threw in Boston Rob this season and how “awe-struck” the “girls” were and never played for themselves and in the end, Boston Rob won it all. If any of the veterans make it to the end, the new cast has no one else to blame but themselves.

  29. Not that anyone wants Brendon back, but how funny would it be for him and Rachel to have to battle eachother for only one of them to go back into the house. I hope Cassi comes back, as an insecure female, I have no idea why I want her back, but for some reason I like her.

      1. But won’t Jeff,Jordan,Shelly vote for him to go? And It wouldn’t take much convincing to get Porsche to vote him out,so it seems like a possibility that he’ll be competing with Cassi/Dom.

  30. Ratchel saying she doesn’t threaten please she is a terrible lier and if she doesn’t reallizes that well thats down right sad…

  31. “What a maroon” is a old expression – I believe Bugs Bunny started it. I know he used it. It was a politically correct way of saying someone was a moron.

  32. I liked Cassi. Looooved how jealous Rachel was of her. Liked Dom too. He was cute & funny. That would be hilarious and ironic if R & B had to battle each other. They’d probably just argue during the whole competition. Brendan: ” no, baby, I’m gonna let you win” Rachel: ” babeeee! You deserve to be here” Brendon: “but you’re so beautiful and intelligent baby” Rachel: “but you only want me to win so that you can go home and spank your monkey with some ho on Skype!” Brendan: “baby you’re the only Ho I want now…its not rocket science”

  33. I’ve been catching up on all the updates and their comments for the last few hours, and gotta be honest… I’m weirded out at the masses of Brendon/Rachel fans who are suddenly coming out of the woodwork. I’m not necessarily knocking the B/R fans for having their opinion, really… it’s just an observation, and it’s weirding me the hell out;) It’s like a huge Vegas egg sac hatched or something. Kidding!!!!;)

  34. Dom voted back, Dani has a fit and knows RACTH will beat him in the comp and wishes she had convince Kali to put up someone Law who DOM could beat

  35. What would be awesome would be to have Rachel vs Brendon competition for a fight to come back into the BB house – and they do NOT KNOW who they are competing with! The winner comes back in, and both B & R are alone without the other. Now, that is good tv.

    1. I actually would like to see that, but then again, you know Brendon would throw it so Rachel could go back in the house.

  36. I do truly think that CBS is setting it up to be a vet vs a newbie as the final 2 to battle it out for the $500K. I am thinking CBS would love Adam or Shelly in the final 2 against Rachel or Jeff as the vet. Winner = Adam

        1. yeah probably Name needs a time out or even Ill Will Cult of personality, he/she like Jeff and Jordan than Team Dani. Hey I’m try helping you out. Not my words.

        2. oh yeah Name like Jeff and Jordan as well. He hates Dani, so Name join Team J & J. He said Team J & J rocks. Team Dani sucks.

      1. Ill Will Cult of personality like Team J & J. Ill Will Cult of personality like Jeff and Jordan. Ill Will Cult of personality dissing Team Dani and says Team Dani sucks.



  39. C’mon folks, give B & R a break. R was B’s first piece of a$$ and B was the first guy that didn’t have to pay for services rendered. A marriage made in Heaven!

  40. wow … are we all watching the same show … its bb we know what will happen … rachel will be evicted, brendon will be the one voted back in … those two who out knowing will have to compte against each other to stay … brendon will win and then they will tell them what happened. it will be funny because brendon knocks het out!!! to clarify … dani is a loser and she just told adam on feeds awhile ago the worst thing i have said to a guy after sleeping with him is i dont want anything serious … so she must sleep around!!!!!!!!

  41. i hope Jordon wins after 13 years Big brothers been on it be nice to see a first 2 xtime winner 1000000.00 what i perfected ending to this season. And the Dani gets 50000.00 did know till reading that it seems like she’s a door knob veryone gets the turn And Dom is a virgin you think he would want to sleep wiht her dont think so

  42. First of all, Rachel is an idiot! I can’t understand all these people that get pissed just because they are nominated…yet they don’t feel bad when they are in power and ready to nominate and backdoor others. I mean you Jeff, Jordan and Rachel…Jordan won 1 HOH and she’s acting all tough…she was the biggest floater in her season, yet she was the winner!!!! And now she’s crying that no one does anything…take a look at yourself sweet cheeks!!!! All the veterans do is whine and bitch and complain…meanwhile when they have the power they act like they own the house…gimme a break! Go Daniele at least she has the guts to stand up to those whiny idiots! Tell Boy George uh I mean Rachel to get a freakin’ clue and if she’s such a “competitor” to start acting like one!

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