Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel tells Dani that she is sorry that she took Dominic away from her but that she took her fiancé away & that really hurts!

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1:30pm Shelly and Jordan are suntanning. Porsche is icing Adams cake and tells Kalia that the party for Adam is between 4 and 5pm today. Adam has a shower and then shows Kalia his new face. She is shocked and tells him it looks good, that he looks totally different. Adam says that he doesn’t even recognize himself. Jeff is trimming his hair in the bathroom. Rachel finishes up working out and then takes a shower. Dani comes out and says that she is going to dye her hair. Dani then heads up to the HOH bathroom to dye her hair.
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1:50pm Rachel goes up to talk to Dani and says that she is sorry that she took Dominic away from her but that she took her fiancé away and that really hurts! Rachel says that she sincerely apologizes. Dani says that she appreciates the fact that she is apologizing but that they turned their back on her and that she just couldnt trust them anymore. Rachel and Dani hash out their differences and why they acted the way they did. Rachel apologizes again for how she acted immature and says that she is a strong person but when it comes to Brendon she doesn’t know how to act… and think. Rachel says it sucks because she was fighing to keep him there and that she was ighting for him to be there. Rachel says that it physically hurts. Rachel tells Dani that she never apologized toher. Dani says that she never told her that she was a bad person. Rachel says she doesn’t want to argue with her. Rachel says that she is sorry. Rachel says that they never didn’t want to not work with her and that her doing what she did is why they felt betrayed. Dani says that she doesn’t walk around the house feeling uncomfortable but that she cannot pretend to be okay with everyone. Rachel says that we can continue how we been doing and battle it out and end up in jury…or we can swallow our pride and realize that taking each other out is only getting everyone else further.

Dani says that it’s just really, really hard to trust you in this game. Dani is saying to be honest with your actions from last week to this week …everyone is so uncomfortable around you. Dani says that she doesn’t think it matters who Kalia puts up next to you that they will not be going home. Rachel saying I have two votes for sure. Rachel says that Kalia won’t know you voted for me. Dani says yeah but Kalia is still the tie breaker. Rachel says I bet I can get another vote. Rachel says that keeping me here will benefit you. Dani says no, it benefits you Rachel Rachel says that she will always be a target and if they take Jeff out, you’re the next big target. Dani says you’re saying I can’t win without you. Rachel says no, if you want to play the game and it not be personal… and that me being in the game is beneficial to me because I will always be target number one. Rachel says that its just something to think about. Dani says that she can’t make any promises but she’ll think about it. Dani- I do forgive you, I really really do, but I don’t know. Rach says that she is frustrated with the fact that other people are not doing anything in the house.

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2:25pm – 2:45pm Kalia is up in the HOH now talking to Dani about what Rachel was telling her. Dani tells Kalia everything. They then start talking about what this week’s HOH competition will be like. Dani says that Rachel thinks she has some power. Dani says that Rachel said that people are friends with you and then when you’re not in power they’re not. Dani says that obviously she was talking about Porsche… but look how Rachel treated her. Kalia asks who Dani thinks she should put up on the block. Dani says I don’t even care. Kalia says that she is not putting up Porsche and that she thinks Adam is the best option. They then talk about how they will put up Adam and they talk about how they will tell him first. Kalia then starts helping Dani with her hair. Dani says that she likes how Porsche came out of her shell and the she likes her more now. Dani says that if they make the top five …we are good! Kalia tells Dani that she thinks there are more people in the house that respect her (Dani’s) game than she thinks. Kalia and Dani talk about whether or not Jeff will put up her. Kalia says that Jeff told her that he will make her dance around like she made him. Dani says that she doesn’t think Jeff will put up Kalia. Kalia says what if they put up Lawon and Porsche.. we would need to campaign to keep her …and Lawon would be mad. Kalia says that if Lawon goes into the jury …she thinks he will still vote for her and Dani. Kalia says that she thinks they are in a really good spot. Porsche comes up to hang out.

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105 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel tells Dani that she is sorry that she took Dominic away from her but that she took her fiancé away & that really hurts!

  1. I am so glad to see that dani doesnt appear to be buying rachels bull plop … but I do worry about Porsche buying into and and voting to keep her in some strange sense of loyalty for “saving” her week one….Honestly kalia has only one good option to get rid of Batshit ..and that is put up Jordan … and when she does it explain that if jeff hadnt been acting with genral Jackassery and hadnt become a Bully .. she wouldnt have even considered putting Jordan up ( not that Jordan was much better acting like a spoiled entitled little brat this week )

    1. After I watched all of this go down, it does not appear to me that JJ were being bullies or brats. They actually had valid points. They told her why put two strong people up when the HOH is the way it is. I think Kalia made two unnecessary enemies at the point and tried to prove a point of being strong instead. I hope she goes home soon.


    1. If Cassi gets voted in that’d be the easiset person for Rachel to beat. If Rachel new that she has to face Cassi she wouldn’t even pack

  3. Omg Rachel give it a rest. Always bitching that Dani took her fiance away. Its a game. Someone goes home every week. Get over it and move forward. I’m so happy that they are separated. I couldnt take any more of the baby talk and fighting. ugh

    1. Great if Dom/Cassie gets voted back, then beats Rachel in the redemption Comp to return to house. B and R will be together again somewhere that is not my TV

  4. Dani is such a rat! She had a perfect opportunity to be on good terms with RJJ again and she’s going to screw it up. Dani has Kalia, Lawon and Porsche who are not the best at challenges and then there’s RJJ who work well under pressure, I’d rather take the ones that work well under pressure. I cannot wait to see either Brendon or PT come back to the house. I’m excited for Brendon, because he’ll throw it for Rachel and this week will be null in void and I’m excited to see Dom come back so if Rachel’s evicted, she’ll kick his ass right in front of Dani!

    1. Brendon was the only one who was good at challenges in that group…kalia beat them, and dani before that. I bet Jeff won cause everyone helped him out so Rachel didn’t win cause she’s the most annoying person in the world

    2. Why should Dani want to get on good terms with JJR. They already proved they’ll back stab her and Dani is a strong competitor. JJR think every one should not split them up because they are in love BOO HOO

    3. JJR all need to go. Sick of all three spoiled behavior (well R is Mental). They shouldn’t have been here in the first place

      1. I SO CONCUR! WTF did CBS think this was a great idea! Think of the board room at the time some person came up with thus retarded idea and everyone was like… OMG how fckng Genius is that?!!!! I pray these idiot HG end up reading each and every one of these posts for the whole season and realize how delusional they all really were! JJBR… Who died and left U BOSS! Like it’s a given you need to stomp around and sincerely think u guys are so entitled! What crap did CBS fill your heads with? I hope u read all posts! Give it up!


  5. any chance we can not have anymore pictures of R on the screen..ekkkkkkkk. I’m no adonis but I certinly know when to lay off the cookie dough!!!!

    Give this broad a tree to cry under again then send her out the door without even getting up to say good-bye.

    I don’t think D game is in trouble like R is. If she missing sexter so much she can always leave the house anytime she wants.

  6. Lawon is going up? LOL. The boy has nothing to go on.

    I hope JeJo convince Adam and Shelly to keep Rachel. We shall see, but I’m not holding my breath.

  7. Kali cant be this spupid, she must know her nom are worthless, Dani knows this, she even told kali not to worry about what could happen and just do your nom. Dani knows this will make Kali emenys

    1. I’m not a fan of Kaliah, but with “friends” like dani, who needs enemies. As soon as Kaliah moves out of the HOH, dani will move on. Dani doesn’t know how to make ans keep friends.

  8. You have to give credit to rachel.
    She is trying hard to get the 4th vote (assuming that JJ and Shelly are voting for her).
    Maybe she can do it.

  9. Wow, this lot are stupid. The only way to guarantee Rachel is out is to put up JORDAN. Shelly will vote with JJR, then they just have to get Porsche back in the fold and Rachel stays.
    If they put up Adam he is getting an all luxury vacation in a tropical local on beach front property…. Happy Birthday Adam.

  10. To get us off the houseguests for a bit, does anyone know what SLOP consists of? I know that they can have coconuts and catfish along with their slop, but I was just wondering the whole time what “slop” is. I’ve read that they make “slop pancakes” and was wondering what was so sloppy about pancakes.

    1. “Natural oats, proprietary blend of whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, wheat protein isolate, milk protein isolate, natural and artificial flavors, vitamins and minerals (vitamin A palmitate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin, vitamin D3, alpha tocopherol, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, copper gluconate, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate, folic acid, potassium iodide), cellulose gum, salt and acesulfame potassium.”
      Does that not sound Yummy

      According to the Rules they can add these to it.
      balsamic vinegar, olive oil, red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, vegetable oil, hot sauce, ketchup, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, relish, salsa, soy sauce, steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce, honey, black pepper, garlic salt, crushed red pepper, salt, vanilla, basil, bay leaves, cinnamon, leaf oregano, paprika, parsley, rosemary, brown sugar, artificial sweetener, powdered creamer, white sugar, tea and protein powder.”

      1. OMG…are you shitting me?? Wow. I mean, I love oatmeal but I can see why these people get testy once in awhile after being on that for a week. I bet they are the most “regular” people in the house. Thank you for answering this for me.

        1. I know, that is why their gas bombs are so gross and they complain about their bathroom visits.
          Personally I would rather have a week of PB&J like the old days, but apparently that was not nutritious.

  11. I feel bad for Kalia. She wanted to be HOH so bad. She finally gets it and it doesnt mean anything. That is crap!!!!!!

      1. She seems like Chima to me because she swears she knows EVERYTHING and talks non stop. But her game has improved a little thanks to Brendan being mean to her and ostracizing her from the rest of the super fan groupies… side note if Kalia is Chima; Shelly has to be Natalie… swears they are such a great player, never wins and always has an excuse for why they failed…

      2. In what way? I saw that season and Kalia is nothing like Chima. If anybody is like her its BRJJ. And so what if she talks a lot. She has to do something to keep from going crazy in that house.

    1. We dont know if its waste yet. If Rachel wins over the america’s vote player then it was a waste. if by some miracle brendan is voted back in then it is a waste. but I think she did pretty ok except the whole not putting up Jordan thing. F —- that promise she made she shouldnt have promised it anyway. it not a waste just because angry man Jeff says it is.

      1. Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel are getting on my nerves. Everything thing that they say someone else does, is the same exact thing that they are doing.

    2. We cant say it was a waste yet. If Rachel doesnt get voted out it was a waste. If Rachel beats Americas Vote player then it was waste. If by some miracle (for brenchal) Brendan is voted back in it was a waste. But her HOH is plan was ok. Except that whole not putting Jordan up mess. F— that promise she shouldnt have made it anyway. Its not a waste just because angry man Jeff says so.

  12. I have this thing with Jeff where I like him a bunch most of the time, then I really don’t when he goes on his temper tantrums. I still adore Jordan. I would rather have them win than 3/4 of people in the house.

  13. first of all nobody took dom or brenden away from anybody. they were both voted out by their peers. if rachel wants to charge people up about evicting brenden, then she should confront the other houseguests. i was a brenchel fan until i finally realized that brenden is a douche. i still like rachel a little, mostly out of sympathy. i feel sorry for her that she has low self esteem and brenden treats her bad.

  14. Holy shit, did you guys just see Rachel’s ass from behind, where she’s laying on her tummy? The camera rode right up.

    I think I could tell what she had for breakfast!

  15. I’m a Brenchl fan but I can admit that Rachel’s hasn’t been looking too good. Her skin has been looking HORRIBLE. Gurl needs a better skin care regimen.

  16. Holy shit, did you guys just see Rachel’s ass from behind, where she’s laying on her tummy? The camera rode right up.

    I think I could tell what she had for breakfast………….

  17. Have a question… adam mentioned “420” last night I was wondering has anyone ever brought a little of the green into the house …

        1. Dick is the one I would have suspected of smoking a bit in the house … But perhaps they should issue some “Compassion Cards” to a few of the houseguests .. ( read rachel and jeff ) might help get the Brain Hamsters back on the wheel ..

        2. I like Dani for the win. I’m glad she didn’t buy Rachel’s bullshit. Dani will probably find out eventually about how Rachel trashed her, talking about her personal life outside BB, and at least she can be satisfied later that she trusted her instincts. I look for Dani to cool things with Kalia, and gravitate more towards Porshe. Porshe is showing herself to be a lot shrewder than I thought she was, she also knows when to keep her mouth shut; unlike Kalia unfortunately. Remember too, Porshe is Janelle’s friend/protegee; I’m sure she didn’t back Porshe if she didn’t think she had something in her to win.

          1. Welcome to team J & J PAtrizio. You want Jeff to win. That’s great. Dani will fall and get nominated. That great. Welcome.

          2. I agree with you on the Dani observation/prediction. Remember Kalia has also slyly stated she has to think of her own personal game so she might be seeking additional non-Dani alliances.

            Dani is playing a better game than most. She knows how to get others to execute her orders and protect her when she’s not in power. The other vets are just running around crazy waiting for Production to throw them a life line.

  18. Enough about Dominic. I hope to hell he does not come back.

    I, for one, despise ‘showmances’ and think they should be banned.

    1. The same could be said about Brendon and Rachel, those two built their BB career on a showmance. The show sucked the first 3 weeks when it was completely the Brenchel show. Vote the virgin back.

    1. I believe that whoever wins the evicted houseguest comp will automatically be HOH. Not sure they have time for a regular thursday show plus an evictee comp plus an HOH comp.

    2. Jordan claimed last night that Dni has everyone brainwashed. Apparently she’s forgotten what happened during day one through the last day of week three (technically 4th week in the house). Everyone other than the regulators were running around chanting Imoteph!

        1. All this Dani love is getting embarrassing AA, and I know Lawon is a your favorite but the way you gush over them-well, its a little over the top!

  19. Seriously if Dom comes back and dani wins Hoh she will win this game! She got kalia porshce lawon Dom wrapped around her fingers! All she gotta do is take out Jeff and let her minions take out Adam shelly Jordan

    1. That’s how I felt the first 3 weeks with Brenchel and their asskissing followers

      1. One vote for each ISP. To be able to vote more than once on Simon’s poll, you have to have multiple ISPs. Fun experiment, try to vote more than once then look at the top of the poll where it says ‘your vote has already been counted’.

    1. Chances are that Cassi is going to get her ass handed to her by Rachel in the competition. It’s a waste to vote for her. Sure I would like to see her back because I liked her but lets be real.

  20. Remind me who it was last time that America got to vote someone back in? I just remember one guy being so cocky that he was going to win the vote and I think he came in last??? My memory fails me

  21. Julie’s exact words were, “Think carefully about how you play the game this week because the next houseguest to get evicted will have a chance to get back in the game.”

  22. So I may actually be in the minority because I would actually love if Dani and Rachel teamed up secretly and took everyone out. Im not a Brenchel fan but I definitly think Rachel is more likable without Brendon there and I just absolutely love Dani.

    1. I always thought that was rachel’s only way to survive this week. I think Brendon even told her it was a option.

      rachel is too emotional though there’s no way she would team up with Dani even for a chance to win 500K

  23. Rachel is starting to sound like a broken record; saying the same things over and over and over again! R give a rest! There is no sincerity in your apologies, especially when the come in the 11th hour and, last only 1hr.

  24. I can’t figure out for the life of me why the hell haven’t these group of so called smart players figured Shelly’s ass out yet I believe Jeff , Rachael & Dani were on to her for a minute but it flew right over their big inflated heads I would not be surprised if she’s sitting her straight shooting ass in the final 2, I usually refrain from commenting & just read all the hilarious comments but these people are really starting to bug me play the game & stop whining & complaining, Rachael made a good point to Dani earlier if she did vote to keep her the rest of the house will be gunning for Rachael because she’s a good competitor & it will further Dani’s game, Jordan is probably the best one to put on the block against Rachael if they want her gone but then again she may be back especially if she goes up against Cassie & maybe Dom I hate to say it but Rachael is a fighter when it comes to comps even though she’s annoying as hell, these newbies better get their games on cuz they will be out of the bb house just as fast as they came in…Lawon is on his summer vacation, Porsche is trying to be discovered, Adam he kinda sits in the middle of both groups not sure which side he’s really on, also I would not be surprised if one of the Vets win it all!!!! These newbies are whack!!!!

    1. Actually, jeff definitely go after Dani next week. Jeff final 2 with Jordan. Great that awesome. Welcome to Team J & J KAci. I know your Jeff supporter.

  25. Well, looks like they cut the feeds so we can ‘t watch Adam’s party………but they crammed the “white trash wedding down our throats”…..just not right……thanks loads BB

  26. I just can’t stand rachel. I’m married and I was engaged for More than a year and I haven’t said the word fiance in my lifetime as much as R does in one day. So annoying. They were uncomfortable to watch. Go Dom, not because I like him, but because I can’t imagine having R or B in the house any longer.

  27. I don’t understand why Kalia doesn’t just backdoor Jordan, who is being a complete ass to her anyway. Plus, I doubt that Jordan could beat any of the other evicted houseguests at most competitions. Kalia keeps saying she’s playing for herself, but the reality is that she seems to be playing for Jordan.

    1. Haha,love when ppl say this crap about Jordan can’t win anything……don’t forget Jordan won 2 outta 3 to get final 3 in her season,then went on to destroy the challenge to get final 2……Jordan plays the game as cool as the otherside of the pillow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Dani is the world’s biggest loser!!!! She is so jealous of Rachel she can’t stand it. Even her own father says that she’s made a huge mistake. This could have been a great season with the vets against the newbees…but then, Dani happened. I will be so happy when she gets kicked out. She just sits around with a sour look on her face, and when she talks, she uses that dumb teenage accent. Grow up! And she is so out of any reality. She is jealous of both of the couples in love — very transparent. You go, Rachel – Jordan and Jeff!!!!

    1. perfectly said. Brendon needs to come back. If not dani will win . Because the puppets will follow her every wish

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