Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon & Rachel try convincing Shelly the best game move is to evict Jordan..

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10:35am – 11am Brendon tells Shelly to see what she can find out and that he will have a long conversation with Jeff tonight to see where he is at. Brendon says that he thinks they have had enough game talk for this morning. He says that he likes being about to talk in the morning when no one is out here. Brendon says that he hates it when Lawon is five feet away listening. Shelly goes inside. Brendon tells Rachel that he thinks they made some good arguments to Shelly and that they shouldn’t keep pressing her. Rachel talks about not liking milk and tells Brendon that it gives her bad gas. Brendon gives her a disgusted look. Shelly comes back out and Rachel says that she really respects her game and that Brendon and I really trust you and I will respect whatever decision you make. Shelly says thank you .. and says that she trust that they would take her to final 2.
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They continue talking about how no one would win against Jordan and how most wouldn’t even put her up. Brendon tells Shelly that to get information from Jeff and Jordan it would be better to talk to Jordan ..because she can’t keep a lid on things. Shelly asks if Jordan goes home then what happens. Brendon tells her that Porsche will come back to their side, and Jeff would be burned by Dani because she put her up …so he would be leaning back to being with us. Shelly says that it could be 6 – 3 then for us. Brendon and Rachel say yes! They talk about how Jeff won’t want to win HOH because he won’t want to sour his deal with Dani or to go against us. Brendon and Rachel tell Shelly that they would give her the HOH and that way she would get some sanity and be able to see her daughter. Shelly says that she is scared but that she thinks they are really on to something. Shelly asks you wouldn’t put me up? Brendon says no… you are the only person in this game that we trust and hasn’t back stabbed us. Brendon says that they trust her more than anyone ..even more than Jeff and Jordan .. especially seeing as how they’ve made a deal with Dani.

11:20am Shelly says that they are 100% right …and that this would be the best game move. Shelly says that she knows that no one would win against Jordan in the end. Shelly says that she is just afraid of Jeff’s temper. Brendon and Rachel talk about how Rachel will work on getting Porsche to vote for Brendon to stay. Shelly says that she will work on Adam. Rachel talks about how Jeff can’t stand Porsche and that they will need to use that to get her to vote Jordan out. Brendon says that he just doesn’t understand how they aren’t campaigning and its one day before the live eviction. Rachel says that Jeff got mad at Dominic of not campaigning. Brendon says that maybe the biggest game move is to vote out Jordan and keep me in here! Shelly says that she is personally conflicted with them and Jeff and Jordan. Brendon asks her if Jeff and Jordan would even take Shelly to the final 2. Shelly says that she doesn’t know. They talk about how Jordan had been on the block 4 times and never went home during her season and never had to win the POV during her season. Brendon says that Jordan is like the golden cow.. golden calf. Shelly says that she is in a hard spot because she made a deal with Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel …so either way she is going against someone. They talk about how Jordan 100% new she was going on the block because that morning she put makeup on. They says that Dani has 100% guaranteed Jeff and Jordan that she is safe… so if Jordan goes home …Jeff will be most pissed at her. ..Jordan comes out into the backyard and she talks about how Brendon farted last night and she almost died!

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When I win HOH Shelly’s goin on the block yo.



Team br son 4 life


Simon, Do you think the straight shooter had a little light bulb go off in her head or was she just telling them what they want to hear?? I haven’t seen the live feeds today and I’m interested to know what you think after watching her.


I’m not plugged into the feeds right now just reading dawgs post and his messages.

It could happen.. Shelly ‘shoots straight’ IMO if Jordan goes home Jeff is going to stab Shelly in the dick


DAMN!!!! sorry I didn’t see that Dawg was doing the updates. I can’t see where keeping Brendon over Jordon right now is a good idea. All of shelly’s lying and crying will all go to not if she switches sides at this point. The odds are with you on beating Jordon in a comp. and stacked up against you beating Brendon. Why think final 2 at this point when you should be thinking at the most… 2 weeks ahead.


Idiots who’s gonna keep brendon over Jordan ? There retarded


how is it? she already has won a half million by that type of thinking. for shelly and adam and porche its their best chance to get far in the game. I think its kind of a no brainer cuz who has been faithful in the house and who has stabbed people in the back?


Don’t tell me for one second that BR have been loyal or faithful. That is absurd.


yea, because we all know how super reliable Jordan is in terms of winning HOH and saving anyone but her and Jeff……ahemuseless

If I was Shelly, I would not keep Jordan. She never wins anything and she’s not going to be able to save anyone in her alliance even if she promised them the half a million in the end. She’s useless.


Dawg just sent me a emergency communique Jordan going home is a real threat the straight shooter might flip WTF…

Team Bacon the future of BB13 rests on you…


Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve said this before… being the pawn is no different than being the target in the long run. This is getting very very interesting!


I don’t trust ANYTHING that comes out of Shelly’s mouth. I honestly think that even SHE doesn’t know which side she’s on. She’s acting like she’s on one side but she’s waiting to see what happens next and will continue doing that as long as she gets away with it.

I know this is a game but if I did business with, or worked for, Shelly….I would always be wondering if what was coming out of her mouth was truth or b.s. She’s a little too good at lying for my comfort zone.


WHAT!!! shelly doesn’t lie she’s said at least a hundred times a hour she’s a straight shooter she has a child and a job she has to go back to and needs to be respected.



OH, that’s right! I forgot, Simon. Silly me. Not to mention – she’s a MOM and has to be a good role model for her daughter. (puff, puff….)


OMG, Emmie, I was just thinking the same thing. She is one devious witch!


Belle, I can’t wait until it comes back to bite her in the ass. The thing that really bugs me is she’s so damn nosy for no reason. It’s like she needs to know everyone’s personal information even if won’t impact game play. I hate that!

Not to mention in her initial interview before they even entered the house she said she’s a mother but was not going to be the house mom – everyone would have to cook and clean up after themselves. She has no clue what role she wants to play in the house.


That’s what I hated about the situation with Cassi. She went home, in no small part, because Shelly flipped on Day 2 and Cassi wouldn’t campaign against her because Shelly had all this wisdom and knowledge and was considered a mother figure when in reality, she was nothing but a mother f… anyway.

If that’s her game, so be it. But please stop the straight shooter crap.




Sorry, I agree not agreed.


I feel like Shelly is still just talking the same crap she always does. If she flips on JJ, she’s done. No one will trust her after that and it puts a target on her. Jeff will be PISSED!! Could help Dani though bc then Jeff will be gunning for Shelly for all her lies. I don’t think Jeff would take that out on Dani, I think Shelly….’The Straight Shooter” is more likely to get the brunt of Jeff’s anger. I also doubt that his alliance with BR would be OK if they actually convince Shelly to flip. He can’t stand Rachel to begin with so without Jordan around Jeff is gonna be a really unhappy boy


ya but how would then know that is was Shelly who flipped? It’s not like she will tell them. What a witch!


I seriously doubt that Shelly will flip and vote out Jordan. Remember, it’s in the early morning talks alone with Brendan that she always loses perspective. When the other HGs get up and, in the cool light of day, Shelly always sways back to JJ. She’s a snake and incredibly wishy-washy but, when push comes to shove, she sees who is the bigger threat and, will, I believe, vote out Brendan (just like she voted out Cassie, despite all the lies she fed her). As far as tempers go, B has a wicked one as well. Shelly would be a fool to flip from JJ to BR.


It was a VERY convincing case they presented to Shelly. You should watch it when you get back on the feeds.


BR also presented a really good case to Dani as far as not nominating them and she didn’t buy it. I really don’t think Shelly is either. Shelly is all about telling every single person in that house what they want to believe. I don’t think there’s any way that BR have convinced her to flip on JJ.


Mike Booger
embezzled Geisha House resources to set up “multiple sexual encounters with various older men, during which Malin would live out fetish role play fantasies … playing out Malin’s versions of a father/son and uncle/nephew relationship.”

Is the water in the shower hot yet?

Malin’s nicknames for his older partners included “Uncle Jerry” and “Dad,” according to the suit.


Geeze, between this and the fact that both Brendon and Nick have dick pics floating around the internet I’m starting to wonder if BB piurposely looks for shady people.

Dark Horse

I agree
or criminals like Matty & Adam


Omg, color me not that shocked, lol!!!


Actually it would be the dumbest game move to vote out Jordan and keep Brendon. and it really annoys me that everyone keeps saying that everyone would lose against Jordan in the final 2. Ummm well maybe if yall didnt vote so personally maybe that wouldnt happen. Rachel is the ring leader of making decisions based on emotion. Im really nervous about thursday, but i shouldnt have to be. It should be an easy decision for these people on who to vote out. If brendon stays in the house idk what to think anymore. I wish someone would call that dumb bitch shelly out.

Eric CA

Shelly is about to be exposed if she tries it. Mark my words there is going to be some calling out tonight and people are going to have to lay their cards down. If Shelly tries to pump Jordan for info. Just watch and enjoy people the crap is about to fly.


I can’t wait for excitement tonight after last nights barf feast.


Against my better judgment and thanks to insomnia I watched the wedding on flashbacks. Brenchel’s dream of a televised wedding finally came true. I can’t believe Rachel doesn’t get that the HG making her dress out of white trash bags instead of sheets and towels was a not very subtle insult. They will see when they get out that instead of warming our hearts with their idiotic play wedding, we were laughing at them. If they know how cruel we can be, why do they keep setting themselves up for more ridicule. I actually felt embarrassed watching the whole thing. The only ones that didn’t get that it was a cruel joke were Brenchel and Jordan. The looks on Dani, Kalia, Shelly and Adams faces told the story. And I don’t think Shelly will flip on Jordan. In her DR sessions she has said that she tells people what they want to hear, but that she is with JJ. Keeping Brendon would be very bad for her game. They turned on Dom, they turned on Dani and they are turning on JJ behind their backs. They claim to be so honest and loyal, but they have a history of inventing justifications to burn their allies. Jordan isn’t a threat at this point in the game. You want to keep her for jury and keep Jeff until jury too. They won’t be as hard to get out as Brenchel and Dani.


Shelly is flipping it might be good for Brenchel i mean Jordan won already why does she have to win again


The next time your right about something will be the first time.


If Brendon doesn’t get evicted this week I think I will have to quit watching this season. The Brendon and Rachel show is getting annoying and boring. They are delusional.

Dark Horse

I agree
NOT looking forward to looking a BG crying ‘black tears’ that her & B are on the block tonight


I totally agreed! If Jordan goes home, I will also be pissed.

Dark Horse

the one time I actually want Jordough to stay
if Shelly does this – I hope that Jeff wins the next HOH and puts up Shelly & Prosche
if one wins POV then put up B or R


OMG, I’m so excited. Brendon might be safe after all. 😀

Team Brenchel FTW!

Nicki Minaj


Dark Horse

If Jordan leaves tomorrow night
I will fly a banner over the BB house myself
…it would F up B&R’s game so bad and that old crow Shelly too


If Jordan leaves tomorrow and Jeff is mad at Dani not Straight Shooter/Adam then Straight shooter is a freaking Jedi.


Thats terrible Brachel knows thats Shelly and Jorden are super close!!!!!!!!!!!!


im sorry but to me this would be the most obvious elim ever.

get jordan out now. its hilarious to hear from dani that B and R would be impossible to get out…please….why would you want them out? you can get rid of one at some point, and take the other with you to the end where they will get one vote, from the other part of their duo. Jordan will WIN this game if these people dont get rid of her asap


Exactly B & R have the biggest targets on their backs, so with them both here the less likely people will be coming after you. Jordan is once again flying under the radar. With her still in the house if it came down to whoever against Jordan you’re likely to go because she is so nice and everyone likes her.


I think the fear is that BR will keep winning everything and no one will have a chance to take them out. At least for me that’s where I think Dani is coming from with this nomination. Keeping either one is dumb when you have a chance to get one out bc there is the very real possibility that they could keep winning back to back HOH’s and then get rid of all the people they deem to be ‘floaters’ (which to them is pretty much everyone but themselves) and also take out Dani. It’s smarter to shake things up and sort of even the playing field for the house as far as competition goes for HOH and POV’s

Rachel Is Boy George

I hope the straight shooter does try this because Adam won’t flip and Dani will break the tie breaker and everyone will find out how much of a snake shelly is and she will be the next to go


I’m predicting that if that scenario happens they’ll all assume Adam flipped.


The question is who would they believe? Shelly will claim she voted for Jordan to stay. Adam would have voted for Jordan to stay. Something tells me, Adam would take the brunt of it because Shelly is such a good liar and has J&J trust.

I would LOL if Jordan went home. Jeff would be super pissed. Brendon and Rachel will know it; and they’d probably try to take him out likely before Dani. Anything that buys my girl an extra week is GOOD GOOD GOOD for me! 🙂


good point.. crossing my fingers Dani survives this coming week


There’s no tie this week as there are 7 votes total but it would be interesting if she flips.

There will not be a tie breaker this week.

dani's fan

Best case scenario; Brendon is evicted by a vote of 4 to 3 (Lawon, Kalia, Jeff, and Adam voting against Brendon). The house comes to the logical conclusion that Shelly flipped. Lets see her straight shoot her way off the block next week.


Why wouldn’t they think Adam flipped?


that would definately be the best case scenario, but shelly would probably not admit to voting jordan out

Dark Horse

I hope so Dani Fan
Adam & Shelly are the wild cards right now
you are either Team JJ or Team BR
with all this back and forth it will be interesting on Thursday….hopefully Brendon walks his ugly feet out the door


It took them two weeks to figure out Shelly flipped on Cassi. I have zero confidence in them figuring out that Shelly flipped, if she does.


If Jordan goes home, I’m not gonna lie and say I’ll stop watching, cause I’ll still keep watching but my goodness what DUMBASSES, separating B/R is the smartest thing right now strategically, what is with these people targeting non threatening players this year. if Jordan goes I’ll stick to my thoughts at the start of this season, it’s rigged for a B/R/Dani final. Any of the newbs especially shelly if she thinks b/r would bring her to final 2 are ridiculous.

kathie from canada

Is there any chance that everyone is playing head games with BR?? Alliances aside, they are not ‘much loved’ by the other HGs. They have to know that B has been priming R to play on her own, but if the lovebirds start to think B is staying, R’s game could take a big hit when she sees him leave. Just another point of view to consider.


I hope Brendon gets safe. Rachel & him are HOH & POV winners. I’m tired of lazy kiss @$$ players going to the jury house!

Dark Horse

Since Dani is just starting the game, I’m sure she could give them a run for their money
Janelle & Dani hold the highest POV wins in their single season


yea but at this point your idols br real need the kiss ass floater to vote for them


Rachel and him are losers in the social game, so it don’t matter if they win comps when no one will vote for them.


jordon ain’t going any where
Shelly’s gonna run back to JJ and tell them allthe shit BR were talking.
jordo is safe mark my words.


Your right this is the likely outcome..


I sure hope Jordan’s safe!! I’ll still watch but I will not be a happy camper if she goes.


well we all know how trusworthy shelly is (not!) so lets hope she runs back to jj and tells them everyhting. haha that would be grrrreat!

Eric CA

Listen for Brendon to stay they need at least four votes that means two fresh targets.
a) The newbs would have to be stupid to keep Brendon… unless they want to show that they are
playing to get into the jury and not 500k
1) As Douchy and the Beast have stated. There goal is 500k and to get rid of “floaters”
, but heck all floaters are on board.
2) They by their own words “Are the best competitors this game has seen.
3) It should be said that if you are in the final 3 with them it will be 2 against 1 for
HOH and the last veto. Not good odds
4) Newb alliance the numbers are still in their favor. two more weeks and game over
5) Jeff is as volatile as the Beast. He will forget about Dani and feel betrayed and lied to.
6) If they vote out Douchy, the Beast and Jeff, Jordan go after Dani…. but Jordan goes home
Jeff will feel that he was betrayed by someone other than Dani, go rogue and
keep Dani and go after one of them feeling that they lied to him. Jalia would be safe
from Jeff because she voted to keep Jordan, Lawon, Adam, Shelly and Porsche
would be in some big doo doo. possibly a Douch y and the Beast nomination backdoor
Shelly and Porsche senario

So as you can see keeping Douchy is just bad for all newb games. It would not be logical. At the very least they all could say that this was not personal that Douchy is just a bigger threat and that it is the nature of the game. Blood still on Dani’s hands not on theirs. Now if Jordan goes forget about it, they would be taking out a small threat in competitions for Douchy who is a big threat. Jeff will loose it, Dani will be pissed and it will be a newb going out next week.


Seriously, if Jordan goes. Jeff is really pissed and he will take frustration on anybody. Especially, Brendon and Rachel.


I wish I could watch the feeds but I don’t have 15 bucks right now 🙁


Easy folks, as many have pointed out Shelly is a master manipulator i.e. a leiing bitch, and she has played that role flawlessly so far in this game. She is just blowing smoke up Brenchel’s asses. Brenda is going home tomorrow…


whats with the cage?


It might not be a bad idea for Shelly to flip the vote if they can get Adam on board. She could always tell Jeff that she voted to keep Jordan, that Kalia or Lawon must have flipped their vote since no one trusts them anyway. It’s worked for her before.


If Jordan goes home then this is seriously the dumbest case ever. No one has game play. Rachel and Brendon are horrible, low life people. They say we won’t throw them under the bus but that is excatly what they are doing. Rachel is playing per emotional and they are vindictive and evil people. She talks about her parents are religious well hopefully they pray for her soul and they she starts wearing clothes that cover her butt because I know I am sick of looking at it


and the very same can be said about shelly


What do you think Jeff and Jordan did to not get put on the block? They made a deal with Danielle that they would not put her on the block should they get HOH next week (Them actually winning HOH and keeping that promise remains to be seen). I did not in Season 11 and now I still do not get the love affair for JJ and how people have blinders on when it comes to them.


Relax everyone let cooler head prevail, Brendon is out on Thursday BR have been trying to convince everyone they can to keep Brendon and it’s not working that’s why they keep going from one person to the next, no biggie hes out!

And is it just me or does it feel like it’s been the LONGEST week since BR got put up, I can’t wait until Thursday.


last week felt longer for me. i’m enoying this time that br are up on the block


Simon, has Shelly talked to Adam yet?


I don’t have the feeds right now.. If they have dawgs next update will highlight it


She did but the audio was down at the time


I can’t see why keeping Brendan would be a good idea either. Jordan has already won, so in the end nobody (at least most) won’t want to give her the money again. She doesn’t win much, but is loyal so she is the better one to keep. She’s a vote on your side. Brendan is a tough player and he will be hard to beat. To me this is a no brainer.
Why would Brendan and Rachel be so mad at JJ for making a one week deal? It’s a game and that’s how you have to play to stay safe. It’s not like they said they would put R up the next week.


i hope they all vote out Jordan and than jeff gets PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSED , lol i wanna see him blow up on Rachel and Brendon


So where does all this leave dani? I want the target off her back. I kno america loves jj but I can’t watch anymore if dani is the next to go. And shelly has got to go.


WAIT WAIT WAIT! someone please answer this, who’s side is porsche on?
i know it was Rachel and Brendon, but she talks alot of game with Dani too.. so if she wins HOH next week would she put up Dani?


the side that has the most sweets and beer.

Porsches playing her own game she’ll position herself wherever she can to survive.


The fridge


Jordan’s not going anywhere. BB Production has told them to chat up that possibility to add excitement and ratings. Jordan is their darling. Both her and Jeff are practically untouchable.

Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly is using that slitted snake tongue of hers to feed Brendon and Rachel false hope.


Brendan is trying to pull a Dick.


If shelly decide to vote for Jordon that would be a big surprise move in the Game Jordon has won big brother before and if anyone is up against Jordan in the Final two Jordan will win and they will lose. Jeff will get over it if Jordam leaves and assoon ashe is not HOH he will be trying to get on the HOH good side. I say shelly do it I would Love to see the look on Dani Face wow that would be Awesome!!!!


I wouldnt trust that dude Shelly


I would have to agree. B & R are making side deals to save themselves why can’t J & J do the same thing? Even though B & R drove me nuts last season I was really hoping that they would be better this season working with J & J but I hate to say it, they are playing the same game as last season. I didn’t want to see the vets break apart so fast but now that it has, it will be for good tv. Cheers.


Let it out and PREACH!


WTF! So one minute Shelly is going to JJ “yeah, yeah, I’m on your side. Blah, Blah, Blah.” And, now after a few words from BR she’s ready to flip against them and vote Jordan out! Someone please get her a** OUT!!!!! She’s NO straight shooter, she’s a bent arrow!


Hey Simon, I’m a university student and I don’t have the means financially to make a donation yet, but if I click on the ads will that help you guys out money wise??


yes, most site make money off ads and donations to keep running.


And just one more thought…I wonder if by BR campaigning to Shelly, and asking her to talk to Adam, if it could end up biting them all in the a**? What if Adam decides to tell JJ and Dani, etc., that Shelly talked to him about voting out Jordan. I PRAY that happens. After all of Shelly’s “straight shooter talk” this season, it would serve her right. I think JJ deserve to know what she’s truly all about!


Shelley the snake will get called out eventually. And boy will it be a joyous moment in time.


I thought Brenden already pulled a dick on sky cam


Jeff is a weak @$$! He can’t win sh!t. He is a lazy @$$, loafer. Jordan won half a million she no need any more. As for all the brendan & Rachel haters saying they won’t watch big brother if Brendan or Rachel win is all liars! You guys said that same shit last year. & here you are watching! I don’t care about race, personality, or any mental probs they have. They win comps! That’s all that matters!


And they didn’t win last year. They are the same vile wastes of flesh that they were last season. And Rachel will spend this whole winter in therapy after getting out of the house and realizing that America still hates them.


For the record, Jesse won comps too, didn’t do him any good. If memory serves me correctly, he never saw the jury house. So winning comps clearly isn’t all that matters in this game. But I see why you champion B/R, your of the same mindset. You related to Rachel?


No, it’s not all the matters you insufferable drone. Big brothe ris the ultimate social game. You need to get some ativan, fo real. Calm youself!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Shelly not stupid…Porsche is not even that stupid she’s already slipping away from Team Rocket…. bye bye skypeman

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Here’s the way it is, Keep someone who is guaranteed to win comps or someone who mostly wins when a comps is thrown to them….. if nobod is there to throw a comp to jordon the chances of her winning a comp is slim to none. Rachel has a better chance to play with that pussyman talking down to her treating her like shit.


The funny thing is, Rachel won her one legit HOH (I’m not counting that guessing game debacle) with someone throwing the comp.

Brendon won his POV with other people throwing the comp.

But they are the fiercest competitors EVAR.


She really did not win the banana one either, Dick and Dani gave it to her for safety the next week.


I think Jordan is someone to keep. For starters she’s already won, not many would give it to her again. Also, she’s not real strong in comps. BUT, I’m Team JJ so I want her to stay regardless!


Amen, me too

Jus Sayin

Brenchel don’t want floaters, yet they vote out any one who tries to play the game. Unless of course they play the game to help those two win! They don’t like liars, yet they lie all the time and hang out with Shelly whose a huge liar! I think it is disgusting for those two who confuse lust for love, to talk about if Jeff really loves Jordan! Just because they are not rushing into a doomed wedding! Did any one happen to catch Rachel talking about how her sister is marrying one of Rachel’s old clients? Sounded like she was a call girl to me! I am totally going team Dani!


Brendon cannot stay this week. He thought they were on ABC during the trashy wedding on After Dark and Rachel had to correct him that’s it’s CBS!! Rigged or not, CBS will not forgive him for that! LOL