Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Adam says his best Move of the Game was voting to evict Lawon

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9:12pm Adam and Jordan Adam recaps his conversation with Shelly telling her Shelly was fishing for information to use as ammo. Adam goes on about how Shelly was asking him what his biggest move was, If he’s taking Porsche to the final 2 and what his biggest regret was. Adam tells her not to worry he was trying to be very vague with Shelly. Adam a big move was getting Lawon out and Keeping Rachel but his biggest move is yet to come , He told her he didn’t know who his final 2 will be and he dodged the biggest regret question. Jordan says that this time they are going to win it’s 3 on 1 on the HOH. Adam says they will win he’s sure of it. Adam adds that he’s 100% with Jordan they can count on him.

9:30pm Jordan studying on a mission to win the HOH comp

9:50pm Kalia studying on a mission to win the HOH comp

10:05pm Cards

10:25pm Porsche and Kalia Porsche bringing up that Shelly is flat out ignoring her. Porsche says it was really weird, Kalia brings up that Shelly isn’t ignoring her. Porsche brings up earlier in the day when Porsche and Shelly where in the kitchen and Porsche was thanking Shelly for doing the dishes.. Porsche: “Shelly straight up ignored me.. then rachel walks in and Shelly is talking to her then Shelly leaves again straight up ignores me” Kalia isn’t sure what is going on with Shelly. she adds that their not in lockdown it must be questions she just hopes the questions are the ones she knows.
Porsche: “Shelly has moved from hating Rachel to hating me.. it’s weird don’t you think” Kalia agrees. Kalia thinks that JR are still very undecided.

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10:41pm Bedroom Rachel and Jordan Jordan is recapping her conversation with Adam. She says that Adam had a conversation with Shelly and Shelly asked him what his best game move was. Adam told her one of his best moves was voting out Lawon and Keeping Rachel. Shelly reaction to Adam sayign that was shock. Jordan then had asked Adam if Kalia won HOH if we would run over to the other side and adam said no he’s with JR, “We also handshake on it like that” (she holds out her hand) Jordan: “You got to have some trust some times” Rachel wonders why he would say that his biggest move was keeping rachel.. she does agree with Jordan that they need to trust someone right now and they don’t trust shelly at all. Rachel thinks they should start studying she doesn’t want to do it in the candy room though. Jordan doesn’t want to do it in the Have nots because it looks suspicious. Rachel Isn’t worried about it looking suspicious everyone knows they are together.

10:52pm JR studying like mad for the a quiz comp. Kalia joins them and they start dancing around who they are going to put up. Kalia wonders why nobody is campaigning to her. Jordan thinks Kalia should ask Shelly and Adam why they haven’t campaigned. Rachel asks Kalia why she didn’t campaign to her. Kalia explains that she knew that Jeff wanted Dani out and she knew it was JJR and Shelly already told her that she was voting to keep Dani so Kalia didn’t see the need. Kalia mentions that she never knew that Shelly was campaigning so strongly to keep Dani though, and now she’s found out from multiple sources. Rachel says that dani told her that Kalia was crying in the DR about Dani leaving. Kalia says no that is not what happened. She starts to explain that she knew how Dani felt about the game and Dani was a close friend. Kalia didn’t want to lose her but now that she’s gone Kalia feels like this is her game. Jordan and Rachel start telling her how bad dani was and how she went around string up problems and manipulating people. Kalia has heard a lot of things that she needs to talk to Dani about. Jordan says they won’t know the full extend until they go back and watch the show.

11:26pm Rachel and Adam were trying to study but KP started talking to them about random shit. Jordan leaves and meets up with Adam whose packing his stuff outside the Have nots. She tells him that Kalia was telling her that she is on the fence about who to vote out. Adam: “Oh great so that the person I have a final 2 deal with” Jordan: “See and you trusted her”..

11:43pm Backyard SHelly and Jordan friends again talking about church.

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To understand Jordan you must first understand she’s from the south. She has been raised as a Southern Belle. Southern belles are polite, respectful, warm, patient, pretty, easy going, sweet and sociable without being overbearing.They are also charming and can appear helpless when they are not. They are genuine and real.
Except for when she was really mad at Shelly (who can blame her), she has not had a tiff with anyone. Yes her behavior was unladylike, but she has stated many times that she’s embarrassed about how she acted.
She’s not being accused of lying. She may not be very good at the comps, but she doesn’t throw them either.
She has been loyal to her alliance.
She has calmed Rachel tremendously. (She deserves kudos just for that)
She may not be “book” smart, but she is “people” smart.. This year she has been conscientious that she made sure that she wasn’t seen “cadoodling” w/Jeff, hasn’t been drinking, watches what she eats, and been careful of no “oops” pics of her.
Love her or hate her; she is what she is, and if she makes it to F2 the only people she has to convince is the jury, not any of us.


Rachel did it by herself…Jordan did not force Rachel to turn down her attitude….It was just the stress and Brendon getting to Rachel!


tone down*

Nicole - TEAM DANI

quite frankly.

i dislike anyone apart of danieles eviction. i never really liked jordan much anyways but i HATE jeff


that maybe so, but the first time B got evicted, Jordon did a lot of time babysitting and talking her down to relax a bit…..


He Imposter how you like that taste of my balls??


Make up your own name and GET OFF MY DUTS


loved ur post
i find her so sweet


Jordan isn’t highly intelligent . But she isn’t stupid and she has a lot of common sense. I think if she applied herself more maybe she would be more intelligent. She seems to just coast. I’m not a fan but hers as far as the show but I do like her personality overall.

However, I think Rachel is calm because things have been basically been going her way since Brendon left ,other than being put up on the block this past week. But production made sure she got another chance. Rachel also is more calm without Brendon being around and most of the house is now gone . There really isn’t any reason for Rachel to start drama with so few people in the house and being so close to the end. She’s likely not intimidated by any of the players in there. When Dani was in the house Rachel was trying antagonize her and and even left her a nasty goodbye message. So Jordan isn’t calming Rachel down. The circumstances in the house have calmed her down. I think the social dynamic is something she can handle since there is only a few people in there. She’s in a good spot and would look psychotic if she became over dramatic like we all know she’s capable of being.


I would be scared to play against Jeff and Jordan in a reality game. The internet would be filled with hate against me. No thanks.


See it’s posts like this that make me think twice about the theories that the ‘anti JJ’ fans were responsible for some of the hateful posts etc. There’s just a vibe to some of these anti JJ posts, I don’t know. It’s almost like a sport. Other than that, if you think that the JJ fans are the only ‘extreme’ fans…you need to re-read posts.

Just because you aren’t one of those few whackos that made a threat doesn’t mean you aren’t spreading ‘hate’ by posting horrible things online. In fact, you are probably fueling it.


Wow, well that was an over-reaction. It’s posts like this that confirm that there ARE fanatical JJ fans. I wouldn’t want to play aginst JJ either. Relax, CBS will make sure that Jordan wins, so no need to spread hate.


Well said. I don’t know what it is, but she is starting to annoy me and its weird bc when I saw her come in the house I was so excited bc I’m a fan of hers and Jeff’s, maybe if she stopped walking around the house like she made huge game moves I would still want her to win.

Being from Jersey I grew up thinking people from the South were dumb and slow, but that was my ignorance

Aqua Bernie

I love Jordan, she’s as cute as a button! I want her to win! and Rachel 2nd. And I can’t stand her. Or Adam 2nd!

"Trust Me: 100%"

Banko, from a Cajun, born and raised in Southern Louisiana, I have to say “Un grand merci” for your comments regarding the description of why (most) ladies from the South are the way they are. You were very kind to stick up for Jordon’s character. The gal is the eptiome of class. She’s actually the only member of this cast that I will say that about. Before you judge or hold it against me for being from Louisiana, allow me to speak out at how truly disgusted I am to live in the same state as Shelly. She makes me absolutely sick with her lying and constant role of the victim. She is a sorry representation of our state. We have a lifetime of bad press out there without adding the title of the biggest hypocrite in the history of reality program to our list of idiots! I will say I do feel that no one has the right to threaten her family because of her idiotic actions on the show. I’m sure she knew will regret that vote which came with the repercussions of the threat of violence towards her daughter and husband for the rest of her life. Have a great day and looking forward to seeing how proud Jeff is of Jordon’s reaction to Shelley’s dumbass vote. Happy Thursday eviction to you my friend!


I have to agree with you 100%, I too am from Louisiana, and I hate that we have someone like Shelly representing out state. The only thing that saves Louisiana a little bit is Shelly was born in Ohio, I do not know how long she has been in Louisiana, but for all I care she can go back to Ohio. I do not mean any ill will towards her of her family, but Shelly has made herself look to be a terrible person, she did this to herself! It is a game and people should not go and threaten her or her family, but Shelly has made moves in this game that have caused a lot of people to dislike her. Hopefully when she gets to watch how she acted all season, she can try to make things better for herself.


Her alliance was Jeff so she had no choice but to be loyal so now shes just using people to get to the end just like everybody else shes no saint


lol Someone just started an America Hates Jeff and Jordan facebook page now. Better be careful of the JJ cult.


Now how is this worse than the hate you keep referencing from the JJ fans? A little biased perhaps???


Though I’m sure you’ll find plenty of here for your FB anti-fan page.

Team Jordan

I completely agree with your explanation of why Jordan is who she is. I, too, was raised in the south. I think she still has a lot of support from America. I support her 100%.

Jedi Jani

Well said…I think they bring out the best in one another…..kind of like balance each other out……Rachel is right…It’s the lesser of the two evils with selecting the HG to go to jury tonight. Adam the ass kisser and Shelly the Queen of Lies……they both have jumped ship on more than one occasion (if they are jumping back), Adam has a hard time lying while Shelly has mastered the fine art of lying…..If it were me I would have to send Shelly to jury. If for nothing else than to put a Huge Smile on Big Jeff’s face!

Can’t wait to see what is going on at the jury house. And next weeks jury house will be so exciting as B and J will learn that their Women are still inside getting the job done! I for one agree that I don’t care to see K or P make it to the end for a number of reasons, primarily that they only started playing recently as they were in much need of beauty sleep. In the early days, you hardly ever see Kalia because she is sleeping and when she is awake she is cramming her pie hole with others food or having endless chatter about NOTHING…constantly doing things to cut the feeds like singing or name dropping …Porsche only recently started playing also, once she hooked up with Dani she figured if she was going to hang with someone as skilled as Dani she needed to get with the program….A little late in the game for my tastes though.

All in all….I wish the VETS could have stayed together longer and rocked the house but JR are doing fine…..Team JR to the end!


getting the job done?

Damn one twist designed and deliberately put in Pandora’s Box by production to help them, now all of a sudden their doing something?


As someone born and raised in the south, I take exception to your ‘characterization’. Elizabeth Dole? Star Jones? Both from North Carolina. Do you really want to paint all southern women with your brush? Women in the south are as varied as women in other parts of the world. You also contradicted yourself in the first paragraph. Believe it or not…

‘Genuine and real’ does not equal ‘appear helpless when they are not’.

As with many, your post tells me more about you than Jordan. Just sayin…


Here is the bottom line about Jordan…

As Jeff said, she is the nicest person on Earth. Personally I would have choked the life out of Shelly and never spoke with her again but that is the difference between me and her.

Jordan is going to smile and be nice even while evicting her this evening.

In the end, if Jordan makes the Final 2, the only person who can beat her is Rachel.

It goes like this : Jordan beats everyone but Rachel. Rachel wins period. Kalia can not win vs anyone. Porsche only beats Kalia. Adam beats Kalia or Porsche.

Love Jordan

You are right Jordan is as southern as they come as as from someone from the south we are nice and kind until you really make us made that then watch out.!!! We even have our own sweet southern way of telling someone to go to he** and if someone from the south every tells you Bless your Little Heart that is exactly what they are doing. We are very nice and sweet until you do us wrong TEAM JORDAN and RACHEL ALL THE WAY!!!


I had previously adored Jordan; her southern charm and all, but this season she makes me want to vomit. From the very first episode, she’s been preaching against a floater winning his thing. Well Jordan, what exactly are you?
You’ve hidden behind the cape of Superman Jeff, incompetent/incapable at every competition, and you’ve never gotten your hands dirty with feuds or evictions.
My friends, that is the definition of floater. Jordan, there’s not much separating you and Adam.
I vote to evict Jordan, Please!

Head of Household

Shelly was acting more unladylike


stop trying to put a dress on a!


I thought it was Shelly who stirred up a lot of shit and not Dani. I’m confused?

Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!

Adam's nut are with jeff in the jury house

Rachel and jordumb as the ones that stir up shit.. Dani was only playing the game..

Aqua Bernie

Dani did stir up shit! and she was a mean dirty girl!


are you sure dani doesnt have your nuts??? dani caused a lot of drama, only difference, she got her idiot squad to do it for her.


Dani was the 1st to stir the pot with her move to back door Jeff.
When they 1st walked into the house the 2 players I wanted to win were either Dani or Jeff but when Dani made that move I just couldn’t root for her anymore. Not because she was going against Jeff but because I saw it as the dumbest game move ever. I don’t think for 1 sec that she did it because of fear of Jeff. She did it because she paniced when her dad left wanted a partner and had her sites set on Dom and knew that Jeff was going after Dom.
Clearly she already had K in her pocket who was on really good terms with JJ so she didn’t need to make that move. The funniest thing to me is that when the time came I think Dom would have thrown her right under the bus don’t think she would have manipulated him easlily.


If Kalia wins HOH *cries* I don’t even want to think about it!


If Kalia wins the HOH, I’ll put her on my should win list (along with Porche and Rachel) even though she makes my ears bleed too. She sure can pull an HOH out of the hat when it’s critical.


Regarding the HG pics on the right side…
Jordan’s prior one was good, however this one is better.
Dani’s old one was better.
Porsche’s new one is way better.


Yes, I miss the Dani pic with the 12 o clock shadow.

Captain D

Lying Shelley, Jordan doesn’t compete, Jeff is a bully. These statements are pointless and foolish.

Everyone lies in these games, some more than others but it’s a game, calling a person out for it is as dumb as getting angry at a person for not stating what their cards are in a poker game. Or how about that “liar” General Petreus not telling AQI what his next move will be and making them think coalition forces are doing something different than they are. The point is to win.

Jeff is aggressive by nature and vocal but I have not seen him push or hit anyone, there’s zero threat of physical violence from him and if someone is actually so weak minded as to be mentally bullied by another then that’s more of a problem they have than the person falsely percieved as doing the bullying. Only a half whit believes the guy mentally bullied anyone. An individual that really thinks Jeff’s a bully should never ever visit West Point or one of the service academies because they would probably melt after they were yelled at the first time. Or for that matter they should probably never participate in any full contact sport. They would probably pee themselves just watching a football game.

As far as Jordan not doing anything, she won an HOH, she came in second in the last 2 HOH’s, that’s not terrible (Kalia being such a GREAT competitor managed to figure out a person she was more familiar with said something before or after a certain event where Jordan could not, it’s almost like she’s amazing spectacular Dani who managed to “skillfully” pick the correct number between 1 and 1000 in a “competition”. And porsche plays a perfect game with balancing the ball on the snake game and Jordan comes in second there getting a score that was at least respectable. Be reasonable people, there’s a huge degree of random luck in a lot of these competitions.


He is throwing it so he doesn’t have to choose a side.


I agree some people have said oh there not in a relanship because there not romantic but it’s because of the promises she made it possible that shelly is Americas player and would explain her delusions just a thought


Wouldn’t America have to know if she was America’s player?


Based upon Shelly’s DR comments about taking RJ to final 2 on tonights CBS show – RJ are making the right decision to keep Adam. Adam is still the biggest floater but I don’t think he would flip on Jordan, Rachel maybe but not J.

Can’t believe I’m saying this but I think Rachel deserves to win the game. She has been up and down the entire season and fought hard. Rachel created 90% of the fun activities in the house to help with the bordum. Best case (IMO) is RJ in final 2.


No she doesn’t deserve to win. If she wins I can see a lot of HG this season are gonna be mad of BB & how they handled the season. First of all she was an absolute wreck when Brendon was evicted. What does Production do? Add a twist & make it look like it’s America’s vote when it actually is not. They gave Brendon a 2nd chance. It actually wasted Dani’s 2 HOH’s. 2 weeks of work + Kalia’s HOH too & made them evict 1 of their own in Lawon. That’s 3 weeks that was given back to the JJRB alliance where it should have been DKP alliance evicting people. Now that it’s Porsche HOH Production saw that RJ is the targets & 1 of them will go home for sure. They decide to bring the duo twist back. They make the Veto an endurance competition. Rachel wins shocker! That’s 4 weeks that Production has helped RJBJ alliance. If you are a HG who is working your ass hard, would you like it that the game is rigged & geared to help certain favorites because it helps the ratings? If Rachel deserves to win I’m sure Porsche & Kalia more than deserves it than her because they didn’t have outside help to further them into the game.


I agree 100% with every single word. People say that Kalia won by luck but if that’s the case, then any other HG could’ve made some educated guesses based on certain trigger words, and could’ve won thoses comps instead of her. They discount the newbie wins. Questions are just as important as endurance comps, IMO. Had P not opened the PBox, the newbs would be sitting pretty.

K has got to stop trusting J because her loyalty to J is not reciprocated. PK need to get A’s vote and work him hard. I’m impressed that J has been on A hard, because he’s the swing vote. I am starting to respect R’s game, she is physically strong and now using her social skills to really play. J is now upping her social game, too, lulling KP into feeling complacent. For that, JR get my respect.


Dani’s alliance was helped too. If anything, the show was rigged to keep vets in on both sides and to not let one side have all the power. That buzzer comp that Kalia won is a little suspicious to me. She was answering questions when only two words were all that came out. If you have no idea what the question is, how can you answer it correctly? Also I do think it’s strange that Shelly went into the DR and right after flipped. She wanted Dani gone, it benefited her having Dani gone, and all of a sudden she threw her alliance under the bus. Also that veto was a puzzle, I don’t think people thought Jeff would win it. I think production tried to help Dani stay and by doing that it backfired on them and got Jeff out too. I think if they’d stayed out if it, Jeff would probably still be there. I think they were trying to keep things interesting and the viewers happy, and most viewers were pulling for a vet whichever side of the house you were on.


Really made them waste K’s HOH and get rid of one of their own. LOL
K could have put anyone of the vet allience on the block with R and R would have been voted out and had to battle against B to get back in the house. BR would have decided which one of them was going back in and Lawon would have still have been in house.
Really great move by K such a great game move that she should be rewarded with 500 g’s
Also I always thought Dani had a good social game but if she wasn’t able to convince K what a bad move that was I have to question D’s game as well (besides her makeing the 1st dumb move in the game)


I agree. I’d like to see Rachel win too! She seems to be a better, more likable person with Brendon out of the house. Every comp she plays in, she gives it her all and actually TRIES to win!

Sure, she’s pretty wild sometimes, but like I said, she’s been a lot more calm after Brendon left. I’m sure Jordan had something to do with it too, but ultimately it was Rachel’s choice to start acting a little more normal.

Out of all the HG’s I’d like to see her win. She’s the one that has changed the most this summer (and for the better), although she thought about switching.. she’s stuck with her alliance (from what I’ve seen), she doesn’t talk crap all day about the other HG’s, she didn’t go to BB just to eat and sleep all day, she can read people pretty well and get along with them when needed, and she gives the comps her all. She’s may not be the best game player socially, but she’s definitely trying to be better, and she is the best physical competitor.. although I think lately Porshe has been trying hard lately too.


Love Jordan and her social game is extremely good. Not good at the comps though. Rachel has had an up hill battle this whole season. I agree that she should probably win. She has been through h-ll with the mean girls talking bad about her, stealing her things and making smart snide comments to her constantly. Rachel has been able to hold her head up and play BB. She should win.


Shelly wants to take RJ to final three hoping she could knock out Jordan and get the jury vote. Problem is, Shelly has not won a thing yet (I don’t believe so, anyway) so that impinges on her actually beating Jordan. Let’s say if she beat Rachel instead, she’d have no hope against Jordan in jury. I mean, Adam even has at least won SOMETHING and he’s pathetic.

I too would like to see Jordan win again this season, but I foresee it being more like Porsche or Kalia v. Rachel at the end,and Rachel would win jury just because a) seniority vote, b) it’s “good television,” and c) Alison Gorgon would fix it somehow so her pet cockroach finally wins. (“Tonight’s jury house twist! All houseguests with red hair automatically get double the votes!”).


i just absolutely love jordan. her and rachel make a great team. jordan has the social game, rachel has the rest. she can win competitions. people cant say rachel is dragging jordan along, because jordan is an amazing social player. she has kept rachel from opening up her mouth plenty times. jordan talked game with kalia and porsche which set up the final 4 deal, and rachel made sure it happened with the veto. theyre a great team. & i hope to god adam stays true to his game, and that he helps rachel and jordan out. & from there, idc who wins. as long as it is not kalia.


Go, Team KaliAdam and PorKa, yo!

BB King

Adam will be a one hit wonder and nothing more. At least Enzo (another one hit wonder) was the leader of an entire team and a great social player. The Bragade with the exception of Lane at the end, listened to every word he said.


Yeah, Adam has been pathetic. I wish he would have been evicted earlier in the game. Earlier in the season, I actually thought he had some potential.


And Adam wouldn’t care about what we all think when he goes to the bank and cash in his $50k check. (Maybe, $500k check if he gets to the end with Kalia)

Go, Team Shelly, yo!




yo I wonder if BB already lost ratings with Dani and Jeff leaving


thanks for the all caps headache. were you not hugged enough as a child?


Yes they will and include mine in the non-watchers. Of course big brother is manipulating by providing things like the Pandora’s box that did not unleash a curse on the house but rather was clearly a move to provide safety to the duo tat bb is working to propel to the finish line…see Brendon’s return, same thing….see the POV contest Rachel won (which was obviously chosen to match Rachel’s strong liklihood of victory)….didnt we see the hang on to a hanging banana in week 1 and didnt Rachel win it as well??? WTG bb…propel the red beast a little further….the real loser will be Brendon having to spend a lifetime kissing that BEYOTHCES” @$$


Dick and Dani gave the first HOH win to Brendon and Rachel if they would not nominate them. A lot of people voted for Brendon to come back into the house. Remember when Crazy James was voted back in? I did not like him so I was sure it was a “fix”. But I do not think it was. BB brings people back all the time.


I think if Rachel and Jordan were final 2, Rachel would win. I know Jordan has a great social game and Rachel doesn’t.. but Rachel is improving her social game and when she plays in any comp, she gives it her all. Jordan doesn’t seem to try as hard as Rachel, or at least isn’t nearly as good as Rachel is in any comp!

I think that Jeff, and maybe Shelly & Kalia would be the only Jury members who’d vote for Jordan to win. I think Brendon, Dani, Adam, and Porshe would vote for Rachel to win since they seem like they’d vote based on the best gameplay vs. who they liked the best.

As for Porshe’s original nominees (Jordan & Rachel), she made those nominations before opening Pandora’s box. So, therefore didn’t know that they’d be playing the veto as couples and be taken off the block as couples. If she’d known that, she probably would’ve made her nominations differently. If she wouldn’t have opened Pandora’s Box, everything would’ve been okay. She had to put them up together if she wanted one of them gone because then one them (Jordan or Rachel) could’ve won the veto and taken the other off of the block.. thus forcing Porshe to nominate 2 people she wanted to stay in the house (Adam and Shelly) over Jordan and Rachel.

Yes, Adam is a floater and I don’t think he deserves to win BB.. but if any one of the people remaining want a guaranteed $500,000.00, they’d bring him to final 2. I highly doubt ANYONE in jury would vote for him to win BB. In comparison to any of the people remaining, they’ve all played better than him and won stuff. So far all he’s won is a veto.. that was handed to him!

Team 500 G's

I agree….will be nothing more then a great big “lovefest” Which leads me to believe if production does have anything to do with how the show goes…..Kalia will win HOH. Sure there will be some drama if Adam wins….(not)
he will do what he said and stick with J/R….why? because he is a moron. He has a wayyyy better chance to win the game against P/K then anybody else. Even though we all know he has zero chance of winning the game against anybody. But hey! he can play for second.

I will give Adam credit for one thing he has stayed true to his style of play….shifting to who holds the power. As some have said, If Kalia does win HOH, he will flip. As nice as jordan is, if she happens to trip and win HOH she should put up Rachel. Of course being a southern belle she would never do such a thing. Which even reinforces my feeling that she shouldnt win BB. I know all you Jordan lovers out there wont feel the same, but she hasnt played the game at all. Everyone slams Adam for not doing anything….but whats the difference between Jordan and Adam? Adam hasnt been mean…or stirring up crap….both had the comps that they won thrown to them. Niether one has made a single “gameplay” thus….niether one really deserves to win…..or has earned it. I knowwwww Jordan is just so sweet. I get it….hell, I would even marry Jordan. But that shouldnt make her BB champion.

I still think out of any of the HG’s Porche is the one that has been screwed over by production the most. If I was her….I would have went in that DR and gave somebody HELL. PLEASE!!!!!!!! do not say one more time that “she didnt have to open it” If Porche somehow gets a Diamond POV… even the score..It will show that BB production has more to do with the how then what most of you thought. There has to be somekind of twist ( which is code for manipulateing the game)….something has to keep us watching.


Adam is not a waste of space. Yes, he’s managed to float this far in the game, but he has, very much, been playing his own game. I wouldn’t count him out in a comp with questions. Rachel and Jordan are a GREAT team and I do think that Rachel deserves to win this year. Porsche could only put up a duo, same as the beginning of the game. She couldn’t break up the duos. I do hope that Shelly is sent home tomorrow. I don’t see Rachel and Jordan changing their mind. EVERYONE seems to agree on one thing, Adam can be trusted whereas Shelly can’t.


I think Jordan deserves to win more than Adam


Rachel is such a good player without Brendon. If Rachel wins she definitely deserves it.



get K/A/S out toooooooooooooo much floating and snake activity going on- so sick of them I can’t even stand it.


Honestly I think Jordan is actualyy the least deserving out of all of them. I’m talking gameplay wise not likeablilty


or tied with Adam for last


Right – beacuse you are so impartial when it comes to Jordon?


Jordan has done nothing this game she doesn’t deserve to win it.

so you hate kalia why she is a good player? 2 hoh and 3 second place what give?


I don’t even like adam but I don’t think jordan should be allowed to win again for doing nothing


I have been thinking about how Shelly and Adam are going to feel when they put their trust in Jeff and they hear all of the Bozo/useless comments. I kinda think Shelly will be hurt but blow it off. I hope Adam does not get hit too hard from it. I feel kinda sad for him, b/c he has really put alot of faith in JJ. Unless she was thinking of kittens and rainbows, Jordan sat there and heard all of those statements. So, she has fibbed in the game, too, by BSing SA about being true blue for them the whole game. Adam is just a vote for everyone. Shelly at least tried to control her destiny. This game stinks!


Adam may be hurt, but as a superfan, he should agree that he WAS useless. Besides a vote, he brought nothing to the table. He said it himself on last night’s episode, after he fell first in veto. Adam has either thrown all the question comps, or he sucks at that too. You need alliance members who win comps and stay with the team. Shelly and Adam DO SUCK. They never won anything and whenever the JJBR side lost a week, Shelly and Adam ran back to the Dan’ewbis. Useless.


Hey stupid question to throw up here w/ all the comments but am I the only one who thinks that Sookie from True Blood could be a close relative of Jordans. Seriously, they could be sisters or cousins. Am I the only one who sees this?


I can see it… but Jordan is prettier.


I can’t believe Adam would claim credit for Lawon’s eviction.

That was Lawon’s own claim to fame. Shelly had a little part in it, but it’s all Lawon’s. Hurray, Lawon!


Actually Dani did blame Adam for that. She said that if he would’ve voted out Rachel, they would’ve had the votes, and gone with voting her out.


How dare Dani. Didn’t Dani and Kalia vote to evict Lawon? WTF? I’m confused.

I wonder if Team Production had a hand in that?

"Trust Me: 100%"

Hello everyone, I was just watching afterhours and reading the post for today. Does anyone know how many times they have heard “trust me, 100%….”. I think Rachael said 100% first, then it went to 1000%, and so on. I can not believe these people have not realized that when the “100% is thrown into the conversation, HELLO THEY ARE LYING!!!!!! I think it may have been used honestly maybe five times this season! I’ve only been able to watch this season and the other season that Jeff and Jordon were on. Do they have DVD’s of past seasons? I’d like to see how the other vets played before, compared to their ways this season. PS. Does P have any shirts that are not from the children’s department? I’ve heard her comment about being the bikini girl, but for me she’ll always be known as the one maybe needs some help shopping for shirts that fit. Sorry P fans, but geez, I get that she is a cute girl, but maybe she can exchange the size of her ego for the size of those ill-fitting t’s.


IF Adam wins HOH, the worse thing he could do for himself is side with Rachel and Jordan. Going to the final two with either of them, he loses. Of course unless it doesnt matter to him if he wins the $50,000 instead of the $500,000. The jurors will see Adam as a ‘didnt do a dang thing to win the game’ and they will vote for either Jordan or Rachel (whoever is with him in the final 2). Opting to keep Kalia and Porsche his chances are greater for him to win the big bucks. Many in the jury house will see Kalia as a ‘Dani follower’. She will not get a vote from JJ, BR. MAYBE Shelly will vote for her. She will get a vote from Porsche and Dani. She still falls short one vote. Either way, Adam wins. Porsche chose not to save Jeff with the POV which was the icing on the cake for Jeff’s demise. Jeff will not vote for her nor will Jordan, nor BJ. The others will. Once again, 4 votes to 3; Adam wins. He selects Jordan for the final 2, Jordan wins because she is loved and adored by all. He selects Rachel for the final two, Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, will vote for Rachel. Shelley and Dani will vote for Adam. I think either Kalia or Porsche or both will vote for Rachel. Cause if he turns on them with the final three, they will be angry. Rachel wins. This is how I see it. If Adam is not evicted, he needs to give some serious thought to what he will do IF he wins HOH.


OK HoH should be kalia, Jordan is not good with remembering puzzles, lying Shelly needs to go home, Rachel stays just long enough not to get the money because who in their right minds would give that crazy red head $$. Adam I could not win a damn thing if I tried should be the next one out the door.
And I miss dani she was a good game player.


I wish people would re-read what they write before clicking “SUBMIT” – and use correct grammar. OBB, spell-check maybe? Just a thought for the comment box. Go Jordan and Rachel!

Jordan look sooooo cute when lies and backstab like Shelly…..


On BBAD I heard Shelly say she was on a gameshow. Does anyone know what it was?

Midwest Fan

Wasn’t there an old game show called, ‘To Tell The Truth?’


She and her father were on Let’s Make A Deal back when she was in High School.

Midwest Fan

Am I correct – the Final Two give their speeches to the
Jury before the Jury members question them?

Dani could be pivotal regarding how others choose to vote.
I think Dan’s fantastic “Adios” Speech was a precursor to her interviewing
the BB Final Two. KABOOM!!!!
For example: If Adam is one of the Final Two, she will ask him about
Jeff throwing the Comp to him, instead of Jeff attempting to help Brendon.


Here’s hoping a newbie wins! CBS should
of brought back an all vet show if they
wanted to pull this shit ! CBush-leagueS

Midwest Fan



Agreed. But I hope they don’t do it next year. I want some more NEWBIES!

Midwest Fan


IF a vet is the Winner, I hope it is Rachel but only if Jordan doesn’t come
in 2nd place.
I don’t want Jordan winning a thing, unless it is Free Educational Tutoring.

derrick s

simon, are you going to do Survivor this year and call the site


Random thought: Why does Jordan need another $500,000 and did she already blow thru the $500,000 she received two summers ago? Her attitude is like ‘i deserve this money…’ I’m tired of people who have already won $ on reality shows… getting another chance (or 2 or 3) to get more cash. It’s just greedy.


Where’d you get the idea she ‘blew through the money’? She said she hadn’t actually even recieved the money yet, though, it has been very widely reported that she bought a house for her mother (and brother who has special needs) and is putting herself through college.


I have to say that if Rachel and Jordan keep winning HOH and POV, they should take each other to the end. I would take my friend to the end just as long as we both won the money, who cares. I know that everyone says that Rachel would lose to Jordan; thus giving up the $500,000 but $50,000 would be great to have as well. If I were Jordan or Rachel going to the end, I wouldn’t want to let any of the others players to have a chance at that money. Call it personal if you want, but I’d rather take the $50,000 to a friend than someone I didn’t like or trust.


I don’t remember Jordan saying they would win on BBAD last night. I thought she said that the odds are always in their favor yet they always lose. She said it 3 vs1 tomorrow and “wathc, we lose” and Adam said that they would win. Maybe I heard it wrong…IDK


I would take trait over IQ. Jordan is really a nice gal. Compared to other’s, she may just be a receptionist but she is a very hard working one. I remember she mentioned that if, any of her co-workers ask her to take over their shift for emergencies/personal reasons, she would do it in an instant and (so far) only had to say “no” once. I don’t think she is as idiot as anybody think she is. I can tell she is a little bit stubborn when it comes to learning stuff that she is not really interested. When Jordan puts her mind on something she wants, she can do it! Again, I would take trait over IQ simply because, a person with a good heart is the ultimate winner!


You really need to look up the definition of trait. There are good traits and bad traits.


quit pretending you don’t know what I mean. gracious!


I do like Rachel to win though I like Jordan a lot! Even if Rachel can be crazy sometimes, I think she needs the money more and she worked very hard to get where she is now. I hope they both make it to the end!


The couples thing in the beginning was bullshit. They already ( JJ and RB ) had trust in each other, where as the newbies didn’t have that when they had to team up. I would have included Danielle but she ended up on her own too with noone to trust. Very disappointed in this years cast. I am a big Dani fan…but the casting sucked. If they were gonna do that they should have brought back ALL couples from previous shows, not just some. I don’t really care who wins this year. Why not Jorden, she already won once, might as well make her a millionaire. My vote is for Connie Chung who just had a baby 🙂


ummmm..Julie Chen not Connie Chung lol…shows our age 😉

Captain D

Three things that make little sense. Complaining about lying Shelley, hate for Jordan not competing, and comments that Jeff is a bully.

Everyone lies in these games, some more than others but it’s a game, calling a person out for it is as dumb as getting angry at a person for not stating what their cards are in a poker game. Or how about that “liar” General Petreus not telling AQI what his next move will be and making them think coalition forces are doing something different than they are. The point is to win.

Jeff is aggressive by nature and vocal but I have not seen him push or hit anyone, there’s zero threat of physical violence from him and if someone is actually so weak minded as to be mentally bullied by another then that’s more of a problem they have than the person falsely percieved as doing the bullying. Only a half whit believes the guy mentally bullied anyone. An individual that really thinks Jeff’s a bully should never ever visit West Point or one of the service academies because they would probably melt after they were yelled at the first time. Or for that matter they should probably never participate in any full contact sport. They would probably pee themselves just watching a football game.

As far as Jordan not doing anything, she won an HOH, she came in second in the last 2 HOH’s, that’s not terrible (Kalia being such a GREAT competitor managed to figure out a person she was more familiar with said something before or after a certain event where Jordan could not, it’s almost like she’s amazing spectacular Dani who managed to “skillfully” pick the correct number between 1 and 1000 in a “competition”. And porsche plays a perfect game with balancing the ball on the snake game and Jordan comes in second there getting a score that was at least respectable.

Be reasonable people, there’s a huge degree of random luck in a lot of these competitions.


well said! but im still disgusted by shelly’s degree of lying. ive never seen something like it! GROSS!


I find Shelly genuinely entertaining. I’m rooting for this iron-lung woman to stay another week.


I guess because Jordan is cute then her lying and backstabbing is more palatable than Shelly’s…Rachel needs to kick Jordan to the curb, she is dead weight.


ok buddy we believe you! no need to yell ffs!!! oh btw you’re wrong. kalia will get flustered and then say hmmmm i should have it , cause i am so good at comps! yeahhhhh sure ok


Someone mentioned that Jeff took Porsche of the block that was done because he wanted Dani out so it didnmatter who he took of the block , Porsche owes Jeff NOTHING was a great play on her part


I think dani was doomed from the begining. Everyone in the house was a kiss ass for brjj
Can’t go against jj because they are the loves of america
I’d a split them up the first week
The new crew shouls have stuck together and bashed the shit out of the old cast

But adam and dom were the first to dismantle
Throwing comps
That’s lame in my opinion
Adam has sucked the entire season
Jeff has been the biggest winer of all
Shelly I think was trying to play but overextended herself – she should have known people would talk about the shit coming from her mouth
Dani couldn’t hold the new cast together and should have explained the break them up and we all start equel one against one, with a chance

That last weeks hoh adam should have been there more than 4 minutes
He is still coasting unable to make a decision
And my opinion
Shut up about DICK, tired of hearing how it would be diff if dick was around
I didn’t think his game was all that
He won big deal


i want rachel to win the game. he HAS fought hard (ups and downs and all that jazz). out of all of the ones left, i think shes the most deserving.

just because she CAN be annoying as a thorn up the butthole, doesnt mean she doesnt deserve the grand prize. shes def worked for it all summer.

i AM TEAM JJ but Rachel should be crowned.

PS: (and pardon the following caps) I AM APPALLED!!!! I WAS COMPLETELY DISGUSTED TO SEE AND HEAR SHELLY SWEAR ON GOD, HER HUSBAND AND HER CHILD THAT SHE WOULD NEVER EVER PUT JR ON THE BLOCK… TO THEN SIT IN DR AND SAY THERES NO WAY SHE WOULD LET THEM GET IN BETWEEN HER (HER FAMILY) AND THE MONEY?!?!?!?!?! Shelly, i am sorry, but if i were your husband i would welcome you w divorce papers! youre so full of shit im just super glad SMELLAVISION has not been invented.

sorry people, but i cant help but think that IF the threats that shelly’s fam are CLAIMING to be getting are real… shelly is the only one to blame for bringing her family to the game and USING her family as a way to stay in the game no matter what! im pretty sure that had she kept her family name out of the game, no threats or family attacks would have been made. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW (or how ever the hecks you spell that lol)

next one id like to see leaving the house is (1) Shelly (2) Kalia (3) Porche (4) Adam … JR for F2 and R for the 500k.

cant wait for this to be over! BB13 has drained me this year! YIKES!


I dont understand these Dani lovers ….. Dani messed up her whole game when she went agains the vets and only in weeks two … and he explanation was that she wanted to make a big game move… really Dani a big game move in week 2?? The truth is she fell in love with Dominic just like in her season she fell in love with nick and would do anything to protect him.. if she didn’t go agains the vets she would have been safe from both sides because the newbies would want to take out the power couples first before even considering her.. and the vets would not have put her up because she was part of the alliance and then if she got to the final 5 with BR and JJ she would just have to work her game to pin then agains each other … which will cary her to the final 3 and she would have honestly won because she’s the best competitor out of all the vets…. i honestly loved Dani in her season but now that she didn’t have her dad to make all the smart decisions for her she’s just good competitor with no brain… she made herself target number 1 and started this war … i cant like her anymore because of that dumb ass move she made


She made the game a lot of fun vs the ho hums-ville of a lot of the players this season. Good at comps and social game, middle of the road (not the best or worst) at strategy.


Adam wrost player ever…

I hope he does not win this HOH

Team Dani…


I find it laughable that so many go on here about how the producers “rigged” it to ensure that JR remain in the game longer. Granted, they could have rigged the outcome of America’s vote to return Brendan. Of that we will never know however to me it is not inconceivable that he got the majority of votes. However to say that the veto challenge of hanging from a dummy was rigged to be a for sure win for either J or R is laughable. Of all of them P or A or S could have just have easily won that one but they didn’t so get off the “rigged” whine just because the game is not going the way you want it to go. Conspiracy theorists abound!


What people seen to be forgetting is that big brother is a show before a game … obviously these people have to be entertaining for the show to make money. So if the season sucks the producers have to step in and make sure it stays entertaining… thats where all these twists come in, in order to keep people interested… i feel like this season sucks so much that thank god they step in when they do to create more drama.. talk about worlds most boring people….. Adam is a scared little bitch who cant stand up for himself… Kalia is hibernating… Porshie is just dull and i didn’t even know she was on the show until like 2 weeks ago…. Jordan is boring without Jeff, it was fun to watch then in their season because they where cute, but now they just became like an old married couple. The most entertaining to watch is probably Shelly because she stirs up stuff with all her lies … but then cant admit her faults which makes everyone hate her And finally Rachel … she has calmed down a lot since last season she was more feisty and bitchy before which was fun to watch but now she’s just boring because Brendan hates when she starts drama so she’s trying not to ….. bottom line is this season sucks they should really do a better job casting people next time. If season 14 sucks as much as this one might as well stop watching lol


Everybody needs to understand that yes you should represent with class and honesty in this game, but that’s what this is it’s game…this is not real life! You have a chance of a lifetime to play this great game and win half a million dollars and anything goes. Part of this game is being physical, but also mental and being able to read people to figure out if I can geniually trust somebody. Sure Jordan got played, but she lied she had no intention of taking Shelly to final 3 unless Shelly won HOH or POV and had no choice…Shelly made a wise descison to split a power couple who were going to the finals more than likely…Shelly would be sitting real pretty right now if Porsche didn’t open Pandoras Box. Of course give a 23 year old $5000 and they’ll take it…anybody else probaly would have thought it out


How fat is Porshe going to get? Shelly’s face looks like a catcher’s mitt……how can you not root for Jordan???

Geo from Canada

Well where to begin.
It was awesome to see the fight in Rachel come out in true Rachel form last night.Proud to see her stand by Jordan.
Yes this is a game and there is alot of lying and back stabbing in the game of BB yet more need to see how vindictive and mean TEAM KALIA( Dani wannabe) AND PORSH ( Jenelle wanabe) are their mean spirited Dani may have been evicted but with all the personal attacks and bashing they do of other house guests its like she is still in the house as head of the BB HG bashing jams. remember ppl she complained and cried all the way through her season with her dad. I do give her credit for comps and winning them, but socially she rode on her fathers coattails. these girls I will call them as they certainly are not women lay around sleep complain bash everyone, pimp out their friends and family for a vote( Dani offering Adam a night with Evil Dick), Porsch offering Adam a night and massage from Jenelle. A lot of ppl seem to also forget that Dani won money her season also. It may have been 50 gs but she did take home the $$$. maybe she needed to change into a kinder person and not be so personal its a game!!!! As for Shelly her time on BB needs to end now. Shes been got. Adam well Adam is Adam but needs to go on 15th.
TEAM KALIA( Dani wannabe) AND PORSH ( Jenelle wanabe) The mean girls both needed to go a long time ago but next 2 weeks will do. What do you want to bet when Kalia gets evicted next- week that Porsh will try attach her lips Rachels Butt and try come between Rach & Jordan.or even tonight after power change. Cant wait to see it all play out.

Girls Ruled

I move to the south in the few months I been here I have not yet seen any hospitality. Some not all southerners don’t like people from the north. Yes they smile, act sweet and then they backstabb you in a nick of time. Jordan is acting the way she was taught as a southerner will say y’all.


I can’t wait for the next twist.


As a person from the North if need be we’ll stab you in the front not the back…if we don’t like you we’ll let you know…no need to put on a front and act fake

Girls Ruled

Well say and I agree100% with you Nicki.


Brenden acts like he kind of likes Dani


haha I hope Rachel is reeling from them being in the house 2gether!